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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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movin' on up to the east side movin' on up we finally got a piece of the pie fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lotta tryin' just to get up that hill now we're up in the big leagues gettin' our turn at bat as long as we live it's you and me, baby there ain't nothing wrong with that well, we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky mo-ooh-vin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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tom, i'm sorry we were gone so long. three hours. were you bored? no. george and ihave had a swell time. haven't we, george? go home, willis! oh, that george. he can't stopkidding around. he will, after he sees this bloomingdale's bill. ladies, let yourcredit cards cool off.
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television-- that's all you ever do. go out and get some fresh air. i did that this morning when i took my weekly constitutional. your weeklyconstitutional? yes. every saturday morning, i love to stroll up lexington avenue to krausmier's bakery. you know, to see the doughnuts come off the belt. must you share that with us, tom? a krausmier doughnutis more than a doughnut. it's a perpetual tributeto the taste buds. by the way, florence, i saw a woman who reminded me of you. i didn't knowlena horne was in town. well, it wasn't exactly lena horne.
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but an attractive bag lady. well, anyhow, she was about 60. instead of crusing comfortably through her golden years, the poor woman spends her days rumaging through garbage, searching for her next meal. exactly what was itabout this woman that reminded youof me? you two were wearing the same dress. thank you forbrightening my day. tom, you could brighten ours, too, by shutting up. i didn't meanto be morbid, but seeing that womanmade me realize how fortunatewe all are. we're provided forin our old age. our company'spension plan is solid. yes. george and i are pretty lucky. he's got plans for us after he retires...
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florence, what will you do when you retire? i'll just find a garbagecan to rumage through. luckily, i alreadyhave my dress. no. i meant the money in your pension plan. i ain't gotno pension plan. nice going. you've made her feel bad. well, now, florence. i'm sure you've been preparing. i'll bet you've got quite a savings account. $37.22. oh. well... who knows what $37 could be worth... 20 years from now? well, excuse me. i think i hear george calling me. oh, coming, george!
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that's so obvious, i'm surprised you haven't thought of it yourself. well, child,lay it on me. well... uh... tell her, helen. well, now, maybe you could win a lottery. or something. well,that's comforting. by the way, do you think this baggoes with this dress? oh, florence. oh, florence, wait. you know, i must confess. until right now, i never thought of your retirement. but i promise to speak to george about it. no, it's my problem. so i'll kneel downand talk to himface-to-face.
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go home, willis! i'm getting the feeling i'm not wanted around here. come on, helen. let's go. ok, tom. so long, louise. and, florence... good luck. thanks, mrs. willis. so long, helen, tom. go ahead, florence. ask m. i'll wait untilhe's in a good mood. by that time, we'll all be retired. you're right.i better ask him now. so, mr. jefferson,how you feeling? fine. want thatpillow fluffed? no. i buy my pillows already fluffed. i'm comfortable, thank you. my granddaddywould say, "there are timeswhen you're comfortable "and timeswhen you thinkyou're comfortable. "even when you thinkyou're comfortable,
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by somebody who caresif you're comfortable." your grandfather said that? is he dead? well, then, he's comfortable. i want to fluffthis pillow! there. wasn't mygranddaddy right? get out of here. those footsies wouldbe more comfortable up on thatcoffee table. they can't reach it,but i could move it. florence, what do you want? what do i want? why, to serve you, to make you happy. go buy me a box of havana cigars. ok. where? cuba. if you see fidel, insult his mother. he likes that. oh, youlittle dickens! you're so funny!
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just give me five minutes. we know each other. whatever it isyou want, you can rest assuredthe answer's no. i haven't even asked about my pension plan. pension plan?forget that. what happens when i'm old and can't work? you should've thoughtabout that five yearsago when it happened. leave me alone.i'm watchingtelevision. oh, no. we're going to talk. the willises have a pension plan. you have a pension plan. what have i got? crow's-feet. i'd scalp you but nature beat me to it. i don't think you two settled this. it's settled. i ain't got no pension plan
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florence, where's my breakfast? "george jefferson is unfair! he's short with no hair!" weezie, honey. sweetheart, would youget my breakfast? the silent treatment? that sign won't do any good. ain't it low enough for you to read? look, weez. deep down inside, despite this pension thing, you still love and respect me, right? i guess i'll have breakfast
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and the willises are good friends. unfair! unfair! i should skip breakfast. i could stand to shed a few pounds. you can't keep upwith the wayyour hair sheds. look, florence. could you get my paper? i guess i got to callmy only friend in the building. hello, ralph. grab me a paper. i don't care if zsa zsa's on merv. thank you. george,when is all this going to getthrough your brain? everybody thinksyou're wrong. your friends arepicketing the hallway. everyone isagainst you! [doorbell rings] weezie, you're exaggerating.
