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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 31, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>> pushing off to the south east of us, leaving us in the clear, clouds streaming
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into the area. mixture of sunshine/clouds. staying dry, this afternoon, highs in to the 50s-'60s. 62 santa rosa, upper 50s novato, 68 san francisco. east bay are a 50s, low 60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. conditions continue to stay dry through the work week, a breezy, lots of sunshine. as a wrap up the work week we will continue the trend of morning fog, dry weekend on tap. check and your traffic with erica. >> no hot spot, nice, light conditions westbound feet 0, very few cars on the
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road. --westbound 80, install, not reported yet on the california highway patrol traffic clogs.logs. nice and light at the san mateo bridge, a lot of space between cars. now back up at the toll plaza. i look at the golden gate, foggy, no- fault advisory yet, no problems free ride out of marin county. james. >> thank you, , developing story police are investigating a double homicide near fisherman's wharf. it happened 8:00 p.m. on jefferson, a man and woman fatally shot inside the store that sells souvenirs, like it. both employees of the store. one
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man is being questioned, officers have not determined if he is the shooter. no motive has been determined. more as it comes in. new details on the situation in egypt, charter flights to evacuate thousands of trapped americans would get under way today. spokesman where tankers and other american citizens to limit their movements. this as the massive protest continues with marchers demanding the resignation of an egyptian president. >> helicopters hovered, anti-government protests continued, for a seventh day. they did nothing to stop demonstrators.
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protesters' demand political, economic forms. there was changes to the structure made but there's been no indication that the president will give up the power he has held for 30 years. protests continue, americans find themselves trapped. >> you cannot get away by water, public transportation, you cannot fly. >> the u.s. begins voluntary evacuations providing target price for u.s. citizens. >> on going until we can get all americans out to. >> what happens is surely up to the egyptian people. what the united states is doing is sending a clear message, we want to see everyone we
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are seeing from violence. thousands are expected to leave. the u.s. embassy says those light sides would begin leaving this afternoon. >> we will give you more on this story as it develops, he did here to kron4.keep it he governor jerry brown would deliver his state of the state address, they face a daunting task as they look to close a $25.2 billion deficit. brown proposed a plan to get 12.5 billion in spending and borrowing. the rest taxes, fee increases. california voters will have the opportunity to choose for themselves in june hired taxes or fewer services that is the trace.choice.
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>> the survey found that 34 percent of residents feel most important issue governor brown should focus on in 2011 is jobs, the economy. 23 percent said the budget deficit and taxes. 15 percent says education, schools. people ask if there were rather pay higher taxes? or lower taxes and less services? 49 percent said higher taxes. whenas by raising the state sales tax? 69 percent oppose, 30 percent favor. what about increasing vehicle license plate free? 66 percent oppose, 33 percent think it's a good idea. 75 percent say cutting spending on k-12
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public education, 24 percent improve it, 60 percent liked the idea of raising taxes. when asked if the state is in this year's moderate, mild or not in a recession? 48 percent believe california is in a serious recession. less than 10 percent picked wild. 12 percent say the state is not. more than half think brown and state lawmakers will be able to work together. 29 percent said it will not agree. >> time now 4: 00909 a.m. we'll be back with more headlines in a moment.
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>> in the ira back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. clouds are
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lingering, all of that leftover cloud cover from the weekend, a few degrees warmer to ma. we are holding that pattern in the low-mid- 60s. minor earthquakes hit the bay area over the last few days, and 3.0 rattled in costa county. yesterday to separate 3.2, and in the afternoon at third 2.5 in danville. all considered micro earthquakes. no damage or injuries. the piece says claims should be paid to american indians who must now go to the store for what they once got from hunting or fishing. tribal leaders say they're worried that many members will be
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compensated fairly. they brought all law firm to help navigate. democrats say they will bring an aviation bill that includes $8 billion for air force construction to the floor today. democratic leaders were released an estimate by the american association of airport executives that the funds will support the employment of about 90,000 workers. will u.s. factory jobs have shrunk since the 1979 peak, many going overseas, america remains the no. 1 manufacturing country. they ever produced china by more than 4%. manufacturers have abandoned projects with an
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identified margins. stock futures are up, after financing-on friday. all eyes on egypt, traders have pulled money from stocks to buy oil, gold, u.s. dollar. we will monitor the situation to see how the ripple affect play out on wall street. honda is reporting a 40% profit drop in quarterly profit. hit by a strong year end feeding in sales. progress reports on personal income, spending for december, more innings reports are true out to. meanwhile, new details, as salinas' co. is recalling four brands of fresh cilantro the could be contaminated with salmonella. between january
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14th, friday, there were sold under natures reward, ocean mist, to nomura and tell, queen victoria. no illnesses have been reported. the government is advising taft the u.s. population to cut back on their daily intake of salt aged 51 and older, all african-americans and anyone with diabetes, kidney, reduces it to half a teaspoon. for everyone else the government recommends battista and a day. a third less than the average person actually concerns. sodium increases the risk for a high pressure pressure, strokes and other problems. here's a look from our camera at the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving well in both directions. the
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check and your forecasts coming up.
