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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 18, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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seven data by the weekend temperatures topping out into the upper 50s partly cloudy conditions. but the benicia bridge, a little bit of slowing in the northbound direction we also have one here at the dunbarton. both directions of 84 special at the toll plaza. i originally i was not going to show you the shot, they bridge toll plaza no fog advisor to allegedly faulty but it
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cleared up pretty nicely. those meeting lights are off preconditions for the bay bridge 8-9 minutes from the foot of the maze. clear golden gate bridge 71 01 headlights toward the toll plaza, the fog is in better shape than yesterday. headlights into the city, drive times are great no accidents or incidents 23 minutes at the bottom of the city limits. james. >> thank you, extra police are and hand it several causes have been canceled at uc santa cruz to to the threat of violence. you csc administration announced that graffiti found in the men's bathroom on campus contained a threat of violence contained to be carried today. the violensome professors have canceled classes today, students say they're staying off campus
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as a precaution. expected to be more visible police presence on campus today. the san jose police are searching for subject to daly shot a man in a drive- by shooting gang-related. it happened last 11:00 p.m., they found a 20 year-old man dead after being shot once. witnesses heard a vehicle leaving the area were unable to provide a description, officers believe was gang- related, that is the sixth homicide of the year in san jose. he wrote what to shoot his father. officers say the 36 year-old man and his son got into a heated argument before the boy allegedly retrieve the shot gun and shot him. it added that the home, the boy ran away from the scene, found and arrested by police on him right lane. he is in custody, officers don't know
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how it got in the lanegot a guns father is intensive care. san francisco is muni will officially released its annual service report today. not expected to be very good, the report says the on-time performance is moving in the wrong direction from 75 percent on time to little over 70 percent this year. figures fall short of the 85% standard mandated by voters when they crossed opposition eve back. crime is up on in the last year to 31 crimes this year 268. we ask the spokesperson toll rose to talk about some of the problems associated with on- time service to listen. >> when you have a system that does not have dedicated europe to abide by the same digestion and rosa risen the other vehicle.
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you'd have on-time performance that suffers. " we're trying to do is find ways to get through that, the more efficient. >> they're also proposing making changes on the end line getting rid of the curbside parking at the current cold street and for easier access for muni passengers. more new details, the husband of congresswoman gifford says he is forgiving person i wouldn't mind meeting with the parents of turlock are the man accused of shooting his wife and a head. he said in an interview is not the parents' fault. different condition is improving so well in fact she is mild, gave him and the crowd.a neck rd when the researchers term about fragmentized market
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her doctors say there were no complications. showing more signs of improvement. she cannot >> but she was able to rub her husband's back and she was smiling. she hit does understand instructions.does und instructions. the father of the daughter killed john mccain says to children can now see after receiving his daughter's corneas. christine taylor green attended the event because her interest in politics. john green says he and his wife did not hesitate to allow doctors to use christine as organs. we will take a quick break. golden gate bridge, for now much better visibility than we did this time yesterday that may very well change. dense
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heavy fog in some spots, visibility down less than a quarter mile. a closer look mark coming up in this little bit.
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and we are back, a live look from our walnut creek camera. and least for now but what does not seem as bad here and long 680. we do have a lot of thought out there it will continue to pose a problem the fog is blanketing the bay area. recent images taken from the satellite showing the entire state lookit the central valley inundated with far, i will explain exactly what we're dealing with a lot of fog and not only in the valley bridge here in the bay area if it's hard to make out that's where we are. fog is inundating every nook and cranny. they're expecting it to burn
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off. but the fog was stubborn yesterday and went beyond the 11:00 a.m. expiration time. maybe by midweek wednesday-thursday we will see some of this fraud blow on now. more on that coming up. snow, sleet, fog could make the trip to work dangers for some commuters in the northeast. a live look at of new york light snow is falling. in philadelphia parts of new jersey, connecticut mix of freezing rain and snow forecasters say parts of the north east to get 3-4 more inches of snow. icy roads are the busy biggest worry. no where near the amount of snow that fell on their christmas the mayor has made sure cruiser standing by just in case. new details on steve jobs he's taking a medical leave
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from apple the news this morning as reported his medical problems are linked to his previous battle with cancer. he has not been able to keep on way to end is susceptible to illness has only been coming to the office once order is a week. gabe slate has a look at how apple will be affected by his absence. >> here is a visual to see how steve jobs have affected his way he was really filled out in 98 to very skinny in 2009 since then he's remained very thin in 2004 he battled cancer and one. he's considered a survivor. over the years his weight and appearance has continued to be frail and sickly. in 2009 he issued a statement saying the weight loss was caused by a hormone imbalance. two weeks later he announced a six month
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medical leave. during the time he received a liver transplant in september he was back on stage shearing off the noon and know. so easy ride a liver transplant as well, this the last appearance on stage last october on the new mac but there was released. now he's taking another leave we don't know why or how long apple is very secretive about it. he released a statement saying he is taking his leave to focus on his health and continue as ceo. he says he loves apple and hopes to be back as soon as he can. the board to kirk in church, he is the company's chief operating officer, this is such a big deal because apple is steve jobs visionary company steve jobs has divisions he
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developed the ipod, matt, ipad so the concern is what would it be without him? short term should not be a big deal, long-term and apple without steve jobs is a completely different company. never has there been such a big company dependent on one man. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> we will follow that story as it continues to develop, we will take a break a cracker outside another quick look at the fog, san mateo bridge you can't see anything out there. one of the handful of bridges still dealing with the fog advisor 3, complete look good for forecasts coming up in 60 seconds from right now.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, for 2:00 p.m. a shot at side downtown san
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francisco you can actually see out there what we are dealing with rain now still dealing with fraud, nice patches of clearing will continue with that fog don't let it surprise you creep up on you. we do have patches of really dense fog. by the afternoon mostly sunny, we will have a really nice afternoon ahead temperatures warming into the '60s this evening not as foggy as the past few nights. we are expecting some improvement right now problems with visibility to run the mile at sfo, oakland, novato 0.8, point to in hayward, view and san jose. visibility is continuing less than a quarter mile, seven productions in visibility on their roadway here is a look, the areas
