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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  March 8, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>>caller: it shows chaos, it shows no operational plan. when your pumping gas chrysostom under people's homes at 4 lbs. per square inch you need to know every eventuality. to have such
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chaos and no one knowing what to do, how to act and had shot the ball is off at the time of crisis, shows a lack of planning. it shows poor management. >>pam: you been a leader in post explosion efforts, getting it to a place to protect residents. the public finds a stunning to learn that one the crews don't know how to turn off the valves. all of this information is quite stunning. are the remedies in place to prevent this? >>caller: there are remedies in place. there lot of issues and actions under way. i have legislation that will be in this committee later this month that will address a number of these issues. will be related to operational files that to be remotely operated at least a shot of the pressure. it my concern is with pg&e looking at the records and as you probably saw, i'm concerned
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that they won't at the end of that time have a determination of where the safe pipes are, what types are underground and the quality. without that information were still going to run gasters system that we don't know is safe and that's a problem. >>pam: in other words the remedies that are coming down the road will not help us to do that this from happening say tomorrow? >>caller: they will prevent it, tomorrow, in fact i sent a letter to the commission today asking them to find out what happens on march 15th pg&e doesn't properly determine the type of pipes underground? they have stated that they will display pvc staff. i immediately levy fines and sanctions against pg&e until
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they provide the necessary records and information. that's what i was told yesterday. >>pam: how much responsibility do they care for the problems that we've now seen through the explosion? >>caller: they bear a tremendous amount of responsibility. they have been regulating this utility and that's their job to guarantee public safety and they failed. >>pam: thank-you assemblyman jerry help. responding to these new revelations today. we have new information this afternoon about the number of homeowners were choosing to rebuild in san bruno. kron 4 j. r. stone spent the day with city officials and tell them that they're working as quickly as possible to help those struggling since the blast. >>reporter: behind me you could see the blue tarp, this is one of the homes are working on. driving through the streets there are a
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number of vacant lots. those the city of san bruno to no homes have been approved for construction. this is where one of the new houses will go in this is a lot or the other will go. two more proposals from families have been submitted, those have not yet been approved. others are in discussions with architects. i talked with the folks from pg&e about the buyout plans and how many people are involved with that. that is something i'm going to get in tonight at 6:00 news. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: our coverage of the san bruno gas line explosion continues on line just go to, where we have posted a link to the pg&e control room one. the pay that the pulp continues. it take a look at the national price of gasoline today up to $3.52 a gallon. that is 40¢ more than just last month. it's always more expensive in california where the average day why
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this $3.91 for a gallon. here in the bay area we are slightly higher than that with prices at $3.96, dollars and 95¢ and 5 less in san jose. kron 4 maureen kelly spoke to drivers to see what they're doing in the face of these prices. >>christine: the price of gas as well over $4 here at this bryant street said shell station in its back kind of sticker shock that has julie taylor put in the bare minimum into his tank. >> i put $15 in here to get to vallejo. were getting to where we need to go. hopefully it's going to eventually go down, we know well until then 10, 10, 10. >>christine: is not the only driver spoke to look to cut corners. >> i'm trying to go straight
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to work in st. paul and and not have to do a lot of driving in between. condo projects and trips so that you're not stopping and starting. >> use of the treeand public transportation more. >>christine: i don't even look at it because at $62 if i thought about it i would cry. i'll think about it and getting go. >>maureen: some says they will change the driving habits and so few goals of more. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: a live look from the golden gate bridge, mostly sunny skies and a few clouds langtry in the north bay. a look at our satellite picture bay area wide, a few clouds like grip over the santa cruz but you can see
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mostly sunny skies. temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s, a little warmer today anywhere from 1 to about six degrees. 62 santa rosa, 64 napa, 62 in san jose but cooler along the coast and have one day at 55 degrees. tonight into tomorrow, decreasing cloud cover this afternoon and will continue into this evening. tomorrow morning patchy valley fog and land. as we head into the afternoon mostly sunny skies and temperatures will warm up quite a bit. anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees. we will get into the '70s more. will take a look neighborhood by neighborhood in just a bit. we will be back after this. try our new, fresh salmon at sizzler.
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>>pam: a statewide amber alert has been issued for eight months old boy who police say was kidnapped along with his mother from
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their central valley home. you see the pictures of sebastian and his 18 year- old mother. the accused kidnapper is the boy's father pedro. it happened at about 2:00 a.m. when he allegedly climbed through a window, at the home and porterville. he is believed to be driving a 1991 red honda civic, license plate number you see under screen 5 ft. 0 y 539. >>catherine: a man who works as a substitute custodian of vallejo school is suspected of the long term of sexual molestation of two miners who went to the school. the police department says it is investigating this man. he works at the everest academy. at a school for special needs children. police say the alleged victims are now 18 and 22 and the abuse began years
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ago when there were roughly eight and 11 years old. johnson is being held at the county jail on $1.8 million bail. >>pam: checking traffic of walnut creek, the 60-24 change traffic moving well in all directions. much more news after the break.
