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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 15, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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began with last week's earthquake. there is developing news tonight at of japan, the operator of the nuclear plant it says, a fire has broken out again at its no. 4 reactor. the blaze erupted a short time ago when the elder housing of the reactors containment vessel. earlier a fire broke out in the fuel storage pond. the storage pond is an area used to keep nuclear fuel cool. it is causing nuclear refuse to be released into the air. you can see the reactors are indicated here on our map. growing concerns about radiation have people fleeing the area. joining me on the fault is doctored to with the department of nuclear engineering at uc- berkeley. thank you for joining us, what you make of
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these continuing explosions and fires. it seems as though things are getting worse. >>caller: yes i think it is. >>pam: you agree that officials in japan did not have control the situation? >>caller: i believe they are still having control over the situation, but the tide is limited. >>pam: g feel a meltdown as possible now? >>caller: the meltdown possibility would be small. the reactors are being cool down right now. >>pam: you think things will take a turn for the better, they are getting a handle on things? >>caller: still we don't know, were not sure. this situation is still ongoing, they did not have contained as of yet. that part would
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be a concern. >>pam: there is great public concern in the united states and a white that somehow radiation particles could wind up here in our area. do think that's a possibility. >>pam: there is a possibility. the material could be transported across the pacific ocean. >>pam: meaning there could be a danger for us along the west coast and in hawaii? >>caller: not a serious way, we will see some increase of radiation levels but it will not to be a health concern. >>pam: thank-you doctor for your observations. we're just learning that 70 percent of fuel rods in the reactor are now having problems. they're having problems with 70 percent of
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the fuel rods may be damaged in the reactor. that information just coming in will gather additional details for you on that in just a moment. in the meantime, it jonathan is here with a closer look at the plant and the growing concerns and get a of a nuclear meltdown. we just heard the doctor said that is a possibility. >>jonathan: that's right pam, this is the layout of the situation. uc where the power plant is. as we going for a closer look you could see the city one of the hardest-hit cities because it's so close to the epicenter. the power plant rig along the coast, that it was very hard hit by the tsunami waves as well. there is a 90 mi. ramp around the power plant which is the no- fly zone. there are numerous neighborhoods in very close proximity to the power plant. people who live in neighborhoods have been told to get out. you could see
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the power plant to, you could see it numbered reactors. all four reactor units have had some problem or another. the bourse's recent problem happening in the number for reactor, two fires taking place. they're struggling to keep the reactors school. the one saving grace, they are located along the pacific coast which allows them to use the water to essentially drench the out side of those reactor containment units tried to keep the reactors school because they have no electricity. as you can see the setting for the power plant is quite urban. there are buildings here and holmes's common neighborhoods. this is not out in the middle of nowhere. there are plenty of neighborhoods out this way as well surrounding the power plant. those people
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have been sent away from their homes because of the levels of radiation. in tokyo they have seen elevated radiation but nothing that can cause serious health concerns as of yet. >>pam: kate thompson continues our team coverage tonight. it she took people's concerns about radiation hitting the california coast and nuclear experts said uc-berkeley. >>kate: x marks the spot, that's japan's nuclear power plant. this professor it illustrates the distance is a huge factor in reducing the danger of radiation. just the fact that she the measure doesn't mean it's harmful. >>kate: while tokyo is keeping them out of harm's way, being separated from thousands of miles of ocean severely reduces any danger to the bay area. >> we are 5,000 mi. away.
