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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  January 31, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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when he walked into this fisherman and shocked qiong han chu and feng ping ou -shot. and both are 30 year- old san francisco residents. because of the suspects and victims store sold similar merchandise. the suspect worked at this kiosks selling luggage, purses. right next door to the victims'. you can see that with flowers, incense as a vigil. and shop owners are saying that they are shocked since they saw them 20 minutes before. and i saw him before with a customer and i thought that everything was all right. nothing happened. >> he was a nice guy, really a nice guy smiling all the time. he looked like a little depressed. >> he came to work every day and would not think. the
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student businesses are suffering-. >> and i am assuming that financial problems are putting hardship on people. >> the suspect is in custody we're still asking for the help of two latin tourists that for inside the store to come forward. >> maureen kelly. >> and a violent start--a violent start. in the last four weeks, christine connolly breaks down the lot numbers of san francisco, oakland, san jose that have all seen more murders this january in years past. >> the numbers say it all. this january, 11 homicides and seven cisco, oakland has the same number of murders and in san jose, it is not far behind but seven. so same time laughter, 5 = san francisco. oakwood = 4. the
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same time-last year. and this has caught the police chiefs attention with homicide numbers have gone down. san francisco = 50 = 20 tent. an2010-to-open, there were only half 7 lincecum 20 mortars, that is down a party to in 2008. what is this ? let us take a look at san francisco. the broad daylight shooting in this coffee shop. and there is no clear pattern. they have been spread over san francisco and most were not random act of violence. oakland, a little bit more clear. a recent increase in gang violence. hear, a recent shooting left six people wounded. you can see
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here-- >> and also downsizing, san jose are dealing with the gang problem. three of those seven homicides of and game-related including this teenage shooting. also with budget constraints. how >> and with a officer related shootings this san francisco is provirevising its efforts with electronic stun guns. after the police commission rejected a similar proposal to explore using appeaser--tasers. earlier >> and anonymous possible gunmen la escuelita elementary school at 1100 3rd avenue in oakland this is where there was a heavy police presence at the ramada toward the children xing the school safely.
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there were accident mitchell xin >> so far, no gunmen found. this anonymous caller had claimed that somebody had entered the school with a rifle. all of the students are safe and parents were told to pick up their children at a nearby parking lot. >> i received a phone call from work at work. >> and i wanted to make sure that my son was okay. >> and i was very nervous! i heard three-four helicopters. my heart was pounding! and i am glad the move to the kids to a different location. >> no injuries, and to emphasize, all children are safe and accounted for. >> the state budget battle
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is center stage. a big focus of the state of the state address by governor jerry brown just moments away from his first state of the state address and 28 years. --and 28 years, and dan kerman? focusing on a lot of different things but until that 25.4 go the dollar deficit is dealt with they have to do with that, first. $12.5 billion in spending cuts for help, well car ande taxi extensions. and that can only be done with voter approval tax- extensions. and his speech to th first and andand
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>> this is going to be extremely difficult. we're not actually able to manufacture monday [laughter] >> and what we're talking about were short the money-- >> and of these texts extensions are not approved? if these tax extensions are not approved? and more spending cutbacks. and perhaps prisons, universities but will not go into the details or the specifics. >> this will not be a long speech? >> correct, and attend from 10-20 minutes will of an update at 5. and will be quick. will keep you updated. >> if you'd like to watch this in its entirety it will be streaming on our website.
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a (music) and i stay with the golden gate bridge with clear skies right now. and a nice day with the golden gate bridge. a live picture of the golden gate bridge. cooler coast line areas, with a reason fog overnight. reformulating overnight and tomorrow, chilly. a nice warm afternoon tomorrow. your trend coming up oand extended forecast. >> 5:15, the amazing revolutionary pictures under way in egypt. what it could mean for people living in the bay area. >> 5:40, sodium. new dietary guidelines and marty to cut back. >> 5:50, super bowl club he has been to every single one
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and he is still going strong. the top televisions for watching the big game. >> and la escuelita elementary school at 1100 3rd avenue in oakland the children are all safe and accounted for at this hour. early reports of a man with a gun in that area. much more news on the other side of the brake.eak >> ladies and gentleman, a warm welcome to our governor, the hon. jerry brown. (cheers & applause)
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>> in national news, a california man was holding court in a sports bar not far from this area earlier. 63 year-old roger stock, and as attorney is saying that he had geriatric problems. they say that he was wearing a ski mask fireworks, and toxins in his car. >> and sarah shroud is being asked to go back. she is
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from oakland and not expected to make that trip back. >> this a burned out vehicle in new mexico, a 12 year-old pulled out his brother's sister. the mother died, and they all fell asleep in the car and the children had burned but are expected to be okay. >> a woman in washington state lost control of our s u v and ended up in this river. and this man in a kayak rescued her. the woman is a former television anchor was having hypothermia but otherwise she will be okay. >> and overnight phoenix night fire and a senior center. several had to b rescued from this three- story. still no word on the cost.
