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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 3, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PST

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with, my dear. that's "inside edition" for today. i'm deborah noville. thank you for watching. we will see you back here again tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: . this is kron 4 news at 11:00. wild winter weather brings life to a halt in the east. a look at the hardest hit areas. but first, the egypt up rising turned violent. tonight the latest on the bloody clashes between pro hosni mubarak supporters and anti government protesters. heavy gunfire through liberation square as thursday morning begins. here is the latest, many ignored a curfew and staid in the streets all night long, that after eight days of peaceful protest erupted in to
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violence. when pro government grouped stormed the city. three killed and several hundred injured. kron 4's christine connelly has more. >> reporter: some describe the site as mideval. using whips on people. one of the riders is pulled to the ground and kicked and beaten. the heart of cairo turned into an urban battle field when the pro hosni mubarak demonstrators invaded liberation square. the clashes began outside of the egyptian museum. kabul stones ripped from the pavement and used as weapons. anderson cooper was among the targets of the violence. >> punches us in the head. stay first started going for
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the cameras. they didn't want pictures taken. i was using a flip camera, which they didn't notice. they kept trying to grab us. there was no control. >> reporter: as the number of injured mounted, the army separated the two groups, that did not stop the violence. these pictures show cocktails being dropped from the rooftops. the military used water canons to control the claims. president obama condemned the violence and warmed peter maggiore about resisting the will of the people. >> that time is now. >> reporter: christine connelly, kron 4 news. >> the protests are being watched closely by experts who study the politics of the middle
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east. >> reporter: cocktails lit up the night sky in cairo. steven says he is not surprised the government appears to have sent in paid thugs to break up the rallies. >> they charged in with knives, sticks, quite ugly. hundreds injured. >> reporter: he said some appear to be program who took off their uniforms so they can break the rules. hosni mubarak knows the soldier's loyalty will only go so far. >> i don't think they would obey because the ordinary troops see more in common with the protesters. >> reporter: and that is one side hosni mubarak's regime is
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crumbling. >> it's whether people will respect your authority, whether they will follow your orders. when they say, hey, you can't demonstrate, you have to abide by the curfew and people ignore it, you know your days are numbers. >> reporter: hosni mubarak will probably be out within a few weeks and may try to hand over power to his vice president. >> nasty fellow. he was known as the torturer in chief in that country. >> protesters are not likely to quiet down till they see a leader that represents their interest. >> he can maintain an unviolence discipline. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> the uprising in egypt is effecting people here in the
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bay area. today we spoke to a foreign exchange student. who is concerned and excited about the revolution. but first a oakland woman who just returned home from egypt. >> amazing. like watching a movie or something. except it was real. we saw a number of burned out vehicles. lots and lots of tanks. police headquarters. i am just really glad to be home. >> i am excited to go back home to egypt in the summer to vote for my first time, for our next president because i am sure that this time we are going to choose our destiny and my vote will count. >> stay with kron 4 news for the developing situation in the uprising. we will bring you another update if there are developments during this newscast. to the snowstorm hitting a
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large section of the united states. at least 12 deaths are reported. the massive storm system stretches across 2,000 miles from oklahoma to new england. we have two reports, kate thompson shows you the destruction and dan kerman looks at travel. >> reporter: in massachusetts you can hear the building cracking. as the collapse under the weight of the snow. in rhode island another building collapses. in chicago 20 inches of snow closed the city's schools for the first time in 12 years. and police rescued hundreds of drivers strandled for 12 hours after accidents shut down lake shore drive. ice and slush causing problems on the roads and rails.
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trains is suspended from new york to philadelphia and in st. louis the roads were terrible. a salt truck helping the roads, itself ended up a victim to the ice. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> reporter: here at sfo bad weather is having an impact. flight cancellations to chicago and new york and boston. just to name a few. the airport is not filled with stranded people. many cancellations were made early so people just didn't show up. dan kerman, kron 4 news. temperatures cooler right now than 24 hours ago. 40s. only someplace in the 50s, san francisco, 52. 41 half moon bay. sant arosa 52. 42 napa. 42 fairfield. it will get cold overnight
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tonight with temperatures in the 30s because the winds last night just not out there right now. temperatures again, very cold. not any fog tomorrow morning, too dry for that. afternoon, quick warming. we will see a warm afternoon and we have a warming trend if the weekend. details in a few minutes. beefing up security on bart. they are putting officers in action on certain parts of the bart line, all in the name of fighting terrorism and crime. a look at where they will it's really delicious, mom.
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at&t. rethink possible. . in bay area news, a new emergency, the fire department responded to a small explosion. a failing pipe may have caused
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a boiler to rupture. cruise shut it down while they investigate. no one was hurt. there is no harm to the local community. in san jose, a counselor is in school tonight accused of molesting five girls. keith woodhouse is charged with corey -- 14 counts. investigators are urging parents to question their children. police believe there may be additional victims. a police officer is under arrest. accused of steeling a vehicle registration tag. investigators say gregory hui skoal the tag from a scar after pulling the car over. he then placed that sticker on one of his own vehicles.
