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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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could morning in one minute before 6:00 a.m., it has been 1 weeks since for year-old juliani cardenas was snatched from his grandmother's arms. we will tell you why they're not giving upsurging the canal. pamela the opening bell 30 minutes from now we will be hearing about the dow, very close to the 12,000 mark. we will keep an eye on that. bamut all eyes on president barack obama he delivers the state of the union address. the preview of the speech. them off >> warm temperatures persist through the day. san francisco about 65, oakland and san rosa actually breaking more records. all the details on how warm it's
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going to get coming up. >> no problems hot spots or delays really. highway 4 is slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza easy ride, meter lights are off, all the approaches at the limit. emma >> getting into the newsroom please on the scene of a double shooting in the bayview district. lt. try is with us to tell us what's going on. bimah what's the situation out there. >> there was a fatal shooting on the 600 block of kirkwood. multi family building back this way. there were two victim shot, one fatally wounded. one shot multiple times suffering malt tlife threatening injuriese was an altercation before the shooting. investigators are
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trying to follow all leads to determine the cause of the shooting. it is being handled by homicide and gained taskforce. >> do we know about the victims, were the residents, their age, >> i'm not sure they're residents of the units we are investigating that. there are black males between 18, 20 years of age. >> so what is the situation with the scene? how much longer will you be there? >> it is an active investigation there's no need to rush, and find suspect is the number one reason we take our time. >> does the evidence we do believe those involved, not like those two were involved or are there other suspects? >> there's no indication the
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shot each other so they are looking for suspects. >> so you do have suspects on the loose that you are looking for now? >> we are determining who the suspects would be. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we'll bring you more as we learned. >> 6 03 a.m., a week since the disappearance of four year-old juliani cardenas he was taken by the ex-boyfriend of his mother. statewide in parlor has been downgraded. officials are following every viable lead in this case. after taking monday off to rest they are coming up new plans. they will be back at the canal this morning around 8:00 a.m., just a couple of hours from now. will tran his life in paterson. he just interviewed a share for about why they continue to focus on that canal. >> it is quiet now but a few hours from now this will be sold
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with searchers as a jared loughner look fojuliani cardenay look for and jose rodriguez. they will explain why they came up with this location after spending four-five days of north from here. >> we continue our search south of the location we stopped. about a mile and half from where the vehicles reported go again. the reason we will continue the search. this has been the most credible lead. we have no reason not to believe what they said. we have evidence to show what the witness said happen did happen. we hope to bring closure to this case. >> is there any reason we would think that it would be the south? originally it would be a few hundred feet from where the car was set to go in. >> the experts say generally it
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can only trouble a hundred feet once it enters the water. but we had an expert from the surest department who is familiar with the cost system. he has seen cars travel on mile and half or further in this one canal. that's another reason we believe the car possibly could of gone further >>. is there any reason to believe they are still alive after one week since the to this appearance. >> there is hope, we hope he is still alive somewhere. unfortunately we don't have any other tips, leeds, no sightings. all their evidence and information points to the canal. post abduction with the atm, cards, leads us to believe the car and the victims are in the
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water. >>, will you continue to surge from this location? >> the search will continue until domestic debtors are satisfied with their search. have we come up with anything? or have we not? we have been out here for days, they believe they have not completed a thorough to search. we will continue looking. >> keeping art here on kron 4 news another reason why they are here so far they've pulled out of cars from the canal. so far those tires do not match the tire tracks that went into the water. until they find this over corolla or the car that matches those tire tracks you just heard him say they will continue to be here. from patterson will tran kron 4 news. >> 6:06 a.m., will be back with
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more of a couple of minutes. let's look at san jose, you have company but is moving at the limit. we will california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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6:10 a.m., a live look at san francisco from our roof on van ness ave. 50 degrees in san francisco, pretty nice actually. there're days said that is the high. 50 to start off with it at 6:00 a.m., 65 for that by this afternoon. >> other news of the era of divided government gets a formal welcome tonight, president barack obama addresses the state of the union address. they're pushing for cuts. the president will agree there is time for fiscal choices but he is warning against eliminating investments that create jobs. even as he seeks common ground. business
