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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 4, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, 4:00 a.m., live pictures of newark breaking news. a condo in a single sentence means is but broke out five hours ago, still burning intensely in the mummy might to the camera barolo, this fire is huge. this is a condo development under construction, no one was inside at the time of the fire that's good news. huge amount of fire personnel on the scene, you get an idea how big this fire is. there
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a long way away from getting this fire under control. a bit ago we heard the chopper pilot manning is camera giving it quicker board to new york. we can tell you this point will be quite some time before this fire is about i believe i heard correctly he said this fire which is located a good number of miles away from manhattan. it can be smelled in manhattan. that's how big it is. now i get a better idea of the magnitude of the fire. don't forget all this now you see surrounding personnel with the emergency equipment try and make their way are having a bottle. it is a very cold morning in new york, very intense situation for these communities. we will keep an eye on this florio will want to do that store what we have it. an update on our forecast, boy it's cold out
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there let's see if there's any frost. >> starting of this morning was very cold temperatures, fog, temperatures are quite a bit cooler the aureus today fog is settling in to the north bay pretty sunny, dry conditions today as we head towards the afternoon. start right now with your current temperatures in the the '30's. 34 santa rosa, 33 for napa. chilly temperatures into san rafael. 41 degrees and your mind you, 43 fremont. doing a little bit of fog you can see where as you had to the north bay along 101 portions of san rafael to petaluma. here's a look get some of the problems of his ability quarter mile in to novato, said jurors are, elsewhere
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not too bad. in fact clear skies read our across downtown san francisco. satellite, radar we're in the clear seeing assistant for south west not really affecting our area call. continuing a string of nice, dry days. afternoon highs 50s, 55 novato, we will stay in the '50s as we head into the south bay, 58 san jose, 57 fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing a stretch of dry weather ahead of us. embarked were expecting to see temperatures stay in the upper 50's, low sixties read on to the workweek. weather will be fairly similar from day to day. erica. >> thank you, , i'm sure he
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the dense fog address rate so far currently only one benicia just issued by the california highway patrol they ask the be extra cautious are the not know whether brahms to contend with chocolate is in the green as you make your way along 680. the fog advisor reno the worms to roar, and continue the project. west guaranteed zero take a look at this very light conditions just a couple of cars on the road leading lights of, all lanes are open for your ride along a project, san mateo, you may have some problems. overnight construction cell in effect between wet and in '92. to lanes are shut down, we're still in the green indicating speeds at about 50 m.p.h.. such bound 80 is currently shut down and the 5:00, on the span itself, no arms. nice,
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light special on the right- hand side that's traffic in the tree direction. lots of space between cars, now back at the toll plaza and not bring up with the golden gate serves about 101 note from, no cursing camera shot perfect conditions, a clear shot no events abroad that we would buy this hour. i just took the road sensors, no problems, in the green. >> thank you, and tsb has released or were connected to the deadly gas explosion in san bruno. in that report there are some serious suggestions for pacific gas and electric company and state regulators dan kerman has the details. while it's still unclear what caused the explosion the ntsb recommendations are designed to prevent a pipeline from higher operating on a higher
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pressure. to do that the ntsb has ordered pacific gas and electric company to conduct our records search to find exactly which pipelines have not been tested to determine the state or bring pressure those identified are going to have their pressure based on the weakest section of rape. if that cannot be done additional testing is to be completed. >> to its current call the operator is be able to prove that they know what's under the ground because if they don't know what's under the ground and then it cannot possibly be confident that the pressure they're using is safe and acceptable. at a news conference monday afternoon jackie spirit of what the ntsb for its recommendations, they tied them driving records with the wrong information about the pipeline in question. >> the documents that pacific gas and electric company provided the actual drawings assert that the
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pipeline was seamless. we all know now, that it is a seemed bright. i seem to pipe needs to be addressed differently than a seamless pipe. the question really becomes, in this whole region, much of the light ride system that pacific gas and electric company operates is indeed seemed and how much of the pipeline system has never ever been inspected? speaker the ntsb has recommended the california public utilities commission conduct oversight of their record search, testing as a rose and four other natural grass transmission operators so they can implement corrective measures on their own. pacific gas and electric company says it's reviewing the recommendations and indicates this record search their records to the alliance is already under way. >> and of course go to kron4
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.com for complete look at the ntsb recommendations it's all there for you. >> i gironde do solemnly swear >> and with that, jerry brown once again becomes governor california this is the scene in sacramento as he was sworn in becoming the 39th governor the state he does face some serious problems, the biggest being the budget. the state has faced budget deficits for several years is now faced with an estimated $20 billion shortfall through june 20th to roll. >> the budget represent next week will be painful, honest. the ems is spending will be matched with are available tax rainier's and specific proposals will be offered to realign key functions that are spread
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between state and local government. it's a tough budget for tough times. speech to help prove that the serious his luncheon featuring hot dogs and chips. it will be legal name of his first days, as he tackles the state's growing budget jonathan bloom spokesman the expert about the cuts. >> and the first few weeks of his term as governor jerry brown was city plans to make terrible " an unpopular cuts. here red berkeley public policy says of those cuts were likely to try the basins of leaders on both sides. jerry brown may be an man who's easily position to take on the dirty job. >> and i need you might see the cuts across the board from education to hiring health service, a balanced
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budget through various kinds of accounting gimmicks, if that is true it will make the cuts even more real. more info. >> in a way he's in a position to do this than almost anyone else would be. >> why's that? >> i think he comes in at a stage of his political career werke tended to vote things. he doesn't need to run for office again. secondly, adding there's a general recognition in the state, the public that this is real. could be messy? yes. will it be? yes probably. >> to where there was broad measures car window the two-
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thirds requirement that two- thirds requirement is still there at the new budget includes a tax increase. that's why brown may have nurtured a spur to go to the voters if he wants to raise taxes. >> a historic inauguration for oakland's 49 near jean quan. first woman and chinese american elected to the opposition. one of her top parties is creating jobs for oakland. she talked to city of course roadway a stadium, meeting with their top dnc as to keep the jobs we do our and oakland, under way at legal lot of businesses don't know about the stimulus grants, so the it manager have to invest in oakland. huge tax credits for employing oakland citizens. oakland has a business tax for new
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business. atlanta do a better job of marketing those, reaching out particularly to the businesses we need. >> mayor, jean quan says getting the and your working will be one of the topper is true for all orders. headlines on the the side of the split will
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and we're back, headlines around the bay a body was discovered in the union city car port they found in the 600 block around 500. the victim has not been identified no word on whether foul play was of the inspected. the investigation is under way and overturning garbage truck closed three lanes as of 1101 for several hours of hundred gallons of oil leaked on to their roadway. the sarah lawrence as the driver lost control on a turnaround 5:30 p.m.
