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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 1, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:30 p.m. >>pam: the city of san francisco is cracking down on those who don't trash illegally. this is garbage scattered about in one neighborhood in the bayview district of san francisco. for the last four years kron 4 has been showing you the problem with illegal dumping in the bay view. it today the city attorney announced a lawsuit against several companies. he accused them of breaking the law by leaving grouping supplies, construction equipment another refuge in neighborhoods. the city attorney said there seeking nearly a million dollars from the companies listed in the lawsuit. they are continuing to investigate the problem. >> the illegal dumping that has occurred here has
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threatened the quiet enjoyment, health and safety of the residents of bay view. it is something that has to stop. no community, i don't care where you are in san francisco deserves to have its community and public health threatened by those that illegally dump materials and sell the community that we all enjoy. >>pam: stanley roberts was been reported and all of the illegal dumping in the bayview, talked to the business name to the lawsuit. >>stanley: the name she was one of the illegal dumpers in the bay view. this is a supervisor at the protection roofing company and was the first to tell them about the lawsuit. >> that's not us. that's interesting, we haven't heard anything about that. >>stanley: he said he needs to find out more about the suit, believes they have done nothing wrong. >> follow all procedures and do everything we go. were fully licensed. we do everything the way it's supposed to be done.
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>>stanley: and other business name does salvador trucking services located around the corner. this is the older salvador gonzales. >> i don't know. three weeks ago some became and ask me questions and i didn't say anything. >>stanley: both businesses denied dumping anything in the bay view. even one as far show receipts to prove he did making legal trips to the landfill. at the city attorney's of that evidence showed they had overwhelming evidence. i guess we'll have to wait and see. one more thing, apparently, the city attorney's office also be handing out subpoenas to more businesses accused of illegal dumping in the bay view. as soon as i get that list i will let you know. in
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the bay view section of san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>pam: barry bond's former trainer may go back to jail unless he changes his mind about testifying against bill whole thing. the district judge told greg anderson that he would be jailed on contempt of court charges for the duration of bonds perjury trial if he refuses to take the witness stand. if as it is already spent a year in prison after refusing to testify is before the grand jury. if the march 21st trial is expected to last to the four weeks. the earlier today he pleaded not guilty to the perjury charges. a private investigator who allegedly sold drugs stolen from a state run draft task force also tried to sell military greatest losses. according to a search warrant affidavit christopher butler pass the state justice department to find a buyer for tugriks of the explosive called c four. when accused of selling
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drugs along with the head or former head of the central costa county narcotics enforcement team. both men are expected to enter pleas tomorrow. the city of vallejo is grappling with an increase in prostitution. according to the mayor was convened a task force to do with the issue. here's a map of the area hardest hit along highway 24. a spokesman for vallejo police says the city is always been a hot spot for prostitution dating back to the days when vallejo was home to a naval base. he does that add police cutbacks have met this particular crime is become less of a priority. >> prostitution as a misdemeanor crime is because of lack of resources it hasn't got the attention of late and has got in the past cliffs as far as an increase of prostitution on the streets i think it's just more visible and more blatant because there's been
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a drop-off in the enforcement. >>pam: the mayor says his prostitution task force will be completing a report this week about steps the city can take to try and solve the problem. one idea is to work with the d.a. to make sure the law requiring mandatory jail time after second offense is in force. the deaths of two teenage boys went into the walnut creek canal last week, have county supervisors calling for public it reached campaign. all to remind people not to go into bacchanal. the boy to enter the canal by using a creek that is not maintained by the county. the creek flows into the canal. the program will consist of printed material, videos and public speakers. the goal was to remind young people that the canal is dangerous and not designed for recreation. >> what the key audiences is the high school kids in younger kids even dad to kindergarten. whip the plant the seed in their mind that
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these are dangerous. not to go into channels. we want to include kids to try and come up with our campaign to make sure the message. >>pam: the county is also asking for input from residents who live near the canal about problem areas that might need to repair or more warning signs. new details on the runner who died during a half marathon race and services will last month. 36 year-old peters of linda died at the finish line and golden gate park. city officials of criticized the race organizers for failing to provide sufficient mailing staff. today the city released in 91 call for help. >>pam: cool blue a shorthand
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for cardiac arrest. it took a half-hour for the paramedics to reach the victim who apparently suffered a heart attack. race organizers say they did have medical attendance at the finish line but those in attendance had been called away to deal with another letter. >>louisa: 4 looking at the changes come this evening, that is the flag flying around. it's the beginning of relief for tuesday evening. in fact that's when the rain kicks in as well. with a storm pushing through with gusty rains and flash flooding is a possibility as we head into the early morning hours. a wind advisory effect overnight to about 9:00. southerly winds get it to 30 mi. an hour. the cost could reach 50. he will continue with wet weather through the portion of your day. by the end of the day you might see it dry out. rain showers back into the mix. we'll be right back.
