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tv   Nevada Newsmakers  NBC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> welcome to "nevada newsmakers," on the broadcast today, paul enos and i talk with ray bacon of the nevada manufacturers association and on the power pundit panel, michael hackett, jesse wadhams and mendy elliott, all coming up next on all new "nevada newsmakers." >> "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you in part by the tahoe reno industrial center,
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>> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. this is "nevada newsmakers," a with host sam shad, a no holds barred mrit car forum. now from the "nevada newsmakers" broadcast headquarters, here is sam shad. >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we're pleased to welcome back ray bacon, executive director of
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association. pleasure to have you back on the program, sir. >> thank you, sir. >> last time you were on the program a couple weeks ago, talking about a new project that will be larger in size than switch and tesla combined, that would be 4000-plus acres. >> uh-huh. >> any thought on who that might be? >> 14 rumors floating around on things like that, two or three related to the auto sector. really have no idea on things like that, but when you're talking large-scale employment, the large single facility-type operations that are doing anything have a tendency to be in one of two areas at this stage of the game. they're either aircraft or auto motive. >> what are the issues we've had attracting those businesses to our state in the past, like heavy industry, have been power rates. we're now seeing with faraday,
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and locating here, are we more competitive on energy than we have been in the past? >> if you'd ask me that question before this current battle on the solar thing, i might give you a different answer at this stage of the game. what we have in my estimation is an absolutely confusing energy policy in the state. >> couple of things here, stop you for a moment. click bond, in carson city, is manufacturer for the airline industry. or aircraft industry, i should say. so do you see some kind of tie there with potentially who is coming or think it is more likely to be automotive? >> could be locally, they now provide for almost every aircraft in the world. consekwently, it's one of those things where it doesn't matter where they are located, just very much like bentley, which i spent a big chunk of my life years ago there. bentley could be located any
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when you take a look at the real issues and paul and i had this discussion recently, take a look at the real issues of the companies that are truly successful, especially in the industrial products, fu are making a product that dramatically changes the productivity of your customer, then you're going to be successful regardless of where you are located. >> the follow-up part here, interesting and goes on to what paul was asking, is that switch and tesla are both paying more for green energy, rather than providing their own energy just because of their arrangement with the power company. that is an interesting thing, companies who want to be green are prepared to pay more than the regular going rate for power so despite the cost of power in the silver state -- >> go back to what i said, switch is clearly adding monumentally to the productivity and/or safety of their customers. tesla is a company that
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substantially to the productivity and the value for their customers. now, the tesla thing, it's a matter of perception, whether electric vehicles will do enough to work on the whole energy consumption issue and carbon picture and all the rest, i don't think anybody has that answer yet. >> so if it is not energy, which we have heard has been a driver for people -- >> sure. i totally agree. >> work first development, taxes, what is it and why should somebody decide to come to nevada to be a manufacturer? >> let's just talk about in the pitch, as much as anybody does, 100% right on this. the big attraction for trek is the fact you will never have residential encroachment on the industrial area. once you get there, you know what the rules are going to be, the rules are clearly spelled out and you don't have to worry about somebody come nothing and
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holdup your whole project and things like that. a deal is a deal in storey county and you can count on the deal being done and you're not going to get held up and wind up with somebody that says, i don't want that plant to operate 24 hours a day. >> also the speed of the permitting process. >> that is part of the thing, a deal is a deal and can be done really quick. that is what john sleept trying to duplicate at apex, i don't think he'll get down to the responsiveness that takes place at trick at apex. >> multiple layers of government. >> exactly. he will get close. yeah. i think he will get pretty close. >> doesn't he have to get the land owners to come on board? >> he's not there yet, by any stretch of the imagination. i think he will get there. you have to remember the basis for apex being created in the first place. after the pepconexplosion
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thing, they were going to force the complexes in henderson to move out there. government was going to offer them 0 to move and i think if i remember correctly, i could be way off on the number because this is 20-year-old information, the ticket for time was about billion and a half or something like that and they kind of said, fu offer us nothing, we probably are not going to move. we will leave, rather than move. that was at that point in time, close to 500 jobs and the county backed out. in the process of backing down, they stopped any infrastructure to make apex viable in the first place. it could have been viable 25 years ago and for political reasons, it wasn't. >> the good news is that has changed and the state and especially john will take credit for this. >> absolutely. >> have made incredible moves, but will take a long time for apex to be functioning. pri was purchased in 1998 and here we are in 2016 seeing the
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but there was a lot of infrastructure put in, paid for by the developer, not by the state, now the state is putting in tons of money. >> if you take a look, i think without the recession, trick would have been functional five years earlier. that is relatively short -- >> it is still functional. look at distribution center, interchanges they were building. >> look at walmart. >> oh, no, those things were huge, but they weren't huge in the way it is huge now. i mean, it has taken -- let's take a break, more with ray bacon when we come back. >> to get a dvd of the "nevada newsmakers" program, call
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the cost is >> closed captioning of "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you by the nevada trucking association, trucking moves america forward. now back to "nevada newsmakers,"
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>> and back on "nevada newsmakers," we continue our conversation with ray bacon, executive director at the nevada manufacturers association. >> ray, you and i have had numerous conversations, both on this show and out in the respective -- business world. >> real world. >> about workforce development. a big issue for our sector, for trucking, for transportation, you sit on the workforce sector council. can you tell us what you're looking at doing to stream-line the process to make sure our employers are getting the right people into these jobs? >> well, let's walk through the numbers a little first. the state and actually the feds said that you need to have sector council focused on where your jobs are coming from and that is part of the change that took place in the workforce act. they set up separate council for the manufacturing sector, technology, logistics, medical, and i'm missing a couple more.
