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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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storm tonight. catchy will join us in a bit to show us how powerful these winds are getting. she is out at the weather service tonight. >> reporter: we checked with chief meteorologist tran07 who has a first look at the forecast and sunrun will snow be dropping to lower elevations? >> yeah it could happen, renal floors. it won't stick for long, as usual but we could see a venture to come anywhere from 6000 feet to 4500, and that's when the cold air comes in and everything changes. doppler radar is mainly a rain event right now. however is we slide down, there are pockets of snow right there to look at on the west side of the lake. also on mt. rose highway we had snow too, and that impacted travel, you really had to slow down. when we slide to the west, that cold pocket of air where it's snowing in humboldt county is
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a big friends in overnight lows the 40-degree range for the high tomorrow. that is the north star snow steak and we will add at least a foot or two to that i the time we finish this storm on sunday. temperatures are above average and above average in spots, high today in reno was officially 61. the windsor strong but not as strong as they were unless you are at stabbed, 31 miles per continuing. doppler is a wet commute over the great find but will turn to rain and snow by 11. accordingly. >> we now go live to meteorologist cassie wilson who joins us up at the national the winds have really been kassie. >> reporter: they have been extremely gusty. we had to move. we were standing about 200 yards
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almost knocking is over. we moved toward the national weather service but they still received almost 40-mile per hour sustained winds right here. take a look at these winds that we received across the region. some of these numbers are in the hundreds, hundred mile per hour gusts and almost an 80- mile per hour gust down in washoe valley. so please be careful if you are traveling along interstate 385 to 580 this evening because the winds are crossing the highway causing damage. we did see a semi turned over today on the side of the road, and that's not all. this is just the first part of the storm system with these winds. the nest is all the heavy rain that we are starting to see. and with that heavy rain comes flood watches and warnings. we are watching for some river rises along the truckee with this storm system as well as
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areas near tahoe and northern california along down south of tahoe as well. and with that we will see this cold front moved through bringing snow to reno, potentially mostly upwards of a foot of snow in the higher elevations. service i meteorologist kathy wilson, back to you. >> we saw widespread power outages throughout northern nevada this afternoon. incredibly strong winds like kassie was talking about in washoe valley sent these power poles tumbling down to once snagged a billboard on the way down. there are currently only about 200 customers without power. >> if you are flying in or out
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airport, you might want to check your flight status. according to a flight spokesperson, tonight it has canceled several flights in and out of the area because of strong winds. >> we first told you about a reported armed robbery at the university of nevada campus on wednesday but now we know the alleged the admitted that it never happened. alicia degennaro looked in to help police have looked into this incident. >> reporter: those students received three text messages on their phones through wendy bringing them updates about the situation. police said the first alert out after the alleged victim's mother called their front desk to report the incident. officers tracked down the young woman at her apartment and she did confirm to me so cash from her on campus. but when police reinterviewed her the next day she recanted everything echo students did not get another alert to tell them the reported armed robbery was a light. i asked commander todd renwick
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to ever overtext our campus community but we will always air on the side of caution and put up whatever we can put out that will benefit them. >> reporter: police say they did issue a student citation for filing a false report and that is a misdemeanor in the city of reno. i also talked to the reno police department about how they would have handled the situation and a lieutenant there tells me there would have been some differences. you can read about that in my full report on my report on >> in tonight's crime watch, the working to solve several counterfeiting cases in nevada. these operations involve inkjet printers producing counterfeit money of all denominations. the money is being circulated too many retailers in reno, sparked, washoe county and in washoe city resulting in major
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they are offering a cash reward for information about these operations. to learn more about the cases and suspect descriptions, you can visit >> reno police investigating a burglary that happened about 2:00 o'clock at the radioshack on east plumb lane at the shoppers square shopping center. authorities say the suspect broke a window and once inside stole several electronic items. the man appears to be light- skinned with a medium build and was last seen wearing a plaid jacket over like jeans, black tennis shoes and a dark baseball cap. secret witness is offering a $1000 reward for information in this case. if you know anything to call the number. >> police have recovered the body of a 68-year-old sparks man who went missing back in october. washoe county sheriff's officials and the tribal police searched the lake
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before recovering the body. he went missing on the 27th after falling from a fishing boat. police want to remind anyone spending time it here midlake to always wear a life jacket. >> governor sandoval says the state needs more time to decide whether a mine outside of yerington will join a federal list of the most contaminated sites in the nation. listing the former anaconda copper mine on the superfund national priority list would mean millions of dollars in federal cleanup honey but opponents are afraid they could paint the community in a bad light. epa officials have been pressing the governor to make a decision. the governor told the epa today that he still views a npl listing as a last resort and said he has been assured by his experts that there are no health concerns at the site. instead of going to a local park to fly your junk, now there's a facility to do it
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expanded their space and emily pizzello gives us a peek at what they have to offer. >> reporter: for all you drone racers out there, reno is now the only place in the world to offer an indoor and outdoor drone racing facility. the drugstore has moved locations and office racing in their 3500 square-foot space. >> we are the first venue people can go to and fly at that is not sanctioned at a school or something like that, and it's open seven days a week. >> reporter: both indoor and outdoor facilities will include a zika or first-person view. >> currently we take out all the stuff in the back of the warehouse and build a full micro race course that will offer races for the 130 and below class. >> reporter: the type drones flown in here are micros that look like this. out here will be the 250 class racers. >> that will also be linked with the zika monitor in the shop and you will be able to get a first person view when they are out there as well.