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>>catherine: in world news, so many people are trying to get out of libya it's becoming a dangerous situation. this is the jam packed a border with tiny shop. help is being sent including supplies from the u.s.. it now appears that the libyan leader is doing a good job of hanging onto his job. today secretary of state henry clinton talked about the high stakes. >> in the years ahead, libya could become a peaceful democracy or it could face a protracted civil war or could descend into chaos. the stakes are high. >>pam: libyan leader seemed to be winning back some trouble areas. your looking at a food convoy being sent out today. the government invited reporters to document this. they're been demonstrations in yemen thousands of anti-government protesters rallying in the capital. demanding that the president leaves office.
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there are also government loyalists, they are forcing their own protests and people on both sides have been killed in violent clashes. in new zealand funerals continue for the people killed in last week's quake. the death toll now stands at 159 and could go as high as to injured 40. this is one of the young people killed. some people still missing are some chinese students. >>pam: 50 years ago today president john f. kennedy signed the order crating the agency that sends americans to developing countries to promote peace and friendship all around the world. >>louisa: a look at your satellite and radar we have a pretty big storm headed our way bringing with it some heavy rain and very strong winds. we will have the details and timing of the storm straight ahead. california should be proud.
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>>pam: many apple fans have
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been waiting, the next i pad will be unveiled tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. in san francisco. we're joined by gabe slate to talk about all the rumors and the hype. what you think will happen? >>gabe: the big day tomorrow. i just went down and got to do of this. this is in san francisco, it's at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and it's going to be all about the next i pad. we don't have an official name yet. maybe it will be i pad extreme more i pad 10,000 i don't know. this is video of the first i pad. there's no leaked images of the second one but we will have to do tomorrow. what i think it needs to have to compete against all the new tablets coming don't really need to camera for video chatting, hdmi and output seeking connected to
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your tv. it needs to be faster because the other top let's have dual processors. in is to be thinner, lighter have a better screen and needs to be the same price or cheaper. there's a million remorse we can get into and let's not do that. let's hope it has that. >>pam: there's a lot of competition to have any idea when the release date will be? >>gabe: apple is so good at hiding information. tomorrow they're just going to unveil an inch of the specs. maybe that will shock everyone and say it's available today. or could be june which would be really bad for apple because these new tablets are on the market. they need to get in stores as quick as possible. let's hope a month from now. >>pam: you may know which side your bread plate is on where to place your napkin but you know where your smoke phone should be during a business lunch for social dinner? kimberly lays down
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the rules. >>kimberlee: the rules of protocol are falling into place for your mobile gadgets. check out tips on how to avoid a missed connection. just like mom told to keep your elbows off the table, and to get experts to keep her smartphones out of sight during meals to. >> keep your smart phone, all of that should be off the table because really what it is it is a nonverbal statement to those other people that there is not as important as your phone. >>kimberlee: what you might interpret as a sign of that times are your display of productivity may be off- putting to a potential boss, clients or even a date. status messenger to enter in your meal especially if it includes information about to your dining with without their permission, can be considered poor taste. if your dining with a smartphones addict you're not out of bounds to call them out on it. in a polite manner.