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responding to fears realized the truck was leaking the driver was taken to hospital his injuries are not believed to be life- threatening. no other vehicles were involved. >> for or governor are a source maker is coming under fire, he reduced the prison sentence of a politician's son. the son of former state assembly and later he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and assault for his role in the 2008 killing of a college student. his 16 year sentence was shortened to seven years. bring kelly taught to the victim's family they say there are rich. >> i need your is a chemically politicians move it i cannot believe he would do such a thing i think it's despicable, giorgio. at the last hour of his office, completely unnecessary. i'd give it up with his family they would think seven years
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was not nearly enough. speech is the mother luis santos flanked by his parents in this war broke she says by commuting the sentence for her son's death of sorts bigger are making it a joke of the justice system. streaky guard 16 years. he's making pills since the sentencing, denied by all the procedures every single time. he did back toward guilt with the governor prole hunters to cent champagne. >> on the press later says he believes his previous six or four as excessive because he was not the person who rushed to stop the victim. he also pointed out he had no previous criminal record. kathy sanders said she does not know what order fairly can do about this but they hope those involved to some political fallout. >> i hope that all political
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debts. >> governor supports a negro was a champion fund-raiser so maybe it's not surprising he's leaving office with a donation from a supporter records show one of his accounts received a $15,000 contribution the jet went to committee that raises money for things like we will take a break, a live picture from mt. tam san francisco there were some dark around, those of the two basic things you will deal with this morning fog, " temperatures. more on that a minute.
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their error, for 5:00 p.m. taking the to the game last night, 287 yds, four touchdowns leading stanford
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number to road to virginia tech 40-problem in the orange bowl. stanford earned its first win in 14 years likely ending the season ranked the top five for the first time since the 1940 team finished member to. acrostics as comes only four years after their 11-eleven hiring coach jim are horrible. after the game a possible topic gluck did not want to talk road. >> to you think this was the final game grew short speech please give me a break. speech ever respect for the game, it's about performance and light of these players. i love them. >> how difficult a decision to estimate on deciding whether not your to pizarros. >> i think they're a lot of force decisions you can have a live. >> it comes only four years
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again after stanford won 11 provo with the turnaround, it was in him, the sum by fending off someone's request about the 49ers, or is it again next pressure mark real fighter. >> let's find what's going on with the weather. >> cold, and darn near freezing. don't be surprised if we get to morning frost. right now, shot of the golden gate bridge, currently in santa rosa we're down to their freezing mark by noon, 52. high of 56 backed up to 40. elsewhere, santa rosa is one of the cooler spot, over the map a degree warmer than that. still chilly to fairfield, concord. san rafael the upper 30's, 45 degrees incidents as, a little cooler as he had done the peninsula. this is how much cooler temperatures are, then 24 hours ago quite
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significant steps. tender fairfield, concord. 10 degrees cooler amount you. a little bit of rock to contend with to the north bay and the livermore valley. the visibility less than a quarter mile in places like novato, santa rosa, half mile. quarter mile in 2 livermore as well. satellite, radar in the clear. continuous and these guys in the afternoon another nice afternoon. string of days like that. if you like today, you'll like tomorrow and so forth. have you high, 56 in for a sister, clare the amount novato, same for oakland, hayward where 50s. 58 degrees for san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. lots of sunshine the next few days, a bit of morning fog and especially to the north, east bay rally's over to
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friday, saturday if your clouds, stay dry. temperatures in the air or 50s, lower 60s. erica. >> no accidents or excellences on our roadways, tracking a dense bart advisory issued 15 minutes ago for the benicia bridge. you can see them along 680, ct is asking the drive with extra caution so far this is the only bridge with a dense fog advisor 3. bridge said, bay bridge, westbound it's your. just a couple cars had to rusticity no promise from any of the purchase, in short, westbound 580 in the northbound direction traffic is moving up the limit, meeting late still off. san mateo, you may have some promise getting their we do have overnight destruction in effect, says about 800 that will close down the to write him lanes to about 5:00. not affected traffic,
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speeds are in the green indicating 50 mi. per hour there. westbound 92 to 7.80 shut down to 5:00. once again on the span you won't have any promise to do with traffic is nice, light in both directions no proms, lops space between cars no rooms getting to the bridge along highway 101. your golden gate bridge right says bound run 01, nice, light conditions your traffic is moving wall above limit, no bar to deal with, pretty cold. driving conditions no problems, and down toward the creek. as a major way towards the toll plaza, pretty good day for public transportation no promise your wallet. >> it will now cost more try caltrans as kron4 reports the increase per of the effort to do something about a budget gap.
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>> with the first of the art writers were how to export to the more dry between sanders incidents occurred. >> about the fact of life, as the first trains come through here. >> as he walked up bridge for occurred in the machine, you get him more every day month, the of that. a full run between the two cities across much tran of our sons personae each way. three zones between the south bay and the city needs an extra $50 days. it may not sound like much, it adds up. a monthly pass will grow by $20, caltrans raising fares to cover a deficit. expected to save two and a half million dollars a year as it is there when it cut service of ours. >> on weekdays trains will run hourly for 9:30 a.m. to 2 in the afternoon and said every half hour. meanwhile in honor for one bay area
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community one that the town might not want. i north bay tree that tries to keep tourist out it is now part of oppression. it's a nominee in budget troubles: small town in america, does. it is looking for towns with a little bit of an edge cover other towns in the running include port townsend, washington, the story up.his story the. here's i creek, no major problems to be rewarded.
