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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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debbie open her eyes for the first time (cheering) she opened her eyes for the first time. (cheering) >> that was president barack obama giving the update on senator gabrielle. >> six people the first of six people that were killed will be let dressed today. >> the east coast digging out
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from another major blast of winter. the third powerful winter storm as in as many weeks. >> that means you should not complain about a little splattering of rain today. >> get through today and we have not only a great weekend. but a couple of great weeks ahead. the golden gate bridge. temperatures pretty good 49 in san francisco, i should save 41. chance of showers in the north bay actually more of a chance it's actually raining. here's a look at the radar as we see right now. north of novato, into petaluma, a closer look at that. i took at reading the heavier part is almost one-tenth of an inch falling right now. this is still very light. the north they will see this activity light
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drizzle showers all morning long and into the afternoon as well. seeing this all working its rate through the san ramon valley along 680. this is the lighter it's a few hundredths of an inch. just west of pittsburgh. we are keeping an eye on that but it will be light hit or miss showers. 49 in san francisco, 43 in concord right now. 47 oakland, in the south bay 44 in san jose. in a cool spot in the math we are still seeing upper 30's in livermore. it will warm up. your highs today 54 san rosa, napa, richmond, concord, 56 in francisco, 57 oakland, antioch, 60 in san jose, 61 in
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morgan hill. the cloud cover will be with us all day long. once we get past it friday clears out, saturday, sunday looks good. we hold on to the sunny mile forecast for the remainder of the 70 forecast. it looks like the next few days beyond that even. six 03 a.m., to check on your commit with george. >> at the interchange traffic is still light heading out of downtown or towards downtown. the ride from the west kelley in towards the downtown area pretty light northbound traffic exiting 4880. the ride to albany on 80 westbound, it has not built up too much in the westbound direction. in looks pretty good. we have a problem free for the
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short ride. no hot spots for the bay area. walnut creek and the commute on 680 these headlights are northbound leading up towards 24. that traffic is than with no back up in the southbound direction in to the san ramon valley. highway still a light one leading down to the bay bridge were there is no backup. >> president barack obama calling on the nation to come together in the aftermath of the deadly shooting in tucson that killed six injuring 14. thousands of people gathered here last night at a memorial the president said we may not be able to stop all the evil in the world, but how we treat one another is up to us. the president and first lady met with the surviving victims of the shooting and gave encouraging updates. >> i want to tell you, her husband mark is here, he allows me to share this with you. right
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after we went to visit, a few minutes after we left our room some of her colleagues from congress were in the room gaby opened her eyes for the first time. (applause) she she opened her eyes for the first time (cheering). debbie opened her eyes. (cheering) (applause) get be opened her eyes and i can tell you she knows we are here, she knows we love her, she knows we are rooting for her which will be a difficult time. >> gifford remains in the
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hospital in critical condition. meantime 9 year-old christina green will be buried this afternoon. the first of six funerals. >> people in the bay area moved by the events of arizona held a candlelight vigil. the east bay young democrats, courage campaign and others organized this campaign. all involved wanted to show prayer and concern for the victims and support for the families. meantime a federal judge from southern california is appointed to cancel the case against the shooter. judge larry bird's was given the case after arizona recused themselves because of conflict of interest. >> said cruz police are looking for graffiti vandal who threaten that violence. you see as the student was found with graffiti
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in the bathroom. the message reportedly laid out plans for violence for tuesday. that message has been removed by police are saying be on alert. asking for the vandals to come forward. >> 6:07 a.m., pleasanton police are urging people to keep their doors locked, be on lookout for burglar. possibly connected to a string of break-ins. will tran reports latest what happened monday. >> he doesn't even wait until dark to strike. police didn't at this last attack in happened at 10:00 a.m., he tried to get into a home by removing the window screen. did not know the owner was inside the home on the second-floor a good look below. despite setting up a perimeter they could not find the suspect. he may be the same person behind a string of burglaries are rum pleasanton sports park area.
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>> we will be right back as the news continues until 11:00 a.m., the latest on a swarm of earthquakes after the break.
