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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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shamans were that fog is pushing for the bay along 101 also through the space as well seen plenty of low cloud cover portions in the clear this morning break through sunset and along the coastline we are dealing with quite a bit of fog. set for 6:00 wide spread fog is thickening up throughout this hour in the next hours well. by but the 10:00 hour will see it received a bit but hanging on to
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these bay and the peninsula even just before the afternoon your current temperatures outside 53 san francisco opera '50s oakland and hayward for livermore valley temperatures mid-50s as we head through the ridge rest of your work week consistent weathered no huge changes however patchy fog tomorrow morning than slight warming toward the weekend temperatures could floor with 90 degrees by saturday in the '70s by the bay and '60s for the coast. >> pretty quiet start for traffic this morning we have checked to see if there's hot spots and there is not westbound no big delays or problems a bridge check at the bay bridge toll plaza the westbound ride looks good earlier this morning there were some back up that the left side of the toll plaza perhaps some lanes late to open
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but right now traffic looks fine as well as here at the san mateo bridge westbound ride good start no problems we have noticed bigger backups at the san mateo bridge this week and last week some folks may be heading south to use the san mateo bridge rather than pay the $6 tolls during commute hours. 1 01 through the golden gate bridge and easy commute southbound no problems from bring county laurie shore through albany looking at traffic through asked her if you can see it is a good ride for 80 west leading to the lord short freeway no back up on the lore is short for freeway part no problems reported looks like a good start for public transit. darya. >> the city council has voted to licenses for production plants were pot would be grown packaged and processed. it is
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intended to bring order. they would have to pay $211,000 in permit these carry $2 million worth of liability and be prepared to devote 8% of gross sales to taxes. >> border supervisors has approved a budget that closes a budget deficit the mayor submitted six and a half billion dollars worth of budget material he says prioritizes interject infrastructure fighting homelessness protecting core services and not adding new taxes the downsize it includes a sharp cuts to a city programs and layoffs for city workers. >> please are bused to getting one of their officers used excessive force in this incident that was caught on tape on sunday afternoon. two
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officers arrested this woman they say she was pushing a baby stroller while drug she was shouting obscenities as a handcuffed her and they tried to put your knickers or she fought back and that is when one of the officers appears to throw her down face first. it gives you a chance to see it again. the officer said well he is being investigated he has been reassigned to desk duty while he is telling them what happened it is not shown but an ambulance did show up it took the woman to stand francisco general hospital she bet one of the paramedics on the way to the hospital. >> by rain williams will enter a plea today for attempted murder of four police officers on the 580 freeway shooting it happened early sunday morning 151 rounds were fired during that shouldn't
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we have learned where he was headed they say he was headed to tout tides foundation and he would sit there and wait until they open up even if he had to wait till monday to do it disinformation was verified by evidence that was found in the back of his truck chp officers say he's never seen anything like this before >> this is the worst should out we have had in an urban environment >> officers hadn't called him over for reckless driving he would have police believe he would of continued on his way to san francisco to carry out his plan. we will be back with more
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welcome back to morning news 6 08 a lot look at the golden gate bridge traffic is moving more in
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county we hadn't new fog the latest is one of the say the sun's going to come up ac transit is morning that they could see at third day of delays yesterday one of every five bus drivers participated in day sickout. they are upset over terms of their contract which calls for a wage copays for employees' health care the city of oakland has delayed until july 30th of their ruling on whether to throw the new contract which was imposed by ec transit. they say they are sorry for stranding riders drivers will face layoffs. >> finally pass a bill that would extend unemployment for 2 1/2 million americans who have exhausted their benefits. they're poised to push the
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extension after breaking a filibuster this would be the end 8 extension into years for total cost of a hundred and 20 billion. >> they will down pay a double dip recession when they give his appearance comes as the economy is losing momentum appears are growing it could stall. they are expected to say the fed is poised tax it worsens it is a nail biting wheat for investors major corporations one of those corporations happens to redouble its says its net income rose 78% to $3 billion thanks in large part to sales of the iphone 4. it sold 3.3 ipad and iphone
