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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 11, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning, 4:00 on this tuesday january 11th, the list of the deadly shooting coming up san francisco's getting a new mayor ed leave expected to be appointed as interim mayor. could i phone be headed to rising? the announcement expected today. maine is on the way, watching the weather, a live look from the james lick, louisa. >> good morning james, all radar is led up across the state near see if he
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raindrops in our area to the north into portions of adulthood. close election earlier this brought the showers. al on i-e c were toward sacramento a few raindrops, we are expecting a chance of rain today, just some light rain. current temperatures warm 45% this hour, forties' elsewhere, napa, delta, livermore seeing 40's. future cast taking the threat looks and we'll see a better chance of rain runs seven-8:00, the best chance to the north bay in the delta. as we take it to the rest of the day of what showers here and there gathering strength as we headed the evening as well. 7:00, a pocket showers to the north bay and into the peninsula. 10:00, continue
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to see that chance of light showers into the overnight hours early wednesday morning. kraft is expected to approve his cool on afternoon, refer to one san francisco, 53 east bay, 54 san jose, 48 antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. heading into to mar a few early showers, a chance of rain on thursday, best chance being up into the north. the north bay picks appear he sprinkles. friday, saturday mild conditions more sunshine into next week. the character. >> waking up to a great start no accidents or incidents. heading to the bay bridge, you are met with a couple of cars on the road heading towards a to cisco. the rights are of no road
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work on the upper deck. san mateo, overnight construction, northbound 80 between edison and the the possible closure. top seeds in 15 all-star. on the span, no problems to nuys, light conditions lots of space between tears. lastly, getting a look at the golden gate bridge right, just a couple of cars on the span trouble proving yet learned. drive time looks good. >> to thank you, , new this morning said for the current administrator ed lee is appointed as interim mayor. as kron4 is christine connolly shares as his selection was a surprise. >> is a very humbling it's
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encouraging to hear so many people backing this decision. >> ill of appointed he will focus on making the city more financially secure. he would serve as interim merits of the election in november. you become the city's first chinese american mayor long bob brown did city service oriented emphasis the government since 1989. and that time he served as director of human rights, city purchasing, public works, city administrator. board of supervisors president david who will serve as interim mayor says lee will bring stability back to city hall. >> he is a city administrator has great depth and experience. he is someone who has deep roots, he has worked with many of across across the aisle. >> there are all of the
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challenges he will face. >> a deficit from was warranted million dollars. we also of exploiting pension and health-care costs. there has to be a collaborative way to ring as in. >> the latest of a developing story at of arizona the shooting rampage or week of killing six, injuring 14. the first formal community doubt bring some saturday will be held at the tucson church tonight. doctors treating arizona congresswoman gifford says she still in critical condition, responding to romance she has been able to resist is two fingers on her left hand. freezing tent cancer and a further slowing the doctors say she is not at a torrid yet, president or travel to central to attend a memorial service for the victims. this chilly image
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cents a little more light on the disturbing background of jared loughner the photograph shows a " light shine set up in his backyard. you can see a human skull, stock jervis sitting on top row pot filled with shriveled oranges, next of that ceremony of carols and girls. we're learning more about the suspected gunman as parents, neighbors says that his parents are devastated, we can't stop crying. amy and randy called him asking for his help to bring the mail to from the crowd and live there as there was a first-time city been in their hands. >> what reminds me have shredders win is ehrlichman man they want to be alone. didn't bother me. >> the whole family orders during christmas week all of them. no ones are to
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anybody. >> what sense you get? >> when he called, city the tall. >> to the say anything about the incident remarks become no. >> as a rise in revenue >> he said i know everything and start crying. >> he asked a neighbor to tell them that you eventually make a public statement will be looking for them. stay tuned kron4 as we continue to cover the details in the shooting we have the latest on the suspects on our website at new details this morning the chronicle is reporting the pg&e has suspended the orders of boosting the pressure or a clock your boss right. the practice of marks a new pressure may have played their role in last september's explosion.
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swissair said it will suspend the practice and tell the investigation is completed. we will take a quick break, new details about california's access to their hard to find execution drug and how the government played a role. big announcement from rising, or there may mean for i phone users, also this morning will have more coming up in a minute.
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and we're back here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today scattered showers on and off to a day, nothing major has some light spring) and many in the north bay, to ross slate rate their stand a chance of showers, partly sunny skies. new details, records show the food and drug administration helped arizona and california get a quick overseas stores of
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that execution drug. despite the agency's declaring it would regulate the imports. a shortage of the drug has to start to the executions across the urals. the federal agents last week released a lot of good drug, the state that also brought from england, the fda will not comment. key findings will be released via an established bp oil disaster this is video of that explosion. the massive spill that followed them to more than 200 million gal. of sorrow on the gulf of mexico or portion was released, blaming the blood on problems and said reform is needed. at&t is offering her order to $10,000 for a string of telephone or vandalism. that happened in the past month at sidewalk telephone boxes at&t is working with local police to catch those responsible.
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tampering with phone lines is a serious crime. big announcement expected from rising today it could be the day that the i phone will be formally linked to that company. >> for a rise in as expected to begin carrying the i phone at the end of the month, that's according to reports from around the rise in the big event in new york city on tuesday. rising is the biggest foreign as care in the united states. as many as zero million our phones this year to boost troppo, bryson also test the reliability of the new york, up until now at&t has been the only provider for the i phone. users have been terrorist attacks to at&t's wireless network, this has led to service problems, complaints from my phone users about slow servers come drop calls. for eyes and does not seem to be rid come of their report the
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rise offered on limited data in its plans. this could set apart from at&t, help id steel consumers. horizon is known for its network quality, and the crumbs of the guy from could hurt the company's reputation. >> quick check on maastricht, stock futures are higher after the market in this mixed yesterday. japan's pledge to buy farms have to ease worries. congress from zero released before the opening bell, expected shore rise of one percent. intel has agreed to pay one par-5 billion dollars over lawsuits with intel and assured jordan and then news, qantas said it will resume his seat 38 sitit's a box 3 eats your flights. we will take a
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quick break, change is being discussed at the golden gate bridge, holly may affect the way you pay your toll. evelyn taft, following the nasty weather, our whole bunch of snow dentist today we have racier of this morning, a good long stretch of highway 85 in atlanta completely stocked miles, miles, miles occurs in big creek's sitting with nowhere to go as ice blocks the way. more from that part of the country in a bit.
