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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 9, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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this is kron 4 news at 11:00. our top story tonight, $12 million shorts. oakland schools are looking to send out hundreds of fink slips. kron 4's jonathan bloom has more. the vote wasn't umaninous. by a 6-1 margethen school board decided to send out letters to 538, come next school year they may not have jobs. >> do not vote for the layoffs. >> we can't accept a single
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layoff. we have been that bear bones and beyond. >> reporter: despite pleading, staff told the board they have put this off as long as possible. >> there is nothing else we can do to avoid this step. really our hands are forced. >> reporter: english, social scudies and pe are among the hardest hit. he sided with angry parents. >> there is a bunch of people that are not given the opportunity for equal education. >> reporter: some people got impatient. >> are you going to take away teachers or not? >> i need security. >> reporter: in the end all but him decided to send out the
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letters. >> i will vote for it. >> reporter: the 538 layoff notices have to go out. it will be months before the teachers know for sure whether they will have a job next year. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> voters said yes on measure a. they approved a parcel tax to support the city schools. it will prevent school closings. however the district may have to consider some cuts if state tax extensions are not approved. jerry brown set a deadline for thursday to get it all done, now he hopes to use the extra time to convince more lawmakers to put it on the ballot this june. he is just a few lawmakers short to make that happen. new tonight at 11:00.
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police are investigating a murder. it happened this evening. police say the man was shot, and died in the ambulance. two southern california men are expected of using a credit card skimmer to steel credit numbers. they fate fros and conspiracy charges. boris tumasyan and sarkis sarkisyan. how investigators say they stole the numbers and she has reaction from locals who frequent one of those stations. >> reporter: the credit card swipe looks like any other.
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this is a primary reason this credit card scheme was so difficult to detects. they planted devices like this one inside of gas pump. investigators say they were attached to the circuit boards and captured 3600 credit card numbers. police caught the two at this station on san an ownio road. they found six skimmers planted inside of gas pumps of six other locations. the customers are very concerned about their credit card security. >> i don't feel secure. i am thinking of going back and use cash. >> i am hoping i don't get scam. if i see it happening i will stop using the station. >> you think you are safe, you think they are taking all the precautions necessary. make me want to use cash, you know. >> i spoke with tom, who said the numbers captured were never in the suspect's possession.
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however police don't know how long they have been skimming credit cards. kron 4 news. mostly clear skies at this hour. storm tracker, the tail end of a system approaching northern california, bringing rain with it. this sags down to the south. the rain starts in the morning in the north bay and in full swing by 11:00. then it moves to the south by noon. 3:00, it will be out of the bay area. the rain will be down in the south bay. six months ago tonight the city of san bruno was changed. that's the night a pg&e gas pipeline exploded. it destroyed 40 homes, killed eight people and injured dozens
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more. this video show cases the incredible force of the fire ball that destroyed the neighborhood. kron 4's reggie kumar joined a a memorial tonight that remembered that day. >> reporter: at 6:11 p.m. those who attended the anniversary of the tragedy honored the eight people who lost their lives. one of the victims was jessica morales. her boyfriend talked about it. >> hardest struggle. >> reporter: more than 30 homes were lost when the gas lineuptured. fences lined the streets where the homes once stood. his house was located on this
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corner. now he just needs final approval from the city to start construction. residents agreed to watch this video. they say the huge fire ball that filled the air is a memory that haunts them every time they pass by. the area where the gas line exploded. >> watching the video you still want to rebuild. >> the people are the greatest in the world. >> it was so hot. i went back in to my bath room to see if there was blisters on my face. >> i felt the heat on my face. >> i will never forget that day. >> reporter: in san bruno, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> still ahead, some drug charges in san francisco are dismissed because of police
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. 57 cases in the san francisco court system have been effected by police misconduct. 7 officers and one sergeant are under investigation for warrantless searches. kron 4's christine connelly update us on the case. >> reporter: in another big story here in san francisco, the district attorney announced it is dismissing 57 cases and possibly more. four videos have surfaced showing police misconduct. the d a's office announced they have to drop the cases. the police department says they have put eight officers involved on administrative leave and they plan to retrain the entire department.
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in san francisco, terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> reporter: dozens of misdemeanor cases were dropped inside courtrooms like this one here because of the police officer misconduct investigation. the cases involved mostly drug offenses but also robbery and assault cases. this could just be the tip of the ice burg. i am christine connelly, kron 4 news. rain back in the forecast tomorrow. it's not the only time we will see rain. i will have the details coming up in a few minutes.