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a series of moderate are earthquakes rattled the bay area. last night south of san jose. the strongest quake was 4.0, just after 8:00 p.m. last night. since then there have been about 30 quaid of various sizes. you can see the activity. no reports of damage or injury. this quake shook the same area where 4.5 struck early wednesday morning. if you look the usgs lake. about 30 earthquakes in that area in the last two days. >> a big jumps in people filing
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for unemployment last week. highest level in two months as the labor department says new claims jumped by 35,000. that increase took due in part to retailers shutting holiday work. applications rise early january once holiday season ends. stock futures are down on the news this morning. the trade deficit is at the lowest level in 10 months held by the weaker dollar and the fact that people are not buying as many foreign goods. the trade deficit narrowed to 38 billion. our report for a watch out says when it sold its gm shares at $33 each, it reduced chances of tax payers to fully recover and that investment. they indicate the government should of waited to sell those shares. the $85 billion bill light of gm appears to have put
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those companies back on financial stability. >> 6:12 a.m., all lot that we are following coming up. no. these digging out after the third storm of the season, they at a lot of cleanup to do as you can see. at 625, dramatic video of mudslides in brazil. 655, this homeless man that became the internet sensation he has checked into rehab. we will explain as the news continues.
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welcome back 6:16 a.m., storm tracker 4. we are tracking storms hitting the east coast. you can see where the activity is now. at least that nor'easter has backed off. hopefully they can recover today.
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>> they dig out from the storm that came by with blizzard like conditions. this video from new hampshire as people are dealing with the blowing snow. we have snow coming down in the region they had problems. people mainly getting around on foot as the snow equipment is trying to clear the roads. people were stranded on the side of i-95, stuck in snow drifts. >this is from connecticut 20 in. of snow in some areas. all schools were closed yesterday, people were advised to stay inside you can see this snow drifts piled as high as a parking meters. this snow is coming down 2-3 in. per hour. it was impossible to keep up with the cleanup. finally things back to normal today as the roads are clearing. >> we don't have to shovel or
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deal with extreme weather. we have all little bit of rain falling today. it is quite in san francisco right now. is it gonna stay in the north? >> that's primarily were will be. we have the sprinkle or two here south of the golden gate. as you can see most activity to the north bay, napa, petaluma, it is still really like though. a few hundredths of an inch, let's zoom in and give you a better look at the situation in the north bay. 1 01, a brief sprinkled north of petaluma. novato into san francisco looking good. highway 37 towards vallejo, sprinkles out there, also concord area. you can see that shellwork coming down still very light. less than a 10th of an inch of rain coming down right now. enough to make it damp but not really to change plans. as for temperatures and
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for a file 49, san jose 44, rid along the east bay '40's, potentially up or '30's the for the livermore valley. a chilly start for you there. everybody else having mild temperatures. this afternoon it will go up to the low mid-50s in the north bay. 53 novato, 56 and francisco, 54 concord, a san jose 60, livermore 56 this afternoon. 70 forecast will be a nice one. once we get past today. friday, saturday, sunday, monday your holiday weekend sunny and mild. a check on your ride with eric up. >> we have no hot spots to contend with i checked with them traffic clogs, traffic map snow slows spots. the bay bridge toll plaza those meter lights
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still off. we are tracking more volume at the toll plaza right now. not causing a back up you can still traffic moving slowly. continuing on with their bridge check san mateo bridge, no problems in either direction spirit we are seeing a crowd at the toll plaza. i'm in a bomb but you drive time to 50 minutes across the span. the golden gate bridge out of million valley moving well no backups and the southbound direction of oil drive. >> a caltrain conductor is accused of offering to waive fines for ticketless female passengers on two separate occasions if they agreed to provide him sexual favors. in both cases, ricardo arias cano, 60, is suspected of taking the passengers, one of them a 16- year-old girl, to a secluded part of the train before making his proposal. neither rider had any sexual contact with him, and both reported the encounter to authorities. cano faces a felony charge of communicating with a minor with the intent of
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committing a sex act, fein said. he is also charged with annoying a child, performing a lewd act in public and two counts of false imprisonment. he has also been removed from service without pay pending an investigation. >> rescue crews from fired upon the men and coast guard pulled a woman out of the water near pure 17. about 10:30 p.m. last night her roommate tried to rescue her before the fire department arrived. >> we titer close together, i got as close as i could tell her, she held on my coat until authorities arrived. >> it is not clear how she got into the water. it appears to be alcohol-related. >> tickets for the san francisco spring training home games are going on sale today at 10:00 a.m., spring tickets can be
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purchased at the giants box office at at&t park. they will pay 33 games in arizona this spring. this spring schedule begins friday february 25th. >> we will be right back as the news continues right after the break. california should be proud.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives.
