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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 4, 2011 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 530. and the th >>pam: kron 4 has learned not quite on the scale. >>haazig: 40 car windows were shattered over night recently while parked here at the centerville east tray. crime was covered with glass here. there is still shattered pieces on the ground in this section here. in response fremont police have increased patrols to
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the train station parking lot. although investigators say they have no suspects at this time and no witnesses, detectives have an idea about the motives. >> it appears the change left in the ash trays and consol was the target of most of them. they did have small items stolen but we will know the full inventory until we get all the reports. investigators say that's because of the 40 cars that had windows smashed. so far only 10 reports have been made. in fact to three cars are still sitting in a lot days after the crime occurred. not on, and as many commuters park their vehicles here and take the capitol corridor train over night. at the centerville train station in fremont, kron 4 news. >>pam: an outbreak of violence in the mission district. police say it's because of rising tensions between two rival gangs. they're been several shootings, stabbings and assaults related to the gang rivalry in the last two weeks. the last incident was
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the shooting of a gang member on tuesday. three days was a gang member killed on 17th street. police say they're keeping a close eye on the situation. >> we have officers and that will spend much more time in the mission. watching d king activity. like i said i'm confident for the last couple days it's been fairly quiet. >>pam: police say in addition to place controls committed deal reaches going on to try and cool down the rivalry. the an overturned truck black traffic on the san mateo bridge. the accident happened at about 720 this morning just west of the toll plaza. it was centered almost an hour-and- a-half later. officials say no one was injured in the crash. while it was good news for san jose was last night's agreements was announced. only marked the beginning of continuing negotiations with city
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government to deal with other issues. jeff pierce sat down with mayor chuck agreed to find a what else is ahead. >> it's a relief to get a contract signed with the fire fighters. it's still a tentative one. >>reporter: when the firefighters reach an agreement to cut pay and benefits by 10% it was only the first hurdle for mayor chuck reed as he grapples with the $105 million budget deficit. >> we agree to talk about pensions and benefits for new hire reads as well as existing employees. it's an area where we have to make changes. >>reporter: with the city negotiated a 10 other unions they have hopes that the firefighters of leading by example. we hope their leadership will influence the other organizations that have to come to the table we need concessions from everybody to help save jobs. >>reporter: the agreement with fire fighters may save jobs it may not save them all. it depends on how well
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we can close the gap this year. the concessions are giving us is not enough to close the entire set of cost increases of the fire department. >> were facing very serious decisions to make in order to preserve services to our community. it's extremely challenging. >>reporter: in san jose jeff pierce kron 4 news. >>pam: a major segment of the new bay bridge has been completed. it was done ahead of schedule. the fourth section of the new tower was completed a day early. kron 4 reporter has no information about the eastern span a talked with some people who are still concerned. >> the segment of this new tower done, new information but this project. the diameter of the wires holding up the new bridge are 31 in.. something i measured out with my belt.
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that means nothing to d'arcy who walks with a 7 month old son alex and his nanny almost everywhere. everywhere but oakland. >> there's a much great stuff and east bay it's hard to get to if you don't have a car or take part. >>reporter: when the eastern span is essentially completed, him and his small family will see spectacular views walking along the new bridge. he's only hopeful that plants will be finalized for walkway over the western span of the bay bridge. if this link san francisco and treasure island. >> i love walking across the golden gate bridge, if i could do it on the bay bridge that would be even better. >>reporter: the fifth section should be lifted into place later this month or early april. this is a project that will finish until 2013. at that point the president will come to the opening celebration.
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reporting in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>brian: a nice day for today. at the rain held off it was a dry day for a change and temperatures were pretty nice. we got into the 60s on the bay area was 65 oakland, san francisco the site today. the warm spot san jose at 67. we will see similar temperatures for tomorrow. were clouded is for storm system that's working its way into the bay area for the weekend. here's the rain, you recall what whether there. that's where the rain will stay for some time as this weather system is stalled out. it is eventually going to make its way into the bay area but not until tomorrow night into sunday. for tomorrow look for partly to mostly cloudy skies. there may be a few sprinkles to the north of santa rosa. the chance for rain sunday does appear to be light rain at this time for sunday afternoon
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sunbreaks of sunshine, more showers in the forecast as we start next week. i would like to know more about the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast later on. >>pam: the back toward developing story, a live picture from the rally in oakland. it looks like the crowd is growing there. this is a protest against an impending decision on a gang injunction which would affect certain sections of oakland. the protesters believe an injunction need leads to racial profiling and go by association. if a judge does agree that injunction would require 10:00 p.m. curfew and prohibit certain gang members from associating with one another and a forger and 50 block area. we want sure you are not the. this is the fruitvale area. the boundaries including high street to 21st ave. we will continue to follow this protest and have more news for you after the break. hey marcel, watch this!