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and we are back, another nasty bout of whether moving across minnesota. in fact, up to 18 in. of snow by the time the storm makes it across that part of the country. there might be some delays at of o'hare, this is a massive storm system that will affect two-thirds of the country. quite a system. we will follow that, freezing rain, snow in the forecast. it could cause problems for a lot of morning commuters. heavy snowfall expected to hit the great lakes, tomorrow, wednesday, a blizzard watch. northern illinois, northwest indiana, that includes
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milwaukee, chicago, reaching more than 2 ft. in some areas. that is the way the weather looks, let us find out what our forecast cold forest. >> good morning, the bay bridge, it is in the clear, patchy fog, because of all the rain left over, it looks like it is not too widespread. this temperatures stayed fairly seasonal, 41 degrees in oakland, noon 58, 61 is the high, back down to the upper 50s by 8:00 p.m. starting you off with your current temperatures, 35 napa, 36 santa rosa, 47 san francisco, you can see the fog to the north bay. along 101, golden gate bridge.
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santa rosa equals half mile. a little bit of thought to the livermore valley. all of that wet weather that we saw yesterday, pushing down into this out east. leaving us in the dry. certainly not a long winded system. afternoon highs, 62 santa rosa, upper 50s for novato, san rafael, upper 50s-low 60s to the east bay. san jose 60, 59 morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing we will continue to keep the same type of weather around the next few days. breezy tomorrow, we will stay in to los '60s. mid-60s by the end
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of the week. the weekend leaves a strike, low 60s, upper 50s. check and your commute, erica. >> no dense fog advisor is around the bay, no accident, hot spots, if you're taking one of the bay area bridges and live look westbound 80, i just checked their roads and sewers, no problems. westbound-580 looks great. we during lights are off, no construction along the upper deck. all lanes are open. san mateo, looks good, no problems west or east bound 92. no incidents, accident, all of that space between cars = 12 minutes from end to end. your ride of the
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north bay, a good, no problems in the southbound direction. a pretty dark shot for you, walnut creek, north and southbound rate pass main street a couple of cars on the roadway. no problems. james. >> thank you, , new details in this situation developing in egypt. there is a evacuation of american citizens from egypt. saying they expect some of those flights to arrive today. cairo's airport is overcrowded, understaffed. they're telling tourists to limit their movements. this happens as a massive protest continues in the streets. they're demanding the resignation of the egyptian president. meanwhile the latest in a search for four year-old juliani. they've
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ended their search with no luck finding the boy. crews on the ground and in the air will continue their search. he was snatched nearly two weeks ago. on friday they pulled the car suspected of belonging to the kidnapper. pam moore shows as whether thirties worked on. >> please, leave him home. >> before your a son was repeated missing, the first amber colored said his kidnapper was driving a silver 2003 corolla. crews were searching that dealt seconal after a farm worker reported seeing a car matching that description going into the water. within hours divers found a silver are not a match, by last
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week a total of four vehicles had been pulled out. none was the one they're looking for. saturday, on 180 dozen dollars sonar device to search the area divers could the ago. crews pulled up for more vehicles in six hours. the search continued intel more than one dozen vehicles had been retrieved. all stolen. >> we have tire tracks that match what he saw, said. >> one more clue, a boy was found damage. >> something large and heavy had to pass the there to break it. >> of car was pulled from the water than 30 p.m. a camera attached to the sonar device captured its license
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plate confirming the search for the car was over. the first short for juliani continues neither were inside. state with kron4 we will continue keeping tabs. also the place to get the latest. the search for missing teacher has ended tragically, authorities found the body saturday morning in a creek. there were no signs of foul play. going through divorce, lost three close relatives. a student says she was very well liked. >> she was one of the most popular teachers everyone loved her. she was a great teacher. she was always around, energetic, a lively. it is a shock. >> before she was reported missing she rode on the
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board of her english class " to thank you, everyone " investigators are not ready to call this the susette just yet. they're waiting for a. >> a transit is accused of sexual assault of beating a redwood city to wed. they say he can't throw window in her hotel room in early december. pinks punched the woman so hard that her i started cryini stop it cracked. demanded sexual favors we are investigating will you know. oakland investigators looking into the kidnapped and rape of an oakland woman it happens in the intersection of 54. two men abducted and raped her. your
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description at this time. a pair of burglars left a chute and their getaway keys car keys, in the home that they're breaking into. charles murray and nj meet but let entered the home. they woke up residence, the man she's the pair from the home, they could escape without their keys. police officers arrived, the suspects at the car, took him into custody. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. lets go of side from our roof camera, clear morning, fought in the north bay, another mild week ahead fairly good sunshine. more on that in a minute.
