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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 19, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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new republican-led house of rete vote scheduled to get underway today. >> starting off this hour with the check on the weather before you head out the door. a shot from our roof on the vast revenue. everything looks pretty clear today. >> we are free of fog, but not free of the wind. 22 mi. an hour winds at sfo, wind through the north bay, along the coast. 15 mi. an hour winds at half moon bay. i will give you all the details coming up. >> great start to your morning commute, nice and light at the bay bridge toll plaza. i am tracking accidents i will tell you where straight ahead. >> developing story. an amber alert. an amber alert has been issued for a four year-old boy from patterson. authorities say that juliani cardenas was abducted by jose esteban rodriguez. the silver toyota corolla with a california license plate of 6hbw445. the vehicle has oversize aluminum
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wheels. rodriguez is the boys mother's ex-boyfriend but is not the boys father. we outside route to a purity odr. >> this is one of the many state science appeared silver toyota corolla. investigators say the four year-old boy and his captor, might be in route to san jose from patterson. authorities are expanding the search all over the state. we're not sure why specifically the bay area. let me show you some video. this is giuliani the four year-old, according to authorities this is the ex-boyfriend of the mother. not the biological father. he has a manslaughter conviction.
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he should be considered dangerous. if you see the car to not confront these people call authorities. last seen wearing dark pants and a light blue shirt. the boy 3 ft. 6 in. tall, black hair brown eyes. rodriguez 27 hispanic man 5 slot 9, 180 lbs., last seen wearing a white shirt. sorry a black-and- white shirt. again. they may be sending to san diego. if you see this car call authorities. >> napa state hospital employes plan a rally to demand new safety measures. the union representing hospital employes say it's not enough for safety. last year technician was killed during a break. a patient is awaiting trial like to that murder. also other news in
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addition to the amber large. a meeting is set to talk about school closures. prompted by budget cuts. the committee will present recommendations. they are expected to recommend three disclosures including holbrooke, sequoya, glenn book and sequoia and middle schools appear that meeting is at 5:30 p.m. >> poised to repeal all hell you're lot today about taken place it will be a symbolic gesture appeared to the senate is expected to reject a repeal. yesterday afternoon the debate began. they said congress should spend time on important issues. >> we all tickets make sense to debate a bill that will go nowhere in the senate. it will certainly be vetoed by the president. however republicans can use our time here as it chooses. while we believe we
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should be doing that focused on jobs, perhaps this debate will clear up many myths and misinformation about the health care law that was signed by president barack obama. >> steve king of biologics plans why he thinks it's time to get rid of the law. >> of all the cities you know, all the things the american people believe, about what's wrong with the government takeover of health care. too much cost, not enough research, lower quality, less choices for people. destroy relationships damaging eventually destroying insurance industry. all of those things. if we set them aside it is still wrong. because what it does is it expands dependency state for political reasons. >> house republicans say don't under estimate them. the law
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aims to provide coverage for 30 million uninsured. >> what we are looking at the ledger let's look at what's going to be nice morning. >> you will wake up to clear conditions, not as much condensation on the car, it will stay dry throughout the day today. nice forecast for us. this afternoon breezy conditions continue along the peninsula and the north bay, dry weather also continuing as well. in terms of fog, we don't have any. we are seeing some in the central valley, taking a look at the map to give you an idea. through the delta, into the central valley. our area free from the fog. kern temperatures in the '50s in san francisco, 10 degrees warmer than that in san rosa today, actually off tool warm start for san rosa. 39 fairfield, 38 for
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napa, 47 in mountain view. satellite radar shows free of the rain, maybe a few clouds streaming through the area mix of sun and clouds today. the highs this afternoon in the '60s 64 novato, san rafael, 61 richmond, this south bay in the '60s also 64 for san jose, 63 fremont. 7 day around the bay shows to more lots of sunshine. partly cloudy friday, check out the weekend sunny and mild. mid- 60s and is pleasant weather continues into next week. >> live pictures out of washington the white house where president barack obama, vice president by the end, are welcoming chinese president to the white house. the walkout moments ago. here we expect
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president to step out here a minute. he arrived yesterday. but in the world to powers looking for common ground on economic and security. for the first time in 12 years, the u.s. president will hold a state dinner for the chinese leader of the white house. analysts say both the obama and who will pack down mistrust. lawmakers are pushing legislation against beijing's currency policy. the two leaders will be discussing security concerns including north korea. here i believe is the arrival of the chinese president. let's listen in. (inaudible(no audio) we see the two
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presidents making their way down the reception line. we saw a president who been welcomed by
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joe biden, secretary state hillary clinton, robert gates, as they make their way up to the podium we will follow progress of there. maybe listen to opening remarks by president obama. we will take a quick break and be back with more coverage and a minute. [ wheezing breaths ]
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6:12 a.m., a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. you can see the meter lights are on. there is a bit of weight. 46 degrees in oakland, of 62 this afternoon. >> a check gone wall street stock futures are mixed. after ending positive yesterday after market closed at all released its quarterly report. it netted $6 billion in three months.