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in merrimack, a couple live pictures to show you mentioned-ross on the left, raleigh n.c., on the right- hand side video at of midlantic, we have some really tough winter conditions out there and back to those storms cars driving conditions alter that part of the country in the southeast. another system is headed north for
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doctors acre arrived in ohio, later on in the week. winter storm watch has been issued for new york city starting this evening. in the rose reports. >> as so heavy that toppled a tree, it has been an ugly day across the south east, 1950 adults of flights cancelled today. >> and then to normally the busiest airport, sat silent dendron blanket of snow and ice. taller slept off the weight and jackson nearby firefighters sprayed a is an snow to fight the deadly has fired. >> one of the units reported slipping and sliding on the way in. >> sand and gravel to get the trucks out. nearby a skirt so much so the car burst into flames.
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firefighters rushed input of the fire. the driver was not hurt. separately scene was repeated trips the cities. transference to snow and a sheet chemistry deters or come and sit in tennessee and across the region. >> local airline says it plans to cancel flights or lease 1400 will air trances there will operate on a greatly reduced, as schedules storm system is moving north and threatening to glance up. winter storm warnings are in effect christine new jersey and delaware. more on our forecast, louisa. >> we have our own
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precipitation a few light showers expected to they ran now clear dry shot of the golden gate bridge, today the story will be that light rain, hanging on to review raindrops. the heavy stuff of sonora, this non this year in terms of our area a few showers just a to cheapen to the north bay coastline, a few sprinkles into the delta as well very, light rain just sort of moving on shore. temperatures in the '40's, 41 degrees san rafael, san francisco 30, 40 livermore. future-there's a better chance of raindrops by 7:00, through the north bay as his ticket to the morning the best chance continues through the north bay. in a
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chance really increases through the south bay as we head into the evening. a few sprinkles of their continuing in the over night, early morning on wednesday. sunrise a lot of their shares to move out of the area. afternoon highs 40's and the north bay, 49 centers, 49 number, east bay temperatures warmer been to the '50s, 53 oakland, 54 hayward, mt. view, san jose and fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. thursday the rest chance of rain continues to the north bay drive along the peninsula, and partly sunny, mild and into the weekend into the weekend the weekend should be fairly pleasant temperatures jumping up and to a live '60s. time may now for 6:00
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pm erica. >> we're very quiet in the travers determine know ross was richard burr in the bay area the bridges that good. not much company had there, to a couple of cars on the road way no proms getting to the bridge the shore for a way looks good service as far 580 in the north and direction of the freeway. san mateo, overnight construction to contend with a northbound 80 between tennis and in 92 full require assurance 05, t toryism place once run the span pretty light conditions of space between turns especially in those tillites headed westbound. no proms along highway 101 if you make your way east bound, golden gate, looks good, no problems. just a couple of cars on the ridge moving up the limit, who problems of of your ride.
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james. >> thank you, paying for tolls on the golden gate bridge may soon be it doesn't exist exclusively with electronic tags. they're considering eliminating cash payments by december 2012, it would also remove 28 full-time and four part-time toll collectors positions they say the change to save more than $60 million. it is approved over said it to the full board figures this month. other news, a man has been arrested on suspicion of fatally stabbing a gang member saturday at santa rosa elementary school, here is arrested for the gang- related murder of angel espresso. an autopsy revealed that he died of multiple stab wounds to the
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upper torso police found him lying on the holiday court for. after receiving a call about a possible gunshot victim. escobar is a died at a hospital. police are questioning three men in connection with the fatal shooting of a richmond teen outside of his grandmother's home. he was found dead around 3:30 p.m. police say someone ran up to him fired several shots when paramedics arrive to was pronounced dead at the scene please have the suspects vehicle description and spotted the car to hours after the shooting. police arrested eating a triple homicide two men were killed inside of the mexicali nightclub another man from shot to death around the corner. police say they're looking into this surveillance video system to see if
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they've tried in the suspects. san jose has from four homicides this year there is only one murder last year in europe. san jose bomb squad deactivated a pipe bombs down yesterday afternoon and for an apartment complex and so san jose officer say witnesses reported it around 4:00 p.m. and said of an apartment complex in the 1600 block. responding officers discovered what appeared to be a homemade bomb fashioned as a material similar to corporate. when the officers noticed will look like a fuse that's when they called the bomb squad. residents of the units in the apartment complex were evacuated the package contained 10 pattern sitting deactivated no one was hurt, no word on why the package was left there. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. when we come back julien has on is making headlines again, we will talk you what's happening,
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here's a live look coming up roadside, from our roof camera were the weather around the nation is making headlines here in the bay area rain for the first time in awhile we'll talk about that coming up in of that.
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in van nuys, a quick look at the bay bridge a perch westbound 80 listing good a handful of headlights making their way through the toll plaza on the span. some retail looks good-92
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taillights had a restaurant in fact both directions up moving well. the threat of marin county is a light one as you make your way south found on 1 01. more traffic and weather in a moment world headlines australia's worst flooding in decades to a scar wars, look at this video of our pershing houses down the river cars, planes, everything. helicopters searched today for people missing after a tsunami is like a wall of water bridge to the rally tossing cars like toys. in the dead this episode of week-long for lead prices this is video from yesterday released its cars are for the in cleveland and killing 10 people including two children. you can see folks on their roofs or waiting for rescue. authorities are not sure how many people
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maybe it was missing. wikileaks from our julien has launched is back in british court today he has said hearing for rape and sexual assault charges he was granted bail and london last month a final decision will be made tough february wikileaks is the four said that leaked thousands of media documents are on the world. vice president joe biden is on an unannounced visit to afghanistan his first trip there, we brought the story to yesterday's meeting top u.s. and a head of the planned start in july. is also scheduled to meet with afghan president his arrival was announced because of security concerns. robert gates says north korea will pose as a
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direct threat to the united states within five years it's a dictatorship is arraigned in decided the north's development of the muscles and its efforts to expand the weapons capability is dollars remained in beijing. an agreement following u.s. companies to export in a killer technology to russia will take effect today this of funicular agreement that killed the congress last month allows denies it and russia to exchange technology insuring commercial, power ranchers and work more closely in combating new to their preparation. the earliest known a winery has been uncovered in the cave in amounts of armenia. all of got to press the gates, a cup sitting to but if this clause in years ago, or discovered in a cave complex by an international team of researchers. this is the
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earliest example of a complete wine production. we will take a break, a live picture coming out to share with you there a lot of snow on the ground of part of the major system that rolled through linton tennessee, kentucky, north carolina, marking its with the eastern seaboard as snow is falling. the whole lot of problems at airports, highways story we will be following. back with airports, highways story we will be following. back with more of this. foin a minute. mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese. catch 'em before the fresh toasted tour leaves town. subway big hot pastrami. crank up the flavor at subway.
