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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 5, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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lot of, kron4 news at 11:00 p.m.. >> vicki: and east bay net is behind bars.bay man is behin >> deputy stephen denattis was booked and charged on 4 counts, it is on the heels of fellow arrest from the commanders on contraband
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narcotics. a pi charged with 20 counts. they were running an elebarote scheme of stealing drugs from evidence lockers and scaring them. the veteran officer is remorsal feeling compled to have commited the crimes due to financial problems. bail was set at $260000 >> the fbi is invistigatin undercover cops because of
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surveillance video catching them committing crimes. including purgery when they were caught lying about the acts they committed. what are police doing about an assault at caltrans? >> passengers are shocked to learn a man was attacked by 15 people. he was beaten and robbed while waiting for his train. the attackers fled the scene. rose takes the
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same train. >> i think they should have a patrol come through every so often. >> they hope witnesses will come forward.i spolke with a bus driver who says they feel safe with cameras inside the bus. >> tonite family members are mourning the loss of a gunned down man. the 24 y old was shot after leaving a gang. >> you join a gang and leave, then this happens. everyone deserves a second
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chance. >> last night 2 woman stgabbed, these incidences are causeing police to step up patrols. >> these men and women are gaurdian angels they are focussing on the mission. this lady joined a gang at 13 and left at 18. she wear s a bullet proof vest for protection. >> i have seen a lot no one wants to see, drive bys, people being shot. i left
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it because i got in trouble with the law and they weren t there to protect me. >> they are patrollign everyday and have a relationshop with the police department. >> we let them know what is going on. we volunteer as a team, as a patrol. >> in san francisco, reggie lumar. >> it is raining around the bay. storm tracker4 is showing widespread light
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rain. heaveier around san rafael, a gentle pitter patter else where. a plume of moisture from hawaii to no. cal. shifting south for tonite. as a result, rain is picking up tomorrow morning. when it is all done look for the highest totals, an inch and a half.more talk of the forecast coming up. >> still ahead, a suspect
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serial rapist caught, and the ipad is upgraded.
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>> dozens gathered in san bruno for a heroes welcome to a young man hurt in afghanistan. >> the sweet sound coming from san bruno were for joe burns, he arrived friday night, his 20th birthday celebration. (singing) god bless america >> thank you >> to see your kid struggling is hard, it is painful to watch a 20 year
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old disabled. >> he was in afghanistan and abandoned his tank. >> we were just doing our job. >> a job they are proud of. as for walking, mom is focused on one thing at a time. >> i washed his toes, they are sticking out of the cast. >> police made sure it was a peaceful gatherine. it was just that. >> the budget battles line is being drawn, coming up.
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>> weatherinr coming up.
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>> he is suspected in 17 attacks for 12 years. conneticut police caught the east coast rapist. >> police took aaron thomas into custody after they discovered he was the cold hearted rapist. they launched a websit of a sketch of the suspect. an annonymous tip led to thomas. >> recent info was
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developed. dna was collected and matched confirming thomas was the e.c. rapist. rangin >> he is charged ranging from sexual assault, to sex with a minor. >> we are proud of our investigation. >> everyone is releived. the work is not over. >> reporting from atlanta (music) >> it was not a bad day. nice temps into mid 50ès, the surf was not up, winds
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were calm. the rain began tonite. here is a view of downtown san francisco. san jose = 50 degrees. stormtrakker 4 showing widespread rain. north, south, east and west. a light rainfall, heavier pockets, like here, in novado. a few scattered through out. the light rain gets heavier tomorrow. 6am,
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more morning yellow, light green by noon and not as widespread, occasional showers on the decrease, but , watch this! another band that will create heavy rain at times at 8 pm, over at 9pm. a quarter of an inch. here is future cast. snowlevels high. will drop on monday, pile up to 2 now, here is a look at the weather. >> feet
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low 60ès, for monday, a dry day. topping 30 mph winds. looking better wed. next chance for rain, thursday. >> the president is facing a massive defecit for budget cuts. >> carolina enjoys lunch time with her 2 kids, she is trying to learn english. >> not yours. is not yours. >> when she is in class, her
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daughter is day care. if this program was not avail, would you be this far along in english >> you learn english. we dont have, i dont have worry about my daughter. >> the program just got caughut after deemed ineffective. other programs, need based student aid, hwy funding, education and chohousing cuts.
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>> this is a pretentious fight. it may be that tjhey oprotect some communities. >> we will work hard to save programs. >> protest continues in wisconsin. the proposal is still facing a hold on negotiations. coming up, the ipad.
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>> a big week for apple. steve jobs showed off the new ipad ignoring his medical conditioion. gabe slate was there. >> ipad 2 is thinner. >> it is thinner then an iphone 4 >> and lighter, doesnt seem like much, but it feels lighter. it has a dual prcessor, it is 2x as fast, the graphics are 9x faster
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so better gaming, it has 2 cameras. there is a black on and a white one. the iphone 4 still has not come out. ipad2 has hdemi outlet. >> we also have models that work with att and verion >> itr is $500-800 >> on 3émarch 11th. >> not sure when you can get
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one in stores. it is a lot better, gabe slate for kron4. >> it is a snuggy day in the ity. several dozen people d awned garmets for a pub crawl, they went into 6 bars. check out there facebook! they need a waterproof snuggie. >> wthye will get soaked! >> get the patent on that! >> going to be rainy, here
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