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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> 6:00 a.m. live on the scene in san francisco car fire up body found inside. the latest coming up. >> searchers suspend our efforts along the canal and patterson, why they stopped looking for juliani cardenas there and when they planned to resume. >> the bay area legend has died we will look back at the life of fitness group jack. >> are developing story out of san francisco, police are on the
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scene of a deadly car fire. here's a google map of showing you where we are. an alley just awful webster. to 22 webster. that's where jackie sizzle is standing by. what do we know? >> it is still a developing story within the last 10 minutes or so investigators have moved the media back down. as you said it happened at about 3:30 a.m., a car came in a car fire on rows alley, and near webster. fire officials got out here they put out the fire but discovered a body inside of the passenger compartment of this pontiac, to door. investigators are looking into it they don't know the age or the identity of the body inside. it was badly damaged inside of the car fire. they don't know whether or not the body was dead before came into the car. i can tell you there
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are surveillance cameras and shot spotters' around the area. they will get to those cameras. obviously the shot spotter to discover what their shots were fired in the neighborhood. this will take most of the morning. bro's alley is shut off completely. investigators will continue their investigation along with arson. >> absolutely. as we look at the video we saw along a shot of the alley, all the cars pointed in the opposite direction of where this car is. >> you can see as i pulled out it is a long, one lane alley. all the cars on the left-hand side facing opposite of where i'm at. this one car the one that contains the body is facing the wrong way coming down the alley. investigators will look at that as well.
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>> as we saw there are apartments on other side. has any residents come out to inquire what's going on? >> no we haven't seen anyone out here. there are apartment complexes all around. i talked about that shot spotter. there is right there. this will be able to triangulate whether shots were fired in the area. there are steer several surveillance cameras one of them facing up webster towards the alley. investigators are looking at that to see if there's anything on it to help them with this investigation. >> thank you for the update. >> another developing story were following authorities will continue the underwater search search of the patterson canal tomorrow. they're looking for car that may have been used in the abduction of juliani cardenas last week. they suspended the search on
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saturday, they received a tip from a farm worker who called in to say they saw a car that matched the description of the car they were looking for. going to the canal. 27 year-old jose esteban rodriguez is suspected of snatching juliani cardenas. kron 4 is will is in paterson. >> the canal is a strong this leak juliani cardenas they have to find. they have pulled out five cars but not this year for a role in jose esteban rodriguez that was driving. even though there will be any activity at the canal today volunteers are passing out flyers throughout the community, as well as to truckdrivers it will take them as far north as seattle. investigators say since tuesday there's been no activity on the atm, or sell full. they say the
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bad news is they have not found a silver corolla in the canal. they also say the good news as they haven't found it in the canal. which means next juliani cardenas might still be alive. >> giuliani's family says the fact that it's temporary suspended is an encouraging sign. they think that juliani cardenas is still alive and on the canal. his mother says she is hopeful. >> i think that's good, because i've been saying from the beginning there not a fun this coroner. they are finding a lot of cars but, jose esteban rodriguez isn't there. >> p.m. the amber alert has been downgraded to retool alert. the only signs you'll see is will be in san jose and fresno. that is
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because jose esteban rodriguez has family ties there. you can get the very latest from >> we will look at the forecast right now is 6:06 a.m., >> we are clear, cold but we have a nice afternoon ahead of us. slightly cooler. by the afternoon sun the mild. winds picked up this evening in the north, east bay hills. besides that a pretty pleasant day of there. starting off with temperatures around 50 degrees interesting francisco, cooler and north bay, 37 napa, '30's and places like fairfield, concord, livermore, low '40's in the south bay. dense fog in fact for portions of the delta, visibility quarter of a mile occasionally dropping below 500 ft.. right now less than eight
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the mile in fairfield, satellite radar shows high pressure system in place. it will stay that way for a few days. keeping us,, it dry, and dry as well. some high clouds sweeping on through. but by the afternoon new temperatures will be in the '60s, a sting out of the 70 degree reading stage but close to that. 66 santa rosa, how 60s in places like los gatos, morgan hill, 66 san jose. 7 day around the bay shows more sunshine ahead of us, a string of pleasant days ahead of us. cool in the morning but the afternoon will have plenty of sun and warm temperatures. by the we can bring in some clubs and cooling temperatures off slightly. six 07 a.m., check the new commute with george. we are still looking for a commute, highway 4 on monday in state 580 in the westward direction, as we expect
