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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  March 3, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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happened? >> either he figured out how to manipulate the mechanical workings of the jail. or, there was a human error. with that said. he was processed through like a normal released even though he was not supposed to be released. once the and it is processed, they go through security doors, d these stairwells, will lead to this whole lake. in this particular occasion he was with a group of this stairwell leads to this doorway. with this group, he did not have any property somewhat straight out. avoiding the " property window ". the same process will occur one more time. once he got to the front doors he was able to walk
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out. probably with a group of people. perhaps bart? or got a ride. i would not qualify him as a master criminal. maybe the last time he was here he degree this out or if it was just his luck. the >>pam: sergeant said this is the third time in the 21 year history that it and make has escaped. the sheriff's department figures out how exactly he got away new procedures will be developed to prevent this from happening again. the female jogger attack! this happened on our map plainfield avenue after 8:3:00 p.m. last night the masked man told her to the ground and demanded money. cut her with a knife and fled. he only has minor injuries. of baja >> the man accused of the 67 year-old murderer pleaded not guilty this chairman igentln
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is accused of killing this 67 year-old man. they have been roommates since october. a maintenance worker at st. mary's college is ben arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. on suspicion. he is ben arrested, the two men were in office at the college drinking all call. he has been the rested. one " allegedly sodomized the other. >>pam: one detail with stolen drugs. prosecutors to the welsh supervise the 20 09 kidnapping of a man. he wanted to " scared straight " and with the false arrest and welsh pleaded not guilty to felony charges. selling drugs, stolen from county
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evidence and drug seizures. >>pam: a body found in novado has been identified as 74 year-old appeals math. he lived with his wife, evelyn.e was found under a recent construction of a brick patio. the cost of the death is not the determined. toxicology tests also have not been completed. the attorney for the wife is continuing her exercise to remain silent. >> on we are starting to dry out. closer to the bay area, we can see that this radar is showing clear, dry conditions. we are currently in the 50s 60s. 62 degrees in santa rosa, 65 degrees and serv fairfield overnight,
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will bring that low down into the 40's and even the 30's. right around 36 degrees, 44 and a son of tell, and a bit warmer and san francisco. 48. as we take you through the afternoon and a highs are going to warm up into the 60s. fairly similar attempttemperature wise, and through this east bay, the mid-'60s. we have wet weather moving back and. late saturday it looks like it is expected to be more widespread. over night saturday the chance of shower activity could be light on saturday. the wet weather will continue. your kron 4 7 day around the bay
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tomorrow, will be partly cloudy. a lot of good of a break with that wet weather. the rain will return later in the day and continues to sunday evening. even at the chance of rain fall on sunday. then it will dry out. then it will return with the rainfall. >> the third section of this tower was put into place last night. today, the fourth portion and placed that into place this afternoon. these are on schedule and anticipating of an east tower installation completed at midday tomorrow. >>catherine: world news, frantically as keeping the chaos of libya. tens of thousands of people pouring over the border. these are people through tunisia refugees. obama is impr approvin the youg spots of
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planes to bring in supplies. most of these are migrant workers. if president obama is hosting the mexican president of the white house today. speaking of trade, violence, border towns. but he also took the opportunity to thank the president to stand up to libya. >> he does not only reflect our commitment of shared values. freedom, justice, rule of law it is also another example of mexico's leadership. >>catherine: the first lady was that at this bilingual school in washington. reading stories to the children and support of the program " read across america ". and a big police presence with sirens. the suspect and the frankfurt shooting was moved to a different location. two u.s. airmen. the side of the
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frankfurt airport yesterday. 21 year-old is now described as a radical muslim who was specifically the gunning for american troops. no other injuries purify >>pam: traffic is still slow in both directions. the 80 towards of lower deck is barely moving. south 101 is also a crawl. what a difference of the bay bridge toll plaza. west, east, traffic is moving well and it is light. more news after the break. for california should be proud.