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the goggles your view is coming straight from the drone. >> we will be hosting qualifies for the whole u.s. in reno in the next few months as well as some other big races. >> reporter: woodcock and his partner are the chapter leaders for northern nevada for the multi- gp drone the. they are now a recognized facility to host. >> it's going to bring in people from all over into our shop and into reno so hopefully it generates more business as well as bringing more people to the community for the drone racing. >> reporter: the closed-door started as a tiny 12 by 15-foot space and is now capable of hosting global events. >> to go from where i started four months ago and have a building like this is kind of unreal, you've got to pitch me. >> reporter: in reno, emily pacillo, news4. >> and now the official opening day for the drone stories tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. for a barbecue. everyone is invited to go
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have to offer. >> still ahead on news4 nightly, a proper barbash popular bar a cross him unr closed last year so what does the future hold for the wolf then? i'll tell you what i found out coming up in my asked joe segment.
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a ring so -- . >> welcome back everyone, from they asked joe file tonight, what had been a popular local hotspot in town, the wolf den bar. people have been asking when and if the wolf that is going to reopen. it's a popular topic here. the wolf that was a popular spot right across from waller event center on virginia street. they did run
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compliance and the owners and form the city they were shutting down in june of last year. it has been closed ever since and it doesn't look like they are our plans to open it soon soon. i checked with the city licensing department and there is no license application on file. i also checked with the building department and there are no permits to do construction or remodeling so unfortunately no signs of activity at the wolf den. that building has operated under several different names over the years, sometimes as a bar, sometimes as a coffeehouse. i checked with the city's community development manager and he says he thinks there's a 90 percent chance the business will reopen sometime this year so he is optimistic and we will keep you posted about future development. thanks for kinsey for bringing up that question. if you have questions you would like to ask, send me an e-mail. just put asked joe in the subject line.
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can be tough on a local food truck industry but in the meantime one organization is looking to pitch in the south reno food truck fest kicks off tonight at the family event center at sage hill. the event will have -- happened the last friday of the month every month through april. the event happens tonight until 9:00 o'clock rain or shine. last year officials say as many as 800 people showed up every week . >> time to talk to our chief meteorologist tran07 with a look at forecast. tran07 coffee saw a lot of wind and now rain but this was on the way? >> yeah, especially in the tahoe area if you're traveling over the interstate, this would be a good time to go go. it can be wet, still dangerous
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i see overnight into tomorrow morning and there is another round of snow coming in on sunday. so it's a two-day storm. do we have snow in the area? yeah, mark rose highway has some. that had been tricky on the highway up at 8000 feet. just ran for the most part but heavy at times. some rain rates are not crazy but still, when it keeps coming, roughly a third of a niche in our, it can add up, and that's why we are worried aboutstreamflow. if you are up there in the warm rain go watch the creeks. >> i think in the reno area at around 4500 to 5500, it's want to 3 inches. these road conditions are important.
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california. it's easier to have the number on your phone then looking at a nap -- and app, and it gives you more information. this flow keeps coming and it's not going anywhere for a couple days so get ready for wild weather. we have watches and warnings up across the entire state. winter weather advisories, winter storm watches for our area for sunday. winter storm warning to ask whether affect morning -- temperatures right down low 50s, we did hit 61 today. 31 miles an hour from the west in most locations, 15 to 20 miles per hour. futurecast radar, we will have snow developing by 11 or
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in the morning. as early as five in the morning we could see snow in reno and sparks and we get a break. and watch this coming from the south. look at that. that is sunday afternoon. and it lingers statewide. so that is why we are under a winter storm watch for sunday. tonight dropping 238 and the high tomorrowonly 45 with a ring snow mix. it will be windy but 100 chance of rain snow mix. overnight lows will be warmer in the east . the thing you notice about these numbers, the overnight low and i are not that far apart. why? because the cold front moves through. dayton 35 with 38 for high. around the lake it looks nice and wet, and snowy. drive carefully, the roads will be a mess. highs will be in the low 30s, as will be the loads, if that's not confusing?
