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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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armed with a knife and acting erratically. >> reporter: the scene is clear for now but earlier witnesses described the situation as a very scary and chaotic one. the driver slammed into a driver in front of him and he may have had a knife the driver was acting erratically and some altercation occurred where officers fired several shots killing the man on scene. lining the road ray where police -- lining the roadway with police tape, where the police shot the man.
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a chain reaction crash. >> i heard that a man had gotten killed because he was cussing and erratic. >> reporter: he was armed with some sort of a weapon. some sources say they believe it was a night. >> the male subject is deceased. >> reporter: it is unclear if it was a case of road rage but by protocol, they will take over the investigation, the identity has yet to be released and no one involved in the crash or shooting were her. >> we are glad that the officers are safe and we are glad that the other drivers were not affected by this erratic person.>> reporter: the police using deadly force, sparks police are leading the investigation, we will update
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comes in. new at 11 pm tonight, a suspect is behind bars where sheriff's detectives are saying it is a drug deal gone wrong, he is shedding more light on what happened to this teenager's death. there -- >> reporter: on january 11, there was a bad drug deal and shots were fired. >> the boys got together during the previous day and smoke some marijuana, drank alcohol in they came up with a scheme to rob grant. >> reporter: they planned to rob him of his marijuana. but they ended up robbing him of his life.
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drugs with intentions of harming the person. everybody met there on that street at that moment in time and in a worst case imagination, it plays out, someone gets killed. >> reporter: he hasn't seen something like this in years. >> all these kids, i know they are young adults but i'm calling them kids. >> reporter: they range from 18 years old to 21 years old and two of them are brothers. >> they will spend much of their lives in prison. they need to sort out what each one of them's involvement was. it is no authority -- is noteworthy to focus on the word , conspiracy, any of these could have stopped this from happening. they could have said, this is
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someone could get hurt. but nobody did.>> reporter: they left a teenager dead with 3 ounces of marijuana. >> grant is committing a crime and he is an 18-year-old boy and he does not deserve to be dead. >> we will bring you updates as they become available. a highway patrol trooper was driving under the influence friday morning, this is the first offense based on court records, he is on paid administrative leave and he has not been working the road. the trooper is cooperating with all the test and his arraignment is set for february 1. switching gears, checking in with the meteorologist, it sounds like a quiet week ahead. >> same timing as the last
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scanning the skies we have nothing to report yet. that will change once again on friday night. we have a few sprinkles off the coast. this pattern remains quiet, however, our next storm awaits and it is right there. get ready for a little bit more behind that, the train is on. we get these rain chances every three or five days, look at this, 27, carson city is at a freezing point. currently, we are sitting at 34. we will be below freezing tonight. here is your planner for tomorrow morning, a lot of sunshine, 46 x 2 p.m., and a little bit warmer -- 46 degrees at two. -- at 2 pm, back to you. the decision dealing with a
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customers. they are hoping to collect 55,000 signatures to get a question before voters this november, is the existing -- existing customers, other supporters were making a victory, they were able to convince them to hold another meeting to read consider grandfathering it in at the old rates, the decision is not only hurting them by killing jobs and destroying the rooftop solar industry in nevada.>> with these new rates, that it decimated the industry. >> i want them to think about the impact of their decision but for the many we lost in future. >> the hearing is set for february 8. two weeks after district
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break, some kids are going back to school. a broken water pipe destroyed 95% of the first floor, while read building the floor they discovered asbestos, a third- party company came through and tested each section of the school to make sure that that was not disturbed before construction began. >> during the upper teachers, that was -- doing the same procedures, once we have a class from the lab that's we then pull it down and then build it back. >> the district has been in will million -- the district has been in 1 million the district has been in $1 million of repairs so far. the funding of the project is still up in the air. to hong kong nurses are
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to take their skills back to the country. they are learning about treating patients, it is considered a gold standard for trauma patients during transfer. for the fifth year nurses have been sent to the city. you learn so much from them every year, their culture, and how things work in their country, it is a wonderful exchange process where our nurses learned a little bit about nursing elsewhere. >> the nurses will also train with the ground ambulances to learn advanced skills that are medical nurses practice every single day. there was and algae explosion, that could have killed all the fish.
