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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  March 5, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PST

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recent higher education cuts
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by billions of dollars. >> with these people? yes, i do not want to do them. however, we can always if the.. cisco down? >> and san francisco, reggie kumar. >> marty: governor brown is pushing for a special election. weather to increase vehicle sales, and personal taxes for the next five years. before that, front legislation support and the march 10th deadline for a support. >> isabel: jean quan is keeping her promise. today, it is no exception. she attends a town hall meeting at 11:00 a.m. the $46 million budget deficit should be front and center of the agenda. to help boost general fund jean quan
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has proposed an $80.80 fun private--tax. 80 million-- and how this will impact. >> the reality is that 50 percent of the city budget is police. whenever you get more money it can be aimed towards the police. .. when the two-person of the services is the police. it is a sizable amount. also, a violence prevention program. >> isabel: given the recent polls that parcel tax might just squeaked by it requires a two-thirds vote. >> marty: san francisco alleged misconduct. the fbi involved an investigation with several officers.
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ceruleans showing- surveillance video showing of five officers breaking in illegally. during this break in the public defender's office that they conducted illegal search. this is just one of several police misconduct. they're taking steps on how to this could compromise drug cases. >> i'm also looking at the practices and the plain clothes operation as the policies, procedures and reviewing all of those. identify the level of training and see if we need to do more training in that level. if we can establish the changes in the policies moving forward. i will meet with the district captains today and most of the playclothes of supervisors at 2:00 p.m. after the press conference will remind them the plain-clothes, and
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remind them about the policies and procedures. if >> marty: he has defended this plain-clothes but nothing else is under suspension. >> isabel: still to come, resources and libya take a hold of in another city. will have a full details. >> marty: walnut creek, chile, 45 degrees. 7:0 7:00 p.m. it is chilly. [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind
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>> isabel: 7:10 the government is even offering steeper cuts by the republican side. when president obama is facing taxes billions of money and funds are supporting the democrats and republicans. >> marty: world news, libya and rebels have captured
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pro-regimen supporters and fled. a flag was being hoisted over the or oil facility. khaddafi went through the rubble the forces and causing a revolution and packing the city of tripoli. >> and china, protesting the middle east and they're bringing nothing but chaos and misery to the country's citizens. the beijing paper is also dismissing the possibility of this similar to happening in china. this was put together by a small number of people using the internet. this imposes a threat and what potential the city of china has has been downplayed by the recent activities in that the middle east. >> isabel: this woman
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claimed shelves of a fire and ran out of their home. it also destroyed most memorabilia from her child star movies. >> marty: bart updates. >> isabel: and also the light rail. >> marty: a live look of the space station we will be right back.
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>> >> marty: welcome back. a beautiful view from mount tam on the left. at the bay bridge on the right. >> isabel: check-in with meteorologist brian with the full check of your weekend weather. >> a good saturday morning, clouds this afternoon and
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the rainfall is going to hold off until later tonight and into tomorrow. look for a mostly cloudy day with some sunshine in the next. a chance of rain fall at 8:00 p.m. sunshine in the mixture today--and in the north bay perhaps until bay- area wide after a p.m. this saturday, rain will be on/off most in the morning but it is not going to be that much. in the afternoon breaks of sunshine. the showers will continue on monday over the bay area. gusting winds on monday. but the wendy around 25 mph-30 m.p.h. gusting wind with pretty windy-. this is from last evening. mostly cloudy. the slight chance of rain /snowfall today. the better chance of rain fall tomorrow. higher elevations, 6,000 ft.-7,000
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ft. and the snowfall potential dropping. on monday. the snow level on monday could be even the 2,000 ft.-3,000 ft. and colder air. making its way towards northern california. saturday, 8:00 a.m. today on futurecast the rain is spreading into the extreme northern california coast. it will eventually move to the south to the nighttime hours. 8:00 p.m., we can expect the rainfall or run the santa rosa. sonoma county, and a light shower activity-are round santa rosa--and moving further to the south. and north of the golden gate at 11:00 p.m. the rainfall will be impacting the entire bay area by 6:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. to areas of light rainfall. it does not appear very heavy. it also looks spotty. this is not a big storm by
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any means with limited moisture. things winding down with lingering shower activity. that will decrease sunday evening. more shower activity for monday. after intense will be 60s for today. nearly 70 degrees in the afternoon 10th = 60s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay next week, monday, and the afternoon temperatures today will be 60. the temperatures will be cooling off tuesday, wednesday, more sunshine and mostly sunny for tuesday, wednesday next week. the highs in the mid- 60s. the chance for some rainfall coming up by thursday possibly into friday. >> marty: thank you, brenda bart board of directors is going to invest more money into cleaning up the fabric on its seats at the commuters of bart. with the
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dirt, grime, at stains left on the fabric seats. the cleanliness of these seats and 2009 fare increase are reasons that part rider ship has slipped from 90% to 80 percent over the past couple of weeks. if >> isabel: to the skies, a oil prices are filling a jump in their land prices. crude oil = $104 airlines up ranged for cutting fuel hikes with jet fuel is 30% of the airline operating costs. dan kerman explains what this could mean for travelers. >> if your going to be traveling? you can to pay. be prepared to pay more with airlines are raising airfares. >> with is as much as trouble in the middle east, the economy, and the higher oil prices people are going to pay more if the want to travel. >> reporter: chris writes a
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blog online and from $200 = $400 to chicago. east coast is also increased $300. europe? what was once $1,000 is more like $50,000, $2,000. and that is not all travelers are going to be paying more for-$1,500-a- >> with more fees. blockage fees. higher fees--luggage fees. >> reporter: travel experts say it is probably too late for spring break and even to late for this summer. and if you are flexible? your best bet is to fly between easter and memorial day. and august through september. at sfo, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> marty: after pg&e and
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they a agreed to provide more information on the san bruno pipeline explosion. within 2,000 ft. of a transmission line will now receive a letter of not of th notification of the location of the gas lines. also emergency crews will be located. and automatic shut off the bells from bay. transmission lines will be installed. automatic shut off-alps. and that the gas chef shutoff valves--will be installed. the san bruno it continued for 90 minutes after the explosion. >> marty: the national transportation safety board is going to complete the investigation into the san bruno blast with the next year. still to come, what is
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in the theaters. johnny depp looking different, once again laugh >> marty: outside, 47 degrees a look of the san mateo bridge. upper 50s later.
