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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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when somebody is running around threatening themselves or somebody else we've got to get that contained. a man shot and killed in an officer involved shooting that shut down a portion of mccarron boulevard around this time last night, what police are saying and why they opened fire. rainshadow charter school is now clear, will it stay open or will the doors shot. what the washoe county district decided. happening now, homeless families in the area are getting mills, haircuts and much more. how many people officials are hoping to help tonight into is putting that all on. we will have that for you. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now.
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thanks for joining us tonight, shelby sheehan. >> and joe hart. we learn more about the officer involved shooting that happened near the matter what more. but key pieces of the puzzle are still missing tonight. >> investigators are facing tough questions on what led to the man's death. news 4's terri hendry joins us now. details. we learned the identity of the man killed at the hands arena police but there are still a filled in. and they are hoping that you can provide that information. conference, sports police identified the man as 38-year- old sergio alvarado-morales. we don't know much more. that's where you could help by police. >> anybody who may have known this person, who may have information to help us piece together what led up to the crash and the subsequent officer involved shooting.
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little more about how all of this unfolded. authorities say it started with a crash involving four or possibly five vehicles. they are hoping if there is a fifth vehicle, that person, forward. they say alvarado-morales was involved in the rack but don't know what happened before the crash. and are looking into a lot of factors including whether road rage was a factor. they also confirm alvarado- morales was armed with a knife. and threatening to harm himself. they say one officer tried to subdue him using a taser, but that didn't work. then they say a scuffle broke out before turning deadly. >> why would the officers approached him? >> when the officers arrived on scene they were met with several witnesses directly crash. and, those people were very concerned for their safety. letting somebody run around with a knife whether they are
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threatening to injure somebody else, we've got to get that contained. >> reporter: investigators won't say how many bullets were fired, adding that is part of the investigation. >> it's not about being secret, it's about protecting the integrity of the investigation. >> how come you are not releasing the names of the officers? >> that is our protocol. it is arena police case and we would not release their names. same thing conversely. >> reporter: to be there it is still early on in the investigation. we are told that those officers are on routine paid administration leave. pending the outcome of the investigation. it is the protocol in an officer involved shooting that another agency conducts the investigation. in this case, it's sparks police. joe? >> thanks. more crime news. we know police detectives are asking for your help to find a person of interest in a series of burglaries. authorities say they identify michael henn in relation to several home burglaries in northwest reno. police say michael henn is about 5'10", 185 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes, as you see here, anyone with information about him is asked to call secret witness. and as always that number to call is 322-4900.
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brink of losing its charter due to a history of financial troubles is getting another chance. news 4's van tieu was at an emotional county school board meeting and is now at the rainshadow charter school in midtown reader with positive news. van? >> reporter: shelby, it was a very emotional meeting. about 100 students attend this small school that focuses on learning by doing. and often times a lot of the students here did not do so well in traditional school settings but arrived here. that's what the board of trustees says was the most important factor, putting the students first. but, the board voted to allow rainshadow to finish up its current school year through june, even though internal auditors estimate their budget will be quite tight with finishing the school year with only about $7500 of wiggle room. it will also allow the school to renew its charter renewal
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year and demonstrate its financial stability. the deadline for that is february. superintendent tracy davis at the meeting said that this was about balancing the students needs and also the letter of the law. >> breaking up the family is difficult, emotional, it is stressful, it is hard, it is painful. and, those are the things we discussed on the emotional side of the decision. and we know that. that is no secret. law. the nrs which hold us responsible as a sponsor to look at a variety of things that were put up on the wall. >> reporter: and at the meeting, a couple of trustees also said that they spoke to a couple of donors interested in helping finance rainshadow. so a lot of students and teachers at that point started
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that's how important and near and dear this school is to the community. so, there is still a chance for rainshadow. they will continue through the school year, but there is still a lot of work to be done to keep them afloat in the years after that. they have had financial trouble since 2012. reporting live in midtown, van tieu, news 4. >> thanks. a traffic alert to tell you about. sparks boulevard is down to one lane northbound direction between shadow lane and baring boulevard after an 18 wheeler snapped the power line. traffic is currently slow moving at officials advise that you take an alternate route. at this point, no estimated time on when the lanes will be reopened. happening now, hundreds of homeless men, women and children are being set a hot meal at the reno events center. it's the 18th annual feed the hungry these put on by the salvation army. organizers expect to scene of the 2000 people by the end of the night. this comes after the project homeless connect event held this one by catholic charities and the st. vincent program.
