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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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mister, we could use a man like herbert hoover again didn't need no welfare state everybody pulled his weight gee, our old lasalle ran great those were the days hello. i'm jerry mathers. i was the beaver in "leave it to beaver." a few years later, i was a type 2 diabetic. but i'm not anymore. diabetes causes neuropathy, blindness, and amputation. at its worst, it can kill you. today i want you to have a look at an amazing breakthrough that has stopped diabetes in its tracks for over 200,000 people just like you and me. now you can do the same thing, because it's all spelled out in a very special system called the diabetes solution kit. i urge you to try
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done-for-you program so you can finally live independent of drugs and insulin shots.
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here we go! ah, all right, all right. ah! sweet mystery of life at last i've found you [dramatically] ah! i know at last the secret of it all all the longing, seeking striving, waiting, yearning the burning-- oh, wait a minute! wait a minute i've got to get the chord. all right. right. the burning hopes
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[dramatically] for 'tis love and love alone the world is seeking and 'tis love and love alone that can repay 'tis the answer 'tis the end and all of living oh, wait! no! nelson never kissed jeanette 'til the end of the song! i'm sorry for it is love alone that rules for aye hi, ma! ah! it's so nice to come home and hear singing for a change.
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oh, good. the party's over. it's the wicked witch of the west. nothing you say is gonna bother me tonight, bigmouth, because i'm in too good a mood. stay right there, edith. you right where i want you. play another song. play another song? get away! which one? just play something happy. something happy? get away from me! blue moon edie, what are you doing? edie, why do you play that? that ain't a happy song. oh, it is to me. that's the first song we ever danced to. ah... this is... don't play-- edith, i hate it! don't play it no more! happy is fast. play something fast, like... we're in the money we're in the money we've got a lot of what it takes to get along forget it, edith. come on over here.
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there you are, edith. hey, take a gander at that. archie! there's something for you, little girl, huh. uh-huh. now, what are youse all standing there for? can't you say something? didn't you get anything for me? oh, yeah. yeah. yours is on order, meathead. we got you an electric power fork. get away from me! go ahead. open up your present there. well, what is it? it's perfume. oh! look at that! the best kind. look at the size of it. you know, i think they don't know what they're selling down at rudley's drugstore, because, you know, they've got the highest prices on them little nothing bottles. and they've got the low prices on these here. you should've picked her up a six-pack. michael! thank you, daddy. bubble bath!
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gee, daddy. it's really sweet of you, but what's the occasion? nothing! nothing! nothing at all. i mean, after all, can't a guy, every now and then, bring home a present for his family? sure he can, arch. but you never do. y away, huh? daddy, you've got to admit it's not every day you come home singing and handing out presents. well, maybe your father always wanted to, but he forgot, and today he remembered. is that right, archie? yeah. that makes sense, edith. like i'm sitting here, and i almost forgot to mention i wanted a beer. and now you're remembering? that's right. you see what i mean? he forgot that he wanted-- would you shut up and get me the beer. daddy, you can tell us. did you get a raise? no! no! nothing like that. if you really want to know, i'll tell youse this much.
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why are you standing there, edith? you lost a beer. i'll help you clean it up, ma. archie! you swore you would never do it again. do what again? gamble on the horses. who said anything about gambling on the horses? you just did when you said lady luck shined on you today. come on, edith. lots of people say that. i haven't heard you say that for 20 years. oh, archie. you broke your promise. listen, listen! edith, edith, it ain't what you think. now, just pay attention to me. barney heffner come up to me, see, and he says to me, "listen, i got a hot tip on a sure thing in the third." oh, archie! edith, don't be like this. oh! how could you do it? edith, it turned out good. look, a 40-to-1 shot. look what i got here. eighty dollars, edith.
