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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  February 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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are five suspects all boys under the age of 12. no information about any arrests. the viacom is a seven year old boy. he was well like-the victim had been here for only one week. >> detectives were speaking to staff of the boys and girls club trying to gather evidence to determine what happened. this is the bathroom where he was allegedly sexually assaulted. and this is just steps away. the education director says that he did not notice anything unusual. there are walked around just to make sure that everything is running well. everything was fine. everybody was playing. there were no confrontations, no fighting. >> the staff did not notice anything out of the ordinary. no commissi
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>> stop in cairo stanley said that he did not report what happened to staff but the child told his mother and then taken to hospital. and the club that is supposed to be a safe haven is thoroughly investigating. >> thoroughly, our children have such a fantastic report with our staff. they act as surrogate parents and this is usually brought to their immediate attention. why this was different? why did this happen? and how and we ensure that our children are safe going aboard. >> stanley said that this is the first that anything like this has happened and this club. it is been here for decades. it is a shock to workers, residents. they cannot believe that this has occurred. the early going to look into this. they're open today. the boys and
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girls club is going to thoroughly look into this. in oakland, christine connolly. >> east bay, with h.r. of pornography possession. he works at-with possession. beacon's the school. haazig madyun investigators spoke. >> busted downloading child porn. that is what landed randolph behind bars early this week. he coaches girls' sports eight charter sport founded by jerry brown. with one felony count of possession of child pornography, and another child pornography but distribution charge. >> there is no indication of that there is any involvement of any current or former students of the oakland the military >> 1. is troubled. >> mi am very troubled.
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>> this letter was alerting parents. >> and also he is employed by beacon day school. haazig madyun >> also a ac transit last night the shooting before 10:00 p.m. third street, grove ave. a passenger was hit and the face by glass and taken to the hospital. the bullet and casing has been recovered but the motive is still not known. >> in early morning crash has a pacific command dead and another man in police custody. if they saw a black audi traveling east on car--geary boulevard this driver was detained and will be booked on jail once he recovers. san bruno
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presidents are reacting one day after a state audit that pg&e cut corners when it comes to safety. the public utilities commission says that they delayed critical inspections of gas lines months before the san bruno explosion. residents say that they're upset to hear that pg&e was taking shortcuts when lives were at stake. >> it does not make sense. how can a chance people's lives on that something like this? is this the first incident? hopefully there are no more that this will happen but what of the door to prevent this from happening again in other places were they doing--? >> the public utilities commission become part of this data in the month of may. this report was the released yesterday. new details of the uprising in egypt. hosni mubarak a major
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announcement regarding his future and his country's future he will not be stepping down. >> off hosni mubarak he announced thursday that it will begin to transfer power to is vice president. that transition will be until the end of his term in september. >> i will be satisfied with what i've done for the country. and i am committed to that and i am committed to similarly extend the constitution and the interest of the people. so that will be the powers will be not >> crowncrowds gathered as it ws actually festive that he was going to be removed. with the excitement it turned to anger when they learned that
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he would not be quitting, immediately. anti-government protesters have been protesting in cairo, alexandria since january 25th. they urged a hosni mubarak and with the cost of living, the high unemployment and accusations of corruption among the country's leaders. young people filled with early demobilization--mobilization of crowd and the people of all ages. off the protest was on a similar unrest in tunisia the anti-government has promoted the other regions including yemean and in 1981 he started his presidency and he said that he would end his term in september when it ends hosni mubarak scholar frowe will speaa scholar to get a complete
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impact report. >> look of this weather, the rainfall dominating next week. we will be back. more news after this break.
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>> the iphone officially went on sale. ending the exclusivity of at&t. long lines were expected. it went on sale at 7:00 a.m. but no long lines. gabe slate tech report, and in the bay area, only just a handful wind up this morning. perhaps a few reasons. just a handful were in line. february 3rd online sales were record- breaking on pre-orders, they settmore and any date in history. many ordered that day. and unlike previous
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launch dates at apple stores this was available at several stores. best buy, wal-mart, for rice in store, apple and the crowd was spread out. -verizon stores. >> they been able to order this online and many people ordered this online and have it sent instead of waiting maybe people are learning their lessons? but not everybody. some people showed up early. >> you know, i've been an at&t customer since the iphone came out. i have been up set for the service i had an iphone and i gave it up for this blackberry because it did not work. so, i been waiting for this for a long time. >> 6:50 i've been waiting a long time i need for rice and former network needs.
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>> it was important-i need for a rise in forming a network needs. >> it was important for me because my phone and has not worked in my apartment. i just wanted to make sure that i got a phone network. so far, the iphone 4 inventory is holding up. you should be able to find this to apple or the pricand verizon website. we should get some numbers on how many sold. and if this has totally sold out? and in san francisco, for hosni mubarak >> a look at bay bridge toll plaza--westbound, east bound, at this hour. more news after this break.
