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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 12, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PST

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8 crashing into one another. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency for four counties, humboldt, san mateo and santa cruz. and that is where reggie coumar is standing by with the extensive damage and what is ahead. reggie? >> reporter: palm, the water in the harbor is much calmer than it has been. this entire area is taped off. and you can see possibly some of the water. i know it is dark. we are seeing it pulled back at times and surge into the harbor but nothing like this morning. coast guard officials know of
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178 vessels that have sunk but 11 could be at the bottom of the harbor and up to 100 have been damaged. we toured the docks with an assemblyman. >> reporter: the santa cruz harbor was calm and all of a sudden water started rushing in. you could hear how powerful the surge was. the water and the current knocked many of the boats off moorings. some capsized and others became floating debris. some boat owners watched helpless i will as the rushing water tossed their boats against other boats and rocks. there was not a lot they could do. one man used a pole to push his boat away from the rocks, but no success. and then there was this boat that broke loose from its mooring and was about to collide with another larger boat. people on the large yacht used poles to push it away to
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minimize the impact. by late friday afternoon boat after boat floated out of the santa cruz harbor. one belonged to this woman. >> the boat was not there. it was just gone. and i just stood there. the whole dock was gone. everything on that whole side was gone. >> reporter: her son lived on the boat for a couple years. >> i watched my whole boat and everything i had on it just get sucked up side down and torn into piece. >> reporter: a state assemblyman toured the destruction on friday evening and jerry brown issued a state of emergency for santa cruz county and a few other counties. >> reporter: now this is how violent the surge was today. you can see, this is a piece of the harbor that came off into the water. it is just sitting here. this is just some of the debris that officials have that -- to remove. now coast guard and fish and game officials have been
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scouring the water looking for sunken vessels to know how many vehicles and types of machinery they need to pull the sunken vessels out of the water. coast guard officials helped boat owners desperate to save their vessels on friday and locate boats following japan's devastating earthquake. and fish and game are looking for a dozen boats that sank to the bottom of the santa cruz harbor because of the surge in the water. before these vessels are brought to surface all of the debris in the harbor must be removed first because of safety concerns. he explains the instruments used. >> first and foremost you are looking at the surface and seeing if any are partially above water level and using sonar to detect the vessels in
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the water and divers will go in at some point in time. and there will be a lot of assessment of the vessels. looking at the vessels and see for there is dang and water in the vessels. >> reporter: what they use to bring the boats back? >> they are float bags. they bring bags into the vessels and basically put airs in the bags and they display the water in the vessel and causes the stress tole be lightened and the vessel comes to the surface. you can winch these things up and pull them out of the water. >> fish and game officials will be out here tomorrow again at 7:00 a.m. to assess more damage. they probably won't start pulling vessels from the water for a couple more days. now today's tsunami, the damage is estimated at $21 million. reggie coumar, kron 4 news.
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brian van aken has been following the tsunami threat on the california coast all day long and he joins us with an update. are we out of danger? >> the worst is over but the danger is not completely over. a tsunami watch is in effect for -- advisory is in effect for the coastline. we are not looking at a widespread inundation like earlier in the day, still the threat for strong currents and dangerous waves. it is dangerous to be in the ocean. avoid the beach line and coastline and harbors until the advisory is lifted. the worst of the surge from tsunami happened between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. some were above 8 feet. we are not seeing that for tonight. the surge is still happening in some places but not as strong as what we had. but it is dangerous to be around the coast until the
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advisory is lifted. palm? now to the latest on japan's earthquake. more than 125 aftershocks have rattled the devastated area of northeastern japan including a 6.8 magnitude aftershock that hit in the same place as the 8.9 quake. the death toll is just over 400 but 800 people are still missing tonight. rescue crews are having a difficult time reaching the hardest hit jr.s. a mill fair-led operation is underway involving 50,000 troops. and states of emergency for five nuclear reactors at two power plants after the units lost their cooling ability during the quake. the crews are working to prevent meltdowns. and thousands of residents have been evacuated jonathan bloom shows us the newest and dramatic images of devastation
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from japan tonight. >> reporter: as fixtures shook at grocery stores, customers scattered. outside chunks of concrete fell off buildings and people ran for coverage. in television newsrooms some recorded video of the shaking and others dived under their desks. at the airport a huge chunk of the ceiling collapsed. the violent shaking continued for more than two minutes but it was only the beginning. 80 miles out in the ocean a tsunami began to race to the coast. it took 15 minutes to reach land and when it slammed into the shore it crushed everything in its path. cars were whipped up off the streets and carried afloat for miles. it flattened beef-front homes and the water kept moving wreaking damage three miles
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inland. it flooded the airport in sen die and left a trail of splintered homes and crushed vehicles in its wake. the impact of the waves of water started fires at factories and refineries. the cameras caught the billowing smoke and flakes. then came news that it caused damage at a nuclear power plant sparking meres that a meltdown was imminent. the cameras captured the shaking and the cloud of smoke that followed. with some people evacuated on rooftops and others stranded amid the floods rescue efforts began by helicopter and disaster supplies began to be air lifted to the hardest hit areas. and the united states pledged its support as japanese officials begin what will be a long and difficult recovery. >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the tsunami surge and the quake. we have an area on our website
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just hours after the massive quake in japan residents along the california coast braced for the approaching 500-mile-per-hour tsunami. this was the scene in crescent city to the north. the border city sustained the most damage after being hit by an 8-foot wave. five people taking photographs of the tsunami were swept away by the rushing waters. one of the men has not been found. 35 boats were destroyed and docks broken apart in the harbor. there are millions of dollars in damage there. in pacifica schools were closed in anticipation of the tsunami. officials closed the beaches and piers and some in the low- lying areas voluntarily evacuated. the waves were larger than usual but no damage or injuries were reported there.