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for the altamont pass, and yacht, pittsburgh. we don't really have any hot spots yet. a bridge check. volume picking up a bit at the bay bridge, a good ride westbound, and no back up or delight. san mateo bridge moving smoothly the volume has not peaked for the west bound ride. you can see it's pretty good trip here is you had crossed in the westbound direction. eastbound traffic looks good also. it your ride toward '92 on 880 through hayward looks nice in both directions. golden gate bridge ride no problem southbound, or northbound. slowing as construction on the set outside. because of the investigation of the fire in san francisco, your drive-through western edition of webster's, you'll have to do tore around because webster has been closed between those
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streets. through the western addition so you would need to use filmore, or buchanan. >> 6:09 a.m., he devoted his life to fitness and tried to spread that energy to everybody else to stay fit, jack has passed away at the age of 96, he exercised every day up until the end. he died yesterday of respiratory failure due to pneumonia. he opened a health studio in oakland, after that he was on tv through the nation. when he was 60 years old he swam from alcatraz to fisherman's wharf can cost. he pulled a bunch of boats with his teeth to show how buffy was. his wife
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51 years. >> 6:09 a.m., the kron 4 morning news we have a live look as we go this time from our roof camera. following a mild conditions this morning, cool in the north bay, this afternoon it will be beautiful. more your forecasting just little bit. it's really delicious, mom.
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at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. rethink possible. 6:13 a.m., more details on the arizona shooting. the man they carried out the shooting, is said to be arraigned in court today. he faces charges connected to the attempted murder of gabrielle giffords and the killing of a federal judge. the charges for the other five murders will start long after the federal case today. federal prosecutors filed a report asking for all future hearings
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held in tucson and not phoenix. they feel should be headed back to tucson because a with known witnesses and victims live there. >> barbara boxeru.s. senator barbara boxer announced that next week she will introduce the common-sense concealed firearms act of 2011, which would require all states that allow residents to carry concealed weapons in public to have minimum standards for granting permits. senator boxer's legislation would require all states that allow residents to carry concealed weapons to establish permitting processes that would include meaningful consultation with local law enforcement authorities to determine whether the permit applicant is worthy of the public trust and has shown good cause to carry a concealed firearm. currently, two states do not permit residents to carry concealed firearms, while three states, including arizona, allow residents to carry concealed firearms in public without a permit. the other 45 states require residents to obtain permits to carry concealed firearms, but the majority of these states would not meet the standard set in this bill. out of florida getting the latest here off the wires, three law enforcement officers were shot, in st. petersburg, two of them from the police department, the third was a marshal service.
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gunfire broke out this morning while trying to serve a warrant. one officer and the marshall had been taken to the hospital, the third officer is still inside of that house. suspect is in there as well. he is refusing to give up. it's unclear whether he is a hostage, or a part of the house that they can get him out of at this point. there's a massive police presence there. there is a nearby middle school that is also on lockdown. we'll keep an eye on this and to be more details as it becomes available. [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast.
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>> welcome back monday morning, 6:18 a.m., we are looking at plenty of sunshine today. in walnut creek we are looking at a bit of fog through the delta in the afternoon it will be sunny and mild. a bit of a breeze kicking in into the north, east
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bay hills. sitting in the '50s% francisco, cool star for the day, napa, fairfield, livermore. still in the third is this morning down in the south bay temperatures low 40's. by 8:00 a.m., holding on to the '30's through the north bay. in through the delta as well. by about noontimes 50s, 60s across the board. topping it out in the '60s today. cooling it back down into the '40's, 50's today. temperatures today slightly cooler the more they were yesterday. bringing us up to 66 santa rosa, 62 san francisco, through the east bay mid-60s, 66 san jose, 65 in mountain view. 7 day around the bay more sunshine ahead of us, sunny and warm afternoons those will be the pattern to through the work week. afternoon highs topping out into the low seventies for your work week. the weekend will