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in the eye back, 4: 20 5:00 a.m.. traffic is light, a quick ride from the oakland side to san francisco. san mateo, no activity, east- westbound moving well. your ride at the marin county nice, light. no word of any problems. now onto world news, following the latest set of japan i lot of snow is falling, they are dealing with the blizzard
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conditions. relatively it rough ago, any link from 200 vehicles that had to spend the night on the freeway because their cars were stopped. 150 vehicle standard for a distance of 10 km. it has been really tough for people to get around. 1700 passengers forced to spend the night huddled together in those trains waiting for this note to pass.snow to pass. australias are still trying to recover from floods are having to evacuate because of a cyclone. it is expected to hit queensland wednesday-to thursday gust of up to 16 2 mi.. will follow the latest, mexican soldiers seized nearly to enter pounds of drugs from the cargo area of a mexico jet
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scheduled to fly to tijuana. agents discovered the shipment at the airport, no arrests made. secretary of state hillary clinton returned for one day trip to haiti where she met with the country's president. she said the united states would not cut aid to the caribbean nation despite concerns about its upcoming presidential elections. while there she visited the u.s. embassy. another break, let's go back inside, a quick look from our james lick, traffic in and out of san francisco nice and light. no word of any problems along 0101. back with more in a minute.
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in the eye back, 80, westbound as hamlet are headed down towards the
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macarthur maze. traffic looks fine, weather wise, it's and pieces of well, not a bad morning. >> we are taking a breather this morning, we will stay dry. san as a, 43, warming up to the 50's, after noon high 60 in san jose. elsewhere, cool to the north, delta, livermore, 30. 47 san francisco. 41 oakland, 42 redwood city. visibility, a little bit of luck, not too bad from san rafael to petaluma. starting to see some thought to develop into livermore and says bay. satellite, parade and all of that wet weather
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from yesterday spreading to the south east. staying dry for a good long stretch break to the weekend. afternoon highs, seasonal, those '60s-and upper 50s. 58 san francisco, 59 novato and richmond. hayward, fremont, 60, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more sunshine ahead of us, breezy tomorrow, keep that sunny weather around in the mid week. wednesday, friday morning morning fog dry weekend ahead. erica. >> thank you, nice, light conditions all around the bay area. looking like this anywhere you go. like conditions moving at the
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limit, no problems from any approaches. metering lights are off. san mateo, a good to go, seeing a couple more cars on the road then i saw a 10 minute ago. no accidents, no incidents. good drive time of libertine minutes. no problems of the north bay. southbound-101, no problems. searching kirs, south bay, and no problems in either direction of 101. no backed up on the 87, same story for all freeways. if you're heading up to the sierra, you will not need to change for 50 or 80. james. >> thank you, are developing story at the san francisco,
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police are investigating a double homicide will tran is live. will? >> right now they do not know the motive, i can tell you where it took place. it is ever place called the original the discounted perfume. we're not sure if it was opened at the time. it happened down at fisherman's wharf. lot of tourists there, it was 8:20 p.m. when it happens. here is a video that we shot of investigators, they arrested one person in connection with the case, identity and not released or age. no description. as far as the victims, they were employees. their names, descriptions, not being released. hopefully we will hear more later this
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morning. the motive, descriptions, in one of the most famous words places in the country. james. >> thank you, in the meantime we are following the latest details added egypt. they're undertaking the evacuation of american citizens from that country. cypress says some of this evacuation flights will arrive sometime this afternoon. cairo is overcrowded, understaffed, government spokes people are telling tourists and other american citizens to limit their movements, stay indoors. this as massive purchase continues as outside. marchers demanding the resignation of the president. kron4 news had a chance to talk to a woman
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who works for it. tv. pro- family is still in egypt, and defending their home. the looting started when police left the area, army came in. one theory on the streets of cairo is the looters are connected to the police force. >> people are saying the lack of security, the bugs, so on their in the streets breaking into houses, those people are part of the former security, they are undercover police agents. that the police would be promoting it to make the point that while you guys didn't want us to protect you, this is what you will get. >> to the tune to kron4, we'll have the updates on the latest as demonstrations
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continue. governor jerry brown will deliver his state of the state address, he and his fellow lawmakers face a task of it toward the $5.4 billion deficit. brown has rows the plan to cut rob 0.5 billion in spending and borrowing. the rest do taxes and fee increases. voters will have the final say on whether or not they would use higher taxes. it will have to condemn between those taxes or fewer services. a poll done by the policy institute say that many would be willing to pay higher taxes to preserve some of those services. >> in a state survey 49 percent said they would rather pay higher taxes, more services. 69 percent
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oppose the idea of raising taxes, more than half think governor brown l lawmakers will be able to work together, 29 percent say they will not agree. >> mean well governor brown spent the last week discussing new initiatives to tighten the budget bill when the idea will cut thousands of state funded vehicles. brown says it may not be needed. >> governor brown is making a statement of how california spends its money. the governor has announced he wants to get rid of state vehicles that are not necessary. the move does not affect things like firetrucks, snowplows. a state audit found california owns a 11,000 cars and light duty trucks that are considered " nonessential ". the same
4:38 am
audit found 45 state employees to keep those not essential cars at home. he wants to reduce the number by half. at one time savings of 16.5 million, putting that in perspective he's tried to close at 25.4 a budget deficit. 16 and a half million is a sliver. summit of servers will get it is a good move. if that is the governor's call the ap poll shows is working, the numbers show a majority that support it. to their to agree with his plan to ask voters to extend the temporary hikes. jonathan linen, kron4 news. >> let this go outside, a look outside from our san jose camera, when 01 rape by
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the guadalupe parkway.
