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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 3, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> an autopsy or more revealinan autopsy report is out revealing the death of juliani cardenas. click check and your forecasts good morning. >> no snow in the forecast for san francisco. no rain either. a strong as any days ahead of us. all the
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details and coming up. >> it is quiet outside fear thursday morning commute a live look at sat, complete check coming up. >> thank you, developing story heavy gunfire has been hurt bringing to the streets of cairheard ringing the street in cairo. that extra eight days a peaceful proteste change to island. 200 kit injured, three killedinjured, three killed. >> caught in the chaos, on the streets of cairo,. this is what looked like.
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hundreds injured since wednesday, a week and a half of protest took a violent turn. >> we saw a very ugly face, tactics that are well known in egypt. send the exit to break up peaceful demonstrations. >> the next 24-48 hours are critical. >> this is uncharted territory, fight for egypt. >> hundreds of protesters got roa gathered in yemen. the'e pushing for the immediate ouster of their president. >> the obama administration
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publicly condemned the ongoing violence in egypt. they're calling for quick end. were the 1900 u.s. citizens have left egypt since this began. kron4 spoke to a foreign exchange student who is concerned about all of this. excited of the prospect of a resolution, but first an oakland woman who first returned home from egypt just down. >> it was amazing, it was like for to the movie. we saw a number of burned vehicles, lots of tanks, police headquarters, people on the roof shooting. i am just really got rear home! >> i'm excited to go back to egypt, to vote for my first
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time for next president. because, i am sure, this time we will choose our destiny. my vote will count! >> stay tuned to kron4 for the developing story in egypt, we will follow it all morning long. also on our website for the day stay tuned, more delays, cancellations expected at airports to date. because of all that weather back east. another big storm is headed to texas, video out of chicago, hundreds of drivers trapped for more than six hours last night. you see all of those cars, people trapped at airports. kron4 looks at the effect on travel in and out of sfo. >> bad weather in the midwest and northeast is having an impact. flight cancellations to chicago,
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new york, boston. the report is not filled with people, many cancellations were made early. people news of the debenture out. as a folk, it dan kerman, kron4 news. >> another big storm is headed towards texas, live reports from s f o in the next 30 minutes. erica? >> darya: good morning james, acquired on their race, westbound 80, the approach to the toll plaza nice, light, it just a few cars headed into san francisco. no problems, san mateo bridge, overnight construction. northbound-e 80 right where he 92. intel
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6:00 a.m. the 880 connector will be shut down you will have to find your way around it. the span is clear, lots of space between cars, no back up the toll plaza. north bay, golden gate southbound-101 is very quiet. very few cars headed toward san francisco. 23 minutes free ride out of novato into city limits. louisa a question mark >> good morning? >> certainly a different picture than yesterday we saw snowfall blanketed in the northeast, tapering off the screen. now it has left them digging out. currently, continuing with mild,, weather. in fact, free of fog. temperatures are cooler to start the day, 35 degrees
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to the north bay, 35 santa rosa. 36 napa and san rafael. south bay = low 40's. ridge of high pressure in the neighborhood. radon to the week come into the weekend, temperatures expected to skyrocket. afternoon highs = 66. 61 of the rotornovato. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows as we go to the end of the week warming into the '70s. of sunshine even into next week. james? >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. what we come back the latest on the case of juliani cardenas,
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the corner has released the cause of death. we will have that coming up in a minute. a live look outside, fantastic forecast to look forward to. more on that enter headlines in a minute. and your latest headlines in a minute.
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>> into we are back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more sunshine tomorrow, or for the weekend. saturday, sunday, at your 70's. were detailed forecast never for a way.far aww details, the autopsy report shows juliani cardenas did die of drowning. he is still waiting for dna tests.
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police say, yes they believe it was him. crews are looking for the kidnapping suspect jose rodriguez. officials believe his body is in the canal, they out of the award for his arrest. they're still treating this they have filed a warrant for his arrest. pacific gas and electric company has been ordered to cut pressure, the chronicle is reporting that the state public utilities committee ordered the gas company to reduce pressure by 20% below the legal limit. to the pipes are in this out. under residential neighborhoods. the legal pressure levels are part of the investigation of the san bruno explosion last year. an emergency last night at the while refineryoil and finald
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failing to it may have caused a boil to rupture. it was shut down, no one reported injured. san jose, and after school counselor is in jail accused of molesting five girls under the to attend. 25 your key would-house, which charges 25 counts. keith woodhouse was richard whitaker towns, police are urging parents to talk to their children they believe there may have been other skirt. >> investigators say it great greece toltec after pulling it over, he placed the sticker on his own vehicle. district attorney's george gascon says he worries chargesthese discharges
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>> an elementary schoolteacher is dead after being shot, school janitor is in custody for that crime. suspected of student the principle in plaster will more on that as it develops. yesterday, authorities arrested him at his home, he see him backing down his driveway. they're looking into whether or not he was laid off recently. a quick break, and a delegate said, this time a shot of the golden gate bridge. a clear shot, driving about visibility is fantastic. really, really good-looking forecast! stick around that is coming up.
