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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up we finally got a piece of the pie fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lot of tryin' that hill get up just to now we're up in the big leagues gettin' our turn at bat as long as we live it's you and me, baby there ain't nothin' wrong with that we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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ah! oh, my god! look at the monster. boy, that's the ugliest thing i've ever seen-- well, it's pretty ugly. it's pretty big, too. look at those tiny people trying to keep from getting stepped on. they must feel like you
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george, can wechange the channel now? not until my commercial comes on. oh, look! the radioactive ant is going to swallow tokyo. [burp] well, ain't this scary? i ain't seen nothin' on tv that's scared me yet. now a wordfrom our sponsor. hi, i'm george jefferson. ahh! have you ever beenrunning late in the morning and you accidentally spilljam on your blouse? oops. or mustard? oh, darn. maybe you'reat a french restaurant and you spill gravyon your skirt. there i go again.
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oh! take offthat skirt. and bring themto jefferson cleaners, seven locations,one near you. how convenient! don't ad-lib. maybe you're at the beach and you accidentally spillketchup on yourself. i must be all thumbs. just bring that bathing suitto jefferson cleaners. we clean everything. mr. jefferson, you're the best. you got that right. author, author! don't just sit there. tell mehow great it was. i think it's disgusting to advertise your cleaning stores by using a sexy body. weezy, i can't helpthe way i look.
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everybody else does it. how aboutdesigner jean ads? what sells themis what's in them. your commercial is offensive. florence, that's not fair. i didn't use the word offensive when you showed me your baby pictures. i think i'll lay down for a while. george, if youhad asked my opinion, i never would havelet you make that commercial. really? i'm glad i didn't ask you. i happen to be50% of jefferson cleaners. whdidn't youconsult me? i didn't want you to worry your pretty little head. you areincredibly sexist. [doorbell rings] you ain't too bad yourself.
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oh, come in. hi, louise. hi, george. louise, did we come at a bad time? we heard arguing from outside. george and i were having a discussion. the little womanthinks i'm a sexist. oh, no. what's the matter? helen and i were having an argument. you're arguing about the same thing. you were arguingabout my commercial? we were arguingabout a book tom's about to publish written by e.g. raymond,m.d., ph.d., and s.l.o.b. i saw him on donahue. he thinks that women are intellectually and physically inferior to men. that's the one. so?
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this is business. this bookwill make me money, money that will buy youpots and pans. pots and pans? pots and pans, i might add, be wearing. good-bye, louise. that was a poor choice of words. i better buy a box of candy. oh, and i'll get flowers for helen. willis don't knowhow to handle women. oh, and you do? certain-moi. if you'll follow meto the bedroom, i'll give you lessons. no, thanks, george. the way you teach
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weez, would you bring me some coffee? well, i don't know, george. my place is in the kitchen. you still on that? of course, dear. after all, i am the little woman. i'm here to please my man. my job is to stay barefoot and pregnant. just bring me some coffee.
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call meif you want anything. i'm here to serve. weezy. oh, yes, my king? i seem tsensea little sarcasm here. then you have no other choice but to beat me. i'll be waiting in the bedroom with the paddle. [doorbell rings] i'll get it. no! i don't want nobody to see you like that. george, i'm having trouble with helen. i got two pieces of advice. who cares, and get out. george, i need your help.
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well, you see-- george, aren't you going to beat me now? george,was that louise? no, no. that was a parakeet. we took it in. it was a victim of bird abuse. go on. helen's been yellingat me about that book since we left here. she doesn't understandthat it's business. of course not. she's a woman. i do respecther opinion. your company hired you, not her. your job is to bring home the bacon. her job is to cook it. that all soundspretty chauvinistic to me. i'm not a chauvinist. i'm a realist. in reality, a woman should stay out of a man's business.
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weezy didn't like my commercial. you know what my reaction was? too bad! she wasn't upset? of course not. now she can't do enough for me. look, she brought me coffee. helen pelted mewith bacon bits. willis, simply tell helen you are captain of your ship. a ship can't have two captains because the steering wheel is too small for four hands. i can't believe it, but what you saidactually makes sense. of course. i was in the navy. you made louisestay out of your business with a commercial. i'll make helen stayout of mine with a book. when the goin' gets tough,
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where are you goin'? i'm going to make it up to you for buttin' into your business. i was naughty. i forgot my place. i don't know if you mean it, but it's good to hear. where are you goin'? i'm going to your store to tell everyone who passes by that i was naughty. i forgot my place. you wouldn't dare. just try me, buster. come on, weezy.i'm sorry aboutthe commercial. we'll sit down and make upa new commercial, ok?
