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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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>> you still have to have pride? >> i still have to do it as well as i can. >> were there any actors or actresses that influenced you specifically at any time? >> i don't know if influenced me. one of the passions of my life, of course, was anna magnani, absolutely, and she has sort of the same reputation in her country that i finally ended up in mine. so i always said there was one in each country. >> right. >> influenced, i don't -- i don't have a memory of being actually influenced. >> right. >> i always wanted to have katherine hepburn's gorgeous face. i would look at mine and say why can't you look like that divine woman. so that kind of envy i may have had, but i don't think i was influenced which that's probably a very conceded remark. >> no, but look at the people-- >> went my own way, i just must have gone my own way, i guess. >> look at the people who probably had envy you and
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>> well... maybe. [ laughter ] >> has there been any actor or actress that you really wanted to work with -- you said -- i find it interesting that you never worked with james stewart. >> no, you see, gable, stewart, all of those marvelous people went through goldwin, maher. >> those are the studio days, aren't they? >> and they never went back and fort at all. because people couldn't believe jimmy and i never worked together, there was never an opportunity, nor did we ever think we would. >> right. do you think it's better for actors today, to be a little more independent and not have a mayor studio -- >> no, i think the contract system is a great craft for young players. the young players. >> to learn the craft. >> oh yes, to learn the craft and have that solid job week after week, after week. >> did you ever do a picture you didn't want to do? >> well, the first two years, i did -- every one i didn't want to do. [ laughter ] >> oh yes, parachute jumper -- >> i saw that. i don't remember
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television, thank god. bureau of missing persons. [ laughter ] >> oh, golden -- horrible. they were what they called the b pictures in those days. >> right. but you were obligated on a contract to do them. >> under contract, and i didn't have the position in the beginning, but we did learn our craft. but of course i came from the theater. i had been in the theater four or five years, so i had some knowledge of acting, but i think it's sad today because with the contract system there was such continuity. and that's why people got to know you, love you, and you became part of the family. they saw you year, after year, after year. they bought properties for you. they bought plays for you. very difficult today to get scripts. >> right. do you -- are you a severe critic of yourself when you watch yourself? >> i loathe -- >> really? >> i have never appreciated -- i mean, i have never liked what i have done.
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film in all of these years, i say now let's make it. now i know what i'm doing. because that's the worst of motion pictures. the first day you got to play that character, because that first day will be shown just as much as your last day. that is very difficult, as opposed to the theater where you rehearse. >> but you must be happy with some of your work? >> well, now when i'm removed and see some of them, i never could stand my face, of course. it was just one of those things. [ laughter ] >> no truthfully, never could stand my face. directors kept me out of brushes because i would be so depressed for days. >> what didn't you like about your face? >> i thought it was hideous. i couldn't stand it. [ laughter ] >> well, now i'm a great many years older, and i see some of those films and i don't think there is any question i was the best-looking woman ever made.
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[ applause ] >> and sexy too. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> well -- >> and sexy too. >> and sexy too. have i lost all of that. >> no. >> the sex part? >> no. >> i don't want it anymore. [ laughter ] >> you can think about it can't you? >> no, i don't even think about it. [ laughter ] >> in other words i'm not a frustrated woman in that area. fortunately because i would imagine i would have very few opportunities. [ laughter ] >> what do you like to do now? what is a nice day for you -- >> my home. >> really? >> yes, i'm a very domestic person. >> sentimental? >> very sentimental about my things, my joy in the fact that i have three children and three grandsons, and -- and very
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about six months of this, i am ready to go to work again. >> right. >> yes, but that's about as much as i want to work. >> yeah, do have you got something coming up? >> not at the moment, no. not at the moment, i do not. >> yeah. >> scripts -- i have been very fortunate with the networks, you see. i have had four of the greatest parts for my age in the last two or three years that -- that anybody could ever have, and right-of-way is another one. and i personally think the networks are doing films about people much more than they -- what they now snobbishly call theatrical films. >> i agree with you. >> is not television films, and theatrical films and you are not really in if you are not making theatrical films. i think the networks are doing some absolutely incredible scripts, i mean it. >> you know, one thing you -- >> did you see thursday's child the other night? >> no, i did not. >> vicky pool who wrote that
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portland, maine, and i knew that whole family, and sam and all of them, and it's -- well, it's an incredible book, and incredible story, but that's just one of many. right-of-way is another great script. just great. >> yeah. we're going to take a break and -- you know richard pryor don't you? >> we just met backstage for one fleeting second. >> all ready. well, we'll have a couple of more fleeting seconds out here.