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hey! that don't matter! you started gambling again! i did not start gambling again! this is a one-time and a one-time thing only-- what the hell are you looking at? edith, when barney asked me if i wanted to bet again, i told him no! n-o-w! no! honest? what do you want me to do? you want me to swear to you? okay, i'll swear. pinkie swear. oh, thank you, archie. that makes me feel much better. i'll get you a beer. no, no. never mind, edith. i'll get the beer myself. jeez, look at that all over the floor. reminds me of when we had arthur the cat. gee, ma. weren't you awfully hard on daddy? after all, it was only a $2 bet. oh, it ain't the money, gloria. it's the sickness. i don't want to live through that again. what sickness? the gambling sickness.
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you was 3 years old. the poker playing was bad enough, but then he started gambling on the horses and he couldn't stop! sometimes he'd lose his whole paycheck. gee, that doesn't sound like daddy. it wasn't him. it was the sickness. ma, how did you get him to stop? i packed a suitcase and dressed gloria up and told him i was leaving. happy days, everybody. well, look who's here. nick the greek. and look who's over there. stupid the pole. come on, daddy. don't start name-calling. don't talk to me. talk to your husband over here. you hear the wisecrack he laid on me? come on, arch, it was just a joke. ma was telling us about your gambling days, that's all. about what? what's wrong? we're all family here. don't remind me! telling them about my gambling days! i told you never to talk about that time!
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i was only out of the room one minute. you finished telling them that whole long story? whenever you tell me even a little story, it takes you forever. that's because you interrupt me. you keep saying, "get to the point, edith. get to the point." and that mixes me up and i lose my place. if i didn't interrupt you, you wouldn't know when you was finished. where are you going? edith, i'm going upstairs to the reading room. set the table. sure, ma. ma, were you really gonna leave daddy? why, yes, i really was. well, what would you have done then? get a divorce? no, gloria. never. i married your father for better or for worse. i'm just lucky the worse got a little better. [phone rings] i'll get it.
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no. he's busy right now. [toilet flushes] yeah. i'll give him a message. you put his bet down for him? another bet? yeah. i'll tell him. ten dollars on glow worm in the fifth. yeah. goodbye. edith. let me tell you something about beer. you can never buy beer. you can only rent it. oh, look at you, edith. you ain't got no sense of humor about certain things. did i hear the phone go off? yeah. well, who was it for? it was for you! for me? well, who was it, huh?
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hi, everybody. hi, gloria. hi, michael, honey. [both mouthing silently] hey, ma. mmm! something sure smells good. yeah. boy, am i starved. i'll do it tomorrow. ah, yeah, ma. that's a good idea. ah, tomorrow. we'll do it tomorrow. it's the best time to do it. michael. oh, boy. how long's she been like this? ever since i got home from school. it's 6:30. where's daddy? i know. it's strange. half-past feeding time and papa bear's not sitting at the table. well, maybe he got caught in the rush hour, same as i did. michael, did you know daddy slept on the couch last night? you're kidding me! was that his idea or hers? what's the difference? i'd just like to know. did he abdicate or was he dethroned? come on, michael. i never thought i'd see the day when ma would hit daddy.
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[laughs] it's the first time i ever saw your father with his mouth open and nothing coming out. well, we can't let her just sit there like that. let's go talk to her. ma. ma, is there anything we can do to help? oh, no. i don't think so, gloria. i've got to figure this out for myself. well, maybe it's not as bad as you think. i hope not. you don't know how bad the sickness can get. why, when we was living on union street, we had a used car. and one day, i was looking out the window and i saw a man driving off in it. i yelled at archie, "archie, there's a man stealing our car." he says, "he ain't stealing it, edith. i lost it to him last night." that's terrible. yeah. it was.
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and i shouldn't have hit him this time. ma, you couldn't help yourself. i couldn't help archie either. remember when you had the chicken pox, gloria? i didn't hit you. what's that got to do with anything? ooh, everything. gambling is a sickness, too. oh, i don't know what i'm gonna say to him when he comes home tonight. if he comes home tonight. oh, ma. of course he'll come home. i don't know, gloria. your father is a very proud man. he comes from a family where the women didn't hit their husbands. at least not when they was looking at them. ma, archie's had a whole day to think about this. by now, he probably realizes it's his fault. he's gonna walk in here, he's not gonna say anything about it. and i don't believe a word i just said. michael.
