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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 2, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> sent goalie henry has told investigators the financial records were lost in the last several hours and fire the trees telemetry. after school and wednesday their shock and outrage. new >> they were well known and well liked to and it's completely shocking. it's wrong, that the kids night for the schools. >> it's unfortunate these adults have to take the money from the children and use it for their own purposes. >>rob: if they're just getting back on the feed as a result of the fire. this comes just weeks after and after school counselor was arrested in connection with the alleged abuse of several young girls in his care. in san jose rob kron 4 news. >>pam: police are
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investigating an attempted kidnapping of a child and that happened here this h. rowe catholic school and san carlos avenue. a girl was walking near the school monday afternoon when she was approached by a man and a black pickup with a rack in wooden paddles on the side. police say they tried to get the drug and closer and she ran away went into the school. the girl was ok. a police are investigating videotapes from security cameras in the area. >> we have been extensive surveillance camera of network through private businesses. were going to work on tracking down some of the vehicles that matched the description, but also come up with surveillance footage of the vehicle either prior to or following the incident. >>pam: students at the school were told about what happened and reminded not to talk to strangers or go near people in strange vehicles. homeless woman has been arrested and is accused of killing of san francisco jewelry store owner. lelane
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was found murdered last night inside his businesses. it's a design companies located near mason and lombard street. a 58 year- old transient woman was if i rested under suspicion of burglary and murder. another man has also been arrested in the robbery and he is not suspected in the death. the san bruno fire chief says, he had no idea i gas pipeline ran through the city to look lot in september of last year. kron 4 kate thompson is here with the latest from today's testimony from washington d.c.. >>kate: he was in front of the safety panel and the chief saying he never saw not, he did have any information that the pipeline was there. the giant fireball that exploded into the sky caught the scent of fire department by surprise. >> in my 30 years i've never seen anything like that. >>kate: the chief said pg&e
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never told apart about the gas line, never gave them a map showing the location and of the training materials provided they were generic. pg&e said they hold at meeting what's your to talk about pipeline safety, if there's a federal website that provides first responders with maps of gas lines. >> that's a to a street there's also a responsibility of the fire service and responders to seek out that information. >>kate: the fire chief said residents of the subdivision were in the dark as well. >> my conversations with the residents they had no idea they run a pipeline carrying >>kate: pg&e said they do educate their customers sending them pipeline safety in the mail. the safety panel was unimpressed comparing the safety alerts to jump bail. >> if i did know what pipelines were i was throned in the trash because i would think it still mail. >>kate: a lot of the time
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or setting the seven people were reading it. have they done surveys and found out that at of 20,000 surveys they sent back to they had done 20 responses. clearly this was a working. now pg&e is working with google were you concerned find out if the pipeline is near your house. this is not an ongoing problem with a lot of these accidents, that the residents of first responders to know the pipelines were there after the explosions. >>louisa: still looking at light showers rate now and the pope of the wet weather pushed well toward ease. but such as we head into tomorrow we will keep the chance for spotty showers around. trying out on your friday, wet weather moves back into the picture this weekend. we'll be right back on the kron 4 evening news after this quick break. it's really delicious, mom.
