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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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at the suppression pool in the reactor's containment vessel. you can see this video. the just released, the smoke, the steam, you are looking at the earlier damage housing a different reactor. we also have a before and we have an after of the plant. officials are trying to struggle to keep ahead of this crisis. it keeps on folding hour by hour the worst-case scenario would be a complete meltdown. its dramatic impact in japan and even here. you can see what is going on. the before, in the after. kron 4's kate thompson spoke with nuclear power expert. >> 240 mouth itself is mount diablo, one the biggest - we
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are better prepared than japan. >> will upgrade our equipment against the possibility of explosscenarios. >> those in areas with retrofitting diablo canyon 15 years younger than japan. to withstand a 7.5 earthquake. >> what if there was a bigger quake and a 7.5 lowith this reactor be retrofitted for? >> the reactor in japan was built for a 7.9 but they added 8.9. what we see is that other reactors.... the building and the destruction would still be about the same. >>reporter: the radiation and spreading here. the radiation levels are low and there is very little danger for the bay area.
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>> japan is very far away. the radiation level is the same the you'd get from a chest x-ray. it is nothing to worry about. >>reporter: kate thompson >>pam: the cascading problems fukushima daiichi compounding the tokyo government. already struggling with relief of hundreds of thousands of people along the country's quake and a tsunami ravaged coast. at least a dozen people are believed to have died and hundreds of bodies are washing up along the coast. near sendai the u.s. geological survey operative this to 9.0 fourth largest earthquake since 1900. christine connolly shows us some of this new video coming in from this devastation. >> this is video from the coast as this tsunami moves in with the waves so big a
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swallow of these boats. this is from a coastal town where people are running for higher ground it only takes a few seconds for the quick moving water to take over this area. here, the roof of a home. other homes behind it a flying through the water. in another piece of the video from a cellphone. watch as the water quickly moves towards them. one minute later, this house is rushing towards where they are standing. the our people that are screaming. there are people that are screaming-desk in the aftermath, take a look at this man, standing on top of his truck waiting for somebody to rescue him. people standing on top of what ever they could with nothing but a sea of water around them. christine connolly. >> oh my gosh! look! >> holy crap. welow, wow, oh
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my gosh! >> he is in english teacher in japan. during this earthquake on friday he is back with the school. this was just 10 seconds later, the quake was a full and the ground was shaking and moving. it was difficult for them to stand. and eventually the shaking stopped and this building separate from its foundation. >>catherine: the better look from the devastation. this is satellite technology from google earth. the before and the after the we are going to show you speak for themselves. this first is from above the cushion of 2
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mi. south of the ku shima watched as we transition to the after picture a huge destruction. moving on to another area real view of the hikoshima you can see the plant is on the coast and there is the after. the facility is practically wiped out. finally, a before satellite imagery of the yagu yohama this is a agricultural section and it is wiped out. covered with mud. you can barely see any of these buildings that were standing. >>pam: this disastrous earthquake has a lot of people wondering about the implications for the big one in california. the and, as been speaking to seismologists at the u.s. geological survey. >> they are selling of this a big one could be coming
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soon or later but they are saying that this is not going to determine where it will have to. but japan will of no impact on california. >> this is a strong reminder of what earthquakes to do. >> seismologist david schwartz says the japan earthquake is actually a wake-up call for the pacific northwest. there is the caspian the subduction zone. one is one underneath another much of what happened in japan. >> we think that on june were 26 and 1700 there was a magnitude nine along the entire washington/oregon coast. there were some of these on to the coastline. this earthquake produced the tsunami that was recorded in japan. short >>reporter: is saying that the japan each will have impact and influence in the
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northwest. >> with areas like seattle, portland, and how well prepared are they? to the shaking. and the magnitude 9 earthquake. >>pam: how often to the pacific northwest? how often? >>reporter: it is supposed to be every 500 years. again, the last was an 1700. but this is not that predictable. in terms of how often. so yes, it is probable that will get one but you just never know. >>pam: and the idea here. if there is really no way to predict this? >> no. there is no way. the san andrea's fault was in 1906 so it is ready. and it is ready to go which does not preclude it happening on the and the other fault. >>pam: the earthquake it is of course causing major problems for travelers. try to get out of japan. teresa
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estacio is at sfo. >> travelers finally made it home. hear, their stories coming out. continuing coverage and >>pam: cowe will be back. california should be proud.