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and we're back, national headlines the commander of a navy ship is under investigation they want to know why true video showing simulated sex attacks incase lawyers were shown to jurors shipping out, details of a growing controversy. >> this evening all the bleeding hearts wider use gore had allowed yourselves for the next 20 minutes or so because there's a juror to answer can be offended. >> and 2006, seven when he was second in command on the aircraft carrier uss enterprise he made several new videos with anti-gay slurs ensuring simulated sex acts, repeatedly as the air
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force. something foreign to the gay kid, the chicks in the shark this is certainly the most popular video. it is also one that has aroused complaints. speaking he was reprimanded and the tapes were made but now, after watching the videos that have launched an investigation in part to find out how the videos were made and shown to the crew of 6000 were there as senior officers speaking up and stopping it. the pilot mr. broadbent videos from an unidentified source will some sailors to the labor the videos are finding other said there were funded. >> the people we talked to did not want to be identified their word about repercussions. >> several months ago he talked openly. >> i got the sense to him that this kind ever and
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admittedly or it knowledge silly thing kishinev, being funny with a way to while away the weeks on the ship but see. nothing like what we read that seeing. >> one of the many supporters said i served under rise for last three years are of my 21 year navy career i would love to go to sea with a man like this. >> we will follow the developments in that story. honors as top commanders did not know what he was cheering, shouldn't we have responsible for his actions he is now commander which is good for to leave virginia within days to return to the front lines the navy has to decide what action is ready to take. another break, let's go back inside, years court this morning from your bay bridge camera, the persian westbound 80 traffic is moving well, when we come
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back the latest headlines and the full look of the cold august morning.
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and mayor back for their a.m. golden gate bridge, man it's called that there are have frost on my windshield let's find out how temperatures are with louisa. >> good morning, here's a shot at outside downtown san francisco, off two cold start, temperatures much colder than yesterday. even the possibility of seeing a little bitter frost. temperatures are above freezing mark. morning fog, the allocations. in the afternoon, sunny, dry. the story of your current temperatures, santa rosa 32, the 33 napa, 377 rafael. san francisco, 45, the chilly start. as you had done and to redwood city,
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mountain view upper 30's, not much colder. you can see the drop over temperatures were a few hours ago. trout agrees rick and your hair fails, mountain view. also seeing some fog as well, known as all of this orange visibility less than a mile range the north bay valley location as to how long 101 expect some patchy morning fog. looking at some of the visibility's this morning less than a quarter mile to novato, half a mile to santa rosa, proms as visibility to livermore less than a quarter mile. rain now, satellite, radar shows clear conditions making for some fought along with some real light winds. it as we headed to the afternoon sun these guys, fairly pleasant afternoon dry conditions, temperatures in the '50s. 55
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into novato, san francisco. keeping in the '50s in the south bay, upper 50s reed around 50 degrees in two san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. plenty of sunshine, the next couple of days we will stay dry river under their workweek even into next weekend as well looks like you're afternoon highs will stay into the upper 50s, lower 60s. check and your commute with america. >> thank you, , i guess fog is the word for the weather and traffic, and rise to a dense fog advisor for the benicia bridge this happen just 34 crop, california highway patrol is asking extra cautious about directions. as of yet this is the only fog advisor 3, of course to keep you posted. >> project, or spend 80, nice, light not a problem as you make your way up the incline along the upper deck. san mateo, tracking
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some overnight construction and effects of about 800 between wynton and 92 the two lanes are shut down this is an effective far call, westbound 92. so shut down to a later clock. once again on the span macarthur maze, light traffic in both directions not tracking your back about the toll plaza. north bay, 101 traffic is moving at the limit, no problems, down to the waldegrave drive times for you out of novato toward city limits clocking in under 23 minutes this morning. bypassing bay area traffic, heading up to the sierra, chain requirements in effect for 88. the good news is, for those of you heading up there you 0 major chains for interstate 80 or higher 50. public transportation, still no
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problems to contend with. james. >> team coverage of the weather, and jackie sissel is live in san rafael where the temperatures there on the chilly side. speaking morning james, very college. now the temperature gauge renown is treating 39, it feels much colder. end of the wind chill or this cages off a little bit. i have a frost on the winch of this morning, i can see it building up by cars aren't here. deftly a turn for the cold. >> absolutely. bundle up weather to be sure. let's talk local politics and not so new face back in sacramento as a jury brown is sworn in as california's 39th governor. this time around as he is committed himself is not going to be easy. kate thompson was
4:35 am
there. >> during his inaugural address he did not sure it heard the dire situation california is in. >> the budget represent next week will be painful. speech he was previously a years ago now age 72 he returns for his third term prepared to make the tough decisions. speech this is how to be made, difficult decisions taken. at this stage in my life, i have not come here to embrace, delay and the nile. >> his peer down inauguration puts all the chips on the lawn. it said to cost less than $100,000 its reflection of the style he plans to bring to california's budget problems. >> tough budget for tough times. >> with dozens of supporters say they believe he can turn the state around. speaker
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was impressed. >> he's been here before, he's been throw towels. speaking at the new date california that we are some news, in office. speed jerry brown's return tops it career that has no equal in american politics as catherine heenan reports he brought in the governor's mansion. >> brown was born in san francisco from retreating from high school in 1955, attending santa clara university. 1958, just before his father was elected governor he entered a seminary taking of our party, and obedience. he left to attend uc-berkeley, yale. he was elected california's secretary of state, he won the governorship in 1974 after defeating the zero earlier group. >> his father looked on as
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he took the oath of office succeeding running rego. he proved to be a different set of governor rejecting the mansion in favor of an apartment with the matches on the floor driving to work in a sedan. his frugality extended to spending as well california wrapped of one of the biggest budget surpluses in history. it was wiped out by prop. 13 the property tax rollback. brown was reelected to a second term as the state faced a new round of budget cuts. >> today we see the moment dominated by getting and spending. rather than innovation and risk. i advocate of alternative energy he appointed the first openly gay judges, proposed orbiting a california space academy. his girlfriend senior lender under kron4 moonbeam. his opponent's turn that into governor ron being. he
4:38 am
briefly visited politics going to india to work with mother teresa. his comeback came when he was elected mayor of oakland in 1999. speaking after two terms as governor he was elected attorney general for second time in 2006. we will see how he does in his latest role. he'd states also have new governors, two of them making history nevada installed its first hispanic, new mexico for storming. florida, wyoming, as erin. also have new governors. drew you can watch the completed migration ceremony we have it all there for you. we will take a break coming up, more headlines for you and of course a full check of weather, traffic never far away. a live look good side as we go this shot of your new jersey where we have that huge condo complex on fire. this is a large four
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story building thankfully no one is inside, still under construction at the time firefighters have been trying to by all this going on five hours making very little progress. more and a minute.