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owners will attend the speech tonight. they had a dream of opening a ice cream shop. at the top time try to find a bank to give them alone. with the help of but recovery act loan they opened their doors last august. they will be there. it to watch the state of the union address on kron 4. providing live coverage at 6:00 p.m., also streaming @ @ >> 6:11 a.m., we will take a break. a shot from james lick. traffic is light is and light, looking for nice sunny day this afternoon around the bay. we looking for nice sunny day this afternoon around the bay. we will be right back. breakfast . with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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6:14 a.m., stocks are off this morning after a strong rally yesterday. the dow was up 108
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points, just 20 point shy of the 12,000 mark. if we do get back to the 12,000 mark today that is the highest since june of 2008, in nasdaq was up 20 points on the day yesterday. a couple of reports will come out today. one came out 10 minutes ago. home prices are falling across. the average prices have hit the lowest point since the housing bust. the standard 20 stayed home index fell in november from october, the other report comes out later today appeared they will report on consumers. >> after losses u.s. airlines are making their lack money again. one simple reason, they are flying glass. error light are eliminating flights cutting costs, and pushing fares up to
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the same time here the government reports profit margins are the highest they've been in at least a decade. the eight airlines will forecast to earn $5 billion this year. 5.6 billion in 2012. >> federal government say they will coordinate now on new proposals to increase fuel efficiencies for future cars and trucks by the beginning of september. the standards would affect cars built during 2017, 2025 models. recess' board issued its own proposal for the same period set to begin in march. officials say the single timeframe will lead to more cooperation. >> san francisco officials want a combat litter on distribution of fliers on private property. it will be considered next month if they pause that the proposal would not ban the flyers, it would be allowed to
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do that but it would require distributors to make sure they are attached. in a way they cannot be blown into the street. offenders could get a $100 fine for each violation after the city issued several warnings. >> we are following weather today. golden gate bridge, looks nice here. there is some fog north. >> san rosa dealing with fog today. elsewhere we are in the dry right now. we have a nice shot here. taking a look at that see what's going on. we are getting into record-breaking territory today. temperatures into the upper 60s, or '70s, that's when we get into the record territory. we could set records today starting with the north bay fog. the afternoon brings us lots of sunshine, mild weather through the evening. we could pick up in terms of the wind as well. three, we are off
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to cold start the north bay 37 san rosa, 50 degrees in san francisco, fremont, south bay into the mid-40s. by 10:00 a.m. getting into the 50s. by noontime the mixture '50s, '60s and store. your afternoon highs into the '60s. similar to yesterday. cooling it down by the 8:00 p.m. hour. your afternoon highs the upper 60s places like san rosa. consider record in san rosa today. 66 in through richmond, could set a record in oakland today 67 degrees. 68 into fremont, hayward, said his lawyer as well. 7 day around the bay bridge more weather like this. a string of nice days ahead of us. the weekend does offer changes, clouds rowland, the chance of
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showers sunday best chance the north bay. >> we are seeing an increase at the bay bridge for the west bound ride. it is still a problem free. the meter lights have yet to been activated at 619. likely within the next 10 minutes we will see that change. free of hot spots around the bay area, 580 through the altamont, highway 4 through any of, those are our of course normal slowdowns. san mateo ride looks good, no delays here is to head towards a high rise of volume again building. here it is steady for the counter flow commute. your ride to the golden gate bridge is an easy one coming through marin county. we are delayed free from 37 south towards the golden gate bridge. as volume picked up across the span you will see sluggish conditions on oil drive southbound. passing the park presidio highway one of rep. reconstruction has left things
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crowded with one less plane. we have experience congestion for the last couple of weeks along doyle and the southbound direction. let's go to the south bay. one no one here, light for the northbound commute. heading towards trumbull de la cruz. there drive time is running 12 minutes from the capitol expressway. >> caltrans crews have excavated the northbound side of the devil's slide tunnel. the new one. it will open sometime next year. greg is live in pacific up with more on the tunnel. >> good news for people on pacifica they did about a week ago finishing up drawl and drilling in the tunnel. this is video from caltrans. this is a kind of digging that has gone on for three years of september of 2007. a week earlier they finish on the southbound, now the northbound side, this is heavy
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lifting completed. the tunnel opens by year from now sometime in 2012, the insulation, everything that is now following the heavy drilling. this is good news for people of pacific god, have been a big, everybody in between. all the mud slides and landslides. culturist loses some of its toughest work it takes a lot of engineering. it's a lot of the fine-tuning that has to be done. good news again its bid a week since they finished the heavy lifting. now it's just a question of doing the finishing touches. it will be awhile before you go through. and drive on that. >> i have to say i am impressed by that video. that looks like a movie. it's cool the way they do that. >> three years of it to. >> that is incredible. that
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makes you appreciate what they have to get through to make that tunnel. >> we will take a break at 621 at 6:21 a.m., looks like traffic is moving ok. again weather and traffic never far away.