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and we're back, they may go fully electronic and the next two years, we will follow that as the golden gate bridge as are imposed on that. john, forecasts checks on the forecast. louisa. >> chance of rain sitting in
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for late in the morning, early afternoon light rain continues, a bit breezy as we had until later hours by the evening holding on to some lingering showers fairly one day to day, the system is just breaking on sickos bringing with it wet weather especially to the north, snow in the sierra up to about an inch or the end of the day were not talking about any heavy snow rain now a few showers starting to break on to the coastline but that's about it a closer look great around the bay, as we had onto the day continued to see the chances increase, rain now temperatures came on to the 40's in santa rosa a little bit warmer in san francisco 45. still a 32 fairfield, antioch. low 47 to the south bay. future cast a better
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chance of rain setting them rid around 7-it a clock, the literary movement the morning better chance of rain continues especially to the north bay, afternoon a few isolated raindrops, chars continuing. certainly not to organize to nothing very heavy and light rain is expected to pop up here and there even into early morning on wednesday in fact by sunrays drying up. staying in the '40's up to the north bay, napa, fairfield and concord, 51 expected for some instances go stay in the '50s to the east bay, south bay as well 54 for san jose. 51 livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a few sprinkles early tomorrow chance of rain to the north bay for thursday staying trial on the peninsula and supper. friday, saturday their ruined horse to see partly
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sunny, dry conditions to continue into the weekend quite a bit of sunshine. erica. >> looking at the cameras i certainly don't see any slow spots around the bay area i just checked rocks, no accidents or incidents to report, if you're heading to the bay bridge expected very easy ride to stickup look for is making their way towards the toll plaza no weight at the gate, meeting lights are off. i did tell you about overnight construction, it's still out there northbound 880. the detour is in place until about 5, you can see looking at the span pretty clear conditions still lots of space between cars. not tracking a back up the toll plaza drive time of trial-13 minutes. golden gate, same story he can relieve in see any cars in camera shot note from storing townie i just
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reject those roads are still moving at about 60 mi. per hour for year entire trip. waldegrave, the south bay, a live look and north, south 101. pretty easy conditions this telex headed north into santa clara give me that very easy drive time of 14 minutes from the downtown as you make your way up. good start for public transportation no proms yet for bart coming a string, muni. >> latest on a developing story the arizona shooting rampage over the weekend that killed six people enjoying 14 others the first formal community gatherings in saturday's shooting will be held at a church tonight, doctors treating the congresswoman deborah l. gifford says she still in critical but is responding. they say she's been able to raise her two fingers on her left hand managed to give
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them a thumbs up. recent scansion no further swelling is being detected in the brain good news director says she's not of the woods yet president barack obama will travel to tucson arizona to attend a memorial service for the other victims. this chilling image sons are light on a disturbing background of jared loughner are the four rushers a call like fine you can see a human skull sitting on top of a pot filled with shriveled oranges inside next and that our role of candles. much more on this story as it develops a to as we continue our coverage we have the latest on the suspect and every other aspect honor were upset at new this morning in the bay area city of minister said lee will be sworn in today as interim mayor you'll be the
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first chinese american manner the official record and at 2:00, sir for about 10 months until the next election in november. he attended yesterday's event were gavin newsom was sworn in he's now second-in- command, this is the scene and sacramento as he was sworn in with his family by his side, newsom served seven years he pledged to work with jerry brown in restoring government, helping businesses and creating jobs. before leaving a short wrap the city's parking structure by leaving the current chief of police as the new district attorney here is video of him walking the halls of the new office although gascon has no criminal trial experience he doesn't believe his career will help it improve how prosecutors and police work together. >> officers complain that prosecutors are not aggressive enough,
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prosecutors complained that the police are not doing a good enough job. will now have the opportunity that i can complain to myself. that may become up with a solution that will go of the place of all ireland. >> the new da says he will continue many of the programs instituted by, her voice. unlike caras he will not rule out using the death penalty. assistant chief well served as the interim chief. jerry brown they get the new budget which sloshes billions in spending across the board jonathan bloom and breaks it down. >> the new governor's proposed budget is not likely to win him many friends he plans to try to $25 billion roll with about 12 billion in taxes. and
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about 12 billion in cuts. on the tax side brown wants to extend the temporary tax fight scores improved. income tax and the vehicle license fee. the can do without voter approval sir he was a special election. on the cut side k-12 would remain uncut but higher education will take a big head for social services is equally grim on top of it all the governor was to cut pay for some state employees by 10 percent make a host of smaller cuts. as jonathan mention brown's proposed budget cuts they're not sitting well with republicans in sacramento but brown and other debt tran say the necessary. >> for 10 years the state has put together its budget with gimmicks, tricks, unrealistic expectations that press the state deeper
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and deeper into debt. this time now to restore california to fiscal solvency produce on their road to economic recovery in jobs. >> their voters in california have rejected that. and also again this last november, for other republicans don't have the backing. >> people should be laughing out of it. think criticism of this. what if estimate as saying i won't talk fight except you got for me. were an emergency situation. in any of the republican who says they're not should be irresponsible to you. another 12 billion. this requirement otherwise it's not really having a recession this market. >> yesterday near city hall
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protesters prepared against the proposed service cuts which they say would disproportionately affect elderly and disabled californians the roar for an array of taxes that they say people would vote for any claim that those taxes would be a far better option than the cuts on the table. >> on i don't have a job, i'm willing to play it anymore, zero sacks to keep people off of the streets to keep programs going. >> people like myself could end up in nursing homes, is that word had been issued for more burden on the state. because three-four times as much as some light, so up in numbers in all that it does the house on the aegis size which is in all support service. >> considers simply because will cost more than the long run. you to watch governor
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brown speech on our website at we'll take a
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and rebecca, golden gate bridge officials considered eliminating toll takers going completely electronic. jackie sissel is doing is this live shot at the bridge. good morning >> this scene may become the scene of the past handing money over to human at the toll plaza, is that plan is implemented under the plan james, they would eliminate all 32 permanent toll takers at the bridge all of this is part of a cost-saving measure to have almost $90 million deficit over five years, they're trying to cut into that what they would do, the whole bridge toll plaza would basically go to fast track, video cameras
4:42 am
are realms, since you did not have it, basically the camera would take a picture of of your license plate on your car, and the in the months and to the bill. they say over eight years they could save almost $20 million under this new plan. as early as it to be implemented. so we're ways out, this ideas being floated, going to subcommittee on thursday, we may start to see this over the next year or so. >> i would be curious is that would mean a complete redesign of the toll plaza make it more like the other bridges reader how to process this lanes. >> as i said there will still have the cameras, i don't know what they're doing that tore plaza obviously it's a national monument. anything they would do have to go to the federal government because
4:43 am
it protected them a lot of ways that's why so many things take so long to accomplish. even the railing and the walkway to a long time to get approved because of its status. >> gust sure nothing goes faster the golden gate bridge. this a story we will follow as it affects all those folks to drive there. quick break, we have live picture outside at of atlanta, this is hearts revealed, international airport stuck a again with a lot of flight delays with a habit of that this thing is geared to cancel or delay more than a thousand flights eritrean flying out of a plan to is going to be seriously reducing its operations today a lot of problems in the south. will follow that through the morning.