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apple shares rallied up 4% in after-hours trading. just released on construction dropped in 2010, the second worst year ever. breaking ground on a total of 587,000 homes. we are keeping night out on wells fargo stock. its profit shot up as the lord their reserves set aside for sour loans. that matched wall street's forecast. >> we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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details on the deadly arizona shooting. the husband says he believes for 20 minutes and his wife was dead. martelli said he got on a plane to fly to
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arizona, he learned his wife was alive. when he called the mother who is outside the operating room and side of tucson hospital. one of the first calls he took was was for president barack obama. >> he called the raid after it happened, i think he was the first call i received after iraq to possible. he expressed house that he was, we didn't talk about him coming at the time. i found it a few days later, about the memorial service, i think it was important to be here, this is a terrible tragedy. this should have been in this country or any country. i think it helped, with the healing process, his words were the best speech i have ever seen in person. i think it's the best speech he has ever given. it
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captured the enormity of the situation. it captured the people that were a halt. >> legislation that would bend the extended am all clips was introduced last night in the house of representatives. >> democratic leaders are washington d.c. speaking about health care. and he and pat the repeal of affordable health care would have on families, that's what they are discussing here. this news conference to say what the news comes out of the spirit this is a developing story. getting rolling today is a debate that begins. 6:18 a.m., we want to see how the weather is shaping up. >> a clear day out there, you can see all the lights his differences go this morning.
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what a change. mostly sunny by the afternoon and breezy, the evening mostly clear conditions. third is, '40's. winds 22 mi. an hour sfo, 12 in san rosa, you might notice a bit of a breezes you step outside this morning. temperatures in the '50s 52 san francisco about the same happen bay and redwood city, often degrees cooler than that in the east bay, up bin to napa and fairfield, still holding on to the '30's. satellite and radar shows as free of rain, also sunshine today, maybe a few clouds. mr. sunshine and clouds today. mid-60's for san rosa, 60 for san rafael, about 62 in oakland, down this at a few degrees warmer than that 64 san jose, mountainview 7 day around the bay shows no shortage of
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sunshine, through the end of the week, and the weekend is shaping up to be nice one. sunny, mild that continues into next week as well. >> i have an accident report. and not sure if it's that hot spot. near cologne tree way, you can see more read on the screen and i shall do it the last report. speeds down to 15 mi. an hour, the yellow and dips into pittsburgh. allow yourself extra time out there, the good news is no lanes are currently blocked. it's make or break time at the bay bridge toll plaza, is far as i know the meter lights are still off, the back up now stretching over to the friction over past. we're still clear on the 18, and no accidents or incidents on the bridge itself, we are waiting for those lights to be turned on. tracking a good time of 10 minutes. san mateo
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bridge looks good, westbound, eastbound travelers could in both directions of '92. southbound 101 no problems reported to make your way out of marin county, in to san francisco. >> hear the news room we are following the latest out of washington the welcoming ceremony for president hu jintao. >> spoke of a possibility in cooperation between our two nations. looking back every day
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since 1979, it is now clear, it had been a time of some estrangement 42 countries. for 30 years since, the time of growing and understanding. with this is that we can lay a foundation for the next 30 years. >> as we continue monitoring the latest he is addressing president hu jintao and a large chinese contingency which is why we hear chinese between his speech. the time is now 6:22 a.m., we will be back with more headlines and a moment.