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>>pam: the san jose earthquakes soccer team there will finally be on the way to their new home. vern glenn is an san jose with the details. he is live. >> i will say this about the earthquake they know how to throw a party. i have never done a live shot this is to wonder tons from this! this, the tank and the damage that was done at this demolition
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party. not gusts this scratch the party, within the two years this side will be a thing of beauty. >> checkup this excavator. the 65 year-old building like it was just a small piece of wood. this is adjacent to the airport for the new soccer complex with hotels, office complexes. supporters came to see the demolition that will take the next 12 weeks. a military tank provided an escort for the players. they are looking ahead to playing games in the 2013 season. >> starting to get the stadium for this and we're looking forward to it. we've been waiting a long time for a stadium in this is a great start. >> the $2 million to demolish that the former meatpacking plant. this will
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create 14,000 jobs. and bring in an estimated $60 million to the city. with myself, and the excavator will be back for more. if you're looking for a mahogany desk? i've got one. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room road rage attack. 45 year-old william moffitt and san jose resident. accused of cutting off another driver. jumping out of the car to pound on the man with a hammer. he is been booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon. and both are on the side of the road and that is when things got intense. the victim was hospitalized. this man is on a $40,000 bail. >>pam: 6 80/480 exchange
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headlights = north and a slow. this entire mess will be back. more news after this break.
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(music) welcome back. >> that fog is building in. he specially to the north bay with dense fog building and. we are drying out. this next wet weather iwill be tomorrow. currently, 60 degrees in oakland. redwood city. the satellite/writer is showing that moisture is just a few clouds into the mix to partly cloudy conditions. saturday, late
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saturday is bringing in that wet weather. overnight tonight, lows in the 40's. even 30's. 36 degrees in napa overnight. and upper 30's through livermore. afternoon will be similar to what we saw, today with the temperatures. 64 in santa rosa, 62 in the cooler in summer of vita summer 60 alon t coast in some rafeal. and 60s in livermore. the timeline of this wet weather will be latter on a saturday. the first part of your day should be dry. widespread shower activity continuing overnight on saturday. early sunday
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morning, we will continue with the wet weather. taper off. not quite as heavy. however, sunday evening, monday that rain and wet weather will persist. a bit of a break tomorrow. partly cloudy the next storm will come in on sunday. >>pam: fortune magazine the most admired companies is out. which took the top spot and why. >> two different tack giants of the most admired. the rest might surprise you- technology giants. procter and gamble and the southwest
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airlines. the continue to rise above other airlines with unique business model. third is berkshire hathaway. one single share = $120,000! and the top two, google. the king of the search engines. and an apple. the most admired companies. the fourth consecutive year. their top industry leaders have kept their competitors and all. and with the iphone 5 this summer. the sweet success is not going to end anytime soon. reporting from york. >>catherine: is so critical to local companies. it is so great. those local companies. robert?
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>> rob: there is a correlation. with employee retention, google providing a 10% salary increase. >>catherine: correct, and with the question. donald is asking what is a good way to... a 4% yield. ? >> rob: i wish that was an easy answer. however, if you put your principal up? it is too much risk. with the 4 percent, did not have perhaps done enough to cover if something goes bad. maybe starting with stocks of rise in, or bonds from general motors. of verizon, palo alto, good quality
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high-quality city in the bay area bonds. and build a portfolio of municipal bonds. building a portfolio, you should be able to yield about 4%. even current bonds are 6%, 7%. >>catherine: and with the stock market. some people are nervous but it is been good. and how long, hang in there? do you get questions like that? >> rob: yes. and perhaps oil equals $120 per barrel. however, i've never met a mmillion deand it depends on your timeframe. and if i get nervous? i could get more defensive. and something that is steady would be perhaps healthcare and utilities. and i think
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the stock market is pretty solid rebel. and already this year, we're up 6%. and it is pretty solid--right now. >>catherine: those top five, is there something it jumps out? >> rob: proctor and gamble. >>catherine: slow and steady? >> rob: and with jobs, it does some silly but with the middle class consistently using everyday progress. it is a safe bet. >>catherine: we will be right back.
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>>pam: live pictures. uc- berkeley, students protesting. they are chained together on the ledge of wheeler hall, the fourth floor. protesting budgets, education and cuts of- education. and 17 protesters arrested last night. news crews on the scene. updates coming up. and lady gaga her flamboyant wardrobe today in dallas, the catwalk as a model. she made the announcement on twitter that this contract would preview her new song " government hooker ". she is
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also poised for perhaps hosting the golden globes. with celebrity jokes. quarter, he is requesting charlie sheen coast with them. kron 4 news at 5:00 p.m. is coming up, next. coast-- cohost--offs
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. another attack dominifrom annapolis state hospital. three other violent attacks in the past year from the-napa state hospital. infidelity last year. now, authorities are questioning the safety with 8-fatality last year. haljeff bush tells us


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