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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> you are not going to get your record. this is mine. [ laughter ] >> i haven't got one. >> well, we'll get you one at tower records next week. >> i'll steal one at tower. >> steal one at tower. this is mine. my next guest is one -- i'm going to go out on a limb, i don't think he is one of the funniest man working anywhere in the world today. his new motion picture the toy is currently running, and he is costarring in the next episode of superman. [ laughter ] richard pryor.
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[ music ] >> how are you? [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you. i just want to say that i'm really honored to be here with you. i love you very much. and i'm really pleased to be here. >> thank you. >> yes, ma'am. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> how about me? [ laughter ] >> i iare for you very much, you know that. >> i know you do. >> i thank you for letting people know i was sick too the time i couldn't come. >> that's right, no, it's true, he was in hawaii and you called me the next day and you said i'm not feeling well and i said i appreciate that. a lot of people say i'm not feeling good and they don't show, but you got on the phone. >> thank you. >> some people do not show, but don't call? >> it has happened. >> it has really happened? >> yeah, where somebody will hear they are not feeling well.
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>> yeah. >> charming! [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> i don't know anyone who could say as much with that word as you could. charming, yes. [ laughter ] >> so how have you been? is this a new walking stick or something? >> i got this in zimbabwe. >> were you in zimbabwe. >> yeah, i was leaving and a gentlemen gave this to me, and i'm going to keep it until i go back in april. i want him to know i still have it. >> what is it a walking stick -- >> a walking stick -- and you can hit people with it. >> made of special wood? that's beautiful. it looks like... hand made. >> i hope so. >> what were you doing in zimbabwe? >> i just went. a friend of mine lives there. >> you have a time-sharing condo or something? [ laughter ] >> i just finished superman in england, and i flew over there. and it is great.
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nicest people on earth. this is really one of the nicest places on earth. i mean you can go -- like at night, i get up at the hotel about 11:00 at night, and you go to the park and you sit in the park, and you see older lady's walking. >> yeah. >> you know? and there is never no rapes or murders or people getting robbed, and not many people knew me there and it was really nice to be somewhere and just walk down the street. >> anonymously. >> yeah. >> they didn't know you. >> sometimes when you see women, i try to get that look on my face, like they should recognize me or something. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> like hi there, how are you? >> and i had a feeling they were saying what is wrong with that idiot? [ laughter ] >> did you miss not being recognized? there have been cases of entertainers in this country who have gone to another country and think i really want to get lost here so nobody will know me, which is good for about a day, and then all of a sudden they go to aunt are, and the maitre
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they don't know who they are and then they come back home, and it starts to bother you. >> i find those feelings exciting to me. >> really? >> because it has been like 15 years for me when somebody just -- except the irs hasn't recognized me. [ laughter ] >> they are kind of pen pals of yours, aren't they? >> yeah, so i really enjoyed it. >> how long were you there? >> i was there about two weeks. next time i'm going back for a month. >> yeah, sounds good. the toy with jackie gleason. >> yeah. >> that's out now. >> yep. [ laughter ] >> i guess we have established did you take your kids to see it? >> no, my children went -- i haven't seen it. >> come on, why not? >> i'm afraid -- i don't like to go -- >> she said that also. >> i put it off as long as possible. because you have dreams each time of what a film will be, and your are petrified that it won't live up to that dream, so i can wait forever before i see
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this picture? >> oh, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> but i was really worried about -- you know, when your kids want to see the trust agreement after they see a movie, they are kind of worried. >> are you sure we have money for college, dad? >> they want to see the will. yeah, that gives you a little insecurity. yourself when you see yourself work? >> i can't see myself work. i just really cannot. i get prettify, i don't know what it is, i just don't like what i see. >> i had not seen the first concert that you had done. i've seen the other ones, but i have not seen the one i think in long beach a couple of years ago. i saw it on television. i was historical. literally was hysterical screaming with laughter. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> you got to see it, very funny. >> you know something, if i appear strange to you or something, i hope i don't -- >> no. >> but it's just like, you know in life you go through a lot of changes, and sometimes