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in the ad that, mild el look silly, in that we are back, here s a look at your 7 day around the bay., more details in a moment. national news, chicago residents will be able to begin voting for a new mayor few hours. despite the supreme court cautioning residency a manual is lee top ranking. app poll shows he is within striking distance. two men who survived a parking garage roof collapsed are telling their story. this is the dramatic surveillance video of that collapse.
4:41 am
>> we were sitting there drinking coffee, thinking how great life was. >> seconds after sitting there at the one vehicle pulls away, the roof gives out trapping the two men inside. >> we heard the loud bangs, we looked up and the roof was coming down, we ducked down, one of the big steel beams landed on top of the car crashes. >> at great feat had become too much, now reaching for us cellphone they called out for help. >> their roof collapsed! there people in their! >> rescue crews spent two hours trent locate the vehicle, the two men waited
4:42 am
wondering if they would ever get out. >> i was alive, i told them i was in some trouble. i did not know for is going to make it. >> when they cut through day found the two men dropped, alive. >> there will still seated there hunched down, their roofs or right above them. >> had the beam fallen differently it could've been much worse. it is hard to believe from watching this surveillance video that these two men got out at all. >> we're very lucky to be here and be alive. you just don't know when you get up in the morning if today is your last day or not. >> when we come back that he
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ever thought about being in the movies? we can tell you how you to make it into the next matt damon film being shot right here in san francisco. here is a shot from our roof camera, a complete check and your forecast straight ahead.
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>> welcome back, a shot of the golden gate, in the clear, as he headed to santa rosa, quite a bit of fog, temperatures in the ladies, 86 degrees by noontime, 59, high temperature 62. into the afternoon, 8:00 hour, where these. a few degrees above freezing this morning, when 37 fairfield. seth bay a low forties, dealing with some thought really starting to build in
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to the north bay. now starting to notice it at a mile or less to petaluma. the peninsula in the clear, down to half mile visibility for novato. the satellite, radar, all of the rain from yesterday spreading to the south east a mixture of a few clouds. continuing to keep the dry weather around. after noon, 62, further south tapping into the upper 60s. east bay upper 50's, low 60s, 64 san jose, 61 mountain view. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow is breezy, clearing out, wednesday lots of sunshine. the morning fog redevelops by the end of the week into
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the weekend. similar temperatures throughout the week low-mid-60s. 4: 45. >> at quick roundup of the bridges, no accidents, incidents, westbound-80, more of volume out there than just 10 minutes ago. craig conditions. cars moving at the limit. drive time of 9 minutes from the foot of the maze in to san francisco. 17 minutes here red along interstate 80. if you are thinking about taking the san mateo, no problems for either direction of the '92. conditions look good all along the peninsula. if you're heading to the bridge, now back up at the toll plaza. north bay, a quiet, the southbound-101 a
4:47 am
little foggy but not that tracking any densified advisory. switching gears and heading to the east shore westbound 80 no problems to, great conditions as you make your way to the s curve. 16 minutes past golden gate into sentences go. james. >> trying to find parking as many of us know can seem impossible, some parents are hoping officials will make it easier press pacific group of people, not nannies. >> they run, they climb, they will put any things in their mouth, that's why working mom worries for her two children when her and many have to leave the house every two hours to look for a new parking spot.
4:48 am
>> leaving two children unattended is not safe. things can happen in a minute. >> 20 moms headpin lagering to grant residential permits to child care providers. the board of directors will take up the proposal on tuesday if passed san francisco will be the largest u.s. city to offer an nanny's parking permits. parents support the idea some more rate their it takes by presidents. >> it is so hard to find parking in the first place it should not go to those who can't afford it. i would wonder if those are taking away parking spots. >> even the critics aren't sympathetic, this did a parking permits would need stronger oversight. the permit would be $98 a year,
4:49 am
under the plan one of four allotted parking permits for a child care provider permit a family without the bride a birth certificate showing there's a child 12 or younger, the family would have to sign a paper promising not to use it. >> it would not only reduce her nanny stress but it would give her peace of mind as a mother. >> we all know it's against a lot to talk on the cell phone while driving unless you have a hands free, some people have a hard time remembering that. >> look, i will not mix words if you're behind the wheel and your not parked, you can not hold a phone to your ear. it's almost like the handsfree law was never passed. i stood on a corner for an hour, to look for
4:50 am
drivers violating the law. the sad part, there were many. this man has a cell phone attached to his ear even glanced at me for second. but is very important conversation continues. or this lady was she doesn't have the phone terrier she's testing away. testing behind the wheel is still illegal. 0 but, wait she stops acting to waive palo, let's way back. here's another man driving with the phone, does he stop rafters seeing me? nope. it's not like the police don't do crackdown's there were several last year it said many drivers believe their chances of getting caught is so low it's worth the risk. san francisco, stanley
4:51 am
roberts, kron4 news. >> of you, or a story idea let him know send him an e- mail. we will take a break, a live look this morning from our albany camera showing you westbound 80 taillights headed towards the marriage. back with more in a moment.