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>> is seen to be distracted do want to reschedule our lens? despite the portability experts say top computers like the i pad are always taboo at a table. >> it's much more distracting than the phone because its larger, you put on the table in your clicking away. you're not connected with the person that you're sitting with >>kimberlee: when it comes to making the first connection you get a second chance. to avoid letting that digital device become a third we will. kimberly kron 4 news. >>louisa: you might want to check that smartphones for the weather over night tonight and into tomorrow morning. were talking about some pretty gusty winds and heavy rain is wealth. the looks like it will kick in late this evening and the last row good portion of the day. by wednesday evening showers will taper off and it will try out. by about
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10:00 p.m. notice of the sprinkles up into the north bay. they will spread southward. the north bay continues to get hammered. we're talking about one to 3 in. of rain when the system often to the north bay locations. widespread showers continue into the morning as well. it looks like will continue with moderate to heavy downpours right on through. in the late morning notice of the shower stars to taper off and we might see a few lingering rain drops along the peninsula. the latter part of your day a different picture. we'll saw the one adviser in effect from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. southerly winds which are already start to pick up getting up to 30 mi. an hour. it could get gusts up to 50 mi. an hour. with that combination of strong winds and heavy rain, there's certainly the possibility of some downed power lines and also trees as well. your current temperatures, 52 for san the fall, 56 san francisco, 58 in livermore. temperatures
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are working away out of the '60s. the wind speeds starting to pick got at about 18 mi. an hour. in the overnight hours the temperatures are actually going to stay on the warm side. a lot of cloud cover in places going to keep the temperatures in the '40's. 41 santa rosa, 50 san francisco, by the afternoon looks like our highs will actually warm up and to the upper 50s. what weather continues into thursday, catch a break on friday but it looks like there's a wet weekend ahead of us. >>pam: the tuesday commute, the left side is walnut creek the 680-24 split. it's backed up in both directions. on the right side of your screen highway 1 01, the headlights' are southbound at the guadalupe overpass and traffic moving well in both directions north and southbound. we'll be back.
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>>pam: manic monday turned
5:55 pm
into tuesday an actor charlie sheen is still talking on the radio and television. he appeared on numerous shows discussing his clash with producers over is personal life and is linked the extracurricular career as a hollywood playboy. he continues to dismiss that he has a drug problem. >> enjoy every moment. >>reporter: all addicts have to be oessentially abusers. >> and not going to dismiss a model that's rooted in an inter-balderdash. for lack of a better word. what's that word. >>reporter: 2 like to party is as simple as that? >> as long as i subscribe to the police of father that build these models that to leave any room for individuality or
5:56 pm
creativity, they say you got to surrender and get rid of your resentments and said in their room and you will lame. i can't find a label under that. he i'm not a drug it's called charlie sheen. >>pam: he said he still not satisfied with a in agreement to pave the men and crew for only half of the episodes of been canceled. producers say his media blitz had nothing to do with the decision. a day of drying out in cleaning up the cross sections of the united states and that of control escalator at a middle school fight club. internet reporter is your with today's edition of take a look at this. >>kimberlee: let's take a look at the middle school 5:00. after-school club modeled after the radar mobile shocking so full video shows kids beating each other up for fun. it was apparently part of a secret flight club created by several students. school
5:57 pm
officials in washington say they did know these types of fights were happening. the district it expelled nine students who did it in part of the club. take a look of this surveillance video. at first it seems fine, until deep escalator's brake failed throwing everybody into this human pilot the bottom. you could see people stacking up on top of each other. as some people tried to run, six people were injured. take a look at this. in a matter of minutes this knocks fill tennessee neighborhood turned into a flood zone. heavy rains moved in late monday sweeping cars and monsters away. the fast- moving reach the top story of most homes. it was a struggle to rescue people from submerged cars and homes. fire trucks -- two trucks pushing out stalled without vehicles to higher ground. >>louisa: a look outside from our roof cam, not as the increasing clouds just ahead of the storm system expected to bring us an
5:58 pm
abundance of wet weather. i will have the details straight ahead.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 6:00. >>pam: a big push to lift the stay on same-sex marriages and california. the state attorney generallgeneral is asking the rt to marry be restored to all gay and lesbian couples in the state of california immediately. kate thompson is here, she's been following this story. it does the fact that the attorney general stepping into the frame does she have any power to make this happen? >>kate: not relieve the judges don't have to listen to the attorney general but what she does have is political power. i spoke to a legal expert who says that she can be very persuasive and significant to the court to but, it's not legally
6:01 pm
binding. >> this could be a game changer there's a lot of momentum shifting back after a look like there would be quite a bit of a holding pattern in another year to. the new developments seem to fit place a lot of momentum behind the same-sex couples who are challenging prop. 8. >>kate: last week opponents of prop 8 ask the courts to lift the state. the attorney-general is really getting on the bandwagon here. what she sang is enough is enough, it's been two and half years everybody's been waiting around. she wants to stay lifted once the mayor just to start happening again. >>pam: it was as last week the president took a stand on the issue of the defense of marriage law that says there just only allow between a man and woman. he said the justice department no longer defend that. >>kate: a lot of political heavyweights yet the president and the attorney general last weekend's and marriage is inches between a man and a woman they're not
