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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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hi, dad. what you doing? i'm working on my new documentary, the industrialization of mexico-- from nacho chip to microchip. i wrote that line. it's a killer, dad. well, th-- ohh. steven, are you working again on a saturday? it's just some extra pbs work.
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even during the week, it's debatable. the doctor said that since your heart attack, you should destress your life and try to relax. you need a hobby. i hate hobbies. hey, hobbies are terrific. i got a million of them. how do you fit theminto your busy schedule? call me when my friend arrives. what friend? just someone from school. he--i mean he/she is helping me bake stuff for my french club bake sale. wait. he--he/she? this person's a friend. i don't see how gender enters into it. mal, is this a good color for me? yes, jennifer. you're going to knockhis/her eyes out. jennifer, is this, uh... is this frienda boyfriend?
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he's sweet, he's shy, he walks me to all my classes. i'm not sure he likes me, but he's been hanging around my locker lately. does he lean against the locker with one hand? yeah. oh, jennifer, then you're practically engaged! i'm so happy for you! oh... wait a minute. he's shy. he walks. he can lean on one hand. that's one way to choose a mate. it's better than you did. you might know him--josh wakefield. josh wakefield, jeff wakefield's little brother? or a little brother/sister? great. jeff wakefield. who is jeff wakefield? mallory dated him when she was in high school. he broke my heart. he went awayto college
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i walked into his dorm and found himkissing another girl. i was a messuntil i met you. you're wonderful. jeff wakefield'sa complete jerk. he's also my friend. well, they're not mutually exclusive. i'm beginning to like this jeff guy. what? if he'd never broke up with you, we never would have gotten together. damn that jeff. he was a nice, shy boy. remember he'd come over, he couldn't even knock on the door? mom, that's because he was standing out there thinking of ways to dump me. i thought he was nice. he'd call you pal. remember his goofy, high-pitched laugh when he got nervous? the deranged little cackle? heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. he sounded like flipper.
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i hope josh didn't get lost. josh! hi. come on in. hey, pal. josh, these are my parents. all of them? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. he doesn'tsound like flipper. he soundslike shamu. well, josh, we better get baking. jeff? this batch is almost done. all we have to do is glaze the cinnamon rolls. jennifer, you gota little flouron your nose. oh, gosh. is it gone? no, it's on the side. ow!
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yes, but it was the nicest poke in the eye i've ever received. hi. hey. hi. jennifer,can i talk to you? i think you wenta little overboard powdering your nose. you don't think it's a good look for me? oh, god, no. i'm going to freshen up. can you stir that? hey, mallory, my brother jeff said to say hi. oh, as if i care. huh? uh, i--i said, oh, have you been to the world's fair? i could have sworn you'd said, "as if i-- ow! so how is jeff doing? well, after jeff graduated summa cum laude in french from princeton, he landed a job in paris-- vice president
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i guessjeff's too busy to havea social life. he hasn't gone out much since getting married, and gigi likes to relax when she gets home. she says it's really tiring being an astrophysicist. oh, shesays that, huh? in french. she sounds charming-- charmante. i knewjeff would marrya bookish little girl. gigi's tall. she used to be a model. [whistles] oh, she couldn'tmake it as a model. she had to becomean astrophysicist. how about you? how you doing? i got into princeton, early admissionjust like jeff, and i'm going to majorin french, too, like jeff.
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yeah. i plan to follow in his footsteps. jeff's kind of my-- my hero. ok, how do i look? great. how's that glaze coming? great. it looks like it's done. josh, we better get to the bake sale. i told rebecca phillipsi'd give her a ride, too. ok. see you guys. what do youthink of that? he's takingrebecca phillips to the bake sale, too. wow. we better call the bakery cops and bust his crullers. ok, steven, you can start relaxing now because we have the hobby of your dreams. remember your favorite toy?
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elyse, a train set! that's a great idea. oh, i used to love those freight trains climbing rugged mountains, crossing raging rivers, all of them pulled by that mighty locomotive. it doesn't look very mighty. all right,it's mighty...tiny. but it comes withgreat accessoriesfor the village. look at this. a miniatureyoung republicansheadquarters with cute littleminiature young republicans running hitherand thither. they're not hithering in my village. dad, come on. look at the box. hi, mom.where's jennifer? at the bake sale with josh. still? when i have kidsthe rule will be no more than four hoursat bake sales. anything over that,they're grounded. what has gotten into you? i don't know, mom.
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i don't trust josh. why do you say that? mom, i care about jennifer. josh worships jeff. josh will do everything jeff did. josh will jilt jennifer just as jeff jilted me. gee. judging by jeff, jen and joshare really jinxed. jell-o? no, thanks. history doesn'thave to repeat itself. josh and jen areunique individuals in a unique relationship which apparently revolves solely around baked goods. elyse. alex isn't playing trains fair.
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mallory. guess what happened. josh asked meto the senior prom. isn't thatincredibly romantic? i don't know, jen. you were happy for meearlier. i didn't know who he was. i have to tell you. i don't like josh. you don't like himbecause he's jeff's brother. jeff led me on and dumped me, and josh will do the same to you. why are you trying to ruin this for me? jennifer, i'm saying thisfor your own good. i'm your big sister. i thought you were more than my big sister.
