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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  March 4, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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news station, this is kron4 news at 4:03 p.m. >>pam: at 430, 40 vehicles have their windows smashed at and east bay commuter parking lot. it happened between wednesday night and early thursday morning at the centerville train station in fremont. fremont police say, the vehicle windows were shattered by somebody was looking to steal loose change, visible in ashtrays or other small objects stored near the center consol. the owner of the centerville station coffeeshops told kron 4 he spoke to someone who may have witnessed the windows being smashed. >> he said he saw three guys, run across the world track. i knew there might be some sort of break and for the window but. >>pam: visitors say so far they have no suspects. fremont police officers are increasing patrols at the train station parking lot.
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san francisco mission district has seen a rash of violence in the last two weeks. it appears to be a war between two rival gangs. kron 4 jeff bush explains what's going on, and what police are doing. >>jeff: the latest incident between the gangs happened last tuesday when a member of the one day was shot on harrison. three days before a member of the other gang was killed at the corner of 17th and mission. the two rivals have been against each other for as long as anyone can remember. the retaliations are happening, they're worried about the problem of escalating. police said third doing increase police attention. >> the police will spend much more time in addition watching the gang activity. >>jeff: tensions are high, what i want to shoot video at the memorial i was confronted by to gain
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members who were standing off camera and guarding the memorial. >> you guys already have all over the news. what you want to do this? one of the gang members suggested to the other to break my camera. police are concerned that more violence will erupt over the weekend. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: and antioch woman accused of torturing and murdering her foster daughter entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. ms. davis is charged in connection with the death of her 15 year-old niece jasmine davis back in
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september 2008. she allegedly beat jasmine and her twin brother with belts, electrical cords and then burn the with a hot iron. if she has found it to be insane she could be committed to a state mental hospital for life. >>brian: it's friday and weekend is here. so is the rain for saturday and sunday. a live view of san francisco mind mainly clear skies but some cloud increase meant tonight. a weather systems is slowly making its way down the coast tonight. temperatures on the mild side. 65 san jose, tomorrow look for mostly cloudy skies with some breaks of sunshine. yeah outside chance for some sprinkles into the north bay. and the northern sections of the north bay. a better chance for rain comes in late saturday night and into sunday morning. it does look like a light rain for
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much of the bay area sunday. also sunbreaks is sunshine in the next. still showers in the forecast for monday and someone to conditions as we go into next week. even though it's going to be unsettled this weekend with the chance of rain, rainfall totals not too impressive. about a tent to a quarter of an inch close to the bay. paramounts into the mor. >>pam: fire fighters have agreed to attend% decrease in pay and benefits. that means $30 million in savings to the city. they claimed the agreement will save jobs it does not guarantee that firefighters are immune to layoffs. this is as the city of san as it grapples with a $105 million budget deficit. >> we can't guarantee that it depends on what happens next year and how well we can close the gap this year. the amount of concessions were giving is not enough to
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close that debt. >>pam: san jose is still negotiating with the fire fighters over the escalating costs of pension benefits. in the face of the $46 million deficit, will once there is proposing a partial tax. she wants voters to approve a $80 parcel tax to boost the city's general fund. it in a privately funded poll of 400 city residents, 66 percent approved the idea of the tax. we talked to the mayor of what that would be used for. >> 50% of the city budget is police. whenever you get more money it would go to police. this is aimed to the general fund to save services. i will let you win 50 percent of your services are for police that's a sizable amount. it will also go to a violence prevention programs and other services in the city. >>pam: the proposed partial
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tax would require a two- thirds vote in order to pass. work on installing the fourth section of the bay bridge is new tower is over. it turns out caltrans did not need five entire days to get it all done. will tran and tells us why workers were able to beat the clock. >>reporter: caltrans workers should be working on the section of the tower but they're not. all because they have their work done ahead of schedule and finished at 1:25 a.m.. the save them all of them friday despite on tuesday they were afraid of falling way behind schedule. at that time it was raining and very windy. it was so bad they didn't get any work done they pulled the workers of the project and let them sit for couple of hours. they let the bad weather past when they resume work if they were open get back on schedule. not only did the get back on schedule they surpassed it. right now the relaxing, it will last long
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because they back, april. they finish this fourth section today. that took quite some time. it's behind them at this point. the next section is the fifth section and that will go off and be even higher than this. fortunately during the fourth section they can have a problem with traffic. hopefully that will be the case with the fifth section. so far the whole project is on schedule to be open by 2013. as such a huge project is that whoever is in the white house and the next time will be here for the grand opening. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: new video from shuttle discovery launch and it shows off some shots of liftoff. at the same time that amazing video is being released. oh collins reports that nasa is that about the loss of an unmanned rocket which never made a pastor's today. >> liftoff went smoothly for
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nasa's on and tors launch. six minutes into the launch a protective shell did not separate as planned and the mission was doomed. >> all indications are that the satellite and rocket is in the southern pacific ocean somewhere. the satellite glory with collected information on the earth's climate. now nasa officials are trying to collect themselves. >> world devastated. we will recover though. >>reporter: has not someone's a loss of celebrates the success of shuttle discovery last mission. nasa released this discover launch from kennedy space center on february 24th. six cameras attached upset of the shuttle captured its liftoff. the descent of the two rocket boosters through the earth's atmosphere in a crash landing in the ocean. discovery's mission commander said the crew on the international space station has already accomplished most of the major objectives.