6:02 pm
going to defend that anymore. then you of the governor of california and the attorney general coming out saying we want these marriages to stop. this could be kicking around the court system for years. let these people get married while this goes through the courts. enough is enough. >>pam: were awaiting a decision on this request by the state. hundreds of teacher jobs could be lost, several school boards across the bay area are considering a preliminary layoffs. jonathan blum starts our coverage on this issue in san francisco. >>jonathan: the san francisco school board is having to really figure out the worst case scenario. they don't know yet how much money they're going to get from the state of california. they have to plan for the worst when it comes to layoffs. they could be laying off 425 teachers and administrators and that the vote on those numbers in the meeting is taking place now. we have video of the
6:03 pm
meeting where the superintendent essentially told staff that they have to provide present them with the worst case scenario. the state is considering the budget and they would have the budget until some time or the course of the summer. the school district is legally required to send future the notice that they might be laid off by the 15th of this month. notices printed off and in the mail. it is possible that the layoff notices could be rescinded later this year. the governor is trying to put tax measures on the ballot that would give schools more money. the school district is also try to get eight to $10 million from the city's rainy day fund. in addition, will probably be using leftover stimulus money that wasn't that last year. last year they said the layoff notices and ended up sending most of those of britain and the teachers back to work. that process for new teachers is a very
6:04 pm
demoralizing. >> for teachers it's devastating, hard for the students of the parents. it's hard for the teaching work force in general. we see a huge decline in the number people who go into the teaching profession when layoffs are rapid. >>jonathan: the school district said it has to take measures to make sure some of the low or performing or harder to staff schools don't get absolutely decimated by the layoff. the trend but more experienced teachers at the schools along with the newark teachers because seniority is the number-one factor whether someone will be laid off. also inside that meeting considering slight changes to this minority rules to make a more clear who gets laid off and who doesn't if two people were hired at the same time. for now live in san francisco, jonathan kron 4 news. >>haazig: officials here at the school district
6:05 pm
headquarters set up 60 left notices. this year that makes an increase to as many as 400 layoff notices being sent out by march 15th. the school district spokesperson trifling explains why. >> we've been dealing with a succession of cuts from the state. state funding cuts for most of the budget for almost every school district. the state cuts last several years as california's dealt with the budget crisis have been tremendous. >>haazig: in the past the oakland unified school district was able to avoid teacher layoffs by cutting central office employees and support staff as well as borrowing money from internal funds. this is not an option this time around as the vast majority of those 400 layoff notices will be sent to some of the district's 2500 teachers. in oakland, kron 4 news. >>pam: a high-tech firm in fremont is robbed. police say as many as 15 armed
6:06 pm
masked men cut hole ended chain-link fence and stormed into the corporation early sunday. they tied up and blindfolded five employees before escaping with a truckload of computer memory components. police say they've never seen a house like this. done in such an abrasive manner or on such a large scale. >> this type of robberies and with a tub is not uncommon back when the memory chips were very expensive and quite the commodity to steal because they were small and easily targeted. i don't remember seeing one to the skills. they would normally take the trucks off as the left. >>pam: no one was hurt and the company declined to comment. industry analysts rob tells kron 4 even a small truckload of memory chips might be worth as much as five to $10 million. new details about the san mateo
6:07 pm
office or involve shooting. the police chief said officers were forced to fire after the suspect to 35 year-old robber fired at officers were roads at his home. he was killed from the gunfire. if the officers involved on paid leave pending an investigation. a professional poker player you see here accused of killing his parents, testified today that he was stunned when his wife told him that she had surveillance video of a car similar to his at his parents' home the night his parents were killed. i accused killer ernest said he was surprised because he was not at his parents' home when there were murdered. the victims were killed back in march of 2008 and their bodies were found inside the pleasanton home. they're now facing two counts of murder and to special circumstance allegations. if convicted he could be sentenced to life in prison. the body of hosea rodriguez who that was pulled from the canal last month has not been
6:08 pm
positively identified. you may recall he was a suspect in the kidnapping of 4 year- old juliani cardenas back in january. giuliani's body was pulled from the canal in separate first. >>louisa: getting ready for big changes in the weather. this is a shot from mount tam and continuously showing the start of this looking clouds blowing to the area. we will continue to see increasing clouds and really gusty winds this evening. the rain will set in late this evening and overnight hours a looks like more morning will be what they as well. flash flooding is possible with how much rain were expected to get. we do have a wind advisory in effect for the entire bay area. right around the 9:00 at or that is when you noticed the wind will pick up. this will last until about 6:00 a.m.. southerly winds getting up to 30 mi. an hour and fast reaching 50 mi. an hour. right now winds up to 18 at sfo but expected to pick up over night.
