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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  March 7, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>>pam: with the increase in 13 consecutive days. >>pam: christine connolly? >>reporter: the average price to run the bay iraq, from aaa. the most and senate-that the bay-area, $ three, 95. and $3.21. the real sticker shock, take san francisco for example. right now, $3.25. one week ago when triple a said it was $3.82. now, it is $3.95. last year, gasoline peeked at th805 cheaper than what you are paying right now. christine connolly. >>pam: our team coverage of the rising price of gasoline. how high could it get? maureen kelly found
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out. >> prices of the pop art likely to keep going up at least for the next couple of weeks. of the death-gas pump analyst up? >> it is difficult to say that how prices will go. it is a $1 million question. >>reporter: difficult to answer would happens and libya. and how investors will react. what we pay on the pump will depend on the futures of oil departments. it is becomin increasingly difficult to predict. >> and perhaps what could happen and saudia arabia and other oil producing countries. it is puzzling for foreign investors. >> the price of regular gasoline has been going up at a factor of a is crazy as 35 per day! that trend stopped short on monday according to aaa. but only by 15. >> hopefully that is a trend
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for consumers that there will not conceive continue to see those increases. >>reporter: not see those increases. some more, gasoline use the goes up. in the summer. increasing demand and prices maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>pam: the warehouse is considering various options to do with the rising gas prices that-warehouse. at-- with the nation's reserves. only on rare occasions. >> is an option we are considering. but, there are a number of factors. we are cognizant of the fact that americans are experiencing a sharp rise in prices of the gas pump. that affects their family budget. we are monitoring it very closely. >>pam: the reserve has 747 million bar. of oil. and it
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was used in september 20th 08 with hurricane like. >>pam: california budget battle! 13-ike. and jerry brown cannot get enough votes for a $26 billion deficit solution. today he spoke about the troubles. >> we are facing a very serious challenge in the budget. so far, we have techniques that gone forward but we lack a republican of votes. and when i say this matter before the people i not just mean taxes but i also mean the cuts. i believe that in our society, and in california it appears to be that the people should be able to wait and. on with it would like to extend taxes to oualready paying for
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double the fees? for what they're all the pain and there should be put awaand- able to weigh in it would have a profound impact on public services, schools, public safety. and typing the legislators themselves should not only make this decision. i believe that we should have to check in and seek guidance and validation from the people of california. >>pam: governor jerry brown needs republican support to extend temporary sales, income and vehicle tax hikes for five more years. republicans want to add collateral. with school, pension reform into the budget. stay with us as we continue to follow the latest on this state budget crisis. (music) >>jacqueline: from our san jose cameras you can see that it is still breezy. and
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the wind is going to be dying down towards this evening. what we're currently saying. currently, 24 mi. m.p.h. winds through napa, fairfield, the teen's towards the south bay. again, degreasing wins this evening. temperatures, cooler. with those wind speeds degreasing this evening-- >> the inland valley, degreasing--light wind-- degreasin sphereincreasing clou, overnight. with showers. light shower activity at that. still cloudy whip a wind dying down. the chance of rainfall is only 30 percent tonight. isolated for early tomorrow. and the creasing cloud coverage with increasing temperatures. how much warmer? we will know. >>pam: new details on the
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ongoing investigation of possible police misconduct on the san francisco police department. yet, another new video. alleged them pricking them law. teresa estacio. - breaking the law. the same officers? >> it is the same officers and even additional officers. this controversy, we talk about the police misconduct. let me show you this recent video. surveillance from the henry hotel. you will see a man wearing a black jacket. back in december, his name was not released. he was a resident and a rusted for having drugs in his jacket he was-arrested. now he is saying that it is not his jacket and of the video says that it shows it. several * use foreign in the studio, he's wearing a black jacket. the white jacket who
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is on the replace report. he was placed into jail. the police report stated a-- white jackets. >> they children innocent man. for three weeks! the jailed--an innocent man. and how similar that my experience was just three months ago? and i brought it to his attention and now yours. >> the san francisco public defender, and another public defender. the san francisco public defender's office it is showing three videos all alleged misconduct for the san francisco police department. again, another look at this video. this is a man with a jacket and was left in the room but repeatedly said to the officers according to
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the video and the police department that he was wearing a black jacket. not a white jacket. the fbi, the police department, the dna are all conducting investigation. no word on weather or not these officers will be placed on administrative leave like earlier officers. >>pam: thank you. paid death on friday. five year- old-a debt-tofan autopsy perfora five year-old child died from mill elementary. school elementary officials said of the vacation to parents informing them of the incident and of any concerns. >> the part of public health also released an advisory the department of public health on friday. using electronic mail to distribute that and it was
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basically a preventative, advisory notice for pratt parents. if those children had a netflix it comes? for parents. >> the first flu-like all, toxicology riskthe first and death of a child with four related symptoms for this school season. an e-mail one-out as a preventative, advisory notice for parents.