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>> the mission has gone great we could be happier. looking for to a couple more days on a beautiful international space station. >>reporter: the astronauts are also looking for to coming home. >> it be great to be back on earth. a bittersweet. >>reporter: in washington nicole. >>pam: the friday commute in san jose this is highway won a one at the guadalupe overpass. the headlights' are southbound but traffic is moving well north and southbound. the only problem is the overpass. we will be back more news and more of the nfl after the break. [ wheezing breaths ]
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>>pam: on the nfl labor front, another day and another extension of talks between the owners and players union. it was announced that a new deadline to get a collective bargaining agreement and, what happened next friday by 5:00 p.m. eastern time. vern glenn is here now, he is
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going to tell us what's going on. >>vern: as nfl commissioner says, talking is better than litigating. this is some of the players led by the union rep. litigation the last thing the owners want. this means both sides will dig deeper and progress is made that up right complete by next friday i would look at another extension to avoid a work stoppage. there employs one thing is to remain the same, the owners want a salary cap in a game extension. how old you divvy up $9 billion a year that they bring in in revenue. the owners want more and the players are saying no. the players can vote to decertify. of what that means is legally the owners are prevented from walking out and locking out players in individual
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players consuming get triple damages. failure to get an agreement would mean no 2011 season. players all already on their own health plans. >>pam: it could get messy? >>vern: could assure the owners get it right. do want something fun this weekend? the disney and i show is back. we found this guy andrew, but he's an edmonton data of a former hockey player and a frustrated evidence oilers fans. he give a promising hockey career put on the pads and gloves and the stick. to jump into figure skating. the last few years he's been on the fast track as a star with the disney and ice show where he plays this surfer from loans ditch. i asked him what gives. he said without i would've met my wife of four years rob and.
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>> skating improve your hockey skills. and it signaled that girls in figure skating in a lot prettier than the guys in hockey. i really like skating. i did to improve my hockey skills and then i started competing in winning it and really enjoying the sport. the top of my. i worked my way up to be a great skater. it is gate with my wife and she plays jasmine. it's awesome it wouldn't change anything for the world. >>vern: they have a show tonight at oracle at 7:30 p.m.. it three show saturday and sunday at 11:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.. are getting the rauscher from the way to take the kids. he is with his wife 247 on and off the ice. >>pam: 2 means the hockey players make the moves down the road. it will be back were going to take a break.
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>>brian: here is san jose rate fell live outside. the sunshine you see on 101 but high clouds moving in. those high clouds the site of things to come. whether system coming down the coast for this evening but moving ever so slowly. break out temperatures in the '60s for 60 at the golden gate. a little cooler at san bruno at 56 degrees. all pretty nice day. things changing for the week and i don't think it's going to be too bad though. here's the storm 80 am tomorrow still up in the north coast and typically when you have a storm it's going to be in the bay area a few hours. this thing does not both. installed zero and will tomorrow and take its time getting here. by 8:00 p.m. tomorrow a few light showers beginning to shop in the north bay. this begins to move to the south through
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the overnight hours saturday into sunday morning. now going into the mourning for sunday, still the light rain confined to the north bay. it spreads to the south sourcing around the bay by sunday morning. basically to are not too bad, partly cloudy skies, drive through most places. by sunday, here we are with a light rain. notice none of the yellow color showing have your precipitation. it does remain free light and spotty. rainfall amounts about attempts to a quarter of an inch. most will wrap up by sunday but there's still more showers in the forecast for monday. here is like tahoe, which took a snapshot just before sunset here. mostly cloudy skies over the lake. look for clouds tomorrow, a slight chance for rain and snow. a better chance for rain and snow sunday. it's still levels at about 6,500 ft..
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snow levels coming down from monday, perhaps to about 3,000 ft. or lower. temperatures tomorrow morning '40's to start the day, with upper 30's for santa rosa. partly to mostly cloudy tomorrow, most places dry, highs in the '60s. a couple shower showing up late afternoon for locations that santa rosa here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, rain for sunday will be light but a better chance for the entire bay area. showers and gusty winds may surpass 30 m.p.h. for monday. dry tuesday and wednesday with a warming trend and the next storm dubai thursday. >>pam: checking traffic on this friday to see this moving quite slow. traffic is barely moving at all at 80. also very slow southbound 101 at the bottom of your screen. it's a similar picture in walnut creek. this is the 680-24
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exchange and its growing in both directions there. a lot more news to come stay with us.
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>>catherine: if you're thinking of seeing a movie this weekend your choices include johnny depp voicing the character of a cam neely and in that game and playing a man running from his own destiny. here's some of what showing now. >> you're a stranger, strangers to last long here. >>catherine: of sheltered million finds himself the western town and rang go. voiced by johnny depp he has a chance to live out his heroic fantasies 20s named the sheriff. can live up to the hopes of the townspeople and save them from an outrageous villain. it's rated pg. >> politician david norris
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played by matt damon tries to change his predetermined future in the adjustment bureau. despite warnings from the man of the bureau the agent sun faded selfing continues to pursue the only woman he's ever loved. a ballet dancer play by emily blind. it's rated pg-13. and take we alternated summer 1988, is a recent mit grad looking for direction. what is high school crush invites him to an end of summer party. that along with his sister and best friend find themselves in a once-in-a- lifetime celebration. it's rated r. >>pam: friday traffic on the golden gate bridge moving well north and southbound. a look of the san francisco skyline. the skies are blue and that will change as we move into saturday. rain is expected saturday night. kron 4 news at 5:00 is coming up next.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:00. >>pam: at 5:00 pg&e was under fire this week and now the company is making big changes. federal safety officials grilled utility but the san bruno pipeline explosion. as kate thompson reports, some said residents in the changes are too late to help them. >>kate: bob had to replace the entire front of this fall after december the blast. he's lived in has for nearly four years and did know he was next to the pipeline. on thursday, pg&e agreed to provide customers with more of formation. will now mail letter to any will within 2,000 ft. of a transmission line. at the hearings in washington the same brutal fire chief said he had no idea that pipeline ran through the town. the utility said it will now hold a face-to-face meetings


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