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>> marty: 27 points scored by ray allen. boston rebound with 12 seconds remaining. holden of the warriors, 107- 103 final score in boston. allison, 28 of the 24 points in the 24 points of the 28 points in the second half. in washington, the players union representative of warren smith and the n f l
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owners agreed to one week extension. that will be friday at 2:00 p.m. our time. and monday, the biggest issue will be how to divvy up $9 billion in profits. also the issue of the union making sure that the players do not get locked out. >> isabel: speaking of profits at johnny depp is going to look at an impressive movie. to keep up with the parts of the caribbean to pay an animated to million and million a chameleon--like a lizard is a chameleon. and in this town without regis of laws in this animated feature. outrageous out law
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in this western themed animated feature. the adjustment bureau, with matt damon. despite warnings of the justice bureau who are agents of the fate itself. he has continuing continuing to pursue this woman. yes, with jan wahl is going to be coming up. >> marty: this sounds confusing. still ahead, the nation's unemployment rate is down. that is giving hope of job-seekers and employers. >> isabel: another live look at the golden gate. it seems like it wants to try to be
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sunshine. still cool. we will be back.
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>> a good saturday morning. the chance of rainfall, later. and i think today is going to be a dry day. the precipitation could hold off until tonight and tomorrow. perhaps sprinkles north of santa rosa but that should be it. temperatures of be in the upper 50s, low 60s and even upper 60s in some spots. nearly 70 degrees in
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san jose, mid '50s for the east bay. low 60s in san francisco with 63 degrees for the high. coming up tomorrow, the rainfall will arrive. not like either. it will stick around for a couple of days. and it will not be light-- >>pam be unemployed artist down. the rate also had-the unemployment rate is down-- >> it is down from 12.5% into month of december. dan kerman explains of the experts believe that the response of the relief. >> california's unemployment rate dropped to the amount of 12.4% in january. it is from " 0.5% the previous month. this slight decrease is that it added fall thousand 500 jobs. january = 12.4%, december = 12.5%. still, millions are without work and in the bay area.
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the firms that were cutting back are starting to hire again. >> the trend is that our clients the rip not heard from in a number of years are going to basically a brief of the positions the eliminated two years ago. the clients that we are-- hearing from. the of gone enough without those positions but no confidence is going to dictate them of breaking the back. >> christine the places temperatures and full-time workers. she says that the hiring she sees is mainly and manufacturing, health care, high tech. physicians are test-positions are from administrative assistance, and even h.r.. >> and as far as people's background? jack and jill all trades! it is not mixed but some of the it to do all of everything. >> reporter: employers are less willing to strained
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new hires and requiring to have the specific skills out there seeking. if you are looking for a job? in employment experts say the the piece of the advice is that there is no such thing as a standard resin may. all resonates should be customized to fit the job. all-resin --reusmes... >> resonate.umes! >> isabel: the laramie project is the story of that to shepherd. 1998 killing because he was gay. a-matt to shepherd. this controversial topic sparked both sides.
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>> this is an area that is not a score to tolerate anti-homosexual the or any type of rhetoric whatsoever. >> i wanted to support the kids and we are here that this is not what san jose is about and we very much disagree with them. >> isabel: to em---- demonstrations also was impacted by the pro speech for the military was also the top deck. the plane closed department of the the parplant-closing plain clothing--is currently closed. >> reporter: this is a video of misconduct by san francisco police officers.
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obtained by kron 4.
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>> isabel: >> we're back, 7:39 uc- berkeley has been cited for
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trespassing. the reward to recover seven hours, and after it campus leaders there were loitering--for seven hours, and we spoke to the protesters of but the issues behind the protesting. >> it was successful. also our demands are not met. cuts are still happening. and $80 million cut. ethnic studies, science, african- american studies are getting hit this company has been coming in and targeting. people of color. and targeting low-income students. >> isabel: earlier, governor brown was nearly apologetic in the same time is also
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that many to cuts and higher education. >> marty: a woman in antioch of torturing and murdering her foster trouble undergo a doctor's evaluation after she plead insanity. the 15 year-old the need " jasmine davis and 2008. her knees--she is going to try denisshe has been accused of starving children to death, beating them to death, and the died of starvation and 2008. >> gangs and hundreds of people gathered in the plaza downtown is " gang conjunction " by an alameda county judge. impending a ccurfew and prohibiting
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gangs from interacting with each other with an 400 ft.. and this record by guilthis could b-called guilt by association. no word on it is this going tthe ruling of judge. >> partly cloudy skies. it should be nice with 49 degrees.
