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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 3, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> and good morning, who i am here on the kron farming is above the good side from our roof camera. so far, so good. traffic is fine, put that torture forecast a moment. today, the beginning of a dry spell. it storm tracker 4, not a lot of activity. any storms are we had overnight guarantee the east now. not a lot going on. conditions are mild, temperatures in the mid '40's. 45 in oakland,
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hayward, peninsula 59 degrees san francisco, 45 in in the dark, relatively mild. in the afternoon, up bumping up and to the mid- 50s. 55 santa rosa, 54 and, but, 52 fairfield, 56 fremont. you can see that's pretty much the trent mid '50s threat to this afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. that's where roaring trend continues. a loss of the rain or last week your sow, to date, on average mid-50s as high as 37 degrees this afternoon. tuesday, wednesday, thursday morning father, often in clearing out partly-mostly sunny skies, the clouds roll back
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again for thursday and friday, the from muslim date. slight chance or stroke or two on sunday. the now pretty stable week, temperatures in the mid- upper 50s. check and traffic character. >> good morning james, the first commute of the year is out to a good start no major accidents. they bridge, your problems to report coming from all purchase. russ from 580, northbound, you won't run into any problems. san mateo, was back, east bound 92 no problems to lots of space between cars special on the right-hand side that traffic in the commute direction. now back up at the toll plaza, a pro-13
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minutes. southbound 101 a few cars in camera shot no proms across the span. traffic is moving at a limit. no proms from marin county as you make your way of novato. if you're heading down to a loss angeles, eye- riveting is shut down to the grind to the icy roads. no estimated time of reopening. in the meantime use highway 101. james. >> jerry brown will be sworn in today as the new governor of california. he served as governor in the late '70s. kron4 will be there for complete coverage of that gavin newsom is supposed is sworn in today likely will not happen. a spokesperson
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says his practice round of your today's the differences go route to get some projects. oakland, jean quan will be sworn in as the new mayor. quandt supporters celebrated. >> many supporters like properly hardened congratulated jean quan sunday. she of the celebration before the inauguration. several hundred people attended. even though the objective was to take a moment to celebrate the first asian and female mayor she reminded her supporters of the challenges ahead. speech we can ever great seducer grade schools, where a lever and the murder rate unless we get here and to bow. >> focusing on crime, education, job creation. she
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believes those three things are connected she can reduce crime and she improve schools. help young people find jobs. here's she said hard thing the defense is >> up from launching its own for oakland. >> chillon program are monday to recruit 2000 volunteers. those volunteers will serve as mentors. change begins with the people who live in the community. will apply once a week shearer rogers knock on doors to start she also plans to have turned on meetings once a month. >> an amazing opportunity. >> because of this morning
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responders to september 11th attacks of the world trade center will now have medical aid paid for. if tubbs the officers to respond to the big bang guarded grunter ought to be attacked many of those men and women suffered respiratory disease. all literature block the measure of the dew drop their opposition. meanwhile shopowners in chinatown say carries the events of this year have deterred crime. there are to use the same system to keep people safe at lincoln at recreational center. >> cropper's have targeted people 80 years and older the lincoln or recreational center trent time of purchase a most recently an elderly woman was beaten up in the bottom of this a most terms targeting the elderly are less severe. the aging
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advisor committees as as the senate doesn't have a system in sutter inside the suspects have not been arrested. the hoping to change that in the near future with help from chinatown community. >> over 2000 people come through every day. many seniors, small children. with liked our security camera system since insider of side. many merchants are installing cameras. police 1 kero we face into the streets. there are serious crimes committed in this area. thanks to the video camera we touch the people. speaking starter say they believe the cameras are a great deterrent forcing people to think twice before
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breaking the law. she installed the inside and outside last year since then a huge drop in the left. she resume to run for the my friends saw the camera and quickly left the store. streaky fills in for. yes. >> heroin to get the money and have the cameras operational by the end of january. speech will take a break, much more straight up on the kron 4 morning news state here and we'll be right back.
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and we are back, then a year has brought an unusual visitor to rent a gray whale has been spotted in the bay. maureen kelly spoke with some people have seen it up close. >> here you could see the way of putting on a show for kayakers to shot this video
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and put it on you too. the mass of mammal has been cited here in the water of the bay off and on for three weeks is believed to be a young male broken off from a pot. they're using these waters as a restaurant. >> it's very rich, and the animals. >> he rents a kayaking tour business and how it is on the counter last week. speech he's not shy people of all, just laying on top of the water every now and then he says it's a gut. here's a nice experience. >> getting out of the waters from the best way to see their will. this assurance as the only spot it 30 yds from this period. speaking the drug see that too often. >> it expected the will continue in this race out of
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bed shirley and no one knows when that will be. no one here is in a hurry to see mach. >> see him off. >> a bay area woman is looking for her dog the dog's name is marco, taking a year's leave eds at the mall in hayward. reggie kumar talked with the honor. >> kim ron is heartbroken, can't sleep under her forward a pound your future was stolen from our friends car news you. she and her friends left camp inside the car for an hour or one shopping in macy's. when they came back the passenger side window was smashed in and he was gone. >> at after in the car, but the wonder dial a but. she is hanging out there, i notice that when there was passion, she was gone.
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everything else still there just she was gone. she felt the police report which has this message. >> she sleeps 3 every night. she's my life. i'm willing to give my entire savings i can give you $5,000 rain now. i don't care road is if she can just be returned. i will give you the money. you can get another dog. can you give her back to me. speaking if anyone has information can ask the e- mail our lead campbell lost dog at yad .com. we will take a break, much more straight ahead here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, a traffic sign, whether is mild.
