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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  January 13, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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is not a precursor for a larger earthquake. >> the biggest earthquake we've seen, historic plea was this was---this was perhaps triggering a 0.925? but i think of the most residents better living in the bay iraq are thinking about sex is, seventh, the one we're talking about near hayward, with a number six, with the no. 7, to the bay area. and with the situation, i would say that this is not related to those fault lines in terms of the the related activity. >> those tech tectonic plates have nothing to do with a larger one to come. >> and part of this san andreas fault is creeping, moving very slowly. and it has a history of generating
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small, moderate earthquakes. ()music)á >> the rainfall is been throughout the day with the golden gate bridge. you will notice the remote visibility. the fog is spilling in and met-wet pavement, and inland, with bay-area wide. and the reader is also the report is alg that with chilly temperatures--52 degrees in napa. 55 degrees in half moon bay. and 59 degrees in mountain view. 60 degrees in san jose. what we're going to see tonight is with this storm pushing through. we're also going to see the fog saddling and with the moisture. tomorrow, dense fog. and along the coast and inland. that fog will clear.
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with skies and temperatures are going to start to warm. that will last into next week. will talk all about it, soon >> people at this park and ride are warning drivers about the possibility of flooding during high tide. 5:30, caltran will close for one entire week because of flooding concerns. in the past, cars a been caused trapped because-of high tide >> and reservoirs? >> water reservoirs. >> this recent water rainfall has been great news. panel fall to the brim. >> acai of relief that this has been water levels >> it is a sign of relief, and they are breathing a sigh of relief. >> and in terms of rainfall
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we're still in good shape. >> to lafayette, they're also fall. >> and with water posing a perhaps a different problem. >> with an extension-would do no one pretends to overflow. even the we enjoy the rainfall. there is still the potential. >> and with people getting the impression that we are through but we're not through. we will still love three, four different dry months. >> with these reservoirs filled managing the water is a fluid situation. in lafayette, jeff pierce. >> news from the bay area, hayward man is in critical condition after police say he was shot by this song. his 15-year-old, you can see on his son. the boy shot the victim and took off and he was arrested the have not
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released a motive. and with one the iraq campus. santa cruz. 1 b iran-campus. warning that violence will occur on campo 1-05 cool fautheir increasing security efforts. and to differen shootio different shootings--two different shootings. and a woman was greased in the head. the second was south 42nd and wahl avenue. a 50 year-old man was shot in the leg. meanwhile, a bit of good news with richmond. a new program will keep children away from crime by keeping them with one on one mentors. seven different churches and associations with the contra costa
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intervention supporting community organization are participating in this mentoring process. >> and in business news. one day after stocks had a two- year high, they ended with modest losses. the dow jones was lower by 43 and the nasdaq lost 2 points. this is been difficult on home owners. and allison cox reports, foreclosures or huge problem. and in the golden state. >> the record 2.9 million americans received foreclosure notices last year. 1 million of those and losing their home. at the end of 2010, the foreclosure rate was down a bit because of that scandal with the banking process. those were halted but now they will proceed. and congress is going to increase 2011 rates. however, the silver lining is that the housing market will bottom out. and
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improve in 2012. the hardest hits were nevada, arizona, florida, california. 2010, the proposed rates were not quite as bad as the with the year before. with a difficult road ahead, the housing market will be slower. prices also showing that in number of homeless families. the national alliance to end homelessness since the number of homeless families is increasing faster than the actual overall rate. with worries that tight state budgets, we could even see numbers and words. and in new-york. >> the treasury department is offering tax relief on pre-paid debit card. and the irs is encouraging having their tax refund directly into their bank account. for those people without a bank account the debit card will allow those of void check
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cashing feast. of would offer a offer letters- 6000 rates. >> postal rates! april 17th. 445 will stay the same. however, each additional ounce. from 175, up 205. increases and prices will mmale periodicals. and international rates could also increase with radicals and ahead with mailing periodicals--4 and am option type online and voucher compensation. if their past to get bumped. and there will start with the lowest bid, first. and a look of the san jose, the guadeloupe overpass. however 101, the northbound, so on, no
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>> the new rule, to restrict the leash law. and a professional dog walkers at one time. the public will have 90 days to provide input. and what $900,000 a year on signs, patrols have been spent. >> and $200,000 reward. this animal was shot in the face. and now, it is not going to return to the wild. and it is blind. >> it is tremendous, horrendous. and thousands of homes and businesses in australia the third largest city are under water. the
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latest on the flooding after this quick break. >> and our extended forecast the rainfall is tapering off. with warmer conditions. will talk all about your forecast coming up. [ wheezing breaths ]
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>> a new football coach for stanford. and kron fours vern glenn has the detail. >> kron 4's-- >> and the sky has lineage with great this guy has great a lineage, david shaw the new football coach for the stanford cardinals. and he is in bed in the offensive coordinator, 38, with an at all chops. an assistant bolton, all cuffecoach. for nfl.
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>> and i cannot put a number on the income multiple occasions. it was phenomenal. hamas since the day i started coaching. it is always been one of wanted. and today is contesting a great day. >> and his family was here. and his dad was his former raiders defensive coordinator. >> wahl! >> and with the loss, the game, early 1990's. >> while-decimus to become players, stanford, he is now the head coach. >> wah students, and do you believe in carl? >> and a rush of karma. with one more look. lebron james. and with his old team, got pulse of the lakers with the 55, 60, that carmack is a-feet, it get to every time. and the caramel-and and and and frazil s getting sick to
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the cheapest tickets for standing-room-only. and with $9, $21. with a live look low visibility. to the
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golden gate that fog will be an issue. and the stormtracker 4 radar is showing that it is going to the south and tapering off. light mist, and also dry out. and the rainfall totals today have not been impressive. with one-third of an inch. that is the highest total. with one- quarter, less in napa, san francisco. with barely any registering. and as mentioned, that fog is going to be a big story going towards tomorrow. with some dense fog. i think it will linger along. with the central valley which could
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be an issue by tomorrow. and with temperatures with mild conditions tomorrow. 40's, it is going to maintain overnight. and 44 in concord. and temperatures will be on mostly sunny skies. with the sea breeze, making impact. and with a low 60s, inland. 62 degrees in livermore. and with mountain view, 61 degrees in san jose. and kron 4 7 day around the bay the fog will be up there tomorrow. and get saturday. temperatures will be warming. with a dip in the temperatures are ron
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sunday. and all that is going to cool us down. with more cloud coverage to the north bay. and temperatures almost in the mid-60s. as we go for the rest of the week. dry, nice weather. >> world news, it is a nightmare in all strata. and- the continent of australia. with more bodies have been found, dozens of people and the death toll is 25. with massive flash flooding on monday. queensland, with dozens of towns. some of it, three- times. and they are discovering that their homes are too far gone to be prepared. and flooding, mudslides, the president
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toured the area be a helicopter. the government has brought more help to these flooded towns, villages. with 1 million people being treateeffected in charlotte,. 450 people of and killed by mud slides in brazil. some of the worst construction and the worst is through board of reareal dino stockton
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live, from the bay area's news station to 5:00 p.m. >> a jobless claims are up, and many of these jobs added where low paying jobs. now, people with jobs are still considered underemployed, underpaid, and a closer look. fast san francisco could be losing even more jobs with a tech firms are considering moving out of the city. >> with the dismal news for the economy, christine connolly has been taking to the staffs. >> these numbers really came as a surprise with these attached statistics--and with a step in the jobless


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