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>>pam: house speaker said today he is launching a legal defense of the federal law against same-sex marriage. catherine is here now she has more on all of this. >>catherine: bay near is determined to fight to uphold the ban on same-sex marriage. this seems to be in part a reaction to something the president said recently. if the president saying his opinion on same- sex marriage has evolved. he is no longer going to try and defend the constitutionality of the law defining marriage as between a man and a woman. bay near doesn't like that. he is now talking about convening a group of bipartisan leaders and says he will do that to defend the ban on same-sex marriage. here's a little of what he said today. he said the constitutionality of this law should bite determined by the courts. not by the president unilaterally. >>pam: any other information on who might be on this? >>catherine: we know nancy
5:42 pm
pelosi we'll, not that she wants to be. she is clearly not enthused and said tonight that painters plan to possibly go to court on this would be expensive. she calls it a big burden on the house staff and thinks the whole idea is just distracting. >>pam: will take a break and be back much more news ahead.
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>>pam: a national news, the reserve office training program is returning to harvard. more than four decades ago someone was kicked off of campus because the school was opposed the vietnam war. in the 1990's they banished military events including this because of the don't ask don't tell policy. that law prevented from openly gay people from serving. however deal, which has lifted the ban about three months ago and now the program has returned to the
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harvard campus. on black history lesson where a fifth grader was treated like a slave. an ohio a teacher held a mock slave auction supposedly designed to teach her students about slavery in america. paul explains how that sparked a heated commotion. >>reporter: at 10 years old nikki got a painful lesson in american history. he said his teacher, divided the class and made some students slaves and others their masters. >> at first didn't care but after people were made to people and made me mad. >>reporter: he said it got worse when the so-called masters were told to feel the students bring slaves to see if it were worth buying. if they got to look in your mouth and feel your legs and stuff. >> he felt degraded and
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heard. kids picked on him later. his mom said she is astonished. i feel like that was totally inappropriate and racist and degrading. >> the school district officials declined to comment on camera. a spokeswoman claims this is part of the standard required curriculum. she said was a onetime lesson and in a statement she robison is the concern was brought for attention school officials acted promptly to >> with the parent. while we were at his house is protocol. we overheard his apology. >> i'm shocked and no one has ever said anything about it. while the family said the apology as nice nikko said he is still waiting to hear what from his teacher. she said of said sorry. >>pam: the ohio state board of education said the law does require fifth graders to have exposure to diversity education. the law
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does not mention anything about walks lavery. >>brian: we have the sunshine today, already increasing high clouds tonight. another storm that is moving to northern california for this evening. san jose right now in were live in there's high clouds massing out the sunshine for this evening. now for right now readings in the '50s and '60s with highs in the mid- 60s colistin pacifica still in the '60s for sunnyvale and walnut creek here's future cast. this is our forecast model forecasting rain and there's the right of on the north coast the system stalls out and really not budging it's really going to be part on the north coast for much of the day tomorrow. there is the rain primarily to the north of ukiah. by the evening some of the showers move to the south and showing up the
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right around santa rosa and points to the norse and to sonoma county. late saturday night into sunday morning another wave moves onshore and it's going to produce light rain for the entire it bay area. to think were waking up to wet weather sunday morning. however it looks to be fairly light maybe it tends to a quarter of an inch with the system with higher amounts in to the north bay. that shows slightly heavier rain but all in all, the system producing light amounts of precipitation. into the afternoon a couple scattered showers and increasing sunshine by late sunday. here's lake tahoe some clubs beginning to move in here into the sierra and the chance coming out of snow coming up right now clouds of the chance for snow and rain at arriving by sunday snow levels pretty tight about 6,500 ft.. there is