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>> aerospace is a separate one, jobs. they set up separate councils to look at where we're s@at where we needed to go. the first effort wasn't great as far as selecting the people on there, because what you need on the councils as -- is the people that are actually hiring in my sector. companies here in manufactureing that haven't hired anybody in five or six years, haven't hired anybody since the start of the recession effectively. we have those people on those things. the manufacturing sector council, which i sit as vice chair of, we're in the process of getting that weaned down to people that are in the hiring mode, new companies or old companies, doesn't matter, we got to get to hiring folks. they asked us to combine logistics council into the manufacturing council because there is synergy between the two. that is where that thing is going, what we're trying to take a look
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system does not -- in this state does not have a great reputation, we wind up with people lacking basic skills. so we're taking a look at using a tool called national career readiness certificate to make sure that the applications and the people we put in the training programs have the basic skills necessary to be successful. >> are these training programs at community college or training programs in high school at career and technical academy? >> the answer is right now they're at the community college, long-term they need to be broad spectrum. that is a universal test that takes a look at workplace reading, math and problem-solving skills. every employer needs people with skills, doesn't matter. >> let me ask you this, aaron west was on the program with the building association, he's talking about how people are just being pushed toward college and don't realize there are great careers out there in construction and other associated trades and should we
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marketing campaign to let kids know that this is a great area to go in that you can make a good living in the area? >> first psa to tout the effectiveness of the manufacture -- jobs in the manufacturing sector is in progress as we speak, but the same thing applyies across the board. there are good jobs and i'm going to say something, which is not going to be politically correct here. >> shocker. >> i know. okay. we're looking at a college -- going to college rate in this state, 30% of our population, okay, but you take a look at, behind every other state pretty much. if you take a look at the jobs in this state, we don't need a college degree for 60% of the jobs right now and are doing little to emphasize the job for noncollege bound student. those are people we need to save. >> are these jobs we're going to see growing in the future, though? you know, for manufacturing, i
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you know, a mechanic is going to have to be a computer programmer in the future. >> that does not mean a college degree. that means specific skills to deal with that technology and that is the same thing we find in manufacturing. yes, i need somebody that can build robots, doesn't need a college degree, understand how robots or automation and machining goes and those skills. we're looking at a technically competent workforce, which has to change with the technology, they have to have really solid basic skills. i need somebody that not only has learned the skills they need today, but has the ability to move on up as the technology changes. in manufacturing, the technology will change. in the trucking industry, you and i both believe we're not that far away from auto mated trucks driving across the state. >> they're here. >> they're here, but not in use. they are not on the roads yet. >> they can go on the road in nevada.
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set up for cararkvans. >> the bottom line, manufacturing you believe will increase, but the number of jobs will not necessarily be as great due to the fact of robotics. >> yeah. the number of jobs is going to increase because we're winding up with new companies, but in the manufacturing sector, if you're not gaining productivity, you will not be around. >> that thes where we have to leave it, ray bacon, always a pleasure. we'll be back on "nevada newsmakers" after this time out. >> "nevada newsmakers" is brought to you in part by the
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pro group management, and the >> this is "nevada newsmakers." >> back on "nevada newsmakers," we have a great power pundit panel, jesse wadhams is here, council of fennemore craig, wend wend, partner with capitol partners and michael hackett with rs consulting. pleasure to have you here. four people on the panel, do we talk trump or not? in favor? raise your hand.