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will move on the fm dial from 1 02 0.1, to 89.9. that may not sound bad. but the signal strength it will be hard to get the south bay. university of san francisco's radio station is gone. it used a broad cast on 90.3. the fcc has to approve the deal. this is the big switch. we want to know what you think? and maybe it will be able to hear it. it might disappear. it could be a problem, or you will listen anyway. give us a comment
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on facebook, tweet asset kron 4 news. >> palo alto please holding a meeting to discuss the rash of robberies. 20 robbery since september, it suspects have been arrested. they are offering an award of $10,000 for information of this additional suspects. >> a student believe to a broad a gun to school is in custody. on the left-hand side lhasa angeles police as they were surrounded the school yesterday. this is gardena high school. on the right the presence that came out when the gun had gone off. it was in a backpack. he is being led away. he put the backpack down on the desk and went off. two students were hurt when the bullets came out. one is in critical condition the other stable. after the shooting police say the kids in the room
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saw him take off and leave the room. he hit the inside of another room in the school. the school was under lock down. >> we will be back into minutes. a check on whether after the break.
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opening bell on wall street in this earnings season. apple reporting 6 billion profit. their numbers coming out after the closing bell yesterday. we'll bring you the latest numbers through the morning. >> stay wide and more alert. you will see the signs light up when you had to work. be on the lookout for for year-old boy, you is taken from his home. we are showing you where they went. where they believe he was a doubt that adopted and may be headed to san jose. greg is joining us live with more. >> we talked to the police in san jose, notified by
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authorities to keep an eye out all points bulletin for anything. this sign up their child adoption silver toyota corolla california license, 6hbw445 all over the state right now and swell as the bay area. authorities say this alert for the four year-old boy who it is , the alleged captor maybe on route to san jose. apparently is the ex-boyfriend. at some video of the boyfriend and the boy. the ex-boyfriend of the mother, not the biological father. he has an extensive criminal record including manslaughter he can be considered dangerous. this corolla has oversight wheels. one is not right is a spare tire. people have been calling and saying they've seen that
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silver toyota corolla. three oversized aluminum wheels and one spare tire and that's what they're looking for now. he is described as 3 ft. 6 in. tall, black your brown eyes. dark pants and a light blue shirt. 27 year-old man five put nine, 180 lbs., black hair, brown eyes. that is the situation as it is they are looking for them. it is not clear where they're headed. >> bay area weather watching the forecast some big changes out there. we are free of fog out there clear conditions right around the bay. you can see from james lick downtown san francisco shot. by the afternoon lots of sunshine out there. once again we could have breezy conditions as well. dry weather also, that will continue through the work week and the weekend appeare but b. 15 in happen bayr
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inland to go the lighter the winds. your temperatures are in the '50s 520 francisco, redwood city, livermore 41, 44 san jose. satellite radar shows mix of clouds and son, the afternoon highs will move us into the '60s. 60 for novato, san rafael, san francisco as well. south bay temperatures in the '60s also 64 san jose, mountain view, and you're 7 day around bay shows more sun for tomorrow. partly cloudy friday, after that cleared through the weekend. sunny, mild mid-60s and a pleasant forecast for the weekend. >> we don't have any major hot spots or real slow spots to report around the bay area. you
