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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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u're wearing one.
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how many times can a man turn his head pretending he just doesn't see the answer, my friend is blowin' in the wind the answer is blowin' in the wind beautiful. oh, that was great, elyse.
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i'm so rusty. i must have plucked 20 bad notes. come, you didn't. i counted 23. i only counted 19. that's as highas you can count. listening to you reminded me of the old days. makes me want to go out and boycott some lettuce. did you knowshe was a folk singer? i wasn't really a folk singer. occasionally, i picked up a guitar. don't be so modest. your mother used to performevery thursday night. it was in a tiny, jam-packed,smoke-filled coffee house two floors underground. the age of darkness cafe. sounds like a fun place. wednesday was anarchist night. people in favor of violent overthrow of the government got a free cocktail. hey, you remember that time we came there after the rally-- don't get started.we've got to go. she's got a point.
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why didn'tyou pursue it? i had a family to raise, another career to build. singing was only a hobby. i did have a decent following. everybody thought you'd be the next judy collins. you sing great, mom. i bet you could have beenthe next joan collins. judy collins, and your dad's exaggerating. oh, no, he isn't. you were really something special. the world gained an architect, but lost a great singer. maybe you could have combined them and been the singing architect. ah, to watcha great mind at work. i just got an idea. andy and i went to a nightclub called the top spot. it's no age of darkness cafe, but it was fun. maybe we could go sometime. sounds good. ahem. we've got to go. the timekeeper. thank you. bye-bye. good seeing you.
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and you, baby, time for bed. good were great. will you tuck me in? i'll tuck you in. i'm going to bed early, too. alex is giving me a driving lesson tomorrow. we're going to workon opening the car door. alex, i want to actually drive. look, mallory,you may be carryingpackages sometime. ever think of that? opening the car dooris not always easy. hi, mal. hi. how did the driving lesson go? great! i thinki'm a natural-born driver. where's alex? how did the lesson go? i thought i'd never see this house again. oh, alex, don't beso melodramatic. don't worry. it's not your fault.
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you'd take it at face value. it couldn't have been that bad. alex has no patience. he was yelling at methe whole time. i wasn't yelling at you. i was yelling at a cop to shoot at our tires. you're not being very helpful, alex. mallory needs a patient, tolerant teacher. will you take me tomorrow, dad? sure. i'll be glad to. you might need this. what is that? hi,'re late. where have you been? i'm glad you asked that question. you going to answer? you won't believe this, but on the way home, i stopped in at the top spot, and i have an audition tomorrow afternoon!
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honey, that's great. how are you going to be a singer? are you going to quit your job? nobody's quittingany jobs around here. these peoplegot kids to support. they got a boyto put through college. i'm not quitting my job. i had such a good time last night that i was thinking how nice it would be to perform again. i think you'rea great singer, but you're our mother. i try to keep a low profile on that. i thought, what have i got to lose? your mother is very braveto try this. it's importantto pursue your dreams, no matter how greatthe odds against you. like you trying to get a driver's license. corky, why don't you try listening? i'm not listeningto a dummy like you.
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dennis,she's the greatest. her skin is so soft, when i touched her,i only got three splinters. ok, dennis. you were great. hey, what about me? oh, you were-- you guys crack me up. pretty soon you'll kiss that dishwashing job good-bye. we got it down. he washes, i dry. all right. you're the opening act. we do two shows a night, $50 a week. congratulations. thank you,uncle lou. thank you, uncle lou. i don't kn0w, steven. what if hedoesn't like me? he liked dennis and corky, didn't he? i'm that bad? of course not. i never see your lips move. excuse me, sir. i'm steven keaton. this is my wife elyse. she sings. what do you do? i manage a public broadcasting station.
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it's a joke. come on! he's herefor moral support. i'm the onewith the audition. elyse keaton, folk singer. we're ready for you. uh, up there. thank you, honey. good luck, honey. thank you. there's a lot of sufferingin the world today. we tend to forgetabout people who have lessthan we do. we take things for granted. we don't realizehow lucky we are. excuse me. why are you telling me these things? if i want to feel guilty, i'll call my mother. i'm sorry. to everything turn, turn, turn
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turn, turn, turn and a time for every purpose under heaven a time to be born a time to die that's enough. why don't you come down here and talk? you were great, ho did you think so? lou is visibly moved. so, how did i do? you definitely didn't stink. oh! you really mean that? welcome to show business. when do i start? uh, start saturday. two shows a night, $25 a week. wait a minute. you're paying dennis and corky 50 a week.
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i just had my best driving lesson ever. maybe soon you cantake me to school. sure! i'll be driving all over town. i explained to you, officer. she got the two pedals confused. i didn't get the pedals confused. i got my feet confused. mallory, let me handle this, please. she violated almost every traffic ordinance known to man. she made a few little mistakes. nothing out of the ordinary. dad... what's this doing in the front yard? alex, put that back, please. ah, mallory's driving lesson. i'll just put this with the other stuff. alex. officer, please. if you come down hard on her now, you'll destroy her confidence. i'll tell you what. just this one time,i'll let her go.