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welcome back, turning our attention to the storm hitting this section of the country. the massive storm system stretched across 2,000 mi., okla. all the way to new england. >> in massachusetts you could hear the building tracking. (crashing) as a collapses another collapses, in chicago, 20 in. of snow close schools for the first time in 12 years! police on snowmobiles rescued hundreds of drivers
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who were stranded for hours. near city, pedestrians i skated down city sidewalks. ice,/causing problems. trains are suspended from new york to philadelphia. as all chuck helping to make the roads were tribal and that a victim to the ice. >> falling the latest with the weather, this is of the publicity hitting iowa. check it out, you can see the snow keeps coming, coming, coming. building across the ground. this is an iowa, they're dealing with tons of that stuff. they will continue to see it for the next day. more on that coming up. in the meantime watching the latest to join on with the warnings, blizzards, hard
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freeze warning for dallas. right where they are posted the super the supe >> that is certainly the problem spot, texas into new orleans. looking ahead freezing rain, over the next couple of days. dragnets today, light snolight stood shos through new england, the midwest is certainly dry. for us, we have been dry, we will stay that way. we have a nice warm up to look forward to! 36 napa, 49 san francisco, livermore low
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30s. lots of sunshine today, but temperatures are warming up come tomorrow. we will see an nice little warming trend. to date = '60 to date = s 62 livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more sunshine ahead of us, mid-upper '70's by the weekend. america? >> a great start to your thursday morning commute. no hot spots on their race. bay bridge toll plaza looks good. great conditions in to san francisco. the bay bridge is fine, if you are heading down to some detail
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over in the construction. not causing any problems. northbound-80 will be shut down. traffic moving at the limit. golden gate bridge, no problems, i just checked those or of sensors and no problems to for your entire ride throughout marin county. great start this morning for public transportation no problems to report. james? >> thank you, a special team of police officers is now writing certain part trains all day. the goal is to prevent terrorism, other crimes that may occur. reggie kumar looks at this. >> these police officers are
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moved through each part looking for anyone suspicious. that may try to rob or commit an act of terrorism. the agency says a group of eight highly trained officers, who were party on the police force are now part of a new team. their job is to ride trains. that area is the transit bay to, it started last month. >> it is very say, we're making it even safer. there are a number of possibilities that we have identified, this is just topping us make it safer. this is about fighting would-be terrorist, it might want to see a problem and exploited. not only can they
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fight terrorist but they can get regular criminals as well. >> the crimes are decreasing, before bart received a grant from the government officers only patroled the trades to rise to a jury. this program is funded for three years that of our test to reapply for the grant. oakland, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> to help train could declare a fiscal emergency today. it could increase fares, reduce services or the careful review. caltrans artie reduce service and increased fares, it is dealing with a $30 million budget deficit. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. another live look outside as we go, james lick, since this group, traffic is an easy ride for
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traffic is an easy ride for you. more than a minute.
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and we are back, but quit bridge check, bay bridge approach, traffic is nice, light no word of any problems as you make your way from the mes to san francisco. it looks good. san mateo, living well, highly-92. the right-hand
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side is your commute, from hayward to foster city. golden gate, looks good, three cars it looks like. it is a very easy commute. your ride along the peninsula for 101 looks good. australia, escaped death, but not destruction. it hit the north eastern port, a powerful storm, ripping homes, cutting power to a lot of people. it did not take any lives. >> sightline watchers predicted a catastrophe. it took aim, it cut it to pieces. shot loade
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>> it looks like a war zone. i felt like i was in a war zone when i woke up this morning. >> it hit around midnight, shook with a blast. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> cutting power to so many communities. mission beach, widespread losses, 22 properties with the major damage flooded by the storm, carved out by the winds. >> one has lost its roof and the entire top floor but, kelltella whwas hit hard. this is the town's senior
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citizen center, hours before the cyclone it was being used as an evacuation center. organizers became concerned that the structure would not stand up to the winds. so, the people were moved, to receive for location. look at what is left, and nothing but broken printer tenders. the town has no power, lines are down, jobs are closed. >> you cannot say this too often is bad. >> in all of this, no one got killed. >> i thought i was going to die! >> the citizens took the warning seriously, cooperated with great courage, resilience,
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patience. that is why so many are safe, well, live. >> help is trickling in sicilyslowly. >> will you recover? >> absolutely, we are tough! >> both were ripped from their homes in the marine that tossed onto land. million dollars yacht destroyed,. this one ended up in a swimming pool. >> the damage will be big. >> caravans turned upside down. an evacuation in place last night, 125 residents decided to wait it out. today they went door-to-door to make sure everyone was
4:27 am
davsafe. houses left open to the elements, 60 properties with major damage. 100 medium, 50 minor. >> we will rebuildwe will repealed from the floods, the cyclone, from anything that nature procesthroes of us! >> stricter building codes have been in force in cyclone tracy. in 1974, killing 71 people. in other news, crash's topps officials say several people with information on last may's suicide bombing had been detained. those
4:28 am
detained have knowledge on accomplices, the logistics' of the blast. quoted as saying " we have an idea of who's the organization organizers were ". it killed 36, wounding 150. we'll take a break, we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. and other mild day on tap, fantastic week ahead! when you compare it for the rest of the week we are thankful .
