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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm PST

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reached over fire services. what both sides agreed to. the health insurance enrollment is just days away. by some millennials are saying it's more cost-effective to not elect to have it. as the virus spreads is affecting more unborn children across the country. we talk to health officials. a settlement has been reached between the city of reno and the truckee district. >> the agreement comes after more than one year of conflict. city officials and
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>> reporter: this long pending lawsuit between fire services and truckee fire district is settled. the lawsuit was filed in september 2014 by the city over unresolved costs. city officials and commissioners and members of both agencies said -- stood side-by-side for the settlement. under this agreement both sides are going to drop financial claims against one another and the district will pay back workers compensation money they began holding when the suit was filed. truckee meadows will pay more than $400,000. >> i am very excited and i want
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and everyone else for coming together and improving. >> reporter: all parties involved says the settlement is fair and they are ready to move forward. the mayor of reno talked about consolidating the fire agencies. we will hear from deputy chief tim leighton of what he thinks about that. the ballpark is set to get $1.2 million in upgrades including hd video and surround sound. officials were not able to afford principal payments for the construction that of the ballpark last year.
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little over $2 million in interest. they are required to give to the reno city council a report and it says they are still $63 million in debt. developers continue to search for refinancing options. the new upgrades will be privately funded. a deadly amtrak crash will not get a new trial. a federal judge was to grant a new trial but the company must pay $4.5 million in damages after one of their trucks slammed into a train at a roll -- will crossing -- at a crossing and left six people dead. the jurors concluded and inattentive truck driver was to blame. quite weather in tonight's
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storm that is heading in before the weekend. here's a peek outside. a first look at the forecast. >> this is such a great thing, we asked the question can you ride a clydesdale? yes. gerry and arlene sent this in. there's their daughter. thanks for sending it in. what a view of the lake, this will be a hard camera shot to see through once we get into friday and saturday. this starts to move in and gives us maybe 1 foot of snow. the cold air will come in saturday afternoon and our
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we are at 52 degrees right now. most locations in the upper 40s. here's your planner. in our crimewatch university police are investigating a report of a robbery and assault which happened this afternoon in the west stadium parking garage. police are interviewing the victim and trying to figure out which of her belongings were taken. they are looking for two suspects who were seen leaving the scene heading north on virginia street. there described as to white males wearing jeans and masks. anyone with information can call university police at 784 at 78440 at 784-4013. northern california couple has pleaded not guilty to killing two young children and abusing a third. tammie huntsman and her 17-year-
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accused of abusing her children. they were storing them in a rented storage unit. the gruesome discovery was made last december. the pair is also charged with abusing a nine-year-old girl who was found starving and with broken bones in her back. the three victims were living with huntsman and her boyfriend. a carson city judge has overturned a nevada the family man's dui conviction. he was found not guilty because his blood test was not admissible. the decision was based on a crime lab technician's testimony that she did not control all stages of the blood test but found his blood alcohol content was above the legal limit. deputies say he was found his
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after reportedly leaving a bar. he had a loaded 22 caliber pistol in his pocket. the mosquito borne illness has spread to 21 countries and officials are concerned about international travel. >> we spoke to local officials about the zika virus and if we should be concerned. >> the only way for mosquito to spread the virus is if it bites someone who is infected with it. traveling back and forth to south america increases the likelihood of the virus. >> it was in -- discovered in the 1840s but it was not a big deal until the past few months. >> people tend to get some aches and pains and they might get a fever and chills and they might get some conjunctivitis in the eye. it will make them feel a little
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get better. >> the concern is with pregnant women because they can cause birth the fax. babies -- the fax -- defects. >> is recommended that women who are trying to get pregnant avoid where the mosquitoes are going to be present. >> it is important to know that the virus cannot be transmitted from person to person. the mosquito has to bite someone and be infected. the mosquitoes are not in nevada. >> it's possible we could see some cases but they are most likely going to be travelers who are in an area where they were exposed and then develop the disease. >> there is no cure for the virus. if a physician suspects that a person is infected, they will
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to the cdc. >> it's a good idea to avoid mosquito bites by protecting yourself with appropriate repellents and having screens on your windows. >> you must remove any standing water around your house. prepare yourself for not getting infected is the only way to avoid it. >> the deadline for healthcare coverage is just days away. what price you can expect to
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we have that coming up. armed protesters still occupying an oregon refuge tonight. the leader is taking -- is taken into custody by police. >> it happened along this stretch of highway. officials pulled a caravan of leaders to a protest group 45 miles along the oregon refuge. something went wrong. custody yesterday. because there is an ongoing investigation i cannot comment
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>> 54-year-old was shot and killed in recently told nbc news. >> honestly there are things more important. >> eight protesters were taken into custody including the group's leader. armed protesters remain in control of the wildlife refugee -- refuge calling for the release of two oregon ranchers and demanding local control of all federal lands. the sheriff called for them to leave. >> this has been tearing our community of part. this can't happen anymore. >> county squarely in the crosshairs of a standoff. >> the protesters arrested in oregon will have their first
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afternoon. each will face a federal felony charge. what's -- let's get a check of the weather. if you are traveling over the past this weekend, you will want to pay attention. saturday morning. a few high clouds earlier in the day. but pretty big storm coming in -- a pretty big storm coming in. strong-willed -- strong winds starting tomorrow afternoon. look at your screen.