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have more clout covering cooling off slightly. those raindrops' nowhere in sight. let's check in with george on your commute. >> volume is building on the westbound 580, and westbound for. still a hot spots for the bay area. a bridge check at the bay bridge westbound still meter lights, the volume building ever so slightly. no problems here for the trip to or across the upper deck. san mateo bridge a good one as well. the right here. we still haven't seen the volume peaked as a usually does at 6:00 a.m., still lighter than usual ride. the golden gate bridge ride is still a problem for through marin county, no delays southbound headed towards the bridge. your ride on 80, was spurrewestward past golden gate fields you can see that the traffic is still moving at the
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limit. it has not slowed through the s curve. no problems for public transit it looks like a good commute as well. >> think you georgette 621, president barack obama is putting the finishing touches on the state of the union speech that will mostly be about one thing. jobs. key investments and incentives to make u.s. companies ready to hire, the speech will also be tempered by the need to start bringing down the mountain of debt. republicans will send a message just hours before his state of the union speech. they are telling budget committee chair to pare back non security spending. that vote will force lawmakers to show where they stand on spending cuts appeared they promised to reduce spending by $100 billion. expectation is
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about half that amount. after his address it will be live in its entirety at 6:00 p.m., we also have a live on a web site at >> we will be back with more couple of minutes. a nice warm day like yesterday, maybe not as warm up pretty good. a live look at san jose. lice and light on 1 01, north bound and the meter lights aren't even on. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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6:25 a.m., we have ourselves a super bowl. these are the two teams that sealed the deal yesterday. packers in beating the bears, the steelers dismantling the jets last night. packers have three wins under their belts. this will be a
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great super bowl. it will be in dallas tx. these two gamester a lot of viewers. a lot of people's were surprised the jets this morning were crying. they fell asleep, and when you wake up 24 points and a whole it's hard to come back. karen rogers going to the superbowl so lot of people keeping an eye on him. >> but surfer stand ready for the mavericks' surf contest to get under way. they are not quite competition height yet. but big enough to be dangerous. yesterday a server was seriously injured more on that in the second. massive waves across the pacific coast line, people are being told to look over sneaker weights, those waves that are strong enough to carry back to see. back to the injured surfer,
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he was knocked out by a powerful wave he's from southern california. he seriously injured. he was found face down in the water after wiping out, he was flown to stanford medical center, he is listed serious condition. they estimate the waves were 20 ft. when the accident happened. >> 6:27 a.m., check out this carnival cruise ship, the splendor right here in the bay area docking for repairs. a live shot of that. we will be back in a
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with that we are kicking off on monday morning, we are watching how the dow does out of the gate. we will have quick numbers within moments to tell you what it does for the week. >> starting this half hour out
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of san francisco, developing stories. a deadly car fire. this is where we are talking about. the street that those north- south. it's an alleyway just north of webster were pleased discovered a car on fire, there was a body inside. jackie's a silks kidney pie with a live look. >> we have new developments out here on rows alley, you can see a tow truck showed up, that to truck will tow that truck with the body inside back to the police impound. they say it will be easier to conduct the investigation, and extract the body from the car they to go back to the police department. this incident started at 3:30 a.m., a call came into the fire department of a car fire. and
6:31 am
just off of webster street, when they got out here they put out the fire quickly, once they did they discovered the body inside of the passenger compartment. as i said earlier, the body was so badly damaged it couldn't identify the age, or identity. they don't know what the cause of death was, they don't know if it was dumped and burned, or whether was a victim of the fire itself. i can tell you there are several surveillance systems, one is the shot spotter. it is a device that allows police in real time to hear of any gun shots were fired. according to a spokesperson, there is no indication of shots being fired in this neighborhood as of yet. the other piece of technology are surveillance cameras, we are being told. , there are cameras k
6:32 am
down towards the alley. they will look at that video and determine whether or not there or anything on there that will help them with the investigation. whether the suspect or the victim are on this camera. it will have to get this from the city of san francisco. as of now the newest development is the tow truck has arrived, they will toe the party the car with the body inside. >> it looks like that car is oriented in not a normal position for this alleyway. >> it's not a traffic camera, it's a camera that was put in does the city by san francisco. the alley area, the city decided to put and a crime abatement camera. to capture this kind of stuff. this is exactly what they're looking for. whether or not the videos quality, or was