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that means the impact just by itself will be extremely small. the only transport will be by the wind in jet stream to get it here. the amount of activity taken up here and then move over to california will be extremely small. >>kate: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: the nuclear crisis and japan has left many people with health questions about radiation exposure and have protect yourself. christine conley took your questions to the san francisco health department to find answers. >>christine: on kron 4 facebook page viewers like patrick asked will potassium iodide be distributed? here's what thomas with the san francisco health department said. >> will not be distributed it's not necessary for
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anyone on the west coast to take it. people who take it may have allergies to iodine and may have an allergic reaction especially in infants and young children you could actually cause disease of the thyroid. >>christine: high road had we recognize symptoms of radiation exposure in had we protect ourselves? >> in the united states we don't have to worry about any exposure. for workers in japan to get exposed to high levels at the plant, they could develop which called acute radiation syndrome and you can imagine the radiation effects the gastrointestinal tract as was the bone marrow. the effects immediately would they get nausea and vomiting as well as other flu like symptoms reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: the state health apartment has answers to some of the frequently asked questions on its web site. he did find a link by going to the rest is up to people in the earthquake in tsunami rubble in japan today, come as
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where good news. the confirmed death toll stands at 3300 people. thousands more are missing and experts warn many may not be found. officials estimate at least 10,000 people were killed in the earthquake. stay with kron 4 and for continuing coverage of the quake in the nuclear meltdown threat to. >>jacqueline: rain continuing north bay at this hour. let's look at storm tracker 4 to see where the rate is. north of the golden gate, and i will zoom in so you could see pockets of have your rain near nevada right now. rainfall rates that to impress of a quarter of an inch of rain, everywhere else just a light rain. slowly sinking to the south is the storm front but, we will see more read through the bay area as we head into the weekend. we
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will talk more about it coming up. >>pam: pink slips going up for thousands of teachers across california at today. dan curman is live in san francisco with a look at 2 good getting laid off. >>dan: the school superintendent was here talking about layoff notices that are going out today. we will have full details on what they had to say and the numbers right after the break. california should be proud.
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>>pam: school cuts on the way. today's the deadline for teachers in california to receive preliminary notices. nearly 19,000 notices up and sent out so far. that's only based on 300 school districts. there 1000 districts in the state. if the number will likely go up. dan curman is live at a teacher rally and sam broder talk about the effect of all of these notices. >>dan: we are here at the rally which is just breaking up in san bruno. we
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heard from the state school chief as well as parents and teachers today. during the rally they were telling us again as you mentioned, nearly 19,000 of these pink slips going out. 2800 are in the bay area. that number is expected to go up. among those speaking, teachers and parents and the general message was the only way to save california's schools is to make sure the governor's budget passes which calls for those extensions of taxes. >> enough is enough, the cuts must and and so must the state's budget stalemate. the education coalition: our legislators to pass the governor's budget and to put the tax extension proposal before the voters in june. >>dan: rate now were about 19,000 lay off notices, that number will go up because all the districts have been reported. last year there were 24,000 layoff notices given out. of those, 13,500
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teachers were actually laid off by the time school started in september. this year officials but the teachers and parents are saying it the governor's budget is not passed, they're going to actually have a lot more people essentially laid off come september. reporting live, dan curman kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: rain continuing to move to the south, pushing south of the golden gate at this hour. we will time that out on future cast coming up in a few minutes.