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the rain for sunday. a few showers left around for monday mixed in with sunshine. dry weather and warmer conditions returned tuesday and wednesday were rain thursday. >>kimberlee: in social media news, apple is working to lift a one time down movements from cartoons. according to multiple sources they weren't talk with record companies. that means any sunday by could then be down loaded multiple times and no extra cost your mac, pc or any of a device the ones i tunes. following the release of the i pad to samsung may lower the price of our galaxy tablet. the vp of the mobile division admitted that apple's tablet made part of the galaxy tab look inadequate. according to a new report, a venture-capital from general ed land it will soon become the latest investor and
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facebook by by one-tenth of 1 percent of the company in a deal that puts the social networking giant's worth at $65 billion. meanwhile a recent auction of twitter suggest the company is worth $7.7 billion, more than twice the company was valued in december. investors agreed to pay $34.50 a share for twitter in exchange for a private company shares. >>brian: it's time for your ski report. the snow levels to look pretty high initially. 6,500 ft. for sunday and falling to 3,000 ft. for monday. bear valley depth 100 to 2 in.. 67 runs to melrose. 59 runs there. seven lives. squaw valley reporting a base of 185 in.. 107 runs. will be back. [ male announcer ] the network.
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>>vern: if they do to certify they will take the leadership and it will cost more. legally provide the water from blocking out the players. they will meet monday and at the belief of both sides think progress can be made. why else would you extend the length of the negotiation? the owners can even get into a $4 million tv fund it if stoppage occurs. they have every incentive to get the deal done as owners. profits are at stake in hanging in the balance. >> thank you ended your fans for being patient. we will continue to work through things like to know. the
5:58 pm
>>vern: i like him he is like myself. the >>pam: will see what happens they have another week to break down. kron 4 news at 6:00 is coming up next.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 6:00. >>pam: at 6:00, more californians are back on the job that's what the latest employment numbers say. the increase is relatively small. as kron 4 tells us the climate experts say there's reason to be hopeful. >>dan: california and the unemployment rate dropped in january that's down from 12.5% the month before. the slight decrease means the state added about 12,500 jobs. 2.2 million californians remain a out of work. nevertheless implement experts say here in the bay area it looks as though firms that have been cutting
6:01 pm
back are starting to hire again. >> the clients we've heard the haven'haven't heard from ine ears are calling. we find the clients are now saying they went on a skeleton crew for long enough, the now confident enough with operations they're going to bring back positions that they been living along without. >>dan: katrina is with robert half international which places temporary and full-time workers. she says the hiring she's saying is mainly in manufacturing, health care and high tech. the positions range from staff accountants to financial analyst two administrative assistants, to sales and a jar. >> as far as the backgrounds the looking for that jack of all trades. we're finding it's not very niche positions but someone who could do a little bit of everything. >>dan: unlike in the past, employers are less willing to train new hires and are
6:02 pm
instead requiring workers to have the specific skills that they're seeking. if you're one of those looking for a job of plum and experts say one piece of advice i can give, there's no such thing as a standard resonate. is it always amazed should be customized for each specific job. in san jose, kron 4 news. >>pam: economists say it's the best job report in three years. as the labor department said the u.s. added nearly 200,000 jobs last month. the national unemployment rate has dropped below 9%. >> our economy is not added 1.5 private sector jobs over the last year. that's progress. >>pam: the president has a reason to be happy. they've been crating jobs for four straight months. here's a look of the picture since 2008. i jumped a year ago was due to temporary hires for the national census. you could see what happened after the end it. these new jobs are in the private sector. public service jobs
6:03 pm
actually dropped last month. they could drop even further as more states slashed their budget. california is one of those states facing a budget crisis. that's what brought gov. jerry brown to san francisco today. kron 4 joins us live to it tellus' with the governor had to say about the budget and the many protests which erupted. >>reggie: the governor was at the bank of america tower today meeting with the bay area council. a group of northern california business leaders for their endorsement of the governor's proposed budget plan to close california's deficit of $27 billion. the ceo of the council said even though they support the governor's plan there things they don't like about it like the five-year tax increase. i ask the governor about 1.4 billion he's proposing cuts to higher education of what he thought of the uc-berkeley protests. he was asked about cutting redevelopment funding to local developments.
