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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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well, we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up we finally got a piece of the pie fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lot of tryin' that hill get up just to now we're up in the big leagues gettin' our turn at bat as long as we live it's you and me, baby there ain't nothin' wrong with that we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky
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movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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a toast to lionel, second in a long line of successful jeffersons. hear, hear! to lionel,an accomplishedbusinessman, a brilliantelectrical engineer,
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the way she wantsto be raised--rich! um, how about me? yeah, you, too. tell us more aboutthis new project, lionel. it sounds so exciting. it's just one account. yeah, but it's really big. congratulations, lionel. let's drink to your future and to electricity. may the sparks fly and produce us another grandchild. [cough] oh, hear, hear! lionel,are you giving upyour regular job? no, mom, not yet. eventually, i want to have my own electrical contracting company. i want to make it on my own, like pop. it takes a special kind of son to appreciate his father's greatness.
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all i've done on my own is a few odd jobs for you. lionel, you're the best. you put in that digital alarm clock next to our bed. all i had to dowas plug that in. oh, well. he knew right where the outlet was. it's obvious the kid's a genius. i wonder where he gets that from. thank you, thank you. listen, we betterget going. yeah, we're celebrating the meldons account. lionel's taking me to 21. 21? wow, i'm impressed! oh, that ain'tnothing. here, lionel.take her to 22.
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enjoy, kids. boy, my son is incredible, ain't he? he'll make a million bucks someday. i hope he'll be happy. will a million bucks make him suicidal? cash isn't the most important thing in the world. right. that's why god invented stocks and bonds. anyway,i'm really happy lionel is taking onsome outside jobs. the extra incomecertainly can't hurt. inflation is puttingthe bite into me. it's only fair. you put the bite into everything else. inflation hasn't hurt me. i'm sittin' on top of the world. may i offer a suggestion on what to do with the north pole? [telephone rings]
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you're just jealous, that's all. business is better than ever. everything i touch turns to gold. i can't remember the last time i had a problem. george, that was the fire department. your brooklyn store just burned down. why do these things always happen to me? i'll gowith you. no, it could be dangerous. you might get killed. come on, willis. right, george. oh! oh! oh, my store.
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willis! who are you? oh, he ownsthis rubble. name, sir? can't you read? it's on the door-- it's gone! there, there, sir. do you mind? there, there, george. i'll be checking the damage outside. everything is ruined, willis. there's nothin' left. don't be so hasty,george. there must be somethingyou can salvage. look! this piece of bronzesculpture is still intact. that's not sculpture. that was my cash register. i never claimedto know much about art. i just knowwhat i like. the expensive stuff is in back.
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ah! now, george, take it easy. it's not that bad. you still haveone wall. it's all gone, willis. the pressing machines, the steam compressor, the t-104 quiet front-loading static vac, all the things that made this place a home. ah! george, i just hada thought. willis, don't think, please. so far, nobody's been hurt. really. you've got insurance. you'll be reimbursed for all this, plus whatever it costs to fix the place up.
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hey, you're right. that's terrific, willis. if you were a girl, i'd... nah. [telephone rings] [ring] hello? this is jefferson cleaners. your clothes ain't ready! hey, willis, you sayinsurance pays for everything? sure. good. i always wanted a push-button phone. oh, man, what a fire, huh, willis? it even ripped the phone out of the wall. oh, hello, chief. have you looked around? yeah. it's pretty bad.
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let me think. yep. good. you've definitelygot a claim. hey, i'm rich. who can talk about money now? the cause of the firewas faulty wiring. wiring? you'll be ok. the guy whowired this placewill lose his shirt. george, what's wrong? i got a big problem. what?
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george, those things aren't candy. i can't help it.i feel terrible. even my headache'sgot a headache. i understand, george. have you gotten in touch with lionel?
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lord, i hope he ain't out doin' no more wiring. now, george. i'm sorry. all i can think about is lionel's career in ruins, like my store. it's all willis' fault. what? willis. he had jenny. lionel married her. they had a kid. he needed extra money. he took outside work. he wired my store. it burned down. damn willis. thank goodness your headache hasn't affected your sense of logic. [doorbell rings] lionel, i'm gladyou're here. hey, pop, what's up? lionel, we got to talk. well, i'm glad you called. i decided to start
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oh. your father means maybe this isn't the best time to start your business. with the meldons account, what could screw it up? oh. dad's the person to talk to about it. why did wename him lionel? it's hard tolive that downin prison. what are you talking about? i'll get youthe best lawyer. if he loses,i'll write every week. your motherwill bake you cookies. you might benumber 62489 to them, but you'll always beour little boy. he been sniffing cleaning fluid?