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where we looking at a mile or less. north bay santa rosa, san rafael, the immediate bay we're doing is quite a bit far, that's why this morning san mateo is one of the worst spots. storm tracker 4 an idea of what's going on we are expecting that fog to state thence into the 6:00 hour thicken up as the sun starts to rise continuing the dense fog until about 11:00, that's when the dense fog advisor is expected to lift. by the afternoon nice, clear this is how we will stay into the evening. evening commute should not be a problem we're looking at a decline. right now currently expected to stay into the 40's by the afternoon highs into the low 60s that's where we stay to the remainder of the workweek. sunny, mild. eric. >> tracking the advisories
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on the main some have been canceled some still in effect. including your ride to and from the benicia. the california highway patrol has issued these fog advisor is, they advise the drive with extra caution. same story for dunbarton 84 in both directions in the toll plaza the san mateo bridge, socked in with fraud, you can see the changeable message signed on the right hand side thought the conditions towards the toll plaza drive with extra caution could news, the fog advisor has been lifted for the bay bridge no problems there those cars headed westbound same for the golden gate pretty clear as you make your way south grounds. james. >> thank you, residents of million-dollar homes overlooking the beach are worried that their houses on the verge of collapsing
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owners say its overflowing and threatening the stability of their houses which sit on a bluff. the homeowners are willing to pay to construct a trench that could help reduce it, they can get permission. county officials don't believe the situation warrants an emergency declaration. eugene r. ramos the man accused of sexually assaulting a child at a dollar tree is expected in course today. registered sex offender expected to enter a plea charges include rape, kidnapping, sexual acts with a child, false imprisonment. and the waiters will be sentenced for his role in the captivity and torture of a treaty team. they convicted him of 31 years old on nine counts including aggravated mayhem, torture, false imprisonment of than
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16 yorktown ramirez. he's now 18 he testified that he was cut, live is pants on fire, beat him unconscious. he faces life in prison. people in palo alto or concerned about their safety after robbers, as he muldoon has more. >> officials are hosting an awareness meeting later this week at a local community center to talk about street robberies. there have been 20 cases since number of 2010 including recent ones involving said delivery person. police say they have made arrests, they say they're offering up to $10,000 in your money for information leading to further arrests. meanwhile concord police are looking for the driver responsible a fatally heading and 52 year-
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old woman the victim was walking her dog on solano way at avon avenue when the dog was hit by a car. she stepped out to tender her dog when the second car struck her. no description of the then it was a dark in color and possibly a hatchback. downtown bars and restaurants that keep police busy might soon face stricter rules and harsher punishments if their patrons cause trouble. considering new restrictions and regulations including alcohol cut off times. oakland's new police chief could soon be san jose's. anthony batts is one of two finalists yesterday in oakland he and mayor jean quan attended a martin luther king celebration. afterwards they talked about the possibility of him
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leaving oakland to take a listen. >> at this time on the chief oakley's of oakland i will stay focused on the. many times when you sit as the chief priest beavercreek the city of long beach i was treated for the oakland job. i was a focus on. >> his contract is careless, he can leave it once did. i've had a very good working relationship with him. of course i would like to continue having in committed for two or three years. >> the other finalist is in terms and as a chief chris more. san as a city of its shows aren't having names byrd and me are not naming names they say the search is nearing an end. >> we have been in this
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process for months, we've been doing our region talking to the community interviews, a panel of residents and others have been involved in the final candidates. it will be a couple more weeks before they make a recommendation we're fortunate to have to really strong final candidates, a great pool of applicants interested that is good news. >> the mayor says the city manager's expected to make a final recommendation by the reverse. changing jobs would be an entirely different world for at the bass. kate thompson compares the current job to which he would be facing. >> chief anthony bass holds down to under $55,000 a year. as part of his contract to get an extra week's vacation a year for four weeks. given the bank of six times 12 weeks to start. yet less than one
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year and a half ago $10,000 in moving event is for expenses. details have not been made public but the last chief warrant to $61 a year. when it comes to crime san jose and oakland are worlds apart oakland was the six most dangerous city in the nation 94 people murdered their last year. san jose is consistently one of the safest and last year had the lowest murder rate in the decade 20 people the cities and their police forces are different both facing serious issues, lester oakland late up 80 police officers shrinking force to 660 san jose, a tourist population has 1250 officers the city's laying off officers just bay instead having them agree to take a cat. >> we will take a break, a live picture here to assure you as we go this shot of
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980, rate there were immediate 800, we will talk live with yoli and get an idea of what conditions are like on the roads.
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and we're back, a quick look at the bay bridge traffic seems to be living well is to make your way towards the toll plaza no issue across the span there was a dense fog advisor that has expired the on the bridge's piers seeing a fog advisor are the
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benicia, sam a tale which she see year, you can see why and then darden here is a shot of the san mateo keep its low as you make your way across visibility greatly reduced, golden gate not bad much better than yesterday we will keep an eye sometimes fog has a tendency to roll in. keeping an eye and all of those really in no conditions change, world news, the latest bombing in iraq has killed 40 police people and wounded 75 others. that happened outside the police station where recruits gathered to apply for jobs the bombers during the carter of 100 recruits when he detonated himself many mosque in the area are asking for people to donate blood for their wounded suchinda have found recruitment centers are for a part. another town in australia devastated boy you
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can see the neighborhood here this is horsham. that's what it looks like, as you can see from these pictures a looks more like a lake. well in victoria more than 3500 people have evacuated their homes many residents have lost power. 30 people have been killed in the queensland because of the weeks and weeks of flooding. china at the freezing weather weather has no sign of leaving snowstorms are forecasting your non in hunan. did freezing temperatures and icy rain is expected to spread. meanwhile president barack obama is welcoming china's leader as they begin a three day visit to washington was on his way to the u.s. with the scheduled arrival late this evening followed by a trip to the white test for a private dinner. a formal welcome to mock. we will
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take a quick break we have another live look outside, this time from our roof camera where we can see a lot better than we did yesterday we still have poor visibility down by sfo. we are expecting more delays to roll. we will keep you updated.