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it's like i don't drink anymore. or do drugs, right? >> right. >> and really it's strange meeting people i used to know when i was drunk and loaded. [ laughter ] >> because i don't have the same -- i don't remember them first of all. [ laughter ] >> they go richard! how are ya doing? hi. [ laughter ] >> and i -- i find -- it's real interesting. >> you remember being here. >> i was here once, wasn't i? >> no. no. [ laughter ] >> i remember stuff like this, but it's just -- i don't know what i'm trying to say, probably something that is not interesting. >> yes, it is. zimbabwe will do that to you. you get real mellow. we're going to take a break and
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[ applause ] guy: hey, sara. oh my gosh. he's so cute. how do you know him? c'mon donovan, do it like i taught ya. love the new tattoo, sara. let's go!
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dude, that's sara. who's sara? the girl in the pink shirt. that's the girl i was telling you about. oh, that's sara. theater two on your left. hey sara, what color underwear today? hey sara. so, when you gonna post something new? announcer: anything you post online, anyone can see. family, friends... see ya later, sara.
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[ cheers and applause ] [ music ] >> we're back with richard pryor and bette davis. [ applause ]
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>> oh, superman -- you know -- >> is this superman three? >> superman three. one was like my favorite movie. i liked that. >> did you read it as a comic when you were a kid? >> no. i just liked the movie. >> yeah. >> and i wanted to work in it, i was just kidding with some people about working in it. and they called me up and i got a job. [ laughter ] >> well, you are hot. >> i was flying with christopher reeves, superman, and they fly you on these wires. >> i was going to ask you how they do that. >> and in the studio when you rehearse flying, it's real nice because there's mats on the floor, and there's walls, and you feel real comfortable, but then they take you outside and put you up about 60 feet, and man, hey. [ laughter ] >> i mean, i'm up there and the wires move wrong -- >> were there any mats or anything when you were outside? >> no, ma'am. >> no protection? >> no.
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[ laughter ] >> well, that has been said. [ laughter ] >> yeah. we can get an affidavit on that. oh, yeah. [ applause ] >> the piano wires -- >> yeah, but i was really petrified, man. i'm talking about i was ready to cry. >> yeah? [ laughter ] >> and chris said, don't worry, i've got you. [ laughter ] >> and i looked at him, and i looked at his wires and we are both hanging up there like pinocchio, and he said i got you, and i thought this guy really believes. [ laughter ] >> are you superman's pal? >> yeah, we end up being friends. i tried to kill him. [ laughter ] >> is he married to lois lane? did they -- >> no, they didn't get married. >> i thought they got married? >> he kissed her and divorced her. remember? he gave her that super kiss. >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> wipe her memory, clean up. >> did they ever consummate that relationship in the picture? >> no, he wasn't superman when
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[ laughter ] >> oh, that's right, he was clark kent. >> yeah, he was clark kent-- [ laughter ] >> but in this one he makes love to a woman as superman. >> ah. >> yeah. i ain't telling no more. [ laughter ] >> it's good. >> does it different do it differently as superman? >> it does it faster? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> unfortunately lois lane is wearing a kryptonite coil. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> so nothing happened. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry about that. no, i'm not either. it's very late at night, might as well drop one in there for the late nighters. so now you go back home to -- [ humming ] >> yeah, for a while. >> do you like hawaiian music? >> i like hawaiian people, i
11:56 pm
i like-- i love it there very much, but after a while -- i thought i was going to take off a year, you know, i said i'm taking a year off and i'm not working, i was very serious for the first three or four weeks. [ laughter ] >> and i don't know, it's just something you start thinking you get ideas when you are off. so i have an opportunity now to do something about them. so i'm going to. >> you are going to start working again? >> yeah. >> great. we'll take a short time-out and
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[ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] [ music ] >> we're back. hey, this has been fun. [ applause ] >> i thank you for coming, rich. it's good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> yeah, look forward to seeing you again. miss davis, bette, thank you. >> oh, i have loved it. really have. >> this has been a thrill tonight.