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>>pam: the albany's school district was it locked down today for three hours. . officials at the high school tell kron 4 news, this cool
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took the action after receiving reports that missing student, may be in the area. please say scott disappeared from his home tuesday evening, when a gun and ammunition were also reported missing. authorities lifted the locked down after reports turned out to be false. however, some parents picking up their kids said the entire ordeal was cause for concern. >> of very strange thing here. a good place but a strange thing. my daughter text begins at everything is ok. >> the school didn't contact you? >> they did. the constant talk to me when they were in locked down and when they're done. what were your thoughts when you heard about this? >> the call me after work
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and said there are locked down. >>pam: normal school operations resumed later this afternoon. still no signs of the reported missing student. an atherton missing some calls 91 after his teacher allegedly rattled his desk to get his class and attention. kron 4 daniel spoke with the district superintendent today and she explains in her own words what the district is doing ahead of the allegation. >> apparently a student was feeling threatened and by the fact that she perceived the teacher was yelling, apparently allegedly brought to the desk. reported that to the pleas. he's been here for several years an excellent teacher and i think when you have a situation where a student makes an allegation that they feel threatened, and we feel a strong obligation to
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investigate what are the actual facts of that case. you need to see if there's any appropriate action for any parties involved. whether it's the person that makes the allegations or employee. if its employees pacific he would look at what is appropriate depending on what has actually occurred. if we have an obligation that we would consider some level to be serious enough that we need to do what investigation, and we generally would put a staff member on administrative leave. in a similar situation i think, where we have had concerns from students coming forward. students report that information to the principle. that is the most common response, or may be reported to their parents and the parents would call the principle. >>pam: the teacher is on administrative leave while the district index investigation into the incident. chicken traffic in
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san francisco, all directions heavy rain now and the 80-101 split as you can see, the bay bridge toll plaza at different story traffic moving well look east and west lb.westbound. wile back.
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>>pam: in world news, but two u.s. airmen are dead after a man armed with a handgun attacked a bus carrying an air force troops at frankfurt airport. if the suspect is described as a german-born devout muslim who works at the airport. to let their u.s. airmen were attacked or wounded in the attack. in washington president rocco, promises bear no effort in investigating this. >> i want everyone to understand we will spare no effort into learning held as the courageous act took place. and working with german authorities to make sure all of the perpetrators brought to justice. we don't
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have all the information yet, you will be fully briefed as to get more informations. this is a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices that are meant and women in uniform are making all around the world to keep a safe. >>pam: police had said the attacker and u.s. military personnel have had some sort of a altercation in front of us before the man started shooting. that suspect is in custody. >>catherine: khaddafi is threatening to turned libya into another vietnam if the u.s. or other western nations tried to intervene. that's part of what he said in it to a half-hour speech on state tv today. if you believe gadhafi there's no power struggle in libya and is people love him. he does have the supporters on filled this room for his long speech denouncing the west and morning rebels of the bad things that will happen to them. >> if anyone carries on like
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this you will be without. i am warning you, you will be left without food or water if this carries on. >>catherine: as he gazed this beach and his forces were bombing parts of the country. there's been a fierce fighting between rebels and troops. it's clear the libyan leader is prepared to fight and has no intention of stepping down. as for what the u.s. should do, there's the talk of providing air cover for libyan rebels. today the defense secretary warned that would be a huge operation and it will begin with an attack on libyan territory. >> let's call a spade a spade, a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. if to destroy the air defenses. that's the way you do a no- fly zone. then you can fly planes around the country
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and not worry about our guys being shot down. >>catherine: another problem that continues, a big jam up of refugees at the borders of both to me shot and egypt. both of those countries still asking for help saying they cannot cope with all of the people tried to get out of libya the u.s. has been sending help. >>louisa: still seem overcast conditions, a shot from mount tam continuing to show us showers. in fact, more cells moving through as we >> . it looks it unsettled weather will continue through tomorrow. we have a bigger storm that will move in by this weekend. it looks like a few cells are working their way through when the north bay and the north bay has been hammered today. it looks like more than an inch and a half of rain fell in the north bay. trying out along the peninsula but we will continue to see the light scattered showers brought a good portion of the evening. right at your
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temperatures of the '50s. 55 san francisco, oakland, 57 santa rosa, upper 50s in the south bay and low 60s. were the next couple of hours, we will continue with a hit or miss showers. we're not looking at any heavy downpours but light rain expected to continue. overnight temperatures getting into the '40's and '50's. 45 santa rosa, 50 sambar fall, temperatures equalling upper '40's, low 50s and the south bay. we will keep about 60 degrees for santa rosa, 61 for napa, 60 in downtown san francisco and temperatures in the east bay = low 60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, what wet again tomorrow, unstable weather continuing. friday partly cloudy that is when we will have a dry day. the weekend will bring back more rain.