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may encounter some slowing and westbound 580, same with highway 4. the bay bridge toll plaza this morning all backed up. the meter lights were turned on 10 minutes ago. we saw cars briefly and now not much movement. 80 over cross, meter lights are cycled on, traffic heavy up the incline now looking at 60 minutes from the front of the amazing to fremont streets have francisco during westbound 92 looks good no problems to report here. westbound traffic moves good and foster city. consider taking this instead of the bay bridge this morning, no back up at the toll plaza. tracking 13 minutes across the span. leslie let's look at the golden gate bridge you southbound traffic moves well. no accidents, incidents, traffic moving freely speeds about 65 mi. an hour. >> 6:34 a.m., utilities
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commission has yet to turn over documents requested months ago by prosecutors looking into the explosion that killed eight people in several. according to the san mateo district attorney. the attorney-general and the u.s. attorney's office review and whether any civil, or misconduct contributed to the blast that destroyed or damaged 38 homes, c p u c turn over documents it to prosecutors but asserted it was legally prevented from giving other documents. >> video from pennsylvania powerful gas explosion. in philadelphia one person dead, several injured, they were fixing this gas line when the explosion happened. several homes were set on fire. they found the body of the gas worker in the debris. for workers and a firefighter were taken to the hospital for treatment. some victims are
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being transferred to burn units today. >> the house is in a vote to repeal a health-care law. republican lawmakers are expected to give a thumbs down. that no substitute of their round for fixing the nation's health-care system. a house vote could turn out to be the high water mark for repeal. a gould to energized conservative voters in the elections, and help republican return to power don't ask the underestimate their willingness to use parliamentary maneuvers to deny funds needed to carry out the law. the law aims to provide coverage to 30 million uninsured people. a new cnn opinion poll shows 50 percent of all americans, favor a repeal of that health care law. >> a quick break as the news continues until 11:00 a.m., a
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lot luckier a beautiful looking morning. jackie says it's a beautiful morning. rain along the bay nice weather no fog to speak up this morning.
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that often takes longer check out the back up here. elway pass the 880, as you try to get into san francisco that the bridge. in oakland 46, clear, 62 with some this afternoon. >> the latest suicide bombing in i rock the death toll 65. 150 were wounded on tuesday appeared a suicide bomber joined recruits waiting outside a police station. they were submitting applications for 2000 jobs. no group has taken responsibility. >> 7.2 quake has route to
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pakistan, you can see the cage shaking. reports said it damage several hundred homes close to the epicenter appeared no reports of death. it could be felt across central pakistan. india reported shaking as well. 7.2 quake killed 80,000 people there. >> switzerland troweled. rudolph bellmawr's charge with coercion and breaking switzerland's banking secrecy laws. prosecutors say he stole client data after being fired and then try to extort money from the bank and execs. mexican president will be the commencement speaker for student crowd awaiting from stamford this june. according to the university's president views of
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a life devoted to improving society will be meaningful to graduates. as wallach's experience leading a country. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes beard think you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news. a beautiful shot. it is shaky because of the wind. we have wind and clear skies around the bay right now. we will be right back.