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>> the latest edit the jet, live pictures of cairo, crowds are once again forming in cairo. liberation square, we just found out the military has started rounding up journalist for their own protection. that is what some are saying. they have been attacking protesterstill getting the latet set of what happened in the overnight hours, this morning people are walking around connolly, it doesn't look like as much panic as we saw yesterday. the military is taking up positions between anti- government supporters and those who support it. soldiers did not intervene
4:31 am
other than warning shots, hours after automatic gunfire hit the protest camp. killing at least three protesters, soldiers could be seen lining up between the two sides. late thursday morning, several hundred soldiers moving towards the front line for tanks cleared a highway overpass. firebombs on to the protestors below. meanwhile, protests are being watched very closely. jonathan bloom spoke with a professor about what is happening. >> after a day of protest, it turned violent. the government appears to have sent in paid thugs to break
4:32 am
up the rallies. >> the church with machetes, knives, bullets. it is quite ugly, number of people have killed. >> some appear to be policemen who'd taken off their uniforms as they did break the rules. the military has been called in, the soldiers loyalty will only go so far. >> i don't think these soldiers would fire, i think the troops see more in common with the protesters then they do their regime. >> that is one side that is crumbling. >> its and not how many guns come troops is whether people respect you, follow your orders. when they say, you can demonstrate, you have to abide by this curfew people ignore, ago, you know
4:33 am
your days are numbered as the leader. he is thinking about handing it over to the head of the military. of very nasty man he's known of the captain of torture. >> protesters were on our quiet until they see an elected leader represent their interests. >> they want a nonviolent discipline it will convince them as well as the government that their time is up. >> keep it to end here for the latest developments at of egypt, we will follow it all morning long your on the kron 4 morning news. and throughout the day at back here on the u.s., with tristram's, passed through the upper midwest, headaches remain for travelers try to get
4:34 am
through the country. airlines are looking to regroup. 13 doesn't are affected, sandra ando has more. >> a massive winter storm but of the northeastern united states leaving snow, ice come up parlance. tens of thousands are without power. after the wake of the snow proved to heavy the roof caved in. dozens go out just in time. residents had to take extreme measures to get of the eyes. >> a little surf downsalt down,u have to hit it out that the only way. >> after cedras airports
4:35 am
the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch. oklahoma city officials are warning residents to stay inside. >> wind chills - 5-minus 15, these two factors create hazards to our public, house of his travel conditions, slip and fall, frostbite and a life-threatening hypothermia. >> obviously chicago caused ripple effects when o'hare's flights were canceled or delays. will tran and has been monitoring it. let's go back to sfo, will a look so crowded. >> it is a lot of people are playing catch-up, in a perfect world it might not be as busy because flights are not as jim pact. they're trying to get people on
4:36 am
those planes. profs great news, look at this departures aboard, you don't see one orange word. we're talking about chicago, dallas. the rivals, that is a different story. there are two inbound flights for american airlines that have been cancelled. if you want to get on one of these planes if you really have to ask how badly do i want it? because, if your scheduled for thursday, it's our most of the storm did that happen. you cannot run the plan and be fine. now, if you tried to play catch-up, you have to get a hold of your carrier there is limited room on those planes. call them, perhaps the can squeeze you in if not you might have to go another route we just talked to german doors to get to
4:37 am
chicago here's his punt, the dulles-indianapolis, then chicago. he's not complaining he was serious because of the storm at least today he gets to get off the ground. >> considering the weather in chicago may be another day in san francisco is not so bad. (laughter) >> i have a small but the maybe some people want to fly here over the next few days because temperatures are just gonna keep climbing as we head towards the weekend it will feel like a very different weather here. golden gate, free of fog, clear conditions. cooler than it was yesterday, after noon lots of sunshine we're dry, start to borrow as we head towards the weekend starting you off with temperatures a few degrees above freezing through sifter. mid thirties in livermo,
4:38 am
48¢ as go, low 40 savings as gol continue to strengthen over the next few days. --40 degrees san francisco. low 60s san rafael, 61 richmond, low 60s = east bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing another strain of sunshine ahead of us. raindrops of of the forecast as we had to the next few days. tomorrow warming into the low 70's, the weekend mid-upper '70's expected. 3 degrees away from 80 degrees. monday,
4:39 am
'70s, clear. eric and? speak-e thank you, we do not have any accidents or incidents on their road race. clean, no hot spot, but goes for dropping from all approaches. you can see no way at the pay gate. 8-9 minutes. now if you're heading towards the san mateo bridge that may be a different story, we're not tracking any slowing, overnight construction still in effect re where meets highway 92. there will be shutdowlots of space between cas and about directions. pss
4:40 am
golden gate looks good, perfect drive time 22 minutes for your ride of novato into city limits. south bay, no hot spots, northbound, so to run 01 no back up on the 87 interchange. clear conditions, same goes for the rest of the bay. james. >> we will take a break, back aside as we go, this time from our roof camera back with more news as the morning news continues in one minute.
4:41 am
and we are back, here is stanley roberts in this edition of people being badly. >> they will take anything that is not nailed down.
4:42 am
>> this is one of many bike orders to have stories of the bike parts being stolen. >> they tried to steal my helmet. >> it was slowly stripped to just handle bars. seat stolen come in front wheels, the back wheels. when i had everything. >> they are being stolen in broad daylight, the bike deaths are happening in front of superior occurred, city hall, rights back in front of the superior court. get this, at the california supreme headquarters as well. >> cops everywhere, and yet it happens all the time. >> the chain is to keep the seat on, you have to break ford is a dozen and a chain which will take you at least
4:43 am
five minutes. >> he hopes this will delay them long enough for someone to get them. >> pieces stolen in front of a court house, something is wrong about that. >> there is something very wrong about anything being stolen anywhere! san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> if your comment or a story idea for stanley said the minimill, that's where he gets most of his ideas. back with more minute.