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. new at 11:00. a special team of police officers is now riding certain bart trains all day. the traption agency says the goal is to prevent terrorism and other crimes that may occur. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us bart is hoping the officers will deter people from even thing about breaking the law. >> reporter: these bart police officers move through each car, looking for anyone acting suspicious. the transportation agency says a group of 8 highly trained officers who are on the bart police forare part of the parole team. their job is to ride trains which runs through the critical
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ast corridor. it started last month. he wouldn't tell us where the system is vulnerable to security threats. >> bart is very safe and we are making it safer. a number of vulnerabilities -- this is just helping us making bart the safest it can be. this is about fighting wood-be terrorists. they can also get regular crooks as well. there is a small amount of crimes on our trains. >> reporter: before bart received a grant from the government, officers only patrolled the trains twice a day. this program is only funded for three years and then bart has to reapply for the grant.
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tonight's headlines in placerville a principal killed on campus today, the suspect john leubbers is now in custody. happened in placerville. nonyls was injured. an order from a federal judge to the man charged with handling the compensation fund for victims of the gulf oil spill. ken finebering and his agents must identify that they are all acting for and on behalf of bp and are not independent from the oil company. a category five cyclone, the most dangerous, has hit australia. in one town one in three homes is wiped out. it is being called the storm of the century with winds near 190 miles per hour. thousands were evacuated ahead of time. much of the area is devastated.
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there are no reports of casualties. we are going to be seeing warmer weather. a look at our picture, dry, warm air off shore, keeps driving storms to the north. getting clipped with high clouds right now. really not going to put a damper on the forecast. tomorrow morning, it will be cold, especially in the north bay and in the inland valleys. freezing in antioch, santa rosa. napa 33. conquered 34 degrees. patchy frost in these areas. bay shores, upper 30s and low 40s. 38 half moon bay. warmest location, san francisco, 45 degrees. afternoon, we will see plenty of warming, plenty of 60s out there and sunshine. nice. 62 in san rafael. 60 san francisco. low 60s for the bay shores.
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64 half moon bay. if you are planning on heading to the sierra this weekend, plenty of sunshine from the ski resort. friday and saturday in the 40s. sunday, 50s. so it's february, but these conditions, like spring-like conditions. it makes getting to and from easy. seven-day forecast, warming tomorrow, on friday. morning staying on the cold side. for the weekend, temperatures topping 70 degrees. well above average and we will keep the low 70s till the start of next week. the sharks hang on for dear life against the ducks. gary has highlights and something you don't see too often, two goalies
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. all right. good evening, everybody. sharks first of seven on the road. they didn't waste time. 14 seconds into the contest, dany heatley and san jose leading 1-0. the great come back against phoenix. ryan, made it 4-1. and they would end up needing that goal. bobby ryan, and it's now 4-3, san jose and the finish, anaheim attacking, attacking. and he had 27 saves. sharks win 4-3. they are starting to make a run towards the post season birth. boston on saturday. goalies fighting each other. pittsburgh tonight, bret johnson from the left, knocks down rick on a single left hook. check out the replay.
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okay. he lies on his back. he gets a few laughs. penguins win 3-0. very rarely goalies beating on each other. here we go again. another punch, last night people mate jordan stall against brandon of the new york rangers. there we go. kicked out of the game for the punch. was not suspended and the penguins won. giants signed a big name. maybe this guy is not quite ready. lou piniella will be an assistant to the giant general manager. one of the best managers. they go back to their days with the new york yankees. for the third time, bill belichick is the nfl coach of the year. don won it four times. super bowl and rough weather.
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that's the deal in dallas. both teams had to work out inside. ben roethlisberger and the steelers worked out at tcu. their practice facility. 2.5 point underdog. packers are practicing at the local high school. aaron rodgers went to cal and he is from chico. >> since high school i have been blessed to work with people. at college i got the best of the best. we own fundamentals. talked about the mental aspect of playing quarterback. >> i said from day one when he was here, he will be an all-pro quarterback. not only the physical skills but the mentality and the understanding he has. he is calm, collected. playing at a level that is very, very high.
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awesome to see. >> this is a good day for the coach. tops on his recruiting list. when all the high school kids sign on the dotted line. 6 fee, 350-pound defensive tackle, one of the best players in the country, he chose cal. and they have a fellow by the name of richard rogers, father played at cal, famous play in 1982. these are prep all americans. cal a good day. stanford seven all americans signed. a linebacker, fourth best in the country. the number one high school football team america. bob's team, honored today at a rally. perfect 14-0. max preps, ranked 15,000 high school and said
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