6:04 pm
>> i'd like to do it, a look at university i went there at all like tuition increases. we could only live with the money were given. as a matter of fact, if the taxes go down the cuts will be doubled. that's where we are. it's not easy but i didn't come here to try and put sugar and syrup on the problem. i'm telling you the way it is. the aid to poor families is all good. the fact is that the tax money, that was directed to redevelopment was a fraction of what it is today. this is a source of local revenue to support local government activity. that's why it's reasonable although there will be costs. like there is at the university in everywhere else. this is not in this budget. >>reporter: governor brown gave lawmakers until march 10th to decide whether to
6:05 pm
hold a special election in june to let voters decide on whether to extend increases on personal income and sales tax's willis vehicle registration fees. if republicans do not support his special action and the governor said it will be even step was steeper cuts. in san francisco, kron 4 news. >>pam: california is trying to get a piece of funding for the high-speed rail. this after florida's supreme court upheld that decision to reject the money. now the u.s. to cover transportation it is evaluating options to make the money available to other states. several other states including new york and rhode island hovels requested the fund the deal a project that would achieve the high-speed associated with bullet trains and asia and europe, would be the plants in california. >>brian: it's a nice evening, temperatures currently in the '50s and '60s. it's 63 and that view and 61 in san rafael. we had
6:06 pm
the sun today, now clouds coming in through this evening i have a weather system that's producing rain to our north. the clouds that is spilling into the bay area for this evening. this is a view of mount tam from earlier. he could see the sun but it's filtered by these high thin clouds. those will be on the increase for tonight and tomorrow. saturday featuring partly to mostly cloudy skies. the rain will hold off i believe it and there could be a few sprinkles for the north bay late afternoon and into the evening. the heaviest rain is on the way for sunday and we'll talk more about that later. >>pam: back live to oakland where rally is still going on. although the crowd standing. this is an oaklands frank plaza. its protest against a gang injunction for certain areas of oakland. this gives you a sense of the area that would be affected if the
6:07 pm
injunction goes into effect. the boundaries include high street and 20 first ave. we will continue to follow the protests and have more 41 not as it proceeds. also a protest in san jose is beginning. this is against a high school play. it's called the laramie project. what protest to play? what a complete report on not after the break. [ male announcer ] provocative. ♪ unexpected. ♪ defiant. ♪ and just what you need to forge your own path. introducing the most fuel-efficient
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get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. >>pam: your looking at live pictures and the scene and outside a high school in san jose tonight. this crowd is growing. the protests is supposed to take place. catherine is here to explain what all of this is about. >>catherine: the school is open to play tonight called the laramie project. it is a
6:11 pm
play, a true story the student that was murdered in 1998 and targeted because he was gay. all of that activity is because members of the cans is based church will been picketing military funerals they sent word they were coming to pick it here. on the left you're looking at pictures from the past. that's the group action at a military funeral. on the right looking at supporters of the school. people who say they're going to be ready if any of these people show up. as you see bainer = same things like god hates fags. military deaths are results of the nation's tolerance for days. the school says it wants to be ready. the math through her and sheppard case that is the case that brought the group its first national notoriety. that young man was killed again and targeted because he was gay.
6:12 pm
they began showing up in the late 90's at the trial of the two men who killed matthew shepherd. it's an ugly situation. the school says fine, we will use this as a teaching moment. we're going to be ready for them and as you could see by the group on the right they're ready. the play opens at 7:00 we don't of church members will show up. if you're looking at supporters. tonight the principal says, he is embracing this as a teaching moment. let's hear what he said. >> there's a discussion with the students and the drama teacher. they wanted to do something differently. we had a discussion of what it was about to, and what reaction could happen. the students are very accepting here at gunderson and they are very adamant that this is something what they wanted to do. >>catherine: it's nice to
6:13 pm
see that. they wanted to go ahead and do this but it wondered if people would show up in support and it's big. if there students and parents and staff members. they're ready. regardless of what happens they see this as a moment to stand up take action against that kind of hate group. >>pam: the play is slated to begin at 7:00 tonight? >>catherine: yes it is. >>pam: ok great thank-you catherine, we'll be right back.
