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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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we finally got a piece of the pie fish don't fry in the kitchen beans don't burn on the grill took a whole lotta tryin' just to get up that hill now we're up in the big leagues gettin' our turn at bat as long as we live it's you and me, baby there ain't nothing wrong with that well, we're movin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky mo-ooh-vin' on up movin' on up to the east side movin' on up
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u're wearing one.
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would you care to donate to the help center? oh, i see. your husband just lost his job. and they just turned off your heat. oh, i see. well, how about $20? oh, great! tomorrow? fine. i'll send it right over to you. florence, maybe i'm not doing this right. it's just a coincidence
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if donations don't start coming in, the help center could go under. set up the tote board. the money's coming! good. i can stoplicking thesenasty envelopes. wonderful! where is the money coming from? all my friends. oh. i left messagesall over town. keep the lines open. the lines are open, george. you crossed out a nameat a fancy address. whose is it? mrs. lillian warren. lillian warren? that stuck up old bat! i didn'task for her bio. do i mail itor sail it? sail it. we should avoid that woman.
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i should call her. remember that misery she caused you? i'm dyingto hear about it. louise, tell her. maybe she'll appreciate the way we treat her. i'll be by the phone. florence, don't get the wrong idea. it wasn't the job. mrs. warren treated me like i didn't have any feelings. is this phone working? yes, george. anyway, she'd do things like... oh, i don't know. she'd make these veiled accusations. she had this habit of marking the liquor bottles to make sure i didn't sneak any. i could understand marking liquor bottles, but cocktail onions? lord, how didyou work for sucha miserable woman? well, florence, we needed the money.
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i'm workingfor mr. popular there. you know what i hated most? she would call me "her girl." i hated that more than anything. "let my girl do it." "leave it with my girl." "does my girl have bus fare?" some peopledon't know howto treat their maids. you ain't got to worryabout nobody calling you "girl." you don't have toworry about nobodycalling you, period. can i take a break? go ahead, florence. [doorbell rings] what did i tell you? george,that's the doorbell. i was calling ralph to have him answer the door. oh, it's you.
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well, hi, everybody. hi. louise, how much money have we raised? not enough,i'm afraid. i'm not doing well myself. you made money with my ukulele. you sold it? going to the auction, i dropped the ukulele. i opened the case to check for damage. people threw money in it. [doorbell rings] what did you do? what else? i smiled and played sweet leilani. it's ralph. mr. jefferson. hello, everybody. hi, ralph. you're wondering what this odd-looking device is. gum on a broom. to the naked eye, yes. but in reality, it's the portable ralph hart handy-dandy lost change retriever. patent pending. of course.
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i did a little fishing behind the dryers. today they were biting. get to the point. the point is, i'm donating today's entire catch to the help center. oh. thank you, ralph. i'll boil thisand add it to the fund. a quarter, ralph? i threw back a couple of pennies. it's the sportsman in me. that's all of today's take? absolutely, sir. have a good day! look at all that money! it's a good thingyou promised ustoday's take, ralph. uh... yes. today's a red letter day
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thanks, ralph. there must be at least $30 here. $42.95. approximately. how will i get all this change up? ask florence where she keeps the dustpan. how would she know? boy, talkabout a spot for the portableralph hart handy-dandylost change retriever! that's nothing. wait till my friends call. george, any ideawhen that might start? louise, is there anybody that you haven't asked for money? oh, well, uh... there's thiswealthy womani used to work for. when asking for money, it isn't wise to discriminate against the wealthy. if she's a prospect, why not call? here's my opinion again.
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right, george. i'll say this once. if i'm quoted, i'll deny it. some things are more important than money. let me rephrase that. there's one thing more important. that's pride. what good is prideif the help center goes under withouttrying to save it? my friends will call. oh, george,please! [telephone rings] got it. that's for me. that's what you call faith. i said the phone would ring, and it's ringing. don't go to your enemies when you want something. go to your friends. uh, george. not now. you don'thave to go to that woman. your husband has come to the rescue.
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hello. they hung up. give me the phone. i've got animportant call to make. why didn't you answer the phone?
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mrs. warren, i'll be there in an hour. see you then. why didn't you just ask her over the phone? it wasn't right. i prefer to ask for a donation face-to-face. it's only courteous. courteous? after how she treated you? tell her exactly how you feel about her. don't do it. it's for the help center. i'm glad you came. you look wonderful.
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i had almost given up. you're a goodfive minutes late. like i said, you haven't changed a bit. won't you sit down? thank you. ah, ah, ah! that's my end of the sofa. remember? well, louise... i found it quite mysterious, your coming here after so long a time. i feel you're going to ask for your old job back. i want to save you some embarrassment. i already have a girl. i don't need a job. my husbandis doing quite well. what is his line of work? have you heardof jefferson cleaners? yes!
