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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 10, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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closest to the toll booth. the jump from the south tower, a 220 ft. down into the freezing cold water of the bait. no major injuries and was able to swim to shore. he had assistance from a nearby surfer. investigators are trying to find out if this was a joke, hopes, their, suicide. witnesses are thinking that this is a joke, --hoax. the golden gate bridge patrol is a sign that this is a very dangerous activity. jumping off of this bridge because there are very, very, few people that survived a job out of the golden gate bridge. already, eight lots have been acclaimeeight lives-but is.
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that is why this is so important that people could not be challenged, or the fooling around on this bridge it takes lives. >> >>reporter: to teachers were accompanying the 45 students. there were two teachers-touched part of a corps program. there were taking advanced classes college of the class's of the high school. investigators say that they have interviewed the 17 year-old. he was a san francisco general and is being physically and mentally it evaluate it. reporting live, kate thompson. >>pam: a live picture of the san francisco general.
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two to 0 ft.! the plunge into the bay water. 220--220 ft.. they still want to give him a complete evaluation. as information develops will bring this to you. classmates have been treatin tweakieting this tweet s that " i don't know how my friend lived and i witnessed this. others statements. from catalina of that said i would think that this is just a crazy thing. and the next is from marcus that holy blank this child from my class jumped off the
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bridge. and the your rebecca said that this was absolute insanity. we will get the real story and keep you posted. for the latest on this teen jumper from the golden gate bridge if you would like to read more about this or any other segments, go to what's on the web section at >>pam: the school cuts. school officials are handing out 470 pink slips, 538 in oakland. expecting to a rally in the east side union school district to close and eight certified teachers and 42 classified positions over years. and a representative rob fladeboe? >> they are speaking in a
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closed session considering layoffs. it could go out as soon as tomorrow. the messages " no more layoffs " the board will be considering a resolution. this is even a party wit110 this already positions like student adviser, and counseling teachers. the number of every year the fourth consecutive year. >> with 400 teachers expecting to a rally in protest. the pink slip in the east side union school district to close and eight onion dollar budget deficit will said the 65 people, 25 certified teachers and 42 classified positions over the past four years. 150 teachers laid off in the fourth in the pas four years. and a been $8 million deficit.
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representatives say that it is going to take a toll on the kids. representative >> we are going to eliminate positions like student adviser, and counseling positions. and with 20 counselors were eliminated last year. and student advisers are also impacted the safety of the campus. >> certified and classified positions with adult education could also be cut. if the district says that this worst case scenario and a lot is riding on but is going on in the legislative body . if they get the tax extension? in of the voters approve it. we shall see.
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live, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. (music) >>jacqueline: a live look aside from our roof cam downtown san francisco. a live look-out a side, with some breaks. still, and chances of light shower activity. scattered, with just light rainfall the totals were not that impressive. temperatures or a bit cooler. with 55 in san francisco, 54 degrees in half moon bay. 60 in concord, hayward, 62 in san jose. what we can expect tonight and into with a decrease in clouds. the moisture on the ground and even a light rain and of fog will be forming overnight in the north bay and the inland valley. afternoon, mostly sunny and dry for the next couple of days. the rainbow
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return and i will tell you when, coming up. the rain- will return. when? coming up. it's really delicious, mom.
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contra costa county. christine connolly has been a point to these documents. >>pam: and with more of these controversy? >>reporter: that is correct, a contra costa county who was arrested on drug and weapons crimes. let me show you video. according to this affidavit investigators say that he was making a 30 to w 30'dirty dui' arrests. >> how was this conducted? >>reporter: according to these documents a reserve officer reported
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investigators about the incident that allegedly happened on january 14th. he was working with him in the evening after it happened outside of a wine bar and danville. he received several phone calls from butler. this is what came to light. he was receiving updates about an individual who was currently consuming alcoholic beverages at the wine bar. and after the description was given he was pulled over. and the officer said the we were going to conduct a " dirty d ui " >>pam: and where was he pulled over? >>reporter: the reserve officers said that he was feeling bad for the man who'd been in the bar
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allegedly discussing a deal about being featured on a reality show. and it could impact his decision. however, the officer said that it was a set up. and it occurred because demand needed to be " dirtied up' for an upcoming court date. >>pam: a quick programming note to tell you about. starting tomorrow, we will be airing nbc programming. at 8 p.m. you can catch, 'who do you think you are', followed by , 'monk' and then dr. phil. 3:00 p.m. then dr. phil. 3:00 p.m. but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating...
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some of the wells fargo online savings tools like my savings plan, which helps them set up and monitor a savings goal. until we found out that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely. rebecca is clearly very gifted. [ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account. turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ >>pam: hit-and-run? >>catherine: disturbing. a very busy street. this woman
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on this crosswalk. a chevy tahoe runs right in to work. that woman and a boyfriend is running to try to help her. a closer look and what happened. 33 year-old salina chrisitan, just entering that cross all. it seems to think about it entering that crosswalk and the kept going. people in the restaurant are reacting. shocked. witnesses were running to try to help her. she says she does not believe it happened. and her boyfriend again said he was there and watched it happen and was also in shock. >> i looked up and i saw the issue was about to get ahead and it was instant.