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>> welcome back, a number of groups have collapse due to heavy snow from the storm. >> here we go, an experiment, all want to see a guy can roll down the window. they go ice, it's a shell of ice. >> wow! that illustrates how cold it was. that's a news reporter whose car was coated with ice so, he had to punch through. this is all part of the massive storm causing problems for millions of americans. others are finding creative ways to show how cold it is. here's the weather service, amount of the u.s., it shows the watches, warnings, advisories. we have this
4:46 am
light blue. that is a freeze on warning.warning. when they go the overnight hours there temperatures dip below zero. all of that turns into ice. put the cursor rate here, you can see there's a hard freeze or and a lot of people are not excited about that. the trouble from our pockets of the country to see the super bowl, winter storm warning in effect for texas. let's get the latest on the storms and were expected locally which is fantastic by contrast. certainly the worst is in texas, freezing rain, as far as the north goes just a little bit of lingering snow showers. a very light. to portions of new england for
4:47 am
the most part we will try it out. a lot drier this morning. it will stay that way tomorrow as well of five l. cooler than yesterday for us, about a degree above freezing in fairfield. upper 30s in san rafael, a few degrees warming in sentences go. san jose, up to about 40 degrees, ridge of high pressured dominating our area. warm temperatures in to tomorrow, the weekend, warm-up to the weekend to the '70s. currently warming up to 60 incidents as go, the peninsula 62, 63 degrees is the common number in san
4:48 am
jose, view into the state. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. more sunshine headed our way not eight raindrop in sight. >> thank you, gandhi at the tropicana is especially your bay area bridges, no problems, certainly no hot spots for your ride around the bay area westbound 80, more cars on the road than we saw 10 minutes ago not a problem. traffic moving at the limit 8-9 minutes from the foot of the maze in to save francisco, overnight construction in effect from send tear bridge. once you get past it no problems. golden gate bridge in the clear, very quiet, very few cars. no problems on the span or at of marin county. speeds well above the limit between novato and the
4:49 am
waldegrave. across town, practically a ghost town traffic moves well towards 101-80 split. no problems to for public transportation. james. >> stock futures are mixed after ending the day mixed yesterday traders were spooked by the violence in egypt. a number of reports due out today including sales numbers, a drop claims. >> california wins a 6 1/2 million dollars restitution for photos from honors.home own, hewlett-packard and dell are warning some of their new computers are affected by a technical flaw with an intel chip. intel brasil revealed
4:50 am
the design error. h-p has stopped making them. customers who bought the machine can get a refund or exchange. dell says for models were affected along with several plant products. big day for arising customers who can't wait to get their hands on the iphone. they can now breathe ordered the i phone-4. demand could outpace supplies so they will be sold first-come, first- served. it officially goes on sale february 10th. tech news, tech reporter gate slate has the latest on a new announcement from google. >> look at ipad, google has a press congress to show what they are offering. they developed technique knowhoneycoa
4:51 am
special operating system for such computers. they're hoping tablet running on honeycombed will do the same ring people from the at what to do those version. you have your most use abs here, e-mail, right in the center next to your calendar. it has a cool feature the most popular at the day. it seems a very easy to use come with clean, simple a good alternative. 3 d graphics, video games look great. i've played with the sports illustrated app it worked well. cnn is really cool to. i did a quick demo, it works for a while. there are no tablet running on the come but they're coming as soon. i got my hands on this
4:52 am
demo, it was fast, easy-to- use, light way, then. it has things the ipad does not have like friends and backside cameras it has potential to give ipad a run for its money. none view, gabe slate, kron4 news. >> >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. email in you, you're even the equity in your home. to a criminal, getting his hands on just one tiny piece of you, even just your name, can be enough to steal your credit, your money and your good name. that's why you need lifelock to help protect you. lifelock is the leader in proactive identity protection. we aggressively patrol your identity every second of every day by actively monitoring your personal information to help protect you from identity theft
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notify lifelock and you'll never pay a cent. order now and also get this document shredder to keep your personal documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value, free! just mention life60. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back, wacky winter weather had blind, here is a look. >> having to leave your car on lake shore drive was bad. not as bad as having your car's nose rubbed in this note. accident like this one
4:55 am
and roof collapses, but as some things went down others went up, up, up. this snowman is 35 ft. tall. it is enough to give frosty envy. these buttons are made out of racing tires. a giraffe in staten island, our favorite, they call their creation snow-the villa.zilla. >> the vallejo ignites pass this note so it doesn't melt itflame like that passed the
4:56 am
snow so it doesn't help that much. >> listen to that, under bringing snow, whether men get dumped on by comedians during snowstorms. cn end zone ed got the to meet camel treatment. >> they have to give it careful as these cars and drive by. from sliding dogs, to a joker who thought it would be funny to go shirtless in chicago. how you view this note will help you weather. (laughter) >> it is a fun challenge to think? >> i love those crosses.
