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tv   News 4 at Eleven  NBC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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we still have rain in the area. a little heavier to our south but it is there. and is we've got snow. not all over tahoe. so around the lake. that's all gonna change overnight as the snoi level goes from 8 -- snow level goes from 8,000 to 5,000 feet. a lot of moisture coming our way. probably a foot of snow. not at the lake level, but 7,000 feet. overall this is a look at downtown. current temperatures haven't budged much. they will budge tomorrow. heiss tomorrow will only be in the 40s. today we hit 51 officially. some places still have strong winds. most places do not. 8-10 miles per hour. the winds have calmed down and
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here's your planner for tomorrow. the best chance there's snow on the valley floor, 7:00 to nine coliseum. and is there's another round on sunday that being be more widespread. possibly 2-4 inches of snow on the valley floor. maybe even 6 in spots. it is an interesting weekend. take your chains. kathy joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: we saw semis overturned to the highway, still gusty pretty well up here. property damage and downed power lines. take a look at these wind gusts today. over 100 miles per hour here at mt. rose.
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gusts in washoe valley where we saw those semis overturned. and we're about 7,000 feet up, and is it's still raining. this is pretty steady rain up here. and we're still above freezing. as we way for the cold front to push through, we'll see the transition to all snow. we've seen a few plows driving and is taking measurements on the road. and we'll hopefully get some more snow. we are watching for some flood watches and warnings. it's a pretty wide stretch with rain falling creating those
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to start falling by morning. valley residents are behind bars after they staged an armed robbery at a local 7/11 store detectives learned the employee was part of the robbery. he was working at the convenience store on sun valley boulevard january 8th when $13,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. detectives released information about the suspects. the public provided valuable leads and detectives were able to figure out that john alvarez played the robber and planned it with ibison. >> s me are still looking for the -- police are still looking for the help. a white or hispanic male, about 140 pounds. last seen in dark clothing with
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on wednesday we told you about a reported armed robbery on the university of nevada campus. police sent out potential text messages about a reported armed robbery. a mother reported the incident to police saying two men stole cash from her daughter. the next day, the alleged victim said it never happened. days before the iowa caucuses, hillary clinton's campaign founds itself back under the cloud of the e-mail controversy. some of the e-mails found on hillary clinton's personal server confined government information so secret that they fell under the highest level of
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22 e-mails from her private server were labeled top secret and is will not be released. but a spokesman says the documents were not classified at the time they were sent. turning back to local news, for those who love to race their drones, there is a spot in reno to do just that. it offers the world's first indoor and outdoor racing facility. the store is open seven days a week. not only is the facility open to the public daily, they will be hosting global events. >> we'll be hosting qualifiers for nationals here in reno in the next few months. >> the grand opening of the drone store is happening tomorrow at their new location in sparks with a barbecue open
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and a 13-hour fundraiser for northern united children's today. the washoe county sheriff's office and the bighorns got involved with the fundraiser today and is took a spin on the ferris wheel. the radiothon was the finale for the children's cancer foundation know the goal campaign. since the september 2015 kickoff, businesses, schools, and organizations have been raising money for local children with cancer and is their families. going the extra mile for a young fan. hayden wrote to the president for his end of the year school project. he chose the topic of catching in baseball and asked to interview catchers. today he got the chance to do that.
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a cap and is baseball for him. >> i think one of the main things is about the gears and to just have fun. high school basketball teams from across the state went head-to-head tonight. >> this is the beginning of a 2-day storm.
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it's just been wind and rain.
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not only tomorrow but sunday as well. we've found snow in the tahoe area. not everybody is seeing it. in the reno area, very close to the outskirts of town. just a pocket of should flurries. if you're heading out 80 or down west, rain, snow, potential mix. watch out there. over the lake, not a lot of snow. but around the shore, oh, yes, it's coming down. perhaps a foot of snow or more at 7,000 feet and up. first in the east a winter weather advisory. a winter storm watch don't see that often in reno. that affects the floor with 2-44 inches of snow. it starts sunday early. it's gonna be an interesting sunday morning. good thing it's not a news day.
