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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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grow grass anywhere. live this is kron 4 news at 11:00 with a developing story. >> and that developing story is coming out of japan tonight where the usgs says a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck the asian nation just a while ago. right now tsunami warnings are in effect for that region and as far away as hawaii. this is a look at the kron 4 seismograph. that's the left side of your screen. you can see the quake's gigantic size. the quake was centered 80 miles
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off japan's eastern coast near the city of sendaih. japanese television networks are showing major damage right now. you can see where all of the cars have been moved and pushed into the water from the shaking. nhk television shows the cars and trucks and houses being swept away by a tsunami this. it is friday afternoon in japan -- there. it is friday afternoon in japan. no one is reported injured at this time but reports are still coming in. the quake hit at 2:46 in the afternoon and it was followed by a 7.4 magnitude aftershock. there are no reports of injuries now as we said. kron 4's jacqueline bennett is here to tell us more about the tsunami dangers. >> the usgs is working to confirm the tsunami actually happened and i just got the information off the wire here. they say the tsunami has been generated and when no major waves occur for two hours the threat will have passed.
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there is a tsunami watch in effect right now for hawaii because with a quake this big those tsunamis can affect distant coastlines. magnitude 8.8, this is where it hit just off the coast, the dent 2.2 miles. you need a pretty good size earthquake to cause a tsunami. think of putting your hand in the bathtub. if you shove your water down, it sends the water out in waves. just the same with an earthquake. we saw it near the epicenter and it's spreading from there. now we're watching the coasts of russia and as far away as hawaii. so 8.8 magnitude earthquake, very intense. let's look right here at the quake magnitudes. you'll notice this one is off the scale. doesn't happen very often. go all the way down to the bottom of screen, though. major earthquake series damage up to 7.9. this quake was originally reported as a 7.6, hit a little over an hour ago and again we
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do have a note from the usgs a tsunami was generated from this quake and we are watching as far away as the coast of hawaii. if those waves hit at hawaii, they would hit at 3:00 in the morning local hawaii time. so again the danger will have passed if we don't see any major waves for two hours. right now we are already seeing those tsunami waves close to the coast where this earthquake occurred and we're watching the coastline of japan near tokyo as well all the way up to russia for those times when it may hit. >> we want to continue following this story for you again. this is just unfolding. 8.8 quake. we are now checking wires which say that magnitude is 8.9 off the northeastern coast of japan unleashing 13-foot tsunami waves. it washed away cars, tore away buildings along the coast near the epicenter. there were reports of injuries. we don't have definitive numbers at this time.
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you are looking at video just coming into the area. the bay area is well aware of what happens during these earthquakes. the numbers are fluid right now. of course, numbers and all of the information will change as the minutes pass by here, but again a magnitude 8.9 earthquake is quite severe and, of course, the people in japan are dealing with the aftermath now including aftershocks that were reported in the 7 range. japan just experienced a major earthquake a few days ago, but there were no major repercussions from that. we are seeing a different story here tonight. various locations according to the wire service a along the japanese coast showing mass -- along the japanese coast showing massive damage from the tsunami of cars and boats and even buildings being carried away by the waters, of course, on this island nation. japan is very well experienced
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with earthquakes and its buildings and infrastructure has long been heralded as being seismically upgraded to accommodate these natural occurring events. 8.9, though, is tough for any city, any nation to handle as we know here in the bay area having experienced large earthquakes over the years. let's check in again with jacqueline bennett who is monitoring the situation as well. >> well, talking more about these tsunami times and when they too potentially hit parts of japan -- could potentially hit parts of japan and russia, even as far away as guam and taiwan, could hit okinawa within the next three hours. this is 1:00 hour time and also in russia could make it there about the same time, the next two to three hours. guam was in the next three hours and again we're talking about hawaii, too, something a bit closer to us. these tsunamis can be fairly devastating especially with a quake of this magnitude and
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that dent, 15.2 miles. that's a moderately deep quake and these can reach far away coastlines. right now the usgs has not mentioned any watches or alerts for the u.s. coastline, but hawaii is under a watch right now for 3:00 in the morning is when that would be expected to roll in if it does make it to hawaii. >> at 2:46 japanese time there have been a series of aftershocks, large aftershocks, hitting japan. we are going to continue to follow this story and bring you updates throughout the newscast but again, a major, a massive earthquake has hit japan, 8.9 according to the usgs and there is damage including tsunami warnings which have been triggered there. more updates throughout the newscast. we'll move on to other news of this day and our other big story, a frightening ordeal on the golden gate bridge. a high schooler jumped off of the bridge today during a field