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>>pam: we now know how much taxpayer money will be paid out to those people were injured in a crash involving san francisco's muni system. it happened two years ago and more than 50 people were injured. and our continuing series, you paid for, to research shows us how much money is being shelled out. >>terisa: dozens of people were injured in this crash you see here at the west portal muni stationed in july 2009 when one train slammed into another. people suffered a wide range of injuries. in total, 57 claims were slapped against the san francisco transit agency. now we're finding out how much it is all going to cost. 30 claims have been settled, claims for 12 others were approved late tuesday by the transit board
6:18 pm
and a closed-door session. in total, the city has now paid out $1.4 million for the accident. because muni is self insured by the city, that pay out is financed with taxpayer dollars. it isn't over yet. it five more claims are still the outstanding. if the federal government is investigating the crash and has not yet determined the cause. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>catherine: in world news, clashing protested libya both for any days the government. you're looking at hundreds of people at a pro gadhafi rally. secretary of state hillary clinton said today libya is at risk of collapsing into a civil war. it now appears that getting gaddafi to leave is not going to be easy. in yemen, dozens of people have rallied across the cities in the country. if the president accusing u.s. of instigating protests against him the u.s. has in its closest ally. for trouble
6:19 pm
from the sky the sources. a moment of silence one week after the earthquake hit new zealand, flags were lowered to half staff and people gathered in a moment of silence. warner's observing to minutes of silence to remember the victims. it's believed as many as 240 were killed so far 159 bodies have been pulled from the rubble. in national news, asked for the first time since the bp oil disaster the government has approved oil drilling off the coast. the obama administration had shut down all drilling after the accident that killed 11 workers. millions of gallons spilled into the gulf for nearly three months. gm has really good sales numbers. sales of cars and trucks 1 up 49% in february. if partly because of generous financing, a good lease deals and largest u.s. car companies sold 207,000 vehicles last month. at gm
6:20 pm
spokesperson said more people at these looking at smaller cars because of higher gas prices. they have not yet changed their habits. a snowball fight turned serious for a man in massachusetts. i surveillance camera caught this young man throwing snowballs at a police officer. the officer then responding to a call nearby. police did not think it was funny. the man arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. if you think that's over kill, he might actually face even more charges. an intense winter storm, just set to move its way in in fact it's going to have impact on the entire bay area. we will start off with really strong winds and then the rain was in later tonight. and looks like it will be a wet and windy overnight and into the early morning hours. a wind advisory in effect around 9:00 lasting until 6:00 a.m.. southerly winds
6:21 pm
getting up to 30 mi. an hour and cost could reach 50 mi. an hour. it's difficult to driving to our morning for the morning commute, also be prepared for possible down trees and power lines. when you have the combination of wind and rain. right now winds are picking up but were still led 18 mi. an hour at sfo, 15 have monday, 12 and concord. at about 10:00 p.m. we will notice the showers around the north bay. it will increase in intensity of becoming more widespread. notice for the heavier stuff sets just up to the north bay. we continue with moderate to heavy downpours wrote the early morning hours. the north bay expected to get one to 3 in. of rain once the storm passes through. plus we have that release strong wind in place blowing the rain sideways. it's going to create problems for your morning commute. it will please be a little bit slower so you want to give yourself extra time. looks like will continue with wet
6:22 pm
weather until late morning hours and will see a tape roche and becoming more spotty nature. if current temperatures are down in the '50s right now. looks like overnight we will drop down into the '40's. 41 in santa rosa, 46 napa, 50 san francisco a little bit cooler than that in the south bay. in the afternoon, our high school warm into the upper 50s. showers expected it thursday not quite as much as what were expecting tomorrow. friday that will be our wind dry day, partly cloudy conditions but we do have a wet weekend ahead. >>kimberlee: bank of america customer is still having problems. this is the second outage for the company less than two months. if the problem started yesterday it hasn't been resolved yet. a spokesperson said no customer information was compromise though. at&t customers can opt in to shop a large. it sends special
6:23 pm
offers such as things like h d, k mart via text message. if they will send out messages to users base of the location. jet blue will offer a reward program numbers for points for checking in at certain airports. s.c. johnson will flag promotions at nearby stores. google has an update to e-mail storage software and let's unexpected bugs that left tens of thousands of g mail users without access to the messages. it imposed last night google said e-mail's were never actually lost, it has restored access to many people were affected. stay with us more news after the break.