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sales rose 61% with a boost at the end of the quarter for the launch of the often for their increased 61% that is better than analysts had expected. sunnyvale ya who says it earned two under and $13 million that is a 51% increase from the same period last year. revenue edged up 2% less than analysts hoped for but it is a sign yahoos modest growth is showing us the tech sector is recovering quicker than other parts of the economy. >> we will be back in a couple economy. >> we will be back in a couple minutes fog and. sunshine @@sr
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we have onshore push which is bringing us low clouds in fog and may burn off quicker than we expected. 58 by 8:00 p.m.. fog and drizzle for today patchy in nature we will see a slight the gradual warming up heading through the rest of the we nothing dramatic we will see a warming trend by the time we hit the weekend temperatures in the upper 80s upper seventies around the bay mid-60's for the coast. giving you an idea of the fog is bay as well but look at the and so we're seeing fog through the sunset also downtown and the
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coast but rid around asset all we are seeing some gaps a good up as bernadette the fog off quicker. 6:00 a.m. early widespread by 8 we will receive keeping fog over the space than starting to mix it out heading for the next couple of hours of your current temperatures outside 53 for san francisco 52 read with city down in the south bay to the jurors mid-50s same for livermore through the afternoon year highs will get into the '70s and '80s. 77 percent of rows at 72 in san rafael and a look at your 7 day around the bay showing conditions starting to warm as you head towards weekend. >> starting off with a bridge check we don't have any hot spot for the ride around the bay area 580 still doing good. the bay bridge westbound has no real
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problems in a row backups to speak up yesterday for the bay bridge alone monday was a fairly rough ride. so far this morning we have been set free in meter like to not been activated beer 92 ride across the san mateo bridge looks good. as you had westbound still light traffic remember traffic on the approaches all little later this morning care golden gate bridge looks good southbound traffic here coming in from marin county no real problem still pretty light as well. as we look to the south bay live camera in san jose at the guadalupe parkway at the trumbull did the crew said that traffic is moving while the cameras shaking of its likely bit breezy there for the stretch of your ride your read on interstate 80 west bound still looks good especially coming down from street past hercules rodeo us still a good ride.
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>> we are expecting to get an update on the investigation into a former san francisco crime lab tech deborah madison. she has admitted to taking small amounts of cocaine that would of been otherwise run away police are looking and to weather and more cocaine was missing. they're still waiting for an outside crop crime led to test evidence before closing the case. they have not decided whether to prosecute me at matin. they're investigating two bank robberies here the suspects face is kiev captured on cameras hispanic or white in her 30's about 5 ft. 3 she weighs about 1 30 lbs. she has warned or read tinted hair this woman robs you bank of americans july 12th and
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july 16th both robbers she shows the teller a handgun demanding money and then ran off with a man of believed to be her accomplice. >> pga knees are meters heating up the border supervisors unanimously voted to halt the installing of smart meters they want more studies done they approved a two page letter which casts for moratorium of the installation in marin county that must go to the public utility commission which will have the ultimate say in the matter. sampras's go protesters rallied kansas marketers other signs called the meters dom and dangerous. 30 had a chance to talk to one of the protesters. >> i think the biggest goal is that smart meters are being deployed in every home in every business reuter state and
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country note testing for human health impact so we have no idea what variation is going to do all lots. >> the protest was led by teams during green pushing for my environmental safety and community spirit >> united airlines flight headed to from washington d.c. hit turbulence 30 people were injured one critically the flight was diverted to denver and the medical crew 26 passengers and four members were injured one of them is still in critical right now the on injured passengers were put on another flight to l.a.. >> the number of police officers who died in a line of duty is up 43% so far this year and national law-enforcement officers as 87 officers have died between january 1st and
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june 30th compared to 61 during the same six last months of lacher appeared california, texas, showed the most deaths mostly due to traffic accidents and shootings. it could be the deadliest years for please of place in years. >> a look at james lick nice and light traffic why is it looks a bit brighter this morning is from the get go into a francisco will talk more about the forecast in a minute.
