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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  March 10, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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program. this was for a 11th and trope grader12th graders, t0 year-old jumped off at the south tower. it's the 17 year-old teenager jumped. with a 32-40 students and to teachers. the core program. there were two teachers, the college curriculum taught on high school level advanced placement on english, math. when the 17 year-old chomped off the bridge the c h p said he had no injuries when a-jump off the bridge. he was able to swim to shore with the help of a surfer. >> did anybody see him go over? the witness did see him go over. >>reporter: the 17 year-old
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was taken to san francisco general hospital and. the c h p is investigating why he jumped. was this a suicide attempt? was this a hoax? jump? there were statements made by witnesses and the students that for all of the bridge are saying that he jumped as some part of a joke or a hoax. and to water 20 ft.! that is how far he fell from the golden gate bridge 220 ft.. the golden feet district spokesperson as saying that it is very rare for somebody to survive and as those with only just bombs and bruises. they're speaking to even more people. bob'and if they could speak to the parents? they could possibly find out what provoked him from
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jumping off a bridge. > >>pam: take mentioned that the 17 year-old was taken here. kate mentioned that he was taken here with no injuries but perhaps a broken ankle. we're also being told that he could go undergo a mental evaluation. perhaps if he is suicidal? it would be standard operating procedure. he was taken to san francisco general immediately. over to water 20 ft. they wanted to give him a full examination when he fell 220 ft.. >>jacqueline: a live look from our roof cam. mostly cloudy skies the few breaks in the clouds. during has ended and also not three impressive. whittle the two- tenths of an inch of registering through santa rosa. with only two-tenths of the bench. and with 407
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engine petaluma, and-inch of rain fall. for hundreds of an inch. the stormtracker 4, is showing that there are a few chances of a lingering sprinkles of this evening. mainly to the south and we will stay dry. the stormtracker 4 is showing clouds towards the coast. we could get some of these clouds over night. in the fog. but an a--i will give you a full forecast coming up. >>pam: in the c h p is joining us with conditions from the sierras. was it like right now, tony? >> caller: pamela, it is changing by the minute. it started off wonderful and then it got when the and then raining. and then snowfall. tire chain laws in effect. and now we're back
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to rain, the tire chain laws are drop in now, the snow is back. raincoat? la >>pam: and with visibility is that this issue? >> caller: not yet. oftentimes the fog will make its way up here. right now is snowing, and a mixture of rain and a lot of wet roads. >>pam: our people having difficulty on the roads? >> caller: not yet, knock on wood. there a been a few spinouts. but that tells me that it is not that slack. however, as soon as the sun could get down it is not-the slippery. >>pam: ski resorts? if >> caller: still snowfall which is a great thing. if they have plenty of snowfall as you probably would have guessed. i expect those conditions because,
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are higher in elevations they usually get snowfall if we are getting a mixture. >>pam: officer tony oroszkfresck you--the uc-berkeley walking path near oxford street. and haazig madyun was on the campus speaking with investigators and has learned more about this incident. >>reporter: tuesday night for before 11:00 p.m. at the uc campus in berkeley. uc police investigated a 70 year-old student was using this pathway and notice the issue was being followed. investigators said that this and she got over the bridge she noticed a man exposing himself. she turned and tried to get a way the man grabbed her. custer, in a properly she screamed. he touched her-and a properly. the suspect is black, early
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20s, fan begin build. with a red baseball cap and a black jacket. and a medium-build. uc-berkeley is going to beef up patrols, and also speak with local authorities on if this physical description is meeting any outstanding crime. >>pam: 41 year-old quarter holbrook of livermore was arrested in howl for homicide. the victim remains on known programs of to the hospital and that hospital does not have a trauma ward so the victim was transferred by ambulance to castro valley. he died of
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his step wounds. police in the altercation started on first street near the 580 on ramp. they traveled down and ended up on hold for st. the suspect even.. and police say that this is not gang- related but did not have much more information about what happened. and how did they get here on all old first street. in livermore, jeff bush, kron 4. >>pam: the eighth fatality shot on wednesday night sixth avenue near international boulevard a man was fatally shot on wednesday night near sixth avenue near international boulevard it could happen during a robbery. you can see that this video, from the scene. he died of the local hospital and no suspect has been identified. >> motorcycle is billed and the morning crush on her 101 in some detail. daniel of scandal. this happened when his motorcycle collided with a toyota. daniel of
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danville, and he died if the scene. the driver of the toyota was taken as a precaution, to the hospital. perhaps the motorcycled of lost control when they were trying to avoid another crash. that driver could not even own and did not stop at the scene. >>pam: checking traffic, wet pavement, slow traffic and a high we 80. that is going towards the lower deck of the bay bridge highway 88. not moving much--toward the peninsula, it is also quite slow. we will be back.