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people with free services. >> it reminds people that one of our catchphrases is that made no snow season. it reminds people that it is not just at christmas time but it is all year round. we provide meals and services all year round for people. >> the feeds the hungry these goes on until 7:00 tonight at the reno events center located at 400 n. center street. it's open to anyone who needs a hotmail. this thursday, 30 years will have passed since the explosion of the challenger in 1986. to remember the lives of the crew, family members used it as an inspiration for the future. news 4's emily pacillo joins us now to talk about the challenger learning center here now locally. emily? >> reporter: that's right. there are over 45 challenger learning centers across the globe. but what is really exciting is
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students of all ages across the region can come to sparks high school to learn hands-on analyzing and interpreting data to complete a mission. this mission in particular takes place in the year 2076 and is going to mars. the closest center used to be in sacramento, but after eight years, it is now in our backyard. >> the astronauts and scientists on real nasa-based missions, to the moon, mars and beyond. so it relates to their future college and career experiences in a very exciting, dynamic and interactive way. >> reporter: the center isn't region. head on over to to see how you can sign up and when the public missions take place. joe? >> all right, thanks, emily. group who videotaped planned parenthood executives talking about baby parts is maintaining his innocence. this comes just hours after the release of details on the grand jury indictments of two people involved in videotaping the
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outcry and debate. reporter sarah harrah explained. >> reporter: it was an effort to explain what opponents call horrific, the alleged selling of fetal body parts by planned parenthood caught on undercover cameras and blackberry. court documents released to center for medical progress founder, david daleiden faces a misdemeanor charge for purchasing or selling human body parts, he and sandra meridor charged with felony for creating and using fake ids during their undercover investigation. >>, but i have ever seen a report in my 27 years as a judge. >> reporter: former district judge charles baier calls the offense is serious. >> this is different clearly from 19-year-old college kid trying to get a fake id so he can get into a bar. >> reporter: he says the main difference lies in the fact that the controversial videos sparked national average as
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investigations. the videos even prompted some states including texas to attempt to defund planned parenthood. >> because the explosion from the videos has been so large, i would think that this is not a case that they could ever sweep under the rug. this has to be actively prosecuted. >> reporter: naturally, the reaction is mixed. u.s. senator susan collins says the indictment illustrates why having all of the investment is important be up for having parenthood funding. >> it's so important that we make decisions here in the senate based on the facts, and that can be difficult when you look at a video that is upsetting, to know whether or not you are getting the whole story. >> reporter: in a statement, daleiden said their actions are amendment. an online petition pushing to drop charges already has 30,000 signatures. reporting, i'm navo. -- sarah navoy.
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>> reporter: the iowa caucuses are less than a week away. and for both parties, the race is too close to call. this as donald trump says he has the endorsement of a bit conservative leader. the calm before the storm. it may be quite here at the
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couple of hours welcome back, everyone. with just six days until the iowa caucuses, polls show the
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close to call. small things can make a big difference in today donald endorsement of christian falwell junior. we have more tonight from washington. >> reporter: in a state where with politics. iowa. >> reporter: it is a bloated ted cruz his campaign as a christian conservative. donald trump backed by jerry falwell junior, great honor, tweeted trump. he declared his candidacy last university. now, he's on evangelicals in a video released by the christian broadcasting network the trump has to be beaten in iowa. >> if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there's a very good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> reporter: trump slammed crews on morning jokes.