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most to the gains on its first trading session of the year, 11,0067, as mp of 14, and as deck 39 points. christine connolly tulsa's with this can mean. >> the strong close could be a promising sign, investors call it the jury barometer sing generate to set the tone for the year. again and employs 500 stock index are the first five days has led to annual gains evelyn 90 percent of the time. speech here is a chart that shows you the one you're chains,
4:41 am
which could be one you're pointing. up 14%. the dow jones also sought its highest close since 2008. it is almost rob%. this is steven: prof. of the graduates will uc-berkeley. he says the stock market, a cautery don't always go hand in hand. >> low real problem is if the market is bad but a requirement, our economy is not generating new jobs. >> -and climate is still dragging the economy down most economists still expect a painfully high unemployment rate of 9%. some are predicting a more rosy picture forecasting an average of 2.5 million jobs added to the economy. >> in bay area headlines,
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detectives went door to door monday in a downtown san jose neighborhood looking for leads, any clues to the first homicide of the new year. 15 your of oscar gonzales was gunned down surely after 1:00 a.m.. riverside is home, they believe the killing was gang-related. speaker we know this point was there is a male described as wearing dark clothing, last seen running east is believed to be this shooter he was reportedly holding tank and as he fled the scene. preliminary investigation indicates this may be gang- related. >> my cousin was standing right there by the door. a guy came, then he was standing right there he has something, and then he started to shoot. i heard two shots. >> a shrine to the teenager
4:43 am
continues to grow on the front porch his family insists he was not in the gang, his agent described him as a smart young man who like to go to school. >> we will take a break, more straight ahead on the kron 4 morning news let's go inside a quick lecture the golden gate bridge, really light
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it comes days after thousands of redwing blackbird to drop out this guy here in little rock. a preliminary report shows they died from massive trauma. >> in said officials believe near see fireworks or even bad weather like yellow lightning caused the deaths. >> it's freaky. he he would never expect that many birds dead. >> in louisiana officials say the spirit still no signs of trauma. >> i will go take a look at them try and determine if there is a common factor if we seeing environmentally where the birds are. >> sample set to labs in wisconsin and georgette there will be compared to those in arkansas. >> we will leonel it did
4:46 am
find anything. check the forecast, good morning the reason. >> good morning james. chile temperatures, some down spread. around the freezing mark, as we head into the act and in lots of sunshine, dry, clear conditions clear to the evening as well but cool for tonight. right now, currently the cold spots up in the santa rosa, 32. 33 napa, 34 fairfield in concord. 35 livermore. san francisco 45. check but how much cooler temperatures are than 24 hours ago right across the board pretty big drops. 10 degrees cooler is fairfield 12 concord, a little bit of fog as well. notice of the yellow and orange during problems of visibility to the north bay.
4:47 am
clear conditions renown, still unclear it as we head into the afternoon. what is essential and, temperatures dropping out in the '50s. 55 degrees in novato. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows an abundance of sunshine of the next couple of days in the afternoon, continue to see some valley fox to around the next couple of mornings as well, more pop up crowds by the end of the week but strength up dry. >> tracking all of that fraud in the traffic department as well enough fog advisor is for benicia and cortines. interstate 80 in 680 see if he is asking you drive with extra caution. c. two p is asking
4:48 am
if you drive with extra caution. california highway patrol is asking the drive with extra caution. arnett construction is about to be picked up once again on the span no problems. a few more cars there we sat 10 minutes ago. traffic toward the peninsula you can still see it moving at a limit. golden gate,, 101 no problems, very few cars on their road. as you make your way at novato that to the waldegrave, and traffic in the green indicating speeds well above 50 mi. per hour across town, look good. traffic is flowing freely. no grounds at 101pro no problems to 101.
4:49 am
the sierra, you only need to change for highway 88 currently no restrictions rate eight or 50. >> james. >> world news hundreds of people in malaysia are homeless because of widespread flooding, look at these pictures several orders near thailand border have overflowed for the second time. were than a dozen schools have canceled glasses until the waters recede. just when it seemed australia's lead prices started to ease new storm warnings have been issued. worst possible news for bubo was battling to save their homes. >> many homes are abandoned, their owners forced to evacuate some come register in a hard to quit. like these people, there coming year or higher than the greens. speaking ago boys
4:50 am
coming and coming up here. >> as though river when there will cost $67 to repair. the same spirit is alive with the local fish and chips shop. they built a dam around the comer earth, sam by caustic. people love their first it's working. >> i think it's a good idea. the reason 9.2 m today tomorrow maybe 9.4. iran's of bradykinin after the center of town it's like this all the way. most of these houses are now deserted, some are refusing to go. with the car is high and dry, but apart from family some on rock of visitors. >> ravish, a lot of rubbish. and now there's the threat of more heavy rain. speaking of had enough rain. people
4:51 am
who've lost just about everything say they just can't take anymore. >> i just want to go home. we will follow the situation out there as this letter writers continue. a lot of people are starting at the new year the same way the start of last year looking for work. this is had to stand there in 2011. >> crowds may be great when you're bringing in the new year, not when you're looking for a job. with 15 million americans out of work job-seekers have a lot of companies. >> no question is harder to get a drop today, hard, you have to be strategic, lucky families your connections. >> not only do we have those attractive researching you have another 9 million poor working part-time but they want work full-time, to
4:52 am
3 million americans your not being captured the difference for the jobs they would take it. speech sounds like the boss has the upper hand, maybe not, those who have a job are ready to jump ship as soon as the economy improves. the survey by job placement firm manpower found 84 percent of employes plan to look for new jobs in 2011 despite having one. that's up from 60% last year. islam after work hard to keep good people. >> no doubt it's a reaction to the amount of work that's being done by each individual in every single company. >> good if you want to ask for raises not necessarily good for long-term unemployed. were you will see is trading, those who have been long-term unemployed still struggling to get the attention of potential employees. >> at this boot camp for
4:53 am
job-seekers career courage says don't worry about all the big numbers, it's about the number one you being the one employee a company needs. the biggest mistake people make is thinking that it's all about them. it's not about what is a great job a great fit, or cards for you it's about where you can do for the employer. >> another step is to refer the person, not the job winning the most likely be hired by someone and those you or someone you know as well. we'll go outside come and give you a quick look, this time a shot from novato. where it is called of there, in his 30s allows processing temperatures in the 30's, frost, fog, we'll get a fellow coming up and all of that.