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i never hit anybody in my whole life. not even when i was a little girl. not even elsie lawler. elsie lawler? i haven't heard you talk about her. who's she? she sat behind me in fourth grade. ooh, she was so mean to me. what did she do? well, once in the playground, i was running after a ball, and she stuck her foot out and tripped me and i fell on my face and chipped a tooth. ma, i would've hit her! everybody wanted me to. jerry lawler offered to hold her so i could hit her better. her own brother. but i-- i couldn't do it. i gave it to her, though. i said, "all right for you, elsie lawler!" she knew i was mad at her.
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give us another beer there, will you, kelsey? you gonna drink your dinner tonight, arch? are you in the business of asking stupid questions or selling beer? i was just asking-- asking me a stupid question. can't you find nobody else to talk to? arch, there ain't nobody else in here. that solves your problem, then. shut up. hey, kelse! give me one of them tall, cold ones, huh? hiya, arch. don't be giving me that "hiya, arch" stuff, you crumb, you. hey, look, pal. i'm sorry that your horse lost. but i wasn't riding him, you know. that ain't the point. why did you have to call me up at my house? because i figured that's where your phone was. look at me, barney. i ain't laughing at that. ah! listen! edith was not supposed to know i was betting on a horse. oh! keeping secrets from the little wifey, huh? that ain't nice, arch. what did edith say when she found out?
6:17 pm
i get it. you're in the doghouse and you're afraid to go home, huh? i ain't afraid to go home. hey, arch. you want to get edith back in line, you got to do what i did. awwww-- what? when mabel gave me a bad time, i didn't stay out, i went home. but i ignored her, made believe she wasn't even there. ah, it wouldn't work with edith. i do that even when i ain't mad at her. arch, you don't understand. i gave her the cold shoulder. i didn't even go near her. not downstairs, nor upstairs, if you get my drift. oh, you done that, huh? for two whole weeks. drove her right up the wall. hee-hee-hee! ah, no, that'd be punishing edith too hard. you see, arch, there's your trouble right there. you're too soft-hearted. i know, barney. what am i gonna do? that's the way i am.
6:18 pm
then you'd better start hollering. when a woman gets out of line, she wants to be straightened out. they're just like kids. i know all that. yeah, i know you know all that. but what are you doing about it? hmm? huh? i'll show you what i'm gonna do about it. i'll see the two of youse later. go get her, arch! [laughs] what's with you, barney? did you see the look on his face? it's gonna be murder at his house. you've got him all steamed up. what are friends for? gloria! gloria! yeah, michael, what is it? i just saw your father turning the corner. he'll be here any minute. oh, ma. did you hear that? yeah. i ain't looking forward to this. now, don't you let him walk all over you. gloria, let me handle this my way. and, please, this is private between archie and me.
6:19 pm
i'm glad you're alone, edith, because there's some things-- you get away from me. huh? i said, you get away from me, unless you got something to say to me. i got something to say to you. you hit me! and you hurt me! and i demand an apology! it's you that's gotta apologize to me. i gotta? that's like asking pearl harbor to apologize to the japs! oh, archie. i don't want to argue. i've been worrying about you all day. yeah, well, you should've been! because you hit me and you hurt me. did i ever hit you for any reason? i never gave you any reason.
6:20 pm
you know, a lot of wives get belted by their husbands, whether they deserve it or not. archie, i could forgive you for hitting me, but i don't think i could ever forgive you for making me hit you. what does that mean? it means you lied to me. listen, edith, listen. you know, i still ain't got no feeling over here. i was standing right here, looking at you, smiling at you, and you slugged the smile right off of me. now, i demand an apology. archie, can i read you something? don't read me nothing, edith. i want an apology. this is an apology. well, i didn't ask you to write it out. but as long as you done that, that's okay too.