4:57 am
>> she has no on her glasses. (laughter) > >> we will take a quick break come alive pictures of cairo i can show you as we go. we had a lot of violence yesterday, it looks as though things are, at this hour we'll keep an eye on this and be back with more in a moment. you are you. you are also your social security number, your credit card numbers, the email in your inbox, you're even the equity in your home. to a criminal, getting his hands on just one tiny piece of you, even just your name, can be enough to steal your credit, your money and your good name. that's why you need lifelock to help protect you. lifelock is the leader in proactive identity protection.
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we aggressively patrol your identity every second of every day by actively monitoring your personal information to help protect you from identity theft before it happens. credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity. and only tells you after the fact, sometimes as much as 60 days later, that your identity has been stolen. by then, the damage to your credit, your good name and your life has already been done. with lifelock, as soon as we spot a threat to your identity within our network, our advanced lifelock id alert system notifies you helping to protect your identity before you become a victim. and because no one can stop all identity theft, if the criminals do manage to steal any of what makes you you, lifelock is there to help make you whole again with our $1 million total service guarantee and a 24/7 support staff that will fight to restore your good name. all it takes is for the criminals to get a hold of just one piece of your personal information and they can wreak havoc on your life.
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get the protection you need right now with one call to lifelock. call now and try lifelock free for a full 60 days. if you're not completely satisfied, notify lifelock and you'll never pay a cent. order now and also get this document shredder to keep your personal documents out of the wrong hands. a $29 value, free! just mention life60. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good morning, 5:00 a.m., et prime minister is apologizing and for the attack of supsupporters of
5:00 am
the president. an oakland woman just returned and she describes her experience coming up. >> the midwest is still digging out, we'll have the impact tha of that in a few minutes. >> the matter is showing you where we see snow, rain, freezing rain still falling, local forecast the looks good that will be coming up. >> new accident, i will tell you how it affects your commute coming up. >> the latest headed egypt, protestors are still on the street. some 350 people working for the united nations will be evacuated today because of security concerns. some staff will remain to continue caring out functions. four army tanks have moved into perditionposition protecting the
5:01 am
demonstrators. prime minister told see the tv the attack wednesday by the anti-government protester was a mistake promised to investigate. the uprising in egypt is affecting people in the bay, kron4 spoke to a foreign exchange student who is concerned and excited about the revolution. first, and oakland, who just returned from egypt. >> it was amazing, it was like watching a movie. a number of burned out vehicles, lots, lots of tanks. police headquarters, people on the road where they were shooting. i am really glad to be home. >> i'm excited to go back home to egypt, to vote for my first time for the next president. i am sure this
5:02 am
time we will choose our destiny and my vote is going to count. >> stay with kron4 we continue to monitor their feet at of egypt, we will watch the latest on the uprising and bring you another update coming up. >> another big storm could be heading to texas come and take a look at the map, as we take a look at what is left of this monster storm, hundreds of drivers were trapped for hours overnight, it just reopened this morning after being closed for up to 30 hours. here is the video of this roof collapse, you can see how clock that the snow is on the road. this is the front of the building, let it is, right as the cameras are
5:03 am
rolling the wake of the heavy snow in eastern massachusetts. fortunately no one was hurt. >> an incredible storm, still delays, cancellations are expected. an estimate that 14 dozen flights were canceled. kron4 is at sfo with the latest. will? >> for the first time in three days by bringing good news. seems like a flight leaving to dallas, chicago are fine this morning. there are some in the of flights canceled. glenn s. harris taking off, for the first time in days you don't see any orange. on time, on time, on time. it does not look like it will change according to the duty manager, a looks good. chicago is digging out from all of this note. the report
5:04 am
is operational. a lot of people showing up, playing catch-up. people like winston who tried to catch a flight to dallas. >> we are on our third flight, furs it got canceled, this is lucky number three hopefully we will get it done. >> so did you come yesterday and founder you're not taking off? >> know we got text messages from the airline so we stayed in the comfort of our hotel. >> you knew for sure when you should appear you get a flight across mark >> at 2:30 a.m. we got a text message that said our flight was on time. see, the text messages to work. >> we are very grateful for that. i told my girlfriend, is this does not work i am going to be really sad because we have to find another hotel.