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we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. 6:25 a.m., looking at the 7 day around the bay forecast. up north we will have a chance of rain. the clouds will clear out friday, by the weekend especially saturday a spike in temperatures. you can get out and enjoy that. sunday looks cooler but still beautiful. >> world stories midst mudslides devastating mountainsides in brazil. the flowing flood waters here. the cars are trapped here. 25 people killed dozens more
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missing right now. this is north of rio. firefighters are reaching the remote valleys and steep mountainsides. >> deadly flood waters that inundated australia have begun to recede. look at what they are trying to recover from. officials warned it could be days before people can return to their homes and businesses. when they go back in might be unstoppable trouble. homes under water, flooded out, some for the third time in six weeks. queensland's says the state faces are read construction task of post war. 25 people have died so far 61 still missing. they believe the death toll will rise. >> joe biden were colliding in
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baghdad. he will discuss american troops in the country as they prepare to leave by the end of the year. they are weighing in on whether to ask forces to stay past the 31st deadline set back in 2008. they said they are not ready to defend its borders. >> secretary of state secretary of state hillary clinton and the prime minister met yesterday day before mrs. clinton was to meet with regional leave jurors. she spoke to the commitment of the security of the gulf region. and tensions in lebanon on. >> we discussed i ron and the threat that its new killer activities post to the world. the united states will work with the international community to a settlement. that will hold i run to its responsibilities. to assure its program is indeed
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peaceful. when the members of the p five + one meet in istanbul at the end of the month with chiron. they can focus on steps that are ron must take to address the community's concerns. we urge our run to come to this meeting prepared for this serious discussions. >> hillary clinton's discussions came at the end of it tore into allies in the area. >> we will be back into minutes as the news continues.
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6:30 a.m., days after being shot in the head gabrielle difference has opened an eye. two of her friends she were in a hospital room at the time when they saw her open her eyes shortly after the president visited her. along with house
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minority nancy pelosi got their chance to visit. she says she was holding her hand when gifford squeeze dead and her right eye flickered before opening wide. >> the youngest victim of the shooting will be buried today. christine a grain will be laid to rest at noon. president barack obama ended his speech with a tribute to green. going on to meet her congresswoman for the first time. > i want to live up to her expectations. (applause.) i want our democracy to be as good as christina imagined it. i want america to be as good as she imagined it. (applause.) all of us, we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children's expectations. (applause.) >> she was born september 11, 2001, the day of the terror attacks. her funeral features
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the u.s. flag that flew on top of the trade center. >> a scholarship has been set up. 30 year-old zimmerman scholarship was an aide to gifford the to alumni who established a scholarship fund has no relationship to zimmerman but are received approval from the family. it has a facebook page and has 3000 donations through facebook. people interested can search on facebook. we will continue to cover the shootings and aftermath and the recovery of the congresswoman as well. we have everything posted including the speech from the memorial on our web site at >> like to get you can upon whether james fletcher has more. >> you have to look to the north bay to see it falling now. we'll have read are the second. san
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mateo bridge traffic flowing. current temperature on the other side to the bay is 46, getting up to 60 this afternoon, 58 is the temperature you talk about that. we have been following the band of showers through petaluma, it is moving east, showers around concord, it is falling from vallejo, down to the concord, it down to these bay hills. that is 580 there. no it's not it's highway 24. so far things are light, which took measurements. it is not bad but enough to make the road stamp. be careful of that. here of the temperatures 47 oakland, redwood city, 40 and livermore. out of the '30's. 45 in san jose. as for this afternoon it will stay miles.