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difference between the high in the low. on the valley floor, reno sparks 36-43. nobody will hit the 50-degree to mark tomorrow. next week will be cool but strike. south lake tahoe, snow, snow, snow, all the way to monday morning so be careful if you like to ski and that stuff, it will be a paradise. >> then for the reno sparks area it's a healthy chance of rain snow mix as well. it's going to be an interesting situation. last weekend's storm was not as potent as this one so this was an interesting one. drive carefully everybody. >> you are getting a workout. >> i need a break. >> your due for one. >> coming up after the break,
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trump . >> just days before the iowa caucuses, donald trump is pulling a hefty lead in the polls. and as a candidate trump has been unapologetic and brash and has shown he doesn't need to change his ways. does this mean his establishment will? we report on that tonight. >> reporter: the antiestablishment, anti-pc candidates with no political experience may be experiencing a significant shift. >> the establishment actually is against me but really coming online. >> reporter: coming online in the form of a nod by bob dole, the 1996 gop nominee. >> if it comes down to donald
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>> reporter: and the master, south carolina's governor. >> do you need donald trump the next president of the united states. >> reporter: what's with the change of heart? >> folks are starting to realize hey, if he wins the presidency we're going to have to work with him. >> reporter: some analysts say it's less about the establishment backing number one and more about them shutting the number two. >> bottom line is ted cruz is someone that many republicans know. ty despise him, many republicans do, and they want to stop him first. >> reporter: senator ted cruz who called senator mitch mcconnell on liar on the senate floor. >> i cannot believe he would tell a flat-out lie. >> reporter: with trump's absence, cruz was front and center on thursday night debate. >> if you guys ask one more
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leave the stage. >> reporter: but with a dozen gop candidates and doesn't are hard to come by, with many waiting until the field narrows. >> i think a lot of folks are starting to realize it could be reality that donald trump could be the nominee. >> reporter: a new reality for this reality tv star, what's a longshot, now being given a second look. >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. >> reporter: and washington, i'm kristine frazao reporting. >> reporter: the iowa caucus is days away on february 1. have here comes next on the night. nevada has separate caucuses february 20 for the democrats and to data 23rd for republicans . >> the state department said it will not release 22 e- mails from hillary clinton because they contain top-secret information. those e-mails were not marked classified at the time they were set set. the state department said they
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because they contain sensitive information. the state department also announced that 18 e-mails between clinton and president obama will be withheld from the public. >> secretary clinton and the president on occasion been exchanged e-mails. as they have sent previous a, such presidential records shall remain confidential to protect the president's ability to receive unvarnished advice of counsel. to be clear the e-mails between secretary clinton and president obama have not been determined to be classified. >> clinton had been under fire for using a private e-mail server while secretary of state. they have released thousands of pages of e-mails to the public over the last eight months. straight ahead, one of three escaped inmates from orange county is back to, how
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him . scientists in the uk are working on a new weapon to fight the zika virus. they are purposelyintroducing more most queues in the air in a bid to stop the virus from spreading. >> reporter: we are here in that egg reading lab a cup at a company in the uk a company that uses mosquitoes to fight most gaydos. there are about 12,000 of these mosquitoes in these four cases. this is the specific species of mosquito that spreads the, and then gave favor bickell these are not mosquitoes you find in the wild. they are all genetically modified and can't survive long outside of this lab setting. scientists take the mail this genetically modified mosquito and released them into a problematic wild population where there is some sort of
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>> there is actually 3 million mosquito eggs in this part, believe it or not. and we can ship these very easily around the world two different areas of the world and try to remove the mosquitoes without fashion. >> the offspring don't survive, never make it to adulthood and have shown to knock out 90 percent or more of the specific from the mattick population of mosquito mosquito. just to give you an idea, the best poskew eradication programs with chemicals can only get rid of, best case, 30 to 50 percent of a population. so it's hugely successful, already being used on a small scale in brazil. they are looking at scaling it up because of the zika virus and its spread, and the fda is in process of reviewing it for use in the u.s. >> fascinating stuff.