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hey marcel, watch this! ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >>kimberlee: you're charlie sheen still hitting the talk show scene. he's saying he's clean unfocused and not an addict it to someone who lives life to the fullest. >> the pain as though
6:27 pm
someone was driving a hot saber through my gut. i may be hit the boxer a little too hard to reduce the pain. there is some school of thought that dictates that the sum total fall all over experience is both good or bad it are a drop. i don't it would treat any of that because of still life which is cool. >>kimberlee: terribly had enough talk shows hill between his knees instead. but stich the tweet full. winning choose your vice. he included a link to a picture of him and a woman holding up average bottles. if christina had to clear up out of jail for after being arrested for public drunkenness. police say was a passenger in the car looked extremely intoxicated and and take care for self. she was released after she sobered up. at the boy friend matthew was booked on suspicion of drunk driving. a bristol pailin the 20
6:28 pm
year-old daughter of sarah pailin writing a memoir that said to be released this summer entitled not afraid of life. it will be dealt bristol's time as a contestant on dancing with the stars and offer an inside look at her life, family and faith. more news after this break. l problems ass i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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now, at 6:30 p.m., tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories. right now, today's top story. >>reporter: the school board has top decisions to make as they contemplate laying off hundreds of teachers and administrators. it's all because of the same state budget cuts that like the school district last year when they set out 900 layoff notices. last year they were able to rescind most of those notices and bring back almost every teacher after the got more money than they were expecting. this year they're planning to use of leftover stimulus money. but they're also planning to
6:31 pm
borrow eight to $10 million from the city and bank on some tax extensions that voters would have four proven jim carey and what they're considering is the worst-case scenario and are going to have to vote to approve that and send out 425 layoff notices on march 15th. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>reporter: schools like this one could see fewer teachers next year. the san roughhouse school board it is ok to send out 42 layoff notices by march 15th. the bulk of the 42 teachers. this is a worst-case scenario, if the governor's tax extension are either not approved by voters or don't even get to the ballot. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>haazig: here in oakland, in anticipation of lack of funding from the state, the school district is preparing to send out close to 400 layoff notices by the march 15th deadline. i'd like previous years, the majority of the layoff notices will be sent to oakland teachers.
6:32 pm
>> taken everything available to us and now we have to go to this last resort which is sending a substantial number of potential layoff notices to our teachers. >>haazig: said the oakland school district headquarters kron 4 news. >>terisa: for fifth graders were sickened here at patterson elementary after eating pieces of some marijuana cookies. he did to the packaging the cookies came in. police say an 11 year-old boy was given the cookies by convenience store clerk and he shared them with as many as eight of his classmates. the court tells police he thought the big to goods from another regular customer and didn't know there is anything wrong with that. police are now looking to talk to the customer. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>jeff: the tragic death of teenagers that went into the canal prompted county officials to put together it out reprogrammed and keeping the cal save. he'll reach will be focused primarily toward high school kids and will reinforce just how
6:33 pm
dangerous this canal is. officials want to remind the public that the canal is not meant for recreational use. then what input from the public on places along the canal that the better sighted your fencing. in walnut creek kron 4 news. >>terisa: here in san francisco, san francisco muni board has agreed to pay a $1.4 million in taxpayer money to settle claims from an accident. the accident took place two years ago what the west portal station. a f two trains collided and more than 50 people were injured. in san francisco, teresa kron 4 news. >>rob: armed bandits have hit a local high-tech companies with what police are calling on highly sophisticated robbery. as many as 15 intruders: offense behind this corporation. they made off with a truckload of computer of memory components. industry analysts said because those components are so small, a truckload of them might be worth between five and $10
6:34 pm
million. in fremont, rob kron 4 news. >>louisa: the winds to starting to pick up at of a cold front expected to bring a significant rainfall over night. the range and the start to pick up in the next few hours or so and then we will continue to see at the rain into early tomorrow morning. right now, showing you 1 storm tracker 4, all the wet weather still to the north of boston still offshore but starting to spread south. we will pick up showers and to the north bay as we head into the next couple of hours. a wind advisory effect from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. the wind's getting up to 30 mi. an hour, were talking about the entire bay area at gusts could get up to 50 mi. an hour. with the heavy rain coupled with the strong winds you have the possibility of some down trees and power lines. what weather expected to continue through the first half of your day tomorrow then