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in the airbag, a live look here at the james lick in san francisco, traffic is mild. traffic coming up. weather wise, not bad. the rain the matter with the weekend is walter eased nothing assures affecting as for today. chance of a sprinkle or to by the end of the week. temperatures the rear seeing rain now, everyone is in the low-mid '40's. san francisco 49, oakland 45. north bay, 45 and san rafael, 37 santa rosa. this afternoon, the temperatures were worn tennis or degrees. low-mid- 50s. 54 vallejo, concord. 52 san rafael. 56 in hayward,
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fremont. we are looking at primarily mid-50s throughout the day to day. tomorrow, there as the week, early morning fog in the valleys for north and east bay. that's all burn off leaving us with nice conditions for the afternoon more sons and, upper 50s and close to 60 degrees. taps 60 thursday, friday. the interesting thing is that some ec clouds roll in, slight chance of a sprinkle or two. during the afternoon it should be fine lot of sunshine. overnight, along the coast, bay low '40's, a look cooler inland with temperatures getting down to the '30's for the better part of the week ahead. check and your commute, erica, >> everything looks good, no
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accidents, incidents to contend with if you're getting at the door right now, westbound each tier of the approach the bay bridge, nice, light. no problems to up the incline and along the upper deck. no wind or far, for the may stretch san francisco 8-9 minutes. san mateo, no problems, where 101. now back up at the toll plaza. same story at the golden gate, south bart run 01 traffic smiling at the limit, no problems or nine county the entire ride looks good of novato. if you are broadcasting area, in india at the day off and you're heading out this year, bring it trains. you don't need
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them for on-80 or 50. james. >> clean-up continues in parts of this of the midwest, a deadly storm flooding homes killing seven people in arkansas and missouri. several tornadoes came out of that system. speech what matters territory love and for residents of missouri, a small town was hit hard by the new year's eve the lead weather. >> the stress response a tragic for drain his elderly mother is in the hospital but a friend in the house there was killed. >> there were sitting in the living room when it said they said, that has slowed, will done here. among was in the house.
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>> pull he has ordered story, i got picked up, are least three times i know. before it came to his slaming halt against a small little tree. >> this is what's left of his home. officials are assessing the damage the governor has declared a state of emergency. >> meanwhile, a massive quake has hit chile, magnitude 7.1. and sent thousands of people seeking higher ground, navy vessels believe there's no threat of tsunami. very of last year or 500 people were killed in an 8.8 magnitude quake. other mheadlines a man killed a sheriff deputy has been killed himself. she was
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gunned down and working your crime scene a standoff led to this shooter. video shows a deputy head by a bullet. he was taken to hospital expected to survive. the gunman was found dead inside the trailer. relief to was killed while exchanging gunfire. >> she hit such a beautiful smile. just a great personality. you admire someone who did reggie did. >> outstanding deputy, a good friend. that's how they describe suzanne are so savin to know her friend, and new wife, mother of two was killed in line of duty. she says she loves to protecting our community. >> such a loss to the community and your family. i enjoyed your friendship very much. and i admired her for
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what she did. >> i'd think a lot of people that know her are going to miss her. she was a good woman. she was a good person. >> colleagues started her bodyescorted her body, its members in the morning or loss of one of their own. >> we are a very close-knit group, speaking she retired in 1999, she came back in every way from organizing community events to being the lead down to the united way campaign. >> i warmer smilewill remember r smiles, spontaneous, she was
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always with a smile. >> in arkansas, it is a mystery as to what caused the deaths of black birds, thousands of from the sky in new year's day, officials will start testing for cause today the people who witnessed are unsure as to what happens. >> on the other was that of a movie, as other was a new year's joke. >> to us that the mayor was messing muni call me. yet before a.m. is a there's birds falling in the sky. >> president's daughter and unwelcome new year's prize. thousands of dead birds on the ground. >> what a way to start the new year. >> last year for us, this your birds. >> it really is like something and horror film every year it looks like all of this were the dozens of
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birds or the ground, the scariest part is nobody knows how they got here. >> most of the animals are redwing blackbird. they're not just on lawns, so many of them on some roads it was difficult to drive a depression when. if your new jobs. >> we service here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and picking a bird, just a mess. >> collected some of the dead animals, their in perform tests to try and determine the cause. officials believe it related to weather. >> steven has no clue what caused it, he and understands the mess, he had 40 dead birds on his long, now he walnut his kids play until it knows more. >> i don't know what happens on not going to let them go of sight.
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>> a private company is cleaning up the area most should be removed by sunday night. some birds the odds. >> we pick the ones that didn't survive run this one, >> she calls it was set, looking around mayor would in a more appropriate name. >> to not just the birds found dead, look it is a hundred thousand fish were found dead in the river friday night. only certain kind of fish were killed so they're hoping it's a disease that only affects the disease their data hundred and 25 mi. away from where the birds dropped dead. millions of americans have no medical care coverage because of more provisions of reform that went into effect catherine heenan shows with their. >> seniors will see most of
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the changes, 3 million will clear out access to subsidized prescriptions. seniors will have more access to preventive measures such as cancer screening, those with incomes above 85 doesn't lose, some decrees, double companies without billions of dollars in new taxes, insurance companies want to spend more revenue on medical care. finally, you can use your festival spending a kron over the county remedies in this your prescription. >> of the changes in march, nutritional information on chain restaurants, vending machines fit. we'll take our break, and a quick look as we go, a shot from the soap they come as it is a showing you 101. traffic is working
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well. moving well.