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she has a lot of potential. what time tomorrowwill we go driving? mallory... you're my daughter, and i love you very much, but i'm never getting into an automobile with you again. dad! guys, i need your help. which one of these should i wear tonight? i told you,you got to go casual. couldn't you wear something with a veil? mallory, why are you so embarrassed about this? your mother's always loved to sing, and it's important for her now. when mrs. weber had a midlife crisis, she just went to law school. nancy hefner's mom ran offwith a college sophomore. let her sing. i'm not going through a midlife crisis. i just want to do something that i haven't done in years. midlife crisis. classic. classic.
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a stage name? yeah. something with a little more pizzazz than keaton. i was thinking elyse lamour. she's a folk singer, not a stripper. how about ramblin' elyse lamour? no, thanks, alex. come on, elyse, you better get dressed. i'm having troublewith this land is your land. can you sing it now? i could sureuse the practice. let's see. this landis your land this land is my land from the redwood forest honey, i'm sorry. california, right? california shoot. start again. pick it up a little. this land is your land this land is my land from california
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from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters this land was made for you and me everybody! as i was walking that ribbon of highway i saw above me mom, maybe you shouldplay some modern songs. songs like beat itor murder by numbers, da do do do da da da da. ah, those old standards. amazingly enough, mallory may have a point. you should be ready with one of those songs. how does one go? beat it, beat it beat it, beat it no one likesto be defeated show me what's funky show me what's right it doesn't-- i liked it.
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i'll startwith this land, then blowing in--no, no. blowing first-- do it like you rehearsed it. count your blessings, knothead. ventriloquist acts are rare nowadays. right. lots of dummiesare out of work. you could be next. good night. don't forget.conserve firewood. the log you savemay be my uncle. good night! dennis mckay and corky. let's hear it for them. a little lady came into our wednesday audition and really knocked us for a loop and a half. so put your hands together. let's have a warm top spot welcome for miss elyse keaton! come on up here. my name is elyse keaton. i'm a singer.
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but i can't very well draw pictures of houses for you, can i? um... i'd like to dedicate this first set to a man who changed the course of my life-- a man named woody guthrie. this land is your land this land is my land from california oh, god. man, get real. from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters license number xj473, please see edmundo. thank you. as i was walkin' that ribbon of highway this land was made for you and me
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kumbaya, my lord kumbaya kumbaya, my lord kumbaya kumbaya, my lord kumbaya better keepyour day job, lady. oh, lord, kumbaya check, check. maybe you'll like this one better. beat it beat it no one wants to be defeated whoo!
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sorry. elyse, darling, come on. please. take me home, please. sit down. relax. honey, you're upset. i was horrible. isn't that funny? i thought you were great. you sang beautifully,elyse. really, mom. the crowd wasn't ready for you. they were too conservative. you're very kind, but i wasn't any good. i was rusty.i should've rehearsed more. i just didn't sing well. mrs. keaton, i thought you were wonderful myself. great vocal ability. it's your material, honey. that's all. mind your own business, corky. no. let him speak. well, it's those songs you're singing. it's not what everyone today wants to hear. they have too much meaning.
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but what about guys like dennis here? i admit i couldn't follow it. but those are the songsi want to sing. then sing for your own pleasure. you believe in yourself, they'll believe in you. corky makes an excellent point, elyse. thanks, steve. let's have lunch. elyse. don't try to talk meinto going back out there. that was so horrible, so frightening. i should never have done it in the first place. it all came backwith a rush, elyse. what did? sitting in clubslike this, watching you up there, listening to you sing. cheering you on,hoping you'd sing another.
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loving you. i loved you so much then, steven. i love you even more now, but that--that's separate from this. i made a mistake. you can't go home again. i was such a jerk. i was out there trying to recapturesomething that's over. i'm too oldfor this, you know? it had its time,and so did i. i made such a foolout of myself. look. there's another audience at 10:00. they don't know what a fool you made of yourself. i promise not to tell them. like corky said, do it for yourself, for your own pleasure. you can go home again, elyse.
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do it, elyse. you won't be alone. your best friend will be with you. as you can see, he cannot see a thing. not a thing. nothing! how many fingers am i holding up? uh, two. the amazing corky! how does he do it? thank you, and good night. dennis mckay and corky. let's hear it for them. i'd like to introduce a lady who debuted here this evening. for her second debut, miss elyse keaton! all right! yay! yay! yay, mom! thank you. thank you very much. i haven't stepped on-stage to sing in almost 20 years in the sixties. anyone out there remember the sixties? yay!
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and we sang songs. folk songs, songs of social protest. i'm going to sing a few of those for you tonight. we'll see how it goes. i'd like to dedicate this first set to a man who changed the course of my life-- a man named steven keaton. come gather 'round, people wherever you roam i'll admit that the waters around you have grown and accept that quite soon you'll be drenched to the bone time to you is worth savin' better start swimmin' you'll sink like a stone for the times they are a-changin' come writers and critics
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and keep your eyes wide the chance won't come again don't speak too soon the wheel's still in spin and there's no telling who that it's namin' for the loser now will later, too, win for the times they are a-changin'
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