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also getting more snow up in the sierra. we have a look at your snow along ski report it will the conditions. alpine meadows has a piece of debt of about 121 in., 9 lifts open and 100 runs. also at heavenly, at least at the 427 in., 26 let's open and 94 runs. sugar bowl based at the 111 to 205 in.. >>pam: here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: this is a cat lying on the floor of the safeway supermarket in the castro district of san francisco. the cat is been there the entire time have been shooting a statement. while the odor searches the internet at the sushi bar. this is a dog on a leash with his older in the same safeway at the seafood i'll. as the dog sniffs round of
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food. this is another dog same safeway with his own are walking around the market without a care in the world. i'm beginning to think i live in some alternate universe where dogs are actually a lot of places that sell food. it's not an alternate universe it san francisco. it's a violation of the san francisco health code for pets to the inside of places that sell food. if unless it's a service animal you know the one that actually is a vast that reads don't pet me i'm working. if you've never seen one of these signs, this one is dated circa 1977, this is dated 2010. at the point in making this is an old law, no one knows this better than jack unlucky self- proclaimed to say which kings. yonsei which spot in the bridge district. a customers showed up with the dog is restaurant was being inspected and he was issued a warning. this woman is taking her dogged said starbucks also the castro.
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here's the doctor laughed at the counter. look, i know some stores are dog friendly i get it, but dogs, cats whatever pad to have all along where food is. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, just email him at www.peoplebehavingbadly@kron we will be right back. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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>>catherine: drug forced past commander and his alleged call us at both pleaded not guilty today. they're accused of stealing drugs from evidence lockers and then selling those drugs back on the street. the puli's commander is norman welch, he rammed a drug enforcement unit. it also accused a private investigator named christopher but there. there were both charged in february, both 49 years old. those charges include selling marijuana and steroids.
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>>pam: has charlie sheen's troubles mounted, he is turning to social media as an outlet to reach as fans. san drug rings up-to-date on all the drama surrounding the actor. >>reporter: troubled actor charlie sheen is lost custody of his young twin sons. this video posted on line, shows authorities removed and the boys from his home tuesday night. his estranged wife filed a temporary restraining order against tb start you order after claims of sheen was abusive towards her. >> the king of the bleachers actually. it was revealed that was something more serious. >>reporter: he fights to regain custody. it delivering this message in an alley to be interview wednesday morning. >> i'm anxious, i've never lied to you when this is another example of that. i will see you soon you're in my heart and i love you. >>reporter: tuesday he
5:57 pm
turned twitter to connect with fans and as an outlet. in a few hours he racked up hundreds of thousands of followers. his troubles climax when the 2 1/2 minstar, one of iran's which cost cbs to halt production for the season. since then he's been granting interviews, sometimes making bizarre and aggressive comments which he was recently asked about. >> passionate wanted to get everyone's attention. clearly my plan is working. >>reporter: in washington, sandra. >>louisa: continuing with light is scattered showers for the evening hours and even into tomorrow. at the details of how long it will last history ahead.
