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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 30, 2016 4:30am-4:59am PST

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the door f . pam newton and carolina are really looking tough to beat. >> i have been kno go to the super bowl, i just like the festivity of it. >> there is no bigger party and we will be there with all stars and kathy lee gifford will join our "e.t" cast for the big game. and kathy lee has a real pedigree with her father and her
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the national anthem there. so she's a real super bowl veteran. we will be front and cent levi center in sa clara, where the game will take place, and the halftime show featuring beyonce and cold play. the video just dropped. beyonce looked like a bal wood dream. the band travelled to mumbai to shoot him for the weekend. for it will be a return performance to the super bowl halftime. she killed it in 2013. i was right there when she came off the stage. >> you worked so hard. >> it feels good to know that the hard work paid off. yo it's a live television show, it's the biggest show in america. >> on cbs sundmorning, chris biggest week ever.
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asked us if we couldsome somesome somesome somesome somesome somehow celebrate the past a and look to the future. >> everybody's excited about it. i know i am. and if you happen to be a player, going to remember it even more the rest of your life. >> calling the game cbs's 18th former mvp phil si and by play jim nantz. who says the worst part is the ticket request. >> can you me? and the easiest answer is, i just said no. our onespecial, "e.t" and the big game. to find your channel, go to pop >> and of course we' also hooking one pop on the grammys and the os ton of excitement eahead. up next, we'll take you
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tomorrow night's screen actor's guild award. >> i finally have a boyfriend. i'm going to cry again. and grease live by the numbers, and you won't believe how many millions are at stake, as behind the scenes with second.
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>> that's straight ahe you are the one i want >> they looking ready to go, a that's a good thing because they only have a few more days before "grease live" airs on fox. this is crazy ambitious, spread out over multiple stages and the cast will be first to tell you that sunday's show is coming faster than grealightning. >> i'm so pumped. it feels so realnow. >> i have people keep a me
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a i'm not nervous n be. >> i'm so scared, but i think we'll be ready in time. >> i don't think it's going to hit me until that actualnight. >> it's a three-hour performance across two the massive sound stages and 21 is sets, time ever. >> you're going to have a live studio audience watching you while you're performing. does that add to the nerves at all? >> if anything it just adds to the energies and excitement. you're the o i want >> some of the shots that are happening are just like one contest shot and, like, they're following us for like five, six, seven straight minutes. and if you mess it up, well -- >> almost two months of rehear
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million budget going into the production. >> we're trying to re-create and do itexactly. there's definitely certain lines that are so and when you hear them, you just think "grease," so maybe we have to do the line a little bit like that. otherwise you'll be disappointed. >> we're adding a new on it. and the dancing is no joke, like we are sweating through our clothes day in and day out. >> who has best dance moves? >> that's everyone' >> going to say this, the show has so much going for it, great music, great cast, directedly thomas kail. >> speaking of winners, the screen actors guild awards tomorrow night and cameron mathisson is there. >> our "e.t" platform.
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ro now this show is so much fun because the cast of movies and tv sho all sit at one table and let me you, that champagne will definitely be flowing. sitting next to kate, a little "titanic" reunion. joe sitting next to his beautiful wife sophia vergara. tena faye, sarah silerman, just a comedy table right here. >> we try and mention it up. we also try to mix up film and television so that everybody has a and they all admire each other so they want to be near each other. >> "e.t" has been covering the s.a.g. ever since they began. and tonight we are flashing back to some amazing moments that have never aired on our show before. >> welcome to the 1998 olympics. >> at the s.a.g. awards.
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>> this has always been the show where the stars are a little looser. >> how do you feel? >> it's al >> come on. >> i love it, i love it. >> this is one step closer to the oscars? >> no this is just one step closer to getting to bed hopefully before 10:30 tonight. >> i have to try to eat. i lost my dog i canyon and was chasing him all day. >> ogod, i remember nothing except my little ego centric part of it at this point. >> i just watching the way justin was watching you when i took your pictuhe's like that's my lady right there. he gave you the look. >> aww, i love that. >> when i was 17 years old, i decided this is i'm going to do. >> there's been a few beauty malfunctions. >> here i am looking like this
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>> i am a mess, i curled my own hair today, and i had to get four different sets of curlers. i had half my head done, i ran out of curlers and i had to call my mom and she had to g to thrifties and pick up curlers. >> we found treasures looking through our vault. >> i was kind of in awe of everybod i felt like the guy who br the new york knicks to the basketball game. >> seconds afterwinning, the star's reactions. >> julia, are you shaking? >> i'm just over >> you ar >> i'm shaking. >> i am still shaking f standing up there, because i haven't had a chance to cutscuttle in and watch everyone else go through their night. >> oh, boy. >> this is what george and brad confessed about always wanting to pump other.
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career, that would make me the happiest. >> george says that he has this prank that he's been playing for twonow. >> i've got one for f years. i thought about a pre-emptive strike, but it would just get too ugly. i think we should just a take a truth right now. >> since that statuette does not have any clothes -- >> he does have a nice rump doesn't he? >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> could they model after your butt? >> no. >> me parents j-law style. >> are you proud to meet your lady? is. >> i feel like asecretariat in the derby. >> youdo? >> stay strong and be good to yourself. >> all right, always such a magical evening.
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year too and i can't wait to talk to all of them tomorrow. and in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays which past
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the answer is coming up next.m
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