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your husband works for a dry cleaner with the same last name. well, actually, it's morethan a coincidence. he owns jefferson cleaners. really? that strange little short man who used to pick you up? well, if i had known that, i would have been sending my clothes to him all these years. it would be nice having another jefferson doing my cleaning. louise, do smile. you were always sserious. there. that's better. would you like some sherry? no, thank you.
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there, now. i found it funny that you called me after all those years because i was talking about you last week. really? my new girl wants a new steam iron. i asked her, "what for? "it was good enough for louise. it should be good enough for you." do you remember that iron? yes. i wastalking aboutthat iron last week. a friend asked me, "how didyou get thosefreckles on your hand?" i said,"from mrs. warren's iron. it used tospit scalding water." you do remember. while we're reminiscing,
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oh, yes.what a greatlittle personality. sort oflike your iron... with legs. good, good. you're feeling better. do you remember how lulu would watch you wax the floor, hour after hour after hour? then walk across it. wasn't that adorable? it was almost as if she knew. mrs. warren,the reason i'm-- do you remember how she would nip at your heels? fondly. she didn't like you, did she, louise? i guess, being on your hands and knees all the time, it's like you were down on her level.
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oh, by the way, she's dead now. awwwwww! i know you didn't come here to talk about lulu. oh, you caught me! mrs. warren, i work fora non-profit organization. oh, the cleaners isn't doing well? the cleanersis doing fine. good, good. i do volunteer work for an organizationcalled the help center. that's lovely. i was a volunteer, too. i donated many hours to the east side orchid society. you know, we actually bred an orchid that matches the pillow on this sofa.
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but you see,we help the drug addicts, the alcoholics, potential suicides, and unwed mothers. well... that's nice, too. we have a lot in common. perhaps you know, then,what i'm going through. i guess you knowwhat i'm here to ask. i haven't the faintest idea. ok. if we don't geta substantial donation for the help center, it's going to go under. mrs. warren,you're the last person i wantedto bother with this. believe me, the very last person. but i'm here to askfor a contribution.
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how much? well, whatevera woman of your... compassion, generosity, and sensitivitycan spare. what arewe laughing at? you were afraid to ask, weren't you? well, i wasn't-- go ahead, admit it. you were my girl, and you were afraid to ask me for help. i wasn't exactly-- i'm going to write you a generous check. do you know why? why? not because this is a good organization, though i'm sure it is. not because i have lots of money, which i do. it's because you were always
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thank you, mrs. warren. oh, there's no need for thanks. you were truly special. i can't say that about the girl i have now. she is so irritating! she wants a vacuum cleaner! my carpet sweeper isn't good enough for her. i've asked herto clean the windows. she doesn't do windows. i ask her to scrubthe pigeon droppings. she won't do it. she's too proud. i didn't worryabout that with you. you never seemed to have that kind of pride. you always were, and youalways will be,
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always will be? your best girl? mrs. warren, i am nobody's girl! it's time i said some things. number one, it wasn't funny when your steam iron scalded my hand! number two, it wasn't cute when your precious lulu bit me! and number three, i don't like your attitude! you are the same insensitive, patronizing old... girl you've always been! the worst part is, you don't know it! if telling you off means i don't get that donation, then fine. because i do have pride.
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here it is. i'm just sorryit couldn't be more. you mean after all i've said, you still want to give me this check? what? oh, louise,i am so sorry. i'm hard of hearing. and my hearing aidis in these glasses. vanity, you know. well, now,what were you saying? uh... uh...i was saying... this is a very generous donation. thank you so much. it's my pleasure. and do you know why? because it's for you.
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but i havealways respected you. you have? yes. you dida lot for me. you kept me company. you dideverything i asked without making a fuss. now, i know... that on occasion... i can bea little irritating. you? well, i-- i know.but you never complained. you always understood. you were a very... special personto have around. you were good to me. i'm awfully gladyou dropped by, louise. so am i, mrs. warren. so am i. i've wanted to saythese things to you
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it feels goodsaying what you feel. don't you agree? i couldn't agree more. won't youcome in the kitchen for a cup of tea? thank you, mrs. warren. no, please... call me lillian. thank you... lillian.
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captions copyright 1983 embassy television lalayed songs that made the hit parade guys like us, we had it made those were the days
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girls were girls and men were men (both) mister, we could use a man like herbert hoover again didn't need no welfare states everybody pulled his weight (both) gee, our old lasalle ran great those were


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