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>> isabel: a lot look outside. at the bay bridge. a lawith a live look outside at the bay bridge. >> marty: brian? >> a good saturday morning, clouds for today. some
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bursts of sunshine. the rainfall will still be in the forecast and hold off until later tonight. and even into tomorrow. look for a mostly cloudy day with some sunshine and a mixture. sunshine tonight at 8:00 p.m. will be confined to the north bay until overnight until it goes into the entire bay area. senate, rain on/off. the most of it will be in the morning on sunday--with breaks of sunshine. still showers in the forecast on monday. and with some gusting winds on monday. it could be windy. 25 mph-30 m.p.h. the remote transition into snowfall of the higher elevations. that rainfall will transition into snowfall and the higher elevations. that
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snow potential could be 6,000 ft., 7,000 ft. and on monday, the snowfall potential will be even at 2,000 ft.. 3,000 ft. as the colder air makes its records nor the sfrom northern california the cool air from northern california will impact our forecast creating snowfall. and 8:00 p.m. today with rainfall throughout santa rosa, light showers afternoon through napa. this will move further south by 11:00 p.m. there is to the north of the golden gate at 11:00 p.m. with that, spreading throughout the entire bay by sunday morning. around 6:00 a.m.- 8:00 a.m., areas of light rain but it does not to
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seeing heavy. it could see just spotted activity. not a strong storm. lingering showers degreasing until sunday. with showers coming in on monday. afternoon temperatures = 60s for today. perhaps nearly 70 degrees for san jose. your kron 4 7 day around the bay with next week on monday the shower activity and mixing with sunshine. a slight cool off and the readings will be bouncing back on tuesday, wednesday. more sunshine with mostly sunny on tuesday and wednesday. mid- 60s. and then, the chance for rainfall on thursday and possibly into friday. >> marty: some good news for football fans. >> isabel: the n f l has put the lock out on hold for it least one week.
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>> marty: at least they're still talking. with the maritime road trip to boston. >> and >> gary: with monterey ellis, run had 16 assists, and 27. with 41. this is history making practically. and if you really are a great player? to beat celtics and their own town. the warriors have lost five of the last consecutive games their 8-21 on the road. following for a boston. the official locked out of date is put on hold. the players are agreeing to give it one more week. the new deadline will be next friday 2:00 p.m. west coast
7:50 am
time they will meet together to somehow to be up $9 billion. and a former ucla coach is on. rolling. madison square garden, packed! he will soon have the potential to get thrown out of the game. her seat in all, and these of the magic word and was ejected. tourist-seat i through-seaton hs ejected. stanford player was one of the best, jennifer azee with four wins and 25 losses. their season ended tonight they lost to santa clara 62 58. to give for a couple of years to recruit
7:51 am
players with only four victories and 25 losses. get this, i guess that is called dedication. >> texas high-school coach amber branson le70 victory and then she shortly deep breath after that. 15 hours later, she was giving birth. after she gave birth, she returned 15 hours later to her team. and >> the first bay area player off geene ocolacskee from canada. he moved to canada when he was 8 years old but he was born in hayward and entry-level prince george club. they just signed him from a word. and just one
7:52 am
quick highlight that the giants have a world series trophy. here is mark daroosa victory. >> marty: a fashion store that requires a back-class people explained coming up the fashion story. >> isabel: i did read some interesting with gangbusters through lake tahoe. 90 percent increase! and lodging and numbers. all of that great snowfall. lodging/accommodations numbers things to all that great snowfall. lake tahoe posted 90% increases.
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look at this suit, the president, who was hosni mubarek. >> a pinstripe suit with his name. spelled out in these small and stripes. >> reporter: during a state visit to slovenia and 2009 and he has pushed off khaddafi of the fashion throne. and he is even be called a bit gangster. >> it is not like the head this fabric and screen printed it. this was custom-
7:57 am
made. >> it looks like it was one of ours. >> and plenty of others like this. suits from the orleans saints. to the super bowl. and one stripe says the orleans saints and the next says super bowl champions. >> the vendor hothe vendor holyd order to of these suits. >> a better horse field. >> one of the pinstripes as a champ. the vendor holyfield. >> this will be about $50,000. evandor holyfield ordered two of these suits! >> his first name could be a i or a y. the one not
7:58 am
because of the dry cleaners lot >> and how close but i have to get to actually see his name and that can stretch? perhaps if that said if you are reading this? your to close. >> what an eagle what an ego? lt back in 2 minutes.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> isabel: good morning, and will come back to our second live hour. -welcome back.
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pink slips per teachers, big budget deficit problems. >> marty: a better note, one of our topics is the annual worker festival. we have these beautiful orchids >> isabel: and you always try to trip us up with which one is the winner?, but this is charlie sheen? faugh >> one of my favorite about network taking over mass
8:02 am
communications. and and i will have a fantastic director. he talks about the meaning of life >> isabel: the golden gate bridge. and changes on the way. >> a good saturday morning. clouds are thickening up and even the chance for rainfall later. today is going to be a dry day. we will hold off until tomorrow but there could be sprinkles north of santa rosa but that is about that. temperatures getting into the upper 50s, low 60s and even upper 60s in some areas. nearly 70 degrees for
8:03 am
in san jose. mid-60s with the east bay. and the san francisco is looking at 63 degrees. tomorrow, we will see that rainfall but it is only going to be like and stick around for a couple of days. i will talk more about that later on. >> isabel: in san francisco, more cases of alleged police misconduct. these will be reviewed this weekend and the of the ira launched an investigation of several police officers that a put on desk duty is the-fbi is launching an investigation. allegedly, breaking into homes illegally. and the officers conducted illegal searches this is one of several videos. they are taking steps on how this alleged misconduct could compromise drug cases. >> i'm also looking at the
8:04 am
plane close operations and autumn during-plain clothing-operations, with pla training and evaluate our core values and establish changes in directions and problems to meet with all of the district's today. most of the plant closed supervisors at 2:00 p.m. after that conference-planning close department--planning for this >> isabel: the plaines clotehjh bee >> marty: the kelsey oh is talking about the budget proposal with gjerry brown
8:05 am
and of the budget proposal. speaking about the painful cuts about the uc-berkeley recent demonstration. >> these are painful cuts. however, we could only work with the money that we're given. if taxes go down we could even have more cuts. >> marty: a small group of demonstrators overtook the fourth floor of wheeler hall. upset at the potential cuts by the governor. >> isabel: jus' ejectiojesse jan have been rallying against a controversial budget bill. this issue is a provision
8:06 am
to prohibit marketing rights for public workers. and 1500 state workers to be laid off if they cannot practice gridlock. >> we're not doing this as a game we are doing this because bill legally obligated to inform our employees. because we are legally obligated to inform them of the numbers. >> marty: balancing this? >> isabel: they have been prohibited on moving forward. they're still worth of refusing to return to work. >> marty: still ahead, teachers, are facing the possibility of more layoffs. >> isabel: henry?