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>>pam: another headache to me this morning for muni riders. the trains were running late all morning because the cable was severed in the subway. the cable links de trains to the central command center and had to run in manual mode which is much lower. the problem was compacted as the morning when on. there's a chance of trains trying to go out bound and eventually that the lady in bound trains. muni said it does understand why the frustration. >> we apologize for the delay, the old system in california and one of the most business and the states. were going have to deal with this. but the
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challenges to make sure that were providing great service at the same time making sure that were improving the service as we go forward to address the infrastructure. >>pam: muni said the prom was fixed around noon and evening commute should be normal. >>jacqueline: if you like today's afternoon delight tomorrow better. starting off in the morning, patchy fog expected and it could also spread along our bay shores. temperatures will be pretty mild. in the afternoon sunny conditions and cook warming temperatures will be up 5 to 10 degrees. storm tracker 4 radar, the storm that affected us continues to push to the north and the cloud band will stay to the north may be slipping a few high clouds into the north bay over night. mostly will stay clear of their through the night and tomorrow. we will see fog formed over night. the north bay valleys
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in fog it 5:00 in our inland valleys and east bay shore picking up patchy fog. that will clear out by the 8:00 there will still see fog near antioch and fairfield. by 11:00, plenty of sunshine will be filling in and temperatures will warm up. 70 degrees in santa rosa tomorrow, 65 and severed his go, 71 in vallejo and 70 in concord. hopper '60s and '70s in the bay shores. it's definitely going to be warm compared to what we've seen lately. as we head into thursday, temperatures will core rate back down and the clouds will start to increase as we get another round of light showers thursday evening. friday and saturday things will stay dry, sunday increasing cloud cover ahead of our next door. this storm will bring stronger ran the what we saw yesterday.
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>>catherine: time to look at stocks, the market today the dow gaining 124 points, the nasdaq up 20 points. the key rob. something has happened first of all should go back to stocks. what happened was stocks? >>rob: we've moved from market that looks at things cheap from of a valuation basis, now the markets where oil goes higher we go lower. there's rumors gadhafi will step down, of there's rumor saudi will up their production. once this whole middle east north africa scenario is played out, you will see the market move higher. >>catherine: gaddafi is just confusing everyone by showing up at a hotel and then leaving and not seeing
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anything. >>rob: khaddafi hate america, people want him out because the what jobs, food and liberty. those are things that equal capitalism. when he does go, even a freeze replaced by junior that's not worse it sideways. anything would be better than khaddafi. >>catherine: something happening was not flex that you're saying could be a huge blow to that flexes that right? >>rob: down the road that flex will become a commodity and they will go away. >>catherine: up until now we've talked about how they successfully evolved. >>rob: love them it was one of the best talk/year and this year. it's all about streaming movies your tv. if you have a child watches thomas and a modified the duties you combine net six for $8 a month you can stream are limited to thomas movies. it people of this service. the problem is it's
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a commodity. the people won't at warner brothers, sony they're saying let's do face book, it has one of 12 people on the plan has signed up for the service. suddenly wonder brothers is distributing and thailand and areas they haven't ever distributed to. i've been since the beginning of the and for next let's put down the road it will have to be acquired by somebody. amazon and facebook and h p o canal constrain movies. everybody can copy it's nothing special. the downside is face book is only on these things laptops. he basically stream movies, and that fox had needs a big old screen. you want high definition, it will die quickly bought this is one of the shops across the hour we will remember. >>catherine: those distributors really have all
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the power don't they? >>rob: every now and then distribution becomes more important but down the road content always wins. >>catherine: ok rob will be back to answer more of your e-mail's. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments.. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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>>pam: what a chaotic scene at earlier tonight in tripoli and libya. he could barely see khaddafi he is walking into a hotel. it appeared he was going to talk to reporters. there were cameras all over the place trying to get a look at him. in the and he left without saying anything. the libyan rebels seem to be losing ground staff sources loyal to gadhafi and pounding them. while the state department spokesperson said they would like to seek a daffy leave it seems to be wishful thinking. >> there's nothing preventing khaddafi from leaving his tent climbing on an airplane leaving libya so as people could have a better tomorrow than they
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have today. there's nothing preventing him from doing that. >>catherine: he slipped out a side door a few minutes later, observances are talking about some more of the leaders theatrics. in other news, the u.s. secretary of defense spends his second day in afghanistan. he has been visiting with troops, the pentagon losses in its going well. it's not clear whether the african government is even able to provide basic services or extend its authority to be on koppel. the american troop withdrawal is supposed to begin within months. >>pam: check into tuesday commute on the golden gate bridge the promise north or southbound right now. it traffic moving well. this friday crime will be running nbc program, added o'clock you can catch would you think you are? it will be followed by month at a clock and kron 4 news at 11:00.
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you could catch dr. phil at 3:00 and all happen this friday. it will be right back.
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