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winter storm warning from tahoe, yosemite, king's canyon. here. snow level starting off where? dropping rapidly. down to 2,500 tomorrow. 6-12 inches. 3-6 below 7,000 feet. 1-2 inches on the valley floor in reno. those are some good numbers to know. this one is easy. that one's good too. you can call up, it'll remember the road you asked for. when you call again it'll say to you, you asked before about highway 80 and give you the latest details. the mid-40s across the board. still above 50. winds dead calm where we are,
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gusty in spots. and clouds will get you into the snow, powder by 4:00 am, 5:00 am. it'll linger then we lose it all. that's saturday. and then on saturday night, more snow building in possibly by 6:00. and as we advance in time, there's a storm coming in from the south, we'll spread from here across the entire state. by sunday afternoon. and this time stretching all the way to denver. this is is a big one as it comes on through. basically in the morning of monday it should be clear. 35 tomorrow. 100% chance with a rain/snow mix. not all day. mainly in the morning. then it returns at night. we
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that's pretty much everybody. mid-40s in most spots. on the snow valley floor of tahoe, 6 inches around the lake. highs not much different from the low. 30-33. 42 sutcliffe. on the valley floor, highs tomorrow, mid-40s. overnight lows mid-30s. what a mess it could be! reno/spark, it will come down tonight in the form of rain, and again perhaps some snow warnings. not a lot. 1 inch can make it tricky around here. so drive carefully. >> and sunday that's not a major commute day. we do get the snow on the valley floor but that many inches could cause some trouble.
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>> that is a lot. thanks very much.
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game highlights welcome to hometown hoops. we have another great match-up tonight on friday night.
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against the mustangs. >> a little hesitation move. knocks it in. anderson. galena leads this one at the half. this one is over, final seconds. minogue with a final attempt to tie it, at the buzzer! it's off. >> action, huge finish. >> way to go, brian.
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finish here down low. and inside to asa carter. they take care of the ranch on the road. up north to north valley. the panthers hosting reno. carhea for the three. right back, inside cutting. panthers down just 1. time running out. we'll go for three. drops it in at horn. reno over north real. 61-47. over to wooster. the kick-out to michael johnson.
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this time from 3-point range. drops 46 to help douglas take down wooster, 58-39. our athlete of the week. you call down the thunder, now you got it! corley sharing the basketball. raiders up by 1. jeremy ramos. drive to the hoop there. that's good. 82-75. >> hometown hots, gettin jiggy with it. >> come on. >> the mix layup, here's brian anderson cleaning up the scrap. cougs go up 33. you've heard of the smash
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can't leave that man open. a couple of boys score for you. south tahoe shook down burl neovertime. >> the reno girls going into tonight, huskies 20 and 2. little guy in the right in the orange, happiest fan of the night! my man! [ laughter ] >> mallory mcwire in the zone. she had 20 points, 14 boards, 6 blocks. strong to the hoop, gets that one to fall. reno runs by.
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don't have a roster here. posting up inside for the bucket. nails the triple. no. 10 will get the layup. mustangs roll over the senators 73-30. mcqueen and is reed here. reed up by 9. the net to hernandez. a little spin move, loving it! crossover, just like the glove. they get a big win. >> spanish springs girls at hub. the mascot says i can do this! maybe you can't. in the 2nd, cougs are gonna pass down low to hailey morgan.
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it'll go the second. nelson a little jumper. very strong here. they kept on keeping on. but a missed layup. she gets the rebound. in the end kiki johnson had 17, 10 steels, 7 assists and 9 blocks. cheerleaders were flying! nice work. hailey hughes. you gotta get out of my kitchen unless you're bringing biscuits! mattie lowe will get it to drop. >> salina minors, they get the save.
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nobodiose up 6-0 early. >> katie turner makes it happen. usually always does. bishop has little trouble with galena 70-30. >> churchill county rolled over dayton.
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his first day of marine corps veteran and monoskier tray humphrey on the eve of his qualifying event in aspen. and today he became one of just eight athletes to qualify for the xgames semifinals. tray stepped on an ied during a five in afghanistan. lost part of both f his legs. that has obviously not slowed him down. >> wonderful story. the wolfpack men's basketball team will have to face all kinds of opponents.
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because of high winds, the nevada men were forced to drive, not fly to logan. just 550 miles in an 8-hour drop. they are scheduled to tip it up on saturday afternoon at 4:00 pm. that will be nationally televised. and the nevada women return saturday after gaefrns ushgdz tau state -- ushgz saw ; utah state. there will be an annual clinic for kids prior to the game. it's free to kids 7th grade or younger. and all fans who attend the clinic can stay for free for the game. > > two reno bighorns have
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tip-off saturday february 13th in toronto. green recently signed a 10-day contract with the utah jazz. 26 points, 4 assist percent game this season. ben hunter hot as well. 22 per game, 17 double-doubles in game this is year. oakland raider officials were reportedly talking with las vegas sands ceo. he wants to help build a billion dollar stadium which might lure an nfl team to play there. it would be built on a 42-acre lot. > > the chargers and rams have agreed to a deal in principle to share a new
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the chargers were given the opportunity to strike a deal with the rams to share a venue. this afternoon dean spanos said the team would stay in san diego for the 2016 campaign.
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