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>> off their beauty, their diversity, and it is all about it there remarkable as n evolutinary formal propagation. form of provocation. this nectar the only way he can be extracted is a fly. that is what propagates. and over here. that could attract the bird. and this fuchsia it does not have the type of poland that i board is looking for. -pala and actually, the pollen will pick up the
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smallest seeds on earth. this is propagated by a l moth and the tongue goes all the way down here where the seds are stored. allweekend at fort mason. (music)
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>> isabel: with 48 degrees outside. change >> marty: is on our forecast. brian? >> a good saturday morning. when we have some breaks of sunshine and the rainfall. defense will start to see that later tonight. and into tomorrow. look for and mostly cloudy day with some sunshine. the chance of rainfall later. 8:00 p.m.. it will be confined to the north bay until midnight. and then it will spread for the entire bay area. how sunday, of which it's the
8:17 am
worst of its in the morning of the weather will not be that much. with afternoon breaks of sunshine and still showers on monday. and along with gusting winds. it could be even gusting at 25 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h.. this will translate into snowfall for the higher elevations. mostly cloudy today. a better chance for rainfall tomorrow the snow elevations will be 6,000 ft.-7,000 ft.. on monday, that chance of snowfall will be dropping. 2,000 ft.-3,000 ft.. the colder air will be making its records from california from northern california. today on futurecast, the rainfrobber-- earlier, the colder air will be making its way from a
8:18 am
california and creating that snowfall. today, what begin expect is the 8:00 p.m. north of santa rosa with some, cloudy light shower activity. to the north of the golden gate. the rainfall will overspread bay-area wide by sunday. a around 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. cleareas of light rain but it will not be that heavy. this is not a big storm by any means. limited moisture. those are on the increase until sunday night. again, a wave of showers coming through on monday. afternoon temperatures will be in the 60s. perhaps close to 70 degrees for san jose. your kron 4 7 day around the bay and next week the shower activity. and gusting winds
8:19 am
with temperatures cooling off. these readings will be building back up on tuesday and wednesday. more sunshine. the highs for return to the mid '60s and then at the rainfall returns thursday and friday. >> the specific work explores orchid expo--and if they want to pick up one for their home? we are here with one of the organizers of the show. and i have a house that we are going to decorate with these orchids. and i think this would go nicely here. and i think this would go nicely here. >> wait a minute! it is not that simple. you've gotten all of these but if you need
8:20 am
to keep these happy and healthy where are they going to be ideal? >> these are so much prettier, do not look at me law lot >> the point is that you are going to have to know what your looking for. [laughter] >> and like my house, and with one bedroom? and with windows in every direction. we of north facing windows, south facing windows. and east and west. >> this would be ignored facing what would be ideal? this is a north facing window. >> this is bright diffused light. any time if that would need at this phalaenopsis.
8:21 am
>> with a smaller variety? >> that it that that is the miniature variety of the phalaenopsis. >> that would be ideal for the north racing when the with diffused light? north- facing window with bright but diffused light. >> this could be eastern or western with bright extreme light. but you do not want to direct light? >> something like this could take a direct sunshine in the morning and love that. it is not a catalytic heater but that could be even to our southern and western window. >> that is the " family room " over here. >> and perhaps we could change things around here. >> this is another variety
8:22 am
but would be perfect for your north window. ok. >> what about this one? >> this the guy wants to be outside and into the shade. >> outdoor? >> yes, patio. and with the humidity. >> finally something like us. >> that is another one that with your front yard by deal. >> outdoor plants would be beautiful in this area put this right in your front yard. something gorgeous. >> lovely. >> that is a mud slides. that is somewhat vice? that to some advice. that is some advice. >>pam the thank you. and with this beautiful blooming through ages. with a lot of
8:23 am
inspiration this festival pavilion. take you for joining me. >> and how much? >> still to come on kron 4 news this weekend it gives in this? the pain at the pump. why it might be continuing. >> jean quan is proposing a new tax on property. to help the budget. it
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
if >> isabel: 8:26 the snowfall on the roadways. and it is making them a very happy in the sierras with gangbuster business. >> marty: >> what a great base. and it
8:27 am
be opened killing of your gas tank? you know the or oil prices are on the rise. if the up recently filled up your gas tank? the average price per gallon is $3.92. it is up 455 just from last month. and 2009, prices have gone out up 805 per gallon. the highest price was $4.62 and 2008. these pipes are being blamed on unrest in the middle east, africa, and these-price hikes are being blamed. >> isabel: as far as still to come. the san francisco police are investigating allegations of misconduct among their own. >> marty: jan wahl will be here with a stentorian and the not a professor 90 the
8:28 am
not the professor the knotty
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> marty: alleged misconduct among the san francisco the police department. the fbi is launching an investigation. this is showing a mid- december off four officers breaking into and out home and breaking into a home with also an illegal search. six different officers seven
8:31 am
placed on desk duty. and the plaines clothes division is on hold. >> gang activity and gang rivalry in the last two weeks. this last incident was a tuesday shooting. and another gang member was killed on mission street/70 the street. the police are keeping a close eye the plaines clothes will watch much closely. more closely. it has been quiet recently. >> with increasing patrol their working on more community outreach to cool down the rivalry. >> marty: jean quan is keeping their campaign pledge to go to the community, often. a great
8:32 am
example today the town hall meeting today at 11:00 a.m.. these 46 men in dollar deficit will be front and center. for the $46 million budget deficit will be a front and center. and and $80 parcel pack needs to be approved. how the city would be using that money? jeanne? >> the 50% of the police department budget is towards the police. and that is aimed at police. la study agai
8:33 am
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by enacting this bill are in a $50 billion south towards the san mateo to fund government operations still the come on kron 4 news this
8:42 am
weekend, jan wahl will be back preview in the lives. after taking a live look outside.