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welcome back, shot this
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morning in the bay bridge approach, dry for now however, we're expecting a light rain, late this morning, throughout the day in fact. toman holding onto a few raindrops expected to drive a out towards the end of the week. rain now, here's what going on wet weather up into the northwestern portion, a few spotty showers just to the north, snow in this era. starting to see if your raindrops work its way into petaluma. continue to see a chance of showers and trees towards late morning, early afternoon reno in the '40's for the most part low 40's to the north bay, 44 san francisco fairfield from its york 39 degrees, set big temperatures and low '40's. future cast a better chance of rain started to release seven as we head towards 7:00. 8:00 it will continue
4:46 am
throughout the morning hours just some spotty hit or miss showers expected during the day nothing to heavy weekend expected late rain increasing as a head into the evening visit early morning on your wednesday. afternoon cooled to the north, sing it the or 40 is 47 novato, 49 napa, 40 server of your field. in the '50s to these big, so spain. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. what day to day, light rain on the in up. early morning up showers wednesday thursday's slight chance every android or to certain a no washer is expected. friday, citing dry out completely literate partly sunny, mild weather, sunshine expected. erica. >> thank you, the benefit of waking up this early is
4:47 am
nice, light traffic conditions all-around a, no problems to westbound towards san francisco taking the bay bridge and upper deck, a couple more cars on the road manager do 10 minutes ago traffic system moving at the limit metering lights still off. no problems, 8-9 minutes from the foot of the maze in to san francisco. san mateo, that overnight construction is wrapping up north muddy feet 0 and detour is still emplace however once you get to the bridge you can see the span looks good no problems in either direction taillights headed in the commute direction, still more tracking the back door at the toll plaza, no proms getting to the bridge along highway 101. north bay, golden gate, south about 101 looks good it looks like we're just waiting for them to reconsider those lanes for yourself done commute.
4:48 am
no batter at the toll plaza, 23 minutes from your ride of novato. nice bounce as some 680 looks good. no problems. if you are headed in the sense and directions for the alamo, in danville drive times a good traffic settlement checking streets of 65 mi. per hour, headed to westbound 24 easy ride, as you make your way towards the macarthur maze. >> trouble note, or press writers in the sense they may have noticed some slight differences to their bus lines. the transit authority is putting minor tweaks to most bus lines which means there may be some schedule and frequency changes. these adjustments that they meet regularly. >> each quarter the 88 takes a look at the lighter
4:49 am
schedule, the defense lines, that offers service for candy. the schedules need tweaking since our major overhaul that we did in gender to designate. back then we took the entire system and wide to the slate clean. richard a hard luck at the best way we could plug service on our roads with buses. since then we've been doing minor tweaks through the system. >> one of the most affected routes comes to the 180 bus rides weekend service bridge connects fremont to downtown san jose, it will be stopped on the weekends. apparently people and one bay area city are parking in bus zones stanley roberts took blood swatch the driver of this red nissan as he carries a box. the problem? he
4:50 am
stopped a bus cent. most cities in the bay stepping in the best known can cost you a lot of money. if you look around is not hard to find people risking a to under $55 to get to do that. like the driver this read forgers tappan to be in the red sun when a parking enforcement officer process by but instead of leaving he does pose for a census. so the officer does the morning, was doing that another car what was up to drop or across the board. this man and 24 as the commission pulled into the restaurant was is foch's on to get money from an atm. apparently, flashers are the international fund for a on a large park illegally. this road was record drop robson and vigorous and this means tested hundreds as well. the bustle of the others of us some control in and out.
4:51 am
although i wonder if boeing a bus and your best down and a nine degree angle is a creek is about a restaurant. >> before i go, if you'd rather drive a city believed and still not parked there. having a chat with a buddy is not an emergency. simmons is there, still there roberts calmer kron4 news. as always, if you recall interest-rate idea let him know the address on your screen people behaving badly of tech news, we took about the big announcement expected which could very well affect the iphone. kron4 tech reporter has some other news. >> see as the world's largest consumer electronics show just wrapped up in las vegas this year was all about tablets. over 50 new tablet computers run veiled
4:52 am
but there was to their really stuck out, get the most attention, most fanfare. motorola resume, the blackberry playbook of the two tabloids shown off that are favored to rival the ipad. this in will be the first one offered run to those honeycomb. honeycomb is like there android for smart phones but it is optimized for the bigger screens and tablets. the zoom has a 10.1 in. screen. 4 g tel up would work with a presence for jeanette work, friends facing camera for video chatting in a rear carry the can take pictures record ht video. lawson el " so you can play contact on your resume fought the watch it on your tv connected it to the my. their present said delia been able to a world cockcrow, this were anyone who loves a lot we're was the it will run on tabla
4:53 am
0 s. similar to above bring great for corporate e-mail, security, a document, or steps. the play but is smaller, 7 in. screen will be led is taboo on market a up 0.9 lbs.. france is in error or facing camera. prices will range from 3909599 is pending on storage is. the gull is long. a laudable these tablets will >> we need to take a quick break, as we go live actors ed of nestle where they're dealing with traffic, airport, not only in tennessee but also of linton, carolina it has been a real headache for folks
4:54 am
used this name. back with more in a minute.