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[ music ] >> i'm humbled by that applause. come and knock on our door come and knock on our door we've been waitin' for you we've been waitin' for you where the kisses are hers and hers and his three's company, too come and dance on our floor come and dance on our floor take a step that is new take a step that is new we've a lovable space that needs your face three's company, too you'll see that life is a ball again laughter is callin' for you
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down at our rendezvous
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i thought it was fabulous, really. you're sure you enjoyed it? oh, i loved it, honestly. oh, i thought you two were going to be in bed by now. not for lack of trying. well, neil, this is jack. hi, jack. hello, neil. and this is janet. hi. how do? well, been doing anything interesting? neil took me to his film society. they were showing scenes from potemkin that weren't in the movie. two hours of footage eisenstein left on the cutting room floor. oh, i think that answers my question. well, i thought it was fabulous, i really did. honestly? honestly. you really did?
12:04 am
honestly? honestly. i think i'll go make myself some coffee. so it was a good evening? honestly. oh, yes, i just love viewing archive material. oh, yeah. chrissy said you were interested in rotten old films. i didn't say it like that. yes, you did. did not. it's a good point. most of those films are on old nitrate stock. they don't last long. two hours sounds long enough to me. and the thing about einstein's films is... uh... eisenstein. see, einstein did the theory of relativity. was that a silent or a talkie? no, uh, chrissy, it's... uh... jack, don't you want to go in the kitchen and help janet make some coffee? what for? oh, right. yeah. got you.
12:05 am
i'm sorry. i mean... to get on with it. oh, there i go again. i'll be in here if you need me. don't worry. no one will disturb you-- go ahead. everybody in this building minds his own business. you see, i have this philosophy... oh... ( moaning ) stanley! i want to have a word with you, helen. why are you bringing your tools to bed? you've been going through my tool chest. there's some things missing in there. oh... you mean the dirty magazines.
12:06 am
yeah, they're full of busts. i only buy them for articles on male fashions and automobiles. what have you done with them? i tied them in a bundle and gave them to the salvation army. you what? helen, one of these days you're going to make me come after you. god knows i try. ( sniffing ) what's that funny smell? that's my new perfume. it's called "now or never." well, it's half right, anyway. it's happening again. what? i have been reading
12:07 am
it is so interesting. everybody dies in alphabetical order. chrissy, honey, see... ( doorbell ringing ) i'll get it. boy, some of the things that girl comes up with. yeah, it's scary, but sometimes she's right. maybe we should change our names to something beginning with a "z." oh, right, jack. what are you going to call yourself-- jack zipper? no, i wouldn't like people going around saying "hey, fella, your name is open." it's for me. it's from home. it's not my birthday or anything. oh, thank god. i was beginning to feel guilty already. it's a camera. a movie camera. wow-ee. now, what on earth would make my parents do a thing like that? the only thing i mentioned to them in my last letter
12:08 am
great. next time, tell them you're going out with a banker. oh, this is so terrific. i'll have so much fun with it when i learn how to use it. yeah. uh, chrissy-- lesson number one, see. okay. oh, hiya, honey. oh, boy, that felt good. nothing like a nice, brisk walk around the block first thing in the morning. i thought you went upstairs to fix the window in the kids' apartment. later. have you got something on your face? it's a mud pack. i like it. you should always wear it.