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we're back on kron 4 news this weekend. some sunny skies. >> isabel: and with our seven day forecast. it looks like the temperatures will be in the 60s. and some rainfall coming in on the sunday. sunshine coming up will continue to see the changes coming towards our way.
8:46 am
this is an amazing film. and our time seems to be in love with scandal, this tells us to use our humanity in somebody different ways. it is an amazing movie crater initially with ace ventura a movie create her. and now, he has gone inside with this profound film. tom, good morning tom. when i say for hats it is as good as its debts for me. and when i say for paths when i give this for paths. --and if that is my highest rating, not three hats but forecasts...4 hats
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i started questioning my recent success and money and i started to talk to my wife. the more i gave away, the rich rifled and i found this a charity called true wealth. and i found this charity called true wealth. >> which to speak with? >> they changed america. it will be up with a different type of history. with three poetry and through poetry. >> bishop desmond tutu. >> another one. academics and they changed be on my journey. and i wanted to talk about what is going on in my world. right now, this
8:48 am
scandal with los angeles since success. and what is it that you want to tell people. it that it does not work? >> if there is a true example of who we are. our side thisystem--our society wilt us against each other. then it will receive what happened in haiti. our hearts will just explode. >> one of the things is that we are hard wired to have compassion which is fantastic. and even though you started off with the comedy. then what happened? >> we felt we were destroying with jim kerrey talking of this but jim carey talking out of this
8:49 am
butt, however , with a liar, liar, and the nutty professor. and chris almighty was our recent movie. steve carrell, a great contact and a great the landmark theatre at berkeley. and through san rafael, and also going to another one is the adjustment bureau. it is playing right now. it is from the his romantic comedy, from the african queen, to the jewel of the nile but this is unusual.
8:50 am
george provided as an engaging action. this is based on a short story, with matt damon spontaneously crazy things happen. that wonderful visual keeping the clarity. and it really works i gave that 1i gave them13 i gave thone >> thanks, jan >> and you are sitting in a coffee shop. and you know what your doing. and we have
8:51 am
a real expert to tell us what are you going out to there? you could be wide open and public stick around.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> will come back we're talking security on your computer. welcome back-- >> and i was reading in the new york times that if you choose your laptop in a wireless environment you are wide open to computer hacking i have no idea. >> yes it is a general awareness because why 5 and an wi-fi? >> it is all the packets. it
8:55 am
is broadcast to everybody. >> it is a scripted? >> if anybody else is on the network? it is is there anything i can do about that? >> you do not want to casual things. however, if your social metalworking or banking? you should wait. >> are you safe at home? >> yes and you know >> and how and why no that of my neighbor is not on my network? >> that your network has a lock assemble. and a secure. -a lock had icon. and how to wino >> with the mcintosh:no? and if you need a password? it probably is that it is in
8:56 am
corrected. if it is not? let to find somebody that has the documentation to do with. >> and the documentation? how about the internet? the internet itself? have you noticed that if your on the internet? perhaps yesterday, and you do a search on finding underwear. two days later all of a sudden you are getting advertisements on that that same subject. my browser seems to know more about me than my >> as you go from website to website there is a code that tracks. there referred to as cookies it is not just a kiss, the art of-15 sources that advertising and- cookies--so even if you " to delete cookies " york still being tracked. >> so just to clarify, if you go to a website? and to do some shopping. other
8:57 am
websites? a central repository are going to inform your browser the this person is interested in this? >> exactly. >> when you go to a website often times they will put tracking data. not only are you making a connection to the website your own but also attracting your tracks to the banner ads. >> how can i avoid this? >> to modern " incognito. and try to keep that in mode. >> and how about the other? >> complemented-complement- complicated--www.whitehat
8:58 am they do so much, and make sure the you are using an updated browser. thank you so much. and then back to the orchid show twork. a living, breathing intelligence that is helping business rethink how to do business. ♪ in here, inventory can be taught to learn... so products get routed to where they're needed most. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... so they can tell headquarters when they need refilling.
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♪ in here, money works smarter... so financial institutions can turn dreams into realities. in here, medical history is brought to life... so doctors can see a patient's medical records -- even if they're away from home. it's more than advanced technology. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible.
9:00 am
live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. off >> marty: good morning, and both a backdoor effort third libor. the crime busters are action of the criminals! briefing you on the latest details san francisco cops back in the mot limelight.