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trip and managed to survive. we have top coverage of this incident beginning with kron 4's jonathan bloom. >> reporter: a small sign tells would be jumpers that leaping off the side of the golden gate bridge is fatal, but in this case it wasn't. a 17-year-old boy from sonoma county office a field trip with about 45 students and two teachers when he jumped off the bridge and survived. >> jumped over the rail, handed in the water, swam to shore where he was picked up, taken to san francisco general hospital where he's being medically and psychiatrically treated. >> reporter: the student from windsor high school is said to have suffered relatively minor injuries including a broken tailbone and torn lung, though he'll get a few psychiatric evaluation. those present have said this was not a suicide attempt but more of a dare devil stunt. a spokeswoman for the bridge says that's deeply concerning. >> 9.9 out of 10 times it's fatal and that's why this is so important, that people not be
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challenged, kidding around on this bridge. it takes lives. >> reporter: though many who have fallen to their death have jumped from the middle of the bridge, the teen who survived jumped from a spot near the south tower that's about 20 feet lower. witnesses say he got up on the railing and despite pleas not to do it he jumped tumbling 220 feet into the water below. others who have taken the plunge have sustained gruesome injuries and most have perished, but not only did the student survive, he swam to shore and got out only own. witnesses say he almost hit one of the surfers as he landed and those who helped him to shore gave him an angry lecture before the ambulance took him away. in san francisco jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> windsor school administrators and students are still in shock tonight about what happened at the golden gate bridge. kron 4 reggie kumar tells us he was only a student at windsor
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for a couple weeks and students who saw him jump still cannot believe he survived. >> i saw him go on the other side, lunge forward and throw himself off the bridge. >> he jumped in front of my view he was going like this. >> >> reporter: in the air? >> yeah. and then he disappeared out of my view. >> reporter: both windsor high school seniors were on the golden gate bridge and saw their classmate jump off the span and plunge 220 feet into the bay before their very eyes. villa and gastro tell me the high school junior's friend said the teen wanted to jump. >> he looked over the edge and said it's not that high and then decided to go, but i know for a fact no one was telling him to go. everyone was like no, don't do it, don't do. it people say that he bridge jumped for fun and where he used to live his dad said that he used to jump off bridges for fun. i assumed that jumping off the bridge means you're committing suicide. i didn't know it was possible to live from that.
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>> reporter: windsor unified school district interim superintendent william mcdermott said he's just glad the student survived. >> we're just absolutely blessed and so pleased to find out that the young man has what has been described as minor injuries. >> reporter: i asked mcdermott if other students encouraged the high school junior to jump. >> as we understand it, that is not the case. >> honestly i was mad because he traumatized a lot of people and made a lot of people cry that day because of something that he thought was fun. >> reporter: counselors will be on campus for the time being here at windsor high school to help students cope with what they saw. in windsors reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> again our developing story tonight, a massive 8.9 earthquake hits japan. it is centered off japan's northeastern coast. a tsunami warning has been issued. there is damage. there's no word at this point of injuries, but this is damage. we will have more on an update for you coming up after this break.
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. back now to our developing story tonight, an 8.9 earthquake hits japan, a massive earthquake. it is centered off of japan's northeastern coast, a tsunami warning issued. there is no updated word on injuries, but we do know there is damage. we have seen that in many of the pictures coming into the kron 4 newsroom. on the phone with us right now randy baldwin. he is a geophysicist with the usgs. randy, your reaction to this 8.9 quake. >> well, it's a very large quake and it follows a quake that happened a couple of days ago which was a 7.2 in the same area. so this is a very active area off the east coast of japan and it's producing its quakes right now. >> of course, the information right now is very limited in
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terms of what's coming into the newsroom here across america. nonetheless california is accustomed to hearing about earthquakes, but 8.9 is alarming to anyone who hears about an earthquake of that magnitude. what can we expect from this? >> well, in the immediate future you can expect to see a number of aftershocks. there have been a number of magnitude 6 and 7 aftershocks that have come after this quake and we expect that to be continuing possibly for several months. on the quake several days ago, the 7.2 that happened, it has been a couple of quite busy days with aftershocks related to that quake. >> of course, just like california, which is accustomed to earthquakes, japan has done a lot to seismically protect
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its buildings. can any building withstand something this large? >> well, i think that the mitigation measures that japan has taken certainly would help, you know, in terms of preventing or minimizing any damage that might occur. however, when you have a quake like this anywhere in the world, it is a potentially destructive quake, you know, no matter how much mitigation has occurred by the country involved. >> what do you expect? we are still awaiting word on injuries and damage, but what do you expect just hearing about this size earthquake? >> it's very hard to say for sure. the quake only happened about an hour and a half or so ago. so, you know, we will be following the news reports and is will probably get our information -- and will probably get our information from the news reports. >> the tsunami warning is extended all the way to hawaii. might hawaii be concerned about