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this is surveillance video showing san francisco narcotics officers approaching unit and henry hotel back in december after receiving a tip about narcotics. >> please a burst into a whole, and it appears of average team bursting a double without warrant. then claim after the fact to protect the fruits of their misconduct. >>dan: after obtaining a master key, this video they
6:01 pm
say shows narcotics officers bursting into the apartment without a warrant. then later they say, officers lied about it on a police report saying they received written consent before entering. which they say this video shows did not happen. >> of we cannot trust the word of a police officer testified, in a case like this it calls into question what are they doing out there? >>dan: in an incident in january in the same motel, narcotics officers are seen covering up the surveillance camera. police claim they received permission to enter the home, the occupants says the force their way in with an award. >> this is where poor people live, these are poor people's homes. you need to have a warrant if you and your son's home in pacific heights same if they live on six straight. >>dan: san francisco acting
6:02 pm
police chief just told a news conference here's what he had to say about this whole situation. >> there's a point to the tape for the camera is hidden. there's a section of the tape for the officers walking away. we don't know if that's the officer who put his hand up on the tape or not. we will look that out why that occurred. obviously will ever put their hand and the camera, we will have to look at that. i can't give you an educated guess until we conduct the investigation. >>dan: the bottom line from san francisco is acting police chief let's not rush to justice and torture. in the meantime san francisco public defender's calling for full investigation not just from police or the dea he let someone independent to look into the whole matter. latest from the hall of justice, dan curman kron 4 news. >>pam: the dea has a former chief of police for san francisco when he was in charge when those two drug
6:03 pm
arrest occurred. he said his office is investigating allegations. >> if in fact there was wrongdoing, its officers doing or not playing by rules. please officers and prosecutors need to play by the rules. we did not play by the rules the whole system crumbles. i'm most concerned with all our people plane by the rules. >>pam: stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow the officer investigation. two local gambling businesses were rated this morning as part of a criminal investigation. federal agents raided artichoke joe's and the oaks card club. a source told kron 4 the to gambling businesses were targeted by the feds for allegedly being involved in loan sharking, extortion and drug dealing. kron 4 was in emeryville as the raid at the oaks card
6:04 pm
club was unfolding. >>haazig: federal agents conducted a major raid inside the oaks card club in emeryville. it is a joint operation led by the fbi which included the irs, dea, dept. of justice and the emeryville police department. there were at least 300 customers and employees inside when the raid took place wednesday morning. the doors were locked, no one was allowed to leave and the people inside were held for questioning. >> do i know of any illegal activity? or things of that nature? they asked about drugs and stuff like that. >>maureen: she tells customers were shocked to see their local card club being sworn by the federal state agents. here you could see boxes of evidence being carted out the casino's front door. the fbi wouldn't
6:05 pm
say it's inside, the only confirm this right is related to the one taking place across the bay. all belong law enforcement agents like the fbi you see here was streaming in and out of the building as they executed a search warrant. it san mateo sheriff's deputy took guard entered away those who showed up to try their luck at the tables. one player turned away today, said the only thing unusual he is seen as the amount of money taylor's run on. >> people are crazy, $2,000, $10,000. >>maureen: of the customers i spoke to said they never saw anything inside the doors that would warn law enforcement. >> it's usually a cool gambling spots. this is the first time i've seen police year like this. this places on the up and not as far as i know. >>pam: a man is recovering following the midday shooting in san francisco mission district. that happened shortly after noon
6:06 pm
today near harrison in 24 street. police say the victim was standing your friend's car when someone approached on foot and opened fire with a semi- automatic. the shooters described as a hispanic man and his mid-20s. >>louisa: were still continuing with light showers this evening. a shot from the tam shows the sock in. the north bay picking up a few sprinkles. light showers and scattered showers expected to continue. on the radar looks like will continue to see a few showers sort of moving and. it looks like overnight and morning we will continue with wet weather. tomorrow evening mostly cloudy conditions. the radar shows the what was there mainly in the north bay. if we do should see showers overnight it will be light nature. your morning lows expected to stay in the '40's and '50's. 50 san francisco, 45 santa rosa, upper '40's =
6:07 pm
south bay, by the afternoon it looks like our eyes are going to war into the low 60s. we will catch a break on your friday, saturday we bring in the wet weather once again. >>pam: state wanted to recruit test to date against school cuts. it's being called a day of action. protests were held all over the state in the bay area today from san jose to oakland and berkeley. you could see the crowds of people turning out and many children carrying signs. jeff pierce was in berkeley. >>jeff: the university of california is no stranger to protest and organizers came out in this national day of action to save education with the rhetoric what is called to expect. >> in the short anger, passion and love towards
6:08 pm
public education. >> need to be up there organizing for the right for every young person to have education, kindergarten through 12th. >>jeff: jerry brown was a target of the demonstrators. >> the thinner brownies to look out he's going to try and do cuts in california. we need to go beyond that. we need take the reins and rural hand to make this. >> today we yell and we demand to restore 1.4 billion in budget cuts to education. >>jeff: doesn't need today what national day of action to save education was not going to be enough. >> today has to be the launching of point of our power, california needs to be from top to bottom. reporting live, kron 4 news.