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ut -- a time in american history -- it never repeats itself. it was a heart-wrenching time. my family was ravaged. thousands and thousands died. and then one day -- and then one day there was hope. before vaccines, there were few ways to help protect against deadly illnesses. without vaccines, they can re-emerge. get your kids vaccinated and keep them on schedule. i never want my grandchildren to see what i saw. we are back a quick look get a 70 forecast today not bad fog still a mixed may be been drizzle in some of those pockets of heavier fog it will be with us for the good part of the more-inland '70s around the bay
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60s along the coast with all that pattern for the next several days. which finally ramp tenters up just as a tad. still mild despite recent temperatures it is the coolest summer 40 years. since mid may the average high temperature and city like san jose has been just below 77 that is 3 degrees lower than the average since 1970. also energy use is down 4 percent compared to last summer it's down 7 1/2% in >> the president of and some blue cross is resigning after an attempted a rate increase that became president barack obama as a poster child for house health- care costs. she announced her resignation yesterday she was with income group blue cross for two years they released a statement thanking her for her leadership.
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>> amazing night exciting baseball giants faced daughter's intentions highly jim not punching himself he hit some bad temper both benches are warned if somebody else gets hit people will be ejected. he hit aaron rollins appeared he is gone and so is joe torre. ninth-inning bases loaded don mattingly goes to the back to the dugout steps on the matter to do it he can do that. giants manager catch is that you're allowed to go to the mound once in the inning if you catch a get its the second trip and have to switch out your picture. new pictures from seven a gap last filled to runs trance when it in the ninth and five.
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>> lot going on there from l.a. to these bay as posting the red sox appeared cavan hit a two-out rbi single as the as rally to beat the boston red sox 5-4. neither team scored until the 10th two innings. >> will be back with more headlines stern said.
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a school stock exchange just ready stock futures ended fog positive pirating today that of course after apple and coke has a stronger financial results that the major great sign. ibm and goldman had disappointing so the dow is up to them we will keep tracking it.
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>> a look at the weather shot of the golden gate bridge different than yesterday less often i know we are expecting more of coincidence i don't know. >> does that have something to do with the warm-up. >> were talking a couple of degrees are suit and that will continue through the work week. it will war against more today we are still seeing low clouds not quite is foggy all around most of the peninsula so could burn off quicker than expected san jose 55 by noon getting to 72 high today proper '70s back down to 74 by 8:00 p.m. satellite shows as were the fog is this morning said pushing for the bay incumbent selling most of the north bay through these days well but the peninsula is actually looking better than yesterday we will continue to see that fog along the coast but rain now through the 6:00 and
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some of what are we continue to see a bit more widespread than as we head towards 8:00, 9:00 it is receiving by about 12:00 we will see low clouds just finding the coast. your temperature strain on the '50s 53 san francisco, into the afternoon we will get into the upper 70's through most of the north bay still cool out there may be 84 fairfield, san jose 72 the peninsula still cool 60 degrees for ocean beach, severs cisco 62, '70s down in hayward union city and then as we head to inland we will be more comparable through san ramon valley with temperatures topping out in the '80s in this set a clear valley temperatures more warmer upper '70s lower 80s.