6:21 pm
"i'm sorry for what i've done. i don't know how i could have done such a terrible thing to someone who's been so good to me. i promise never to do it again. i hope you can forgive me." good. it ain't the fanciest writing in the world, but then you ain't no henry woolworth longfellow. it's an apology and, all right, then, i accept. i didn't write this, archie, you did. huh? twenty years ago, when i was gonna leave you because you was gambling, you wrote this. i did not! oh, yeah. see, here it is, your own handwriting. "dearest edith, i'm sorry--" don't read it again, will you?! now, you set me up for that thing, edith. but that don't count. you ain't gonna get away with it. that letter's too old.
6:22 pm
archie, all you've got to do is change the date on this letter and sign it right here under the p.s. that you wrote. see, "p.s., i swear to god i'll never gamble again." and while you're doing that, i'll tell you how sorry i am that i hit you. get me a pencil, edith! look at her, she whips it out like matt dillon. give it here.
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boy, the way glenn miller played songs that made the hit parade guys like us we had it made those were the days and you knew where you were then
6:28 pm
mister, we could use a man like herbert hoover again didn't need no welfare state everybody pulled his weight gee, our old lasalle ran great
6:29 pm
announcer [on radio]: the meeting was held in president nixon's office in the executive office building adjacent to the white house... [footsteps approaching] archie: edith! edith: oh, good morning, archie. listen, never mind the good morning. just do me a favor, huh? next time you get up at the crack of dawn, don't wake me up to tell me it ain't time to get up. and you, meathead, turn off the garbage on that radio. okay. i thought you'd be interested in hearing what king richard was up to today. and shut that hole in the middle of your face too, huh?
6:30 pm
thank you. cookies? oh! that's what had her up in the middle of the night? the cookies are for henry jefferson's farewell party. oh, i know all about it. jeez, the whole street is going crazy just because one colored guy wants to leave home. i thought you'd be leading the cheers. i ain't going nowheres near that party. that's because you're a racist, daddy. that ain't so! i would say goodbye to lionel's uncle henry. i ain't gonna have nothing to do with lionel's old man because he's an oddball. what do you mean he's an oddball? well, look at the guy. you never see him. he's hiding out in his house all the time like some phantom of the opera. oh, archie, henry jefferson is gonna be so disappointed if you don't go to his party. just yesterday he told me if there was one person he'd be happy to say goodbye to, it was you. don't try to butter me up, huh, edith?
6:31 pm
we're practically their closest friends. closest friends? what are you talking about, huh? their closest friends are still shrinking heads in africa. are they the ones who shrunk yours? [doorbell rings] i ain't arguing with you. don't start with me. i'll get it. daddy, you're grouchy this morning. and you too, little girl. well, you are. listen, let me tell you something. hi, lionel. you can take the coloreds out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the-- oh, hi, lionel. hi, mr. bunker. sorry to interrupt your lecture on anthropology. mom just asked me to stop over and borrow some big dishes. oh, yeah, sure. i'll get them. i'll give her the good ones. hey, lionel, i'll bet your uncle henry's pretty excited, huh? oh, yeah, yeah. he's really looking forward to it. oh, well, you must be looking forward, at long last, to getting your own bedroom, huh, lionel? i always had my own room, mr. bunker. well, where's henry been sleeping? up in the attic? no, he's got his own room too. wait a minute, wait a minute.
6:32 pm
your mother and father's got a bedroom... you've only got two bedrooms. no, we've got three bedrooms. you telling me your house is bigger than mine? sure. you didn't know that, mr. bunker? i've got a room, he got a room... all god's children got room [singing indistinctly] [inaudible] hmm would you cut it out, lionel? jeez. i ask you a simple question, you give me the mills brothers. [doorbell rings] i'll get that. here we are. why can't youse people do nothing unless youse are singing? mr. lorenzo! [singing fanfare] archie, ain't that wonderful? what's wonderful? it's just a cake. oh, no, it's not just a cake, archibald. don't call me that, huh? this is a sublime creation. lighter than the lightest feather. a franco lorenzo masterpiece.