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i hope she wins. i live for the day a woman runs this country. [doorbell rings] i'll get that, beautiful. thanks,fluffy-wuffy. willis, what are youdoin' here? george, i'm in shock. refrigerator on the blink? no, helen's thrown me out. oh, that's terrible. what happened? i told her to stop arguing about that book. i told her i am captain of the ship. what did she say?
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you better find a place to stay. hustle over to central park. those benches go fast. why did you tell helen those things? that's not like you. i thought helen would act like you did. like i did? did you hear the one about the monkeyand the elephant? not now, georgiekins. why didn't you handle the situation the way george did? he realized his mistake and agreed that i had every right to be involved in his business. isn't that right, babydoll? george, can i speak to you in the kitchen? florence, would you excuse us? it may get nasty. you mean you might hitmr. jefferson?
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ooh, i havewaited so long! george told tomto say that? you got thrown out. look on the bright side. i'm happy. is somethin' the matter there,creampuff cheeks? you worm! i love-- say what? how dare you tell tom what to say to me? what? he's my best friend. and you should have known there would be some rough spots in your marriage before you married the bozo. why did you tell tomnot to give into helen and thenyou gave into me? i had to. you were barefoot and pregnant.
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then you didn't mean it when you said you'd change your commercial? no. helen, i understand there's a vacancy in your apartment. that's right. i'd love to have you as my guest. where am igoing to stay? here, with the captain in his dinghy. i'll send for my things. let's go, helen. you ain't leavin' me hereon the titanic. ok, go ahead. remember the womanwho wanted to be president?
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it's been a week. they'll be back in an hour. trust me. trust me. you know,i'd like to kill you, but i'm late for work. why didn't youwake me up? i had to iron your shirt, remember? oh, yeah. i'm sorry i saidi wanted to kill you. i'm in a bad mood. i don't know why. i'll beg helen to take me back.
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oh, george! i love what you've donewith the apartment. it looks like a page out of better homes and alleys. it's comfortable, ok? shouldn't you be at work? george didn't wake me. wait a minute! we took off from work today to do nothin' so we could see the world from a woman's point of view. let's not waste time talking to tomand the missing link. help me pick out which purse to taketo the concert tonight. george, they're having fun. so are we! we had fun last night. boy, me and willis toasted marshmallows last night. george,what's in that pan?
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are theysupposed to be gray? george, that's my sock. i've been looking everywhere for that. you know anything in the refrigerator is fair game. we've seen the living room. do you have the courage to see the bedroom? don't look in there. why not? because it's a little dirty. so, helen, have you been eating well? great. last night, florence cooked us a delicious dinner. what was it? willis! shut up, george. tell me. well, the shrimp cocktailwas just superb. the prime ribs just melted in my mouth. control yourself,willis.
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helen, please take me back. look, i'm wasting away. willis. i can't take living with george. you ought to see what he looks like in the morning. how could you desert me? i'd never do that to you. if you hadn't deserted me, i wouldn't be here eating my own clothing. stop messin' up the place. helen, i've missed you. i'm going crazy without you. i've missed you, too. i'm sorry i ignoredyour feelings about the book. i'll never do it again. that's alli ever asked. let's go home, snookums. just think, i spent five hours
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do you have anythingto say to me? how do you get shaving cream out of a toaster? good-bye, george. weez? what, george? can we sit downand talk? on that couch? there you go,sweetheart. whatever you do,don't slide your handunder the newspaper. ok, weez,over this past week, i've been doinga lot of thinking, and i realized something. thank goodness.
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like when i call youthe little woman. i apologize for that. you do? i understand a womanwould take that wrong. good-bye, george. i'm sorry, weezy. what do youwant me to do? say our marriage is a partnership. our marriageis a partnership. i wish you'd remember that i'm 50% of jefferson cleaners. you're more than that. you're 100% to mein my life. oh, george. captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. captions copyright 1982t.a.t. communications company
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well, we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky
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