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a quick look at top stories. in earlier out. signs are lit up around the bay of for year-old spanish boy. he was taken by his mother's ex-boyfriend. his name is julie on appear at you was abducted from paterson. they believe he is with rodriguez. he may be headed to san jose. >> majority house republicans
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expect to repeal president barack obama as health-care law is more symbolic. although the senate is expected to reject repeal. house republicans say they can use parliamentary maneuvers to deny health care over all. >> president hu jintao is here holding talks with president barack obama today. they are looking for common ground on economic and security issues. there are all kinds of events all day. a first day big dinner in 12 years for chinese leader. it will be president barack obama as third state dinner. >> we are off to a clear start this morning no fog in the forecast. it will stay that way all day. by the afternoon temperatures in the '60s. a bit breezy for today. by the evening we will stay mostly clear. right now this is water picture looks like in terms of fog. we still see some through the central
6:47 am
valley. our area is in the clear. certainly a bit windy is to wake up this morning. 22 mi. an hour winds at sfo, these are sustained winds. 14 mi. an hour winds at novato, 13 mi. an hour winds that have been bay. current temperatures stay in the low 50s for some francisco, have been bay, north bay as well. calls for the napa valley around 37 degrees, 45 for oakland, south bay temperatures and to the mid-40s. our satellite and radar shows high pressure system out in the pacific. clouds moving up and over, a few clouds may sweep through the area today. but we will stay dry, mild, temperatures up and to the mid-60s 65 san jose, san francisco certainly a pleasant day today. a day to do something outdoors 65 los gatos, 64 san jose, we will continue with the mild,, whether
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through the workweek. not raindrop in sight for the weekend. >> not tracking and hot spots in the traffic department. we certainly have a fair share of slow spots was built 580, purging livermore this morning. traffic still moving in the green indicating 50 mi. an hour free ride on the altamont pass. approaching your way boulevard it goes down under 25 mi. an hour. want to make your way on of livermore in looks good approaching 580, 680. next highway for your ride out of any of this morning we had earlier accidents, three car crash right near and low entryway. it has been cleared off the traffic lanes. you can see the red indicating 17 mi. an hour. we've got to 45 mi. an hour into pittsburgh. along will pass it clears up. this is a hot spot of the morning. the approach to the
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bay bridge toll plaza. a solid backup on the 80 over cross. we see some shuffling, no accidents, incidents through the morning. meter lights are cycled on kelley drive times of 60 minutes from the amazing to fremont streets have this go. >> the latest now on the dangers discovery that shut down 680 during yesterday's rush hour. the location where this happened. near the affordable storage facility just off of 680, authorities had to shut down all lanes of 680 the bomb squad was on the scene for several hours >> at this storage place in pachinko five pipe bombs were discovered after the department of justice received a tepid. that along with storing them here. >> the backpacks was in the storage unit. one was large, the other ones were smaller.
6:50 am
>> the woman was taken into custody for position of illegal explosives. two other individuals were arrested. they were later released. >> san francisco police have identified the man suspected of opening fire inside it tenderloin copy shop killing a man appeared he is accused of the shooting of 29 year-old terry turner, inside of the coffee and tea shop. daniels chased him to the cafe cornered him in a back room and shot him several times in the abdomen and head. a possible motive has not been released. >> please identify a man was shot and killed monday afternoon. derrick rodriguez was shot in front of this bus stop. he suffered multiple gunshot wounds and pronounced dead at hospital. >> 6:50 a.m., we will be back with more of a couple of
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minutes. sampras is going to concede the clear skies, flag is blowing quite well today. we have some when today.
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this is pittsburgh. these vehicles losing control on a sheet of ice and sliding into one another. another card comes down spinning out of control, slamming off to the side. car after car comes down the street. the next one slamming into a telephone pole.insulted these ry conditions there yesterday. up bin washington this is work
6:55 am
being done after mud slide appeared very tracks. they're trying to clear the tracks. heavy rains in oregon, washington. >> castro valley couple cleanup the house that. your came crashing through the window. daniel got little more research what mr.. >> it was downtrend again out the store here. if it would've made it through the store. there's no where it can go. the patio is enclosed. if it ran across, hit the ottoman, knocked in and to the chair, hit the lamp, the top of the let it is broke. iran across room this way. the one in to the pantry,
6:56 am
became all, went into the family room, that's when a band on his door real hard. trying to get out. knocking the bottom off the track. if it would hit more times it would have knocked the door over appeared then, as i was standing over at this point. i grabbed a couple of pillows. through one of the dealer. choosing an up this way. when it got to the middle of the dinette. i threw another pillow at it. in made it turned down the hallway, it ran out this way. as a front door was open. it went out the front door, and
6:57 am
took off to the right. that was the last i saw that. >> he believes it jumped through the window because of the reflection of the glass. >> we will be back as to kron 4 morning news continues after the break. dow jones up are around four points, following the latest. kron 4
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was ever a lawyer for this for real point here and we will tell you what plans are saying. >> mount diablo me tonight about possible closures prompted by state budget cuts. >> all eyes on


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