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excuse me. excuse me. hey, girls, how we doing, huh?
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i don't want that. who wants ice cream? i know more aboutthe world than you do. the world of culottes, maybe. frozen yogurt, tofutti, i'm flexible here. i can't believeyou said that. just because jeff dumped-- girls, girls, whoa, whoa, whoa. what the hell is going on here? mallory doesn't like josh. she's not giving him a chance. you're notthinking clearly. mallory, i can't believe-- josh worships jeff. wait a minute, wait a minute! wait a minute. mallory, jennifer, you're my sisters. i love you both very much. and it pains my heart to see you fight...
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so please, do it in another room, all right? thanks, alex. ok, i'll tell you what. i'll mediate your dispute. please don't. just like when you were little, i'd settle your arguments fair and square. you always sidedwith jennifer. i won't this time, ok? i'll listen to each of your complaints, and i'll find a solutionthat will satisfy both of you. jen? ok. if i want to go out with josh, mallory should butt out. i just think jennifershould go slow with josh. slow. butt out.
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oh, that's not fair! yes, it is, mallory. if you got to know josh, you wouldn't say these things. that gives me an idea. why don't you and me and josh and jennifer go out for dinner? that's a great idea. what do you say? what if afterwardi still don't like him? i don't know. i only get one idea at a time. so, josh, you'refluent in french. say something. you're putting him on the spot. just tell me a word,like for instance, what's the frenchword for, uh... i don't know,say, uh... croissant?
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hey, so french and englishare the same, huh? basically. so, what elseis going on? josh got accepted early admission to princeton. hey, early admissionsto princeton? you must be pretty excited. or as they say in french,pretty excited. yeah, my brother jeff went there. says you can meet interesting people. really? yeah, college can open a lot of doors, both academically and socially. do tell. so, uh... you're going tothe prom, huh? great. isn't it? i never went. how come? i was never in schoolwhen the year ended. getting back to your social life, what will you be doing? in the fall, i'd go to football games. alone, or with someone?
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hush, i'm just curious. josh? mallory! jennifer! who here can rolltheir tongue? jennifer has a right to know where this relationship is going. mallory,leave him alone. i don't know what's going on, but this wasn't a good idea. i'd better go. wait, josh. i'm sorry. i've got to go. thanks a lot, mallory. so long, or as theysay in french-- oh, nick! all right? yes! ok. ok. we did it. ok. ok. what's next? uh, glue, glue,glue, glue. one drop in eachof the slots.
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ok. ok. ok. there you go. i can't do it, alex. i haven't got the hands anymore. you can do it, dad. you're a champ,you're a winner, you're a modelbuilding machine. yes! yes! ok. all right. yes. go for it, dad. tab 82... in slot a. it's done. ok. ok.take a break. it's all's all right. tab 83... it's done. yes! one more, dad. thank you, alex. thank you. one more, buddy. thank you. thank you. yes. done!
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alex, i love it. we've done it. we've builtour very own republican savingsand loan. alex, this... is an authentic replica of a wild west saloon. no, it's not, dad. i mean, dad,look, look. what are all thosebankers doing in there? those aren't bankers, those are drunken cowboys. dad, they're bankers. alex, don't touch it. look, dad, tell me-- alex, no! oops! now look what you've done. how's yourhobby coming, honey? oh, it's tremendously relaxing, elyse! the trains are so small you can barely see them. alex has turned the village into a bastion of republican banking. you can hardly put the buildings together, and when you can, you glue yourself to them.
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i got to make a presentation tomorrow with a saloon stuck to my hand. it's a republicansavings and loan, dad. hi, honey. where's jennifer? oh, she ran outof the restaurantafter josh. oh, dear. i'm sorry. why? i started asking himall these questions, mom, to find outif he was like jeff, and i went too far. i alienated josh,i mortified jennifer... i made a complete foolout of myself. nick have a good time? yes.he learned french. even if she's making a mistake there's nothing you can do. it's the only way she's going to grow up. in other words,butt out.
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i'll be upstairs. how did thingsgo with josh? fine. fine. he's a really sweet guy so he didn't hold anything against me. you're another matter, however. jennifer, i'm sorry.i'm really, really sorry. you had no right to do that. i'm old enough to handle these things. i know that... in my head, but in my heart you're still my baby sister. before you were born, i used to dream about having a little sister. when you came along i was so happy. glad i could help. i used to sneak into your nursery and look at you through the bars of the crib and talk to you.
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not offhand. i promised to be the best big sister in the world and to protect you and teach you. you've always been therewhen i needed you. oh, sure, when you were a toddler i taught you how to catalog shop, but then when you got older you went in a different direction. i mean, books and school and intellectual discussions... things i don't know anything about. and i realized that you're not like me. you're like alex. that's an awful thingto say. i'm sorry, i'm sorry. forgive me. what i mean isthat alex took over and became the onewho gave you advice and that youlooked up to. i know we don't have a lot in common,
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i value your opinion. otherwise i wouldn't care what you thought of josh. that means a lot. i'm sorry i didn'tgive josh a chance. think you'll ever change your mind about him? we'll go out aftermy scurvy clears up. i'm surei'll like him. you're on, mal. and mal? yeah? i still love you, big sister. jen, i love you, too. or, as the french say,i love you, too.
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