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ahh! george, doesn't all thistell you something? yeah. pointed-toe shoes are back in style. [doorbell rings] florence, get this one. ok, ok. ralph.that was quick. i flew here on winged feet. i was turned into a virtual hermes. whatever you got,don't give it to me. the paper? right here, sir. oh, well, uh... mr. jefferson, i can't give you this. although i admire you as being great and generous, florence's strike needs my complete sympathy and support. striking for a better lifestyle is as american as apple pie.
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out of my way, commie. what about all the sympathy and support? a friend's a friend and a buck's a buck. and frankly, my friend's always been a buck. here's 20 bucks.destroy those picket signs. there's anold lady with one. kick her for me. i couldn't do that. here's five more. i don't discriminate against age. george, everybody'sagainst you. please give florenceher pension plan. as thesay in american, "uh-uh," in russian, "nyet," and in spanish, "no way, jose!" you give your store employees benefits-- pensions, profit sharing. they make the profits.
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she can share that. now, i'm 50% of jefferson cleaners. i'll have our attorney draw up a pension plan for florence. you can't do that.i'm the boss. i'll just have to go over the boss' head. it'll be a short trip. i want to show you something. george, your impressionof sammy davis, jr. won't work this time. i'm not talking about that. you two thinki'm no good? worse than helen'steriyaki pork! come on in, willis. is the strike over? just come inside. i got something to show you. i wasn't supposed to show this for a long time,
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i made this tape six months ago. i want you to know, florence, that every word in this tape comes from my heart. by the time you see this, i'll already be dead. thank you for being here on this solemn occasion... louise, lionel, jenny, tom, helen, florence. and you, too, mr. president. what the heck is this? you're probably saying, "what the heck is this?" well, this is my last will and testament.
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i know you're all busted up over me being dead. i don't blame you. i miss me, too. i was a great man. willis, put down those peanuts! anyway... i died a rich man, which was the worst part of dying. since i couldn't take it with me, here's how i'm dividing it up. "i, george jefferson, being of sound mind and body..." huh! i heard that, florence. " hereby leave the bulk of my estate to louise,
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i know you'll be joining me soon, weez... because you just can't stand to live without me. in the meantime, don't do anything stupid, like giving our money away or becoming a nun! i got my eyes on you from up here. or down there. "i want you to know, weez, "that you gave me more happiness in my lifetime "than any man could hope for. "you made me rich in joy. "i hope i did the same for you. "by the way, "feel free to spend as much as you want on my monument. "to my son lionel, who didn't call me enough--
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"i leave a trust fund "so he can care for his wife jenny "and my granddaughter jessica. "jessica was my joy "even if she did have an accident on my favorite coat. to tom and helen willis, i leave..." let me put it this way. close your eyes. what do you see? nothing? that's what i'm leaving you! just kidding. seriously, "you two have been good friends. "so i'm leaving an incredibly generous donation
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well, i can't think of anyone else." what about me? florence, i'll bet you're saying, "what about me?" don't worry. i left you something. anybody out there got a quarter? i don't know how to say this because i've never said it, but what the hell? i'm dead! i like you, florence. you're family to me, so... "to florence johnston, "i leave a trust fund "so she'll never have to worry about money. "florence, if you have reached the age of 65, then you'll have received the trust fund." if you're not 65,
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but before i go... regrets i've had a few but then again too few to mention i did what i had to do i saw it through without exemption i planned each charted course each careful step along the highway and more much more than this i did it my
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for what is a man what he's got for himself? if not himself-- well, you seen enough? george, you're a beautiful man! george, i can choke on this, but he's right. too true. mr. jefferson,i could just kiss you! that was the nicest,sweetest, kindest-- shut up, florence. george, why didn'tyou show thisto florence before and avoidthis whole mess? don't you talk to mr. jefferson like that. this man is a saint! i worship the ground he walks on. that's why i didn't show her.
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i knew she would get all mushy! i like you to call me names. you do? yeah. you likebeing called a bald-headedchihuahua? yeah. a sawed-off rocket? yeah. that with yourmouth open, firemen could plugtheir hose onto it? careful. that machine has an erase button. you must have beenusing on your head. see? now i feel comfortable. captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. public performance of captions prohibited without permission ofnational captioning institute
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boy, the way glenn miller played songs that made the hit parade guys like us we had it made those were the days
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girls were girls and men were men mister, we could use a man like herbert hoover again didn't need no welfare state everybody pulled his weight gee, our old lasalle ran great


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