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>>pam: after three days of hearings and answering questions from federal safety officials about the san bruno gas line explosion, pg&e has agreed to provide homeowners and first responders with more information on gas pipelines. people who live within 2,000 ft. of a transmission line, will now receive a letter notifying them of this new location. they will also meet personally with fire and police officials to notify them about the gas lines. another big change. pg&e says it will begin installing automatic shut off valves on some of the transmission lines in the
6:17 pm
bay area. during the san bruno blast, you might recall the gas remained on for 80 minutes and crews struggled to turn it off manually. >> the technology is available in the 1980's, it's 30 years later. they've been allocated money to do things to the pipeline and done nothing. it's about time. >>pam: the national transportation safety board says it expects to complete its investigation into the san bruno blast, within six months. the fbi has announced its launching an investigation into the alleged misconduct of several san francisco police officers. this as a new video services reportedly showing officers breaking the law. as theresa reports, officials said the video points to a disturbing pattern. >>terisa: this is the latest video of alleged misconduct by san francisco police officers obtained by kron 4. the people you see here on the screen are officials what the public defender's office identified them as
6:18 pm
veteran officers controversy. the video from the surveillance camera located at a hotel in the city. the public defender office says the video shows the cops and train essentially a resting him with drug possession. washington explains the video shows the cops broke the law several times during this arrest. specifically and most significantly in three separate ways. >> when would be the violation of the warrant requirement. indeed of search warrant to do what type of search they conducted here. another would be a failure to identify. they stated they had their stars which are known as their badges. that is clearly not the case. >>terisa: they also add they broke the law when they committed perjury when i filled in police reports about the arrest. visit the
6:19 pm
da drop the case against her client based on the allegations that have come to light. she says currently they're looking into whether there is more video out there that may show more alleged misconduct. in san francisco, to reset kron 4 news. >>pam: in world news, day 18 of the anti-government uprising in libya. as jim clancy reports there is no let up in the clashes between the military in the anti-government protesters. >>reporter: gunfire crackled over what protesters called the friday of freedom and libya. video posted on the internet reports to show that in tripoli after morning prayer. the tanks were deployed around the capital as the government raised for the protests. the protesters and security forces reportedly clashed in the city center and in the nearby city of soviet. pro gaddafi forces continue to battle opposition troops in eastern libya with reports
6:20 pm
of heavy fighting around the key oil town. a doctor in the city described a grim scene on thursday saying, government forces attacked protesters even firing at medical staff and ambulances. >> the the retreated 300 injured and shot people in the chest. >>reporter: an estimated 200,000 people have now fled this violence and about half of them tried to cross into to the shop. thousands more are still waiting in the un and it says libyan government forces may be preventing them from leaving. >>brian: we enjoyed some dry weather today but already the rain is coming back for this weekend. it doesn't look to be too bad though. i
6:21 pm
think it will hold off for a while. and this is storm tracker 4, a three out or loop. you could see rain to the north of ukiah. this is where the rain will stay for the next 24 hours. it's not really going to move. it stalled this weather front. a.m. tomorrow that's where the rain is still tomorrow morning. through the day will slowly make its way to the south. by the late afternoon a little bit of light rain into sonoma county. during the overnight hours this is going into sunday morning and another wave will move in and that will produce rain over the rest of the bay area coming up for early sunday morning by 6 to 8:00 look for somebody rain and it does appear to be fairly light. the rain will continue through the morning and
6:22 pm
afternoon hours. rainfall amounts of the light side. maybe about a tent to a quarter of an inch close to the bay with higher amounts in the north bay. here's future cast looking up the totals. the highest amount here in the north bay about to have an inch close to the bay. but this amount to the south bay. san jose picking up a few hundredths of an inch. tomorrow's temperatures was cloudy skies in the morning. coast in santa rosa and opera 30's. going through the day was to the highs warm up in the mid to upper 60s. dry for most places tomorrow afternoon. perhaps some sprinkles showing up in santa rosa of late in the afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay, there is the rain for sunday. it's going to be light and spotty it and showers mixed in with sunshine for monday. the dry weather will continue thursday and wednesday. the
6:23 pm
kron 4 news at 6:00 will be back. [ male announcer ] you are you.
