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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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this is kron 4 news at 11:00. an emotional scene as protesters chained themselves at the top of wheeler hall emerged from the building tonight with some of their demands met by officials. kron 4 news was live earlier and now kron 4's jonathan bloom joins us live with the conclusion. >> reporter: it went on for hours and as you can see the steps of wheeler hall are
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completely empty. a few hours ago hundreds of students and dozens of police officers police police officers. money, changes in the way the university selects its leaders and the roll back of huge increases that happened to tuition. here is what it looked like earlier this afternoon. >> reporter: that was the message of the students who tied themselves together on wheeler hall. and as they unfurled it on a giant banner. they were cheered by those below. after police arrested one protesters, disobedience began. and wearing full riot gear, police showed up and things got
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physical. >> get back. stay back. >> reporter: police set up a perimeter as the demonstrators chanted loudly. >> we are fighting for public education. >> reporter: with over a thousand gathered, protesters revolved to take over the front steps. >> the students become so powerless at this university that we need to take drastic measures. the students, and protesters negotiated with officials. >> there is really almost nothing the university can actually do. they have secured themselves in such a way the university can't remove them. >> reporter: officials agreed to let the students off with probation and do the same with the ones who occupied wheeler
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hall last time. >> without handcuffs. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: protesters say they are discussing their other demands about roforming the budget and the leadership. >> we will. >> reporter: protesters say they were victorious today in getting some of their demands, the release of these protesters and the probation as opposed to jail time. the demands unmet are the roll back of the tuition hikes and the way the board is selected. they want it to be selected democratly. those are the issues they hope to discuss. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. a man who was muslim is suing the fbi with the help of a council on american-islamic
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relations. the agency violated his right to privacy. he found a gps tracking device under his car. as kron 4's reggie kumar tells us tonight, he still feels he is being watched. >> this is what he discovered underneath his car while getting an oil change. he didn't know what it was, neither did his mechanic. after him to remove it, he took pictures of what he described as a badry pack with a wire. he took it upon hisself to connect the wire and took pictures of it and posted it on the internet. he found out it was a gps tracking device. two days later there were two fbi agents next to his car.
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>> the guy, looked at me and goes, hey, do you know your tags are expired. i was like, does that bother you. he laughed it off. they came behind me and they fallowed me and they flashed their lights and pulled me over. the first question they asked, do you know why i am here. where were you last sunday. at a mechanic shop. i asked him, how can i help you. well, we need to device right now or we will arrest you. i got the device, handed it over to him. the weirdest questions i have ever heard in my life. they consisted of have you ever been to yemen for training. are you affiliated with islamic
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views. i answered no. i am not affiliated. they took the device. shook my hand. you don't need to call your lawyer, your boring. i feel i don't have privacy. the fbi released a statement, they conduct investigations under guidelines that determine what steps or techniques are appropriate. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. we are going stay dry tomorrow. seeing that fog overnight, especially up into the north bay. friday, just kind of a mixture of sunshine and clouds. saturday we will watch a storm. late saturday into sunday, est if used by l watch a storm. est if used by l watch a storm. date 15, 2011. for wet weather. looks like showers could linger into monday of next week.
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new details, san jose has a contract deal with its firefighters. a agreement calls for a 10% cut in pay and benefits. today the mayer and union reps said, this deal works for the people of san jose. >> this is a difficult decision. very difficult budget times and it takes a commitment to the people, which local authority made to engage in this kind of a contract which includes a 10% reduction in total compensation. that's a big sacrifice. we know it's difficult for the members to continue doing their work while taking a pay cut. this is all a success. common sense comes to the table and finds solutions to help the city preserve services, save firefighters jobs and keep the
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city in tact and safe- >> firefighters are willing to reduce staff on trucks and cuts in their pensions. another meeting is set for tomorrow. we will be right back with more news after the break.