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and in the air back, live look to san mateo bridge, once again is foggy. a lot of dense fog. >> good morning, patches of clearing out there. the look that fool you very dense fog in pockets. when you're driving along you may hit seven reduction in visibility this afternoon, mostly sunny. nice amount of sunshine. by the evening not
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quite as bobbbodfoggy. in termsf their immediate bay will dissipate, tender smile as if so, oakland quarter mile at redwood city, san jose. this kind of gives you a good idea of where the body is. dense fog advisor for the north bay, hitting the seven reductions and visibility. here's the chart gives you an idea of where were looking animal or less. it had been the bay, coastline not as much. north bay still looking a reduce visibility. fog tracker 4 choses as that boxster to rise it will thicken up we
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are holding on to that low cloud cover slow to left. dense fog advisor 3 does expire we hang on to an hour or so longer by the afternoon in a career lots of sunshine. evening commute, staying clear. were not expecting the fog to roll in into the evening like it has. >> 45 frigates city, napa. 48 livermore and the san jose. the afternoon warming it up into low 60s. tomorrow a bit more patchy fog especially to the north bay windy weather for tomorrow city, mild as a wrap up the work week. erica. >> we're tracking all of that thought we had a couple fog advisor is cancelled for the bay bridge and richmond sanders fell bridge but there's still in effect for the benicia south and north
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680. also for the dan burton the california highway patrol is still asking you drive with extra caution reduce your speeds and be mindful of the cars in front of you. dense fog advisor in effect for san mateo and the thickest fog sets rate at the toll plaza bay bridge, just to show you how much better we were by this time yesterday yesterday could not see the cars westbound to san francisco not the case today clear up there you can deadly see the traffic backing up same story for golden gate clear as you see those cars southbound toward san francisco no problems to pretty great drive times 23 minutes of of novato pass highway 37. james. >> thank you, , but heather to oakland where yoli is standing by yoli and a standard than 98080 interchange. >> this is 980 as a trent
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880 going toward southbound. it will fog is floating if you just came to my shot thyme or 12 minutes ago you wouldn't recognize that it was so flawed and justin was last 10 minutes it lifted dissipated. with that you'll see a lot of thought on 800, is that cover morning where the fog lifts pretty quickly by you'll run into a big pocket of bach visibility is low. >> it's heading close to the nimitz coming ashore all on the span expected to be heavy thank you, yoli we will check with your shot in get the current conditions as it progresses. extra police on hand several
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crosses canceled at santa cruz because of a threat of violence last week the administration announced graffiti found in the men's bathroom contained a threat of violence to be carried out today it has been removed the campus was closed yesterday for the holiday. some professors have kids across as and sums to consider staying off campus as a precaution there's expected to be a more visible police presence throughout the day today including officers from outside agencies police are searching for subject fatally shot a man in a drive-by shooting that they say was gang-related. it happened last night after 11:00 the 20 year-old victim was found dead after being shot at least once. witnesses heard of vehicle leaving the were unable to provide a description they believe was possibly gang related. is san jose's sixth homicide of the year. new this morning muni will
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release its annual service report it doesn't contain good name is its as many as on-time performance is moving in the wrong direction from 75% to a little over 70 in the first quarter of this year they fall short of the 85% standard mandated by voters. it also says crime is up. last year 231 crimes this year, joint is 68. mtc is also proposing changes on the end line getting rid of curbside parking allowing christie's your access for muni passengers. looking to get rid of the early bart parking deals is to enforce and overlook or mince requiring parking lots to church and hourly rate that would mean rates would increase by $20 a day it was
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passed in 1984 to encourage use of public transit. but it has never been implemented. cliff forcing the measure could generate 6 million a year. the husband of congresswoman gifford says he is a forgiving person it would remind meeting with the parents of the jared loughner are mark kelly said in an interview it's not the parents' fault. he's willing to forgive and least talk to them. the latest on the condition she went through a successful surgery to remove bone fragments from our eyes sought get doctors say no complications it went as planned. she cannot >> because of a tracheotomy but she did rubber husband's back and she says she was smiling. the father of the young girl killed says his daughters of donated organs
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are helping others live. john green says to children from can see after receiving her corneas. christine taylor green attended the event because of her interest in politics. he and his wife did not hesitate to allow doctors to use her organs. this is dan dick cheney says he believes he will have to make a decision on whether to have a heart transplant given his medical history. he's getting by on a battery powered her to pump which is awkward to walk around here is not made a decision on a transplant but as technology is getting better and better he says he will have to make a decision at some point whether to go forward we will let you know. we will take a break, but to provide a quick look from the james lick, headlights of about 101 fairly clear. the further south you go,
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had fairly heavy dense thought. on that in a moment.