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past three years, they will not know if the trophy size while a and catfish are alive until spring. political news, the democratic president hopefuls made one final pitch tonight at the town hall in des moines iowa, they took questions from audience members. clinton and sanders offered information on items, they were first of the three candidates to take stage, lower health care premiums. >> we are going to be dealing with snow. we will be digging out for next -- for the next several days. the massive blizzard is
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capital got? welcome back, everyone, here is what is happening around the region tomorrow. the team is to not be a victim, the free class begins at 6:30 pm. the salvation army are inviting the homeless and anyone who needs a hotmail to feed the hungry feast it starts tomorrow
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they will put many homeless men women and children with local social service providers. turning to weather, washington dc residents continue to dig themselves out. the historic storm dumped more than 2 feet of snow throughout the area late friday night on into saturday. plows have been working to clear major roadways. people took part in the cleanup. check out this dramatic video of a cliff toppling off into the sea. it is leaving several homes close to the edge. no injuries have been reported at this time. >> how do you follow that up? what a mess. for us, no mess yet, but friday
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a dusting on the valley floor in reno. high pressure dominating the weather, this will last until thursday, this ridge of high pressure, that is why the clouds are going north it gets us to 60 degrees for friday. beyond that, there is our next storm it is sitting out in the middle of the pacific that will be part of a train of moisture coming our way. friday and saturday it will go through our area. overall, the high was 49 and the low was 33. we are already cold now at 34. the overnight low will definitely be in the upper 20s to mid-20s in some spots. we do not have much wind and we do not have much cloud cover that means we will be cold overnight.
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the cold air is in place and it is 20 and the south lake tahoe. points east the temperatures are in the mid-20s. this pattern stays in place, gorgeous day tomorrow, mostly sunny. wednesday looks good also thursday, future clouds in radar, we may have a sprinkle along the coast, it will not last long, on wednesday, you may see a few passing clouds they do not last long. thursday, we could see a few more clouds but it will not be to overcast -- too overcast. 29 overnight, mostly clear and we have already done that, 30s by midnight. tomorrow's high around 48. mostly sunny, and an above average day, well it is around average, it will be above average starting wednesday and
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we have 10 four eureka and colder -- we have 10 for eureka. bridgeport, 14 at mammoth, and mid 40s for most locations, 27 in spots. these locations here, highs again getting into the mid-40s. that is average for this time of year. get ready for a spike and a drop. the overnight low's, most locations will be in the mid- 20s. also, to the north and to the east, not bad, 26 for the low, and highs in the mid 40s. on the valley floor the overnight low is 32, and
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average, mid to upper 40s. here are the seven day numbers, changes arrive like a carbon copy of last week, late friday and early saturday and sunday there could be a rain snow mix in carson city. in lake tahoe, we could have another foot. won't that be exciting? we try to make it all equal. temperatures will drop off and there will be more changes on the way. getting through the passes, pay attention to the weather and prepare your chance. -- your chains. >> maybe next week will be the best time to hit the slopes. >> it will be a fast and quick
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heading to the super bowl. it has been decided, the carolina panthers will play the denver broncos february 7. the broncos beat new england, and the panthers defeated the arizona cardinals. he will be playing in his
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quarterback ever to play in the show at 39 years old. the second ever super bowl appearance, carolina is an early favorite to win this game. there will be a ton of nevada representation, many are on the broncos squad, two weekends ago i traveled to denver to cover the game between denver and the steelers, they told me what it means to be on the same protein. >> it is great. we have a lot of laughs. we talk about back in the day, we say that, it is fun to have that camaraderie. it is fun to have those guys around.
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here, the lone wolf. it is a great deal. >> it is gold -- it is good. guys to get chair stories with, as you are comfortable with, as you can lean on in times of need, it definitely helps to have them. they keep bringing in wolfpack guys. >> i am pretty spoiled to be on the team. also with my nevada teammates, it has been a fun year so far. >> for green and marshall this will be the second time going to a super bowl and they are doing it together on the broncos squad. three athletes have committed to the pack the last few days, the latest commitment is out of texas. he tweeted his decision on
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senior season and 2015. it was a big weekend for the wolfpack, the fifth-largest crowd in history, nevada defeated them by 2 points, they were bursting with excitement and then on practice on monday they put the wind behind them and they're focusing on one thing, tuesday's match. >> that game is over and you cannot think about what happened against the running rebels, you have to turn the page and move on to the aztecs. if you are not ready they could beat you good. >> we have to be ready tomorrow. it's going to be more of a physical game. i told my guys, you have to be ready to play.>> it's a bigger game.
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because it is a rivalry game. this will be a huge statement for us. with the crowd here, it will be great. the aztecs are hands down a class act. undefeated 6-0 in the conference. the two best teams in the nba where it off on monday. the spurs set out, he had knee soreness, 62-47, but on the second half, he hit a three- pointer to put them down 10, steph curry was on fire. 30 feet out, no problem, 76-56, where yours at that point. no doubt that they can repeat
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dropping 37 to get the warriors 120 -- 90 win. -- 120-90 win. even though my team is not in the super bowl, this is
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thank welcome back, everyone, one dad in ottawa is trying to figure out if it's going to work out or not. they had a sign saying bobby, if you score we get a puppy. he scored late in the second period and now they are going to get their puppy. the family said they're going to name it bobby. that is all pretty cool deal. >> that is how you get a dog. >> you had a little bit more sports?
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winning streak, -- a
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