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>>kimberlee: a look storm tracker 4 right now, we are continuing to see spotty showers up into the north bay. we will continue with the chance of light showers as we head into tomorrow. all details straight ahead.
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>>louisa: still continuing with light showers this evening. right now an
6:19 pm
ominous look at san francisco, dark clouds hanging around. in the north were still continuing with wet weather. it expected to last over night and tomorrow with a bigger storm expected push and through by this weekend. your radar showing you were all the wet weather is situated. from san file all the way to novato, nev. picking up quite a few sprinkles right now along 101 and highway 37. up into the north stage as some spotty showers and portions of santa rosa also went for one country as well. picking up showers and showers and in their way along the coast. it looks like as we head into the overnight hours, we will continue with this pattern of light showers, same for tomorrow morning as well. it looks like temperatures are dropping off in the '50s. 55 san francisco, 57 santa
6:20 pm
rosa, future cast for shows the same story just hitter mitch showers into the next couple of hours. we could see. the drawing as well. your morning lows expected to get down to the '40's. 48 not bought, san francisco overnight will drop down to about 50 degrees. staying 50 in oakland, hayward, self they. by tomorrow afternoon highs will actually warm into the '60s. we will bring it to 60 degrees for santa rosa, 61 napa, temperatures in the upper 50s for places like novato and san rafael. in the east bay temperatures coming around 60 degrees for oakland and hayward it and 61 in san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, or showers in store for tomorrow. we will bring back the wet weather on late saturday into sunday. >>pam: in national news,
6:21 pm
president barack obama sign that stop spending bill to avert a government shutdown today but as samantha hayes explains, the fight over this year's budget is not over. >>reporter: following in the footsteps of the house, senators voted wednesday legislation that stalls the possibility of a government shutdown and cuts 4 billion from current spending levels. both the white house and democratic lawmakers are unhappy with the timeline. the bill will find the government for two more weeks. >> a spending bill for 14 days is in anything to celebrate it's an indication there is an abdication of responsibility. a >>reporter: republican house leaders were still calling for 60 billion in cuts this year, two weeks is plenty of time. >> you give congress four weeks they'll take four weeks, you get the six weeks celtics' six weeks, we have two weeks left the job done. >>reporter: americans are
6:22 pm
split on whether a government shutdown would be good or bad. 46 percent of respondents say it is shut down with the exception of essential workers would prevent the government from accumulating even more debt. 44 percent are against it saying it would freeze federal services. democrats and an effort to pressure republicans to reduce their cut say that vice-president joe biden is heading to capitol hill thursday to meet with gop leaders. in washington, samantha hayes kron 4 news. >>catherine: to u.s. salmon or dead after a man with a handgun attacked the boss in germany. the bus driver, a passenger were killed and two other airmen were hurt. witnesses are saying there were some kind of argument outside the port for the man began shooting. he's described as a devout muslim who was raised and germany, worked at the airport. he is interested. in florida
6:23 pm
another stretch of highway closed today because of the thick smoke from a wild fire. it has reopened, it was empty for more than 20 minutes. if the fire has burned 16,000 a. and has destroyed mobile homes and hunting camps. the record from a ship dating back to the 16th century as washed up on the shores of north carolina. the finding things that musket balls and french coins. archaeologists say h sank off the coast 400 years ago and now trying to preserve iraq from further decay. discovery astronauts took a final space walk today after the mission discover goes into retirement. only two other shuttle launches are scheduled. among other things the crew worked on a broken compass and installed a camera at the international space station today. stay with us we'll be right back. it's really delicious, mom.
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>>pam: oakland a's
6:27 pm
outfielder has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. it happened in scottsdale arizona where spring training is going on. he was released from jail and arrive in time to take part in creek game drills. chris but is now the third major league player to be charged with di wide during spring training. santa clara county detectives have arrested five suspected gang members for possession of stolen handcrafted metal statues along a to a local artist. sheriff deputies spotted the stolen nissan minivans when they started observing the vehicle from a close distance. the occupancy at the driver from another stolen vehicle and that's when the officer stopped them and recovered 20 stolen metal statues. we will be back after the break. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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now, at 6:30 p.m., tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories. right now, today's top story.