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6:25 a.m., out of new york, central park. snow was on the ground. we have delays at the airports as well look or a half- hour to the lake. nasty weather in the northeast. and bad batch through louisiana all the way to florida. we will follow that as it advances in the next day or two. forecasters say mild temperatures expected in new york. yesterday lookit how bad it was. that is a car encased in ice. it was next to where water
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main broke. that water spewing out froze the car. they had to come out and very gingerly chip away all the ice. hopefully not been managing the car. a man recovery in hospital after being pulled out of icy water and detroit. crews pulling them out. the detroit river, saturday afternoon, he hopped a fence between behind joe louis arena. they used whenever they could. they used a jacket to hoist them out. they said they looked like he had been reaching for at the blew over the water. that's when it looked like he lost balance and fell in. dozens of rescuers rushed tuesday he will be ok. >> firefighters had a blaze this morning this was the scene. the flames raging at them are
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flexed, systems in madison township, has smackers were called out there as well. authorities told neighbors to stay in homes because of the possibility the fire releasing toxic chemicals into the air. they had a bit of a scare there. >> 2010 and is th10 is the deadliest year for disasters. there were 373 natural disasters that killed more than 296,000 people. the most lethal disaster was the heydey earthquake january 12th, for the first time america heads the list of the most affected continents. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. now you have more company all at once. the meter in lights on. we will be right back.
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6:29 a.m., there is the opening bell. at the new york stock exchange. futures had been negative this morning setting up for lower open here as investors are weighing in a mixed batch of earnings. but the dow is 20 points away from the 12,000 mark. we have not had that since 2008, we are waiting to see if we will get there. >> we are getting a boost in the weather, we are almost in 70 for the next few days. a life from our mount tam camp, the twin killing lakes. no fog or anything. >> the only place we have fog is the north bay, and the delta. otherwise we are clear. by the afternoon another sunny, mild afternoon for you. we could potentially see record highs.
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here's what your numbers are expected to be. 65 san francisco, close to record, oakland could set a record coming in at 67, san jose's looking at a record of around 68, santa rosa also has the potential for setting records. certainly a form temperatures today. starting off cold. it has been the pattern cold mornings warm afternoon. 38 now, 39 as you head over to antioch, livermore. san francisco holding steady in the '40's, in the south bay mid-40s. by 10:00 a.m., we should warm up quickly '50s, by a mix of '50s and '60s, what it fell in by the afternoon selling bring your highs for the most part into the '60s. we will cool it back down into the '40's, '50's by 8:00 p.m., the numbers into the upper 60s and san rosa
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today, 65 for fairfield, the names through san francisco, down in the south bay upper 60s, 68 for los gatos, san jose, met u.s. well, 68 through oakland. 7 day around the bay no shortage of sunshine this week. it will be a pleasant forecast through the work week. saturday, sunday we will notice changes, clouds roll in, temperatures drop, a potential for a few showers 20 percent chance, the best chance for the north bay but still keeping rain drops in the forecast. 6:32 a.m., a check in your commute with george. >> right on cue, the meter lights up and turned on. the backup has began to form. still an easy commute as you had towards the bay bridge. heading towards the san mateo bridge. the volume builds, it is a
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steady state, no back up on the approach to the bridge, no problems across a span. we had no hot spots for problems this morning for the right to firmer in county. 1 01 southbound looks good, the volume building on the golden gate bridge but no problems, toll plaza accommodating this traffic easily. across highway 37 coming from valeo to join 1 01 looks good as well for your ride on 21 01 southbound. for continuing trip headed south from san francisco, towards a peninsula an easy ride towards as at all. >> 633, live on the scene of the shooting in the bay field district. a double shooting that happened this morning. one person dead, one injured. jackie's a cell is out there. jackie just spoke with the police. >> the latest is they are continuing their investigation. it happened around 1:00 a.m.,
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inside of this hall some sort of altercation happened. they're not sure what happened. did you note to people were shot, one victim died at seen, the second had multiple wounds. was transported to hospital with what is described as life- threatening wounds. both victims are 18-20 years old. both men, suspects that's the big question in. police say they don't have a description at this point. but at this point investigators got out here a little after 1:00 a.m., continuing to stand out here. police crime tape in front of a home, obviously this investigation continues until they get a suspect information. >> think to jackie. james. >> the president will deliver his state of the union speech. it will be the first time he will talk to the. he will be
6:35 am
pushing the house for spending cuts, the president will agree it is time for fiscal choices for top fiscal choices. he warns against eliminating programs that allows gritting jobs. the president does face a tough crowd when he delivers a speech tonight. is a national audience feels better about the future. a new poll says 56 percent say things are going badly. but that is down from the 71% that had that sentiment back in december. 43 percent feel things are going well and that is up. 14 points from last month. democrats are more likely to share that optimism. we will cover the state of the union light as it happens at 6:00 p.m. tonight, we will also streamline on our web site to. to see that.