5:05 am
>> he will catch his flight, there is still limited room, normally this is a slow time of year if you want it badly you might be able to get in. if you're taking up this morning, scheduled it's almost like a snowstorm did not happen. we talked to people and they said what is the problem? >> thank you, james lick >> reporter: the maps show snowballing in new york, just because we are clear does not mean we are warm. still very cold wind chill advisory still in effect temperatures dropping down below zero. causing that snow to rephrase. heavy is whether to are soaked in
5:06 am
dallas. freezing rain falling rate now, that is where the super bowl is supposed to be on sunday. a lot of people travelling across the country, here, locally we're doing great. fairly mild. 48 in san francisco, there is in the north bay. 35 in napa. this afternoon, another afternoon of sunshine. high pressure above california warmer temperatures supports the weekend. 61 in richmond, the 60 san francisco, 59 in concord. 63 is the trend in oakland. 62 in livermore. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. look for the
5:07 am
weekend, what is art temperatures get warmer, warmer. to marlowe's '70s, saturday mid-70s, fantastic forecast ahead. nothing but sunshine. erica? >> good morning james, accident as the approach to debate toll plaza.bay bridge too clear the scene if you can other than that no affect on your drive times. heading over to our maps come overnight construction in effect northbound-880, a few lanes closed until 6:00 a.m.. once you get on the span clear conditions, no back up. lastly looking at the golden gate, no problems, traffic is flowing
5:08 am
freely. but the we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. [ wheezing breaths ]
5:09 am
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welcome back, a developing story, students on a trip to walker creek ranch had been sent home. 50 students and adults were sent home, the source of the illness has yet to be pinpointed although it seemed to originate from one top in in. it goes fifth and sixth grade students, at 200 students visit every week for its five day science. >> new details as an autopsy shows the death of juliani cardenas >>.autopsy results show the young boy presumed to be four-year old juliani cardenas died of drowning.dna tests that will confirm the body's identity won't be available for a couple of weeks.however, investigators say the remains, found in the delta-
5:12 am
mendota canal tuesday, match juliani's physical description and were clad in the same "spiderman" shoes and pajamas the missing child was wearing when he was kidnapped from his grandmother's arms on january 18th. juliani's mother's ex-boyfriend jose rodriguez is wanted on murder and kidnapping charges but police believe he is also dead in the canal. authorities found rodriguez's car in the canal last week.the cardenas family is reportedly still planning the child's funeral.stay tuned to kron 4 and for the latest on the search for rodriguez and the investigation into juliani's death. >> pacific gas and electric co. ran four natural-gas transmission system lines well above legal safety levels in recent years and must cut the operating pressure on those pipes, state officials said wednesday. two of the pipes, in the south bay, are buried under heavily populated areas, the state public utilities commission said. it ordered pg&e to reduce pressure on the lines by 20 percent below their legal limits. regulators had discovered the illegal pressure levels as part of the investigation into the gas-pipeline explosion sept. 9 in san bruno that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> the principal of a placerville elementary school is dead after a shooting on the campus in the sierra foothills community.investigators say the school's janitor, john luebbers, shot and killed louisiana schnell school principal sam lacara in the principal's office wednesday morning. authorities locked down the
5:13 am
school for several hours but no students were injured.parents and guardians were able to pick up the students later in the day.police say they're not sure if there was a dispute between the janitor and the principal. their arrested and thenthey arrested him at his home about one hour after the shooting. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. the latest on weather, traffic coming up after the break. it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary.
5:14 am
when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. rethink possible.
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5:16 am
>> new video coming in of this blizzard of out of iowa, you can see this now piling up, time last video. lapsed video. burlington area we sat 20 plus inches of snow. the midwest is trying to get back to normal today. >> a much different picture of the aisle, clear skies,
5:17 am
although it is cold in iowa. may be a little bit of snow. most of the weather happens to our south from dallas to out to florida. they're dealing with the rain, freezing rain. to that is where most of the focus will be. in terms of the national weather otherwise most of the country is trying out. quick look outside, a live shot of the james lick over to some of the headlines. slightly cooler, still clear. it's a nice christmas morning send a come a dry, increasing temperatures as we head towards the weekend mid-upper '70's. here's where the doctors are rain now, low-mid-40s upper '40's for san francisco, 45 oakland, 40 degrees san jose. still seeing
5:18 am
temperatures in the 30's for the north bay. this afternoon, lots of sunshine, the ridge of high pressure is keeping lots of sunshine to our north. they will be fantastic temperatures are warming as we go. low sixties in novato. 60 san francisco. 63 oakland, 63 straight down the road on the 880 from oakland all the way down to san jose. 63 low status and mountain view. 50 in the delta. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. i will back out of the ways you can see what could the temperatures great the weekend fantastic with temperatures near 75, and nothing but some shut all afternoon long. >> the freeway is lifted, no accidents or incidents if
5:19 am
you're taking one of the bay area bridges westbound 80, in the clear. traffic moves well from all approaches. leading lights are off. san mateo come overnight construction, not there, ok we don't have that camera shot. now back up at the toll plaza, same goes for the golden gate, traffic moves at the limit, drive times of 23 minutes from novato to city limits. no hot spots, northbound, 101. no back up on the 87 interchange, a very good drive times of 14 minutes from the downtown area. we do have a fire in san francisco, at 16th street, it is to alarm fire aboae. >> if you ride bart you
5:20 am
might notice more police. as special team of eight police officers is now writing bart trains all day long. they're called " critical asset control team " jury is a live this morning is the bart police officer lt.. >> tell me why now, why is the specialty writing course mark >> the nice part is we've received funding. the department of homeless security have funded this team. we have the money so now we can do it. >> are these new police officers? >> they are actually existing officers, they put in voluntarily for the team, we had a test, the interview, they were selected for the team. there existing bart police officers, there will be
5:21 am
working this assignment. >> does that mean they are being taken of what other areas correc? there are, they we normal officers, now that they have received this assignment, specialized training that will not decrease our deployment. we will still be able to stop the peace that we are always tough to.staffed. >> it is dark gray now, you'll still have enough officers for the other things? >> we will,. we know that the majority of the crime on bart occurs in stations, parking lots. we do deploy our officers to address those issues. this tree will be extrateams will be extra. >> most of the kron does not
5:22 am
happen on the trains, i am wondering what scenarios they are trained to handle. >> it will be counter terrorist training what to look for, what to be aware of. >> thank you, we will notice that as of today? >> they started generate tent. generate tens. >> the sentences go examiner is reporting that caltrans could reduce service and increase fares. there are dead 25¢ a zone, they're facing a $30 million budget deficit. >> police are investigating a drive-by shooting that happens in palo alto, no leads, on the day amenable
5:23 am
description of the vehicle. 260 the douglas stevenson had just returned from a strip of state, across the street from his toes. reed luggage from one vehicle to another. the vehicle is a dark color, a compact car, and did windows. he was taken hospital, he died. >> an officer iis under arrest after polling a sticker of of the car and placing it on his vehicle that had expired registration. >> san jose,an after-school daycare worker is facing multiple counts of child molestation in connection with his work with students at the child development center on the trace elementary school campus in san jose. investigators say several girls, all under the age of ten, came forward to say 25-year old keith woodhouse
5:24 am
touched them inappropriately in a classroom on the trace campus.woodhouse delayed a formal plea during a court appearance late last week.prosecutors say woodhouse worked and volunteered at programs for children in both san jose and los angeles dating back to 1999 including stints as a camp counselor and youth minister. investigators are also looking for more potential victims of the accused molester. they're urging parents to question their children. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live look from our roof camera, it is colder out there this morning, 48 degrees in san francisco, a high up near 60 degrees.