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and we're back, this is what my creek, we have thought it obscuring their view, fog is moving in. we just are traffic moving well now we have a bank of fog moving in. that will be the name of the game. find one minute, turn the corner and rent rate into it. give yourself extra time traffic might be slow as you try and get to work. satellite images you can see just how widespread it is that whole area is a nonstop flight. the fog that we're talking about central valley a lot of dense fog, a cloud cover. dense fog
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advisor a in the bay area for pretty much all parts of the day. that is the same time it was supposed expired yesterday continued on because it would not go away. we might deal with that again today. if it does break up and move on as we hope it will we will possibly have 60 degree weather and sunshine. our weather is a lot better than it is along the east coast slow, a sleek, fog could make it dangerous in the north east. a live look at of new york city light snow is falling accompanied by fog. philadelphia, new jersey, connecticut a mix of freezing rain and snow forecasters say parts could get up 3-for-inches. new york and no where near the amount of snow that fell after christmas crippling the city but the mayor says he has all the crew standing
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by nonetheless. >> the second most dangerous city in the nation is cutting half of its pleas for starting today new jersey is struggling with a 26 and a half million dollar budget deficit officials say they have no choice. it will also lose a sixth of its firefighters and the cuts will not affect public safety and well restore service as much as they can in the months to come. house republicans resume their bid to repeal the health care reform law debate begins today and a bill that aims to overturn the signature an initiative of the obama administration. they want the bill approved this week. it will be dead on arrival once it hits the senate republicans also plan to approve a measure that the tree of house committees come up with a replacement. the markets, stock futures
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are positive coming out of the holiday weekend tech and financial stocks will talk take the spotlight city group is reporting earnings, apple and ibm to report after the close google set to release earnings later this week a number of economic reports many of them at the housing sector they did do about housing affordability, home construction, building permits and some sales. most of the major u.s. airlines will report a profit capping a turnaround year for the industry. to roy giant mattel and nba entertainment are backing court the two companies have been in the year a long legal battle for who owns the right to brat's dolls. there is said to present opening statements today about when the copyright infringement they can run their business
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and mattel's accusation of theft of trade secrets. a bigger capsulized is coming to starks looked back, they will begin phasing in a roll out of its trent debt cup. which means 30 in a talent will be 31 ounces 50s since more than the 20 dense 20 there will be first introduced in the south, southwest today in california by february 3rd soak the bread to was a big enough to get a bigger one for you. baguettes either quickly, you might need a copy as you try to get to work to my taking longer than you expect dense fog advisor also under the san mateo bridge a closer look coming up.
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welcome back, my favorite time 4:44 a.m. on the kron 4
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morning news. we have some areas are pretty dense hot continuing to hang on not as widespread as yesterday still could be dangerous on the roadways reduced visibility by the afternoon sent me, lots ascension expected and bach and decreases tonight. ray knight your visibility still low and some spots sfo attend,. same for hayward, most of that dense fog is hanging on to the media bay santa rosa less than a quarter mile san jose, less than a quarter mile as well dense fog advisor is still in effect until 11:00 visibility continuing less than a quarter mile seven reductions is possible. 6:00, continue to see that
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fog you can see moving to the doubt that into that north bay as well. continue to keep it around even into the 9:00 hour it does receipt back at 11:00 is one that dense fog advisor expires a bit more floating around for an hour or two into the afternoon clear, much, much better them is by a stray continuing with lots of sunshine into the afternoon pole gone to mostly clear conditions into the evening. right now 40's, sampras group, 50 half moon bay, says bay upper '40's for mt. view, san as they afternoon highs '60s. more response low 60s, 60 napa, 58 downtown santa does go up or 50s low sixties in this update. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. similar story ever to rock patchy fahd especially into the north bay. other than
4:47 am
that much clearer, windy here to the afternoon sunday, mild conditions persist. erica. >> thank you, , i just checked california highway patrol we don't have to many fog advisor raise some are still in effect including your area id the yellow is indicating speeds down to 40 mi. per hour california highway patrol is ask the watch your speeds you can pretty much apply that to the dan burton, both directions as as ride the map up the dense fog advisor is still in effect with the thickest fog at the toll plaza. cleared out the fog at the bay bridge, you can see the cars headed westbound the fog surely not as bad as it was yesterday. no problems, accidents, incidents. leading lights are off, across town freeways look good not a problem. this is a clear shot at the fog is out
4:48 am
there, james. >> thank you, continuing our team coverage of the fog craig sklar is standing by giving as a shot while it is hard to make up. good morning. that is the west anchorage. you can see cars coming over but not easily those of the street lamps above. driving up to it for mes palo alto you can hardly see anything. very dangerous 101 towards the bridge there was a sign saying fog warning it is very strange approaching the bridge from the freeway there was no fraud trees palo alto on towards the bridge the dickens out very quickly. i would say approaching the bridge might be as dangerous as getting on it. fog the, i guess it will be that way for a while. choir rainout it will get busier. back to you. >> thank you, we will visit
4:49 am
with him throughout the morning keeping tabs on the conditions. moving on plants and he railed in fremont homes and new industrial hub were dashed. redevelopment planning is off the tracks down and fremont dan kerman intel's latest. >> when tesla took over the plant in by all of it this land at the north and in the land of the son of a reporter for sale city officials have some grand plans for the two parcels. >> green text, industry. perhaps are in deep. some residential. some retail and commercial. and entertainment. >> by known to him and the rest of the city union pacific rim road has some unused tracks and real cars
4:50 am
have plans of its own. >> we did not know anything about it to the other day. in december union pacific bought the 160 a. planning to turn into a railyard. >> it's devastating news. if you turn that into railyard where you could have built around the. >> heavy are we are seeing anything classes around railyard it just as lapin. it will also mean fewer jobs, less revenue. these current to see if anything can be done to stop the railyard. >> whatever we can deal, this is the future of our city were not as good as it back and let it go away. officials have said at a meeting for later this week with union pacific to buy did exactly what their plans might entail. >> in revenue is san as a
4:51 am
hundreds of people packed them in a convention center for the annual octant louis r. luther king luncheon. volunteers from the african- american community were recognized for their outstanding contributions the group was singled out for its role in setting up a new cultural center. >> (music) and that was the scene as a good number people celebrated martin live the king day by writing the freedom train it is a 26 year old tradition intended to remind people of the message of so rights and equality as they rode many sang songs, the message should never be forgotten. the train continued on san jose for a daylong celebration or the thousands turned out. we have heard
4:52 am
about people leaving discarded christmas trees on the side of their road but now there's another problem in the bay area stanley roberts explains. >> i assure new video of christmas trees and vincent might even giorgio trees left the fire station and lying in the streets of walnut creek. were there are about to show you now takes the cake. ocean beach san francisco in a protected area. it's protected because of present birds so fires are not permitted. however, this is what's left of a burnt up christmas tree in the area now one team or more than three dozen trees. notice the green bottom that is because the plastic stand was burned in the process and has melted to the tree.
