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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> the secretary of state these three months for a special election. the governors deadline is march 10th. he needs to different republicans in each house. someone needs for, total. those republicans are not budging. he needs for-- >>pam: you have the letter? >> they tried negotiating but there are going to give up. and our recent discussion rich disappointed to find that our offers were rejected or watered down caho governor fired back
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that it is not asking republicans to raise taxes if he does want to let people decide. >> i have to say that to my republican colleagues i am asking you to let the people of california decide. do they wish to extend the existing taxes? or to the want to double the cuts that i've already proposed. a simple proposition. >> what they want, this republican request hard spending cap. a reformed pension system. a looser regulation on job creation legislation. cut government waste and cut changes to the government tax code. this could almost be a golden opportunity. they have the votes for the special election and let us park and for whatever also want. the
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governor's office says that this is been going on for several years. the governor is like a compromise if they come up with something that is manageable. >>pam: meetings up and down the state what's next? >> he will continue, and perhaps delayed a little bit but he still wants to get that budget ready on march. the secretary can put those on the ballot. otherwise, the governor says that he was going to oppose the budget and saw the budget which would for the dollar cuts. >>pam: the pain at the gasoline pump. president obama is considering into tap into the national petroleum after a dramatic increase at the pump. national, it is from $3.10 to now, $3.50. in california, even an additional 405. it is the
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second largest spite in history. here is the up, the largest spike in the last seven years. the peak after hurricane katrina. both oil rigs were calleand knocked out in the gulf and aid oral refinery in texas shelby? >> or a mac refinery-- >> with libyan troubles on going, and 13 st. the increases. the record high, consumers are wondering when with a pained at the pump give way? with some new problems. a fact that americans are experiencing a sharp rise in prices of the gas pump. the family budget and 1/2 and iii that for closely. >> some are looking for a strategic oil reserve from president obama to policpress te
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price down. >> we are in discussions with the oil producing companies about the various options that are available. on a global system to do with a major disruption if that occur. >>reporter: wind should we report wind? the price? >> and zz $4, is an easy prediction. and i would not even be surprised at $5. and then, impressive economic impact. >>reporter: already feeling that. >> hurting bad. >>reporter: lanshallshell the shelby. >>pam: airlines? >> southwest is increasing
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fares by $10. citing the need to offset higher fuel prices. delta started this price increase last week. raising them as much as $20. others like americans followed suit with a $10 hike. the low-cost carriers also hop on the southwest, jwt blue and virgin america have also followed suit. this is the sixth consecutive time this year that amairlines have raised fares. travelers could even pay $26048 ticket that was only $200 in january. 26048 ticket--and with this 50% increase it was only $260 for a ticket that was and january.
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christine connolly. >>pam: new details on the ongoing investigation of possible police misconduct, said oroszko police department. another video surfaced of alleged illegal activity from san francisco police department. theresa? we wanted to figure out if this video is the same officers accused from the other video? >> it is the same officers and then some! in total, eight officers. and what we have this was >>this just in to the kron 4 news room surveillance video from the henry hotel in november. a man showing a black jacket. this is from this past december. as i mentioned, 2010. he was arrested in a hotel room with the charge of possession of drugs. the attorney says that the drugs for in his jacket. and the jacket was confiscated by police. and a detailed police report said that the jacket was white. and it was
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not his jacket but he was arrested, anyway. this case went to trial and then, dismissed. >> there is nothing in the report that i would think it was them, this is the man. and with this the view taken entirely agree with these to a moment. he could easily have gone to state prison for a crime to did not commit. >> the police framed an innocent man that his only misfortune was to enter this hotel on december 2nd. >>reporter: this video, the d.a. office is also investigating this on new video that has come to light. also the police department redistrict received this and are the looking to perhaps right now, there are eight san francisco police officers on administrative leave and an active investigation.
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>>pam: an oakland police officer is getting his job back. for years have to be fired for killing an unarmed man. jeff bush explains why he is going to be going back on the force. what the department is doing to address concerns about his concern. >> hector mendez was fired from the 0 pd and 2008. and a suspected d y traffic. and they paid 600 to $2,000 to the victim's family to settle wrongful death. $650, k. with rolwrongful death ruled by lack of training. and hector ximenes will have to go through extensive training before he is bantered back on to the 0 pd. before he is entered
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back onto the 0 pd. in addition to cutting his job back will also get back pay from the day that he was fired, with interest. >>pam: at 5:00 p.m., 5:15, while weather to the northeast and the amazing tornadic activity. 5:25, downloading danger the movies that you download for free could costing more than you ever of pageant. 5:30. the dirty secret, the on board, the dirty, the downright nasty. from bart
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in the face. the washington players. >> the kindergartner has fdied. today, they spoke with the school district to explain what is being done. >> we first learned early friday morning that the student was not going to be in school. later that morning we learned of the child passing away i think the parents have expressed concern wanting to have as much affirmation as we're able to give them. of course, we've given them- information in a lot of the department of the public health. neither the district or the department of public health that there should be any reason for alarm, whatsoever. what we've said
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from the department of health to the parents is that if there is a belief that their children could be exposed to the police? consult with their family and medical practitioner. >>pam: an autopsy on the 5 year-old today but it did not reveal weather or not it was the flu the cost the death. that will be determined the toxicology reports. >>jacqueline: the rainfall to of in california and even overnight to the metro area. your forecast coming up.