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what might happen from a tsunami from a quake that large? >> well, that's where the warnings are issued is to give plenty of preparation time for the residents on any of these pacific island chains to take measures and be prepared for the eventual arrival of a tsunami wave. there have been initial reports from the pacific tsunami warning center that there was a -- at least at one location a 3.5-foot wave that was generated and that's very preliminary still. >> all right. randy baldwin, thank you, a geophysicist with usgs. again we are reporting on a developing story tonight, an 8.9 earthquake hits japan north eastern japan more specifically. you are looking at video coming into the newsroom now. you can see smoke pouring from one of the many skyscrapers in japan, although we did see traffic continuing to move about. nonetheless this is a frightening experience for the people there and it is alarming to all of us who are familiar
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with the destructive nature of earthquakes. we will be back with much more on this story and the day's news following this break. >> kron 4 programming is sponsored by your lexus dealer. d
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again our developing with story at this hour, an 8.9 earthquake hits japan, its northeastern shore. there is damage. there are injuries. we don't have any numbers at this time. things are still unfolding. you are at video from the scene. it is daylight friday afternoon in japan. you see smoke billowing from one area affected by all of this. with me now is jonathan bloom. he's going to give us a better sense of the area affected by this quake. >> it is simply a huge area that's affected by this quake. you can see on our google earth map in the studio the earthquake was centered way out in the ocean very far offshore and one of the places where the most severe shaking was felt is one of the places that we're
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getting pictures from. it's actually the city of sendai where nhk, the japanese television network has offices. this is where they're feeling some of the most severe shaking. over here along the coast is where there have been reports of tsunami damage, cars literally being swept away by waves that are 13 and 14 feet tall by this earthquake that happened so many miles out here in the ocean. to give you an idea just how widespread the damage is going to be, that earthquake is 240 miles from the city of tokyo and a half hour after that earthquake hit some of the tall buildings that you see here in downtown tokyo were still swaying. that's 240 miles away. it would take you hours to drive that distance and yet these buildings are still swaying a half hour afterwards. this is an earthquake of magnitude such that we've never experienced anything like it in any of our lifetimes here in california. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. >> let's check in now with kron 4's jacqueline bennett who is looking at the tsunami warning
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associated with this massive earthquake. jacqueline will also give us a look at our local weather forecast. >> this is where the earthquake hit just off the coast of sendai, magnitude 8.9 and a relatively moderate depth, 15.2 miles. that's what's causing the tsunami concern right now. jonathan was mentioning how far off the coast this is. this could have been far more off the coast and still caused the threat of tsunamis. so we saw the big waves hit just immediately near the epicenter along the coastline shortly after the major quake hit and those waves 13 to 14 feet, they could hit up to 20 feet as well. you can just imagine a good analogy to think about with a tsunami is i pushing your hand down in the bathtub full of -- is pushing your hand down in a bathtub full of water and the waves come off the sides of it. there is a tsunami watch for hawaii at this hour. it will hit about 3:00 local time in hawaii and we are going
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to be seeing the chance of the tsunami decrease as we head -- as we see waves deteriorate after two hours. we'll be right back after this. [ male announcer ] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helping business rethink how to do business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn... ♪ in here, machines have a voice... ♪ in here, medical history follows you...
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quick update on our local forecast, fog expected top morning, dry companies friday and saturday, next -- conditions friday and saturday. next chance of rain will be sunday afternoon into monday, light rain with that and heavier rain slated to push through next week. >> and again we are updating you now on the massive earthquake to hit northeastern japan. it is just after 4:00 in the afternoon there on friday. you can see it is daylight. we are looking at video. you can see on the left side of your screen where there are certain fires burning. the right side you see traffic moving about, no sign of panic there. many people, of course, here in the bay area loved ones in japan, have -- have loved ones in japan, have traveled there.
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a tsunami watch extends as far away as hawaii. there are reports of damage, no definitive reports on injuries right now. japan has spent a great deal to make sure that their buildings are seismically safe because of these kinds of events that happen. join kron 4 at 8 a.m. for the very latest on the 8.9 earthquake. yes i did. [ ryan ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ so i used mine, to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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