12:09 am
insults bounce right off me. a brick would bounce off that stuff. ( shrieking ) don't touch it! i'm not supposed to move my face. that's getting popular. i saw someone wearing it on television. really? yeah-- lon chaney in the mummy's curse. well, he's got his curse. i've got you. well, i think i'll take a quick shower. in your raincoat? of course not. i'll hang it up when i get in there. so you just went out for a nice, brisk walk? yeah, that's right. nothing else? no, nothing else. you finished with your third degree? maybe i'll take my shower now. while you're in there, you might as well
12:10 am
what dirty magazines? the ones you got in your pockets. you mean popular mechanics and the reader's digest? show them to me. i just told you what they were. i don't have to show them to you. oh, go f...ix your window. okay, now, don't just sit there. do something interesting. uh... okay. let's see... yeah. ( slavering ) ( shrieks ) no! no... not that interesting. i can't think of anything else to do. you can never think of anything else to do. wait. hold everything, he does not have his makeup on yet. sit down, jack. oh. what is this? face powder to help your nose not shine. are you sure we need...? ( spitting ) close your eyes, please. close. what's this? this is just what they use
12:11 am
it helps the eyes stand out. why is she laughing? what is this? just a little bit of eye shadow. that's it. i'm walking off the set. cancel my contract. that's good. action. stop following me. that's terrific. okay, now-- come here. do something natural. i'm about to... and you're not going to take pictures. oh, janet, do something. what, honey? um... arrange those flowers. chrissy, i already did that. what?! are you crazy? okay, now-- laughing. laugh, yeah. ha-ha-ha-ha. more laughter. ( mock laughter ) okay... cut. that was great. tomorrow, i'm going to put some film in the camera. oh, chrissy! ( doorbell ringing ) next time, will you please date a stamp collector?
12:12 am
i came up to fix your broken window. oh. good. say, is it raining outside? no. oh. hi, mr. roper. he came up to, um... he came up to fix the broken window. is it raining outside? no. oh. is something wrong with your face? oh! no, it's just a little eye shadow. do you like it? eye shadow? i-i'll show you the broken window. it's in my room. i'll find it myself.
12:13 am
hurry it up, chrissy. i got to go to the game with larry. i'm nearly finished. oh, i hope you like it, neil. i probably made quite a few mistakes. ( doorbell ringing ) oh, chrissy, don't tear yourself apart. i'm sure your movie will deserve to be hidden away in the archives. thank you, jack. hi, jack. ready to go? i can't go to the game yet. i promised chrissy i'd watch her home movies. come on, the game starts in 15 minutes. i know. it won't take long. larry, this is chrissy's friend neil. hi. hi. neil collects old sprocket holes. okay, sit down. here we go.
12:14 am
oh, here's where i decide to put some action in it. here's janet going to the beach. oh, here's the part where janet loses the top of her bikini. well, it wasn't such a good shot, really. no, not really.
12:15 am
me? it was very, uh... very, uh... interesting. yeah, that's the word. it was... interesting. i'm so glad you like it
12:16 am
12:17 am
( water splashes, woman squeals ) ah! janet, i didn't know you were in there having a bath. oh, listen, i'm sorry. we should get this lock fixed. it could be really embarrassing. somebody could just come in, stand here, gawk at you... get out! you want me out? yes! all you had to do was tell me. you want the door open? close that door! i'll shut it, then. jack! you want me to shut it? get out! you need more bubbles.
12:18 am
hi! how are you doing? are the girls up? chrissy's getting dressed. janet's taking a bath. she is? what are you doing with the sponge? you know how it is. i have to do everything around here. oh, right. what a shame. listen, about that projector... can i borrow it for this afternoon? you'll have to ask chrissy. uh, yeah... well, she might not approve of, uh... you know, uh... blue movies. what? last week, i met this guy in the regal beagle. he's got a friend who's on the vice squad-- kenneth. kenneth what? i don't know him well enough to be on last name terms. he's got these really hot films that were confiscated-- they should have been burned! but for only 50 bucks... i'm not loaning you any money, larry. you know, you can be very wounding, sometimes, jack. i'm not always coming up here to borrow money. yeah. i'm sorry. just lend me 50 bucks. we'll say no more about it. no way.