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in the air bags, for 20 6:00 a.m., neither the raiders or the 49 years will be in the playoffs. both teams did bush score wins in the season finale san francisco blue at the cardinals and was unlikely their only game under the gym to consulate. alex smith through three touchdowns. the raiders, the
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only teams since 1970 to go unbeaten in their division and still not make the playoffs. oakland beat the chiefs 31-10. chasing campbell threw a touchdown, espn reporting the top cable is on likely to return as head coach. if someone you know depends on their i phone to wake up, several online reports say a software far as some i phone is repenting their onetime alarm growing talk. there was triggered by the start of 2011, apple says it should resolve this out after the second. several users have continued to report the crime. apple hasn't said what if anything will be done to correct it. 2010 was a giant ford in technology a few products for missteps kron4 gives is a look at some of the attack losers. >> the biggest tech fell as
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to be intended kate, i phone for resurgent. i phone with a flop. they denied it, i admit it. if someone's hand cover the lower left corner to lose signal strength your spot stop this country from buying it was still a huge success apple said it freed robert cases to users, that the problem. another fail where is the white? holding up getting their regular it brought one. it's still not on the market was supposed to be released two weeks after the black swan never came out. expected this spring been no official word. maybe there never will be and i phone 4. and light before attending gate, king could not be fixed. no one brought it failed. first, last
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attempt at a phone that they created in the labs. pulled from store shelves of your few months. of a clam shell shape for phone did just could not get drawn. same thing with doodles attempt at a smart phone the next is one that they built flops. here with engineers, kiki circles, it did not catch on. released, pulled from the market. another failure, google bugs. their attempt at social networking. very few people use it, nor are workers or even mortgages. apple's ping due to no eye to a texas social network? not many people do. it's confusing, limitations and seized the krajina by music. >> we will take a break,
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let's cut side here's a look from our san mateo bridge camera traffic is light.
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and we're back, weather, has a shot at the golden gate bridge we're dry business, like, weather is not bad. no rain to >> and what is the good news, there may be an isolated showers or to do, temperatures this morning, in the mid '40's. since the rich or in hayward, in the back. it is a pretty much of start to this morning. highs in the north bay, a mid-50s 54 for a delay now, 54 degrees in san francisco, 54 and concord.
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for the 755 in the status. 56 and as a. two to five redwood city, other such 56 in new york, east bay hills, 52 degrees in the delta, 54 in livermore. these temperatures the plans they will pale in comparison to how warmly get in the week. bumping up 5 degrees come up to 60 or so by thursday, friday not bad for the first week of january morning valley fought to do with on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and as a roll into thursday night, friday, saturday a slight build up in the clouds. slight chance every sprinkle or two. afternoons look fine come overnight you might use record to. miles, opera 50s, less '60s. the commute, erica. >> if it was your new year's resolution to get to work on
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time it looks like traffic conditions runner side you can see it indicated that westbound 80 off to a great start, just a couple of cars on their road westbound to san francisco those metering lights to go off. caught up to speed up the san mateo bridge, still must come light of the space between cars tropics moving and lemon novak at the toll plaza very easy drive time of 12-13 and to treat each 0101, golden gate no proms very few cars on the span note from storing county. down to the waldegrave, the drive time from this camera shot towards having 37 clocking in under 23 minutes. public transportation great stirred no problems. thank you, , we
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will turn our news to a developing story, two people were shot in a parking lot, is like a trip from the scene to get to more news faster let's turn to jackie sissel, good morning. >> in morning james. officials from a lease agreement are still in the scene of what they call the hamilton safeway, this started around midnight. when somebody approached this white vehicle with two men inside, opened fire striking both men inside the vehicle. details about the suspects are limited, to victims 23, and 27. transfer to local hospitals, and they're both in surgery, known conditions not even strokes are worlds were they were both shot. i can tell you the investigators are still alive here,
4:35 am
continuing their reports. they say that they may be aired here for two-three hours gathering evidence talking to witnesses right now they don't have a suspect description obviously this is a developing story but as soon as we get more formation and status really know. thank you, jackie. other have guns, jerry brown will be sworn in as the new governor of california kids returned office he was governor back late '70s, early '80s. kron4 will be there for a complete coverage. gavin newsom was supposed to be sworn in as the to and the governor, that is likely not, and a spokesperson says he's expected to spend a few extra days in san francisco wrapping up big projects. oakland, jean quan will be forced dornan. loss centers
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supporters celebrated dahlin was there. >> many supporters like wrigley hugged and congratulated jean quan sunday. she have a celebration before monday's inauguration. several hundred people attended the event, even though the objective was to take a moment to celebrate the first asian in female mayor of oakland she reminded her supporters are the challenges ahead. >> for we cannot have agreed to do that great schools, will never and the murder rate unless we give young people hope. focusing on crime, education, jobs creation she believes those three things are connected. she says she can't reduce crime without improving schools. here is where she said and asked why she thinks she will succeed. >> and think the difference
4:37 am
is a plan involving people in the city. lots while launching a volunteer for oakland program. >> to a lot of program on monday to recruit two dozen volunteers in oakland think of it as a big brother big sister tripper from there will serve as mentors. >> she says change begins with the people who live in the community that's why in a better week she and her to talk to people get them involved. planning to have a town hall meetings once a month. >> an amazing opportunity to try and make a difference. >> responders to 911 attacks will now have medical aid paid for the president sign the 911-5 decision after right there is a fighter and doing that. it will help officers responded that they
4:38 am
unguarded kron 0 after the attack many suffer from respiratory disease republicans tried to block the measure but dropped it after democrats agreed to reduce the cost. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. but it died, occurred as we go this time from our roof top kerman the more difficult alon. and i smoks morning. ruby ridge back.