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>> 6:35 a.m., california lawmakers are racking up thousands of dollars in the state issued gas credit cards. last year taxpayers footed the bill for the cards that came to $200,000 for the assembly, 86,000 for the salmon. they develop their cars or have the maintained by swiping the card at the gas station. it's supposed to be used for legislative purposes only. there is no limit specified for daily, or annual spending on the card. >> details on russia's capital, their on high alert following the bombing yesterday at the busiest airport. russia's president says all transport hubs need to have security checks. we have video of the moment that the bomb exploded in that airport. we will roll that for you. closed-circuit video of the moment the bomb went off.
6:37 am
there it is. they blame terrorist for the attack on the airport. at the international arrivals area. no claim of responsibility but at this point they say a suicide bomber used a homemade advice device to make it more deadly. the airport itself did not close completely after the attack. 35 people did die 150 others were injured. health and social development minister says some victims are still trying to process, get their heads wrapped around what happened. >> they are shocked right now, they it feeling is thank god we're live, because there was a young man i talked to you is deafened by the blast. for now he has not recovered hearing. he was standing 2-3 m from the explosion. he is survived, and will live. so far those are impressions. there's an
6:38 am
explosion and they survived. >> the terror attack is the latest in a series of bombings that hit russia, once a year over the past decade. >> 6:38 a.m., we will be back a moment.
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quick look at highs we expected san rosa, 69 degrees, 63 novato, 65 in san francisco. in the east bay 62 in concord, and in fairfield 65. >> financial struggling california are not considered do not have to consult with unions to layoff workers. they help the international association of firefighters argued the layoffs could of been avoided by cutting costs and other areas.
6:42 am
>> said clara supervisors poised to make cuts to local social services company. $6 million reduction that will scale back social workers and the foster care system, public health, nursing, the protection of elderly adults. 31 employees may be laid off if alternate pose are not identified. in addition to other departments have coughed up contributions to this budget cuts. corrections will stop serving free snacks to officers in the jails. there will be no more free shuttles for employees and the whole system no longer will fund pet to removal for a welfare to work clients each year. >> 6:42 a.m., we will take a peek from mt. tam camp. getting you hike, i wouldn't say above the clouds. there's no clouds to be above. nice sunny skies, give
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way to warm temperatures today. we will be right back. rocket scientists!
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6:46 a.m., top stories first off the search will begin at that canal. roughly one hour from now for four year-old boy who went missing six days ago today. juliani cardenas he went missing a week ago after it was snatched out of his grandmother's arms. he was allegedly abducted by his mother's ex-boyfriend. >> president barack obama is mindful that americans want economic answers. the president will try to convince the american people and it divided congress he is a vision for speeding up job creation, promoting spending, it and promising to rain and the staggering debt. you to watch a state of the union address live on kron 4 at 6:00 p.m. tonight.