12:19 am
i just need the use of that projector. he told me that this movie was really hot... we're having this time of year. hi, jack. oh, hi. good morning, chrissy. hi, chrissy. hi. i was wondering about your projector. uh, when do you have to return it? why? "why." oh. um, i was hoping to have another chance of seeing your home movies. i mean, i enjoyed them so much. well, thank you! oh, darn. oh, i can't show it to you now. i have to meet neil in half an hour. you're going out? yeah. she's going out! oh, darn! aw... aw... aw... well, hello, mr. roper. you clipping your bush? so i am. very clever. hi, larry. oh, hi, janet. ooh, janet. are you going out? yeah.
12:20 am
i'm going to the laundromat. oh, that's great. i mean, uh... have a great wash. well, thank you, larry. oh, sorry, lar. oh. you should be more careful. yeah. naked dreams? what's this? uh... it's just a... just a sort of movie. "movie"? yeah, well, you see they have this projector upstairs and... and you want to show this "sort of" a movie on it. hey! that's a fantastic idea! let me tell you something. as the landlord of this building it is my duty to make certain that any films shown in this building meet with my approval. oh. and so far, i approve of the title. oh! i suppose you could come up... i'll get my glasses. right. ( muttering ): glasses, glasses, glasses... glasses! where'd i... glasses... glasses... helen. helen, have you seen my...
12:21 am
in your new hiding place. i don't have a hiding place because i have nothing to hide. i just put 'em someplace convenient. what were you doing on top of the wardrobe, anyway? cleaning up the dirt. helen, i'm in kind of a hurry, so... look, stanley i'm going to do my best to try to understand why you read this stuff. can we discuss this later, helen? for the automobiles, right? what kind of a sports model do you call that? ( stammering ): i wouldn't know. i mean, i don't read those pages. oh, hey! hey, there is an article here on a ferrari. what's a ferrari? it's a car, stanley. it's why you bought the magazine, remember? oh... oh, that ferrari. well, see, i didn't get to read that far yet. it's on page one.
12:22 am
i don't see any... "ferrari." it's right there right next to the girl with the big... oh! yeah! nice, uh... hubcaps. stanley, tell me something. why do you have to look at pictures like that when you got me around? you know, all day long people have been asking me stupid questions. naked dreams? yeah! that guy, kenneth, uh, what's-his-name told me this was the real thing. it's in color too. well, flesh color, mostly. tell me something, larry. what exactly does this sort of thing do for you? oh, come on, jack. you're as interested in this as i am. i deny that! and i'll sit here denying it
12:23 am
ow! what are you...?! chrissy! look, chrissy's home! chrissy's home early. look at chrissy, larry. look. hi, chrissy. i've had it with that stupid, boring neil. all he did was talk about my movie. that's nice. telling me how awful it was. that's not nice. who does he think he is? d.w. hitchcocks? ( whispers ): what?! what's he doing? what am, uh... what am i doing? what am i doing? uh, he's... uh, that. uh, this. uh, that. uh, this. i'm trying to get this off of that. why don't we just forget about the whole thing and i'll be on my way. oh, i can do this. no, no, no. i can see it some other time. it's easy. no problem. uh, chrissy, there is one problem. the laundromat is closed. two problems. two problems. uh... are you all going to be seeing chrissy's movie again? yeah. oh! i'm going out.
12:24 am
we'll all go. larry's the only one who really wants to see this. i'm not too late for the movie, am i? he invited me. oh, fine! we can go out some other time. oh, okay. wait a minute, wait a minute. you girls aren't staying, are you? well, sure. i didn't think you'd be interested in this sort of thing. of course she's interested.
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oh, there you are! i thought we finished our little chat, dear. yeah, i went to check on the casserole and he sneaked out on me the little devil. i didn't sneak out. i was invited. to see my home movies. home movies? oh, chrissy, could i watch, too? helen, helen... i'm tired. why don't we go to bed? no, stanley.