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>> welcome back, a glitch bridge attack, the bay bridge, traffic is nice and light. san mateo, easy ride, westbound commute on the right, no worries. one last look, golden gate, easy commute, headlights headed in to san francisco. this just in tyranny chip has announced that the egyptian president has warned in a new cabinet replacing the old one. the protests have
4:54 am
sworn to the entire country in the meuse significant change the interior minister was replaced. key bid to enter kron4. >> back here the 2010 world series trophy 1 by the giants will be on display in walnut creek it's part of a nationwide tour that will what the prize on display in oregon, nevada, the public viewing is scheduled from noon-2:30 p.m. fans will get the chance to get a photograph taken with the trophy. entertainment, the kings beat one the best actor tirrivee second honor for our overall. natalie portman aren't best actress for a black swan. the fighter cochairing christian
4:55 am
bale swept for supporting actors. if the hopkins top box office or the weekend the right to earn 50 million, no strings attached is the tool number two, the other day beall was a mechanic taking in 11 and half million. a mouse the line in san francisco for movie auditions, we had to speed up the video to show you how long the line was. they need to thousand actors for contagion it's about a group of doctors slate in a flu epidemic for nine days and very you will see shoots in san francisco starring matt statement, to block and kate when slit.
4:56 am
the people in line told us the chance to be in a major film is worth the wait. >> i would love to have roll. a means that i am being accepted, that's what actors love. >> it would be really cool to meet matt damon. to be an extra. >> it would be really cool. speak-e you never know. you could get discovered. i am going to try that. >> you might get chosen. >> that statement. (laughter) >> 18 and over all shapes, sizes, they need everybody. the chair is in will be extras. we will take a separate, as we go, a quick check on your forecasts.
4:57 am
drying conditions today. rain yesterday today, drying out, to mar a breezy but the sun returns. temperatures will climb to the mid-60s by friday, all in all not bad at all. back with more minute, a live look from our roof camera a mild start to this monday morning. california should be proud.
4:58 am
we we first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes...
4:59 am
combined. we have a lot more work to do. >> you but watching the kron 4 morning news, monday january 21st, the top stories deadly shooting in fisherman's wharf, to debt. >> demonstrators i continue
5:00 am
to take to the streets in egypt. >> governor brown delivering his state of the state address, we will tell you his solution on the budget crisis, when what that could mean. >> let's see what we have in store as we entered the workweek, the approach to the bay bridge, everything is quiet, dry. >> the rain system all last furlong time is just a couple of days, dry, patchy fog. after noon sunday, 50s, 60s, clear by the evening, currently the 36 santa rosa, 34 degrees a few degrees above the freezing mark in napa. mid-upper thirties through livermore, south bay. visibility-show that fox starting to thicken up to the north bay if
5:01 am
you're heading down 1 01 towards the golden gate expect a sudden reductions. decrease in in visibility through novato. satellite, radar shows all of that wet weather pushing well to the south east, a mixture of clouds, sunshine we will continue to keep those temperatures into this '60s. 58 degrees in san francisco, a degree warmer and your richmond upper 50s to the east bay. 60 degrees, 61 in mountain view. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. breezy, keeping the fog up of the picture. wednesday = sunshine, thursday-friday rebuilt fog. weekend = dry. mid-60s by the end of the week possibly
5:02 am
down into the fifties by the weekend. george? >> thank you, quiet start not much in the way of traffic, no problems around the bay not tracking in the hot spots or incidents. bay bridge looks good, bridge check, said matesan mateo looks. no delays as you head towards the highway section. inbound on the counter float a pretty easy ride. golden gate, no problem southbound 101 looks good, still configuring the lanes on the span. no delays reported for public transit and appears to be a good start, no reports of problems. the market? >> thank you, developing story police are
5:03 am
investigating two people shot and killed at fisherman's wharf and happened around 8:00 p.m. inside a souvenir shop. will tran joins us live with the latest. we understand this to people shot and killed worked there? >> that is right, they were killed at the scene they did not even have a chance to be rushed to a hospital is called the original discounted perfume. the only store that house lights on at the time. i knocked, no one is answering there doesn't seem to be any other employees. it happened in one of the busiest places in the country. and happened next to jos crap shack.b shot. s attack did not happen in that secluded dark place. lots of people were out at
5:04 am
the time, here is video we shot we don't know the names of the employees or the motive. i am sure this place has security carries hopefully the police department will have access to that. give us the security shot from the shooting, they did detain one person in connection, at this time they're not saying if he or she was of the murder. we'll try and get a hold of the police department and get more informations as well as automotive. mark? >> darya: darya? >> divers have ended their search without finding any bodies. sonar failed to show up any signs of them, juliani it was taken from his grandmother's arms
5:05 am
almost two weeks ago search teams on the ground and air will continue their search. rodriguez is car was found in the canal, on friday evening. >> following the latest in the egyptian crisis the egyptian president has sworn in and a cap that replacing when it dissolved as a concession to these anti the government protests. u.s. citizens are being evacuated by the u.s. embassy. it expects some flights to start today. here's the latest in the protests. the government is now shutting down the four internet service providers are making it difficult for americans to get information. a coalition of opposition are calling for 1 million people to take to the streets. perohere is the scene near
5:06 am
cairo's airport, jam packed as people are stuck on the main highway trying to flee. taints, armored vehicles are taking up positions. james? >> pictures coming into news him take a look, i burned car and a bombed building. this is the scene that we are seeing on a number of corners 0 cairo and cities in egypt. this is there and did people at cairo, there are sleeping on the counters, on the proper areas, they're looking for any place. this is people sleeping on their luggage, at the airport was shut down during the height of the protest, they are talking about more evacuations for u.s. citizens. and other
5:07 am
international residence. protestors are ripping the presence pitcher, these are those at of the street being injured by police, police being injured by the rioters. very treacherous situation. changing minute by minute, the markets are reacting in the u.s. we're starting to recover. the dow dropped friday 150. >> to jerry brown is expected to ask voters to extend tax hikes to help balance the budget in his state of the state address. it would require lawmakers to put the decision on the ballot. the governor is not expected to provide a plan to build the state's $25 billion budget gap. >> we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m..