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fairly consistent forecast but not warm up starts to kick in tomorrow or '80s by the weekend upper 70's around the bay mid- 60's for the coast. >> our first hot spot is here and interstate 580 in the westbound direction at livermore avenue there is a motorcycle accident reported right here and it is starting to see the back up traffic is affected in the to right-hand lanes. westbound 580 heavy at of tracy already through altamont into the dublin. the rest of the rights of our looks pretty good word of problems and to the creek on interstate 680 sets bound direction and accident at trade boulevard the trailer became detached from the truck that it was pulling. that could mean delays for so bound ride coming in for a pleasant health bay bridge ride we are still looking
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well mitterrand lights were activated just moments ago at 630 a moment ago at 632. for the west bound ride perhaps the back up starting to form if like yesterday however the bay bridge should be a fine commute all morning long. >> 633 oakland city council has approved rules allowing permits to large marijuana farmers the vote was 5-2 and emotions ran high as small growers fear big operators will push them out of business let's talk to the growers let's talk to the buyers let's talk to the patients' lives make an educated decision we need some time this is a huge decision for us. >> i'm a small farmer i want make sure legislation did not impact on my ability to legally growth of plants and vegetables and medicine for other people >> supporters of the plan say it will generate millions of dollars in revenue the city will
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begin issuing permits in january and will allow the farmers to sell only to medical >> cannabis >> order supervisors has a budget who closes the deficit for the mayor submitted the budget which total six and a half billion dollars this budget prioritizes infrastructure jobs public safety in fighting, while protecting course services and not getting taxes. the downside the budget also includes sharp cuts to city departments reduction and over time and of course layoffs of city workers. >> san francisco police are investigating one whether one of their officers use excessive force during this traffic such stop this was caught on tape sunday afternoon it is dark but there to officers arresting woman police said the woman was drunk and had been pushing a baby stroller and she was shouting obscenities they
6:36 am
handcuffed her and they tried to put her in the cars are she fought back and that's when one officer right there appears to throw her face first earth to the ground. we have looped it so you can get a look death the officer is being investigated and interviewed so he has been reassigned during the investigation where you don't seen the video is an ambulance shows up to take her to the hospital she reportedly bet one of the paramedics on the way to the hospital. >> facebook post has landed a detective in hot water this morning it found some of his comments to be in progress 1 post he suggests people who openly carry on loaded firearm should be shot. it will be up to the police chief to decide whether discipline is necessary. >> byron volume is expected to
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enter a plea for attempted murder in connection with the shootout that happened was chp officers this is a close-up look at the damage done to the cars during that 30 minutes shutting out should note on 580. >> this is what is left of two boland or riddled all cursed. over 150 rounds fired patrolman came out with minor injuries chp officer says he is never seen anything like what happened the 580 free to way sunday night >> this is the word should out we have had in an urban environment >> if the officers did not pull him over he would of continued on his way to an oakland have learned was his destination >> he was going to tides and
6:38 am
aclu to kill people he says he was going to sit and wait until monday to they opened to carry out his plan. >> plan to kill liberals they say it was verified by evidence found in a pickup truck williams was driving why did he target these places >> he had williams acted alone authorities say the investigation continues through kron 4 news >> 637 will take a break back with more news in a moment as we go live at the ac transit your today could be day three of more delays for ac transit riders yesterday 20 percent of the drivers they're called in sick still protesting the contract.
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a motorcycle accident blocking multiple lines of 580 in livermore at air way boulevard traffic is only able to squeak by on the right-hand shoulder and take a look at the back up which now reaches all the way to the altamont passed for interstate 580 westbound no indication from chp how soon they may be able to clear the injury motorcycle accident. >> thank you george of big board check the dow four. south nasdaq in negative territory all little mixed their good earnings for morgan stanley and apple more news straight ahead.