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welcome back, $50 billion is that the estimate made by investors for facebook, goldman sex and the russian investors have put in another $500 million face but will use the funds to hire top tech talent develop new products and by a smaller companies. they declined to comment, it the $50 billion figure is accurate, that would make facebook worth more than time warner or disney. is
4:40 am
still less than the top competitors to go. san francisco will host the america's cup. the announcement was made friday, jonathan bloom was there as the group who fought to bring the race to the bay celebrated. >> here at the yacht club the organization sponsoring the cup there's no huge announcement, no press conference. just a small unofficial celebration of some sailors to say they're thrilled to share their passion with the people severs this group. sharing the good news reporters a few sailors poured themselves a glass of wine as davis and the world's biggest sales to grow. >> you will see the fastest sailing boats on the planet. they will be right here.
4:41 am
coming together inclosing speeds of 50 mi. an hour. >> the technology, the speed in will be exploited exciting. >> on the way to the club's new year's party said racing in san francisco will make ceiling fan friendly. >> watch it from the shore rather than other locations we had to go outside. were it not a terribly serious. >> it was held miles offshore. and several cisco is optional on the waterfront between the bridge and fisherman's wharf. speaking it was done to the wire to get this deal done and approved. we're certainly excited. he tipped his hat to mayor gavin newsom 4 to close the deal. member say the news came as pervert time. >> of us spend a lot of new year's eve, this is the best one. operations will start almost immediately with preliminary races each of the years leading up to the
4:42 am
big race in 2013. while the cost and benefits to the city have been subject of debate. san francisco's bid to host the america's cup was jeopardized by their insistence to move the venue from the south of the bay bridge to the northern waterfront. catherine heenan shares as the impact of hosting the race. >> here's the organizers plan to change the waterfront, a giant sales shaped center on the embarcadero. other dilapidated pierced ears up. who could least an hour for profit. the plan will cost the city too much plan b was to move it closer to the golden gate. cheaper for the city. estimates of the cost of the city under plan b $16 million. 15 million and
4:43 am
other city costs for police and planning departments as was muni. on the plus side it will collect an extra 19 million in increased heard talk, payroll, parking. the race events would generate more than $1 billion in business. speaking many of you may know it as a razor there were the top sellers, there's more to it than just that pam more taxes into the minutia the mixed-race. >> this is the ec's 72, america's debt, 72 for its length in feet. according to protocol this will be the only design allowed in the final competition. the boats are designed to be the fastest and rod with hall's, 3300 square for a space age when cell. it's able to sail faster than the wind. competitors will be
4:44 am
limited to 11 crewmembers and said of the current 17. what will be designated as a tv camera operator. are there rules are made him more upsetting three years of ormoc, three next year, seven in 2000 crop, three more in 2013 there will take place around the world with the venues to be announced in january. they will be shorter, restrictions on branding overlaps. one thing has not changed the winner takes all, will stop watching the first race in 1851, queen victoria asked who is second? the reply there is no second best. >> despite coming in second place in the race and and is likely to get a consolidation price some of the war raises will likely
4:45 am
be held there. we'll back with more minute, here's a live look as we
4:46 am
and we're back, let's sat with the weather. in will be really nice today, all the shares ahead of the weekend oregon. all clear, the only echoes of that are getting in our way in the central valley. the next chance of a sprinkler to towards the end the week. savages the good, mid-40s. 45 oakland, 49 several sister, north bay could be a little bit cooler in santa rosa. mid-upper 30s. everyone else mid-40s. santa rosa, 55 degrees, 54
4:47 am
number, 54 and concord, a kind of see the trend temperatures in the mid- upper 50s the for the service you go. 56 hayward, 56 san jose. other side, 54 in livermore, mid-50s in the delta. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. gradual warming trend as we head towards the weekend temperatures of near 60 degrees for thursday, friday. lots of sunshine in the afternoon, the miners valley fog in the morning. all lot of sunshine temperatures in the upper 50s to 60 but the end of the week. slight chance of a sprinkle or two and the overnight hours thursday, friday, saturday it one effecter afternoon still plenty of dry conditions. that is the way your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and is looking. erica. >> to the morning james comer still worry free, for
4:48 am
your ride around the bay area if you have the day off, heading to l.a. problem we will get tuna's second. regency bit more volume of cars, westbound 80, the metering lights set off, the more cars out there. all lanes are open for your ride along the upper deck, with all that said 8-9 minutes and the five is a maze toward san francisco. san mateo, was found, east and 92 for us, like conditions. no problems getting to the bridge, no overnight construction. 1 01 is clearly in the clear. so bound, 101, traffic is nice, light. no crumbs, if your ticket high with 37 problem free conditions.
4:49 am
one republican lawmaker says the president's decision is sending the wrong message should dirty text of both sides. >> , the administration of the u.s. and uses a letter- writing terrorist organizations, is holding the key to war or peace in the mideast. >> we know he's hearing from my ron, to ross. it is crucial that he here for us.
4:50 am
the potential consequences of his actions are clear. that is why we are sending an ambassador there. >> the u.s. her eyes and had won their since 2005 when the prime minister of the beyond was assassinated in a car bombing. >> we try to press them. they blocked his nominee by using his recess court manpower's president, is sending forward for youra year. they have done nothing to merit this in the interim policy these thugs come out dictator see the taking continued their reckless ways, the united states will not mind. >> is is a fight worth having, so early in the year. with republican
4:51 am
controlled house at a time when the president wants to pick and choose his fights carefully. >> sending an ambassador or not will make much difference. >> if there's any serious talking to do, when talking is going to be done by secretary of state or the president. less likely not what the minister or anyone frankly. speaking they think obama is a policy is wrong. it is a central part. the issue during the election campaign. it could be back with a vengeance. >> coming up more headlines, all live look let's go outside, albany. headlights westbound. as you make your perch more and
4:52 am
your forecasts come commute, had led straight ahead.