4:53 am
for more than 2 mi. protected area is literally old christmas trees set of it plays. one was decorated with a cigarette box, and some top rack for the cup holder. there's an area where fires are allowed. you must lose a approve drink. there's truth is mosby both her frequent party know this, they choose to be a badly. according to the police to patrol burning and undesignated areas can result in to find one for the legal burner and the other for destroying wildlife. both are $100 each. russian beach, stanley roberts, kron4 news. if you heavy, our story idea santa minimill let him know. we
4:54 am
will take a break, let's go back at side a live picture a long 101 another faqih shot at last check visibility down about a 10th of a mile dobie surprised if we here delays once again at the airport will let you know.
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we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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good morning, you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 5:00 a.m. at big story fog, flood advisory in effect run the bay foggy here this morning. we're watching that fog around the
5:00 am
bay not nearly as bad as may driving into the north bay but it's sick and others spots. >> patches of clearing are shot from san francisco, james lick clear. a lot much clearer than yesterday don't let that fool you still have a dense fog advisor and still very dense patches of fog the content on their roadways the afternoon, mostly sunny pretty pleasant the good news is this evening it's certainly going to be an improvement fog expected to decrease. still, look at these visibility's less than a 10th of a mile at sfo, oakland quarter mile redwood city, hayward the densest is settling in a raider and the media bay down into south bay pockets of dense fog san jose, santa rosa less than a quarter mile. still in effect for 11:00 visibility continuing less than a quarter mile segment
5:01 am
reductions and visibility as well. 6:00, i continue with all that low cloud cover he conceded to the delta, central valley and around the bay continued low cloud cover until 11:00. that's when that dense fog advisor lives and you can see it hovering around by the afternoon nice, clear really nice breaks of sunshine we're not expecting the fog drawback in into the evening. the only spot we could see some is the north bay. 43 santa rosa, 46 oakland said the upper '40's by the afternoon those members and to those '60s santa rosa, napa, fairfield. 59 richmond. around the bay upper 50's, low 60s same for the seventh day. tomorrow, a little bit apaches fought the north fog
5:02 am
is really the big story wind is expected to pick up tomorrow off thursday, friday sunny and mild. erica. >> thank you, , dense fog advisor it has been cancelled at the benicia bridge. still have a few in effect then byrne, 84 both directions very foggy as as by the maps up still tracking heavy fog at the san mateo in both directions of '92. most is centered near the toll plaza other than these two we don't have any dense fog advisor is to contend with the san mateo is the worst, no problems to report. nice, light conditions you can see the cars out there at the westbound we don't have any accidents or incidents to report, the leading lights are off 8-9 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze and to san francisco. looking clear viereck said of the north bay, 01 headlights into the city,
5:03 am
all lot clearer at this time than it did yesterday. darya. >> thank you, , continuing our team coverage of the flood jackie sissel is live in same bruno with an update. how's it looking? >> extremely foggy i have to tell you coming in from marin there is almost none intel i got to the 280. almost immediately it was completely fog in all the way down to rate 02 daly city and san bruno. you're looking at 380 the connector between 280 and 101 if the pan over you can see the density extremely low visibility i would say less than a quarter of a mile some parts to daly city about a couple hundred feet at the most. >> our people slowing down?
5:04 am
>> yes, everyone was going 50-year to 5 mi. per hour on 280 were normally that traffic is 6570. >> thank you, james is looking at the pattern of the fog from above. >> a little wider view satellite dish darya not just the fog but through it all the central valley. we are talking about fog far north as sacramento all the way down into the valley. but the bay area is right here in terms of what we expected to do the dense fog advisor is expected to expire around 11:00 a lot of the night yesterday we're optimistic the hoping for 11:00 i which case some sunshine. the above the brilliant blue skies and a whole lot of sentiment midweek is when the wind conditions will be right for more wins. we might see a
5:05 am
more clear forecast for the latter half of the week we just have to get to the first half. dense in spots mark. >> not nearly as bad as yesterday. a little more hope that will break up earlier don't forget you to get more formation about whether @ if you have a cold pictures and the mint to >> developing story extra police are on hand in several causes canceled an easy santa cruz because of the red of violence last week you csc administrators announced that graffiti found in the men's bathroom at a campus building contained a threat of violence to be carried out today that has been removed the campus was closed yesterday for the martin luther king jr. holiday. some professors cancel class, some students say they're staying off campus expected to be more visible
5:06 am
police presence including officers from outside agency we will be right back. is kron4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m. a live look here from the san mateo bridge, headlights and brake lights in least a few. the visibility is down to attend the mild probably see some big delays. oakland also attend a visibility hayward, a quarter mile napa, a little bit better but still visibility is low. yye [ man ] i was deciding what to do
5:07 am
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5:09 am
the welcome mat to the kron4 morning is where the plot is our focus here at the bay bridge, not too bad. we do have some parts that aren't clear, other areas socked in. bay bridge, your and luck. >> washington, house republicans resuming their bid to repeal the health care reform law. the bill
5:10 am
aims to overturn the signature initiative of the obama administration republicans want to get approved this week ahead of next week's data the union address. the vote is symbolic as the measure will be dead on arrival once it reaches the senate. the plan to reprove a measure requiring the tree era of health committees come up with a trio. >> new details on congresswoman gifford. as she recovers from being shot in any rally. successful surgery to remove bone fragments from her i saw to it. her doctors say were no complications, she continues to show more signs of improvement. she cannot >> because of the tracheotomy she was able to rub her husband's back. in he said she smiled. he is a forgiving person, he would not mind meeting with the
5:11 am