6:35 pm
showers in the picture for thursday, will catch a break on friday. the we can look to bring as more wet weather. >>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >>gabe: apple is setting up for tomorrow's big media event and they're taking over the center at howard and third street in san francisco. this is to unveil the new i pad. we don't know what the name is, so far everyone is calling it the i pad two. we don't know if steve jobs will be on stage to unveil the new device. he still on a medical leave with no official date of that ending. if the i pad was to remain the top caplet it must have. i camera for video chatting, a better screen higher resolution. it needs to be lighter, thinner and faster. it needs and hdmi output that way tv shows, movies that are stored on your i pad you can
6:36 pm
connect it to your tv and watch it and teach the. . most of all they need to get this thank you, pat to in stores as quick as possible. there's almost a dozen competing tablets about to come out to market so they need to get this new what to available quickly. two men to kron 4 news tomorrow night at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. and will fill you in on the pad. gabe slate kron 4 news. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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shouldn't be hard work or cost more money. now there's simple nutrition, only at safeway. green tags throughout the store call out what matters most to you. ♪ there are 22 different nutritional benefits highlighted. ♪ and with our low prices, now safeway makes bringing home the right choices easier than ever. that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life. safeway.
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and don't know how to escape. your addiction to cigarettes? one out of two regular smokers will die prematurely from smoking. you don't have to be one of them. escape the trap. say "enough." for free help to quit smoking, call the california smokers' helpline at 1-800-no butts. >>pam: the city of san francisco is cracking down on those would dump trash illegally. for the last four years, kron 4 is been showing you the problem with illegal dumping in the bay view. today, the city attorney announced a lawsuit against several companies. he accused them of breaking the law by leaving roofing supplies, construction equipment and other debris in neighborhoods. the city attorney said his office is seeking nearly a million
6:40 pm
dollars from the companies listed in the lawsuit. they are continuing to investigate. >> the illegal dumping that has occurred has threatened the quiet enjoyment and health and safety of the residence. it is something that has to stop. no community, deserves to have its community and public health threatened by those that illegally dump materials and soil the community that we all enjoy. >>pam: stanley roberts who's been reporting all of the illegal dumping in the bay view, talk to business owner named in the lawsuit. >>stanley: this is a supervisor at new hyde production roofing company. i was the first to tell him about the lawsuit. >> that's not us. that would be interesting, we haven't heard a word about it. >>stanley: he's said he needs to find out more about this huge, believes they have done nothing wrong.
6:41 pm
>> we follow procedures we do everything legal. ruffle the license. we do everything were supposed to do. >>stanley: another business name does salvador trucking services located around the corner on keefe. this is the owner salvador. >> i don't know. this is my truck yes. about three weeks ago, somebody came and asked me questions and i said nothing. >>stanley: both businesses denied anything. salvador one as far as to show me receipts to prove that he had been making legal trips to the landfill. the city attorney's office claims the of overwhelming evidence against salvador trucking and new high production roofing. i guess we'll have to wait and see. of one more thing, apparently the city
6:42 pm
attorney's office will be handing out subpoenas to more businesses accused of illegal dumping in the bay view. as a visit to that list i will let you know. in the bay view section in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>pam: the warriors in the middle of a seven game road trip they take on the pacers. gary has high leg straight ahead. but barry bonds goes back and forth and bring yet another plea as perjury trial. gary has the details of all the sports coming up next. >>kimberlee: read alan, more rain is headed to the bay find out when and how long the storms will last check out our comprehensive weather page. get all the up to the details of what to expect for the day in the video forecast. also keep an idea on alive doppler radar to see when the storms are coming in the direction. to cut links section for information on how to prepare for flooding on
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
>>gary: the i've asked my good friend dr. r. steinberg, before my statement. that's the and you could trust. i suggest you look a lot. the warriors' season is fading away, first of the st. mary's gaels. the gaels, nine since 1959, at the head of both the player of the year and the coach of the year. mickey mcconnell, all voted today the number one player in the wcc. randy bennett coach of the year in 2007 and 2008. he is the outright winner today. >> it's one of those deals you can't control. it's nice that your peers feel that way about you. it's something you can't control. i don't worry about it either way. the did a good job this year. >> overall, the thing you should look at is your team,