9:01 am
governor jerry brown getting a nod of approval. >> and taking a look of the san francisco asian american film festival. the 29th year. >> great. >> a live look outside. at this time we are looking at the beautiful skyline. over mt. tam on the left. the city on the right. our roof cam, from the golden gate bridge. >> it looks like a nice day let us check in with our meteorologist, brian. >> a good a saturday morning the weekend is here. clouds are thickening. even the chance for rainfall. today is going to be a friday. we will hold off until tonight into tomorrow. perhaps a few sprinkles but that is about it. temperatures are going to get up into the 50s. even
9:02 am
upper 60s. mid-60s for the east bay. low 60s in san francisco. now coming up for tomorrow, we are going to see the rainfall. it is going to stick around for a couple of days. >> isabel: in san jose, the california teachers association is speaking to hundreds of teachers about mobley of their efforts. new pink slips. -mobilizing their efforts--and also stopping further cuts to other bay area schools. on wednesday, the oakland unified school district is going to plan on 500 pin backslaps to staff. the projected growth million dollars budget shortfall. if >> marty: bay-area r is encouraging jerry brown. the $27 billion budget deficit. he met with bay area council members and-on
9:03 am
friday, and this was after a massive protests at uc- berkeley on public education. and there are some things they do not like about the budget but they choose to support the plan. >> offer members to not believe and higher taxes. they want to have balance. we need to be part of the solution. >> i love the university, and i do not like increases. i work to the university. however, we have to use with the money that we're given. as a matter of fact, tax is going down, the cuts could even double! >> marty: the crowds of over thousands of people over took a fourth floor ledge of wheeler hall. with a $1.4 billion deficit cutting from higher education. lawmakers = march 10th deadline. >> isabel: the san francisco police department is under
9:04 am
investigation from the fbi. alleged misconduct. and those six officers are on desk duty. new video showing them breaking the law on a disturbing pattern. teresa estacio. >> this is the latest video. the alleged misconduct by san francisco police officers obtained from kron 4 news. the people you see with the san francisco public defender's office identified them as veteran officers at the center of this controversy. this video is from surveillance camera at the hotel in the city. mrs. washington and the public defender's of and office shows that for clients room-the clients her client's room was entered. without a search warrant.
9:05 am
specifically, and most significantly three different ways. for example? >> one would be a violation in the warrant requirement a search warrant requirement. the type of search that they conducted. >> another was a failure and to identify. and they said that they have their badges on their outer clothing. clearly that is not the case. >> washington also adds that he committed perjury with falsifying a police arrests. and they dropped the case against her clients based on the allegations. >> reporter: currently they're looking if there's more video up there that could have more misconduct . in san francisco, teresa estacio. >> marty: president obama with lawmakers to agree on spending. if >> isabel: henry has the
9:06 am
expo of the orchids and it is going on this weekend in san francisco. >> let me warn you that workers are highly hazardous. one of the most hazardous and i got talking about your health but they're highly addictive. that " smoking but collecting! and if you come to wait an event like this the pacific pocket expo this weekend. you come here and my the people of round me. the pacific-orchid expo. with these incredible flowers all my goodness each are amazing! the next thing you know is that you are alhooked with these creeping tendrils and all my goodness you will see with a magnifying glass these draping-tendrils looking at each individual flower. this
9:07 am
is a form of addiction a lock and also you will discover that this is [laughter]--one of the finest climate for growing orchids. even this is so rare and exotic. many of these will grow in your home and even in your garden. the next thing you know that you are hooked purchasing orchids, and blowing them and ladies and gentlemen you are in for a great time. if you are interested? it is the pacific expo all this weekend at fort mason pavilion you are going to love it. (music) of ways to prepare it. [ chickens clucking ] you know only two of them. time to mix it up. time for new philly cooking creme. it'll take your chicken to places it's never been before. somewhere creamier, dreamier, with lots of flavor.
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breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes,
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who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. >> isabel: 9:10 president obama is urging common ground. to prevent a shutdown and even offering deeper cuts and even though
9:11 am
the federal spending does not match his efforts. $50 billion separate democrats and republicans. >> marty: overseas, the latest and libya. the world news, the libyan have overtaken in another town. witnesses say it happened overnight with fierce battles with the co-regimen. and it of course is in connection with the warm air as. and khaddafi also impact of the city of tripoli. >> isabel: music? henry. (music) banjo?) south american from
9:12 am
the andes mountains. is a trio. coming up on kron 4 news continues.
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9:14 am
9:15 am
>> marty: we are back on kron 4 news this weekend a live look at walnut creek. >> isabel: a full check with brian been takethan a can >> some breaks of sunshine, and the rainfall that is in the forecast looks like it is going to pull off. and into tomorrow. look for a mostly cloudy day with some sunshine in the mixture. the chance of rainfall coming and later at the p.m. it will be confined to the north bay. at 8:00 p.m.. for tomorrow, on the/author of the day. the worst of it will be in the evening but
9:16 am
not much. and with breaks of sunshine still showers in the forecast on monday. unsettled. gusting winds on monday. this is going to translate into snowfall. it could get 20--from 25 m.p.h. to 2530 m.p.h.. the slight chance of rain/snowfall today but a better chance tomorrow. higher elevations, 6,000 ft.-7,000 ft.. it will drop on monday. snow levels will be 2,000 ft. and colder air works its way into northern california. 8 a.m. on saturday. the futurecast there is the rainfall. towards northern california. for the north coast. it begins to move to the south.
9:17 am
by 8:00 p.m. today, the rainfall. rod santa rosa just to the north of sonoma county. light showers. this moves further to the south by 11:00 p.m. there is to the north of the golden gate. that rainfall is through the entire bay area by sunday morning. 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m., light rain but it does not appear to be heavy. spotty. this is not a big storm of by any means limited moisture. by noon, things are winding down. those are also on the decrease into sunday night. again, the wave of shower activity. on monday. afternoon temperatures are the 60s for today. perhaps close tclose to 70. and next week, your kron 4 7 day around the bay cooling ones
9:18 am
with gusting winds of those rigs are going to be back up on tuesday/wednesday. those- readings, with mostly sunny on tuesday. with the highs back into the mid '60s. and then, the chance of rainfall on thursday. possibly into friday. (music) >> the american journey in music. this trio are performing at the san francisco chamber orchestra a multi-control presentation. latin american pieces from the andes. they are going to be performing bay-area wide.