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face but has acquired 500 million in funding from goldman sacks according to the new york times which said its unnamed sources. facebook and goldman sacks have not officially commented if the deal goes through dallas predicted it would put the value of facebook @ corporates are $50 billion. here's a look at how they stack up. facebook is more valuable than the bay. yahoo, itching closer to amazon and google. what does this mean for amazon, google? take tech report gives a prison. >> this $50 billion value is based on secondary trading markets where the wealthy investor in the company before they go public open to score big when they do. we don't know until the company gets out there and the public market on par with google, yahoo. and its
4:57 am
trading to see exactly how the market values them. rain now the new riding facebook for the once her great interest in having a really high valuation. >> does his work make money? >> yes. they make more than they spend. these would generate around $2 billion a year in online ad revenue. for a company worth $50 million is that enough? this is work is the brought a content company living in a bubble taking into much and the rest of money not making enough? speech to be a bubble and they went public with members of the didn't justify it. this starts ran up and crash. arguably facebook since they keep buying themselves time they raise money, if they can go another year, get this finances even more secure that when they make that
4:58 am
filing this is a really strong business and lessen the chance of that happening. dan and a few other analysts believe facebook will not go public in 2011 but will by 2012. >> we will take a break, back with more headlines in just a minute. more on the cold weather, that the big story as well.
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five a m on the kron 4 morning news, a top stories, the ntsb has issued safety recommendations in the wake of the da's slowing. >> the strong close to the stock-market to be a promising sign for the whole year. we will tell you why plus the latest filing not raining but it's call that there, it'll certainly feel
5:01 am
it, some locations dipping down to around the freezing mark, fog in the north and these big, as we headed to the afternoon lots of sunshine, and dry today current temperatures sharing as there were the chilies brought in the santa rosa maria freezing, a little warmer through napa only by about a degree. 34 fairfield, concord upper '30's down along the peninsula as well. redwood city done to mountain view. drop your across-the-board, fairfield, do trunk trees for concord here's a look at where that fog is situated. along the peninsula looking good. past the golden gate, 101, petaluma, a very dense patches of fog. less than a
5:02 am
quarter mile in some spots, same for livermore. less than a quarter mile. satellite, radar to clear conditions making for some of the fog along with lighter winds, for the afternoon an abundance of sunshine will actually stay dry, lots of sun trent lasting several days. afternoon highs, 50s, mid- 50s the differences go, same for richmond. upper 50s as you had done to the south bay. 58 san jose, 57 fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. lots of sunshine ahead of us, we will keep those temperatures in the upper 50s, low 60s rid of to the weekend. clads rolling, nice try forecast for you nice present time. george. >> thank you, , there's a possibility of fraud in the forecast for this morning, it is ensuring up dense fog
5:03 am
advisor is charity been issued for two bridges here. so, for both red lettuce solano the california highway patrol has issued fog advisor is, we're just getting word from california highway patrol that there's a possibility of of black ice in the north bay. one has come in for just a little east of the city in napa for atlas peak road. the possibility that there may be some black ice in their roadway. we could have bought combination working again this morning although that is the first report. otherwise coming closer home, free of hot spot, zero back a day at the bay bridge yesterday. and it certainly looks as light if not later today than it did yesterday. continuing the project, san mateo, looks good. very light traffic on the right
5:04 am
side of your screen which is the westbound direction. golden gate, 101, light truck, no drums reported across the span or 101. >> only in california to redo his story and whether one is below 40 degrees, a jockey. >> know, a market. this is cold. i am in downton san rafael wirth says it's 39 degrees, the wind chill feels much colder there's a preserve here this morning, frost on the ground. some of your in the north bay you just heard george's report on black ice it does not surprise me testing and a lot. >> and there isn't that far get there, with the fog advisor 3..
5:05 am
>> half moon bay a fishing goran grounds. the three people have been rescued. two dozen tenants of diesel is on board in the commercial salvage company is one route to pull up out of the water more details as it unfolds. >> a large, complex is under construction, up in flames. that is another developing story that we will be following, firefighters are having a hard time attacking them withdraw at this construction site, for story complex it is a huge complex. federal investigators have issued seven safety recommendations in the wake of the deadly loss. the released by the ntsb looks
5:06 am
to cross. the ntsb is ordering pacific gas and electric company to conduct a record search to find out which pipelines have not been tested to determine a state operating pressure. those identified or have their operating pressure based on the weakest section of pipeline. if that cannot be done this additional testing needs to be done. >> documents that pacific gas and electric company provided to the ntsb the actual drum, asserts that the pipeline was seamless. we all know now that it is a seamless pipe. a steam pipe needs to be addressed differently than a seamless pipe. the question really becomes, in this whole region how much of the pipeline system that pacific gas and electric company operates is indeed seemed and how much of that pipeline system has never ever, been inspected.
5:07 am
speaking they also recommended that the public utilities commission cannot overstate a piccinni's record search them pipeline testing as well as informing other national grass transmission officers so they can implement corrective measures. >> we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes, to get you going on this tuesday morning let's take a peek at the golden gate bridge, all clear, nice, dry traffic is light we will be bridge, all clear, nice, dry traffic is light we will be right back.. covering freshly baked bread unless you're talkt with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami. this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese. catch 'em before the fresh toasted tour leaves town. subway big hot pastrami. crank up the flavor at subway.