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>>pam: the earthquake /tsunami has wreaked havoc in japan those train tracks are in disarray, airports flooded. filled with debris, carmacare flooded. tarmac and se people have managed to get out safely. kron 4 to reset is at s f o. and to resell to resell estacio? >>reporter: immediately after the tsunami. many people cannot get out of japan. since then, normal
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operations have resumed. flights leaving and coming. we spoke with travelers as they arrived this morning. they had a similar picture of a country in chaos following the disaster. many say that it was difficult to get to the airport and there were very relieved to our right here, safely. >> pretty hectic out there. i mean, it is in a state of disarray. right here, it was just like everything was in chaos. the trains were not really running. it was just really bad out there. and i was going to be up there for another seven days. if the earthquake hit. and i had to come home. i could not stay there. >> people were lined up waiting for buses that had already came. and the shelters bear-the food
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shelves were not stocked with food. people were hungry. things started to look like it was getting a lift to the back to normal on sunday. a lot of the back to normal on sunday but everybody was glued to the news. >> with so much disaster. >>jacqueline: with our extended forecast it was raining and will continue not only to more but to the week. i will let details coming up. úñúñbx
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>>pam: news from the bay, a woman is losing custody of a child accused of killing her own daughter. she was running her car in her crotch the heat year-old daughter that is physically/mentally challenged. her garage--and this leaked from the garage
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into the interior. police were called. oakland east of and pride elementary on first street. 30 classrooms or ransacked. windows were pried open broken. the thieves got away with electronic equipment, computers, projectors. and the safe from the principal's office was taken. here is a teacher. >> this was my projector. it was a teaching aid, that is gone. all of the wires are gone. i have a printer, that is gone. my desk has been totally ripped apart. my students work has been tossed and our classroom. our pat, the insect was
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smashed. -the classroom-pet. >> this is a lot of trauma for the students. tomorrow education will be on hold while we try to pick up the pieces. and how they feel. >>pam: school officials say that they're talking about tens of thousands of dollars. no suspects but they're not ruling out the possibility that there could be somebody inside that helped make this happen. >> computer glitch at the dmv video of this on the san francisco. the problem did not impact all offices. the problem was resolved in about two hours. >>catherine: national news, 15 people died from that york was crash. this was the scene a gambler's tour bus on interstate-95.
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investigators are retracing the driver stopped and even checking casino surveillance video. >>catherine: a worker was killed in florida. foggy but it is not clear how this man fell. work on the shuttle endeavor suspended for the day and it is believe that this is the first launch pad fatality in decades. lotion the team of experts to try to find out what caustic chemical explosion. the team of experts is try to find out what caused that chemical explosion they make adhesives. >> in virginia, the officers for answering a call about a possible robbery at a salvage yard. they do not know why this led out to shoot out. he was hiding behind a tree and led to another location shot, killed and two deputies were badly wounded. school
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boards, >> in wisconsin, they're rushing to make grievances unions before a new law takes into affect their will lose their collective bargaining rights on the new law. one of the many protests. that does not prevent that bill being passed. (music) >> jacqueline: they live look from golden gate bridge a live look, with just a few feet visibility. wet pavement, light showers. rainfall totals and the past 24 hours. the highest in the north bay to the santa cruz mountains. nearly 3/4 and 1/2 in oakland, and still a little bit les livermores. still shower activity over the el diablo range. through the south bay and the light mess to the the radar is picking up. we will continue
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to see rain/moisture. is going to approach again. a steady stream of moisture that is going to the northwest. as we go towards tomorrow a round of rainfall expected. 8:00 p.m. a.m., and that the yellow is indicating heavier by 10:00 a.m. continuing with heavy rainfall tomorrow morning. this will push out to the golden gate. another block of heavy rainfall in fremont by noon. however, that light green shading on your screen is indicating showers later it will taper off. light, misty. as right now. the rainfall totals look like this. three- quarters equal north bay. one have = central-east bay. one-quarter = the south bay. one-half = central and east bay. shower activity
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continuing to tomorrow and wednesday. a list of of a brake on wednesday evening. thursday but mainly dry on thursday. more rain back on to the forecast on friday with temperatures dropping to the low 50s. stay with us. we will be back. [ banker ] when ashley's violin teacher told her parents she was gifted,
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>>pam: japan's has been given so much with technology and now that technology committee is giving back. keep slagabe slat's tech report microsoft has donated $100,000 and google to order $50,000. apple has set up an easy way to don't thr donate through itunes. and google has donated $208,000, at&t and verizon.
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google has donated 200 could be thousand dollars facebook $250 k = google. so far, $80,000. and zinga, shall loing to raise $2 million. is it is asking users through virtual goods and frontier all of its virtual stores. twitter is updating with refreshing disinformation and directing people to resources. and were threshing-the reformation, and the blog dedicated to the relief effort. google is a crisis response center with types of resources, the shoulder inflammation, message boards, and a person binder's system. chauffeur- information. person-finder.
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shelter information. also, video uploaded to these resources gabe slate's tech report >>pam: the monday commute is hampered by the golden gate fog. north and south appear to be moving well despite that fog. the san mateo bridge and the headlights = east. and it is a bit slow. the right is west. not so bad. we will be back. much more news after the break.
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: 5:30 developing news out of japan that the nuclear explosion has been heard at unit no. 2. fukushima


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