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the beaches in pacifica will remain closed until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. in san francisco, ocean beach and the great highway are reopened after tsunami concerns. only mild waves ended up hitting the coastal areas of the city. but officials are advising that people stay out of the water until at least 2:00 p.m. tomorrow due to the strong current. the police will patrol the well this year our garden's simply amazing.
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as we continue to follow the -- park and tsunami, jonathan bloom is here to help us understand more about tsunamis and how they work. >> a tsunami is generated by an earthquake. this is a diagram of two tectonic plates. when they run into each other they force the water up. you can see right here, the plate boundary moves and as a result it sends this bubble of
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water spiraling upwards and creates a wave that goes out in all directions. and it goes very, very fast. and at the start of it, it just goes in the direction out from the earthquake. so you see if it is out in the open ocean it doesn't create a problem for boats but it moves very quickly and it is not churning it is just going straight and that is why it travels so far so fast. as it makes landfall, the wave in establish sent bunches up as it moves and as it does it gets taller. you see how much ground that has been covered. it is not a churning wave but a wave that goes straight and it gets taller when the water gets shallower and that is how it gets so destructive. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. we have wet weather on the way for this weekend. but i don't think it is going to be that bad especially for
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tomorrow. partly to mostly cloudy skies for our day on saturday. and there is a chance for light rain but it is expected to be north of the golden gate bridge. most places are dry with breaks of sunshine and rather cloudy. sunday, mostly cloudy and chance for rain in the evening. that rain is forecast to be a little bit heavier for sunday night. here's saturday morning on futurecast. 7:00 a.m., 7:00 to 8:00 a lot of cloudiness. high clouds as well. and again, the sun i think is going to squeak through from time to time. by the afternoon, a bit of rain showing up here to the north of the golden gate bridge. and i emphasize a little bit. it is the very light stuff as a weak weather system tries to approach the bay area but doesn't quite make it. still a chance for a few showers in the north bay. the temperatures tomorrow cool nest the north bay, 30s. 30s for livermore, highs in the
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upper 50s and low 60s for tomorrow with lots of clouds and maybe a few peeks of blue sky. here is the seven day around the bay, sunday dry most of the day but a chance of rain developing after sunset. and a break for monday afternoon. and then a series of storms moving towards california is going to keep things wet tuesday all the way through friday. in sports, a couple of local college basketball teams in action tonight looking to get to the ncaa tournament. and the warriors set a franchise record in an overtime [ male announcer ] hi lauren and greg, what's up?
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a big hoop night starting with the warriors. this may have is been the most entertaining game of the year. keith smart with the warriors up a point.
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watch curry do his thing. he had 22 points. the magic headed for the post season. all types of three point shooters. curb low, first name of hedo. and montae ellis in overtime after turkoglu says he had 39 points and 11 assists. montae ellis with a three. do well wright with a three. 21 three pointers. the owner has a winner tonight. the warriors are going home for the playoffs but very entertaining. they win over a better team 123- 120. san jose state semifinals a little bit short. st. mary's goes to the ncaa tournament as they beat weber state. they find out the gales on sunday. the national player of the
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year award may have been locked up tonight. 52 points as byu beats new mexico. that is an all time byu career scoring record hitting seven three pointers and broke his tournament scoring record of 45 points. byu30-3. and i don't know. this guy had everybody excited. women's basketball. strand veer and stanford. these guys could just walk out in the first half and still go to the ncaa tournament but they have to play this. they think they are going to make money. the pac-10 tournament is just empty seats. a quick positive highlight from me. stanford wins as they are in the finals tomorrow where they will play ucla. nicky caldwell, kevin the body guard says she is the most attractive coach in all of
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college basketball. i'm not looking and kevin says look at nicky caldwell. i like to see the zone defense. there is the difference with the kids you produce today. i prefer, look at that defense and he is going for the looks of the coach. >> isn't that something? >> you ought to be ashamed of itself. do you think that kron became what it is by not doing good journalism. >> she is a beautiful woman. >> thanks for cutting me off there. >> she is attractive but all the sports fans don't want to hear about beauty but they want to hear about how the pass was made. you ought to be ashamed of yourself. ought to be ashamed of yourself. here is serious business. if you are a football fan, it is official now there, is a lockout. all right? tom brady, peyton manning, drew brees and seven players are
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suing the league because they have decertified. there is no longer a player's union. and one more time. i can't emphasize this enough, the games don't start in september but they can't be in training camp or do anything. you can't meet with the players. let me tell you. i'm going to end the lockout. can i end it right now? >> okay. >> if the $2 billion in advertising and the beer companies and everybody say, either you get a deal done in two weeks or we are not going to advertise this year, isn't that good? they will get it. >> you would think so. but people are starving and here are guys, how do we divvy up $9 billion. there is one guy on the set that can relate to big money and how it affects people. yeah. one day. your mom, that rich uncle of yours is not going to be there. you will be out on the streets saying kron tonight at 11:00.
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>> i can't wait. >> have
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