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>> oscar nominations, the british fraud at the king's speech leads nomination with 12th including best picture, also acting nominations. other best picture include the social number, a black swan, the fighter, the kids are all right. the awards will be february 27th. >> welcome back to the morning news. 6:47 a.m., this gorgeous shot of downtown san francisco. the lights are out there appearance of fog the north bay and the doctor, elsewhere in the clear. san francisco 49, school star once again. by the afternoon pleasant. by noon time 65 today, back down into the fifties by 8:00 p.m.. we are in the '30's elsewhere in the north bay, 37 san rosa, also napa valley, 394 livermore. in the
6:48 am
south bay temperatures mid-40s, 50 in fremont. by 10:00 a.m. warming into the fifties, then 50s and 60s by noon. hi today, tell upper 60s in many locations. we could set records for today. cool it down into the '40's, '50's by 8:00 p.m. into the afternoon in looks like santa rosa upper 60s, 64 san rafael, 65 san francisco, 66 to richmond. temperatures into the upper 60s 66 livermore, 68 mountain view, and san jose. 7 day around debate shows us ample sunshine through the work week. it will be a gorgeous forecast this week. by the weekend we had slight changes. temperatures down to where they should be this time of year. by year sunday could offer some rain. we could see raindrop or to
6:49 am
especially in the north bay on your sunday. 6:48 a.m., a check and you commit with george. >> we of tracking a good commute, no hot spots yet for you drive around the bay area. looking at the bay bridge traffic has started to build up here in the westbound direction. this is the meter and light the light no problems reported across the span. 880 approach to looks good headed to the bay bridge. the back up here reaches to the end of these parking lot. san jose 101 north bound volume builds on the drive toward trouble occurs. and ours great america parkway. no problems for the north bound ride. no back up yet for 1 01, the right to present francisco, we have a potential problems here through the city. what you're looking at here these headlights is traffic coming round the corner, from the ninth street off ramp off the upper deck. traffic headed pass seventh street. taillights
6:50 am
to the fourth street. westbound off the upper deck of the bay bridge. lanes are closed because of nearly morning hours, late last night. there is an accident in which this san perils what damage. they have decided now is the best time to repair them. these lane closures could be and place as late as 8:30 a.m., that concern is it will back up traffic on the bay bridge. it means the meter lights will have to be slow down. we could see a big back up because of this work that is currently going on in san francisco. at present no back about we will watch it. >> frightened neighbors in san jose gathered last night for emergency meeting after a rash of violence had shaken up the city. san jose has regular been the safest city in the nation. seven homicides in the first month is threatening to damage the reputation. police believe
6:51 am
three are gang-related. they're asking for public health. >> if you see something in the neighborhood were gang bangers are planning out don't be afraid to call. is there not doing anything right that i can use the information. >> if you're reluctant to call the police or no to call, a lot of times fear that the be ralph tally it did against, or three deported for their status. >> we can make contact by telephone and be off site. we're flexible. we don't need to knock on people's doors they're afraid. >> this meeting was the first up, they will hold more meetings with the community until the violence has subsided. >> now going through about 250 jury questionaires in the first moves of the trial of two former members of oakland's your black with three counts of murder in connection with the assassination of journalist chauncey bailey and two other men. yusuf bey iv and associate antoine mackey are both accused of the killings that happened in the summer of 2007. 750 more forms later this week. judge
6:52 am
thomas reardon hopes to whittle that number down to twelve jurors and five alternates in the trial. lawyers for both sides will begin voir dire where they ask the potential jurors questions on february 7th. opening statements in the trial are set for march 21st. >> ted williams a homeless man with the golden voice has left a rehabilitation facility against the advice of doctors. t m c reports listen to weeks ago checked out of our rehab facility yesterday. he made the decision to seek help following his and appearance on dr.phil. >> 6:52 a.m., back with more a couple of minutes.
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checking the big board we had been down 40 points this morning. we are digging back some of those losses down 20. we are getting a helping to get to the 12,000 mark. >> 7 day around the bay forecast. is it nice or what? high of 69 for the next couple of days. thursday we get up to 70. it really middle of winter about that? the sunday shows we cool down to 62. then you have that now north bay chance of rain returning. it is very slight on sunday. then look at new york. it just looks frigid. you can see snow falling. look at how cold visibility is down, it is great. some of those legs are huge. right now the temperature right there, i'm not sure we have that. we don't have
6:57 am
the current temperature. we know there are delays because of this weather. 45 minutes at laguardia airport. >> there is a hotel in oakland that is the second-largest hotel in the country. according to customers to post a comment on a trip advisory. i want a share a couple of them is the jack london in. one person writes of an experience i will never forget the you get you before, another one says worst experience i ever, 80 percent gave a thumbs down. here's a look at the top five. grand resort in tennessee, hotel carter in new york city, >> 6:57 a.m., we will be back with more a
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