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at 10:00 a.m. a man some of the opening salvo hall landing business of futures or positive of the market rallied on the first trading session of 2011 the dow is up 90 points, investors get a lot of factory orders from the commerce department we're just minutes from the mid december policy-setting session. motorola's farm split marks the final step
5:11 am
in the years long breakout. motivated by a desire to present too simple businesses to investors. seven insurance companies are suing terrier debt to trent recover money paid crash and sudden acceleration the companies are seeking damages in excess of jordan and $30,000 from 14 crash's. these lawsuits were filed in los angeles. >> to chrysler become or a fee of the italian carmakers on a 20% renounces any booster rovings tour to present the move comes as chrysler musil's, difficult the repairs to take its stock public after last year's figure see it is a key step towards achieving their goal of the global automotive player to build 6 million cars a year. speaker president barack obama will
5:12 am
sign a bill that of the food safety system it will give this government new powers over inspections and food- processing plants. it will allow them to order recalls, up until now they're all voluntarily done. it was passed into response of several outbreaks of penis come encumbered producer ross here in years the law will be the first major overhaul on the safety systems since the 1930's. 13 companies were suspended last year they may be able to resume drilling without a detailed government reviews their appeal to resume work at previously driven rows a cyanate new policies and legislation is. it is a victory for the drilling companies. time now is 5:12
5:13 am
a.m., we will be back with more in a couple minutes. san mateo bridge, company, clear conditions real beard back.we will be right back.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
to miami florida, the orange ball stamford, and relax of attendees 7 yds, four touchdowns and the setting game, stanford pass 40-12 in the orange bowl, first: in 14 years that will likely end the season ranked in the top five. the first time since the 1940 season rate finished thereto the headed for the nfl, the big question is whether non jim will stay at stanford after the game hard but m left did not want to talk about it. >> to you think this was the final game you care?
5:17 am
>> give me a break please give me a break at prescott it is a bet the performance tonight. of these players, i love them. speakpad difficult decisions year to make? >> i think there are a lot of force decisions you've got to make a life. >> so is he going to the nfl? going to the niners? going to michigan, sting and sanford? we'll have to wait and see the zero outstanding season comes on the four years after he was fired one wing, of a losses, this season finishing of 12 wins, one loss. the double live shots to show you the weather conditions around the bay, team coverage drawing boards going on. the fog is a great story. our roof of the van ness, from the left-hand side that is a cheesy sentences to run the race.e, nice, a credit to reduce
5:18 am
the fat. >> i'm guessing they have the heat and temperatures are really chilly in fact, a diner and freezing in places like santa rosa, noon time jumping to the '50s that for will stay for an afternoon backed center for the bay of a clock. santa rosa is one of the cooler spot, chile, fairfield, concord. over to oakland coming temperatures maps the into your thirties. the result of homage for temperatures are compared to yesterday. it did straight across the board, as you have further inland, the bigger drops. 12 degrees concord, 10 fairfield, livermore as well. visibility, here's problems with fraud a special debt to the north bay, livermore.
5:19 am
places like novato visibility less than a quarter mile san for livermore. clear conditions in downtown santa this thing clear as we head into the seventh is the pointo central d5 and a writer, 56 and richmond, down into the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., at the 50s. 57 for fremont, hayward. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., an abundance of sunshine every next couple of days may be few clouds by the end of the weekend into the weekend, stain dry temperatures should hide their in the upper 50s. check and your commute george. >> i just spoke with the california highway patrol about reports arafat in the north bay, they have reprise
5:20 am
local officers of our report. the only location that has been called in was monticello east of napa. fog advisor is down pace, they're part of the oysters are far clock, the bridge still pretty light, easy ride. yesterday record straight for the entire commute even of the metering lights activated. no delays here at the san mateo bridge, once again 92 looks good and city's 800 at the '92 and change your hayward. 101 tran, from free, easy trip across the golden gate. we had it to me yesterday very much like what we saw for the preceding two weeks which is very light traffic for the entire bay area no real slowing on the corner. mark. >> thank you, , developing story of union city embodies friend-of-the-court art. in
5:21 am
the 600 block of st. around 530 gust even for the victims have not been identified. no word on whether not follow play is expected. a hayward woman fatally shot by san leandro police has been identified the 39 year-old gwendolyn killings were shot after police are left on the purchase. , her coat, the, passengers were arrested.the pae arrested. oakland police and the dna. like the jacksons doctors in court today, the test coming out. james lick in san ancestor, cold morning around the bay very light traffic.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
i jerry brown do solemnly swear or that i will.
5:25 am
>> and with that, and jerry brown once again becomes governor california this is seen in sacramento as to his sworn in becoming the very ninth governor of the state faces some serious problems and sacramento, the biggest being the budget but this the test or is quite a deficit for several years now facing a deficit $20 billion shortfall. speed the budget represent next week will be painful, honest. the items of spending will be matched with available tax revenues, specific proposals will be offered to realign key functions that are currently spread between state and local government. it's a tough budget sometimes. >> to help prove that a serious it is linton feature of the ducks and the tears. frugal be the theme of his first days of office as he
5:26 am
tackles the our budget problems. kron4 spoke with a little expert about the cuts. >> i think many minds the cut is virtually across the board from education, health service programs, to achieve imaginary balanced budget through various kinds of accounting gimmicks. and that is true, then it will make the cuts even more real and more painful. >> the expert continued on to say well above a measure just eliminate the two- thirds 11 it is still required if the new budget includes a tax increase. brown may have no choice but to go to the voters if he wants to raise taxes. >> just a hundred days after jean quan historic inauguration plans to meet with the police after she
5:27 am
tries to strengthen our relationship with them. one of her top priorities is creating jobs, she spoke to kron4 about a plan to attract business. >> morgan when the a stadium, meeting with their top 10 ceos to keep the jobs we do have an oakland, there'd, a lot of businesses do not know about the stimulus grants, some of the advantages you have to invest in oakland. huge tax credits from employing oakland citizens, oakland has a business tracks. i plan to do a better job of marketing those, i will be reaching out particularly to the businesses in need. >> mayor kron says getting the hang people working will be one of her top prayer case. >> michael jackson's former doctor's bucking court it is the start of the preliminary hearing for dr. conrad
5:28 am
murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. he's accused of giving the pop star too much provo all a colorful substance that led to his death. he approved a plan to allow them to testify as a jew in syringes and an ivy drop found in the hall of following his death. dr. area's lawyer says the doctor did give it dark and him that the drug but a much smaller amount than the corner of funds. speech we will be right back is the kron 4 morning news continues to hunt the latest on the
5:29 am
5:30 am
the city is not that foggy, we do now thought to talk about. louisa.