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(music) >>jacqueline: a live look outside and the golden gate bridge. increase in cloud coverage to the north bay spreading to the rest of the bay area. that storm sitting off shore is the tail and pushing towards the coast even with rainfall towards the open california. so far,
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drive to the bay. but isolated showers overnight and into tomorrow morning. the futurecast is not picking up that much. and it is really offshore. it will be making onshore with portions of the north bay by 4:00 a.m. isolated rainfall to the east bay shores. and to the santa cruz mountains. more shower activity by 6:00 a.m. but it will taper off. it is not going to be that impressive. perhaps even pushing these numbers with one-quarter of an inch in the north bay. just traces in other areas. as for tomorrow's temperatures we're going to see warmer conditions with clouds clearing out in the afternoon. 63 degrees in santa rosa, and still partly cloudy in the san francisco, some rafeal. and even richmond. 59 degrees,-son of
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vital, the bay shores. 60s in the san rafael. and let us take a look at the your kron 4 7 day around the bay the wide spread shower activity overnight with isolated at best. breaks of sunshine with warming temperatures but even when stat on wednesday. warmer on wednesday, and fog tuesday night. >>catherine: in national news, we still lead to more weeks of winter people in the northeast are getting a bit reminder we still lead to more weeks of winter, this muddy mess and massachusetts. the aftermath of a mud slide. heavy rain, melted snow fall in massachusetts. >> the fierce winter storm through the women, upper state your 30 in.! traditional york, new england, cars for buried. through new york, and when the, and it was a mess, traffic was a mess has become a wet snow
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>> it is heavy. >> the same and benton, n.y. these big gusting a storm like this and years. freezing rain, closing scores of schools and knocking out power to thousands. look at you hampshire. heavy rain is melting snow and a look at what is happening in new hampshire, with ice, car skidded scraped under bridges and heavy equipment is being brought into a brick of the ice. the melting snow and heavy melting ice is showing people flooding and connecticut families were forced from their homes monday because of flooding and mud slides. and foggy as the word of the day in new jersey westwood, new jersey. streets, homes, also full of water. flooding hit them relief fast. pamela?
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>>pam: not to strain, snowfall, to decide the lo n des and deadl to and louisi >> kimberlee: a drug store surveillance video from louisiana. two different twisters. major damage. according to the national weather service just 300 yds. the wind shaking the camera lens several billion injuries. one woman died. 135 mph wind speed. and with the helicopters perspective on that day. this cranny footage, through the burning towers captured the building. grady--and this was a flight in 93 national moral is supposed to be ready for the 10th anniversary of september 11th of this year. take a
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look if this violent brawl hip-hop awards show washington d.c.. a fight erupted during 8 intermission between during an intermission--at this atrium. five hospitalized with one injuries and even any employee no arrests. >>pam: traffic, no problems. north bound, southbound, smoot. much more news into this break. smooth..
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oil >>pam: new area code. and soon 408 and 669 two different plants, new 669 2 new phone numbers with that the zone. the second book of by the card so of 408 and switched to the new code. public meetings in santa clara county this month.
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change is expected by the end of plenty 12th. the movie set you download for free could cost you more than you ever imagined. the changes on the-area code 200 12 >> kimberlee: the price of popcorn, and movie can add up which is a free movie even more tempting. however, the better business bureau that not all websites are created equal. some of music, movies and some are illegal! and you could be contingent upon the copyright laws. you are also at fault. and that could be result in prosecution, fines and even prison! before you download anything. be on the lookout for statements that that the wait has a copyright permission or that those that represent the artist. the recording
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industry association of america and the motion picture association of america have listed the most legal popular. hulu and amazon and itunes in addition the illegal digital files can damage your computer. high risk for downloading the viruses and even its spy where. kimberly if you would like to read more about this or any other segments, go to what's on the web section at >>pam: abcnbc programming--"monk' and kron 4 news at 11 dr. phil at 3:00 p.m. this is on this friday. we will be back.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: disturbing but true. fecal, mold


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