6:30 pm
>>reporter: in san jose two women are accused of embezzling more than $50,000 from the trade school care teacher and your organization. they allegedly stole the money over a two- year period and then spent it on a variety of things including shopping trips, restaurants and a trip to like a land. if convicted they both face as much as three years in jail. in san jose, rob kron 4 news. >>terisa: here in the east bay the albany school district was unlocked and wednesday for three hours. after concerns about a missing student who may be armed. police say that john scott went missing tuesday night, when a gun as well as ammunition from is also one missing. school officials say they received reports that scott was in the area and that is why they should lock down. however, the reports turned out to be false and normal school operations resumed. reporting live, kron 4 news.
6:31 pm
>>jeff: police are investigating the attempted abduction of a little girl at the monday afternoon around 3:00. police said the girl was walking on the sidewalk near this central catholic school and san carlos street. officers say the man was in a beat-up black ford pickup with iraq and wooden panels on the side. he tried to get the girl to come closer to the truck, she got scared and ran to the school. when they came to investigate the man was gone. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>haazig: i'm in emeryville where federal agents conducted a major raid wednesday morning of the oaks card club. those close to the investigation told kron 4 that loan sharking, extortion and drug dealing were at the center of the investigation. for several hours at employes were questioned by federal agents regarding the knowledge of these alleged crimes. the >> white know of any illegal activity. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>maureen: i'm in san bruno
6:32 pm
at the artichoke joe's casino or state law federal law enforcement as q. did a lot more. evidence was seized as part of the investigation. if the customers i spoke to were shocked by the reagan say they never seen anything inside these doors that would warrant the scrutiny of law enforcement. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>kate: the fire chief said he didn't know about the gas pipeline running through the city until exploded in september. testifying before a federal safety officials he says, pg&e never depart provided the department with a map of the pipeline location. pg&e said it holds a meeting wednesday with fire departments on the and it's a lot, to review the pipelines but it is usually attended by less than 20 people. kate thompson kron 4 news. >>dan: police are under fire at the hall of justice. the public defender's accusing narcotics officers of illegally breaking into homes to make drug arrests. they say they're doing this without search warrants and
6:33 pm
a lot about it in police reports. the public defender is calling for a full investigation. at all of justice and severed his go, dan kron 4 news. >>jonathan: san francisco dea and police chief have responded in separate press conferences to the video that shows the officers conducting an illegal search and seizure. two of the officers were seen in both pieces of surveillance video. they say they're not going to jump to any conclusions just yet. they want to examine the video in question the officers before concluding that any rules or laws were broken. the district attorney said he take his allegations seriously and that police officers must play by the rules. the chief said he stands by its officers was to hear their side of the story. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>louisa: continuing with scattered showers this evening, the bulk of the what whether announced its to the north bay. were continuing to see showers
6:34 pm
break into the north a coastline. it also rid of rain stretching from san or fell all the way up into novato and napa. it it looks like will take a closer look and show you along highway 37 as you make your way toward vallejo. spotty showers of been to places like santa rosa and through wine country as well. overnight looks like your lows will dip down into the '40's and 50's. 50 san francisco, 45 santa rosa and the south bay could bottom out around 48 degrees in san jose. in the afternoon tomorrow, the highs will be in the '60s still keeping the chance of what weather around throughout the day. it doesn't look like it's going to be a washout that we will bring our highs into the low 60s. we will catch a break from the what was around friday but it looks like will bring back showers in the mix by the weekend. >> now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly.