9:19 am
thank you very much for joining us today. and what is there about the music of the high andes that makes it unique and different? >> well, it has for a strong in diinto this into to this element. with wind and reed instruments. into this. it does-it tells the history of the 500 year history of the indigenous culture. >> the instruments themselves are fascinating can you tell us about them? >> there are so many different this is a charango, the miniature
9:20 am
adaptation of a spanish guitar. >> easy to trouble with. >> that is one of the reasons is a 2-travel with --and this is made from if the shells of the armadillo. >> of every charango is different. and any other particular instruments? >> of course we use different types of percussion. >> may i ask you what is the most spectacular. can you show us this giant instrument? tell me what this is. >> this is called a trumpet
9:21 am
style from northern peru. and it is used during carnival. very appropriate for this time of year. and when people do works. chemical had an initial loss. test-please go ahead and show us. (music) horns
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> isabel: charlie sheen is planning a trip to haiti with sean penn. in the meantime a media blitz with this battle with addiction, losing custody and his life style with to live in grow france. one moved out yesterday. and " tiger blood " with behavior giving him more reader the followers on twitter. over 1,000,024 hours. >> marty: and the possible presidential candidate in 2012, huckabee had some harsh words for natalie portman. starlets who boast about having children and they're not married. and she plans on getting married at the met during a " black swan " this is a real interview. >> and i think it gives
9:27 am
a distorted image that children out-of-wedlock should not be sensationalized. and he blames the media for quoting them. >> and he is involved in the media? [laughter] >> and the unemployment numbers nation-wide and here in california. >> we will be right back. >> we will be right back. found their local deli, a few shortcuts and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss... the seventh-inning stretch. so citi helped me use my thankyou points to give them something special. their old seats: 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] use citi thankyou points for almost anything. and earn them fast with the new citi thankyou preferred card. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> marty: we are rejoicing a beautiful day to the bay and the sierras. highway 88. and it is a beautiful day we are enjoying this beautiful day. >> isabel: and we could have some clouds and a meteorologist, price and if van aiken, brian. >> some clouds thickening to the day. and even the rainfall later. i think
9:30 am
today is going to be dry. we're going to hold thaoff that, with sprinkles in the north to santa rosa. temperatures getting into the upper 50s low 60s. even upper 60s in some spots. mid 60s for the east bay. low 60s through san francisco. coming up for tomorrow, we are going to sue the rainfall. it does not look like it is going to be too heavy. it will be lingering and more details coming up. >> marty: on employment is 8.9% the-unemployment rate and also unemployment dropped in california. 12.4% = january. call 0.5% = december. as the dan kerman reports, the 12.5% was december. >> california's unemployment rate dropped at 12.4% in the
9:31 am
month of january. that is from " 0.5% the month before. that a slight decrease is that from 12.5% it added jobs. 2.2 million californians remain out of work. unemployment experts say that it looks like firms that are cutting back are starting to hire again. >> the trend we are seeing is that the clients that we've not seen are calling us to refill the positions they eliminated over the last couple of years. we are finding that those clients have gone long enough. they are confident enough with our rations that they are going to bring back positions that they've been without for the last couple of years. >> katrina places tented full-time people. she says the hiring is mainly and manufacturing, health care and high tech. the positions rain from accounting,
9:32 am
financial analysts and administrative assistants, sales, human resources. >> as far as the background. it is the jack and jill of all trades. it is not snatch but more than something back into everybody is not--- niche, instead of trading, the one the specific skill sets there is seeking. and said-training. >> employment experts say that the one piece of the fis is there's no such thing as a standard resume they should ocustomized for each job. it promised >> isabel: the citizens of san jose were ready. gunderson high school were expecting a radical right's church group from kansas to protest the opening of their play. instead, counter- protesters supported thereaf effort of matthew
9:33 am
shepherd killed in wyoming in 1998 because he was gay. the controversial westborough church came out in support of the play. >> i want to represent the fact that the bay area is not going to tolerate the anti-homosexual he tour whwere heating rhetoric. >> we have to show these people that they're not what san jose is all about. >> of that play when gone without disruption. and that the church that usually demonstrates that the funeral of the soldiers. this past week also had a free-speech right. >> the antioch and torturing and murdering her niece, in december 20th 08.
9:34 am
she is scheduled to stand trial in may. she beat them with cords, burned them with a hot iron. authorities civic jasmine died with malnutrition with long-term physical abuse. and if committed? twisted hospital. >> and a court order against a gang activity. hundreds gathering at this plaza. the gang in junction under consideration by the alameda county judge would require the 10:00 p.m. curfew and also permit gay members from associating with a four- block area. this action could lead to racial profiling. no word on when a judge could rule on that issue. >> isabel: your weather coming up. >> marty: and how about back to our space. and to
9:35 am
see how the astronauts are doing. jan? >> from the history of charlie chan. and the latest from the director of we are talking about the san francisco international asian film festival! that is coming up.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
>> an opening night movie. the castro theater. one of 100 part of the san francisco asian-american film festival. the 29th year. joining us is the representative, what an amazing year! everything from the history of charlie chan, and to the newest. >> yes, or spotlight is on
9:39 am
classic cinema. she is coming up with a new film is a wonderful " afterlife. >> what a great knife is a wonderful afterlife. and frank capra is going what? this is good. some of the other movies include/ half clash.? yes, is about martial arts and the will both be here. >> there is a lot of comedy that goes on with the action. that is something incredible. and a movie called circuit valentine. circuit circuit--surogate .. valentine is about his
9:40 am
live with a struggling musician. and it is a gorgeous film. >> this is an interesting festival on so many levels. the asian american film festival. and even from paris is from all over, right? >> definitely want to showcase american stores but that is not limiting. from asia, >> different lifestyles. >> asia, and how much for love that wonderful place. in san francisco and lpg t related film. all types of going things going on. >> yes amazing films. and a drag queen from performing. >> she will fit in perfective [laughter] and the asian-american film festival has a march 10th-20
9:41 am and what a wonderful year! this is one of the best programs. it really explains it all. for those that love classic hollywood. the most fascinating story, and things are happening at berkeley, san jose all part of a film festival. and a something different. still wonderful it is about jazz. it is a wonderful jazz wild women of song. march? it is march 16th. at yoshi's the wild woman of song, it's fun! she goes to the history of the women that of written mess and the sign this. she also was a beautiful voice.