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. a napa county hospital patient is behind bars for attacking a technician and attempting to rape her. it happened at the hospital located on the napa valley highway. jesus hernandez tobar is charged sexual salt and attempted rape. this attack comes on the heels of a death of a nurse strangled by a patient there and a therapist who suffered skull fractures after being attacked in september. we talked with hospital employees. >> people are scared to come to work and to work the overtime
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and the risk of being injured, assaulted remains. >> we are not getting enough assurances by our administration that the safety will be improved. we have been asking for more police presence, we have been asking for increased staffing. granted, we are in a budget crisis right now but when it comes to safety, certain precautions have to be taken. >> the hospital confirmed the assault. his bail is set at $250,000. police are searching for an inmate who escaped. he has been processed back into the facility after attending a court date on auto left it
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charges. that's when he snuck past six security doors to freedom. >> he figured out to manipulate the mechanical workings of the jail or there was a human error. he was processed threw like a normal releasey. >> once the inmate is processed he goes through the security doors and then comes up these stores that leads him to the exit. he was with a group of about 20 people. it's a large group. and the people that want their property goes to the property window. he did not collect property so therefore he went straight out. and that same process would
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occur one more time. once he got to the front doors of the facility we was able to walk out. probably walked out in a group of people and went to bart or got a ride or something. i wouldn't qualify him as a master criminal. maybe the last time he was here he figured it out or just bumb luck. more news and the weather after the break. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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>> reporter: he is talking about the victim who let him and other homeless people crash here at his store. the woman arrested in connection with the murder also stayed here and was his caps off girlfriend. >> he said she was his fiance. the suspect is well known here as an alcoholic, prone to out bursts. >> she flipped out. >> reporter: the day before the body was found he shot himself and that she was still using the space. >> she said he was dead for a week. she was saying, you know, i got to go home, take a shower but i got to step over a body. and i was like, is he dead. she said yeah. he is still there.
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i was really surprised. i am -- you know, i mean, i didn't -- i didn't know he blew he is brains out. or that's what she said anyway. she was like, you want to go take a shower? no. no. he was really depressed so i think he just committed suicide. i don't think she is capable of committing homicide. >> reporter: maureen kelly, kron 4 news. overnight we will watch fog build in and temperatures expected to drop down into the 40s and even 30s in some spots. 36 for santa rosa. 39 livermore. 40s in san francisco. and the low 40s in the south bay. by the afternoon, highs will warm up into the 60s. 63 in san francisco. and keeping temperatures into the mid-60s right around the bay. along the coast around 60 degrees.
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should be a pleasant day tomorrow. 64 for san jose. as we head into tomorrow we will have a mixture of clouds and sunshine and then rain saturday. drops in from the north. looks like showers start off, continuing to spread into the evening hours. this storm moves through overnight on saturday into sunday. sunday is going to keep the chance for wet weather around and widespread chance. into the afternoon, into the evenings and we could continue to see rain the beginning of next week. tomorrow will be a dry day. a good portion of the day on saturday will stay dry. but the wet weather will stay overcast, bringing in showers through the rest of the weekend and beginning of next week. we will catch a break on tuesday and wednesday. >> next up in sports, the
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sharks are red hot. could they get the past the red wings for their eight win in the row? gary has all the sports and highlights next. [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green.
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. all right. good evening, everybody. the sharks continue to be the best team in hockey tonight. tonight they welcomed in the red wings. dany heatley, the rebound, 1-0 san jose. hp pavilion going crazy. game is tied 1-1. that was it. he stopped 26 of 27 shots. dany heatley, one more time. the replay. the quick reflexes. 3-1 sharks. eight straight victory. they won 17 of 20. boy, san jose really cooking. the stanford women, tonight
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they win for the 61 straight game. joan boil and cal. just no match. stanford is second in america, they win 75-51. peterson will do her business here. one more time. 61 straight at home. only connecticut ranked higher nationally. the warriors on the road tomorrow at boston. they have a new player, al thorton. he was cut by the washington wizards. 14th overall draft pick by the clippers. forward. started off quick and hasn't progressed. the official nfl lockout is on hold. they delayed it for 24 hours. roger goodel and the owners
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doing strutting there. at steak, $9 billion in revenue. don't get your hopes up. no signs point towards a agreement. here is the players. >> we appreciate your patience as we work through this. we are going to keep working. we want to play football. thank you. >> there he goes. one time raider choice robert let his attentions be known. he does not want to play for the raiders anymore. the number 2 overall draft pick, in the nfl, back in 2004, number one pick of the raiders says he wants $8 million a year. the raiders say you are worth about 2.5. started 75 games for the raiders. wants to go somewhere else. if they have a lockout he is going no place.
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baseball, scottsdale, arizona. one giants, buster posey. there he goes. first home run of the spring. 450 feet. del rosa says ait's the longest home run he ever gave up. the a's, coke -- coke ocrisp. back on the field. 4-0 a's. willingham goes over the grandconnian university. what is that degree worth? when you looked at me you don't see intelligence -- >> i don't think about that. >> you thought grand canyon university. knanyway the brewers beat the a's. show the earthquake thing. soccer field in san jose. they tore down a building,
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