6:35 pm
>>mark: the cat has been there the entire time i've been shooting the segment while the owner search as the internet in a sushi bar. this is a dog on a leash with his owner in the same safeway at the seafood aisle. as the dog sniffs around the food. this is another dog seems safe way with his owner walking around the market without a care in the world. i'm beginning to think i live in some alternate universe where dogs are actually allowed in places that sell food. it's not an alternate universe, it san francisco. it's a violation of the san francisco health code for pets to be inside a place that sells food and thus it's a service channel. the one that actually wears a vest and that we'd still pad me i'm working. if you've never seen a sign this one is dated 1977 and this 12010. the point i'm making,
6:36 pm
this is an old law. no one knows this better than jack lucky's self-proclaimed a sandwich chain. customers showed up at the dog while his restaurant was getting inspected any was issued a warning by the health inspector. this woman is taking her dog inside starbucks also in the castro. here's a dog in her lap at the counter. i know some stores are dog family, i get it. dogs, cats whatever path you have don't belong where food is. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>catherine: police say in santa clara they have identified a homicide victim found over the weekend. they say he is 31 year-old alfonso, police found it when they were responding to a call about an unconscious man on sunday. we have a full of the suspect. he is a 22 year-old from san jose. police accuse the span of
6:37 pm
stabbing the victims to death, the say the incident was not gang-related it and they are still looking for him tonight. it there open for help from the public. >>louisa: a look and help ensure snow on top, ski report. alpine meadows has a base that the of 121 to 202 in. of not less open and 100 runs. conditions such superbowl, abase debt of 111 to 205 in.. 10 let's opened 95 runs and more snow piling up. are you trapped
6:38 pm
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1-800-no butts.
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>>kimberlee: late last night police took charlie sheen's twin boys away and was caught on camera. sheen says that he remained, and videotape the entire episode when authorities came to his home. the video later
6:41 pm
posted, the kids were removed after his estranged wife and mother of the twins, filed a restraining order and a custody order alleging that he was abusive to her. it this morning sheen talk to reporters. >> everything is exactly as i stated it to be. a clean and focused and ready to go back to work. there's nothing that i'm going to reveal that is not in concert with what i've stated thus far to everybody. like i said i'm shaking all the trees >>kimberlee: following her arrest for public intoxication, christine and i give lira's mug shot has been leak through the l.a. county sheriff's department. they had no plans to take the picture public. it was obtained exclusively from the news, authorities don't have plans to charge a secular up who according to official was cooperative and not belligerent. >>pam: the bay area's senior games are just around the corner. during breaks down with the women behind the games. the warriors built a
6:42 pm
20 point lead and then tried to hang on against the washington wizards. gary has the highlights all the sports next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>gary: evening everybody, the latest athlete running what the law involves crisp of the oakland athletics. he is arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired earlier this morning in scottsdale. he was stopped in his rolls royce after he failed to stay in one lane. please report say was cited for expired california registration and for failure to produce auto insurance. they favored the pam, this is no laughing matter but, i've listened to a guy on the radio today any finishes by saying, that he was able to arrive on time for practice. that's the latest. no comment. gary's ego not
6:46 pm
happy to an article in the chronicle this morning, is the goal is no secret he's been a gigantic bomb. the only time things worked it is when he goes to the bank every two weeks. it has not been strong here in the chronicle article said today, that the giants would be open to may be just letting him go eating the roughly six teen million dollars he has coming. the word is he at a meeting with bruce spoke sheet and he is not happy about the article today. it questioned his work ethic. we should say the guy who wrote the article, called in to the radio today and he said, he added from a high place source within the giants. that's the deal, you want to guess i know you're worried about him because, what happened is maybe you float this thing out there to see if there are any takers. if someone says of give you 70¢
6:47 pm
on the dollar for him. they're not going to. nobody wants in now. it is in that terrible? >>pam: may be down the road he could turn around. who knows though. >>gary: we had a similar situation here, can't take such good care of us we tried to go somewhere else and no one would take us. (laughter) >>gary: i have to absorbent tron does for us. kamal load on these things. can never backs be up. vern , just to show you the team work how close is burned about 2 in. away from me. he has held me throughout the broadcast that is what a team does. thank-you vern perry had a good news at of marin pratt baseball. this is a good story, one year ago cotter of marin catholic been in the head suffered major injuries. in fact, he