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lots of us are sick or hurt we have four times as many emotional problems as other kids i'll have to move over and over again. i'm twice as likely to drop out of high school. there's a 50-50 chance i'll end up homeless. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13.g breaths ] i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products.
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don't be big tobacco's next victim. >>pam: it is that time of year for the sports hall of fame induction. four more crates! enshrined, and vern glenn former-greeks. >> up three of the four are already there of these great sports icons. sandy, a golfing icon. and would not
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have those pga of dense. and even julie inkster, and the big one, football great, george seifert, the head coach of the forty-niners. they let them do to super bowl titles, 1994, 1989. he has four of the super bowl rings. as a defensive coach, and one of a 16-0, 10-5 postseason. for the forty-niners. and will not mention the fact it was 16- 32 with the carolina panthers. it is seaford! in all his glory. enshrined. it is-george seifert. the sports hall of fame. and dwight clark, no. 87 in the 1980's. do you remember this? looking back. and one
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of those moments. where you had to be there. exactly, that he will also be enshrined in the baseball hall of fame. dwight clark. bill walsh. and he saw the sky catching this and with the fifth round of his epic he got to wait clark. he goes over to the 49ers. dwight clark. >>pam: and coming back? >> and to back to the 5:45 t time. >> and thank you, vern. and the san francisco this looks like a holiday! no troubles a little bit sluggish south 101 but it is really light. we will be back with more news, ahead.
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and them news are run the
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bay, investigating a high- school basketball game fight. a fan punched a player off from the winning team. after the championship game between washington/mission it this weekend. a fight broke out in the stands and eventually it spilled out onto the basketball court towards the final buzzer. cause, unknown. murder chargers dropped. of the jewelry store owner that was found last week. this is the picture of a person found last week when the responded to the well-being check. tonya was suspended o suspicion--of murder, and burglary. another person was arrested on suspicion but not evebut not murder. amanda severely beaten at the redwood city caltran is in critical condition. this beating happened on friday.
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the 47 year-old victim was attacked by a group of assailants were tried to rob him. he waited for a southbound train at 7:30 between 9-15 suspect be tempered. no arrests. new area code to the area code. --was beaten to death, with 9-15 suspects. >> and with new derrik codes. -new area codes. or, it is going too geographically speeds split by zone public hearings are next week to it. tentative numbers, just to make a local call. and tentatively, is going to be a 10 digit input to just make a local call. >>jacqueline: with a little bit of shower activity
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overnight. however, by noon decreasing cloud coverage. 4:00 p.m., partly cloudy skies with mild conditions. san francisco, just 60 degrees with that cloud coverage keeping it more overnight. san jose, 64 degrees, concord at the same. decreasing cloud coverage. the stormtracker 4, showing that it is turning rainfall into the northern part of overstate. most of us will miss that to the east and clicked with a lot of rainfall. a burst of cloud coverage shortly. taking a look on futurecast you can see the rainfall is staying offshore but then moving on shore. overnight, pockets of rain, here, there, but light. no extraordinary totals with this system at all. in fact will not even see rainfall. there light. 10:00 p.m., it is gone. very light--one
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quarter of an inch in the north bay that could even be pitcpushing it. with just traces expected. and how about your kron 4 7 day around the bay tomorrow, when that storm pushes through the clearing skies, and even warming more on wednesday. morning fog. third, showers in the afternoon and most of this week and will be dry. during returns on this forecast. >>pam: this friday, kron 4 will be running nbc. 8:00 p.m.. you can see " who do think you are? and then, " monk ". this will be this friday. (music)
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profs >>catherine: wicked weather. two more weeks of winter, but early massee, dangerous weather in the north east. this is a new jersey-massee.
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this flooding. it is messy with inundated. some structures were flooded and even moving cars and sliding doors down the street. stormy weather causing difficulty in syracuse new-york. under several feet of snowfall. and even northern nor even with power outages reported. and even reports of freezes. if you've ever wondered but it is inside this tornado? how surveillance video in major damage. several damages and buildings were destroyed 80 west of baton rouge, louisiana. two different twister's over this weekend. this particular tornado = 135
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m.p.h.! and a new event of the world's most active volcano in hawaii. 80 ft. high. mt. callaway up, and hawaii. it is been bound kill ydramatic new mt. kiliwaii the hawaiian state national park nearby has been closed. >>pam: north bound, southbound, it is great! no problems. we will be back. [ jerry ] look at this!
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: a bigger increasing clouds to the bridges. and will be spreading bay-area wide, shortly. temperatures on the cool side low 50s especially close to the c.


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