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>>pam: social media website facebook connects a lot more than friends. kimberly is here to tell us about it. >>kimberlee: this is an amazing story. with the help of his kids from his second marriage, a tennessee man track down his son. they spent 57 years apart. to take a look at the reunion. in tennessee and restaurant, health and nervous leak at screen to a cup of coffee and wait to see his son again after all 60 years. >> i hope i don't have another heart attack. >>kimberlee: before his partners did the best of them son roy and daughter judaea rise. >> i think it's great for dad have a kid you haven't seen in that long. then just a few minutes later 57 years
6:27 pm
of waiting come to an end. >> how are you doing? let me come over to you. it's something hard to believe. to many years. >>kimberlee: a father and son torn apart long ago but made a whole on this day. >> i've always known somewhere i have family. in turn, i just couldn't locate. >> thank god we're back together. >>pam: were tearing up >>kimberlee: the family intends to spend the next few days getting to know each other. >>pam: alright will take a break will be right back. [ male announcer ] the network.
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now, at 6:30 p.m., tonight's big stories in one big block of news. more crews, more stories. right now, today's top story. >>reporter: in san francisco violence in the mission is on the rise there's been it doesn't acts of violence the last two weeks as a result of ongoing tension between two rival gangs. last week a member of these rain you gain was killed at the corner of 17th street commission. are there this week a member was shot. what concerns please residents is the fact that some of the violence happen in the middle of the light. police say they're going to increase patrols in the area with both uniformed officers and officers working undercover. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>reporter: here at the centerville train station in fremont this broken car window you see behind me is one of four or 40 windows
6:31 pm
smashed. small objects were stolen. so far investigators say they have no suspects or witnesses. fremont police have increased patrols riding the train station. at the centerville street station and kron 4 news. >>terisa: the fbi has launched an investigation into the alleged misconduct of six san francisco police officers. the officers that are accused of illegally going into people's palms. as well as lying under oath. had this comes as another video services allegedly showing officers breaking the law. the pleas to but it also launched an investigation as well. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>kate: pg&e is taking steps board to help better inform customers and towns about any high-pressure gas lines that may be running through towns and cities. first of all they're going to start sending letters to anyone who lives within 2,000 ft.
6:32 pm
of a high-pressure gas line. a separate letter that goes directly to the whole. it also pg&e has agreed to go from town to town and >> to first responders about responding to any problems that they may have with a high-pressure gas line reporting live, kron 4 news.. >>reporter: the occupation is over but student protesters say there's a lot more work to be done. on thursday evening the student stood on the ledge came down after they reached a deal with university officials. all charges have been dropped the students were arrested on thursday as well as the protesters were arrested during the 2000 occupation of will or hall. protesters we spoke to said they're pleased with the outcome but they know the will likely be more protesters as education cuts continue. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>reporter: governor brown met with bay area council.