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the system moving through will give us cloud cover. chancellor was sprinkle or two but nothing more than that. the temperatures will be the main focus. 54 in richmond, 56 and francisco, 54 concord, oakland 57, 58 fremont, 60 san jose, morgan hill 61. once it showers past we have a good outlook for your holiday weekend. saturday, sunday, monday sunny and mid- 60s. the models going out even 10 days nothing but sunshine and mild conditions appeared more on the traffic with erica. >> could morning james. meter lights were turned on 10 minutes ago. traffic is beginning to slow down. we see the end of the
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back up the 880 over across the looks good. we will pump up your drive time couple of minutes looking at 13 minutes across the span. if you are coming down from cartoonist bridge it is a 20 minute trip. san mateo bridge no incidents to report here. traffic moving at the limit in both directions across the span. a minimum wage at the toll plaza so 14 minutes across the span. golden gate bridge looks good, traffic moving freely in the southbound direction, checking out the debris shore freeway westbound. a bit more companies out there i checked the tropical logs no accidents out there. drive times are going up 80 minutes from the golden gate fields into downtown san francisco. >> tumble night club is now agreed to impose tighter security after fatal fight last weekend. joe hernandez at was
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found early sunday morning unconscious on the floor of the club. he later died. three other club gores were injured the same night. no arrests have been made. the violence has spurred additional security measures. including installation of id scanners. the club will be banned from selling bottled beer as they broken bottles were used as weapons. >> hercules mayor says he will resign immediately this and more time with his family this decision comes after efforts to recall him. along with the vice mayor and a city councilman as well. right after the announcement are resident served him with the recall notice. >> we will be back as a morning news continues. all roof camera dark for now, waiting for sign,
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welcome back, 6:39 a.m., you have some weight here. it is 47 in oakland right now, it will warm up to 57 this afternoon, we are looking terrific for tomorrow, saturday in oakland. it will be sunny and the warmest day in a few weeks. >> california legislator calling jerry brown state budget proposal good starting point. analysts mac taylor loses his assessment yesterday. as brown is closing the $2,500 budget sort a shortfall. taylor credits
6:41 am
from proposal form looking at long-term solutions. he says it comes with legal and fiscal curdles. >> banks took back a million homes from delinquents. foreclosure tracking says last year's total bank repossessions was the highest annual tally of property lost on the records dating back to 2005. our record 2.9 million homes, received a foreclosure filings. or one in 45. that is up 1.67% from 2009. they expected to peak this year as lenders move through a backlog of 5 million delinquent loans. >> next time you find yourself on a flight over booked you could find yourself in a bidding war to get off the flight and get seats later. delta air lines is turning steep dumping
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procedure into an auction. people can have flights over book online on line the wall have to get off the flight and then on and emptier one. delta will go with the lowest bidders first. >> we will be back with more moment. our weather and the weather around the nation. a live look at this snow on the ground in atlanta as the south and northeast are digging out from that storm. we will be right back.
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6:45 a.m., a top stories this morning a funeral is planned for today for nine year-old christina taylor. she was killed and tucson one of six people that were killed. there was a memorial service last night president barack obama called on everyone to embrace
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the ideal. she was going to see congresswoman that congresswoman we will update that as well. seismologist updated magnitude of two earthquakes there rattled san jose last night. the quake hit just before 8:00 p.m. it was a 3.7, this second one was a 3.9. no damage or injuries. 30 quakes have rattled the area and two days. tickets for the sun francisco 2011 home games go on sale at 10:00 a.m. this morning. they can be purchased at the dugout stores. and on the giants' web site. it will play 33 games this spring. spring's scheduled burger dance friday february 25th. >> snow from a plan that down to
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tennessee, georgia, alabama, all the way to the northeast. i want a show this you can find a link to this on the web site. you can see this snow totals, as well as the wind. chester massachusetts 22 in., which reports it came and with the interactive google map. we have a link to this on our web site. whether in the bay area and james fletcher watching. >> no snow here but we have sprinkles. in san francisco mile over the city right now 49 degrees, 56 the expected high, we are starting to see showers north of the city in the north bay, also the east bay as well. it is not a lot. storm tracker 4 shows you in the north bay, between petaluma and fairfield, seeing some showers in the east bay as well. really light stuff