parents of the accused gunman jared loughner market kelly said in an interview, " is not the parents' fault. " >> new details as the bother of first lady maria shriver is in critical conditions, he was invited to a hospital in maryland no other details have been released. in 2003 he had alzheimer's he served as the first peace corps director in the administration of his brother john f. kennedy. >> dick cheney might need a heart transplant genie says he is getting by on a battery powered her pump. it makes it awkward to walk around. he has not made a decision by these as technology is better and better. the 69 routes suffered a heart attack last year his fifth since the age of 37. he had bypass surgery
5:12 am
in 1988 and two angioplasties to ko earlier coronary arteries. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. tracking the fog around the bay area will have more right after the break. the fog is there at this all about higher. much better ride through marin county.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
welcome back, time may now is 5:15 a.m. a shot from san francisco showing all that fog dense patches of fog outside into the afternoon mostly sunny conditions, mild this evening not quite as bad as we have been dealing with. ltd. in visibilities in sfo, less than attend the miles in for oakland, redwood city same for hayward. craig around the immediate bay that we have pockets. a dense sod
5:16 am
advisory remains in a fact tell 11:00 a.m. seven reductions and visibility on the road way 6:00, it continued that dense fog in fact it will hang around throughout the morning. as the sun rises it will begin at 11:00, it will lift some floating around. watch the afternoon clear conditions expected lots of sunshine. it looks like the fog will stay at bay. here is a locator current temperatures, upper 40 san francisco, 50 app ave. upper '40's for santa rosa. afternoon highs low 60s in places like santa rosa, fairfield. 58 san francisco. around the bay, temperatures stay in the upper 50s, low
5:17 am
60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow we can pass some left over fog settled into the north bay of the night clear, windy there is a comer freddie sunny, mild. erica. >> thank you, no accidents to report, no stalls. dense fog advisor is for pretty much all of the bridges, just listed for the benicia still tracking the dense fog over the san mateo. also dunbarton both directions. a live look from san mateo looks like the fog is worse than last check. a couple of minutes ago i could read the sign. surely not the case rain now. you can barely make get the headlights this is one of our fog here spots some the california highway patrol is asking you drive with extra caution. no dense fog advisor for the bay bridge. traffic is flowing
5:18 am
smoothly westbound 580 or the northbound direction quite better conditions to resign yesterday. metering lights are off. bridget, a live look from the golden gate said 101 he may encounter patches of dense fog want to get on the span traffic moves well, a clear shot drive time of 23 minutes for novato into city limits. >> thank you, craig is that there are one of the fog your spots the john burton. >> good morning, then burn, east bound from the west anchorage on palo alto for chalet for those driving or rather bridge you can see about 50 ft. away leading up to the bridge is very dark, dangerous i would say it's more dangerous are perching then on. cars are moving along at full speed and no
5:19 am
one seems to be reluctant to slowdown. traffic is slowly picking up, 6:00 more people on the road and i'm sure will still be fog, dick, it was ps so when i got here now it's like a piece suit. san francisco's muni will officially released its service report is not good. it is a munis on-time performance is moving in are wrong direction from 75 percent on time last year to a little over 70 percent this year. figures fall short of the 85% this standard there was mandated by voters when they passed proposition-e. the report also says crime is up on muni. to enter the 31 crimes last year, this year to under 68. we ask dense
5:20 am
spokesperson pall rose to talk about some of the problems associated with the on-time service. >> when you have a system that does not have dedicated track here on the surface you have to abide by the same congestion, rose as any other vehicle, you are going to have done time performance that suffers. what we're trying to do is find ways we can improve them be more pacifica proficient. >> they're also proposing making some changes on the n line making sure they get rid of that curbside parking and allowing for easier access. >> police are arresting a three shootings on martin luther king day when east oakland that left a man dead, you can see where they took place yesterday. the fatal shooting reported just before 4:00 p.m. 81 avenue and international the second man shot about an hour
5:21 am
later 14th avenue and east 27 street. just before 8:00 p.m. to more people were shot in the 5700 block of the 17th street in this tends to soon to tell any motives weather and that they're related no arrests have been made. >> police say they may know the motive for lead a 15 year-old boy to issue his father. the 36 rob man and as i got into a heated argument before the boy retrieved a handgun shooting the father. take a look at the map this is on gaining road the boy ran from the scene was found and arrested by police on hambrecht elaine. he is in test to become officers still do not know how the boy got the gun. the father is in intensive care investigators hope to >> to them today or tomorrow depending on his condition. >> investigators will
5:22 am
presented elderly rape case. square is accused of sexually assaulting and eight year-old richmond will win. he is being held in county jail in martinez to a 25 dense dollars bill. >> we will be back with more in a couple of minutes, a live look rainout the fog in san bruno the fog is our big story. the price is less intel here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. em we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. h8
5:23 am
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breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. the and we are back, 5:25 a.m. talking about the fog, here's the visibility terret the big difference is this morning is not as widespread yesterday this whole area was covered in the visibility was down less than a mile this morning were seeing a pocket around the media pay you can see the bay shore, an immense, upper east shore and locations around their your seeing that orange. heavy as
5:26 am
fog visibility is less than a mile sunspot sauce and a quarter mile. we were hoping is to burn up by 11 sitting as ever sunny conditions. >> to our north the fighting continues a lot of people taking risk getting around in the flooded western state of washington drivers brought it tried to navigate their roads completely swamped in water others are walking through the mess one father treated a mile to rescue his dog. there you see people and other household goods on his shoulder. this storm being blamed for one death. >> world news, the latest suicide bombing in iraq has killed 40 police recruits and wounding 75 others. it happened that said a police station when this is say the bomber during the crowd of
5:27 am