5:31 am
>> your head no. over the golden gate bridge that is for defaulters to kiki and even some of the east bay battery locations as well. cold temperatures continue much colder in yesterday. by the afternoon clear conditions, sunshine, dry weather. the evening is clear, cool. this morning temperatures in the freezing mark in santa rosa, napa, a few degrees warmer sting at 33 in fairfield. livermore, los terris, opera city's rim to the east bay and portions of redwood city. temperature change, they're dropping off by quite a bit compared to yesterday and much cooler eight the reason san francisco, seem to oakland, 12 degrees cooler for concord, 10 in fairfield, livermore. dealing with fog as darya talked about the top look at the peninsula it is clear as you had to the north bay, attached is a fairly dense fog, visibility
5:32 am
less than a quarter mile through nevada, livermore. santa rosa, half mile visibility this morning. satellite, reader no clouds in the picture rain now the clear conditions are making 4 morning far by the afternoon want to burn off leaving elsewhere, sunshine pretty pleasant afternoon once again, temperatures coming into the fifties, mid-50s to novato, 54 vallejo, napa. such a warm it up into the upper 50s, 58 for san jose, mountain view. red around 57 degrees for oakland, hayward, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. lots of sunshine today, tomorrow even into thursday we might wake up to the morning fog over the next couple of morning similar to were dealing with renown. temperatures expected fairly similiar upper '50's, low 60s expected maybe bring a few clouds the picture by the
5:33 am
expected to stay dry. george. >> thank you, , fog advisor is in place the benicia bridges still under a dense fog advisor reader's question whether or not the cortines bridge is still under the fog advisor not, the bridge toll plaza no fault, no traffic to >> of the westbound ride looks good, no problems as you across the upper deck. lower deck is finance san francisco, the commute to the san mateo bridge come amid big crossing looks good. later than usual traffic on the westbound side. highway 92, looks good coming over from 80, 80 is fine that the word at the '92. 101 this problem free, one early morning report on black ice in napa. so far nothing else has appeared on logs. that was atlas peak road at monticello when that report came in, no
5:34 am
subsequent reports of any additional problems for the north bay. darya. >> thank you, , a developing story that that the san bruno gasoline explosion, investigators from the ntsb still do not know the cause of the massive numbers deadly blast they did go after pg&e and the agency responsible for making sure the gas company keeps updated records. >> for months after the blast, there are still signs telling drivers that this road just at the help from the explosion is still close to people who do not live here. a few weeks ago pacific gas and electric company told the ntsb that the pipeline that ruptured had no scenes. instead it had many scenes, they may not have been as strong as the seamless pipe that pacific gas and electric company claimed that it was in its records. the ntsb did not say if pacific gas and electric company will miss led the investigators but to urge them to undertake an intensive or record search to know its pipes. they also
5:35 am
urged california regulators to make sure pacific gas and electric company follows the rules. the explosion killed eight people destroyed 38 homes, as you can see distracted many lives. san bruno, will trent, kron4 news. >> signs the economy is improving stocks are harder for state of the year for training. closing of 11 doesn't 670 the highest close since august 28, 2008. uc-berkeley professor says the start bring optimism. >> the relationship are browsing struck pricing and a stronger economy the real promise it's coming back and i think that's to be welcomed. our economy is not generating new jobs. speaking on to say that high employment will continue to be ed drag on the economy as well as economies expect a
5:36 am
higher unemployment rate of 9 percent by the end of this year. >> oakland international airport is offering free parking for any of his fight to southern california for more details let's turn to yoli who is live in the report rain now. why the offering a? >> it seems it's another incentive for people to use oakland airport. it's a limited time, starts today it will go on through february 10th. there are some restrictions you how to be traveling to seven california, kelly international, san diego come on tannic, long beach any one of those airports, if you're traveling tuesday, wednesday, thursday and you'll get three days of free parking. that is actually about a $66 savings and parking. all you have to do is get on there website, printer vicki brown, show
5:37 am
your ticket receipt and your destination, your id, show that the attendant they will give you the three days of free parking. >> how are they going to police this? the guess here to share with automation to prove how the time they are going there. which lot more talking where? >> daily parking lots and those are the ones across from the terminal. that's and ensuring a rainout, the terminal's three here, is just that lot of through cross. speaking in the period traffic. thank you, . speech will be right back as kron4 morning news continues. here's a live look at the golden gate, dry pavement, and nobody here but that fog in the north bay, call this morning down near freezing for the inland north bay, san rafael the mid-30s, fairly nice afternoon low 50s are some sunshine today.
5:38 am
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5:41 am
hear back, live pictures from port canaveral continuing shift in disney's true life has arrived years live pictures from the job or if surely the dockside with all the media this is this the jury is simply in support this and 100 that isn't done or the minor it has room of forecasting passengers. it's 1.8 billion mccullers. use your term not cheap they are cruise industry first are calling it the aqueduct is a water slide it goes across across the sides of the ship. it features interior cabins with a virtual portholes, real-time views of the sea, lots of stuff for the keys, port canaveral be home to the disney magic, a dream, wonder selling of
5:42 am
california. we will send it back to you darya. speech apple's popular ipad is getting its strongest competition so far as consumer electronics unveil tablet computers vigorous strains, placing cameras and is good for video chat and more. rivals are making a bigger portion of the international consumer electronics show in las vegas. a hundred different that what models are in development not all dumb will reach the store shelves. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes on this chilly tuesday morning. a peak of of our premiers this is our mountain and campbell k. let's go to the mat timken is shaking little bill lucas to win. and the balance to see some farm. we will be right back..