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sickened in a nora virus outbreak in kansas has grown to nearly 400. wednesday the health department announced more than 400 people had become ill after attending shows any new theater restaurant on january 17. yesterday the kandiss the part of health said the number had grown after people had contracted the illness after attending performances at the theater starting on january 15. asking people who attended performances at the theater since that date to participate in an online survey in investigation to find the source of the virus. >> one of three escaped inmates in orange county california is back in custody. he was given up on the streets of santa anna. the search for the other two inmates continues. the inmates escaped jail last week. >> we will continue with those
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resources to capture the additional two escapees who are outstanding. >> reporter: until his escaped, the long have been held since september on charges including attempted murder. >> a man accused the provider supports isis was in court today. jonathan elias brings us the latest on this from washington. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm jonathan elias bickell amana of the few hacking to support isis will face a court in alexandria the first time this afternoon. he nice and still information from u.s. service members and employees. the dutch government now is announcing they would join the us-led airstrikes against isis in syria. they had been carrying out strikes in iraq for months but they balked at extending a mission to syria. and progress about problems from northern syria. the city previously under isis rule is
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from the terrorism alert desk in washington. >> a giant sinkhole opened up thursday in southern oregon, what is being described as a crater size appears on both sides of a major roadway. portions of highway one '01 are all but swallowed up the the california state line. this drone video catches the massive and sunken scene from above. of the department of transportation expects a detour to be in place through next week . the world's largest aerospace company conducted the first flight of its newest model this morning. bowling's new 737 max took off out of washington. the company said the plane is more fuel-efficient and has a sleek narrowbody display similar to plaintiff rival european manufacturers. orders are growing fast with the company producing 42 planes per month. the popular models are used by
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southwest and ryan air.
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girl scout cookies? . >> it's a busy time for online dating services with a boost in new singles signing up and also activity. experts discuss why we are online looking for love and some tips for single. >> it's the season for love and the incident plays matchmaker. >> the most productive time for any online dating site is the days after christmas this days between christmas and valentine's day. in recent
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activity for a dating site which falls into three different types. >> rapid fire like its henderson be more with or go to a dating site where you really are anonymous and we give you the dates yourself. >> reporter: but a perfect match in the digital world doesn't always hold up in the real world. experts say too much messaging before a first meeting can be problematic, so can the sheer number of options'. the impression there is another one around the corner or they keep swiping or keep finding new people and they don't settle into trying to get to know the people they have already met. >> reporter: if you are creating a dating profile be sure to smile, avoid photos that show drinking or too much skin, and in your description give details to let people know who you are. >> you might turn some people off but you will turn the right ones on. for heaven's sake, don't talk about your exes.
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news. >> so there you go with a dating expert from that store, helen fisher, who has a book coming out this monday. >> why are you smiling at me? i'm taking notes. all right the maker of greek yogurt has been ordered by a judge two an ad campaign that takes a dig on the competition. specifically its rivals use of artificial sweeteners. the body which makes you play in an end, maker of light and fit yogurt will cheer the decision the judge found artificial visitors and sweeteners are not dangerous as the ad led consumers to believe. >> there is an app that will now help you pair tran09 with your favorite girl scout cookies. what is better than that? the be no which is an app that lets you photograph wine labels or wine lists and get raisel reviews, has put together a guy
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it said inmates should there nicely with a brunello while does he does pair well with a california zinfandel. for all these pairings, you can check out and click on the heading title wine news. >> why didn't i hear about this before. >> seemed so natural, good, nation. america's love the super bowl and they love their chicken wings of course. according to the national chicken council americans will consume 1.3 billion chicken wings next weekend leading up to and during super bowl 50 or call that figure is up 3 percent from last year's game. but 1.3 billion chicken wings into perspective? the council said if the wings were late and too and they would stretch from bankamerica stadium in charlotte, north carolina, two sports authority field at mile high in denver colorado where the broncos play,
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of wings. coming up in sports, we told you about the amazing story of a marine corps comfrey -- rinko veteran trey humphrey and we have an update on how his first date of competition in aspen went.