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and we bat, a quick check, was bid at the box office, kron legacy stayed in the top three. it pulled in more than $18 million to hang on. a remake to #two true grit, it it struck mostly to the but a version. polling in a 24 million. staying at the very top of the box office gold will fall curse off than stiller, returning for another sequel in the meat to pan serious earning more than 26 million this weekend. this year we shot some revolutionary gadgets,
4:55 am
we also sought changes to how we use them gabe slate choses detect winners. >> ipad address 2010 the year of the tablet. apple sold over 4.2 million ipad in the first quarter. samsung is galaxy was a big hit it came out late this year. many analysts believe the tablet could not completed within 9.7 in. screen but it did, continues to. there's a market for smaller to travel with. this set by the sec said as they did not kill the amazon lowered the price of their base model. to just $139 and their tax, free shipping that worked, more so this year than ever before. the readers are still hot.
4:56 am
smart phones exploded, i phone for did really well. so did present the dried phones. what drove the success of the smart phone? applications. there really to cross is here. popples of store got millions of downloads. the average earner has over 25 maps. motion controlled video-game and was ahead play stations move hit the market and it was sony's version of the week. the motion section is accurate, you news cameras to blend yourself into the game, microsoft's connect delighted gamers this year. this is the x boxes version of the way but you don't need a comptroller embodies the controller. the mac book fair from auto club this year to impress on apple
4:57 am
fans and most techies. all live kind of notebook. solid state hard drive which gives it incredible design the this laptop there is, slams down to one-tenth of an inch, under 2.5 lbs. trends on and off in a matter of seconds. it does not get hot, the battery lasts twice as long, apple offers of based version for thousand dollars making it pretty affordable. lastly, facebook, for the first time days surpassed google for internet traffic. if there seo was * person of the year, the second youngest ever. facebook has over 500 million users safe to say almost everyone you know is on it. proble >> to take a break, a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving
4:58 am
fine. george is standing by at the folger record your commute in a moment. , did you happen to learn that you have breast cancer? no? well, then it must have been someone else who was diagnosed somewhere around the world. and 68 seconds later, it'll be someone new. and on and on, while we at susan g. komen for the cure work feverishly to make it end. so here's what i'd like you to do in the next 68 seconds: go online and learn how to help.
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5:00 a.m., kron4 morning news, top stories that we're following. police in nevada are looking at his shot two people, but report coming out. >> inauguration day, a new governor is sworn in today. details senate not rationed in the bay area as well. >> storms across the state having major implications and seven california the grapevine is closed. heavy snow in the area, tracking the weather here in the bay and in southern california. >> a double live shot, on the left-hand side sharing is the approach to the bay bridge. on the right, sam a
5:01 am
tale looking good. speaking temperatures the game really nice, miles start, 47 oakland, 48 in oakland. bumping it up and maybe a 10 degrees or so this afternoon great here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. >> a great start to the morning commute, as you can see here for the bay bridge, westbound light traffic, i don't of will see the same holiday light conditions that we have seen for last two weeks. mark. >> thank you, george, to come developing story of novato, following the latest after two people were shot overnight in the safeway parking lot. to get to more news faster we have jackie sissel on the scene. jackie. >> you can see investigators are still on scene to out
5:02 am
here at the hamilton safeway, the crime tape is still up. according to reports, all little after midnight to men or sitting in this car. there are bridge, someone opened fire striking both victims inside the car. one was 27 the heather 23 years old. sent to local hospital has about 30 minutes ago we were told that their in surgery, conditions are unknown, no report on them rain now. backed here, live you can see investigators your here, no suspects, no descriptions. obviously as soon as we get their permission real passalong. speech i know it's really an early but did they think this is random, gang- related? >> they're being very tight lipped. this is we get some information will be passing
5:03 am
along maybe a newly morning press conference. >> to a checked back with you with more reformation. the area. >> governors schwarzenegger is aired, jerry brown is in. he will be sworn into office in a few hours at 11:00 a.m.. it will be his third term. will trend is live. >> good morning, it will happen tree behind me, there news stands all-around the building, when governor brown takes office he inherits a $28 billion budget deficit so much has changed in the time he first came here in 1975 when he was the end is governor. now he's 72 years old, he is focusing on the economy and the budget. he turned down an invitation to meet president barack obama. in the meantime he held to
5:04 am
serving public sessions to talk about what he's going to do about the deficit, he said that when he ran for office he would not raise taxes without voter approval. there are sources did he probably will try to keep those income taxes, in place unless something happens will expire on june refers, to go 3 mi. done to realize station have a ceremony, a lot of over governors will spend millions of dollars on the party is he will spend a hundred thousand free hot dogs much more from zagreb director of the morning. darya. >> thank you, . other ceremonies they severances the first women to be collected is holding a ceremony in the museum for history of women in the arts. , that will take
5:05 am
place at 1:00. >> the exact date of mayor gavin newsom swearing in the governor of the state remains unclear we do know when the party will be generally tends. newsom was supposed to take over and be sworn in today. but a spokesman says he is delaying his swearing-in to finish a few more important projects. he said he was going to delay until everything was settled. oakland's mayor elect will be sworn into office later on today less nagy of the party at the science dinner, several hundred people attended a graduated her focusing on crime, education, job creation. we asked her why she thinks she will succeed? >> citing the differences
5:06 am
are planned half the people who live in the city gets web launching this volunteer. speaker a we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live look here at the james lick, it's more training. traffic is light. ladies and weather, traffic including more on the closure of grave run coming up. cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
5:07 am
5:08 am
5:09 am
the antennae and tommy see kids playing in the snow not so strange, snow on countries. that is an unusual sight. extremely rare and dusting of snow that fell around was a angeles yesterday, in the meantime, the main highway between california and is closed. as you can see that storm is blowing to the area, blowing snow, ice that's making driving conditions very dangerous.