6:33 pm
with these very hands. a seven-layer cake with my own secret surprise. nine layers. oh! if that cake is for the jeffersons, why are you bringing it over here? oh, the cake is a surprise, archie. i'm gonna take it over there later. thanks, mr. lorenzo. that was real nice of you. oh, non fa niente, lionel. i'm only sorry that i won't be there to see the ecstasy on your face when you bite into it. oh, why? can't you make the party? no, i'm afraid not, lionel. irene and i have to rush down to miami. our oldest boy, tony, broke his leg at a football game. oh, that's too bad. i didn't know your son played football. he don't. he was just running to get a good seat. did i have him fooled? ha, ha, ha! don't poke me, huh? no. don't worry. tony's fine. i was just kidding. oh, that's good. but we have to get away for the weekend. a sales convention i promised to attend. sorry, lionel. no, it's okay. which reminds me. did you hear about the salesman
6:34 pm
no. what happened? it was the first time a bull ever threw the salesman. ain't that awful? ha, ha, ha, ha! stop poking me, huh? that joke is exactly 100 years old today. so, everybody, all together. happy birthday to it happy birthday to it happy birthday, old joke happy birthday to it oh! oh, my! ain't he clever? lionel, here are the plates your mother asked for. and wait a minute. you might as well take the first batch of cookies. hey, lionel, where's your uncle henry moving to?
6:35 pm
what? dutchess county? they ain't gonna let your uncle in there, lionel. dutchess county don't even let the heebs in. well, when we get there, we gonna let a whole bunch of them in. here are the cookies. oh, thanks, mrs. bunker. see you later. and besides, lionel, where would your uncle get the cash to go into business for himself? oh, that's easy. he's been saving his welfare checks. what, lionel? are you telling me he's been doing that while he's working at the same time? sure. don't you read the papers? that's how we all get rich. that kid, he's never gonna be serious as long as that he lives. daddy, now's the perfect opportunity for you and lionel's father to get together. what's so perfect about getting together with a guy that treats me as if i was the one who was the colored guy? edith, look at this toast. it's stone cold. oh, i'm sorry, archie.
6:36 pm
that would have been a good time to serve it to me, then, huh, edith? no. you weren't awake then. i'm awake now. yeah, i know. get hot toast! yeah. right away, archie. daddy, do you have to treat ma like she was a slave? i treat her like a housewife. case closed. [knocking at door] oh, hello, louise. come in. is there something wrong with the cookies? no, edith. the cookies are just fine. it's george that's giving me the problem. what do you mean? well, i thought i could get away with it just this once. but he says no integrated parties in his house. oh. oh, i wish there was some other place we could have the party.
6:37 pm
oh, edith! you're a doll! i'll bring the stuff over right away. oh! louise! oh, no! louise? archie: i want hot toast! yeah, coming, archie. coming right away. i'm sorry, archie, but louise was telling me that her husband won't allow the party over at their house. oh, well, that figures. trust that guy to put the kibosh on a party after promising to have one over there. you wouldn't catch me doing that in a million years. oh, archie! i'm so glad to hear you say that, because i told louise she could have the party over here. you told--? stop eating there. stop eating there!
6:38 pm
well, get on the blower there and untell her. whoa, whoa! here we go again. you know you're the last holdout? archie, don't you see? the crisis is over. what crisis? black people have arrived. they're here. i ain't letting them in. daddy, not here. here! congratulations, meathead. you finally drove her nuts. when are you gonna wake up to facts, archie? black people are coming on economically, politically and socially. the tide has turned. that's what i mean when i say that the crisis is over. will you turn that record over? and will you do what i tell ya? call them and tell them they can't have the party here. don't do it. get on that phone. archie-- get on the phone. don't do it, ma. on the phone. on the phone. don't do it. don't do it. on the phone. ma, you got rights in this house too. we all got a say in what goes on. but what i say goes. oh, no! oh! well, all-- okay. all right.