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union, for 50 5:00 a.m. storm tracker 4 over north carolina, all these new is coming across the major highways that lead to in in added that state, causing a lot of problems for folks, some fun to come here is some video of concord, they decided to make the best of it. as there's a girl being towed by a car obviously don't try in fact it in their nets. but the video is out there so as charity. there is broadly getting in on the front two. the tunnel as the time, know what commonness school. michigan's police called in one of the devil is
4:57 am
criminals they've ever encountered this in the budget was on the run when he ran into a gas station, called police looking for right. police say he lost control of his rental car slammed into a guardrail after the crash to drop his of kong, dropped his stolen gun that's when he ran to the gas station in 911 call asking if you get a lift. they did reach europe. >> i like a cat. >> this is 91. norm sorry. street where the need a cap? >> for washington. >> the suspect was wanted in connection with german driving a stolen gun incident he is facing several charges. we have live look to the golden gate bridges we go. the changes headed to the golden gate bridge, the toll plaza we will talk sklar about that a
4:58 am
live report coming out.
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him and the kron 4 morning news, a top stories the latest in a deadly shooting in arizona a killing six people and sharing a dozen others, an update on congresswoman differed coming up. >> san francisco is about to get a new mayor, ed lee we will take a look at the changes. >> stormy weather not here but across the saudis, a live look from raleigh, as cars, trucks are stuck under a process these several inches of snow and ice. >> if you compare our weather to get at and think you can call this a storm. the shut of the golden gate bridge sereno is chile, a quiet. >> just a very weak system we will start of this morning bringing you some chances of light rain
5:01 am
especially in the later part of your morning to continue with on enough rain throughout the day like, nothing heavy not a washer today into the afternoon breezy picking up a bit of rain as well, continue to see some lingering raindrops, rainouts satellite, radar shows this our system breaking into because to heavy rain to the north where it is starting to pick a perfume raindrops here just up and to the north bay passing petaluma towards napa, continue to see that chance of showers to increasing into the latter part of your morning currently in the '40's to santa rosa, 44 san francisco, still live there is driven to the delta 39 degrees for fairfield also hinted in the yacht, future cast a better chance of picking a perfume raindrops later in the morning 7:00 a few sprinkles to the north bay continue until 10:00, threat the day hit or miss showers on and off to a good
5:02 am
portion of the day better chance of more organized rain into the evening hours continue to see if your raindrops lingering in to tomorrow. afternoon highs, cool to the north bay upper '40's for santa rosa 47 novato, 49 for vallejo, 51 san francisco 50s to the state into the livermore down into monday, san jose. so, light showers today, tomorrow morning early we could pick up a few raindrops thursday the best chance of many wet weather to the north bay partly sunny by the end of the week the weekend is looking pretty good, sunshine temperatures of the low 60s. george. >> quiet start over here to the morning commute, trevor to permit no hot spots are incidents to warn you about bridgeport, bay bridge for your western ride to a very light traffic here this morning yesterday it was
5:03 am
unexpectedly light still experiencing what seem like holiday conditions there will have for several weeks as we had hardly any backing for the bridge at its worst only to the oakland army base. your ride to the san mateo bridge pretty good, no promise yet westbound that's the commute direction pretty late in the east bound direction back towards hayward. golden gate, 101 looks good 1 01 south tran iran also problem free. darya. >> on your developing story, the arizona shooting rampage that happens over the weekend killing six people injuring 14 others the first form of community gathering since the shooting on saturday is being held tonight at the church in tucson meantime doctors treating gabrielle gifford says she is still in critical condition
5:04 am
responding to verbal commands, they say she's been able to raise two fingers on her left hand and has managed to give it a thumbs up. recent cat scans show no further swelling in her brain doctors say she's not out of the woods yet. president barack obama will travel to tucson tomorrow to attend a memorial service for the victims. >> to the accused shooter in the alleged assassination attempt is in court today the jared loughner are will remain in custody until jerry report a first facing charges of murder, attempted to kill a member of congress in the shooting those are just the federal charges state charges will follow. last year he was drawn of the community college for his bizarre behavior one teacher said he was frightening. the school city could not return without a medical no affirming he was no threat
5:05 am
to others. as for motive the searches are for clues to fatten of elope with a plan that had and unnamed gifford. >> police are questioning three men in connection with the figure shooting a richmond teenager a side of his grandmother's home. he was found dead on fleming avenue around 330 yesterday afternoon richmond police say someone ran up to him firing several shots when paramedics got there he was are the dead. please have the suspects vehicle for this part of the car to hours after the shooting. oakland, as we begin with the fatal shooting of a 15 year-old. the latest in a string of islands in oakland. much of it involving teenagers to other teens killed last weekend in unrelated shootings, christopher jones shot as he helped his older sister with her from vermont or daughter being put in the back of a
5:06 am
car. less than six hours later barnaul bar were shot in the 3100 block. last tuesday night six people were injured in a shooting including a bystander's in the home watching tv to other men were both found fatally shot in separate shootings in west oakland tuesday, wednesday-mail was found suffering from gunshot runs in span of the cable market on market street. oakland police and a man suffering from gunshot wounds on sunday. new this morning, city of minister ed lee will be sworn in as san francisco is. he will serve for 10 months until the next election in november he will be the city's first chinese- american mayor he served in government since 1989. the board of supervisors address some of the challenges. >> the budget deficit of
5:07 am
almost four did million dollars that you want to balance in the next couple of months. exploding pension, health care costs that we want to figure out collaborative way to bring those in. >> the official appointment will happen today this afternoon at 2. we'll be right back is the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m. here's a live look from the survey 101 clouds rolling in and waiting for a chance of rain. in none view, 44 degrees was " just wait. highet mid-50s. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
5:08 am
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5:10 am
he tells, the food and drug administration have california get quick overseas source of hard to find execution drugs despite the agency declaring it would not regulate or block it. the shortage of the track had been stockholding