6:33 pm
the ceo of the council says there are a lot of things in the budget they don't like. like the five-year of tax increases. this is a good way to get california back on track. governor brown is also proposing $1.4 billion in cuts to higher education. in san francisco reggie kron 4 news. >>reporter: of last night's announcement with the tentative agreement for firefighters to accept a 10 percent cut in pay and benefits will elect the beginning of this city grappling with the $105 million budget deficit. the city is still in gauge with talks regarding the pensions. similar sacrifices will be taken from the other cities as well. while the mayor says the cuts will save jobs. but there's no guarantee the layoffs will be avoided. jeff kron 4 news. >>dan: some positive news in
6:34 pm
terms of jobs. the unemployment rate has dropped from 12.5% to 12.4% in about 12,500 more people were employed during the month of the hiring in the bay area is coming from the manufacturing high-tech and health-care sector. unplug experts say those were hiring are refilling positions that were eliminated when the economy was worse. in san jose, kron 4 news. >>pam: crews are one step closer to rebuilding eastern span of the bay bridge. kron 4, tells is why today's progress is such a huge milestone in >>reporter:. a revamp of the bay bridge is years in the making. today crews became closer to help in this bridge become more earthquake safe. crews lifted the fourth tower segment on the eastern span of the bay bridge. as you can see this video. workers began lifting the steel beams into place just days ago. despite the small weather delay of rain and
6:35 pm
heavy winds, crews pushed on and completed this section ahead of schedule. he would think with all of these repairs getting across the bridge would be tough. some along the embarcadero our surprise. >> it amazes me that they're able to make these repairs with minimal impact. >>reporter: the fifth tower is said to be lifted and will connect the four tower legs with cables nearly 30 in. in diameter. over all the repairs are expected to last some 150 years. reporting from the bay bridge kron 4 news. >>pam: in the face of a $46 million deficit oakland is preparing a parcel tax. the mayor wants to have the people approved a partial tax. in a privately funded poll of 400 city residents. 66 percent of them approved of the idea of the tax. we talked to the mayor of but
6:36 pm
the money would be used for. >> the reality is that 50 percent of the city budget is police whenever you get more money it would go to police. this was much more in the police. this is aimed to the general fund. i would like you, 50 percent of your services are for police, it will also go to a violence prevention programs, other services in the city. >>pam: the proposed tax would require a two-thirds vote to pass. >>brian: so what weather on the way for this weekend. i think it's going to stall out. we will see another dry day for tomorrow. here's the weather system spreading a lot of clouds across the bay. the store will keep the rain to the north of ukiah for much of the day tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies, perhaps a couple sprinkles to the north of
6:37 pm
santa rosa. by saturday night and into sunday morning the chance for rain arrives for the entire bay area. finally that rain gets here. look for a light rain sunday and a few breaks in the afternoon. gusty winds may surpass 30 m.p.h. puree and a wet weekend, that means no up in the sierra. let's go to this no bombs the report. snow levels for sunday will be pretty high. initially about 7,000 ft.. that's when the rain and snow was forecast to begin. still levels could be 2,000 ft. by monday. a 200 in. bass, eight less than 30 runs. heavenly 26 less than 94 rounds. 164 in. base, eight less than 45 runs and tahoe. >>kimberlee: rakehell one, with rain headed our way you're
6:38 pm
definitely going to want to keep an eye on our comprehensive weather coverage page. watch the video forecast for all the updated weather details for the day. it also keep an eye on a live operator to see when the storms are moving in and what direction. also check out our here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay to get a feel for the long-term forecast on [ wheezing breaths ]
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in the network there are no hard choices. >>kimberlee: launching tomorrow tiger lead radio that you did all the latest news about shirley. many interviews she has declared his tiger blood. comedian jimmy fell an impersonation of sheen and a commercial is a hit on the web. take a look. (music) >> lot of the tiger, azusa speedo. i took a lot of charlie sheen.
6:42 pm
>>kimberlee: pop star brittany's beers chatted with brian c. crest today. >> all the songs >> i think it's my best work yet. it's something you want to work out too. it's definitely upbeat. >>kimberlee: 3 is added to the bay and to put on a one- hour show in the castro district coming up on march 26th. at last night in toronto pop star lady got the welcome 10 year-old youtube singing sensation, onstage for piano duet of her church topping/and or in this way. the rendition of the song as well over 70 million views on youtube. >> coming up gary is joined by elise yet as they open up the kron 4 mailbag and address your questions and comments. if the warriors to go where the league's best in the bostons celtics. gary has all the news and sports
6:43 pm
coming up next.
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6:46 pm
>>gary: the evening everybody. it appears there's good news in the nfl labor wars. to date the players union rep, you see the saints quarterback drew breeze it lining up with some of the heavyweights. they met with the owners. let's have a one week extension. now it will be next friday at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. where if they don't have to deal at least right now that indeed there will be a lockout. that is the word it supposedly there at the very least talking and trying to divert the stoppage. warriors against it and his team on the road. the boston celtics pretty rough this game wind down.
6:47 pm
want a ellis has 35 points. the aforementioned had 15 assists. i couple minutes left but the warriors and its 191 with a couple minutes to remain. the farmers coach is a red hot commodity in york. he rebuilt the st. john's program but is getting a lot of attention tonight. for being thrown out of the game. the team lost his seat in the hall they got after it and i guess. if you see the magic word you're out. i was feel bad when i do these stories because of course brian is here from the of west palm beach. brian looks at this oldest sport stuff.