5:10 am
the great wine, interstate 50 is closed indefinitely in about directions. cars were sliding. no major crashes reported at this point the winds gusting to 90 mi. per hour. snow accumulations at elevations as low as 1,500 ft.. more than 1 in. of rain is expected in l.a., through today there and have temperatures down into the forties. >> wall street, first trading day of the new year futures positive, whittier 2010 turned it to be the highest level since the financial crisis the dour, nasdaq, as simpy double digit gains. stocks are appointed higher for today called will offer china's efforts of keeping a lid on inflation may be working.
5:11 am
key reports due out in the coming weeks releasing construction spending for november and institute for supply measure. auto sales coming out for december and monthly employment reports coming out later in the week will fall latest in an hour. and get congress convenes in washington with republicans holding a majority in the house. democrats still control the senate. among prairie is they promise to cut spending, roll big cat health care. green key administration before congress. the publicly will what online. >> route back with more in a human this.we will be back withn a few minutes.
5:12 am
5:13 am
5:14 am
weekend as the watch up, let's see what money has in store, dry at the golden gate bridge, and james. >> it is not that this morning, here's a look at the dry conditions on storm tracker 4, rain of ruin the last 24 hours, as to tens of an inch in san francisco, as fortune 7 in. in oakland right now drive. we're seeing some stuff done to ourselves. in the bay area looking good, temperatures in the mid-40s. 35 santa rosa, everyone else 47 oakland, 44 redwood city. 45 and in the act. the general trend is mid-40s, norman m. tanner surgeries by this afternoon. half moon has come 3:00, mid-50s. 54 novato, napa. all little warmer the further south you go 56 in fremont, san jose.
5:15 am
54 in livermore, 55 redwood city. all and all pretty mild. sunshine, which is nice, dry conditions. in fact there will consent to the next here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. morning valley fog, afternoon sunshine. temperatures up to 64 surgeries by thursday, friday, overnights not bad, low-mid-40s along the coast in the bay. mid-opera 33 inland. fats friday, saturday slate kansas record to we will refine that closer. george. >> thank you, , starting off with really easy ride around the bay area. in fact, a california highway patrol for the nine county metro area is not tracking and a single incident light can remember the last time i
5:16 am
commute like that no stars, no accident, no problems. light traffic and was expecting it to be as late today as it has been the last two weeks but it might be. we don't see much indication here as a starter bridge check, san mateo, the right here looks pretty spare. no problems on either side. notice there on the span side, hardly any traffic. same is true for the westbound side, golden gate, easy in from marin county no proms, delays for seven and 1013 marin. the bridge from interstate 80, there is, take the lead here. there as murrelet truck again for westbound 80 red. heading down towards the offer uncut golden gate. no delays for the entire
5:17 am
length of the sure freeway. mark. speaking to get ready to pay up another 25¢ per zone on cut train. part of an effort to close the budget that. it's expected to bring an additional 1.4 million annually. but the price for travel and the same zone will stay the same. >> in these california street car is going to be shut down for a tuneup. from now until july workers through replace electrical and mechanical parts. in some other rays. repair sidewalks and france to make them more handicapped accessible. residents in san mateo will have access to a new way system. ill will serve more than 92,000 homes, residents will lumber have to separate, pick up will happen every week as
5:18 am
opposed to every other. >> humaneness changes in your pacific gas and electric company bill rates for some customers are going up, others will see their rates decrease pacific gas and electric company says they will seize little power see them go of, customers through is a larger amount will get a cut of about 2.5% for allowing people with larger homes and in the central valley deal with their large bills for in the past summers. shop owners in oakland's chinatown say surveillance cameras they've installed have to turn to crime. they would use the same system to keep people safe at lincoln's or >> rappers have targeted people 80 years of age and over. chinatown officials say most recently an elderly woman was beaten up in the bathroom, the same was crime
5:19 am
is targeting the elderly are less revere such as purse snatching. the agent advisory committee says since the center does not have a system insider out the suspects in these cases have not been arrested. they're hoping to change that with help from the chinatown community. >> to a dozen people come through every day, many are seniors, small children. we would like to have a security camera system l least six inside, outside if not more. the implementing a system through the entire chinatown many as urgent or installing them. at least willing camera will be servicing the street.these in h
5:20 am
>> she believes her cameras are a great deterrent. she installed cameras inside and outside last year. since then, she's seen a huge drop in the left. she was even threatened with a knife but robbers of a camera system and quickly left. >> i feel safer. >> they're hoping to get the money to do it by the end of january. oakland, reggie kumar, kron4 news. speech we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. a live look from our roof camera, dark skies, not too bad that there as we have dry conditions around the bay area.