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>>jacqueline: rain still going in the north bay finally starting to sag down to the south. you could see on the radar plenty of moisture being strained into northern california. slowly inching toward the south bay. tonight into tomorrow, overcast conditions and now we will keep classes skies over night. the rain will taper off by 11:00. it will be back in the forecast by
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wednesday morning. in the afternoon, dry conditions and a few sunbreaks possible. wednesday night a few clouds and much colder temperatures. let's get a look at future cast for for how the brain will progress. this afternoon we will see rain in the north bay. by 6:00 it will stay there, pockets of heavy rain over santa rosa, petaluma and finally sagging south of the golden gate by 5:00. the o'clock hour brings have your right to san jose. the conditions combat in the north bay by 11:00 just a few showers remain. tomorrow morning's commute looks dry with rain filling in shortly behind that. 9:00 a.m. or rain in the north bay, by noon some heavy rain sliding in the santa cruz mountains. by 2:00 just a few showers remain and will be mainly dry and a few sunbreaks in the afternoon. rainfall totals and tomorrow look like this, up to three-
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quarters of an inch in the north bay, half an inch in the central the state an extra quarter of an inch in the south bay. if as much of an inch and the santa cruz mountains. we will have a dry period from late wednesday all the way through thursday. the increasing cloud cover thursday night and heavier rain pushing through friday. we will see a decent amount of rain through the bay area by friday afternoon. very cold temperatures dipping down in the low 50s bay area wide. it a chance of light during rain saturday morning and again on sunday and monday. >>pam: new details this evening in a three ural the rate case. the authorities and rested it all this garcia, in the right of a 23 year-old woman at the santa cruz coffeeshops. the victim was an employee who was just opening the shop when a man came inside, a tractor in the kitchen and held a knife to overthrow director. the state attorney general says, it was the dna of a relative
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that led investigators to garcia. >> this case is the second case of its kind in the country, where we have used the family research we have available through the dna data base to make sure there will be consequences for the serious and violent crimes in the state. >>pam: they hope to clear a large back up of cases with the use of family dna. raymond clark the third is charged with strangling the woman and, the guilty plea is part of a plea deal. her body was found stuffed behind a research lab wall of the day she was supposed to get married back in december of 2009. >>catherine: in national news, a bill to keep the governor float for another three weeks has cleared the house. this was passed by a vote of 2 to 71 to 158. it
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now heads to the senate, at current spending plan expires this friday without a new when the nation does face a government shutdown. the bill passed today would only fund the government until april 8th. please tell looking into the wreckage of another bus crash in new jersey. it crashed last night on the new jersey turnpike setting more than 40 people to the hospital. this is days after a bus from connecticut casino crashed as it was returning to new york's chinatown can think 15 people. for people found dead in this area north of tampa florida. police say it appears it was a triple murder-suicide. the deaths could be connected to a fire that destroyed a gun shop a mile away. authorities say an elderly woman lived here with her grandson, her son and her son's girlfriend. the seven siblings killed in a fire in several pennsylvania farm house were laid to rest today. your looking at the
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scene of the fire. they ranged in age from nine months to 11 years old. the father was on a milk delivery run when it happened. the mother was milking cows in the barn. investigators are polling evidence from the home of the man accused of the kidnapping and torture of the neighbor. this is happening in texas. authorities say that jeffrey maxwell, held a 62 year-old woman for 13 days before she managed to escape. he's also accused of burning the woman's house down. the woman has been released from hospital but is described as extremely traumatized. >>pam: checking traffic, the golden gate bridge you could see the pavement is moving slowly.wet and traffic ig slowly. the san mateo bridge is have the east bound, the right side of your screen westbound traffic is not too bad.
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>> now, here is stanley roberts, with some people behaving badly. >>stanley: i showed you this video of the homeless and the encampment close to these homes that many of the nearby residents are afraid to leave their homes at night. i even show the very same video does san jose mayor, who claimed she is trying to get it cleaned up. she said her hands were tied because the encampment was on state property. >> we've been contacting representatives from caltrans and haven't received back. >>stanley: i heard back from caltrans and they said they would look into it immediately the said it actually falls under cal trains jurisdiction and not caltrans. so the city got it wrong. i put in a call to cal train and got a response. cal train promise to get in touch with the
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city of san jose to begin a cleanup of the area in the near future. they're going to look for ways to prevent this from happening here or anywhere along the right of way. let the truth be told, no matter who was responsible for the property, the fact remains it needs to be cleaned up. what i found out through the investigation is more than often city state and federal agencies don't talk to each other's. since cleaning up these encampments no one entity wants to be the one to have to foot the bill. so what they ignore it, maybe it will go away. this one didn't. as soon as the cleanup begins, i will be there to show it to you. in san jose, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, just email him at www.peoplebehavingbadly@kron we will be back after the break.
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 530.


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