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libyan leader moammar gadhafi started targeting the source of his country's riches, oil. including new storage facilities. as kron 4's athren h tells us
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-- catherine heenan tells us -- >> reporter: rebels open fire near the oil port. on the horizon, an explosion. >> airplane over our head. there is a huge plume of black smoke from the western edge of the city. >> reporter: more than 350 miles from the libyan capital. it's under attack by air and artillery. the rebels fight back with solder launched missiles. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he has come to fight the dog moammar gadhafi. but the dog still has teeth. >> very bad. >> how many wounded? >> morthan 25. just now. >> reporter: linnian tv shows supporters celebrating. the government says it has
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retaken the town. this demtration where the uprising began. thousands of women appealing for enforcement of a no-fly zone to keep moammar gadhafi's jets on the ground. moammar gadhafi says any foreign intervention would be card act of war. >> intentions are to control libyan. all of the libyans carry weapons, they will fight back. kron 4 news. back to the state's capital on thursday. the budget proposal is a huge blow. today republican lawmakers decided to go ahead with the vote, even without the democrats. they approved the plan to balance the budget. the state assembly will vote on wednesday and then to the desk
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of the republican governor. it is not clear if today's vote is binding without the democrats. clear skies right now but a storm is approaching. the core of the storm and the tail end of it spreading excellenty of rain. it will be moving into the north bay in the early morning hours. 9:00, heavy rain through santa rosa. we will continue to see areas of moderate to heavy rain into the 10:00 hour. rain south of the golden gate by 11:00. extending down to the south. the rain is starting to weaken a little bit. a couple areas of moderate rainfall. later on, the rain starts to break apart, left with lingering showers. later afternoon hours, that's going to taper off.
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by 4:00, dry condition. more confidence our rainfall totals fall within these raches. quarter of an inch in the central bay. closer to a 10th of an inch. also in the east bay and in the south bay. seven-day forecast, showers expected tomorrow with some areas of moderate rainfall. temperatures cool several degrees. dry friday into saturday. but another storm sunday into monday. this one will be stronger. moderate to heavy rain. we will keep you posted on it. there could be a replacement for charles southern is for "two and a half men" and guy fieri's lamborghini spotted. >> reporter: charles southern
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thinks john stamos and rob lowe are good replacements for him. source say low is in talks. one of charles southern'sesses is in trouble with the law for drunk driving. she was arrested last month. four-time oscar nominee julianne moore has been cast as sara palin based on john mccain losing campaign and his pick of the then little known alaska governor. guy fieri's lamborghini has been spotted in marin county. it was taken early tuesday. somebody stole the $200,000 yellow lamborghini. however it was spotted on video
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going across the golden gate bring. guy fieri is a bay area native. the warriors are heading home after a seven game road trip, gary has highlights straight ahead and it comes down to one shot for stanford, gary shows you what happened next. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful.
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>> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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all right. good evening, everybody. the stanford women are surging but the men's seed ended today. the pac 10 tournament versus oregon. jeremy, the shape of things to come. down the stretch. devon, oregon up by 7. 19 points, 8 rebounds. here we go. oregon state up two.
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green. takes the ball, double team. just not going to work. turns it over. the oregon state beavers, coached by president obama's brother in law, win tonight. stanford ends their season, 15 wins, 16 losses. oliver hit a shot at the buzzer. san jose state wins against hawaii in the tournaments. st. mary's is the bay area's only hope for the ncaa tournament. at 4-8, they lost to gonzaga monday night in the west coast conference game in las vegas. we had the coach on earlier tonight. st. mary's has weberrer state to wrap up friday night. >> reporter: give me a yes or no. if you beat them friday, you are probably in, if you lose
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you are not. buy that? >> yes. >> reporter: okay. fair enough. good luck. you are the last bay area hope. are you growing a beer? what is that? >> i lost everything in las vegas. >> reporter: all right. >> getting off a little bit. cal first game, 12 noon tomorrow versus usc. like the say she was there to see the warriors. probably not. tonight watching antany. 22 tonight. back and forth. warriors had a chance. steph curry had 15 points. warriors up one. minute nine left. lopez, doing his business. 26 points. 10 rebounds. the new jersey nets the end warriors road trip. warriors 2-5 with wins over washington and cleveland but
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they come up short. nets win 94-90. cal football players showed up today in berkeley. riley showed up today, he is hoping the pros sees he has what it takes. same with this fellow. the pro scouts come to universities and let everybody with pro dreams have their day. >> and take a peek here. at stanford. they discontinued the practice of distributing a list of easy classes that were meant for student athletes only. it was discontinued after reporters inquired of it. show me one play of barry zito. giants won today. let barry zito make the play. barry zito doing his thing as
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the giants win 4-2. the a's lose to text 9-2. >> your favorite. >> the first day, hey, they are back and march 31 when it counts. >> okay. good night everybody. see you tomorrow.
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