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>> and i asked him what happened? and he said that " you were hit by a car. >> and then i felt lucky as if there was a guardian angel looking out for me. there was a reason why i walked away from nothing major. >> it is difficult to believe when you are watching us and relatively well. and talking about this. she is back pain, bruises. no broken bones, no internal injuries believe it or not. >>pam: fast-food brawls and a and custom fails. today's edition of take a look at this costume-- >> kimberlee: fast food fights a tug of shop pro near los angeles. starts near a brawl at a taco shop
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this lasted about 45 seconds brutal. take a look at this another cockl- taco shop in san diego. this was sparked by an argument about who had the better body. police showed up and no arrests for made. take a look as a florida upper perking goes up to report that somebody--burger king, the woman throws the sandwich and try to climb over the sandwich. the manager called the police. the woman was charged. >> and this man, goes into a convenience store but had
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issues with this mask. and he continued to fall with this. he did not make off with any cash. the could not get the registered door open. >>jacqueline: rainfall. not much left issue conceit to lake tahoe. you can si-- through lake tahoe. what we can expect snowfall solely in the higher elevations. rainfall mid elevations. mostly sunny tomorrow, the bay area clouds will be decreasing and is decreasing for lake tahoe. drive up to lake tahoe will be easy this weekend the drive back to could be dealing with snow and rain fall. snow level totals is 600 ft.. and even
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snowfall as you said that on the mountain. you could encounter a mixture of snow and rain fall. the two hour- time with a rays of scattered rain fall but nothing too heavy or widespread. and sprinkles through the south bay. for the most part, overnight, patchy fog expected. mainly in the north bay valleys and inland valley. tomorrow, high clouds expected to stream through. cloud coverage should not be that bad. we should seek breaks of sunshine and mild temperatures. with clouds remaining and chilly temperatures. tomorrow it is going to be temperatures in the low 60s. some of vital, richmond, and at san francisco and even some of the del. redwood city, 60s in mountain view, some of
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kyle and taking a look at the your kron 4 7 day around the bay to the fog will start tomorrow with breaks of sunshine in the afternoon. stay dry. the north bay the best chance of rainfall will be sunday evening into monday. and tuesday morning again but once tonight. >>pam: of controversy on a, capitol hill. if al qaeda is recruiting muslims. >>catherine: and emotional day on capitol hill. american muslims the house of homeland security is accused of conducting a witch hunt. the charge that it completely rejects. >> to surrender to political correctness and an abdication of what i believe the main responsibility to protect america from the terrorist attack. >> . democratic colleagues says that he is doing just the opposite.
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right into al qaeda right now around the world. congress broke down in tears american aromatic who died at 911. >> we were speculating that she was perhaps one of the attackers because she was muslim. it is only one the bodies were identified that the true identity was exposed. the u.s. has a significant problem with radicals. i am a muslim. and i realize that it is my problem and christians, jews, non- moslems cannot solve non- muslim radicals. the first elected member of congress tearfully described the sacrifices of a muslim american after the 911 attacks. placing the blame on the minority of muslims. >> it is true, the specific individuals including some that are muslims are violent extremists. however, these are individuals, not entire communities. >> also islamic relations
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with the washington-based advocacy group tried to silence the concern of radicalization. a claim that they strongly tonight. in washington, samantha hayes, kron 4 news. >>catherine: in world news, the fighting in libya is showing no signs of stopping. fierce clashes with strategic portal communities and losing ground-oil--and being on the dramatic front with france is the first country to formally recognize the rebel council. secretary of state to deliver clinton is going to be heading over and meet with opposition leaders were she goes to egypt and tunisia next week. that triple the highest level of contact between the u.s. and anti-khaddafi leaders. she also announced that she is suspending their relationship from the envoys'. stay with us. we
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will be back after this break.
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>>pam: shane, offer range of 11 year-old gang rape. and even divided this town. >>catherine: this is terrible. you don't think that they could get worse. 18 boys, buassaulting a 11 year-old in cleveland, texas. it happened in november and only became public recently. some of the suspects for in court. the defendants are african- american the girl is latin. as this a direct on it is stirred racial tensions. with this abandoned mobile home where this happened. one community activist is:a town meeting was the real
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truth? he does not believe that black males all the old woman had contact with the child. he thinks they're being selectively prosecuted. the great- grandmother of all the suspects this not see any reason for racial tension. the on the suspect should of thought about what they were doing. in other developments we know th circumstances got out because of cellphone video showing this attack. it began circulating students at the local schools. other details becoming public. the 11 year-old said that her attackers would not take her back home in she did not have sex with them. she was also threatened with other girls beating her up. >>pam: ripple improvacwe will bt back--
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