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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up we finally got a piece of the pie fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lot of tryin' that hill get up just to now we're up in the big leagues gettin' our turn at bat as long as we live it's you and me, baby there ain't nothin' wrong with that we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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weez. weezy, honey. weez! hey! what's the matter? i'm in the moodfor love you scared me half to death. oh, i'm sorry, weez. well,now that you're up, how about it? how about it? just like that? i mean, this is your idea of romance? did you ever consider trying a little tenderness, like whispering in my ear or kissing me a little bit? if i had that muchtime to kill, i'd make myselfa sandwich.
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i'll go back to sleep. rise and shine, romeo. you woke me up. you're staying up with me. ain't you bein'kind of inconsiderate? you know how much trouble i had falling asleep. now i'll be up all night. stop worryin'about lionel and jenny. lots of peopleget robbed. be gladthey weren't home. if it could happen to them, it could happen to us. i'll get a fullproofsecurity system. what kind is that? i'll putflorence's pictureon the front door. [doorknob jiggles] it's the front door. it could be florence.
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why couldn'tthey be here? those two facestogether are betterthan a s.w.a.t. team. it's a burglar. go tell himwe ain't home. what are we going to do? call the cops. come on. i can't. why not? yesterday when we had that big argument, i stormed in here. i was so mad that i ripped the phone from the wall. they're coming to fix it tomorrow. oh, weez. [door slams] i'm goin' out there. not without me you're not. the two of us go, but not unarmed.
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we're supposed to beon the same side. [door creaks] right outside the door. stand back. i'm going out. freeze! i got him, weez! it's a gorilla! hey, wait a minute! florence! don't worry. i got her. i thought youwere at vera's. we had a disagreement. hey, hey.
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she invited him to spend the night. i wasn't stayin'. hey, hey! i'm sorry, mr. jefferson. it just felt so natural. the next time you mess with me, you might not be so lucky. as longas we're up, let's havesome hot chocolate. oh, that's a good idea. wait a minute,florence. what was that for? my new security system. george was never more terrified. you're forgettin'about the time i looked at florence'sbaby pictures.
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it had to to see your bald spot. [doorbell rings] it's sammy. everybody freeze! sammy, whatare you doing? it sounded like trouble in here. why did you ring? i couldn't just barge in. that wouldn't be polite. are you afraid of guns, florence? it's the bulletsthat worry me. if we had a gun, nobody would bother us. that's ridiculous! no, it ain't. i'd feel safer. i'll leaveif you get one. now we got to get a gun. you're just looking
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what's awful aboutprotectin' my family? louise, i used to feelthe way you do. i live alone now,and i fear for my safety. we need a gun. this whole subject has gone far enough. i forbid you to get a gun. but, weezy-- no buts about it. sweetheart-- the subject is closed. but-- no! i'm doin' it for you. that's all right,quick draw. you don't needa gun. you can alwaysshoot off your mouth. [doorbell rings] hey, charlie.
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in all the years i've known you, i've never made a social call, so i'm dropping by. you want meto pay my bar bill. come on in. my accountant's on vacation. my bills are pilin' up. it's not thati need money. it's just that the kidsare on my back about getting themsome food. winter's coming on, so the wife iswhining about heat. what do i owe? here's the tab, sir. i'll write you a check. hey, nice bar you got here, kind of a beginner's model. how about a drink? hey, charlie.
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that's whati'm here for. step right up.peanuts? yeah, don't mind if i do. say, charlie, do you ever worry about bein' robbed? robbed? no. wouldn't you feel safer if you had a gun? if somebodyrobs my bar, all they'll getis money. you canreplace money, but you can'treplace people. where you need a gunis in your home. to defend your loved ones. right. i know this guy. his wife won't let him keep a gun. your friend'sa real wimp. what? i mean, he is? i got this theory. a woman's a woman,and a man's a man.
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i've always beenkind of deep. if i were you, i'd tell thisspineless friend to stop lettinghis wife push him around. let himbuy a gun. there isjust one thing. what? i wouldn't tellmrs. jeffersonyou bought it. thanks, charlie. oh, thanks,mr. jefferson. keep the change. stop by again, sir. see you later.