5:08 am
a little bit of thought showing up in the inland valleys more on weather and traffic in a bet. it's really delicious, mom.
5:09 am
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speaker welcome back, stock futures are up 19 points. everyone is watching what's happening in egypt. a jittery traders are pulling money at of stocks to buy gold, oil, the dollar. honda is reporting adult drop nearly 40 percent in their quarterly profits. on the domestic front congress department is reporting personal income and spending, the earnings report due out. >> new details, as salinas' co. is recalling four brands of cilantro because they
5:12 am
make can be contaminated with salmonella. but that buying could saber farms " they're recalling the cilantro sold between january 14th and friday. the labels are natures record, ocean mist, tanimura and queen victoria. no one reported sick, but they want to that product of the shells. >> government tells americans to cut back on salt, it goes for people over 51, african-americans, hypertension, diabetes. recommended reducing daly city and to less than half a teaspoon the government continues to recommend half a teaspoon for the rest of people. >> we will take a break, and
5:13 am
be back with more in a couple of minutes, don't go away all the weather and traffic you need on this monday morning coming out. but he did san jose, 101, still pretty light. 42 degrees, 60 this afternoon.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
no reports of any damage, injuries. >> at double live look outside, we are looking at our roof on van ness avenue, you can't see much of the city. san mateo is quiet, clear. lisa?
5:17 am
>> good morning darya, clear conditions, a downtown san francisco, to the north bay you will notice some patchy morning fog. as we head into the afternoon mostly sunny, staying dry. goodbye to the rain, hello to the sunshine. right now 46 for san francisco, cool to the north bay mid-upper 30s as you head to the north bay, napa 20 degrees above the freezing mark, livermore 37, visibility is decreasing as you head up 101. in fact less than a quarter mile at this turn our, novato about an eighth of a mile. elsewhere in the clear. satellite, radar-show all of the rain pushing down to the south east portion staying
5:18 am
dry at this turn our rate down to their work week as well. 58 degrees in san francisco. to livermore, says bay upper 50's, low 60s. we are pretty much greater on the market. we will continue to stay that way throughout much of the workweek. that will keep the fog edit the pitcher lots of sunshine in store. dry with temperatures topping out in the upper fifties. 517, george. >> not much to talk about in the traffic no problems, hot spots westbound, no backup, no delay. easy right here, traffic moving smoothly. lighter than usual in though westbound. golden gate,
5:19 am
101, easy trip through marin, no problems to across the bridge. as you can see it looks good, no delays as you head the southbound from marin county. the ride on 101, looks pretty good. james lick, southbound look good. darya? mark? >> thank you, in the wake of three officers involved shootings the police department is reviving their efforts to equipped officers was done dense. the commission cited safety, liability over police shootings including this video of warning and- wielding man in a wheelchair saying it taser it would have been extremely useful. >> oakland police are
5:20 am
investigating the kidnapping and rape of an oakland woman. the victim says two men abducted and raped her police have not given a description. at the 39 year- old man fatally shot by police on saturday was caring a replica or rifle. he appeared to be armed to the assault rifle when he ran from police, forcing his way into a home. all of japan's got out saying he was carrying a gun police opened fire he was killed it turned out to be a replica. >> at picture of what i lean would b, would a look likew , a candlelight vigil is being held tonight for the girl that has been missing for more than two decades.
5:21 am
22 years have passed since she disappeared, last seen at the intersection of san ramon, google map shows you what is happening individual being held it will start at 7, at wells a middle school, it will take in the path that i lead a walk when she disappeared. as we follow that the group walking over to the place where she was last seen at san ramon road. that is getting underway at 7:00 p.m.. 22 years and she disappeared. >> the search for a north bay teacher has ended tragically, her body was found saturday morning near a creek there are no signs of foul play. she was going through divorce, lost three close relatives a student said she was well-liked. >> she was probably one of
5:22 am
the most popular teachers everyone who had her and loved her. she was always around energetic, all of the students loved her it's a shock. >> investigators say before she was reported missing she rode on the board " to thank you, everyone " to their not ready to call this a suicide. >> we will be back as the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m.. light traffic so far, smooth ride.