5:11 am
executions around the u.s. federal agencies last week released a batch of the drug to the state there was also blocked from making grants. there will not comment on their roles. >> findings will be released about the bp oil disaster. it killed 11 people on the mass of small live followed temperament turner million gallons of oral and the golf. a portion of the report was released last week claiming the blowout was due to systematic problems on all three companies say reform is needed. horizon is expecting to announce in less than three hours at 8:00 a.m. that it will start selling apples i phone. you heard there are hours they say today will be true for eyes and is going to make this announcement about the i found carrying on the rise a network, the wall street
5:12 am
journal has reported their set to make the announcement selling the i phone starting late this month, a analysts expect present to sell between five and 13 million- ounce this year. >> what the cost together the contract with at&t? to rex. wall street, stock futures are finishing harboring yesterday japan's pledged to buy bonds as live jitters on wall street. inventories are expected to show a rise of 1% in november they jumped 1.9% in october. intel agreed to pay $1.5 billion over five years to settle a lawsuit ever computer technology video shares jumped on the news qantas said it will resume 8-380 flights from australia to was a angeles after two months stoppage because the engine from. 5:12 a.m. we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes on another
5:13 am
chilling tuesday morning, elizabeth this to your dinner for because the stands of rain comes into effect, all is dry, clearing out it is 44 degrees with a high of 51 this afternoon.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
welcome back, tractor, the snow continues across the southey's in over in the raleigh area richmond as well three plus inches of snow falling in the atlantic, all live look from a santa rain now on the left-hand side, hartsfield, jackson airport were seeing a freeway view of the in raleigh n.c. all the tracks are just sitting on the side of the road as a storm heading to ohio in the northeast later this week. we do have a winter storm rob tran new york city as the snow starts to have across to new york, a foot of snow or the next few days. near atlanta fire
5:17 am
crews are having a hard time navigating their ribs, this has fire broke out characters have a hard time getting to the scene they say was too involved to rescue the people inside. there are 5 in. of snow in some parts. >> if you stay indoors, that would be a good idea if it's the best idea that's what they're being told at the border of north and south carolina look at the pouring rain this is an auburn to north carolina, the car got stuck in the icy in freezing rain cruz and south carolina working 12 hour shifts paying extra attention to the overpasses that is true the best advice, stay indoors, don't drive, don't fly. >> just a low rain, louisa has more. >> i like it to death for knowing the lme compared to what the business of peace. this morning starting off
5:18 am
dry in many locations a few raindrops the north bay, continue to see the chance of light rain through the day, early morning to mark continuing with a few raindrops, looks like we dry up by the end of the week. we can't looks nice, this morning radar is live up across the state especially to the north western portions first picking up a few showers into our area taking closer sure you rent your sonoma, wine country picking up a few raindrops very light rain this morning, contained in that area at this hour. rainouts 41 degrees san rafael, 40 degrees to oakland, livermore. temperatures still holding on to the thirties in fairfield, antioch. future cast, through the morning show you a few sprinkles to the north bay, continued throughout the morning hours. as we had in the afternoon a better chance along the peninsula
5:19 am
and overnight hours as well we could continue with that chance of wet weather. not a washout but overcast conditions will continue temperatures really only getting into the 40's to the north bay, east bay keep those temperatures and to the low 50s same in a sense play 54, mountain view, san jose here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. wet weather today, to morning if your raindrops for the most part the day stays dry, another chance of rain on thursday the best chance for the north bay partly sunny, mild into the into the weekend into the weekend sunshine expected by sunday. george. >> choir ride around the bay area and no incidents to report a stall on the bridge, " a disabled vehicle. is muscling the ride because things are still so light. no problems
5:20 am
to for your trip across the bridge even with a stall there. san mateo, volume is building up a bit here on the west side still no backup for delay yesterday the aids your ride was still unusually light, golden gate bridge still looks good from 1 01 southbound configured for the morning commute with the fourth lane added. heading south this time to san jose piper camera here on 101 northbound begin to tremble the liquors, the red north towards greater marker, no delay into santa'no delays of the coyote valley. darya. >> golden gate, considering eliminating toll takers completely going to an electronic system we turn to jackie sissel, who is live taking a look at the toll plaza jackie, i used to do that pay elaine know
5:21 am
everyone seems to do fast track. what is the controversy over getting wetter of their remaining toll takers. >> only 66 percent of bridge traffic has a fast-track. this is all about money it's always about money. they're trying to save as much money as they can then have a $90 million deficit over the next five years they're trying to cut into that they say this new toll system will save them almost $20 million over the years. what is, they would go strictly a fast track and video camera. if you didn't have a fast track to go to the toll plaza a camera takes a picture, sending you the bill the end of the month to eliminate 32 toll takers on also said they would save about 32 per meet $20 million over the years. >> here's the thing, other bridges the maybe have no
5:22 am
toll takers this one, what happens tourists, the don't have fast-track their rented car, they're driving the bridges to drive it how the paper to mark >> to go to patroclus, the bill goes to rental car agency, the agency would say " george smith was using the carrot that they i'm sure they get in the bill. >> of sugar would be if your father? >> on sure you didn't pay it would be just like a parking tickets if you didn't pay overtime it would increase obviously this is still new, as far as getting the bugs worked out as soon as this thing could be implemented will be december to present role, where almost two years out, this order to reserve committee and the board so, they have the idea embraced the specifics of all the details i'm sure that will come.
5:23 am
>> and nobody cares about the astrologer. they don't care. >> batts about money. thank you, will we will sue robins. and how it might affect your eventually. mark. >> the chronicle was reporting that pacific gas and electric company has spent the practice of boosting the pressure in the natural gas pipelines. the taxpayers of marks and out the pressure may have played a role in the explosion. they will suspend the practice until the investigation by the ntsb is complete. >> by 20 3:00 a.m. will be back with more and a couple of minutes. california should be proud.