6:39 pm
your mother invited them. oh, yes! archie, you're the one that doesn't want them here. tell them they can't come. edith-- he's right, archie. well, i ain't gonna turn them away. oh, good! i'm gonna get the hell outta here! oh, see him running. look at him running. have your dumb party, but have it without me. i ain't gonna be here. you know why? because you're chicken. get outta here. you're scared of meeting george jefferson. get away. look at him running away. chicken. chicken. [imitating chicken] ah! put a lid on it. put a lid on it. oh, thanks, archie. here's the pie, edith. and i'll bring the rest over later, if i don't get too mad at george and throw it at him. what's the matter now? well, he said, "you can give the party at the bunkers'," but he ain't gonna be at it. oh! george ain't coming to the party, huh? oh, gee. ain't that too bad? [chuckles] give him a message for me, will you, louise?
6:40 pm
just tell him he's a: [imitates chicken]
6:41 pm
wake up in your first home. wake up in a home you've made a bit bigger. wake up in a home with a new address. wake up in a home that doesn't even have an address. as your life evolves, your dream home evolves too, and protecting it takes committed support. at american family insurance we support your dreams. see how you can save with
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so, jefferson, you're going into business for yourself, huh? yeah, bunker, there comes a time when a man's gotta get out on his own, know what i mean? yeah, well, i used to think about that from time to time but i didn't wanna let the other guys on the job down, you know? oh, you've really got a big heart, archie. yeah, well, they all depend on me down there, you know, and, uh, one of them's a colored guy too. what do you mean "one of them's a colored guy too"? don't tell me all of these years you've been passing? you know what i mean. i mean he's a colored guy like other colored guys. and all of them look alike to you. not this guy. he's 6'7".
6:43 pm
don't you think it's too early? not for me, ma. i'm ready right now. let me help you, edith. and this colored guy i'm telling you about, would you believe it, he makes as much money as me? then he must be twice as smart as you. how do you get to that? well, that's the way it works out any time you got a black and a white guy doing the same job. no, it don't work out that way. yes, it does work out that way. any time you got a black guy and a white guy going up for the same job like, uh, running for mayor, if the black guy wants to get elected, he knows he's gotta be twice as smart as the white guy. oh, i don't think so at all. if you're talking about that election out there in california, no one's gonna tell me that that guy bradley is twice as smart as the other guy yorky.
6:44 pm
you're damn right, i'm right. bradley is 10 times as smart as "yorky." we'll be eating in a couple of minutes. that's just stupid there, jefferson. besides, uh, getting elected, there's more to that than just being smart. there is, huh? then how come we don't have a black president? i mean, some of our black people are just as dumb as nixon. you ain't got a black president, jefferson, because god ain't ready for that yet. wait a second. what?! that's right. god's gotta try it out first by making a black pope, which he ain't done yet. oh, well, maybe that's because god ain't catholic. we know that, lionel. can't you men change the subject? yeah, gloria's right.
6:45 pm
oh, boy. is that all you can talk about, whether a black man or a white man should be president? well, what do you wanna talk about, little girl? how about a woman president? oh, holy cow. a woman president? mr. jefferson, this may come as a big surprise to you, but women are much more oppressed than blacks. i don't see no ghetto for women. what do you call a kitchen? i call it a prison. stay out of this, louise. you're talking foolish. do you know what shirley chisholm said? shirley chisholm said that she ran into more discrimination because she was a woman than because she was black. that's why she didn't get elected. right. because she was talking foolish. mr. jefferson, she wasn't talking foolish. the business world has been doing the same thing to us now that they've been doing to you. they're hiring token women.