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to blocking 580 chp now issuing a traffic advisory. it means one or more lanes are blocked for 34 more minutes that is what is expected by chp this is not good news for 580 at of altamont past. look how quickly this is backing up and how rapidly sensors are shifting from yellow to red. again problems here for this crash on 580 in westbound direction. at treat boulevard but trailer the good manners does not appear to be backing up
6:47 am
traffic or causing delays but it does have the potential to do so bay bridge still good ride westbound even with the metering lights activated 20 minutes ago is still an easy trip with no back up or to light. 1 013 san jose continues to move well from what it bay parkway continuing into santa clara. 646 lisa with other >> dealing with fog this morning here's a look at what creek currently in walnut creek temperatures warming up in fact 54 degrees getting to 76 this afternoon, a screwball 80 degrees for your higcomfortables pettifog towards the weekend upper 80s for the weekend upper
6:48 am
'70s for the bay '60s for the coast will show you fog trucker for it is set for this hour showing widespread fog 7:00 or we will keep the fog around harvard is thinning out ride around the sfo it will help lift it faster by 9:00 hour still seeing fog through east bay and the peninsula it should start mixing out leaving low cloud cover around the coast heading into the afternoon we will see tempters warming up but for now 53 for san francisco opera '50s for oakland and hayward so spain mid-50s as we head into the afternoon your high should be in the upper 73 north bay down to san rafael in 80 degree reading in fairfield along the peninsula will be chilly this morning 62 for san francisco coastal low 60s and it will be: the east bay as well 64 berkeley, 66 oakland
6:49 am
warming it up to 74 hayward. san ramon valley low 80s 82 livermore, down in the south bay temperature should stop topcoat upper '70's or 80's. 7 day around the bay showing gradual warming trend towards the weekend. >> 648 developing story involving a man accused of trying to kill for chp officers on 5:89 a.m. byron williams will enter his plea. will tran is in oakland with the latest >> byron williams faces four counts of attempted murder. he faces enhancement for firing a gun and wearing body armor. the only managed to stop him after shooting him in parts of his body that would not, covered with the armor. he was going to kill workers from the aclu as
6:50 am
well as than in our mental condition he was bent on starting their revolution. it we will be in the court has when he enters a plea. and we will let you know. reporting from oakland kron 4 news >> an update on what's going on with you will spill the government says caps placed
6:51 am
. of video of our arrival in south korea and the sanctions are part of a series of measures designed to stop the north new killer weapon program and keep it from selling dangerous technology. >> your flooding in china has killed 700 people this year. officials say the heaviest rain is yet to come typhoon season is getting under way three-quarters of china has been plagued by flooding 25 reverse have seen record high water levels. they have caused $21 billion in damage. >> back with more news in just a
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few moments and the new news this morning wall street not looking too bad just off by seven points at this point we will be right
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subway ultimate turkey & bacon avocado. carve one up today. crank up the flavor at subway. a motorcycle accident that virtually shut down the westbound runway has quickly been cleared from all of the traffic lanes however the damages done to the commute on 580 westbound take a look at this rarely do we see this much read on the sensors for the west bound ride but it is here this morning with this accident now cleared from the traffic lane but the emergency vehicles are standing by on the shoulder. back up is likely to be with us for a while longer. darya. >> various cities are cracking down on littered stanley as the mess. >>this is a trash bag full of
6:56 am
garbage sitting at the end of the road in pittsburgh, above it a sign that in part reads no dumping. this is a different sign located on kurterpass road in concord, the sign reads $1000 find for littering. and i ask a few people in need news the difference between the littering and dumping? and some seemed a bit puzzled. first off, littering and dumping are similar in one aspect they are both illegal. but they do have differences for example, if you toss one rusty nail out your car window that would be littering. but unloaded bucket of rusting nails, illegal dumping. toss a can of beer on the ground, littering. toss a full can of paint, or containers of motor oil, illegal dumping. if some papers blow about the bed of your truck that would be considered littering, but a mattress illegal dumping. you may get fined if you are caught littering, but if you are caught leaving a couch well that could mean jail time. with all the cities and counties in the bay area scrambling to find money for vital services, like police and fire, the money that they spent to clean up
6:57 am
illegally dumped items do not help the situation. and the worst part, a lot of the dump items i have found a appeared to come from construction jobs like these rocks. but you can help, if someone is doing construction on your home, ask them where they are dumping the debris and ask for proof. contra costa county, stanley roberts, kron4 news. a quick break and more in just a moment we will bring up art traffic maps and remind you of hot spot some friday at accident earlier blocked up traffic all lanes open now. heavy slowing go traffic all the way back to tracy george's following the lead disappeared ;
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