5:43 am
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5:45 am
top stories, 65 ft. fishing boat here is it ran aground rain near half moon bay,
5:46 am
three people are safe, rescued, 2,000 gal. of diesel reportedly on board and a commercial sell this company is hindered to pull the boat of the water. they don't have much time before the tide rolled back out. >> a large condo complex under construction is on fire in new jersey. here's a look from the video earlier this morning or this huge complex spinning over a block is just on fire much of it lost to the flames. this was asked at a construction site. it is a forestry complex, we do have reports that there are no injuries in this, no buildings nearby and aside from the huge complex caught fire, this smells of smoke as far away as manhattan. chilly temperatures in the bay area this morning down near freezing in spots in the north bay, dick fog as well. louisa.
5:47 am
>> thank you, , you certainly need then dry jacket to start temperatures rev. freezing rain night to see a shot of the bay bridge records, a clear. as the head no. we're dealing with some morning fog, especially in the wrong locations, east bay. senate, dry as we head into the afternoon. current temperatures, 32 rated freezing in santa rosa, warming up but still chilly napa, fairfield, low 30s. 44 degrees in san francisco, a chilean and that as you have an down to record city, this is how much cooler temperatures are compared to 24 hours ago, everybody is experiencing a cool down 12 degrees in concord 10 in fairfield, livermore. visibility looks like this, the peninsula is in the clear, north bay along 101 problems with visibility to the livermore valley as well. down to about a
5:48 am
quarter mile or less into novato, half mile for santa rosa, a quarter mile in to livermore. satellite, radar shows in the clear in terms of a cloud cover, still like that as we head into the afternoon sunshine into the picture, temperatures getting up into the 50s today. , 56 santa rosa. 54 vallejo, concord upper 50s as we take account of the the south bay. 57 hayward, fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. string of sunshine had a mess, most of your work we could bring some sunshine to the afternoon, possibly morning valley fog. continuing dry conditions into the weekend as well. george. >> still looking a pretty good conditions for traffic around the bay area, here is the toll plaza is the conditions we had yesterday with the left lane cash lanes backed up just before 6:00. that is the extent of
5:49 am
the back up meeting as activated and the 7:00 hour, late. they stay down for about one hour, a shock. so after we got our this back up there was nothing else the rest of the morning. we could be in for a similar commute again today. san mateo, problem free, volume building a bit but no incidents, problems, no delays. golden gate, a good one for 101 sets bound and northbound. most of the traffic is heading south from iran. cortines, fog advisor is still in place. for both bridges, most of the fog is concentrated at the north end, around the 780680 interchange serve your coming over from vallejo that's where the conditions will be worse. darya. >> thank you, 32 people
5:50 am
committed suicide last year by jumping off the golden gate bridge. similar to the number of suicides it in recent years, 31 people died and 09, 34 in no way, the total number of suicides at the golden gate bridge now exceeds 1400 more than any other single location and the world. >> new information other sonoma where they ended their 17th day driving under the of sons enforcement your crash's it and arrested last year. 13 law enforcement agencies came together to crack down on deride drivers as part of their avoid 13. of the 12069 drivers 30 were arrested, 21 arrested during the new year. during the same campaign last year sonoma counties avoid the 13 arrested triggered and one at the dri drivers. detectives went door-to- door in downtown san jose looking for leads in the
5:51 am
city's first homicide of the new year. 15 year-old oscar gonzales was gunned down shortly after 1:00 a.m. on new year's day. police believe that killing was gang-related. speaker we know at this point there was a male described as wearing dark clothing, last seen running east he's believed to be the shooter, reportedly holding a hand and as he fled the scene. the laminaria investigation indicates of this may be gang-related. >> my cousin was standing right there by the door. a guy came, and then he was standing right there, he adds something. and then, he started to shoot. i heard two shots. a shrine to the teenager continues to grow on the front porch of is, as you can see his family insists he was not in the game, his into stars as a
5:52 am
smart young man who liked school. >> governors schwarzenegger is coming under fire for one of his last acts as governor he reduced the prison sentence of the politician's son. the son of former state assembly speaker. he pleaded guilty to manslaughter, assault for his role in the killing of a 22 year of college student from concord, his sentence was shortened to seven years by governors for the vigor. maureen kelly spoke to the victim's family, they say they're a rage. >> i think it was a cowardly politicians move i cannot believe you do such a thing, i think it's despicable. backdoor deals. at the last hour of his office. completely unnecessary. i think if it happened to his family if their kids getting killed they would think seven years is not nearly enough. >> mother of louise, who you see here flanked by his
5:53 am
parents and his family further. she says by commuting the sentence he received for her son's death are not schwarzenegger and a man is the here and the right and making a joke of the justice system. >> he got 16 years, he hit a dead deal, he's been trying to make appeals order since the sentencing. he's been denied by of the court procedures, every single time. he made a back door deal with arnold or have a test of champagne at the end. >> on this day many says he believes estimate on previous sentence was excessive because he was not the person perhaps respond to the victim. he also pointed and said as the bonn had no previous criminal 0 record. she says she does not know what he or family can do but they hope, those of all feel some political fallout. >> i hope they have a political death. >> we will be back with more
5:54 am
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welcome back, lives at the golden gate, fog is showing up. napa 33 degrees, a nice afternoon when the fog clears, 51 and in, 54 for high, nice weekend temperatures warmer been in the week. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., no rain in sight. slight chance of a spring, maybe saturday doesn't look like much. lots of sunshine, high is warming up to near 60 degrees, a mix of sun, clouds that valley fog. >> to you didn't have a hole in your review and be so afraid of the rain. >> program for this story, 41 states including here in california we all have the chance to win $330 million, the seventh largest lottery prize in u.s. history. they make millions jackpot was pushed up because of the
5:58 am
increase sales of tickets so, if you were to win and you did not want the annual payments you want the full chunked it works out to to hundred and $8 million if you take it as a light lump- sum. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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