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i think we should, why not. >> this is something everybody is talking about, this is the story. >> the morning of the debate. >> this is the morning of the debate where he may or may not show up and is it smart move? is it a brilliant move not to go to the debate and have the other networks covering him? huge faux pas? it is worth a conversation. >> i think obviously, you know, if you're a front-runner, you tend to avoid going to debates because what is in it for you, you can only make mistakes and as we've seen, but i find it funny apparently the guy can make no mistakes as to his polling numbers, i don't know that it matters one way or the other. >> mendy elliott. >> this is iowa. 40% right now are -- they do not know, uncommitted, they don't know who they'll vote for. i think it is a mistake.
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crazy polling is, a, too many polls, b, not enough people digging up hard-line phones anymore, not getting information. >> i know, people are not, most people, if they don't recognize the phone number, then they don't answer their cell phone. i got a message yesterday with 702 area code, i called back, doesn't leave a message, sorry, the poll is over now. >> all right. >> i just think that even though trump doesn't seem to have any grasp of the issues, talks out of both sides of his mouth, one thing he is master of is media and totally controlling the media. >> i think that is unfair. he does have a grasp of a number of issues, to say that about somebody who has been able to amass billions for a private company, i think to say he doesn't have a grasp of the issues is not accurate in the least. >> no, no, i disagree with that and i think the issue he faced as private businessman and
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pitfalls he's had as a businessman are comparable to what he face as a candidate. >> better than anybody, i think the guy absolutely understands how to negotiate with people, i mean this is somebody who -- >> apparently. [laughter] >> this is part of negotiation, part of the deal, one thing donald trump says, don't be afraid to wash o walk away from negotiation. look at somebody who employed that successfully during his career, ronald reagan was negotiating with gorbechev over star wars. i think donald trump, maybe this is a brilliant move on his part. this is how to negotiate. >> he can't lose with whatever he does because the media is so -- >> the media in the bag for donald trump. >> oh, no. they are anamered of the side show. >> yes.
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people think most days there is stuff going on in the news 24 hours a day seven days a week, but most days there is nothing going on and that is the reason why donald trump is the big story, he's exciting. the big winner is fox news and protege megan kelly and the fact fox news wants to bring democrats to watch it to grow the audience. >> it is better programming than other networks, too. >> well, you are comparing news networks and i wouldn't disagree. >> is it pop star or policy you are interested in? >> exactly. celebrity of the whole thing. >> and barack obama was really the candidate, the guy who brought in a lot of that. i think barack obama, one term, united states senator, four years in, when he was elected presint, was really our first rock star candidate to achieve this kind of success. >> all right, i want to change
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defin reese will run as democratic candidate for district 15 against former assemblywoman heidi. this is the race dennis hoff, the brothel owner is running a libertarian. could heidi, who is chosen candidate, actually lose? >> well, i think so. you know, it makes it interesting, don't forget that heidi is also drawn harder right republican primary challenge. so the issue is going to be, there is a lot of money spent in what is i think northern nevada's only competitive senate district. by putting three candidates in there, you really are going to be cutting into the republican base, i think, more so than the democrats and i think that really only amurs benefit of devin reese. >> mendy, you are in northern nevada and have your ear to the ground, what do they say?
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it. we are looking at eugene hooverand heidi and eugene is right of heidi. how is she going to explain, it will be interesting, she will be at our club and we'll have an opportunity to ask tough questions of her, regardless of the votes that would have been taken during the last legislative sxegz it will be interesting to hear her response. >> michael, your take on that? >> i agree with what they both said, i don't have anything to add. >> big answer is fantastic candidate. cross-over, who has cross-over appeal to democrats, to independents, so i still think this is heidi's race. >> absolutely. it is always harder when you have somebody running against you. >> when you have that independent in there, what does that do to the vote. >> she is the best candidate and to lose, she will be able to
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away from hard-core republicans, a way from moderate republicans, she will get democrats and republicans. >> what mendy said, she will answer what would you have done
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>> so is dan henry, eugene >> as always, watch "nevada newsmakers" 24 hours a day, "nevada newsmakers" dot com. download podcasts of the show
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