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
>> the latest with a major hurricane category five hurricane where it's called in that part of the world a cyclone. it slammed into australia, australian authorities are warning about the possibility of the deaths. as you see some of the flooding, incredibly, no deaths reported. this is
5:28 am
from an area of accounts fell. it snapped power poles as it moved across queensland. hundreds of homes are destroyed, damaged. thousands will not be able to go home until the wreckage is clear. it destroyed millions of dollars of bananas and sugar cane crops. other for hours here showing, more of the downtown area, you can see the roof ripped off of buildings. crops destroyed. to breathe littering the streets, this man is looking at what's left of his home. power lines down, this person and hold on to a sense of humor by putting a for sale sign on the remnants of his home. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. breaking news in san francisco, to
5:29 am
alarm fire, reported as 16th street and castro. we have turned a carrot towards the area, you can see the lights in the distance, crew on the way. there might be a second fire around the corner. we will get right back with a live report.
5:30 am
5:31 am
the mass of blizzard has passed to the middle east, the headaches to remain, airlines are working to regroup after 14,000 flights were canceled. send drug is at o'hare where they are hoping to get back to normal. >> a massive winter storm at the northeastern united states leaving snow, ice, downed power lines. tens of thousands are without power. >> we take for granted warm water, heat. >> after the weight of the sparrow prove to heavy dozens of workers gathered
5:32 am
just in time before the roof collapsed. residents took extreme measures to get of the eyes. >> i put salt down, or that. i tried to back up, now i have to dig out. >> flights were canceled due to record snowfall, most airports hoped to return to normal. o'hare got 20 in. of snow. the national weather service has issued a winter storm watch. oklahoma city officials are warning residents to stay inside. >> our values -52 -15. these two factors combined will create a hazard to the public. slip and fall, frostbite, life-threatening hypothermia. >> breaking news, we can confirm there are two
5:33 am
separate fires burning rate now in castro district. one is a to alarm, the other is in other fire at 17th and hartford. both has fires burning rain now. this came from the dispatcher, said in the cruz to the scene. we never accrue on the scene. two fires are burning, more information we will bring it to us as possible. a little bit of patchy fog, louisa? >> clear conditions for march shot of mt. tam, you can see your camera sticking around. this morning, slightly cooler than the were this time yesterday. sunny, dry, continued a nice little warming trend as we head towards the weekend. temperatures are just a few degrees above freezing for napa, santa rosa, 33
5:34 am
fairfield. 39 san rafael. low '40's san jose, do. satellite, radar shows a rich beginning to build into to robbery temperatures into the '70s. the weekend looks good! afternoon highs = 66. 61 novato, richmond as well. the '60s to the east bay, south bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we are now looking at a raindrop in sight! clear conditions persist, warm weather, temperatures above average. mid-upper 70's. erica? >> thank you, no accidents,
5:35 am
incidents, hot spots. looking at the bridges westbound 80, a bit more company out there that we saw at 10 minutes ago excellent conditions. traffic is moving at the limit. the during lights are off, same drive tram of eight minutes from the cemetery 2/7 go across the spans well above the 50 mi. per hour. now back up at the toll plaza. golden gate, a clear, weather wise, traffic was no problems to report. public transportation = good. no problems reported. james? >> thank you, the latest on egypt, an explosion of violence yesterday. proa government writers attacked
5:36 am
demonstrators. this is a video, the latest coming up of that city this is what it looks like at this hour. much, then what we saw yesterday thanks to the army that has finally stepped in. tanks, soldiers divided the two groups after automatic gunfire hit pro change demonstrators. killing three demonstrators. the prime minister told state tv the yesterday's attack was " a blatant mistake"critics of the government say in their mind the regina was the mastermind. we will have to wait and see. today's peace will hold? we'll keep an eye on it. >> the protests are being closely watched by experts to study the volatile politics of the middle east.