12:28 am
where are the earthquakes when you really need them? do something. me do something? it's your movie. okay. here we go. uh, wait a minute! now that we're all here why not a fast game of hearts or charades, huh? larry's got it. sounds like... scissors. cut? cut throat? stanley: jack? jack? jack! sit down. i did my best. that was your best? ( woody woodpecker theme music playing ) guess who! naked dreams?! ( laughing maniacally ) woody woodpecker?! what a nice surprise, larry. they always show the cartoon before the main feature. 50 bucks for woody woodpecker? the guy took me for 50 bucks! thank god for good old kenneth what's-his-name! he really gave you the bird!
12:29 am
three's company was videotaped in front of a studio audience. come and knock on our door come and knock on our door we've been waitin' for you we've been waitin' for you where the kisses are hers and hers and his three's company, too come and dance on our floor come and dance on our floor take a step that is new take a step that is new we've a lovable space that needs your face three's company, too you'll see that life is a ball again
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down at our rendezvous down at our rendezvous
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there's just no part-time jobs around anymore, chrissy. oh, hi, everybody. hey, babe. ( groaning ) you had another bad day, huh? oh, jack, my back is killing me and my feet hurt and my neck is stiff. a little tension, huh? let the skilled fingers of dr. tripper go to work. ( cracking ) ah! ow! ooh! gee! ohh! poor baby. how's that? oh, jack, more, please. yes. oh, yeah. don't forget the "poor baby" part. poor baby. yeah, poor baby. ( baby talk ): that better? ( baby talk ): oh, yeah, it's great. the poor baby. hey, what about the poor baby over here?
12:34 am
where does it hurt? well, i've been sitting all day. i can fix that. my arms are killing me. arms? yeah, what do you think i was doing when i was sitting? i was typing. ah, arms. sure. ( moaning ) it feels so good. don't forget the poor baby over here. of course. oh, yeah. ah, me. hey, there's enough to go around. gee, i wish i had a steady job. then i could come home exhausted, too. oh, good, if we all worked then we'd have to massage each other. that has a nice ring to it. jack, i just had a thought here. you know, i've been going absolutely nuts down at the flower shop. we're so busy. we could use extra help down there. janet, i've got a better idea.
12:35 am
gosh, chrissy, that's a great idea. well, i come up with them. i'm not dumb, you know. what do you say, jack? well, i'd love it. you got classes in the morning, yeah? so you could work afternoons and on saturdays? that'd be great but can you put me on just like that? well, mr. compton made me acting manager, didn't he? that's fantastic. i can't believe it. oh, janet, you and i working together-- it's going to be absolutely sensa... oh, i love it. thank you, baby. oh, you're welcome. oh, will you stop? it was my idea. ( babbling like a baby ) see how this goes? very lightly, actually. okay. okay, i'll show you what else i want you to do. now, when the flowers are delivered to us they're not... hello. when the flowers are delivered they're not ready for sale, okay? we have to strip and clean them.
12:36 am
jack, stop that. when do you spread the pollen on me? jack... jack, all right, that's enough. just pay attention. now, down here, the leaves at the bottom-- they have to be stripped away. you use this and you go... ah! you got that? you think you can do it? sure. go in the back and do these and the rest of the shipment. good afternoon. can i help you? i'd like something special for my anniversary. well, we can make up a nice arrangement. how much do you want to spend? well, i really haven't thought about it. excuse me, please. i'm in a hurry. mrs. simpson, i'll be with you in just a moment. i'm in a hurry. uh, yes, ma'am. jack! i'm sorry, sir. what can i get for $15? well, i could make a nice arrangement... i'm going to have to leave... i'm sorry. jack! i want them delivered to this address. oh, i'm sorry to be a nuisance... then why are you? i beg your pardon? jack, jack!
12:37 am
call me? yes, you did. where were you? in the back stripping. oh, uh, jack, no. please, give me that. if you just wait on this lady. she's in quite a hurry. oh, is it an emergency? oh, no. i just hate waiting. now, if you'll just help me with the flowers over there. and would you enclose that card? okay, let me see here. "to my darling sweetheart of 35 wonderful years. from your one and only andy." wow. that's real sweet. yeah, that ought to hold the old bat for a while. no. i can't decide. i want something nice to cheer up a very old man. how about a very young woman? really, i can't make up my mind. flowers are beautiful


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