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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  NBC  January 24, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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to get your home off the market. but first, it's luxury living at its finest on miami beach. this is what living in miami is all about. your saltwater pool, your lounge area, your waterfall. i want to show you something that you'll never see anywhere else-- the elevator bar. yep, you heard me, the elevator bar. [music playing] welcome to "open house." right now, i'm coming to you from a meticulously renovated apartment at the legendary carlyle house in manhattan. inside you'll find every design detail imaginable. the timeless elegance in this light filled home begins in this grand gallery, which leads you to a spacious living room with oversized windows. other features include a wood burning fireplace, coffered ceilings, and stunning light fixtures throughout.
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let's face it, when it comes to luxury homes in miami, you're buying more than just the home. you're buying into the lifestyle. we stopped by a home on miami's prestigious palm island. with an open floor plan and plenty of outdoor space, this home is an entertainer's paradise. chad carroll, who you may recognize from "bravo's million dollar listing miami, takes us on a tour. [music playing] i'm chad carroll with douglas elliman. welcome to 250 south coconut lane, right in the heart of miami beach. can't wait to show you guys around. let's go. this is what miami living is all about. this is a 6,800 square foot, 5 bedroom, 5 and 1/2 bath jewel right on palm island. from the ceilings to the floor, this home truly is one of a kind.
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with the family. you've gotta just love this open floor plan. every room flows with one another. each area shares these amazing views, through this wall of glass that floods the space with natural light, and blurs the distinction between inside and out. this dining area makes every meal memorable. it's framed by three extravagant arches, and best of all leather wrapped walls, making this as fun as it is formal. off the dining room is an open chef's kitchen, making dinner parties a breeze. and if you ever want to dine alfresco, you just head right out there. but before you go outside, you're going to want to grab yourself the finest bottle of champagne at this funky spaceship inspired bar. you'll notice that every area has unique lighting fixtures. from this one over the bar, to the saturn rings over the dining room, to the rain cloud-like one in the kitchen. and it's linked together by the led lighting in the ceiling. and speaking of lighting, let's go outside
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this is what living in miami is all about. check this out. your saltwater pool, your lounge area, your waterfall, your covered terrace with your fire pit, and its 60 foot deep water dock with the views of the cruise ships and downtown miami. now can you imagine the parties that you could have out here. look at all this space. i want to show you something that you'll never see anywhere else-- the elevator bar. yep, you heard me, the elevator bar. what this elevator bar does is it links both terraces together, which pretty much doubles your entertainment space. let me show you how it works. i think i'm going to have myself a drink. i'll meet you guys upstairs. [music playing] this master suite-- it's as big as most
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this isn't your typical cookie cutter bedroom. these opulent chandeliers really frame the bed and set the mood for the entire room, and turns this vignette into an art piece. and this plush sitting area is perfect for a nightcap. and if that's not enough, there's a modern spa-like bathroom that will blow you away. glass tiles throughout, double sinks, a jacuzzi for two, you can't ask for much more. i'm just kidding, there is more-- a stylish sound-proof theater. i want to thank you guys for coming today. it was truly a pleasure showing you around this miami waterfront masterpiece. and i hope to see you guys again soon. gotta get out of here. you just can't beat those views of the miami skyline. and if you like those views, you're going to love this next home in santa barbara. it's a luxury island style ocean front escape. join us for a tour.
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from miami we head west to santa barbara, to visit another entertainer's paradise. this home offers captivating views. you'll find a sun drenched swimming pool, sprawling lawns, and exclusive access to the beach. and that's just outside. let's head inside to see the gorgeous amenities this nearly 12,000 square foot estate has to offer. hi. this is andrienne schuele with village properties, and welcome to the kavli estate, here on the ocean front in hope ranch. designed by award winning richard johnson, this 11,500 square foot house on over 4 oceanfront acres, has fabulous areas for grand entertaining, but still is cozy for everyday living. here in the formal living room is where the magic begins.
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that opens out to the beautiful pacific ocean and the islands beyond. perfect place for watching the sunset. looking up, you have amazing mahogany boxed coffered ceilings. the majestic limestone fireplace anchors the room and has played host to many nobel prize winners. adjacent to the living room is this wonderful dining area. encased by beautiful mahogany, it's topped off by this gold leaf coffered ceiling, and of course a limestone fireplace to complement the living room. here in the family room, it's all about the ocean views. you have these beautiful picture windows that drink in the sunlight. we have exposed beamed ceilings of natural wood, a stone fireplace, and for entertaining, you have the fabulous marble wet bar.