5:37 am
jonathan bloom spoke to a professor about what is happening and what is likely to come next. >> after a day of protest turned violent, some say he it they are not surprised the government appears to send in paid that. the president has also called in the military, the soldiers loyal to will only go so far. >> if they ordered the soldiers to fire a i don't think it would be a bay, i think the ordinary troops see more in common with the protesters then they do with the regina. >> that is one sign that it is a come crumbling. >> thousands of supporters and opponents of yemen's government are demonstrating one day after the president pledged he would not seek another term. it was an attempt to defuse protests
5:38 am
inspired by peaches revolt against term while in egypt. several dozen protesters marched from university calling for president to step down. he has been in power for nearly 32 years. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues, breaking news story, firefighters fighting to fires, when alarm fire burning on 17, hartford just around the corner. a live report coming up. california should be proud.
5:39 am
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>> just crossing the wires and a sharp drop in the number of americans filing for unemployment. 415,000 americans filed for unemployment last week, those numbers indicate modest job growth. we saw a
5:42 am
big drop in the weekly unemployment numbers falling by 42,000 last week we will see how wall street reacts. >> other business news hewlett-packard, dell are warning some of their new computers are affected by eight technical flaw in intel chip. intel revealed this designed air on monday. h-p has stopped making computers of faulty chip. customers, if you bought the problem computers you can get a refund or an exchange. four of its models are affected. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. developing story, two fires, very close together. one on 16th and market one of 17th and hartford. one is the one
5:43 am
alarm, the other is a to alarm. they both broke out 40 minutes ago. no information on injuries. cruz headed to the sea.scene.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
is a news reporter whose car was quoted twice. he punches threat. it's part of the massive storm. some are having finds ways to have fun. we have sledding from all other way grairain, people g through the snow, ice getting rescued in aircraft. did trains or clot.
5:47 am
authorities reporting and number of roof collapses. heavy snow piled up from the sixth winter storm in five weeks. >> local weather, completely the opposite, sunny, gorgeous. when you look at what's happening nationally it's amazing. >> drying out in the midwest and the northeast. behind this system, really cold arctic air moving in. really gusty winds. wind chills are really down. wind chills of below freezing by 40 degrees. different picture in our area. cooler than we were yesterday, fairfield at the freezing mark. ipad couple of degrees above freezing for napa, santa rosa. upper thirties for san rafael. another chili spot
5:48 am
livermore. 47 san francisco, low '40's in this set bay. satellite, radar, it clear conditions, mild, seasonal as we head into tomorrow they will skyrocket. and nice little warm-up on top for us. 66 santa rosa, low 60s rate down to san rafael and san francisco. 63 is that, no. these bay, san jose, mountain view. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. showing that a warming trend come tomorrow we could warm up into the low 70's. upper 70's by your sunday as the ticket to next week continuing to hold the sunshine and warm temperatures. erica. >> thank you, still quiet
5:49 am
outside no major problems. westbound 80, traffic is building. the meeting lights are off. no problems. no problems getting to the bridge, westbound-580. good to go in the san mateo bridge. still attracting lots of space between cars on 92. giving you a drive times of 13 minutes from end to end. same goes for the golden gate bridge. walnut creek, not a hot spot, set bound-680 looks good. trust me when i say there are no problems. westbound-24 clear shot. fire in san francisco, two fires, we do have traffic control along market. they're asking the
5:50 am
avoid the area if you can. the area? >>the areato ar >> a failing pipe may have caused a bowler to rupture. no one was hurt, officials say there is no alarm to pardon me no harm to the local community. >> at the connection with drug driving cash's this pause august, 23 era pleaded no contest to drunk driving causing injury. and a misdemeanor hit-and-run. as part of his agreement, he was sentenced to one year in jail starting now. >> we will be right back
5:51 am
with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. continuing to call a breaking news in san francisco a map of the two separate fires go to a very close and the castro district water at 16th and market, the other is at 17th and hartford. live camera, you can see some of lights. as they are working on these affairs. they broke go around 5:00 a.m. we'll be back with more and a couple of minutes.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
more sirens sound as cruz respond to another fire in the castro we have been telling you about them. now the 17th and hartford has gone to a second alarm, we have to to alarm fires burning at the same time they broke out at almost an hour ago, crews are responding several tweet saying it is noisy, sirens, a huge response as
5:55 am
firefighters are out there trying to knock those fires down as quickly as possible. no information about structures, injuries. >> another story, a live look from washington, the national prayer breakfast. captain mark kelly who was the husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords is expected to give the closing prayer. >> does it change the mind of a god? i don't know. all i can tell you is, it changes me. whenas avoid losing him footsteps of jesus. not everyone grew up singing that. i sometimes thought of as every the of hollywood a filmmaker who speaks freely about faith. about prayer. but, in
5:56 am
reality, i'm not sore rare. all of my fellow dreamers' a note to well the fleeting nature of beauty the falseness of frame. and when i pay with or for my friends my first concern.... >> as soon as astronaut mark kelly come to the podium we will try and get up for you live. >> u.s. racial minorities account for roughly 89 percent of the curve over the last decade. hispanics accounted for much of the game. they also suggest the number of multiracial americans has jumped to over 5 million. the results that are not beinbeing released on a state-by-state basis.
5:57 am
new jersey come emissivity, regin >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live look here from the streets as a of a sister come to the alarm fires, they're calling in for a second alarm, more trucks come of personnel expected to arrive on the scene. two fires bring the castro district this morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up on 6:00 a.m., following that breaking news story in san francisco. 22 alarm fires going on right now. we will have


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