5:24 am
we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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welcome back, hillary clinton is wrong in yemen. this the total american counter-terrorism efforts. she went in there to they
5:27 am
the president to do more to attract and on extremism if she's the first secretary of state to visit yemen in 27 years. >> more than a hundred and 20,000 people have been forced out of their homes their living in camps, the government has deployed air force, navy to drop food and other aid for the residents in the worst affected areas. australia's worst flooding in decades is even worse in the military helicopters were searching for people missing after a tsunami like wall of water report through tossing cars, airplanes in one of the deadliest episodes of this week is longer flooding. here's video from yesterday with a flash floods sweeping curves offer for the killing at least 10 people including two children. authorities are not sure how many people are still missing the weeks
5:28 am
of flooding had affected a least a hundred thousand people the death tolls have risen. >> julien has launched is due back in british court today, the 39 year-old house in extradition hearings for rape and assault charges against him in sweden. printed bill, and linton that's for you see him that last month had a final decision on the extradition is marked to be made until february which he leases website lead to thousands of. documents to sites around the world they have subpoenaed twitter messages between hassan and several other people. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues right after the break. and up to shooting suspect arrived in court we will tell you what happened.
5:29 am
5:30 am
a a.m. developing story all jared loughner or who is accused of murdering six people in an attempted
5:31 am
assassination attempt against gabriel difference at seven arizona church restore he appeared yesterday, he has more today. gifford is recovering after being shot at close range by an 9 mm mr. kristol. here's live with the latest. >> he heard the charges against and two counts of murder, attempted murder, one count of attempting to kill members of congress. jared loughner is accused of shooting 20 people of its editors restore is his first appearance monday. wearing a brand is in some suits he did not make a statement or enter pleas to the answer the judge's questions in a clear voice. a former classmate and an instructor say he may people in class and come through. >> he was of, there's something a current as soon as i met him. >> several of whose records
5:32 am
remain house remarked including real difference. in critical condition doctors are optimistic. among the six people killed was nine year-old taylor green for parents say they're making plans to carry their little girl. >> we did not think there will have caskets at nine years old. i in the guard at the do that today. >> news of the tragedy it reached all the way out as her brother castro rejected. >> as a look at the window i see a very beautiful planet this seems peaceful, unfortunately, it is not. we're better than this. we must do better. >> president barack obama and first lady will arrive here tomorrow for a special memorial service to be held in the campus of the university of arizona. >> stay with kron4 news as we continue coverage the latest details that evelyn
5:33 am
shooting and the case against a suspect we'll have the latest on our website. just cut them up. the bay area weather, traffic star with weather here on this dark tuesday morning, a lease is not as cold as estimate was find out what's in store let's go to louisa. >> absolutely, lou were to do with how good to rain hard starting to pick up a few raindrops to the north bay light rain through the morning hours, the chance continues in fact the breeze could picket a bit carried into the evening some lingering showers serve left over into to morning. satellite, radar shows as our system breaking into the coast rain heavier rain to the northwestern portion of the state. in terms of our area working refuse to bring those zero wine country. sonoma, picking up some raindrops, not the ring area turn temperature in the '40's for the most part just a fuse box holding on to the upper 30s fairfield,
5:34 am
antioch, livermore, 44 for mountain view same in san francisco a little cooler in santa rosa at 40 degrees, future cast shows a good chance of rain picking up into the early-morning hours up into the north bay, as we had to the day keeping a chance of an isolated pocket showers here and there. evening hours a better chance for the peninsula, south bay, hit or miss raindrops are as afternoon highs up of the '40's, stay cool as the north bay through napa, concord 51 in san francisco keeping in the low 50s rate of oakland, hayward, so the bay. if san jose aaron 54 degrees, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. brings a few sprinkles since the early morning hours tomorrow by sunrise tour to drive up for the most part a dry day tomorrow for thursday, story of we do pick up any rain in a be to the north bay partly sunny
5:35 am
conditions for everyone friday, saturday lots of sunshine. george. >> lot of light traffic in store for the morning starting out. good ride all around the bay area even highway for off to a good start, a bridge check to steer you of your ride to the bay bridge still remarkably light in fact unusually slow even later this morning than yesterday. yesterday we didn't have any back up to >> about the bay bridge san mateo, looks good, very light traffic here in the counter slower direction westbound ride is nowhere near the peak volume that we normally see golden gate, still a good one no problems during county or 1 01 south bad a much better ride, not starting the morning with any icing reports. even at this hour there were reports of ice on the antioch bridge, no such promise reported this morning.
5:36 am
public transit, no problems for your ride their san francisco traffic looks pretty good as you can see the ride in and out of the city shows light traffic on the inbounds central freeway, no proms or delays towards sfo. mark. >> and violence were to the new year in the city of oakland, i've met their in all the shootings and $2, eight shootings in the first 10 days of the year, the fatal shooting of a 15 road happening on a saturday, the latest in a string of islands most of it involving teenagers, to a routines' killed last weekend an unrelated shooting christopher jones shot as he helped his sister per 5 month old daughter into the car. less than six hours later 18 year-old colonel bart daly shot in the 3100 block. last tuesday night six people injured by shooting including one bystander watching tv in his home to other men all in
5:37 am
collins' 22 and donald johnson 48 found fatally shot in separate shootings on tuesday, wednesday. ishmael newton was also found suffering from gunshot wounds in front of market street, last may oakland police a man suffering from a gunshot wound on the avenue. >> knew this morning city administrator ed lee is going to be sworn in today as san francisco mayor he will take over as the interim mayor for 10 months he will be the city's first chinese-american mayor, li has served in government since 1989 he will be officially appointed head to call this afternoon. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. we're going to take a quick break as we continued fall weather, traffic on this chilly tuesday morning.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
commack, rainshowers showing
5:41 am
up in the north they light rain expected to pick up especially in the north bay through the afternoon. >> national news and a judge has granted a request from mental evaluation of this washington woman who/acid on her face and numbers are a hoax is designed to determine whether or not she could form criminal intent and she said did divinations after falsely claiming to be the victim of an attack the 20 year-old claimed that an unknown woman threw acid in her face later she admitted her injuries were salt will foot deep. >> the doctors charged with michael jackson's death is due back in court today detective testified yesterday in this hearing that dr. conrad murray told police that he had given this in your are powerful and is said it six nights a week for two months before his death. the police detective testified that the doctor told him he avoided giving the drug to him and
5:42 am
tell about 10:40 a.m. on the day he died. the hearing will determine whether not he will face trial. encouraging news about the health of michael douglas, he says he has beaten throat cancer he says it has been a while six months ride, the 66 year-old lost 32 lbs. from radiation but says he's read during the trial comes. you will continue to get checked out by doctors on a monthly basis. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues a live look outside the san mateo bridge traffic is moving smoothly. [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami.