100 recruits outside the station many mosques are asking for people to donate blood to help the wounded. we're falling latest in the flooding in australia and this town to be head ec the flooding year from the pictures above completely submerged. victoria more than 3500 people have been evacuated many residents without power 30 dense are being blamed on the flooding in queensland. >> stormy weather in the philippines since december has killed 56 people, they're at 19 still missing. flood waters, landslides has hit 25 provinces disaster council there says 1.5 million people have been affected by the rains more than half a million were provided assistance. the unusually heavy rains have been caused by a cold front that has been activated. >> rain to snow, the
5:28 am
freezing weather that has hit snowstorms are forecasting it the region today forecaster said the freezing temperatures, icy rain expected to spread southwest across eastern china. we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes, are big story is the fog, that's our weather story although it's crystal clear in the shot of the james lick. we'll be right back. sforza
5:29 am
5:30 am
to the fog around the bay area the san mateo bridge showing up on the left-hand side, the denver in bridge showing up there on the top right, lower rates in embryo. dick fog around the bay area and not as widespread as yesterday. louisa house the latest. >> looks like the most dense fog is clinging to the bay shore. right now goulding he
5:31 am
is clear much better than me sigh yesterday that is the same for several areas not quite as widespread. very dense in pockets mostly sunny into the afternoon all the decreases tonight. >> and the mile at sfo, a quarter mile redwood city, a word, the immediate bay that is hanging on to that fog santa rosa, half mile. same for san jose livermore, much improved. dense fog advisor 3 still holding on, visibility to less than a quarter mile your fog tractor shows us by 6:00, continuing the this fog in place the christine now. and then expected to receive to the coastline by about 11:00. you can see it starting to lift by the afternoon really nice day at there. their conditions,
5:32 am
lots of sunshine in. but fog will be quite as dense as we have been dealing with much improved forecast for tomorrow. journeying on to the 40's, the 50s and half moon bay, says bay mid- upper 40's 49 livermore, bringing those ties and the low 60s and places like santa rosa, napa, fairfield. 56 for a paltry. 63, number for oakland, hayward, livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow pettifog hanging around, certainly much different picture than the last couple of days. windy weather tomorrow thursday, friday senate, miles. back to you. >> thank you, , we don't have too much to deal with in the traffic department the on the crime we have to contend with is this dense fog advisor is issued for a
5:33 am
couple of bridges. dense fog advisor 384 about directions as inside the map but still tracking that dense fog advisor but the heavy is fog advisor rate near the toll plaza. watch your speeds be careful of the cars in front of you other than these two bridges looking good. a live look from the shore freeway traffic is building making your way to the s curve. the conditions seem to look good to berkeley, and revell speeds are averaging 65 rows are the bridge itself nice and clear just a couple of cars on the road. this meeting lights are off. tracking very good drive times no problems to up the incline. >> a little from for the red in san bruno team coverage of the fog jackie sissel is the state debt on interstate-80 do you think
5:34 am
it's getting thicker? >> same as half an hour ago, the traffic you see is east bound 30 is a connecting freeway between 280 and 101 in san bruno i can tell you usually bring canning sees the fog. so far not so much when i drove in all snow fog. this is i hit the 280 in the daly city area the fog was extremely thick all down the 280 corridor. as my camera goes to black and white. the fog was so dense less than a quarter mile of close calls done to will hundred feet. a great move, giving each driver plenty of room in front of them. in case they need to stop, it doesn't look like it's getting much better. >> that is a good point, when you head out at 5:34
5:35 am
a.m. you figure you have an easy ride, there not many cars they are going slower remark. >> developing story, uc santa cruz extra police officers on campus over fears of potential violence. the threat coming in the form of graffiti found in the men's bathroom, the graffiti is gone but as kron4 is will tran reports some on campus are worried. >> reportedly some professors i uc santa cruz have our cancel some passes. 7 say they will stay home. the uc santa cruz police are working without said agencies to make sure the students on its campus feel safe. the students are encouraged to travel in large groups. siam for university alert system that will send bulletins to their cell phones. i am told that the public information officer from the usage occurs will be made
5:36 am
available to me at 7:00 a.m. if i get any updates out past the tree. uc santa cruz, will tran, kron4 news. >> san as a police are searching for however fatally shot a man in a drive-by shooting they do believe this was gang- related. not unless they just after 11:00 p.m. they fought a 20 year-old man who had died at the being shot at least once, witnesses say they have a vehicle leaving the scene on the will to give a description officers to believe it is gang- related. last night, in san jose is the sixth homicide of the year. >> a developing story eugene are almost the man accused of sexually assaulting a child last december is scheduled in court today. he is a registered sex offender expected to enter a plea. charges include kidnapping, rape, sexual acts, false imprisonment. >> into the waiters will be sentenced for his role in the captivity and torture
5:37 am
of a treaty teenager. jurors convicted him 31 of all nine counts the defaced including aggravated mayhem torture, kidnapping, false imprisonment of dense 16 year-old kyle ramirez. he is now 18 years old, he testified that he was cut, lit pants on fire, be among conscious. he is facing life in prison. >> forces rim's cisco crime lab technician will not prosecuted she still missing unrelated drug possession charges of their material started. in march this a bit of a small amount of cocaine during the 6 kron 27 dense thousand dollars bond cleated not guilty. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the big story that we're following the fog. take a look at the dumbarton bridge, visibility is down, there are some clear spots but realistic spots. were
5:38 am
you might not expect to be careful. visibilities around the bay, as a foe attempt, save for oakland, to dense and hayward, santa rosa 0.5 same as san jose and napa. california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined.
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we have a lot more work to do.
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5:41 am
and we're back, this is a lease at the fog to do today 6:00, fog the bay area light. christine the rain now as events chart 7, not much change 9:00, we begin to see a break in pockets in the north bay. 11:00, we see retreat at the north bay, south bay, affecting mainly to is the immediate bay to a clock, we're hoping for to find be lifted. seeing more sunshine, temperatures low 50s. that is what we're projecting. mark.