6:48 pm
people swearing and yelling. it must be nice to wake up in the morning and no and just know how, on interest alone were worth about 50 million? >>brian: not really. the >>gary: vern usually walks in about what he hears west palm beach and your family, just wants. sometimes i can't sleep i had to keep working. to be you, if nothing matters >>brian: really i either come in or i don't. >>gary: jennifer's transition to coaching for winds and 25 losses for one of the greatest women's players of all times. shares of undermanned team in usf and she tried to rebuild the program. the conference tournament they give for
6:49 pm
good run hot and what is santa clara 61-58. it's her first season not so hot you talk about education and the vatican's will squirm at this. the basketball coach, led the team to victory. shortly after that she gives birth. 15 hours later, she is back on the bench doing what she loves coaching. with her little baby girl and her son. brian, on sorry even bring this up in front of you. you give birth, and then you come right back and bring the child? >>pam: that's pretty amazing. >>gary: bring a leash and when we come back with you, and the e-mail if you gave birth. >>reporter: that whatever happened with me. bravo. (laughter)
6:50 pm
>>gary: just tell me on the spot. brian g. think how does that old man do it? he'll never play cricket his to keep working. the public down a little bit at me. >>brian: never i wouldn't dream of bed. >>gary: when we returned it so easy time. we have e- mail's on charlie sheen, and yes people take their usual shots. are you ready? >>reporter: yes. i couldn't resist it. >>gary: quit looking at right and would you. >>reporter: 0 lehigh's for you.only a is for you.
6:51 pm
>>gary: piggybacked a momentwe'll be back in a moment.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>>gary: charlie sheen up top. i'm surprised. guys to watch sports predominantly, it's a male audience. i tell you what? when you're 25 years old with two girls ok. when you're 40 and the father of five kids that's what it's embarrassing. there's no way you're going to tell a guy have to live his life. i guess in reading too much into it. if he did one interview but he's doing every radio station, gabriel as late as on his way down there. he does look like he's need be a little off his rocker. but he makes money for people and i predict he'll get one more shot at it. of that should
6:55 pm
go welcome him back after the lapses. cooler craze the i think right now crazy. >>reporter: good for byu for suspending or player for on campus tax. he knew it was against the rules when he signed the contract. if every school was i'd be why you would there be any college sports? >>gary: the athletic director was on today, the young man in question is going to go through the probation, come back and play next year. he would be a junior and i understand he's a professional prospect. it's could hurt the team this year, they have a short run in the tournament. but everybody knows what the rules are when you go in there. i'm not chastising him but hard to argue. >>reporter: why does a billy crystal host the academy awards anymore? the sunday show struggled. >>gary: he's smart enough to
6:56 pm
know to go out on top. if you read what you believe about christo. fact here is a skit about him. he said it is so much work that it just wore him out. i guess he's smart enough, but it's better to have have been begging for more. >>reporter: your comments about sandra bullock ex spiker. your very wrong. >>gary: all i said was, at the academy awards whatever she's introduce him i say what clause which is got through. nobody likes people who separate, i guess i said if you checked jesse l. you may find out if he's writing those motorcycles he wasn't such an angel. it only takes two to tango. jack said i have a bite and tattoos. it was a good e-
6:57 pm
mail. if it came off that way and wrong. >>reporter: don't you ever get tired of giving your opinion? >>gary: know what to eat. you have to give opinions. them. ne of escape the trap. say "enough." for free help to quit smoking, call the california smokers' helpline at 1-800-no butts.
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♪ and max, surface. we have the new video. and how they are coping right now. i'm lara spencer. >> and i'm chris jacobs. >> "the insider" is on. >> how is charlie? >> brooke mueller with the boys after dark in hollywood. >> how are the kids? >> they're fantastic? thank you. >> is denise fighting to keep her girls way from the fallen star? >> they boil my tiger blood like a microwave on meth. >> dad, shut it. >> the past violence with his son. >> we had a physical confrontation, which he won. >> paula after the 911 call. >>


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