6:46 pm
not funny, michael. i'll see you later. mr. jefferson, you've come a long way, baby. but from now on, it's we women who have to overcome, right? you know what i think? what, ma? i think we ought to eat. that's right. and this is what i like to see. the women serving it up and the men eating it up. ha, ha, ha! and look who's first on the line here. oh, oh. come on, mr. liberal, huh? how about a little equal rights with the serving spoon here, huh? look at him heaping his plate. what, have you got friends on the porch? i still think george will come. after all, he's your own brother. uh, i don't think he's gonna come, edith. he just ain't got none of that, what do you call, family unconscious, you know? hey, wait a minute. wait a minute. what do you mean by that, bunker? i didn't mean nothing wrong.
6:47 pm
what do you call, elder cleavage, said. i mean, he was the guy that said that your black families, like, they all shot to hell because you're all on the streets when you're 10 years old. that's what he said. how are you gonna raise a family on the streets with no beds or toilets? why are you looking at me that way? did i say something wrong? bunker, you know more about black people than anybody i ever met. are you sure that somewhere inside you don't have one teensy, weensy drop of black blood? come on. i ain't got none of that. no. then how come you got kinky eyebrows? i ain't got kinky eyebrows. i got my uncle roy's eyebrows. and i ain't got colored blood, lionel. yes, you have, archie. what?
6:48 pm
go on over there and mingle, will ya? the whole point i'm trying to make is that, uh, you take these things like, what do you call, loyal and love. well, your colored families, they don't feel them things like your colorless families. henry: listen. i got something to say. now, gather round, everybody. i'm gonna make a toast to archie. edith: oh! archie: yeah. gloria: a toast for my daddy. it's been a great experience living on this street and watching this wonderful family of edith, gloria and mike. i wanna thank you, bunker, for letting me know and letting me see that some white folks are better than other white folks. well, i wish the whole world could learn that. archie, why don't you toast henry now? oh, all right, i will. george: oh, no, you don't.
6:49 pm
who the hell is that? that's pop. oh! let me get that. get away from that door, meathead. get over there. archie, let him in. edith, edith. back. back. i'll handle this. hey, jefferson, are you asking to come into my house? no, bunker. i wouldn't come in there, not even if you got down on your hands and knees and sang "mammy." hey, jefferson, i don't blame your kid brother for leaving home. if i was your brother, i'd leave home too. if you was my brother, i'd cut my throat. if i was your brother, i'd give you the knife. oh, come on in, pop. george: save your breath, lionel. i wouldn't come in there if he was the last white man on earth. aha! watch this. watch this. ha-ha! you're in. no, i ain't. i'm out. if you're on my stoop, that's the same as being in my house. stoops don't count. stoops always count. stoops never count. don't turn your back on me. oh, there you are. that's in. now you're in. you're in for sure. so, finally, the great jefferson,
6:50 pm
is into the house, all duded up with a flower in his lapel there. or is that one of them things that squirt in your eye? no, it's real. i wear a fresh one every day. ah! you don't blow money on a fresh flower every day. no! i steal one every day from a blind flower girl. he's joking. george, they don't know you here. he's joking. louise. i'll tell them when i'm joking. i was joking. bunker, i'm just gonna say what i have to say to my brother and get out. i'll gladly hold the door for you. henry, when i was a kid, i was always asking mom for a brother. you know how poor we was. so all we could afford was you. oh, george! he's kidding. he's kidding. louise. never interrupt a man when he's toasting.
6:51 pm
the trouble with being a brother is that sometimes you can't always say the things that you really feel. you know, like how good it is to have somebody around to rap to or somebody to kind of pick you up, you know, when you're so low that you have to reach up to touch bottom. well, you know i'm not much of a talker. but there's one thing that needs to be said. i love you, brother. oh, man, you're always doing that. stealing everything that's mine. say what? i was gonna toast those very words to you myself. ah! black families don't feel love, huh, arch? why is it you can always remember everything except how to work? wasn't that a nice toast? yeah, it was all right. you better believe it was all right. i thought it was a nice toast.
6:52 pm
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