6:33 am
one in the right direction, or it was working at the time we will determine later. this is exactly what they're putting 4. >> thank you very much jackie. but we will give you updates on this as it develops. >> house whether shaping up for this week? all like last week. >> looking very nice out there are shot from mt. tam, clear conditions outside right now, starting off: some spots. dealing with delta fog, by the afternoon mild temperatures expected, winds picking up in that evening. our right now the temperatures are reaching from the 30's, to the '50s. by 8:00 a.m., holding on to the '30's and san rosa, petaluma, at the adults as well. by noon time '50s, '60s. the highs today into the '60s. we are slightly
6:34 am
cooler today but it is going to be a nice afternoon by 8:00 p.m., back down to the '40's, 50's. your afternoon highs 66 san rosa, 62 not novato, the fog is still room for a good portion of a morning the east bay, mid-60s, 66 for san jose today. 7 day around the bay shows a string of sunshine, an abundance through the weekend. cool mornings sunny and warm afternoon. by the weekend we will throw in a few clouds and the mixture, temperatures shaving off if you degrees there. pretty pleasant moderate forecast. 6:34 a.m., as chicken with george. >> no major problems or delays
6:35 am
for the west bound ride, we don't have any hot spots around the area. the back up right to the middle of the east parking lot. the approaches are slowing. san mateo bridge ride the volume is close to peak for the west bound ride. still no problem with the commute time. the golden gate bridge ride is an easy one. no problems during county for 1 01 south, easy ride from 37 up to the toll plaza. the commute through the south bay san was a 1 01, northbound. the guadalupe parkway up towards trump agrees that's where the camera is set. it will get heavier later on this morning. still a good start this monday morning. darya. >> 6:35 a.m., authorities will look for that patterson canal tomorrow. they are suspending it for today. they're looking for
6:36 am
the car that may have been used for the abduction of juliani cardenas. they suspended on saturday. they are operating on a tip their best lead so far. as to where this ex-boyfriend and juliani cardenas are. a worker said he saw a car that matched the description of the car. driving into the canal shortly after the boy being taken from the grandmothers are. kron 4 is ready, has a very latest. >> authorities said they needed this time off to rest, regroup. they have searched a mile and half of the canal, and have not seen the coral in the water. investigators remain focused on surging the canal. they say they only have one credible lead from a farm worker who sought a similar car drive into the canal, with that adult and child inside. the car belongs to a
6:37 am
suspected kidnapper jose esteban rodriguez. so far five vehicles have been pulled from the water, the most recent was the nissan truck. none of the vehicles match the corolla. sheriff's deputy tells us what part of the canal the research next. >> a mile and half downstream, the focus will be from that mile and a half marker, further south, again we continuing told investigators are satisfies, one they have completed a sweep of the canal, or two we reach a point where we know for sure a vehicle of any side could not gone past. >> they tell me they will read group tomorrow come up with the plan on how the search canal on tuesday. reggie could mark kron 4 news. >> mean while regulators missed two chances years before last fall to force pg&e and other
6:38 am
utilities to get more accurate data on the pipeline. the federal pipeline and hazardous material first continued to offer rules in 2003, they decided against the idea. they came again in 2005, but an organization opposed those expansions. we will take a quick break at 6:38 a.m., a live look at the golden gate bridge as we go, and looks like a nice ride on southbound for marin county down into the city. back with more moment. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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welcome back 641, a teenage girl that was game right to outside of her homecoming dance, got $4 million as a settlement. the judge approved the terms in november, but the amount is known now. the district said
6:42 am
they settled the case because they didn't want the girl to go through civil trial. six people have pleaded not guilty to criminal charges in relation to the gang rape. >> investigation into a shooting at a police department. four police officers were shot when a gunman opened fire. 38 year-old gunman is dead. he returned fire striking and killing him. the four officers were taken to hospital, one in critical condition, the chief says the department will reassess security at each facility now in the wake of this situation. >> australia mass of flooding is putting more homes the risk. they are spreading across the southeast of the country, forcing people to prepare for the worst, record rains began in november, they are a left queensland underwater. >> to car bombings have killed
6:43 am
16 people in iraq the blast comes as pilgrims are gathering in all ball of fur cell motor needs to observe the seventh century that the of the. the profit mohammed's grandson. last week's three suicide bombers wanted a hundred and 80 other pilgrims. >> 6:43 a.m., back with more of a couple minutes. a love look in san francisco, pulling into dock what kinsey splendor, this is the one a few months back at all those problems. people were stranded. now it's made its way here. because we have the dog big enough they tand doc big eng repair.