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>> in national news investigators are taking a look at the natural gas explosion in pennsylvania.
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overnight. it leveled to homes and the sport fires that sparked through an entire neighborhood homes. the baby was killed, three people also killed. a old pipe is to blame. >> a west virginia coal mine pike ruptured early this morning. this is in hommer city 3 workers are hospitalized after being burned. >> and in suburban atlanta, two toddlers were stabbed. the man identified as their father is badly hurt. police are saying that the suspect knew the family and no details on the relationship. >> the my91 year-old was hit by in suv. passengers on
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this trying to help. and the driver got out and ran away. the elderly victim was on his way to see his wife in a nursing home. >> the younger florida woman shielding her baby. he came back to this neighborhood with a loaded gun and palm beach county they're still looking for this suspect. >> the egypt crisis, hosni mubarak has refused to step down or leave the country. today, he handed his power to the vice president. this was stunning to the protesters of cairo. earlier, the military top general announced that it had stepped in to secure the country. and if the protesters demands would soon be met. were
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protesting will be on friday. -more protesting. and the university of san francisco thank you for being here. the crowd and the world was stunned, surprised. >> very much so. when word got a round that he was going to step down and president obama earlier said that it was indicative of that is what the united states government was also expecting them what does this mean? >> perhaps there could be jockeying for what is going to happen on the post hosni mubarak era but the point is that the people in the street do not want another general. and they do not want the vice president the want democracy. >> and so if you look at this is this ego? with with millions of dollars he has amassed millions of dollars as a dictator? >> not a big personal
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fortune. and it is somewhat of a tehranic and with " father and children and six in his speech. >> the military is the wild card. and this cloud hanging over about what the military might to do what to suspect? >> the demonstration could clear with the u.s. military equipment to clear that the square. and with the $1.0 million aid an operation. it is the real question if they would obey orders. they would probably confide with the protesters. the people at the heightop could be a jocky for power and the people are like the philippines, chilly, the want democracy! in in chile. >> and they want democracy-
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in cairo, and are we assume that the majority want these protests? >> this is thicker than we saw in poland, slovakia this is bigger. -- >> this is quite huge. usually it is a minority but this is an overwhelming majority. they are enough with corruption. >> this is a tightrope with the u.s. with the israeli and peace and the suez canal what is the next for the u.s.? >> democratic egypt could take an independent foreign policy. and the current regimen. it is so close to the net states. long term, the more democracy. the more they can create non- violent change. the less it will be for a breeding
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ground for terrorists. long term, great. >> if you expect violence with more protesting? >> it is difficult to say. with numbers, journalists, and there are strikes by workers. their overall power is not in balance what is happening is a massive amount of on cooperation. if people to not recognize a 40? >> professor, thank you so much. and if they do not- recognized authority? >> university graduate student derived just weeks before this began. today, he our ride just weeks ago university graduate student right here just weeks ago before this began. >> i feel sorry for the people that have died.
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however, they say it is too late to save sorry now. my family, friends are concerned about the next transition period. they are going to continue protesting. my hope is to be a peaceful protest. we do not want any intervening from any other parties. >> the graduate student said that the people that he spoke with that of vice president was also disappointing. stay with kron 4 and continuing coverage on the egypt uprising. if (music) >> what a beautiful day. we started cold with below freezing. you had to scrape the windshield. however, beautiful blue skies this afternoon. upper 50's, low 60s. 63 in redwood city, fremont, santa rosa is at
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61. this nice weather is good to stick around for the next couple of days. your futurecast 7:00 a.m. and other cold morning. 30's towards the inland valley perhaps 20's in the coldest places. 40's near the bay. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures. 60s. another day and even the nearly 70 degrees in some spots. tomorrow morning, clear, and cooler temperatures in the north bay of 29 in napa, fairfield will be freezing. 30's to livermore, upper 30s-woman 40's to the base. and for the afternoon, upper 30's-when he--often do, fremontn the 30's through opechanges coming up with a great weekend saturday. highs in the upper 60s, low 70's. increasing clouds on sunday. perhaps it wet week next week monday, tuesday rain
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and shower activity mid next week. snowfall for the bay area peaks. >> a live look. the sun setting and it is a pitiful sight. we will be back after the 20-beautiful sight. d
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>> tennessee, and a robot is helping a blind student. take a look. the family? >> is beautiful here but snow, ice and tennessee. take a look! it is an uphill battle in tennessee. with a tractor-trailer believe having difficulty with the snowy conditions causing several trucks to jackknife. take a look. middle school students in texas helping a blind student. dante hall lost his vision afterward.
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extreme asthma attack. students and a science class created this robotics. the " invention team " and they're going to enter this into a state competition in april. pamela? >> traffic is 80 towards the lower deck it is better going south on 1 0 1 towards the peninsula. more news coming up after the break.
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