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. or prince
5:24 am
will here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., only chance rain now. temperatures are to the warming up, highs in the '60s. as we head towards later part of the week. a live look at the bay bridge, light traffic, no delays in to san francisco. watching traffic closely as this is a big back to work and back- to-school week for many people. no proms at the scene the tail, let's check the golden gate range, from duron. >> responders to the 711 attacks will be having their medical aid paid for. he's i and the competition act from hawaii, this helps the officers to respond on 911 who guarded kron 0 after the attack and many of those men and women suffered respiratory illnesses, republicans had tried block
5:25 am
the measure but dropped the opposition. >> $50 billion that is the estimate made by investors onto the value of facebook. goldman sacks and a russian restaurant $500 million into this social network they will use that network to higher tech talent, by smaller companies and goldman sacks has declined to comment. if it is accurate it will make facebook work is more than time warner, disney. still less than to go. their estimated to be worth a hundred and 46 billion. >> taking a quick look at some of the headlines over the weekend, many iphone customers had some explaining to do after the overslept the start of the new year because of a glitch in the hot dogs on our clock. users to set their
5:26 am
alarm for a single way get. from the alarm did not go off. with the new year's arrival. microsoft, the hot mill has gotten the message even those summers at not, complains of online form about disappearing e-mail's or being sent to deleted no folders their working on a fix for that. the raiders, niners ending on a high note the raiders beat the chiefs got it 1-ton. rulers b- eight. breeders and sheet-8. interim approach was a winner and probe is on the coaching. >> trent what he appears to be the front runner for the general manager position. he added to our meeting he's not been with the franchise six years he insisted he would conduct a nationwide
5:27 am
search but appears ready to promote from within an announcement could come as soon as today a day before stanford coach appears to become available. although there is some assistance that he may stay with stamford we will have to see who becomes the next courage. we will pocket more in just a few moments, up one of the big stories the unfolding live from novato test in the shooting. we'll unfolding live from novato test in the shooting. we'll be right back. big. hot. pastrami. don't dare call it a cover band -- unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami. this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese. catch 'em before the fresh toasted tour leaves town. subway big hot pastrami. crank up the flavor at subway.
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♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪ ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ ♪ and watch day-time dramas at the bus stop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop and smartphone with at&t u-verse tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible. all out lot welcome back, two people have been shot outside of the safeway, on the of the drive. we turn to we are seeing of solar reporters jackie sissel is out there from an investigation what he test ready? >> police investigators are
5:30 am
still here on scene at the hamilton safeway. shortly after midnight two men were sitting in a nearby car, when they were approached by the suspects the open fire, shot multiple times. you can see the back window to shut out the two victims 27 year- old man and a 23 year-old man were shot multiple columns, to the hospital. we're being told in injuries or serious, both in surgery. right now novato please determine say that there conducting an investigation they do not have suspects description at this point, there may be a late morning press conference. for now, the two men shot in the parking lot of the safeway. no suspects rain now. >> this is the new safeway, is for the most popular one
5:31 am
is that close? >> no, the safeway is open. i can also tell you this is the same safeway that was brought on christmas day. so, not necessarily a connection but this is a brand new safeway, lobsters thursday, shooting in the parking lot. >> just this part is off limits but the rest in the shops are all open. or will be. >> you can see the police lines around is one area. over years were the car is. you can see the safeway is locked up one entrance but for the most part everything else is normal. >> thank you, jackie. sleet oakland, a man was shot multiple times its cost was in critical condition that happened just before 7:30 p.m. when police arrived they found him with several gunshot tran critical but stable condition. police are
5:32 am
looking for motive as was the suspects. >> governors schwarzenegger is out, jerry brown is in. will be his third term kron4 is will tran is alive. >> the ceremony will take place late behind me, news vans all around the building so much has changed since 1975 when he was first governor at the age of 36 the youngest governor in history and california. now he will be old as of 72. when he takes office he will inherit the $20 billion budget deficit, this is the problem that he must tackle which is where you turn down an opportunity to meet president barack obama. instead he decided to stay the state, hold two public sessions are hard to tackle the deficit. when he ran for
5:33 am
office he campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes without public approval there are services that say he will probably try to keep those taxes and raise the sales tax, income tax if he doesn't do something it will expire july 1st he's serving to keep it in place after the ceremony, a you will have his party about 3 mi. from his vacation at the california real road museum unlike other governors who might spend a million or more on their party he will only spend or hundred dozen dollars he's an offer free hot dogs. much more from sacramento after the morning. >> hours before governor stores a year and is leaving he commuted the manslaughter sentence of from and nuisance. he fought the 16 year president was excessive, reduce it down
5:34 am
to seven years. he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon for his role in africa territory to your man. in 2008. the sentence from a woman who went to 16 ambushing killed her for a pimp. she was granted clemency she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. for the shooting death over george hard. prosecutors say she was no longer working for when she killed them toward their called for since it keep bridge george 25 years with the possibility parole. s. google of the weather, but to work, but to school for some districts but not the other, what we trusting? >> it x-ray or a jacket. it is cool, in the north they were doing since early morning fog. not bad, but
5:35 am
it's out there. the rain we sat over the weekend has moved to recess, east, a slight chance of a sprinkler to in the south bay but at this point it is a very slight chance. the majority will be a dry afternoon. cool, not cold, low-mid-40s, getting into the upper '40's, sinners a, 35 degrees. overnight clouds alatas to cool it down. it's cooler than it was yesterday everyone is seeing an increase in their temperatures by one or two degrees. this afternoon, setting out for a nice mild afternoon sunshine, blue skies. 53 in richmond, 54 san francisco, concord as well. 56 than meets your,
5:36 am
hayward, san jose. 55 for my own view, redwood city, for east bay livermore 54, 52 and antioch. as we head towards the rest of them made week, warming things that another five degrees are so near 61 spots with the continuation of the morning valley fought. everyone calls seeing plenty of sunshine, temperatures on low or reside. saturday, a slight chance of may be an overnight sprinkle or two, and this point it's pretty light. will they know the closer we get to it. george. >> for pretty late this guy is a traffic all around the bay, we may be in for another day of the kind of conditions is seen for walleyes couple of days. that would be great for you.