5:42 am
>> thank you, opening bell, markets closed for the martin luther king holiday stock futures are positive coming at the weekend tech and financial stocks city group reporting earnings of four rebel apple, ibm reporting after the closing bell, of course with apple, steve jobs announcing a leave of absence or watching apple's stock down $16. down over 4 1/2%. we will follow their stock today. coolies in their earnings today. many in the housing sector, home sales the news is are expected to be good corporate news most major u.s. airlines expect to profit having a turnaround year for the airline. >> the second most dangerous city in the nation is cutting nearly half of its police force. the city of
5:43 am
camden, new jersey, 26 1/2 million dollar deficit. officials did on our tourist but to make these cuts the city will also lose 60 of its tender vicki firefighters. the mayor says the cuts will not affect fire fighters. >> we'll be right back is kron4 morning news continues watching the fog, we are back in darkness, the fog is those that you cannot see the headlights or the tail lights. we will have more after the break.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
546, here's a shot at the vendor in bridge, it can't we're dealing with some very dense of this morning, most is clinging to the bay shore by the afternoon, mostly sunny, mild, by the evening not quite as far
5:47 am
temperatures down it authorities. visibility, a tent,, less than a quarter of a mile for redwood, hayward. dense fog advisor oriental o'clock visibility less than a quarter mile, the dense as fog is clinging to the bay shore north bay, santa rosa, south bay. current temperatures, over the 4044 santa rosa, 45 mountain view, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. expects to bring us a little bit more fog tomorrow sunny, mild for the rest of the week. >> thank you, good news, bad news, good news, not too much in the way accident or incident. that is, a couple of our bay area instances are shrouded in fog on maps, britain, we stop that dense fog advisor 3 issue for the toll plaza pretty much the
5:48 am
same story as a spider maps up to the san mateo the dense fog advisor is still in effect. the camera is working you just can't see much. conditions were improving the couple had split, tail lights that is certainly not the case. california highway patrol asking you drive with extra caution. bridge jet, no problems, sticheck no problems g lights are off, not too much in the weight, tracking a drive time of 23 minutes. golden gate, lights are off, i just got the phone with the golden gate is but they said the lights should be turned on shortly. >> the only slows but we have around the bay is your ride along highway-4, this
5:49 am
los but rainier hillcrest speed stick dense 12 mi. per hour the right clears up as you make your way to pittsburgh. mark. >> thank you, clipper cards muni has extended the deadline for use of monthly pass customers to switch to clipper kurds now you have to make. it was made to allow more time for people to apply and receive those cards. they have issued 25,000 to seniors and 9000 to use. they can be bought at spinning machines or on line. >> another blow to the city of fremont hundreds of acres of land surrounding the nummi plant in addition to be green technology corridor is now destined to be air freight rail yard. union pacific purchase them, one of the parcels was slanderous the city had proposed a baseball stadium
5:50 am
for the oakland a's. they plan to use both parcels to address ongoing space and more service to free will. >> residents of million- dollar homes overlooking a beach in santa cruz county are worried their houses are on the verge of collapse. the homeowners say aptos creek is overflowing and threatening the stability of their houses, which sit on a bluff above rio del mar beach. the homeowners are willing to pay to construct a trench at the mouth of the river that could help reduce the threat. but they can't get permission for construction because county officials don't believe the situation warrants an emergency declaration needed to begin the work. state department of fish and game officials say the project could affect the habitat of endangered steelhead trout and tidewater goby that live in the area. it's turning to take up the bluff. you can see right where it is here. cannon officials don't believe the city wants an emergency declaration needed to begin the work.
5:51 am
>> concord police are looking for the driver responsible for fatally hitting a 52 year-old woman living thethe victim was walkinr dog, her dog and their roadway, hit by a car. she stepped into the road to tender her dog, a second vehicle struck her. no description of the vehicle other than dark in color, hatchback. the downtown bars, restaurants in walnut creek that keep police busy into the early morning hours will soon face stricter rules a harsher punishment if the bar goers' cause and the troubles. what i creek is considering new restrictions and regulations including alcohol, all times. , public to get their first look at a meeting tonight. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues coming out how much coffee
5:52 am
the need? starbucks supervises details coming up. a live look here at concord headlights of bound the fog is lifting a bit at this section. it's really delicious, mom.
5:53 am
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a comeback, the raiders finally avenue cut its official cash q jackson has been hired for the team will hold a press conference to introduce him cash spent the last season as offensive coordinator for the readers he helped the team more than double its scoring of but it is for sure what the franchise he replaces thomas cable who was fired after an 8-8 season. >> i don't know how these work is small, medium largest ride column that i have a super sized at starbucks. if the yankees the big was a big enough. the company coffee company is going to begin to phase in trent the because its 31 ounces of coffee. 30 in
5:56 am
italian is tenta, the new cup size was first introduced, will today will be in the south, southwest, it will make it free to california by february 3rd. if your commuter it's probably a bad idea to get caught with the super sized starbucks. >> no bathrooms. >> is a problem. say your the bay bridge approach. >> you will sleep back to drink that. >> we've heard about people discarded christmas trees by now, there's another problem here in the bay area stanley roberts explains. >> i have shanny video of christmas trees abandon on city streets, i even cheju trees left in the santa still fire station. christmas trees lining the streets of walnut creek.
5:57 am
what i'm about to show you, it takes the cake. i mention beach in san francisco. a protected area, protected because of threatened burns that break here. buyers are not permitted however, this is of left or burned up christmas tree in the dense area. not one tree but more than three dozen trees. notice i green bottom, that is because the plastic stand was also burned in the process and has melted to the street. for more than 2 mi. of a protected area is littered with the old christmas trees set ablaze or waiting to be burned. one was decorated a cigarette box, tell wrapped with a cup holder. there's an area of ocean beach where fires are allowed, you must use one of the approved rings. but the truth is, most people of the frequent this beach party know this. they used to be a
5:58 am
badly. according to the park police to patrol the area burning in undesignated areas could result in to find, one for the legal byrne, the other for distorting protected wildlife. but tickets are $100 each. in ocean beach, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> see this are talking about you have no idea where this is the? it's the san mateo bridge actress you can see.
5:59 am


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