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could you imagine waking up in this master bedroom? how could you have a bad day? you wake up to these walls of glass, looking out to the amazing cypress trees and the ocean. the room is adorned with this detailed marble fireplace. you have a fabulous sunken lounge area, perfect for reading a book and enjoying nature. the oversized spa-like master bath is adorned with marble and rich mahogany accents. it enjoys a steam shower and a wonderful jacuzzi tub looking out to the ocean. situated on its own private level, this 500 square foot office is a great place for working or relaxing, and it has a bird's eye view of the living room. every world class estate should have somewhere to let your hair down. that's why we have this wonderful game room, boasting an intricate carved bar, pool table, and place for poker. and it wouldn't be complete without your own private wine cellar.
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living in santa barbara is all about the exterior, and this is the ultimate resort. you never have to leave, with the pool, a north-south tennis court, plenty of lawn for a croquet game. plus with your own private steps down to the beach, you'll enjoy fabulous afternoons, romantic sunsets, and tide pooling. thank you for touring this one of a kind hope ranch ocean estate. i hope you enjoyed it. still ahead, getting ready to sell your home. as we all know, appearance is everything. we're revealing the tricks of the trade to home staging. see an amazing transformation, coming up next.
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now we've all heard about staging. it's the process designed to showcase a home's best assets, impress buyers, and of course to get it sold quickly for the highest possible price. and when it comes to staging, jill biggs from coldwell banker doesn't use the term lightly. join jill and her team on a journey as she transformed her client's home. we're here today at 350 7th street in hoboken,
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than this in hoboken. i think you should notice the massive space that we're in. if i don't stage it, people will come in here, they're not really going to realize that you can have a living room, a dining room. i need to lay it out so when you come in here you get a sense of just how big this space really is. i never sell a vacant unit. it can be the difference, on a high-end unit, of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and on a mid-priced unit, $50,000. some of the easy changes, things that you could notice immediately, are the drapes. we're going to remove the drapes, take down the poles, have it patched. the whole unit's going to be painted a way more modern tone. there is ribbon inlay that surrounds the entire room on the floor. that's going to be lightened up. the floors are going to be redone, and just those two things alone are going to make a dramatic change. now to the kitchen.
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and taking it out is going to completely modernize this. this room i see as the biggest challenge. it used to be a children's suite. it has two separate rooms with a closet up top. without furniture you can absolutely not get a sense of how this space is. you're going to be very excited to see what we do with this. so now i have to get out of here. you've seen the scope of the work. it's a little bit somewhat overwhelming. wait till you see what my group does to this place. [music playing] we're almost done. it's been about three days, brought in a whole bunch of stuff, my whole group is up there. i know you got to see this before. wait till you see the transformation, and the value that's been added to this unit. ok now take a look at this.
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so i'm sure you can see the dramatic changes. in the floors, which were dark, made them look dated, brightened them up, put a flat finish on it. removed the window treatments that we had throughout the house, which brought all of this light in here, which brings me to a crucial point. light sells property. every listing i take gets a fresh coat of paint i added this nice gray neutral color. white trim throughout the unit makes the ceilings tall, modernizes the space, again, bringing in more light. in the kitchen, we had a backsplash that dated it. had it removed, and i had the backslash painted to match the rest of the house. it's a simple trick, gets you a lot of bang for your budget. i partner up with two interior designers and they really make the magic happen.