9:42 am
the wild women of song, but wild women of the san francisco international film festival. thank you, i am so excited about this. and back to you, marty and isabel. >> isabel: thank you, jan. this s f o looks like it is blue. and delays are 15 minutes or less in oakland international. >> speaking of blue skies, the latest on your forecast and let us check-in with henry at the orchid show in san francisco. >> the orchid expo there are summoned great things to see. and our organizer, says one not have a glass of wine with your watching this? it is a glass of wine. >> it is a wind and the orchid pairing and-1 and [laughter] will tell you more about it. i
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> marty: will come back 945 will come back.welcome back >> a good saturday morning. clouds and breaks of sunshine. the rain that is in the forecast is going to hold off until later tonight. and into tomorrow. look for a mostly cloudy day with sunshine. the chance for rainfall later tonight at 8:00 p.m. and it should be fine. and confined to the north bay until midnight. for tomorrow, sunday on/off light rain. the worst of it could be in the mornings. and the afternoons, breaks of sunshine. still sunshine and gusting winds. it could
9:47 am
be pretty wendy about 25 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h. this wind is going to translate into snowfall for the higher elevations. lake tahoe. and just a slight chance of rain/snowfall. it the better chance for tomorrow. with 6,000 ft.-7,000 ft. and dropping. snow levels perhaps 2,000 ft.-3,000 ft.. at 8:00 a.m. on saturday, the futurecast will show that there is rainfall. towards northern california extreme northern california and the northern california coast it will begin to move to the south. and at night time. 8:00 p.m., today is the rain. at 8:00 p.m., just to the north, near santa rosa, light shower activity late afternoon and early
9:48 am
evening. this will move further south by 11:00 p.m. her heart to the north of the golden gate by 11 and the the rain will spread to the entire bay-area by sunday morning. 6:00 a.m.- 8:00 a.m., areas of light rain but it does not appear to be heavy. spotty. this is not a big storm could just as a limited moisture. by noon, it winds down. those are on the decrease until sunday night. again, a wave of shower activity on monday. afternoon temperatures are into the 60s. perhaps close to the '60s and '70s. with the showers and the sunshine, gusting winds. temperatures:off. the readings were bouncing back up again by tuesday and wednesday. will call this mostly sunny for tuesday and wednesday next week with
9:49 am
highs into the mid-60s. and then that the chance for rainfall. possibly into friday. >> the pacific war could expo is taking place. fort mason. the pavilion. some of the orchids and we've been talking about this for hundreds of years. and we have been covering this and eventually to run out of things to talk about? bruce has come up with a brilliant new and how would you pair a glass of wine and food with an orchid? [laughter] and and of this, i need to here. >> this is called the whinwine and orchids. people let in doing this for years it is legitimate. people have been
9:50 am
doing this for years. and an expensive plant and like the rough charlton wind like this, empty bottle lot rothschild to test--and you will notice that it is even this line. the rothschild. these to be a perfect match. >> yes. >> if you are loaded. $200. >> how about the more ordinary orchids? >> and the cabinet-cabernet:? >> this next plant is dark, deep, heavy. for a grant. substantial orchid. just like a substantial feeling of red wine. >> a cabernet, that makes
9:51 am
perfect sense. >> zinfandel. perhaps more festive? >> and you have been watching me, and a device that is even that named after you? >> zinfandel is more of a carefree a hybrid with fragrant, and lingering. >> and this is about white wine? >> chardonnay. >> that would go with? >> this would go with this phalaenopsis. the light, the fragrance. >> oh my gosh!, and have
9:52 am
become the smell that. [laughter] and it certainly does. and along the same with the final white whine. so one block. the fighter fragrances. light. so when a balauvignon blanc? a hand of bark and [laughter] hint-- tannic? is it to anand if wine were orchids? or orchid or why there are connections. >> yes. most people that love orchids are drinking wine also. [laughter] ahead
9:53 am
there are so many great works. if you have to come see this. at the festival pavilion is going on all weekend. >> we will have some fun? >> let us drink to your health. 9:53 president obama appears to be moving towards the center. delay a government shutdown urging lawmakers to find common ground agaiwith a weekly address. steeper cuts have been considered to meech that agreement. >> to come together democrats, republicans around a long-term budget and a sacrifice and wasteful spending without sacrificing job creation that is vital for our future. the administration or to put forward cuts for congressional to meet halfway. i am even prepared to do more. ripple the finished the job together.
9:54 am
to sit at the same table and drew on the finish the job together. >> about 50 billion a separate the democrats and republicans try to find that common ground. and to find commophysical here >> and man's best friend how about man's best goof? locke and first, a live look walnut creek. it looks a little bit dark. and cloudy. it is going to be that for many of us from the bay area. we will see you. hey marcel, watch this! ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included.
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>> marty: nothing like a man and the stock. however a abuse. man and his--dodge n.l. a coup thi 8 stocka stonowa
9:57 am
goose! at home. it's really easy and i can pass the savings onto you. okay, ready for the food part? check it out. my warm and flaky croissant sandwiches. supreme or sausage. both made with fresh egg and melting cheese. you get 2 for just 3 bucks okay, i'm back, whoa- oh, i am so ready for this recession to be over.
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