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do you know the brooklyn store? that's the one in brooklyn, isn't it? i rewired that store six months ago. you know that,and i know forget it. what's going on? lionel, you know the brooklyn store? we went through that. what happened to the brooklyn store? it burned down. how? fire. thanks, pop. what caused the fire? the wiring. i put in that wiring myself. i told youto forget about that. that wiring was not faulty. faulty is such a harsh word, son. you just put it in wrong, that's all. look, who said the wiring was faulty?
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just the fire marshal. oh. you need thatmore than i do. lionel, don't blame yourself. look, they've been studyin'electricity for years. nobody knowshow the hell it works. why would theyexpect you to? i'm telling you, that wiring was not faulty. you don't believe me. of course i do. a father alwaysbelieves his son. look, i know a guyin the passport bureau. i'll get youout of the countrybefore midnight. everythingwill be all right. i'm not filingno insurance claim. what? george, you lost a building,equipment, inventory. how much will that costto replace? i figured it out last night.
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there is no need to cover up for me. your father's just tryingto protect your career. if it was my fault, i'd take the blame. you could be ruined,but i won't let you. now,'re both right--i think. mom, he won't let me fight my own battles. he's treatin' me like a kid. he's not treating youlike a kid. relax, and i'llget you some cookies. pop, you've reallyhurt me here. i'm keeping you from bein' hurt. my bein' hurt is not the point. listen-- you don't believe me. i didn't say-- you don't believe me! why is he mad?
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i'm sorry to leave, but they need me at the help center. weezy, the wayi figure it, if you takea part-time job and give upbuying clothes and if i workseven days a week and eat whatwillis throws away, we'll havethe loss made upin 63 years. [doorbell rings] i wanted to have some cavities filled, but i'll let my teeth fall out.
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hi. stan green, mutual fidelity insurance. you must be mrs. jefferson. that's right. won't you come in? that's my husband george. let me say i'm saddened by the loss of your brooklyn store. fire is a terrible thing, but no one is hurt more than you and... louise. we here at mutual fidelity care about our clients, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. you know what i'm trying to say. your concern touches us, it's nice to know a big company, et cetera, et cetera. you know what i'm trying to say.
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let me assure you,mr. jefferson, that we at mutual fidelitystand squarely behind you, as long as you don'tstick it to us. that's a littleinsurance joke. and they say insurance people are dull. yeah, it's a bum rap. anyway, i haveyour report right here. you're a lucky suffered a total loss. i'm not filing a claim. according toyour policy, you're entitledto full compensation. i'm not filing a claim. we at mutual fidelityfeel-- you're not filinga claim? ok, what's your angle? i hate seeing you lose all that money. i smell a rat. aha! it says here
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any relation? to who? to you. me? my name is george jefferson. i don't see the connection. you're not protectinga relative? keep my son out of this. i mean, no. mr. jefferson,i'll have to revisethis report. mr. green, it could bring criminal charges. he could go to jail. it would be terrible. yeah,a name like lionel would be toughto live down. give me a break. i'm sorry.rules are rules, but there may besome hope. sometimes, because ofmistakes or oversights,
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to make room forsomething else, like... money? you're not suggestinga bribe, are you? oh, no, of course not. am i? look, i'm new at this. what are the going rates for this kind of thing, $40? that's not a bribe. that's cigarette money. this reportmight get lost eight or nine timesbefore it's officially gone. oh. $500? as the trainer saidto the elephant... $1,000. up, simba, up. $2,000. you're getting warmer. [doorbell rings] look,i'll knock off $100
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i don't know you. pop, it's really important. oh, "pop."this must be lionel. gee, he's young,and good-looking, too. should be popularin the big house. we'll be right back. i know you will. pop, what's goin' on? nothing. what did you want to say? i checkedthe brooklyn store. this is whatcaused the fire. my burglar alarm? shorted out, and it causedthe fire. your wiring wasn't faulty. faulty is sucha harsh word. i put it in right.
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i've made room in my briefcase. is there room enoughfor that? what's that? that caused the fire,my burglar alarm. i'm filing forthe full claim.don't lose it. what about our arrangement? the bribe? he wanteda bribe? yeah, but i ain't standing for no shakedown. now, just a minute! as the trainer said to the elephant, out, simba, out! you were great, pop. ain't it the truth? i just gotone question. what? why'd you name melionel?
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