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>> live, in oakland some students and officers are on the ground. la escuelita elementary school at 1100 3rd avenue in oakland and ne earlier, there was a report of a gunman in the area and even on campus. because of that, and enormous police presence. all students evacuate and accounted for. and developing tonight in the egypt a pricing. demonstrators continued to demand the out of hosni mubarak and the protest is continuing as food, gas continues to dwindle. the evacuations from americans has been slow samantha? >> nearly one week after
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these stark protests began at demonstrators in egypt command and continue to defy curfews. organizing marching pushing to an end of the 30 year rule of the president of hosni mubarak this political turmoil has disabled daily performance of gasoline, and food. and with 2000 americans still wanting to leave and tourists have made it out. >> we were told the last day that we went to the airport that we're either going to live at the airport or get out. there is no way to get back to the city, safely. >> and and jerusalem, benjamin netanyahu called for cooperation. >> and help the egyptian government will feel with the demonstration is a
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question. and also, this could impact the stability of israel. >> the u.s. has called for an early and orderly transition in egypt. >> as i mentioned, legitimate concerns, grievances for the egyptian people. we are not picking between those on the street and those in the government. >> a special team of u.s. mmarines has been sent. >> internet reporter, kimberly sakamoto. this was just yesterday, showing how they were playing a crucial role. she is standing in front of a role of intimidating soldiers. a few more photos i found on line. this, she is standing up
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against police with a peace sign being flashed in the background and also, these women are fighting, and there faces are hidden. also, you can see that tear gas, with anti-government demonstrators through cairo. in plain clothes police officers are arresting civil yoliberties people. >> and people stranded at the cairo airport because of the curfew, forcing them to sleep wherever they can at the airport. pam? >> the uprise and egypt is impacting everybody around the world and the san francisco professor. she has family in egypt your their recently? for all of this happened? this was the streets of her homeland in first of all how was your family? >> they're all right
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however, shaken. and worried about the future. however, the security situation is really a overshadowing the real story which is hope for democracy and change. that is a very infectious feeling, joyful. optimistic. a sense that things can finally be different. >> let us talk about the security difference and in the area your family is protecting its home? in its neighborhood. and some have makeshift weapons to protect their homes? >> yes. my mother has her kitchen knives out there. and we are on a ground floor of a high-rise building. and there is a concern that an armed robbery could take place. criminals being released from jail. and that is a major concern for security. all of these
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neighbors in our streets have been formed a neighborhood watch. a neighborhood community to secure, if you of the absence of police. >> you been able to speak with your family from a land line? your family has been protesting? >> correct! my sister is heading out there tomorrow and my parents are is wanting to protect their home and also support the protestors km many people are watching this on television. and many people, including my friends and professional colleagues who are out there. >> and hosni mubarak he has changed his government but he is not stepping down. musty step down for this to come to an end? >> definitely! and i do not think that they're going to stop until he does. >> and who will replace him?
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>> it is up in the air. and there are several other active opposition groups of and calling for constitutional reform. they include religious groups although religion and one of many groups that are calling for change right now. there are several people that are serving in the current government that also could play a role in that transition. >> and there is concern about what a new government could been for america. what do you feel about that since you live in america? >> democratic egypt would be better for egypt and the entire world. and i do think that it is for the best. >> thank you for speaking to us and i wish you and your family well through this. our continuing coverage continues
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@ (music) >> low clouds hugging the coast this afternoon but most of those clear skies
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sunny and the fog will reform along the coast in the delta. it is going to be cold are overnight with clear skies. , sunny, warmer, and widespread 60s. the wind will pick up once denied with a blast of cold air. the satellite, when you can expect the warm, dry air is going to build back and but the clouds are coming from the north. going south. that colder air will be filtering through and wrap up the wind. a cooling trend on wednesday. first, let us talk about tomorrow morning with cool skies and cold tomorrow morning. to grab your jacket. concord, 39, 38 in fairfield, 42 degrees in the san jose and for is along the coast. and into the afternoon, 60s. and the sum will be in some rafeal, vallejo, richmond at 59 degrees and some rafeal. --
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>> and also, some rafeal. and half moon bay, 62 some rafeal. in your 7 day around the bay forecast warmer tomorrow, but cooler on a saturday. overnight, some cold air into the bay area. typically, the wind and the temperatures are going to be warmer but that is not going to be the case on wednesday morning. -nice warm rebound on thursday and weekend on tap. >> governor jerry brown the first state of the state is wrapping up. and in 28 years, dan kerman? >> the speech is all for it was 15 minutes. and the focus was the budget. turn the arm of republicans to make sure that they bring this to a public vote. the voters can decide weather to extend taxes. more on that coming up in a few minutes.
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