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>>jacqueline: the live look from heavenly it is snowfall. you get the idea. snow showers through the sierra but it is breaking up the bed with the scattered shower activity but then rainfall at lower ac elevations. the snowfall were what turned later this week. the wind advisory in effect, the wind will continue into tomorrow. the drive towards lake tahoe is not that bad. partly cloudy on saturday and sunday evening this could start back up but mainly just the higher elevations. when to descend lower, you will only probably only encounter rainfall. with scattered light shower activity now, we are seeing
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dry conditions and a few breaks of sunshine! what we can expect tonight and into tomorrow with the decreasing cloud coverage. overnight fog because of the moisture. mainly in the valley, north and in the bellies, a specially. in the afternoon, sunny skies-in the balance--a look of the your kron 4 7 day around the bay of fog tomorrow with a dry afternoon and a dry saturday. a slight chance of rainfall clipping the north bay. i think the next best chance will be late sunday and into monday. shower reconditions but heavy rainfall moving in on tuesday morning and once tonight slush thursday morning. >>catherine: wisconsin assembly has limited bargaining rights. protesting through madison,
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and forced finally to leave. shelby lynne. has all the details. >>reporter: angry protesters wanted reentry into the capital. 200 people were ordered out. those who got go willingly were forcibly removed. the building was on temporary lockdown with a highly controversial assembly vote. lawmakers were going to work on a budget plan with health, pension contributions and bargaining rights. >> we will see an end on this today. >>reporter: while they held their ground in madison scott was in milwaukee. >> i hope that from last night into the would not allowed people from outside of wisconsin creeping chaos
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>>reporter: reporter if with this deemed necessary to cut the deficit. this is perceived as an attack on the middle class. >> we're custodians of this economy and we are responsible to represent the people. >>reporter: was locked on and so for the showdown continues. shall the land from atlanta. >>catherine: if this continues, all right. shall be land--was reporting shelby whe rumolynn >> rob: if you're running- deficits? without a backlash. this will come to california. if it comes to the california teaching system, prison system. it could hit the teaching
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system like it did in wisconsin. it is a republican issue. and usually republicans have a difficult time agreeing. and let us give people what they earn the one about their retirement? the idea of be paying a teacher is great. and then that all was said in a was going to pay the teacher because i've been in retirement? it is a house of cards tied to pension. >>catherine: emotional! and it is fully not about the economy as it is a political union busting parole. >> rob: this will be a tough three issues with the election coming up. as we continue to downsize the state and federal government. with 82,000 jobs over the cut. 1.6% of the workforce. private work force? even worse. 146% aand are
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recalling? a we protecting the public too much are we toddlicoddling and 200 way to te private sector was more protected. if not had had their downsizing is political, raw, emotional. >>catherine: love it, heat itheat it, or love it? or hate it. it is still an issue. >> rob: changes in the argument will be inevitable >>catherine: stay with us.
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>>pam: lindsay lohan was back in court. she has until march 23rd until she will nexexcept the plea deal? if she accepts it? the judge was astounded how the media was able to get information about the case. >> thankfully this does not involve a military secrets for people's lives are at stake. i cannot believe all this information leaks out. they perhaps work with the c.i.a. i do not know how t inne get this information. i respect the information from the attorneys there hon.. there respected and requested confidentiality. i
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do not even tell my wife what is going on and i have no idea how the fun of disinformation. >>pam: she is accused of walking out of a jewelry store and she has denied stealing it. another twist, the security video was sold to the associated press. >>pam: charlie sheen is suing production teams and allowing him to seek therapy and then ultimately be halted production for the season as he was launching tirades to the producer. this week he was fired! >>reporter: i am light of the golden gate bridge, a 17 year-old teenager jump off
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and survive with no major injuries. coming up but police investigators believe that this was not a suicide attempt. california should be proud.
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we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes...
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combined. we have a lot more work to do. with a developing story. this is a developing story come alive. the golden gate bridge. >>pam: a teenager a live- story, live. kate? >>reporter: a 17 year-old windsor high-school student. from north santa rosa was walking across the bridge as part of a high school field trip. he jumped from the south tower. we can show you the


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