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>> in the ad back, is still falling national weather, we had a nasty bit of storm moving into it relates, to the dakotas, minnesota, and illinois. we have a lot of snow falling it is expected
5:26 am
to grow to at the next few days, chicago under a blizzard watch, the winds expected upward of 60 mi. per hour. sudras = 5-10 ft.. a line from oklahoma up to the great lake anything north, east. anything itself and northwest, once again dealing with snow by the thursday. the borderline tutsi ice and freezing rain. expect airport delays and cancellations to grow. >> students are taking a look at extreme weather around the world. cyclone, conditions in australia,
5:27 am
still trying to recover from the floods. now they have to evacuate, look at bill wins, look at how much damage they have done. the cyclone is headed for the area. it is expected to hit queensland's coast on wednesday- thursday, up to 162 mi. per hour wind gust. cyclone antonin, that hit the coast early this morning. eight weekly weekend from a 80 mi. per hours to a tropical low. japan, central west coast, heavy snow, let it all of this note, widespread trouble on the roads, rails in japan. there are more than 150 vehicles stranded over the distance of 10 km, snow is piling up. they're sitting, getting very, there
5:28 am
are but 200 vehicles where people had to spend the night. they are just sitting there, the officials do not know when they will clear this expressway. you have cars of been, people slept in it. an avalanche warning issued. >> lou back in two minutes to the latest on weather, traffic coming out as the kron 4 morning news continues until 11:00 a.m.. [ son ] my parents always lived in the states,
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welcome back, developing story, please investigating a double homicide near fisherman's wharf. it happened 8:00 last night, inside a souvenir shop. will the trend is there a live. what happened will? >> the shop was apparently opened at the time, 8:20
5:31 am
a.m. it happened at the original discount perfume. the lights or still on at the time. since this is a very popular place, there is a crab check next door. this was not a murder that took place in a secluded deck area. these hours in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. here is a video that we shot foster, police arrested one person in connection, we're not sure the motive behind this whether this was an employee, if someone tried to rob the place, it does not appear to be a robbery but we cannot confirm that. we know that it was a man and a woman killed. they were employees. were not sure if they were owners. no names had been released. i have a phone call into the
5:32 am
police department hopefully we'll hear from him shortly. >> thank you, lisa? >> we are starting off with clear conditions of the bay bridge, as we head into the north, dense areas of fog. we will stay dry. we will stay dry for eight long stretch, 40 degrees for oakland. 61 degrees for the afternoon, upper 50s by 8:00. currently, actually it really chilly rain now. we're just about a degree above freezing. 35 for santa rosa, up with charities in places like livermore, concord, san rafael. 46 for san francisco. low 40's for the south bay, start really
5:33 am
starting to build in. or to indicate a mile or less. you can see it stretch of 101 up to santa rosa. down less than a quarter of a mile. >> of a mile for napa. we have all of that moisture leftover from yesterday. satellite, radar, it shows all of the rain pushing to the set the east. a mixture of some clout in the picture. drive to the work week into the weekend. after 50s for novato, san rafael, into the upper 50s to doubt that, livermore. 61 oakland, mountain view. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomato is breezy, keeping that fought at the picture. morning fog continues o
5:34 am
move back in thursday, friday, saturday, sunday dry upper 50s, los '60s. church. >>george? >> thank you, bay bridge westbound volume is building, no problems. san mateo equally light, the team building, clothing gate, south bound, a little increase. this bridge has been configured, fourth planned across the span. san francisco, looks good, came down central looks good, so does southbound james lick. mark. >> thank you, more on each chip as egyptian president is swearing in a new cabinet. here video of the
5:35 am
protests. charter flights evacuating thousands of americans. government spokes people are telling tourists, american citizens to limit their movements. as the massive protest continues. demanding the resignation. nicole collins has more. >> helicopters hovered over the square monday morning. in tight government protests continue for the seventh day. low-flying f-16 fighter jets did nothing to stop demonstrators. >> we will not be intimidated. >> they demand political resignation of the president. although he made changes to the structure he
5:36 am
has given no indication he would give up the power he has held for 30 years. protests continue, americans find themselves trapped. >> you cannot get away by water, transportation publicly it's deemed unsafe. you cannot fly. >> voluntary evacuations providing charter flights added egypt for u.s. citizens. >> on going until we get all americans who cannot get out. with significant interests in egypt u.s. officials are watching them closely. >> what happens is up to the egyptian people. what the united states is doing is sending a very clear message. >> thousands are expected to leave on the u.s. provided charter flights. the u.s. embassy says they should begin receiving this afternoon.
5:37 am
>> following the latest on the rest in cairo and around the rest of egypt. updates throughout the morning. >> 5 a 30 6:00 a.m. jerry brown will deliver the state of the state address. they face a daunting task as they face a $25.4 billion deficit over the next 18 months. brown proposed a plan to cut crop 0.5 billion in spending, borrowing. the rest through taxes, a fee increase. california voters would have the opportunity to choose for themselves about these higher taxes in june or, faced fewer services. a poll done by the public policy institute california suggests that many would be willing to pay moree.
5:38 am
>> 69% oppose the idea of raising the state sales tax on all approaches, half think governor brown and state lawmakers will be able to work together. 29 percent city will not agree on anything. reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. 0 live look carefully golden gate call little a haget out of showing up, city rosa, 49, fought in the area, fairly nice afternoon. low sixties for a high back down to the '30s by 8:00 p.m..