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we created different vignettes or seating areas. it's a very important thing to do to make people feel comfortable. a great point to notice throughout the space is the stylizing and the accessories. they act as eye candy for the buyer. they remember the accents, they remember the tones, they remember the sparkle. so now you can see why staging is so important. we hit the market soon, and i don't expect that we'll stay there for very long. for more tips on staging visit up next, we're heading to san francisco to check out the latest design project by benjamin dhong. plus, we'll visit a luxury loft in tribeca. "open house is brought to you in part by coldwell banker,
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welcome back. and now we're heading to woodside, california, which is just outside san francisco. we're checking out a design project by interior designer benjamin dhong. this family friendly space is filled with a rich palette of neutral colors and a unique blend of textures. take a look at how he created a serene space for his client. welcome. my name is benjamin dhong. i'm an interior designer here in san francisco, and i'm going to take you on a private tour of our project here in woodside, california. when we first found this house, it was a 1930s garden house. utterly charming, however very white. what it needed was coziness, livability, and still be elegant. here in the living room, a big challenge was this happens to also be a thoroughfare for the main house. rather than have two facing sofas, which create this wall and make the room feel smaller, we
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because we knew we'd be creating several different seating areas, we needed to tie the whole room together. and we used this natural seagrass floor covering, which brings a natural element from the garden into the room. i love putting a game table in the living room. perfect place to have a glass of wine at the end of the day, read a paper, or sit and enjoy your garden. and when designing your living room, please don't forget about the corners. in this little area we added this tufted banquette, perfect place to curl up and read a book. and above it, we added this beautiful cloud painting. it adds a dreamy window to the room. i love this little guest bedroom. i call it "summer in the hamptons." the key to this room is all the layering of textures we did. beginning with the walls, we enveloped them with a light wool wallpaper. for our beds, we selected wing-backed headboards. they just make you feel like you're being embraced. and last but not least, we did not forget about our fifth wall-- the ceiling.
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those old childhood memories. the master bedroom was originally a cavernous blank slate. however, what we wanted to create was a sophisticated treetop nest. we first applied on all the walls this wonderful raw silk wallpaper. we ran the same wallpaper across and throughout the ceiling, and what that did is create this beautiful cocoon. and what this little nest needed was a beautiful crib. so i designed this canopy. not only does it provide romance and drama in this room, however it also serves a practical purpose by hiding these beams. and the best part of that-- no posts. every bedroom needs that one location where you just lounge. so instead of designing a normal sofa, we created this more like an open gondola. and we flanked it with these two plaster consoles to bring an earthy element into the room. thank you for joining me. i hope you enjoyed our visit. maybe you found inspiration to bring
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still ahead on "open house," a look at sophisticated elegance in tribeca.
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welcome back. and now we're in the big apple, inside a luxury tribeca condo. the oversized windows offer 180 degree sweeping city views. this loft-like space features an incredible chef's kitchen. and the layout gives you endless options of how you can design your own space. each bedroom in this nearly 7,000 square foot apartment has its own en suite bathroom. and who doesn't love that? take a look. hi. i'm tracie golding from stribling and associates. welcome to 25 north moore, located in the tribeca neighborhood of manhattan. tribeca is known for its beautiful loft spaces, but today i'm going to take you into a home that takes loft living to a whole new level.
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this loft is absolutely gorgeous. it has almost 7,000 square feet of living space, four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and many more rooms that you'll see on the tour today. my favorite room in the house is the 67 foot long wide open living space with 180 degrees of city views. and it begins right here in the living room. this living room is truly an entertainer's dream, but i think the star of this room are the views outside of one world trade center, the frank gehry building, and the woolworth building. it's bright, airy, and peaceful. and the ideal space to spend time with family and friends. the living room flows seamlessly into the dining room, and in this setting every meal will taste like a gourmet meal. trust me. and after that delicious meal you can curl up and watch a movie in this intimate media
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but let's not forget the architectural details in the space-- beautiful original concrete columns, reclaimed barn wood floors, high ceilings, and oversized windows. if you like to cook and entertain at the same time, i found the kitchen for you. this front and back state of the art kitchen has custom cabinetry, all the highest end appliances, and corian counter tops. it's truly worthy of a celebrity chef. on the other side of the home, down this gallery style hallway, we'll find the master suite. follow me. just imagine going to sleep each night and waking up to these inspiring views. with the western exposure to the river, and the southern exposure to the financial district, you'll feel you're floating above the city. the master suite also features a gorgeous spa-like bathroom.
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with two huge walk-in closets, there is plenty of space for any fashionista. thanks for joining me today. i hope you enjoyed the tour of this absolutely spectacular tribeca loft. that's all for now. we hope you enjoyed the show. but before you go, i wanted to tell you about a little movement we're having here at "open house" that we want you to be a part of. check out my "breakfast with open house" videos on facebook every weekend. they're delicious, they're easy, they're simple, and we want to hear what your having too, so we can all have breakfast together.
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a go good morning, the big dig. the huge storm has come and gone and now the east coast beginning laning up. dc and philadelphia coming close
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saturday, near three feet here
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