6:47 pm
we're a team stands. it's nice but it's one of those things for my family they can enjoy it more. >>gary: congratulations to the gang at st. mary's. rex walters of usf had the biggest turnaround this season his team just a fantastic finish. fall only one game out of first place. randy bennett said he voted for him. the warriors' season fading away. tonight in indiana, the president of the pacers this is kind of hanging around and watching called george. 12 points and 14 minutes off the bench. it's one of the teams that the warriors have a chance on the road to be. they battled back and made a game of it. did you know reggie has a 7 ft. 1 in. arms ban. and he's 6 ft. 5 in.. here is tyler byrne said he's known as psycho t from his days at north carolina. 109-
6:48 pm
100 warriors lose again. i will tell you the glen family has a beach house in north carolina. >>pam: ok. >>gary: it's interesting. i always knew vern came from family money. for it has a great mom and dad and he's a wonderful guy and a vacation in north carolina. you didn't know that did you? >>pam: no i didn't. >>gary: for the first time troy of it will be on a playoff team. he was acquired from new jersey by the warriors, he didn't want to come back, they worked out bay by a vote and now he signed today with the boston celtics. who knows what type of shape he's been and because he's played little this season. at the very least it he'll be would sit on the bench. barry bonds has pleaded not guilty again. back in federal court, this afternoon and again the judge asked him
6:49 pm
and he said not guilty for allegedly lying to a grand jury. this is the fourth of not guilty plea is entered and was required that the prosecutors revise the document. this means is former trainer will go back to jail. the trial is set to begin march 21st. exhibition games from the desert. corporate everyone talking about possible was in the way to. everybody's taking a guess. he had a couple of hits. but typewriting to run triple. tim pitched three hitless innings. gonzales working today for oakland and outstanding performance,
6:50 pm
two perfect innings and five strikeouts for deal has the a's or plane rides. the reds won the game 7-6. whenever and johnny is in the bay area he visits with vern glenn. and edgar he's the guy who was assaulted by the $1 million to stay with the giants. sharks all tonight against colorado. their goal tender has a four year contract extension worth $15.2 million. 27 year-old has led the sharks to six straight wins and allowing only to have goals. vern glenn, is what the sharks. >>vern: at the sharks get around the big topic was in the 61 streak it was about the man between the pipes.
6:51 pm
mr. contract extension. >> you either play with the goalie or for the goalie. i think this is goaltending better team plays for. >> i'm pumped, i'm happy that he's on our side and not someone else's. >> with this group of guys it's been great. >>vern: want to know why the sharks will 11-to-0 and february? a successful road trip made them third in the conference now with 19 games left. the puck dropped 7:30 p.m. tonight. at each people billion vern glenn kron 4 sports. >>gary: pam and i have been working here a long time, we have never had a request like this. we turn to or what the reporter. you had someone enquire about the sharks called a running game
6:52 pm
tonight? >>louisa: he wanted to know if it was going to rain? >>gary: if not listed in the game is inside. >>louisa: wanted to know if after the game if he was going to get rain on our what the drive was going to be like. >>gary: didn't you tweak him back? >>louisa: i did. >>pam: you don't meet anybody. in ever going to have to face book friends if you don't open up. its international soccer time the ministry close what is the 40 yd dash. i think is the greatest but hey, you don't meet all the friends of the world. the man in the suit their egos he runs a 40 yd dash. next. california should be proud.
6:53 pm
we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives.
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we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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>>gary: the penalty. he converts a penalty kick to give shows you the lead. they hang on for 2-1 win. they still leads the standings and the premier league. an nfl network host, you're on tv you want to show off and their egos. for your-, no offense it takes one to no one. 6.18. the average time is about 4.5. they had fun with cam and richard. he is a good sport. i am a little bias because vern glenn started this. 20 years ago vern was
6:57 pm
the first have to say i'm fully dressed live showoff. everybody copies him. all never turn on firm. >>pam: have a good night will see you at 11:00. d
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
charlie sheen's children away away from him? i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs. "the insider" is on. >> you see these women as mother figures to your children? >> can you say hi. >> charlie's twins in the care of an x-rated star? >> this is max. this is bob. >> are little max and bob in danger? >> you make a lot of money. >> that doesn't mean i save any. why christina aguilera was arrested. inside the "vanity fair" oscar party. the all-new shots. justin getting cozy with selena. was a star rushed to the e.r. because her dress was too tight? tonight, it's just beginning. >> the backstage hug. ca


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