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after break. . >> welcome back, we still have whether to talk about. the rain for the most part is over but it will come back. the winds have also come down quite a bit. we had gusts of wins over 100 miles per hour at times and higher elevations spots. we still have little pockets of snow that's pretty persistent i rose highway. most of it is rain. to the southwest if you are traveling over 80 or down 50 you can get around-some of the rain rates are not
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could add to problems. here are moved condition is mr. what you need to know. south lake tahoe levels will start off -- and northlake in the mountains, 8000 feet, the drop to 4500 feet tomorrow and we could see two to three feet of snow at 8000 feet. six to 12 inches at a dozen feet. if you know mountain travel these numbers can change in a heartbeat so drive carefully and take your change. three to 6 inches below 7000 feet. these road conditions are important. the storm is going to be with us tomorrow and we have watches and warnings from here to elko so watch out for winter
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and even sunday. we -- in fact reno has a winter storm watch in place for sunday, not tomorrow but sunday. temperatures in the low 50s right now over most spots with wins still gusting to 25 miles per hour from the southwest. future clouds and radar -- futurecast radar, here we are at 3:00 o'clock, 4:00 o'clock, 5:00 o'clock in the morning, we could see a dusting. but it will melt. but watch this, on sunday morning early another system, or part of it, comes up from the south and makes 50 kind of inches deep. later in the day that snow path spreads all the way up to interstate 80. date that in mind as you are out traveling. thirty-eight the low tonight with rain snow mixed. tomorrow's high will get you to
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we will have snow in the morning, not a lot, maybe a on the valley floor, each inside, overnight lows in the 20s, highs low 30s. than the go to falmouth 40, lovelock 42 bickell overnight lows above freezing in most overnight. it's going to be an interesting tahoe passes. overnight lows and the highs in some places will be the same, like kings beach. that's rare. also sutcliffe 38, 42 the high, . here we are the valley flacco overnight lows mid-30s. the rainfall changes are guaranteed saturday and sunday, a piece of monday. and for the like, we will have maybe a foot of snow at lake level but unfortunately sierra cement is this most bile we are dealing with. guys, back to you.
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brian is in now and the x games are underway. >> last night was used everyone to a local athlete who is really in the middle of it all. >> trey humphrey. this guy is absolutely amazing. he is an inspiration. was reduce you to trey humphrey last night on the qualifying games. the right became one of eight athletes to qualify for the x games some of finals. that's going to be 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. trey stopped -- stepped on and ied during a firefight five years ago and he lost both of his legs. it obviously did not so him or his family down. >> the wolfpack team faces all kinds of opponents as the season moves on but mother nature wasn't supposed to be in the schedule. because of high winds in the area, the men were supposed to
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night's game against utah state . that is about it eight hour trip. the aggies are expected to tip it up saturday evening at the clock. meanwhile the nevada woman returned to the floor saturday afternoon when they host utah state. they will be having a university celebration in honor of jane albright's 500th win. there will be a kids clinic for children before the game. door to that open it to p.m. on the upper concourse. all fans attend the clinic can stay for the game free of charge. it will be a busy night of high school basketball and he will be the games featured on hometown hopes. we start with the friday night rivals game with with bishop minot at galena boys.
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reno is at north valleys. douglas make the trek to worcester. spanish springs is at hug. furnace at 11 for hometown hopes. the big horns have selected to go to the all-star team. erick green and rich hunter were selected. greene recently signed a ten day contract with the utah jazz. he has been averaging around 26 points per game per season. hunter is 60 percent on shooting. in the nfl oakland raiders officials were in southern nevada the talking with las vegas ceo sheldon adelson who was to build a billion-dollar domed stadium in the middle of the strip. it might floor and nfl team to play there, if the league wants to go for this. the 65,000 seat stadium will be built by unlv the airport and
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the proposal includes sharing the unlv -- sharing with the unlv football team. earlier this month when the nfl approved the rams move the charges were given the opportunity to strike a deal with the rams to share a new venue-this afternoon the chargers owner said the team would stay in san diego for the 2016 season but the charges may
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the la market. . nbc dateline is digging deeper into the mystery making a murder in a episode airing tonight. here is a sneak peek. >> do you believe that there is no way he committed this crime crime? >> from evidence i've looked at, i think he is innocent. i think he certainly was not guilty bairdmack. >> you can watch the one-hour special tonight at 10:00 o'clock.
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four at 11 a young baseball player gets a surprise from the reno aces. we'll show you how the team thanked of them biggest fans for a school project. >> before we go tonight second graders at sun valley elementary school are learning about whether and all the phases of matter so meteorologists kathy wilson and madison corney stop by the classroom today to see what they have learned. some of the students were even brave enough to present a quick weather forecast. she looks like a natural. they were impressed with all the students and their whether knowledge and there may even be some future meteorologists in that class. we are not sure but it wouldn't surprise us. >> it was probably more comfortable in the classroom than out of the elements today. >> rate for now, over tahoe turning to snow overnight. drive carefully. may be a foot tomorrow
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