5:37 am
late traffic here as close at the san mateo bridge, a quick check, you can see that the westbound ride the volume has only built up all little, certainly not very much here in the counter flow direction. 101 southbound, light traffic, no delays or problems during or the golden gate, san francisco to the airport take a look across town, very light on the inbounds central from the octavia's street expressway no proms coming in from mission. order an accident on 580 westbound is a big rig on the shoulder, no delays yet for interstate 580. mark. >> thank you, , we will be tracked.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
look at the san mateo bridge, livermore company out there. 42 degrees in san
5:41 am
mateo, and in 52, kenya couple for the high of 54. >> johnson and johnson will be bringing a new effort to bring a cancer blood test to the market. this blood test can spot a single cancels' sell among 8 billion healthy cells. they believe it has the potential to transform testing for many types of cancer. >> authorities and the higher are investigating a shooting. the ease the gunman was killed in the shootout, the officer was taken away, russia hospital he's expected to survive, a
5:42 am
sheriff's deputy was killed by gunshot authorities don't know of police killed the gunman or if he killed themself. you can hear the exchange. >> wildlife officials are trying to figure out why more than 1000 blackboard fall from the sky and that they fell over a 1 mi. span in the town just before midnight on new year's eve. a survey found orono others dead birds out by this area there is speculation they may been hit by a light plane or startled by fireworks. similar incidents in the past, the test results always come back inconclusive. speaker will be back with more and couple of minutes, a live look at san jose, traffic is pretty light, clear. we'll be right back.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
welcome back, 5:45 a.m. double live shots a view of what you're in for this
5:46 am
morning, everyone is dry, the approach to the bay bridge in san mateo bridge goes look clear. james was the big headline? >> dry is a big change from are the weekend, here's the satellite, all the showers while tours of, that's the way they're moving from north, south. well lead of our area for now. slight chance of the struggle or to, we will talk about that coming out. temperatures are mild, oakland 47, a severance is there 48, the east bay, north bay, low- mid-40s. they had fairly clear skies overnight, all that he escaped. nine degrees cooler in though we had yesterday. this afternoon, another 10 degrees, mid-50s for the
5:47 am
afternoon bay area wide, 54 concord. 56, down the 80 quarter. oakland, san jose, 55 redwood city, 55 mountain view. run 54 degrees. temperatures slowly climb as we head towards the way, quite a contrast. this week, sunshine, a lot of it. mostly sunny pretty much every day with a gradual warming thursday, friday. los this is for a good number of spots, we build a cloud cover and for friday, saturday slight chance of a sprinkler to. nothing for the afternoon, will tweet that the closer we get to it. traffic. george.
5:48 am
>> ellises there were seeing more traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza, more so that we sought in the early morning hours, we could see something in that area of a normal commute. the commune has been so light that most days the meeting lights were not activated when they were no back there. two weeks of no back up. that may change this morning. the project, san mateo, and traffic is building. that's where the tail lights are, still no problems. golden gate, a good, south on highway 101. northbound, the ride of downtown toward santa clara still a few taillights on the road no backup heading past tremble de la cruz. the interstate 5, grapevine, closed because of icy
5:49 am
conditions, wind, snow so 101 is your best bet to head down towards the says if you plan on driving towards l.a.. >> thank you, it will now cost you another 25¢ per zone for cow train. the increase is part of an ongoing effort kron4 has more. >> as the first of the rents come through, paying more to read between san as an san francisco. >> a full run will cost another 25¢ per zone. three zones perot entry needs an extra $50 days. it may not sound like much but it adds up. among this task is upper $20, raising fares to cover going deficit if expected to save two and a half million a year. caltrans is planning to cut service. >> world stories, australian military officials rushing
5:50 am
to aid starks is before they get hit with another round of floods. this is in the outback, the rain started before christmas lighting the area of size of france and germany combined. the flooding has killed three people since saturday. >> heavy snow in japan is causing more than a hundred and eight your fishing boats to capsize this is video of the tory japan. most of the beaux weighed about 3 t. fishermen say was a huge surprise to find so many capsized after just one night. many say they have no idea how their business will survive. speech a massive earthquake in chile. 7.1. here's video coming in from central chile thousands of people seeking higher ground, the navy says there's no threat of a tsunami. the answer your last year more than 500
5:51 am
people were killed by an 8.8. time now is 5:50 a.m., we let this morning couple of minutes, here's a live look at albany, traffic is still pretty quiet.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
the team lead the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. after everybody should be of their vacation. the kids even though some of them are not back, 57 degrees, dry huge change in the weekend to continue into this dry week, morning valley fog. afternoon sunshine, the whole week making it reagan to the weekend when more clouds moving, the high sticks around 57, 58, 60 that is our the story 08, son, dry. >> that's a good story. a symbol of america, even the white house is struggling,
5:55 am
the weather is has lost nearly a quarter of its value according to the solo, it depreciated from a breeder and 32 million down to 253 million. they have made sovereigns but to go girtin, set to the mansion. >> i don't know of the swing set increases the value. >> lindsay love and is said to be released from palm springs today, she still has some legal hurdles, she is under investigation for battery on a worker, the investigation continues she needs to satisfy a judge but she has been in compliance with reprobation from a drunk driving case. >> the representative for a job jackie barr is back in hospital. they examined it decided she should return to ronald reagan doctors say it
5:56 am
is setting in they will have to amputate or she will die. >> big movies, robert deniro, ben stiller andlittle fockers $26,299,600 . closely followed by jeff bridges, matt damon western true grit $24,500,000 . tron: legacy $18,306,000 that stayed in the top three, remake of the sci- fi, pulled in more than 18 million. >> weather over the weekend check this out highway 29 closed yesterday as snow was coming down along the road way. it's since been reopened, driving conditions were too dangerous. you can see this one cars sliding out some cars towed of the area.
5:57 am
>> we will be back with more than just cut will minutes. big story, breaking news out of novato, a double shooting or raid outside of the nearest shopping center. hamilton field. the shooting happened, live on the scene will follow that.
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up on 6:00 a.m. monday january 3, 2011, police are looking at who shot two people in the safeway parking lot alive report coming up. >> california is going to swear new governor today live in sacramento and we will have details. >> wild weather continues across the state the grapee


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