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warm air will slide your way and then a lot of places tomorrow will hit 60 degrees. we are at 52 degrees right now. current numbers 40s to 50s. we have a few high clouds. here's the timing of it all. pay attention to the future cast. get ready for increasing clouds tomorrow afternoon. the rain starts and it will be heavy at times in the tahoe area but we could be talking about 8000 feet to start. warm air we can -- making its
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this is where everything changes. 6 pm friday a lot of rain to our west scattered showers in the reno area and then light snow in the overnight period into saturday morning. here's 5 am look at the snow coming down. drive carefully. 35 tonight slow mostly cloudy -- tonight's low and mostly cloudy. it's warm for this time of year. southwest winds picking up with occasional gust. single-digit overnight lows to the east of us. with temps that will be below
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you will find the wind picking up. when you get to places like arrington it will be in the 50s. lake tahoe numbers overnight lows some below freezing the west side of the lake the east side of the lake 32 degrees. mid to upper 40s tomorrow. here's what's happening in our area. highs tomorrow upper 50s to 60s. snow starts friday night and
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sunday as well. it's going to be wet and then snow late friday night and saturday and snow levels dropping off to 4000 feet. a teacher is beyond will could you -- be called her home turf. >> i would like ms. lucy dugan to come over. she was more than a little surprised as she was teaching shakespeare when we walked into the auditorium to present the award. she has been teaching english for five years. her passion for english is
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she was a student herself and remembers the impact her teachers had on her. >> i had wonderful teachers who were so fabulous and i wanted to be someone who is able to make a difference in students lives. i want to push them as far as i can. >> congratulations to her. if you know of another excellent teacher, send a letter to the station. if you are not yet in short for 2016, you have four more days to enroll. the penalty has increased this year for people who go without. >> in the biggest gambling state in the nation health insurance is a game of risk. >> it's a gamble, we don't know
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>> if you opt out of coverage this year you will have to pay a hefty price. the penalty fee is $695 or 2 1/2% of your taxable income. some say that the is cheaper than paying for insurance for the year. we asked you what you think about opting out of coverage. $121 a month for his basic plan cost him more than $1400 a year. he says the nearly $700 fee is worth the risk of going uninsured. he thinks it should be his choice whether to have insurance or to go without it. >> being uninsured is not a risk worth taking. >> the penetrate -- penalty is miniscule compared to what you would pay out of pocket. >> the fee for opting out is only going to rise.
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have increased year-over-year so they will keep increasing. >> experts say your best bet is to sit with a broker to find a plan that best fits your budget. >> it's a good idea to have someone who is licensed to give you advice. >> something you may not know is getting guidance from a broker is free. >> we never know what can happen and one individual or family is one bill away from claiming bankruptcy. >> if you do still need to sign up for healthcare health benefits associates is keeping their doors open all weekend. there is a health fair happening at the center on saturday.
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feet but overnight early it starts to snow in tahoe and then it really hits us on saturday.
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