6:48 pm
reasoned nearly killed he is back on the diamond yesterday a plan for marin catholic. it also eastern bell will unveil a new pitching helmet. the prototype and next monday to prevent these types of injury. the story here, he is playing baseball again after there were reports the young man all was lost his life year ago. the warriors would be better take a plea washington every game. john the likely rookie of the year, 29 points, nine rebounds, five assists. reggie williams doing his thing. at one point the warriors led by 17, washington and just pretty much like the warriors, year in and year out the watch the playoffs on tv. the warriors hold on one 06-1 02. the snap of four game losing streak. pam are you
6:49 pm
ready for miss graham's? this is a woman whole spowho alt brought the olympics to northern california. how close were you? >> a very close and we could have on here next year. >>gary: what you've been able to enjoy, we can't drive the traffic is so bad. that could of been on you. >> could of been on me and i would love did . (laughter) >>gary: and is headed up to the senior games and she is always promoting we will talk about what is the head come in march. the senior games with a and next.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
>>gary: ready to go march 26th through april 3rd, the senior games. masturbate area venues will host any athlete over the age of 50 can compete a matter where you live. there's still time
6:53 pm
to sign up and a anne knows what she speaks. in 1960, and a look back teammate of mohammad ali and rome your 15 it any wonder swimming gold medal? >> on the relay team yes. i remember him in the cafeteria he was great. >>gary: he would read these stories about he was so in teaching and friendly. speaking his lovely and terrific. >>gary: that is when the olympic bug hit you? how close were you, while scott the lyrics for what year? >> 2012. i think we were very close. we lost in york we got the international arena we what of one. >>gary: some people like to be argumentative, have you got the olympics in this economy could you imagine the criticism that your group of received. >> people look forward to
6:54 pm
good things in the olympics are a good thing. it might be good. >>gary: jasons said it would create jobs. all i know is i did have a job. you know what i'm saying. tell me about the senior games they've been going since 2005. >> from step further for athletes over 51. when you get to be 50 gary i know you could play basketball. >>gary: when you're over 40 stay home. >> to someone to get a team come down and play basketball with gusts. >>gary: on look around pam's not fit there's nobody here. these are all good athletes, there's nobody living through this. >> out there all committed and enthusiastic and engaged. summer athletes when there were kids and some came too late in life and they decided they wanted
6:55 pm
to compete. our slogan is the competition never ends. >>gary: we have the promotional tape on anne senior games. >> the senior let the games has really changed my a out look. >>gary: i'm watching sky high jump there, these aren't necessarily outstanding athletes from years gone by somebody wants to stay active and be healthy. >> all kinds of athletes. the guy who just took up high jumping and he is 65 years coming to. >>gary: do still compete? will you be in this? >> yes i do compete are not sure. it sure looks like fun but not very good at any one sport how would you go about getting them to be a part of it? >> if you want to be part of
6:56 pm
it i'd become part of the community walk in and find a sport like i like to table tennis, swimming or track and field. or get on a team, a place soccer or rugby. it's amazing. >>gary: talking about living out of it. >> a softball there is a lot of great sports. everyone has a sport they love. it >>gary: is their website? >> >>gary: can is pretty good. she would be the firstthird leg. it sounds like fun and, i think ron will have little hand in this. >> we have been grateful for cross help and it's been great to have the guys around but i watch you guys
6:57 pm
to come to that free-throw contest i'm going to enter you. >>gary: this is rate in the kron 4 demographic. 50 and over. and cribs look for this mid march see what a lot o'clock. --11 o'clock they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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charlie's twin boys taken away by the los angeles police department. it's a special edition of "the insider," charlie sheen in crisis. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs from outside charlie's mulholland estate. "the insider" is on. >> ready? let's go. >> go bye-bye. >> i love you, little man. i'll see you very soon. love you. >> good-bye. >> sheen's 23-month-old twin sons removed from his mansion. the heartbreaking radar online video under the cover of darkness. >> bye, bob. bye, max. >> don't say good-bye. just say see you later. >> where are bob and max right now. >> at this moment on live television i do not know where my children are. >> new clues, what "the insider knows." and i'm christina mclarty with the just filed


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