5:39 am
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welcome back, the a administrator of the zero oil the fund should sit it should be paid to where americans who have to go to
5:42 am
the store to buy what they once got by hunting and fishing. tribal leaders say many members may not be compensated fairly so they bought in a new york city law firm. >> and aviation bill that includes $8 billion for airport construction to the senate floor this week pitching in as a jobs measure. majority leader will release an estimate by the american association of airport executives that the airport construction funds will support the employment of 90,000 workers and affect another 190,000 jobs. >> factory jobs have shrunk since they peaked in 1979 many doing overseas america remains by far the no. 1 manufacturing company in the world. the u.s. air produces china by 40 percent, manufacturers have abandoned products within profit
5:43 am
margin. >> we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes, a live look at the approach to the bay bridge, nice, quiet, clear, 40 degrees a high of 61. we will be right back.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
welcome back, 5:45 a.m., a shot of the clothing key, if your in san francisco, 46 degrees. by indian 10 degrees, 58 degrees today. it a clock, cold, places like napa. temperatures are at degree above. 35 percent to resort, up to livermore,
5:47 am
37 degrees, low 40's, 46 app for san francisco. visibility, all of this orange visibility of one a mile or less. visibility = 0.254 santa rosa, petaluma, napa. satellite, radar shows all of the rain perishing to the south east. all of that moisture is making for some of that morning fog. get a bit of the breeze that will keep that fog at of the picture. by the afternoon temperatures upper 50s low 60s, upper 50s in san francisco in through richmond. upper 50s, south bay 61 for mountain view. breezy tomorrow, lots of
5:48 am
sunshine, thought returned thursday, friday saturday, sunday stayed dry. different than we saw this past weekend upper 60s los 50s. george? >> thank you, not too much going on, and no hot spots. westbound bay bridge, still pretty light. no backup or delay, san mateo bridge looks good. volume continuing to build. no backup or delay, 101, problem free, fog is not a factor. south bay, still pretty light in the northbound direction. no more than a better 12 minute drive time from the expressway to the capitol expressway. darya? >> thank you, it is against the law to talk on the
5:49 am
cellphone will your driving, as stanley roberts reports is sell-off often forgotten. >> i am not going to mince words if your behind the wheel and your not parked, you cannot hold the phone to hear it here. it is almost like " hands free " was never passed. i stood on the corner for one hour looking for drivers violating the law, the sad part, there are many like this man in the s u v, he has a cell phone from the attached to his ear. but, his very important conversation continues undaunted. for this lady, will she does not have the voluntary here she is testing away. text and behind the wheel is still illegal. oh, wait, she stops text into wave hello. let's all way back, wow!, really?
5:50 am
there's another man driving with the phone a touch easier will he stop after seeing me? nope. it's not like the police do not to crackdowns, there are several last year. many drivers believe their chances of getting caught is so low it is worse the rest. even if the fine is close to 1 $50. stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> the proposal to ban plastic bags in daly city. such bands are in place in san francisco. it will be proposed at a february 14th council meeting it would ban makes in san mateo, as supermarkets and other retailers was towards larger than 10,000 square feet. a pair of brokers clef issue and their getaway car keys in their home. they are
5:51 am
believed to have entered the home, they woke up one of the residents accidently. that man chased the pair from the home, unable to escape without their car keys police officers arrived, they found the suspects and took them into custody. >> did they put the shoe on first to see if it would fit? (laughter) >> the cinderella burglar. (laughter) >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> will come back, watching bay area weather after a weekend that will be cooler, low-mid-60's, cold inland, below freezing later this week. in looks like the dry weather for the week into the weekend. james? >> americans increase their spending in september, consumer purchases rose at the fastest pace in three years. consumer spending
5:55 am
rose seven pence a percent matching october game, for tens of represent the same as november. you will see how wall street reacts. stocks set for a higher opening, nasdaq up 8. area? >> donating blood in february could get you to a dozen free movie tickets. the red cross is holding her for weekly drawings, you'll get 12 pair of movie passes if you win. donors can enter at any center. blood donors have to be 17 years old and weigh at least a hundred and 10 lbs. based on the hyatt, generally good health. the 2010 world series trophy will be on display in walnut creek, part of a nationwide tour that will put the price on display for giants fans.
5:56 am
the public viewing is set to take place from in-2:30 p.m. at the leisure center for the arts. you can have an official photograph taken and they turn to for the voter, lemme tell you that two and a half hour window the wait is huge. >> a two-hour wait for two seconds with the trophy. >> the king's speech winning the best actor trophy second honor for a broadcast at this screen actors guild award. natalie portman and best actress for her role in the black swan, the fighter co-starring christian bell swiping this supporting acting honors. anthony hopkins the rite $15,005,000
5:57 am
based on a cn has a priest. it was only in 3000 theaters. the no strings attached $13,650,000 the other stabile the green hornet and the king's speech $11,000,000. third. >> we'll be back with more and a couple of minutes. a quick bridge check, headed for some of the bridges, bay bridge, free and clear. moving well. metering lights off. over the san mateo, nice, clear traffic is very light. let's check the golden gate, traffic is light, no fun get. we will be right back.
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