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6:46 a.m., business news crossing the wire. google has awarded $100 million worth of stock, in stock options to eric's met. history being replaced by co-founder larry page. he will stay with google and served as executive chairman in april. the government says it will sell 465 warrants it holds from city groups from an option to more. sale of the warrants gives the holder the right of city group common stock to sell it at a fixed price. the award will add to the $12 billion profit that the treasury says they realized from that bailout of citicorp. mcdonald's says fourth quarter net income rose 2% as it brought in more
6:48 am
customers with its mix a rib sandwich, and make cafe coffee lineup. the world's biggest burger chain earned $1.2 billion in a three month period. worldwide sales rose 5% in strength in asia. in use around the bay san jose tried to shut down at night club that has a history of violence. craig has more. >> the city of san jose will permanently close down club west. city attorney tells san jose mercury news they are trying to get a judge to put debt injunction on this on monday. it comes on the hills of new year's eve when security refuse to call police after a 28 year-old woman was injured so badly she feared she would choke to death on from what appeared to take the hospital for treatment. city leaders say it is unacceptable activity at club
6:49 am
wet and it needs to be shut down. >> 6:48 a.m., let's find out what monday has in store. >> the forecast is looking good for today. starting off with cool temperatures temperatures down into the 30s in some spots. fog through the delta. by the afternoon lots of sunshine mild weather continues mostly cleared to the evening with breeze picking up as well. right now temperatures in the 30's in san rosa, napa, concord, livermore, 40's in places like san rafael, 49 in san francisco at this hour. down in the south bay temperatures below '40's this morning. as we take it to the adm hour, in the 30's. slow to warm up bin to the north bay elsewhere warming up quicker. your afternoon highs topping out into the '60s. steering clear of the '70s. but still very nice afternoon on tap for you.
6:50 am
cooling it back down into the '40's, 50's by 8:00 p.m. war spot 66 san rosa, staying in the '50s for fairfield, concord. a bit more fog in that direction. 62 san francisco, south bay mid to upper '60s spirit to 68 morgan hill, 66 san jose, no shortage of sunshine in the coming days. this week is a good week. you are not this week if you have plans outdoors. upper '60's, low '70s, on moderate forecast for you. by the weekend temperatures should cool off just slightly but staying dry all week. >> we are still doing good and the traffic department. the bay bridge toll plaza the backup is building a bit for the west bound ride, this is one of the slower spots in the bay area. no problems or hot spots for drives
6:51 am
around the area, the commute to the bay area looks good. the 92 ride, san mateo bridge, fairly predictable here, especially through hayward were traffic has not backed up yet for the ride in bound on the northbound side, or even coming from jackson holon and 92. the golden gate bridge ride looks good, no problems here southbound. trouble free through marin county. walnut creek for interstate 680, all you see is headlights, there's no back up in the southbound direction. if there were you would see taillights leading down towards walnut creek. so far no delays into walnut creek, or out of it. public transit pretty quiet all on time. >> thank you george, san francisco has designated some of its most dangerous intersections as double fein's own spirit will
6:52 am
be enough from to keep people from behaving badly? >> if you ever driven on van ness avenue in san francisco you know how dangerous it can be. it is so bad it is designated a double find so. it doesn't mean you look extra good, it means any violation will be double the base fine. some of the most notorious intersection on the nest. not just drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists are to blame. at market red light runners, every light cycle. pedestrians take pride crossing at the last second. bns has has its share of accidents for this driver hit this fire department paramedics truck. it was headed toward the emergency with lights and sirens. unfortunately they
6:53 am
became the emergency. this sign is asking for anyone who may have seen a different accidents on been asked to come forward. and kiri and vanessa i found drivers trying to beat the signal. over broadway even more red light runners. this time coming across van ness. i know what your thinking something should be done to make it safer. see indian city engineers did that but to no avail. i've come to the conclusion drivers, will be drivers. you don't change that happens all the engineering in the world will not help. in san francisco stanley robert crumb for news. >kron 4 news. as those of yet te story e-mail us at >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. thank you for waking up with kron news
6:54 am
more weather, and traffic than anybody. today's news and traffic is how where it's going to be. the hot spots yet let's keep our fingers crossed. we will be right back.
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tomorrow president barack obama will deliver the state of the union address, kron 4 will have coverage of the address starting at 6:00 p.m., please join us for that. we will stream of life on >> apple says its ad store has reached a milestone with 10 billion downloads. tens of millions of by phones have been sold since the device was launched. it expands the alps, with ipad, apple says, it will give 10 billion person 8 $10,000 if certain ticket so can buy as much music as it wants. we will
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take a break at 6:57 a.m., back with more moment.
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