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will map, across the suspects snow continues to fly. over a richmond is well with several inches of snow off paralyzing parts of this of the east as it is dropping up with a glance at where they had a lot of snow. >> between the snow, rain,
5:46 am
freezing rain the storm system has been ordered. it served a quarter string with the winter tourist. this is a growing concord taking advantage of the snow. it's called st. boarding, my guess is probably illegal. >> you can get tickets. >> we use to those kids. >> for you do that? speeds we did it illegal. >> now see it adopt is playing. >> you can at the dog will you think that would be o.k. but this is not ok. what a good idea. >> czech atlanta, there is another dog in during the weather. instead of hiring them pull you to just how the sled with you. very cute. they're making the best of it. >> here in the bay area and this money is to rent, the darling of the pause in the land area 45 in. of snow, rain, here's live look so
5:47 am
live in san francisco the golden gate, the city itself is dry for now loses tracking rain showers. >> to this note here in the bay area they will have missiles. fortunately we will not see any snow. we're doing a little bit of rain, late rain in a washroom. san francisco, 44 degrees. high temperature in the 50s today, the upper 40's by the clock. dealing with some rain this morning at the end to the northwestern portion of the state we are seeing jurors along the coast even in terror area picking a curfew raindrops this morning rate under napa, i 802 fairfield, vacaville we will keep a chance of some spotty light showers through the morning hours, and the rest of the day, current temperatures in the 40's this morning our meeting yesterday, 44 saves as go still in the upper 30s for fairfield, antioch, south
5:48 am
bay 44 firmer in view, 43 san jose, future cast a better jury observe rain picking in, 7-it brought some showers up menorahs become adults. we'll keep the chance of hit or miss showers and threat the day, picking up a bid as a head in the evening hours, continue to keep a chance of light rain overnight into early to morning as well. afternoon highs, we will stay really cool into the north bay today, 49 for santa rosa. 50s through downtown san francisco low 50s, brings a few sprinkles into the picture to morning for the most part it should stay dry off slight chance of showers on thursday as well. friday, saturday where we see everybody drying out partly sunny, mild,
5:49 am
temperatures rebutting it felicities lots of sunshine in store for the weekend. george. >> still looking good for the ride around the bay area no problems, hotbox, delays even the ride of the toll plaza the volume is hardly building at all. as we move closer to 6:00 we had light traffic yesterday we can hope for the same for the westbound ride today. san mateo, volume is still very late here in the counter flow direction. westbound traffic is building for the troops towards the east bay, golden gate still smith, no problems to marin, novato, leading down towards the bridge. interstate 80 toward the bay bridge looks pretty good here's the trick heading down through the eskers, albany you can see it's a nice light come easy ride no problems. loss of rob dibble google in these
5:50 am
fields it's easy shot from there all the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza. public transit, no problems to report. . . >> for thank you, , news around the big fox at&t is offering road order of 02 $10,000 for a string of vandalism, this happened last month at sidewalk telephone boxes at&t is working with police to trade such as reducing it to bring with a phone line is a serious crime punishable by law. >> police arrested a woman so rigid of leaving her job, lowell. arrested for child endangerment to up to a child alone while she went to the store, a different rows on saturday. the girl was missing when she returned from, a service refreshed for bear fruit in her pajamas are a few blocks away. 30 degrees, raining at the time. >> a suspect has been arrested in a fatal stabbing
5:51 am
of a 20 wrote many of the santa rosa school. riegle leggett was arrested for the murder of one tell rows, police found the victim lying in the hallway at the clock on the springs elementary school on saturday an autopsy shows he died of multiple stab wounds. we will be read back to the kron 4 morning news continues right after the break live look your from the toll plaza where officials are considering eliminating toll takers. going with fast-track only we will keep you posted as the story develops. [ wheezing breaths ]
5:52 am
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welcome back, tech news apple's ipad in seeing some competition >> c e s the world's largest consumer electronics share destructible loss gang as this year it was all about tablets. over 15 new computers or unveiled. their
5:55 am
risk to their really stuck out up the most attention, most fans here. motorola zoom, black. claybrook of the two tablas shown of that are favored to rival the ipad. the resume being the first tablet offered on any, operating system. it is like their interests for smaller bones. it's odd to rise for the bigger screens and tablets. 10.1 in. screen for g time that works with their network, a friend facing camera for video chatting senator facing canada can take pictures, record and has an output is the template video content on your dec. watch it on your tv connected via a is the american eagle. no price set yet it will be aired in april, next up the play book, this is for anyone who likes their blackberry but wants a tablet. it will run
5:56 am
on tablet l s, similar to corporate e-mail, the document. work related stuff. it would transfer over to the target. there orchis wallace 7 in screened for lettuce have on the market up or 9 lbs.. likes to resume front facing camera. records 80 video. raising from 399 to 599 depending on storage place. the set for 5 your released but it might be delayed till april. the battle is on we should know by april these tablets can take on the ipad. >> we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues tracking the rainshowers of the few shares from santa rosa, when 01 in the gentian. >> will also be back with the details of a developing story we're following live
5:57 am
here in belmont crews are on the scene where a fire of the brokerage this morning under a permit from trucks we will be read back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
you'll watching kron 4 morning moose. tuesday, january 11th, file ... through belmont apartment complexes six people injured. >> willard and information about the man accused of shooting into sod arizona that killed six and injured 14. >> made through weather in the southeast. more flights canceled the latest in a minute. them up could today today? is the iphone coming to allies and call? the rumor has been flying for years


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