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and i think your dad will go for it. for more info, there's a rating search app. and you can set parental controls at home alright thanks. i'll check that out. let's see if you can beat your old man at this one. game on. let's do this! [female narrator] check the ratings. because some games are for kids. some aren't. visit esrb dot org. i knowi have them somewhere.
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your keys, sammy. are you getting nervous? me? you mean sizzlingsammy gelson, nervous? oh, surely you jest. what was ilooking for again? oh, hi, there,george. how you doin', sammy? oh, hereare my keys. delores,wait for me inside. don't be too long. i've got to get back by tomorrow afternoon. george,i need help. hey, hey! have you tried oysters? i can't read women. i always preferred the braille method. i hope i getthrough this ok.
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i got to wait foreverto get a permit. by that time, i couldbe killed 10 times. the last nine are easier. sammy, hurry! i'm nothing but a piece of meat. hey. i got something that you want. why are youwhisperin'? you want a gun? shh! i followed youfrom the gun shop. maybe i can help you. look at my merchandise. i don'tknow your name, and youdon't know mine. sorry. i'm george jefferson. theodore boswell.nice to meet you.
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it's the walther p-38, heavy alloy,semiautomatic, with a 9mm parabellum. don't you have a metal one that shoots bullets? a connoisseur, huh? no, i just want an american one. this one isright up your alley. it's shoots bullets. even you can fire it. ain't that kind of illegal? so's whata burglar can do. i got to wait forever to buy a gun to protect myself from a criminal. the cops can't be everywhere. ain't nobody protectin' me but me. if you were selling,i'd buy. 250 bucks. i'll take it. you accept checks?
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may iuse our phone? help yourself. thanks. yeah, card number 4381-276-2-- i think everything's ok. why don't you just sign right here? it's beena real pleasure doing businesswith you. yeah. thanks a lot. i really appreciate this. i feel safer already. that's good. listen, i like to do something special
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have a mood ring on me. hey, thanks. peace. [musical theme fromthe good, the bad, and the ugly] what's that you called me? pip-squeak? short stuff? this town ain't big enough for the two of us. slap leather, florence.
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who is it? it's us, george. open up! our arms are full. ok. hold it, hold it. george! hi. oh, good. why wereyou playing the good, the bad,and the ugly? my stores are runnin' a clint eastwood promotion. yes, that's your grandpa. to0 bad youdidn't know him before senilityset in. hi, jessica. give your wealthy grandpa a great big smile. oh, she's a littletired, george. we've been shoppingall morning to replacewhat was stolen from lioneland jenny's. show me in the kitchen.
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you got kitchen stuff, don't you? you live in a living room. you go to bed in the bedroom. let's kitch in the kitchen. then we'll drive youto bellevue and watch you rubin the rubber room. good one, weez. i'll be right in. you're acting strange. strange? what are youup to? up to? must you answerwith a question? question? ok. you're hidingsomething.
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no. you locked florencein the boiler room. no, but a good thought. george. i'm not hidin' anything. it's something i want to talk about. well, maybei better leave. it's not about you this time. we ought to get a gun. oh, george,not again. yes, again. we've gone overthis before. a gun will make me feel safe in my own house. i'll be terrified. this is my house, and i do whatever i want. oh, please, weez! no. can't we talk this over? no! guns kill people.
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people kill people. mr. jefferson,that's bumper-stickerphilosophy. there's a lot of truth on the back of a buick. i don't wantto hear any more. why are you being so stubborn about this? guns scare me. you know what scares me? the thought of somebody breakin' in. if i had a gun-- [gunshot] what was that? where'sjessica? oh, my god. jess! jessica. jessica! she's ok. she's ok. give her to me. what's this doing here? where did this gun come from? dear god, you didn't! weezy, it was an accident. you got to believe me.
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i didn't think that-- right. you didn't think. you're right. i didn't think. look, i'm sorry. the gun goes, i swear. i'll take it to the police. jenny, can i hold her, please?
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