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as we zoom in we can see the cells. napa, fairfield, i actually took the reading in the darkest area to see how much rain was falling. for 100 of an inch. now lot of great but it is showing up on the radar. over the east bay hills primarily, along 680 from danville down to pleasanton you might get a sprinkle or two. other than that it is very light. it will be like that all day long spotty light sprinkle superior to current temperatures 49 san francisco, 40 livermore, north bay 46 san rafael, south bay 45 in san jose. in terms of our hide this afternoon it will be in the load to mid-50s along many locations in the north bay. 55 vallejo, not of 54, 56 semblances go. warmer the more
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so to go 58 and redwood city, 60 san jose, 50 in fremont. we do have the system in the pacific headed to the north that brings us the rain. once it clears out we will have some stable, warm air for the next few days ahead. the extended forecast shows a sunny skies and mild temperatures. let's go to traffic with erica. >> years thursday morning commute, still in good shape. meter lights up and offer 20 minutes. conditions are improving. you can even see back up traffic moving freely. drive times are back down 10-11 minutes from the foot of the maze and to some francisco. your westbound ride is a very good shape right now. san mateo bridge, no problems across the span, 92 easy ride. traffic moving at the limit 65 mi. an hour. the back up at the toll
6:50 am
plaza has dissipated so drive times 12 minutes across the span. pretty much the same story free ride out of the north bay. traffic moving freely on the span. i checked alive rows answers no for slowing out of marin county, looks good pass highway 37, down to the wall look great. the only real slow spot we have accidents but no real slowing yet. except for your ride data in the act. speeds are down to 30 mi. an hour. we are still having great conditions for public transit. >> new video a truck stop fire, in west lead. this is off of i five. they had water problems they had to use what water they had inside the fire trucks. it destroyed a sandwich shop,
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market. no injuries. oregon attorney general john kroger has sued johnson & johnson and two subsidiaries, claiming consumers were exposed to defective supplies of motrin by a delay in public disclosure of a recall. kroger said wednesday the health care products companies tried to quietly remove motrin containers from store shelves in a "phantom recall" that failed to notify consumers. the attorney general said johnson & johnson and its subsidiaries discovered in late 2008 that supplies of motrin sold in 8- and 24-caplet containers failed to dissolve properly. as a result, consumers might not receive an expected dose of ibuprofen, which could lead to "a worsening of pain, fever or inflammation." now there's even more reason to talk to your doctor about what kinds of painkillers you're taking. a large meta-analysis of 31 studies has found significant risks of cardiovascular events in people who take prescription-strength nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. of the drugs studied, they found that ibuprofen, sold as advil and others, carries the highest risk of stroke, etoricoxib, has the highest risk of cardiovascular death, and rofecoxib, previously sold as vioxx carries the highest risk of heart attack. for certain drugs such as celecoxib, sold as pfizer's celebrex, the cardiovascular risk appears to go up with dosage. the first
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nutrition overhaul in 15 years being announced today. they announced new guidelines and new rules require schools to cut sodium by half, use whole grains, serve low-fat milk, live bit 1 c. of certain vegetables week. president obama signed into law and nutrition bill that will help pay for the foods. we will be right back as the news continues right after the break. a shot of walnut creek still dark out there as we approach the 7:00 hour.
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welcome back watching wall street doubt over 82. yesterday, now down 13. concerns over unemployment a large rise
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in the number of people filing. the dow off 15.3 now. in ohio homeless man whose golden voice made him a phenomenon is headed to rehab. this after an appearance on dr.phil. ted williams agreed to enter facility after his interview dr.phil. 53 year-old williams training to be an announcer of founded the real by substance abuse. last week he found instant fame after newspaper posted a web video of him. don't mess doctor felt williams family all peers on the show to discuss his persistent drinking, and the disturbance that happened in and help a hotel room. and all new dr.phil
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tonight. a ibm computer is about to show the world how quickly it can have an answer form of a question. the software system is plane jeopardy. it is the practitioner today. $1 million prize recorded later and televise last month next month. jennings won 74 jeopardy games and router run $3 million on the show. we will be right back into minutes, as kron 4 news continues. a live look at differences those guys are brightening. what we can forecast the to austria had.
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