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>> reporter: unlike ted cruz, trump says he would cut deals with democrats. >> it's wonderful to be a rebel, but you've got to get some people on your side a little bit. >> reporter: in today's quinnipiac poll, trump leads by 2 in iowa. on the democratic side despite bernie sanders admitting his healthcare plan is costly. >> we will raise taxes, yes, we will. >> reporter: centers and hillary clinton are virtually tied. he told i was still workers to boost the middle class they have to get more democrats. >> if those people come out and vote, we will win and we will win big. >> reporter: clinton is running an edge. she says he shows a lifetime of fighting for families. i'm steve hammond, nbc news, washington. there are plenty of iowans for trump, cruz, clinton, sanders and rivals to get them to vote. a good iowa caucuses only about 16%. all right, let's get a check on the forecast with
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-- colin jackson. we've got a couple more days to enjoy the pleasant weather before things start to take. that true. today was gorgeous. highs around 50. average. nice day. started out crisp and cold with lows in the mid 20s. crisp and cold. here's another live picture from the internet from borriello, more snow saturday and sunday. so, if you're trying to get over the past, they'll or anywhere out of town, friday night is the best that. saturday morning might be okay but the cold air is supposed to slide on him. that's when the snow will drop. the level going from 7000 feet down to maybe 4000. will we see some snow in reno? slight chance again sunday morning but in the foothill areas around 5000 5500 feet, you likely will see 1 to 2 inches of snow. so, increasing clouds on the way and there's another foot. are promising that? for tahoe, it's likely. last time, some places received
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today's high was 50. 26 was the low, and that was average. i did not know that. that's pretty close. 46 as a 5:00, 10 after. winds east at 9 miles per hour. it is a nice night and other number school not properly. 35 south lake, truckee down to 37, felon in the mid-40s as well. other numbers, southlake 35, we talked about that. most locations dropping off as we drove to sundown over the horizon, into the low to mid 40s. wind speeds are calm, they will be picking up on friday, in defense of this system that is going to march on through and give us a pretty healthy chance of rain. on saturday throughout the day, and then it turns to more of the rain and snow mixed late saturday night into sunday morning. future cast time, there's we know. passing clouds from time to time. rainman maine's offshore. this will affect california or even our area until late friday. this advances to 5:00 in the morning. so you will see some rain on
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and again, there is the pocket of more rain and colder air moving on in for saturday morning. keep that in mind. tonight slow, another close one, down to 29, a little bit above average, actually. and 30 degrees for the kids at around 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. 55 will be the height tomorrow, on hump day. mostly sunny to partly cloudy and above average temperature. wind southeast at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. 9 in elko. bundle up. westwind around 15. most locations struggling to get into the mid to upper 30s which is average for you guys. i will step out of the way and you can see the rest. there is that the sun and clouds mix icon. we will go for that tomorrow. winnemaca shadow lane. 26,000, 23 bridgeport, 50 will be the high in the part of california. carson city off to 28 tomorrow morning, 54 will be the high. chenoa, 29, most locations in mid-20s, the high in the mid 50s. let's go to the lichens talk about -- talk about snow levels are dropping like a rock. tonight, 28 in 40s for the highest mostly. glenbrook on the east side
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high of 48 degrees. susanville, 28, 50, same thing there. nixon will drop off to 32 high. springs overnight on the 28. valley floor, sun valley 29, virginia foothills, 30 and high of 54. virginia city high of around 49 and then to the west heading up toward the truckee, mid 20s will be the overnight lows there. here is the 7-the numbers, rainfall chances wrap up friday late and stay with us through saturday and sunday. and then, tahoe, it's a snowfall guarantee. how much for this point remains not a mystery, but i'm going to go with a foot over the three- day span of some snow which will be good. so, for reno sparks proper, rain, rain, friday saturday. rain and snow mixed sunday. get ready for change, guys, it's coming back. back to you.
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-- thanks, colin. you some are quite a bit makes guarantees. the wolfpack best baltimore construction coming up after a big win over unlv. let's check in with alex margulies. >> reporter: the game saturday was crazy. events center, the fifth largest crowd in program history and the pack hoping for support as they take on the best team in the mountain west, san diego state coming into town tonight. it is an 8:00 tipoff. i want to let you know about that. if you're planning on coming up tonight, a little bit different this evening. the 8:00 start is due to national television. this game will also be on espn you. this team is talented, loaded from 1 to 10. the coach, steve fisher, one of the most experience in the mountain west. he is a national championship under his belt way back in the day at michigan. a very experienced coach, their experience team and the record has shown that.
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perfect 7-0 in conference play. nevada hoping that their home field advantage will play into this. they have only lost one game this season at lawlor events center and hopefully the crowd will return here tonight. reports coming up on news 4 nightly. for now, reporting with the wolfpack at lawlor events
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back to you. the state department was to delay the last batch of hillary clinton's enough for a month until after the primaries in iowa and new hampshire. can caucus voters make an informed choice without the rest of those emails? we examine that. also, question about school lice. should there be a zero-
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school district doing enough to control life issues? i have the answers coming up in 6:00. a bloodhound in alabama snifter way to the finish line marathon. her backyard last monday morning and took her place at the starting line of a half marathon. the hound was leading the pack for a while and running in a solid second at the half-mile turn. ludivine would eventually crossed the finish line in seventh place with a time of one hour, 32 minutes and 56 seconds, averaging a dog on time at seven minute miles. the owner said she was surprised by her performance and that the hound is usually laid-back and lazy. organizers say next year's race will be renamed the hound dog half and a special prize will be given to seventh place. >> ludivine was following the sense. >> that's amazing. she didn't just go off of the track. she stayed on at the whole time.
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good to see. check back in with colin. it's fun to talk about what's coming our way this weekend. >> friday night at starts with rain, heavier saturday and it turns to arrange snow mixed, possibly late saturday into sunday. how much? i heard someone trying to i'm promising the chance.
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